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banner Friday, 6 July, 2001, 20:39 GMT 21:39 UK
Henin and Williams: The final factfiles
Centre Court beckons Williams and Henin
Centre Court beckons for Williams and Henin
BBC Sport Online presents all you need to know about Wimbledon finalists Justine Henin and Venus Williams.

Justine Henin
Henin bids for her first Grand Slam

Name: Justine Henin
Residence: Marloie, Belgium
Date of birth: 01/06/1982
Height 5'5"
Weight: 57kgs
Turned professional: 01/01/1999
Current singles ranking: 9
Current year prize money: $375,502
Career prize money: $588,955
Career matches record: Won - 135 Lost - 41
Career tournament wins: Singles - 11 Doubles - 2.

Interesting facts: Her superstition is to avoid walking on tennis court lines between points. Her pet peeves are people who are late and "hangers-on".

Venus Williams
Williams is seeking a second title

Name: Venus Williams
Residence:Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States
Date of birth: 17/06/1980
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 72.5 kg
Turned professional: 31/10/1994
Current singles ranking: 2
Current year prize money: $781,722
Career prize money: $7,438,449
Career matches record: Won - 219 Lost - 57
Career tournament wins: Singles - 17 Doubles - 8

Interesting facts: Her favourite colour is blue. Her favourite music artistes include Green Day, Hole and Rancid. She also enjoys Russian history and Chinese culture.

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