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Chinese Grand Prix as it happened


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By Caroline Cheese

1115: Here endeth the Chinese Grand Prix - but not for long. You can do it all again if you tune in to BBC1 at 1315 BST. I'm tipping Sebastian Vettel. We'll see you all again on Friday, when the Bahrain GP gets under way. Will we get a dry race? The purists will hope so... but I'm no purist, so I say let it rain (as long as that ruddy safety car stays in its box).

More from Vettel: "It's a shame a lot of the team are back in the UK - but at least they will have longer to celebrate. We might have to sleep at some point. Red Bull have no problems with a party - we're quite good at that."

Race winner Sebastian Vettel: "It feels fantastic. It was a very difficult race, a very long race. Yesterday we struggled a bit with reliability, today it was no problem. This championship will be very interesting. One small improvement to the car can make a big difference because everyone is so close."

BBC analyst Martin Brundle: "The Brawns are still quickest in the dry, but I think Ross Brawn will have to bring forward the development quicker than he anticipated - if they can afford it."

Brawn driver Jenson Button: "First of all, it's great finishing the race - and I'm really happy to be on the podium. It would have been so easy to throw it off. I had some massive moments in turn one but was just able to catch it. The Red Bulls were just faster than us today. For so many cars to finish, it's credit to the cars and the drivers."

Brawn team boss Ross Brawn: "We weren't quite quick enough today - particularly when the water was heavy. Red Bull did a great job and the fact we're disappointed with third and fourth says a lot."

Toro Rosso's Sebastien Buemi: "This was the most difficult race of my life. There was so much water. You couldn't see. To finish the race is just very good."

1054: The BBC team are heaping praise on Sebastien Buemi now. The Swiss rookie collected his second points of the season today in eighth, passing Kimi Raikkonen in his Ferrari-powered Toro Rosso.

BBC pundit and former F1 technical director Mike Gascoyne: "With both of the Ferraris falling off during the race, and Raikkonen even going off under the safety car, it's obviously a very difficult car to drive."

BBC Sport analyst Martin Brundle: "I expect McLaren to come marching through to the front."

1048: Kovalainen, of course, hadn't finished a race lap before today so to finish fifth is quite some improvement.

McLaren's Heikki Kovalainen: "I didn't expect anything because in these conditions, anything can happen. It was just important to stay on the track. The car worked well, tyres were OK. The strategy worked out OK. It was a pretty good weekend. We're going forward with the car and that's the main thing."

McLaren's Lewis Hamilton: "It was terrible. It was a little bit fun at the start when I had some grip but as always, I don't know if it's my driving style or what, but I seem to destroy my tyres early on. Aquaplaning all over the place. We finished and the reliability is fantastic. Let's continue to move forward."

1042: Don't think I've mentioned McLaren yet. They've got to be pretty satisfied with a fifth and sixth for Heikki and Lewis - especially since Hamilton could hardly keep the car on the track in the second half of the race. McLaren are now fourth in the team standings, although well back with eight points. Eight points more than Ferrari though.

1040: An emailer to the BBC's F1 forum has a bet on Sebastian Vettel winning the world championship in the next five years. Both David Coulthard and Mike Gascoyne like his chances of cleaning up.

BBC pundit and former Red Bull driver David Coulthard: "It's difficult to see in the mirrors in dry conditions. In the wet, you don't see anything, so you're relying on information from your team. In safety car conditions, you don't get that information so that's why accidents like the one involving Sebastien Buemi and Sebastian Vettel happen."

1033: If you want your question answered by the BBC team, get on the email to:

1031: Sebastian Vettel is chuckling away as Mark Webber and Jenson Button are asked to explain their battle midway through the race, when they took turns to slide off the track.

Brawn's Jenson Button: "It was basically a lake on the last corner and you couldn't brake. It was pretty crazy. Every lap, you thought you were going to throw the car off. To finish the race is an achievement and to finish on the podium is fantastic. We couldn't catch the Red Bulls, but they were extremely quick..."

Red Bull's Mark Webber: "This means a huge amount. We pushed each other quite hard. They were tough conditions so it's extremely rewarding. It's the best result of my career and I hope to go one step better in the future. But it's an incredible result for Red Bull."

