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Sunday, 22 October, 2000, 16:12 GMT 17:12 UK
F1 world championship - race-by-race
Formula One race by race
Australia - March 12

Michael Schumacher wins the Australian Grand Prix
Schumacher's season started with a win in Australia

Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello deliver a one-two for Ferrari in the first race of the season.

Both McLarens retire with engine failures, from first and second places. Ralf Schumacher scores a superb third place for Williams on new engine supplier BMW's first F1 race for 13 years.

Championship positions: 1 Michael Schumacher 10pts
2 Barrichello 6
3 Ralf Schumacher 4

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Brazil - March 26
Michael Schumacher takes his second victory in succession as Mika Hakkinen again retires from the lead of the race.

David Coulthard finishes second, but is later disqualified for a front-wing infringement, promoting Benetton's Giancarlo Fisichella to second and Jordan's Jarno Trulli to third.

Championship positions:
1 M Schumacher 20
2 Barrichello, Fisichella 6

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San Marino - April 9
Michael Schumacher beats Mika Hakkinen into second place to take Ferrari's third win in a row.

Hakkinen runs him close, but some slight damage incurred after running over some debris and some questionable strategy decisions by the McLaren team, allow Schumacher to pass him. David Coulthard is third.

Championship positions:
1 M Schumacher 30
2 Barrichello 9
3 Hakkinen, Fisichella 6

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Britain - April 23
McLaren breathes a sigh of relief when it takes its first victory of the season after an excellent drive by David Coulthard.

He beats Mika Hakkinen and Michael Schumacher into second and third places. Rubens Barrichello takes pole and leads the early stages until passed by Coulthard. He retires with electrical failure.

Championship positions:
1 M Schumacher 34
2 Coulthard 14
3 Hakkinen 12

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Spain - May 7
Mika Hakkinen gives McLaren its second victory in succession with a crushing display around the Circuit de Catalunya.

The Finn leads a McLaren one-two, with Rubens Barrichello third. Michael Schumacher has an incident-packed race, running over Ferrari's chief mechanic in the pit lane and later suffering a puncture. He finishes fifth.

Championship positions:
1 M Schumacher 36
2 Hakkinen 22
3 Coulthard 20

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Europe - May 21
Michael Schumacher returns to winning ways with a masterful display in the rain at Germany's Nurburgring.

Mika Hakkinen matches him for pace in the wet, but finishes second after losing the lead when it started to rain early on. Coulthard is third and Barrichello fourth.

Championship positions:
1 M Schumacher 46
2 Hakkinen 28
3 Coulthard 24

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Monaco - June 4
David Coulthard takes a fortunate win in Formula One's most famous race. He inherits the lead after the retirement of Michael Schumacher, who had dominated the race from the start.

Coulthard spends a lot of the race behind Jordan driver Jarno Trulli, who qualified on the front row. The Italian retires with gearbox failure, and his team-mate Heinz-Harald Frentzen crashes out of second, leaving Rubens Barrichello second and Giancarlo Fisichella third.

Championship positions:
1 M Schumacher 46
2 Coulthard 34
3 Hakkinen 29

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Canada - June 18
Michael Schumacher wins his fifth race out of eight in the rain in Canada, but he is fortunate to finish.

His Ferrari has brake problems, and team-mate Rubens Barrichello, in second, is forbidden from passing him. Giancarlo Fisichella finishes third for Benetton.

McLaren has a disastrous race, with Mika Hakkinen fourth and David Coulthard seventh after being penalised for a problem at the start.

Championship positions:
1 M Schumacher 56
2 Coulthard 34
3 Hakkinen 32

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France - July 2
David Coulthard signals his displeasure to Michael Schumacher
Coulthard was very unhappy with Schumacher in France

McLaren starts its revival with a one-two in France, led home by a brilliantly aggressive and incisive performance by David Coulthard.

The Scot catches and passes Schumacher, gives him the finger in the middle of their race, and heavily criticises the German afterwards. A subdued Mika Hakkinen is second. Schumacher retires with a blown engine, and Rubens Barrichello third.

Championship positions:
1 M Schumacher 56
2 Coulthard 44
3 Hakkinen 38

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Austria - July 16
Mika Hakkinen comes back from a holiday to take his second win of the year.

David Coulthard is second, having not been allowed to race his team-mate. Michael Schumacher is punted out at the first corner after trying to choreograph the start with team-mate Rubens Barrichello, who finishes third.

Championship positions:
1 M Schumacher 56
2 Coulthard 50
3 Hakkinen 48

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Germany - July 30
An emotional Rubens Barrichello takes the first victory of his career after a record 124 Grands Prix.

Barrichello drives brilliantly in the dry-wet conditions from 18th place on the grid to outfox McLaren drivers Mika Hakkinen and David Coulthard, who are second and third. Michael Schumacher is again taken out at the start.

The race is notable for a Frenchman invading the track protesting against Mercedes-Benz, his former employer.

Championship positions:
1 M Schumacher 56
2 Hakkinen, Coulthard 54

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Hungary - August 13
Michael Schumacher loses the lead of the world championship for the first time after a crushing win for Mika Hakkinen.

A clearly shaken Schumacher, who finishes second, admits that he has "no chance" of winning the championship unless Ferrari improves.

Championnship positions:
1 Hakkinen 64
2 M Schumacher 62
3 Coulthard 58

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Belgium - August 27
Mika Hakkinen wins the Belgian Grand Prix
Hakkinen took a brilliant win in Belgium

Mika Hakkinen produces one of the best overtaking manoeuvres in the history of Formula One to win the Belgian Grand Prix.

Hakkinen lost the lead with an early spin, but put in a strong recovery drive and a brilliant passing move with four laps to go.

Championship positions:
1 Hakkinen 74
2 Schumacher 68
3 Coulthard 61

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Italy - Sep 9
Michael Schumacher gets his title challenge back on track after a win in front of the fanatical Italian fans at Monza.

Schumacher bursts into tears on live television as the emotion of the moment hits him. Mika Hakkinen is second, but David Coulthard rights off his title chances after being taken out in first-lap pile-up in which a marshal is killed.

Championship positions: 1 Hakkinen 80
2 M Schumacher 78
3 Coulthard 61

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USA - Sep 24
Michael Schumacher puts himself in a strong position to win the championship after a victory on F1's return to the USA.

Mika Hakkinen's hopes are severely dented on the new road course at the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway after an engine failure.

Championship positions: 1 M Schumacher 88
2 Hakkinen 80
3 Coulthard 63

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Japan - October 8
Mika Hakkinen leads Michael Schumacher in the Japanese Grand Prix
Hakkinen could not stop Schumacher in Japan

Michael Schumacher ends Ferrari's 21-year drivers' title drought with a superb victory in the Japanese Grand Prix.

The German trails Mika Hakkinen for much of the race but takes the lead when it starts to rain around the time of the second pit stops.

Championship positions:
1 M Schumacher 98
2 Hakkinen 86
3 Coulthard 67

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Malaysia - October 22
Michael Schumacher equals his own and Nigel Mansell's record of nine victories in a season after a close battle with a revived David Coulthard.

Ferrari adds the constructors' title to the drivers' crown won in Japan, with Rubens Barrichello in third place. Mika Hakkinen is fourth after jumping the start.

Final championship positions:
1 M Schumacher 108
2 Hakkinen 89
3 Coulthard 73

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