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banner Sunday, 8 July, 2001, 12:35 GMT 13:35 UK
Game-by-game: Henman v Ivanisevic
Tim Henman v Goran Ivanisevic
Game-by-game action from the rain-hit semi-final between Tim Henman and Goran Ivanisevic. Final score: 5-7 7-6 6-0 6-7 3-6

Fifth set

Henman 3-6 Ivanisevic
Ivanisevic takes the first point, before Henman levels with an excellent lob. The Briton fluffs a forehand pass to take it to 30-15, but Ivanisevic double-faults for 30-30. Henman then misses a forehand return to give Ivanisevic match point.

To the crowd's relief, the Croat double faults again. But a second-serve ace gives him another chance - and this time Henman cannot return. Ivanisevic falls to the floor in delight, while a disconsolate Henman trudges off court.

Henman 3-5 Ivanisevic
Henman misses two volleys and an excellent return on the second serve gives Ivanisevic two break points. Henman hits two fine first serves to level at deuce - but then a double fault gives Ivanisevic advantage. This time he makes no mistake - and is now serving for the match.

Henman 3-4 Ivanisevic
Ivanisevic opens with a double fault - and a superb backhand cross-court return then takes Henman into a 0-30 lead. But the Croat responds to the pressure in superb style as four good first serves secure him the game.

Henman 3-3 Ivanisevic
Play is finally able to get under way at 13:15 on Sunday. Henman, resuming at 30-15, opens with a textbook serve-volley point. But Ivanisevic attacks his second serve to take it to 40-30. A thrilling rally then ends with an angled volley from Henman, who levels the match.

Henman 2-3 Ivanisevic
Play is stopped for rain on Saturday evening with Henman leading 30-15.

Henman 2-3 Ivanisevic
Ivanisevic keeps himself ahead with another comfortable service game. The pressure may be mounting but the Croat is keeping his composure.

Henman 2-2 Ivanisevic
A double fault to open the game by Henman is the only point Ivanisevic takes off the Briton.

Henman 1-2 Ivanisevic
Ivanisevic double faults at 30-15 to give Henman hope but the Croat confidently powers on to take the game without losing another point.

Henman 1-1 Ivanisevic
A tense game for the Briton as he struggles with his first serve before coming through to take the game from 30-30.

Henman 0-1 Ivanisevic
Ivanisevic loses two points on his serve as he takes the lead in the deciding set.

Fourth set

Tie break: Henman 5-7 Ivanisevic
Henman fights back well after losing four points on the trot but a tight line call gives Ivanisevic the upper hand and with it the set.

Henman 6-6 Ivanisevic
Ivanisevic wins his service game to love to take the fourth set to a tie break.

Henman 6-5 Ivanisevic
Henman goes 15-40 down to give Ivanisevic two break points. But Henman makes an excellent pick up to get to 40-40 and takes the advantage only to see Ivanisevic pull him back to deuce - on his knees. Henman remains cool to take the game.

Henman 5-5 Ivanisevic
Ivanisevic is made to sweat on a close line call but goes on to win the game with ease.

Henman 5-4 Ivanisevic
Henman piles on the pressure with a love service game, to leave Ivanisevic now serving to stay in the match.

Henman 4-4 Ivanisevic
Three unforced errors and two double faults at deuce by Ivanisevic give Henman a chance of a break, but the Croatian comes up with another two aces to win the game.

Henman 4-3 Ivanisevic
Ivanisevic fails to make the most of Henman's second serves as the Briton takes the lead.

Henman 3-3 Ivanisevic
Aces 19 and 20 draw the big-serving Croatian level once more.

Henman 3-2 Ivanisevic
Henman gets off to an excellent start, winning his service game to love.

Henman 2-2 Ivanisevic
Ivanisevic serves an ace to take the first game after the resumption of play.

Henman 2-1 Ivanisevic
Henman double faults for 30-30 after colliding with the umpire's chair trying to save a point, but recovers to hold his serve.

Henman 1-1 Ivanisevic
Ivanisevic regains his composure and levels the set with ease.

Henman 1-0 Ivanisevic
Another service game win to love for Henman who has not lost a point on his serve since the second set tie break.

Third set

Henman 6-0 Ivanisevic
A wild overhead by Ivanisevic puts Henman 0-30 up, and he wins the next rally for three set points. He wins it on the second to go 2-1 up in a set lasting under 15 minutes.