Race winner Sebastian Vettel: "We had to push hard in the beginning to get away from the pack and we succeeded. There was a lot of aquaplaning. Sometimes you were just keeping the car on the circuit. I think I had the best conditions, but it was still extremely difficult - especially in the last corner. It's my second win - and the second in the wet. Now maybe we can have some more rain!"

1024: Adrian Sutil ended up in tears in Monaco last season when he was shunted by Kimi Raikkonen while running in eighth. No luck again today for the Force India man.

Nick via text on 81111: "Spare a thought for Adrian Sutil! He must be devastated, memories of Monaco last season."

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner: "Imagine when we get our double diffuser..."

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner: "It's a great result for Red Bull. Their commitment to the sport has been huge. We knew we had a good car in the rain. It was very calm on the pit wall. We had a very clear strategy."

From anon via text on 81111: "Without Brawn, Todt and Schumacher, Ferrari are floundering. Says a lot about Domenicali and Montezemolo. 'Drinking session' and brewery' come to mind!!!"

1013: Don't go anywhere. We'll have reaction coming up. And if you've got a fancy telly, press your red button for the F1 forum. If you're in the UK, you can watch it right here on the website.

BBC pundit and former Red Bull driver David Coulthard: "It's well-deserved - four seasons and three races in the making. Sorry, I'm a little bit dry in my throat. I'm delighted for them."

1007: Jenson Button looks pretty happy as he collects his trophy for third place. His run of wins is at an end and he leads the world championship by six points from team-mate Rubens Barrichello, with Vettel third on his 10 points.

1005: Seb Vettel bounds on to the top step of the podium to hear the German national anthem, quickly followed by the British anthem for his Red Bull team.

1004: As if you didn't notice, Ferrari miss out on the points again and that's their worst start to an F1 season for 27 years. Disappointment too for Fernando Alonso, who started second on the grid but also finishes out of the points in ninth.

1000: Your top eight: 1 Vettel, 2 Webber, 3 Button, 4 Barrichello, 5 Kovalainen, 6 Hamilton, 7 Glock, 8 Buemi.

Sebastian Vettel radios his Red Bull team: "Yes! Yes, we made it. Thank you for working so hard on the car. It was a dream to drive today. Together we made it. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much."

0958: Sebastian Vettel slows right down in front of the pit lane to punch the air in front of his Red Bull team. That's their first race win and Mark Webber makes it a fabulous one-two.


Lap 56: Sebastian Vettel embarks on his final lap, heading for his second race win and the first ever for this Red Bull team.

Anthony Davidson on BBC Radio 5 Live: "You wait for one bus and then two come along at once - not only are Red Bull heading for their first win it looks like they could be on for a one-two - the same thing happened to BMW last year they got their only race win as a team in Canada and they had a one-two there."

Lap 55: Double yellows after that earlier Sutil crash, so we're limping to a finish here. Much twitching on the Red Bull pit wall.

Lap 54: Just three laps remaining and race leader Sebastian Vettel has slowed right down. The heroic Timo Glock is up to seventh, by the way, ahead of Sebastien Buemi's Toro Rosso.

Lap 52: I'm sorry Force India, it's my fault. Your top eight now looks like this: Vettel, Webber, Button, Barrichello, Kovalainen, Hamilton, Heidfield, Glock. Red Bull tell Vettel to back off because he doesn't need to push in these treacherous conditions.

Lap 51: Nooooooooooooo. That is spectacular commentator's curse. Under pressure from Lewis Hamilton, Adrian Sutil loses his Force India coming into turn five, smashing into the tyre wall.

Lap 50: And now Lewis Hamilton joins that battle, another spin putting him back in seventh behind bezzie mate Adrian Sutil. There will be nerves in that Force India garage. They are within touching distance of their first ever points.

Lap 50: Terrific battle for the minor points. Sebastien Buemi is in 10th after pitting and he's now chasing Timo Glock, Nick Heidfeld and Adrian Sutil - who is now seventh in his Force India.

Lap 49: Just eight laps remaining, as Nico Rosberg spins on turn five. Intermediate tyres=bad idea. We're heading for a Red Bull one-two as it stands.

Lap 48: An off for Lewis Hamilton at the same corner he came to grief earlier and Heikki Kovalainen has gone past into fifth. More from Ted Kravitz: "The reason everyone in the pits thought Rubens Barrichello was on a one-stop strategy is because he was going so slowly. No reports of any specific problems."

Lap 46: Adrian Sutil is sitting in the points in eighth, and they would be Force India's first in F1, but he is being chased hard by Nick Heidfeld, Timo Glock and Fernando Alonso.

Anthony Hamilton on BBC Radio 5 Live: "I remember Ross Brawn told me once, we will put wet tyres on when the track is wet and dry ones when the track is dry. Keep it simple. They want to make sure championship leader Jenson Button gets at least a third-place finish."

Lap 45: Your top six: Vettel, Webber, Button, Buemi, Barrichello, Hamilton.

Lap 43: Rubens Barrichello does need to stop again - and he has. Full wets for him as well. He returns in fifth, behind Sebastien Buemi's Toro Rosso.

From Matt in Manchester via text on 81111: "Oh my, if it finishes like this Ferrari will be the ONLY team with no points on the board. Awesome work from Sutil."

Lap 42: As Seb Vettel sets the fastest time, Jenson Button makes his stop - full wets for him, and he returns in fourth behind team-mate Rubens Barrichello.

Lap 42: Williams put intermediate tyres on Nico Rosberg's car. Interesting. Rosberg came in from 10th.

Lap 41: Sebastian Vettel squeezes past Jenson Button to take the lead at the end of the back straight. A little wiggle as he comes out of the corner, but he holds position brilliantly.

Lap 40: It's now a battle royale for the lead after Mark Webber pits at the end of 39. The Aussie is now third. BBC pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz still reckons Jenson Button definitely needs to stop again - but team-mate Rubens Barrichello may not.

Lap 39: Sebastian Vettel is right up behind Jenson Button and we're about to have a battle royale for second.

Lap 37: Fernando Alonso loses his Renault on the exit of turn 13 - and that puts him back in 12th I think.

Lap 37: Race leader Sebastien Vettel comes into the pits. He's a bit slow away, and returns behind Jenson Button in third.

Lap 36: Fernando Alonso into the pits at the end of his 35th, and drops to ninth from fifth. The Red Bulls are still flying out in front. It's their race to lose.

Lap 36: Robert Kubica, who earlier ran over the back of Jarno Trulli's Toyota, has managed to take his BMW up to 10th, but the nose of his car is about to fall off, so he'll surely be pitting shortly.

Lap 35: Your top six: Vettel, Webber, Button, Kovalainen, Barrichello, Alonso. Ferrari's only runner Kimi Raikkonen is back in 14th.

Lap 34: McLaren's Lewis Hamilton comes in from fourth for his first stop. He returns in eighth.

Lap 33: That was a fabulous move from Webber, going round the outside of Button and bravely staying on the power to take the inside line into the right-hander.

Lap 31: And now Mark Webber loses his Red Bull and Jenson Button re-takes second. Renault's Fernando Alonso pushing hard in eighth. He's right behind Sebastien Buemi. Webber is back past Button! Sensational.

Lap 29: Jenson Button touches a white line and goes off at the end of the long back straight, allowing Mark Webber to take second and we have a Red Bull one-two as it stands.

BBC pundit Mike Gascoyne: "Ferrari seem to have gone with a one-stop strategy for Kimi Raikkonen. I don't think it's going to work. He'll struggle to make progress with that heavy car."

Lap 28: F1's crashiest driver Nelson Piquet manages half the race before crashing, which is some achievement for the Brazilian. He takes out a marker sign as he spins off, removing the nose of his Renault before returning to the track.

Lap 27: BBC pit lane reporter Ted Kravitz says it is possible Rubens Barrichello - lying seventh - does not need to stop again, but second-placed Jenson Button does. Brawn report that Red Bull are lighter on fuel which explains their pace advantage.

Lap 26: BBC commentator Jonathan Legard points out that with an hour gone, we haven't completed half the race. We have a two-hour deadline. Remember Malaysia?

Lap 25: I'm giving up on Timo Glock - for this race only. He needs a new nose on his Toyota after another accident. Seb Vettel is more than six seconds clear of Jenson Button.