Henman 5-0 Ivanisevic
Henman has the bit well and truly between his teeth as he wins his service to love - he has only lost three points in the third set.

Tim Henman
Henman races through the third set
Henman 4-0 Ivanisevic
Henman comes back from 30-0 down to break Ivanisevic again, demonstrating exquisite racquet control on a running flick for his first point. The Croatian double faults on break point.

Henman 3-0 Ivanisevic
Henman is dominant at the net, and an overhead smash takes him to 40-0. Ivanisevic is beginning to make more unforced errors.

Henman 2-0 Ivanisevic
The momentum is suddenly with Henman as he breaks the Ivanisevic serve for the first time in the match.

Henman 1-0 Ivanisevic
Henman's confidence levels soar as he wins his first service game of the third set to love.

Second set

Tie break: Ivanisevic 6-8 Henman
Henman levels the match with a gritty display. A brilliant return dug out from his shoelaces puts the Briton 6-5 for his first set point but he takes his second.

Ivanisevic 6-6 Henman
A sublime backspin volley at the net for 30-0 helps Henman forces a tie break.

Ivanisevic 6-5 Henman
The pressure is back on Henman to stay in the set as Ivanisevic blasts his way to another service game win.

Tim Henman
Henman celebrates winning the second set
Ivanisevic 5-5 Henman
Henman holds his serve comfortably to 15 - but breaking Ivanisevic is another matter.

Ivanisevic 5-4 Henman
Ivanisevic hits two consecutive double faults, but manages to save three break points.

Ivanisevic 4-4 Henman
Henman hits his fourth and fifth aces of the match to win his service game rain clouds threaten over Centre Court.

Ivanisevic 4-3 Henman
Ace number 11 takes Ivanisevic to 40-15, and he hits an 118mph second serve to clinch the game.

Ivanisevic 3-3 Henman
Henman shows he is also capable of winning his service to love as he levels again.

Ivanisevic 3-2 Henman
Another love game for Ivanisevic - Henman has yet to win a point on his opponent's serve in the second set.

Ivanisevic 2-2 Henman
The luck is with Ivanisevic as a mis-hit lob falls on the line for 0-15, but Henman refuses to buckle as he levels.

Ivanisevic 2-1 Henman
Another love service game for the Croatian, who is currently ranked 125th in the world to Henman's 11th.

Ivanisevic 1-1 Henman
Henman needs a second advantage point before holding his serve as Ivanisevic continues to look the more confident player.

Ivanisevic 1-0 Henman
Ivanisevic pounds down some more ferocious serves to take the set-opener to love.

First Set

Ivanisevic 7-5 Henman
It's Ivanisevic's turn to benefit from a winning mis-hit which gives him two break points at 15-40, and he takes the set with the first.

Ivanisevic 6-5 Henman
The Croatian wildcard puts the pressure on sixth seed Henman to win his next service game.

Ivanisevic 5-5 Henman
Henman levels with another service game to love as the first set approaches a crucial phase.

Goran Ivanisevic
Ivanisevic on his way to winning the first set
Ivanisevic 5-4 Henman
The Ivanisevic serve is definitely firing on all cylinders as he wins his service to love in just 69 seconds.

Ivanisevic 4-4 Henman
Henman's serve looks well and truly in the groove as he restricts the Croatian to a solitary point.

Ivanisevic 4-3 Henman
Henman recovers from 40-0 and pulls off an excellent block return for deuce, but the Ivanisevic serve holds firm.

Ivanisevic 3-3 Henman
Henman's best service game so far as he wins to love, including a second serve which kicks up and surprises Ivanisevic for 40-0.

Ivanisevic 3-2 Henman
A net cord and a winning mis-hit help Henman to deuce, and a backhand down the line gives him advantage, but Ivanisevic holds his nerve to win.

Ivanisevic 2-2 Henman
Ivanisevic is returning the Henman serve well, but the British number one recovers from 0-30 to level the set.

Ivanisevic 2-1 Henman
The big-hitting Ivanisevic hits his first double fault to take Henman to 40-30, but holds his service.

Ivanisevic 1-1 Henman
Henman battles to take his first service game, winning on the third advantage point, but three delicate shots at the net finally clinch it.

Ivanisevic 1-0 Henman
Ivanisevic wins his opening service game to love as Henman struggles to return.

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