Lap 24: World champion Lewis Hamilton - who hasn't stopped yet - is on the charge, making Kimi Raikkonen's Ferrari look like it's going backwards as he eases into fourth. Sebastian Vettel is easing away from Jenson Button at the front.

Lap 23: Toro Rosso's Sebastien Buemi spins, shortly before the safety car comes back in. We're racing again.

Lap 22: Great news, Robert Kubica fans. The Pole is not out, as I reported a couple of laps ago. He's made a Lazarus-like recovery and got his BMW back out on the track.

Lap 21: Felipe Massa has come to a stop, halfway down the back straight. Race over for the Ferrari man. The Brazilian will remain pointless. BBC pundit Martin Brundle explains that Sebastian Vettel had to slow to avoid overtaking Rubens Barrichello under safety car conditions, and Sebastien Buemi couldn't stop running into his rear tyre. Doesn't seem to be any damage to Vettel's car.

Lap 20: After that earlier ding, Jarno Trulli and Robert Kubica are both out. Top six: Vettel, Button, Massa, Webber, Raikkonen, Hamilton.

Lap 19: Race leader Jenson Button comes into the pits, and is quickly followed by Brawn team-mate Rubens Barrichello. Sebastian Buemi has damage to his Toro Rosso. Did he hit Sebastian Vettel? He did, you know.

Lap 18: Robert Kubica runs straight over the back of Jarno Trulli and destroys the back end of his Toyota. Debris all over the place - and the safety car is back out.

From anon via text on 81111: "Buemi's looking like another Vettel. Where do Red Bull find these promising drivers, or is it a case that they are given wings when they join the team?"

Lap 16: Sebastian Vettel returns in third, and only five seconds behind Rubens Barrichello. He'll be pleased with that. Rookie Sebastien Buemi is now fourth in his Toro Rosso.

Lap 15: Damp squib of a start, but this is proper racing now. Apologies, that was Mark Webber who pitted on lap 14. Sebastian Vettel pits now. That leaves the Brawns of Button and Barrichello out in front.

Lap 14: Mark Webber pits.

Lap 14: Timo Glock nudges Nick Heidfeld into a spin as the Toyota man takes 10th. Lewis Hamilton passes McLaren team-mate Heikki Kovalainen.

Lap 13: Toro Rosso's Sebastian Buemi is storming through the field, and he's now past Jarno Trulli into fifth. Terrific stuff. Sebastian Vettel 2.8 second ahead of Mark Webber, who is eight seconds in front of Jenson Button in third.

Lap 12: Mark Webber pulls some time back on his Red Bull team-mate Seb Vettel at the front, but the Brawns are really struggling in the wet. Jenson Button takes Rubens Barrichello but he's 10 seconds back on the leader. Sebastien Buemi passes Kimi Raikkonen... and Lewis Hamilton spins on turn 10! The Englishman is now back in 10th.

Lap 11: BMW's Nick Heidfeld runs wide. McLaren's Lewis Hamilton looking very, very good at the moment. He's chasing Toyota's Jarno Trulli at the moment. Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel is easing away at the front.

Lap 10: "My engine is not running very well," Kimi Raikkonen radios back to his Ferrari garage. Toro Rosso's Sebastien Buemi twice has a little look at the former world champion but backs off on both occasions...

Lap nine: King of the wet Lewis Hamilton takes Kimi Raikkonen for sixth, using his Kers to stunning effect.

Lap nine: Finally, we're racing, the Red Bulls of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber leading the way.

Lap eight: Fernando Alonso comes in for more fuel and fresh tyres - and just after he does, we get notice of the safety car coming in. Nice timing, Nando.

Anthony Davidson on BBC Radio 5 Live: "My advice to the safety guys now would be to get the safety car in - the guys are sensible enough and actually when these cars start going faster the diffusers will suck a lot of the water off the track. This is a bit like asking an aeroplane pilot to drive his plane at 50mph it's impossible - it's like they are driving around a supermarket car park."

Lap six: McLaren tell Lewis Hamilton that the rain is forecast to continue for "at least another 30 minutes". This is not great news, entertainment fans.

Lap six: As Nico Rosberg now comes into the pits, Fernando Alonso tells his Renault team he wants the safety car in. Not surprising, really, given his light fuel load.

Lap five: Force India's Adrian Sutil comes into the pits. Well, he might as well. He won't lose places. Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen runs wide at the final corner, where team-mate Felipe Massa also slid off.

Lap four: Force India's Adrian Sutil is the next man to fall off the track. He rejoins behind team-mate Giancarlo Fisichella.

Lap three: Ferrari's Felipe Massa - who went off five times in the wet at Silverstone last year - goes sideways before regaining control of his Ferrari. Sebastian Vettel tells his Red Bull team: "There is water on the track but it's OK, we've had worse in the past I would say."

BBC pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz: "Williams have been on the radio to their drivers and they can't even conceive of the safety car coming in just yet."

Lap two: The BBC commentary team don't expect the safety car to be out for much longer. Conditions are getting no better or worse, and there isn't a lot of standing water. We'll see.

Lap one: Sebastian Vettel leads! Yeah, it's as you were. Lots of weaving about as the drivers try to warm those tyres up behind the safety car.

0800: We're off. Not exactly a dramatic start behind the safety car.

BBC Sport's Martin Brundle: "I'm pretty underwhelmed to see it's a safety car start. There isn't a lot of standing water. I'd like to see these guys getting stuck in. In Malaysia, the Red Bull looked best balanced in these conditions."

0755: I can't say I'm entirely surprised about that news. The rain is pretty heavy now. Not only that, but it's pretty windy too.

0753: It is confirmed: we will start behind the safety car .

0751: Toyota's Timo Glock, who had already incurred a five-place grid penalty for changing his gearbox, will start from the pits, as will BMW's Robert Kubica. The Pole is having a miserable weekend so far. He struggled with Kers on Friday and then having got rid of it, still couldn't make it out of Q1 yesterday.

0747: The grid walk is brought to an abrupt end as it turns out Lewis Hamilton has popped back to his garage for what would be called a bathroom break in tennis terms. Good stuff though.

Renault's Fernando Alonso: "It's close (to a safety car start). If it's a safety car start, we'll all agree. If not, the conditions are not dramatically bad and with extreme tyres, you can deal with the first lap."

0743: We then get into slightly dodgy territory as Sebastian Vettel explains why all his cars are given women's names."It's important to have a close relationship with a car," he says to Coulthard. "But anyway, you are the man when it comes to women."

0742: "It's very wet," reports pole-sitter Sebastian Vettel, very much stating the obvious. "I suppose everyone is on extreme wets. The main thing is to keep the car on the track and we'll see."

0740: Time for Martin Brundle's grid walk. And DC is going with him...

0737: It may be grey and drizzly, but former driver turned BBC pundit David Coulthard still has his sunglasses steadfastly stuck on his head. They'll probably have to surgically remove those.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner: "It was a great day yesterday, a great team result. We've been threatening it for the last couple of races. The best place to start in the rain in terms of visibility is at the front. We're short in the first stint so both our drivers need to get their heads down and get as big a gap as they can before the first stops."

0732: And Gascoyne adds that he doesn't think it's wet enough for a safety car start. Thank heavens for that.

0728: Former F1 technical director Mike Gascoyne is working with the BBC this weekend. He reckons Brawn will be regretting not running lighter on fuel in the qualifying shoot-out yesterday. In wet conditions, he says, the further forward on the grid, the better.

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Shanghai: "The plummeting rain at the Shanghai International Circuit makes tyre analysis ahead of the race pretty simple. If the rain continues the teams must make a choice between Bridgestone's intermediates or the full wets, which come into play when there is standing water on the track. The gamble will be which choice to make and when; although most teams will be expected to start on the inters in China. Making the wrong decision can have drastic consequences: in Malaysia, Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen found himself a massive 20 seconds off the pace when he put on the extreme wets too early. So there is still plenty to think about even with the slick tyres out of the equation."

0722: What with the double-deck diffuser, Kers has been very much left in the shade. Ferrari and Renault have taken it off their cars this weekend, while BMW's Robert Kubica tested it in Friday's practice before swiftly dumping it. That means only McLaren and BMW's Nick Heidfeld are sticking with it.

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Shanghai: "Just to remind you, there are five cars running in China as a mark of respect for the victims of the earthquake which hit central Italy this month. Jarno Trulli has dropped a sponsor on his Toyota racesuit and replaced it with the logo to build support for the affected Abruzzo region, where he was raised. Both Ferrari and Toro Rosso cars are also carrying a slogan of support. Trulli is aiming to raise enough fund to rebuild a school, you can find out more at"

From Alex L via text on 81111: "Good morning Shanghai! About to make full English before the games begin! Come on Jenson, let's have those Red Bulls!"

0716: With all the double-deck diffuser chat this week, it's rather nice that Red Bull - who don't have one - fill two of the front three grid places. Team boss Christian Horner says they are planning to install one before the Spanish Grand Prix though.

Webber on Vettel: "He's quick."

Sebastian Vettel on Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber: "He's a good driver, one of the best in Formula 1, especially in qualifying. It's not easy to beat him. Sometimes it's not easy always to understand what he's saying because he speaks very quickly."

John from Oxford via text on 81111: "I never miss a beat. Been a hardcore fan of Button for years! Thought I'd say hello too but I think Alonso may just scrape this win."

From Dan in Southampton via text on 81111: "If it stays wet, then my bet would be Vettel doing a Schumacher-esque three-stop masterpiece, running away from everyone."

0706: Lord of F1 Bernie Ecclestone says there's absolutely no danger of China losing its Grand Prix, despite poor crowds. "We are here forever. As long as there is China, we will be here," he said.

From BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Shanghai: "For those of you wondering why the Chinese GP has moved from its traditional date in October to today, I have the answer for you. Event organisers Shanghai Juss Event are staging the inaugural ATP 1,000 tennis event in October and didn't want the city's two major sporting events to clash. There's also speculation here that the GP will no longer be held in Shanghai in 2011, when it is rumoured it could move to Beijing."

From Rachel T via text on 81111: "Up and at 'em! It's a family event in our house, me and my son are just making breakfast. Hubby and daughter in front of TV. Come on Lewis & Jenson!"

0700: Heads up, coverage on BBC1 and on the BBC website (UK only) is under way.

0657: Hello to you too Mike, which reminds me, if you all wouldn't mind putting a name to your texts, I think we'd all be much happier. And maybe a tip. My own tip - which will remain the same throughout this season I should remind you - is Timo Glock. The German AC/DC fan has been given a five-place grid penalty for changing his gearbox. But hey, this is the 2009 F1 season. It's unpredictable.

From Mike in Peterborough via text on 81111: "I not up and about. Very much still in bed but can see my monitor from there. Just thought I'd say hello."

0651: From furry streakers to the more mundane matter of fuel loads... If you haven't already seen, Renault's Fernando Alonso - who qualified second - is running lightest of all, not far behind the Red Bulls. So, BBC Sport's fuel-adjusted grid top 10 looks like this (projected first stops in brackets):
1 Barrichello (lap 16)
2 Button (lap 15)
3 Trulli (lap 16)
4 Vettel (lap 10)
5 Webber (lap 11)
6 Alonso (lap 8/9)
7 Raikkonen (lap 19)
8 Rosberg (lap 12)
9 Hamilton (lap 20)
10 Buemi (lap 19)

0648: Yikes! We have a streaker on the grid! One of the blue furry characters - they sort of look like giant blue molar teeth - has lost its skirt. Someone get a blanket... I'm only sorry you can't see all this.

From Kris in Stratford via text on 81111 "Brawn to win this with the fuel they have. Also any news on a penalty for Vettel after blocking Heikki in quali?"

0641: If you're up and about, why not drop me a text on 81111 ? Actually, you don't even need to be up and about. Just drop me a text, OK?

0639: As I write, it is very much raining as some poor souls in bright blue leotards entertain the crowd from the grid. By contrast, the people in the furry costumes look rather cosy. The drivers, meanwhile, are battling with large golfing umbrellas as they take an open-top bus tour around the track.

0636: No hanging about. Over to BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Shanghai for the all-important weather update : "A warm wind is blowing through Shanghai on race day at the Chinese Grand Prix. By mid-morning spots of rain ominously began hitting the window - could the weather have a say in how the race is run?"

0630: Has F1 been turned on its head again? Are Brawn about to be usurped by Red Bull? Or are those fuel loads feeding us a line? Do you know what? We're about to find out. Which means I can stop asking endless questions...

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