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  Tuesday, 19 June, 2001, 13:36 GMT 14:36 UK
Fine the invaders
Ben Hollioake is surrounded at Headingley
Pitch invasions are dangerous for everyone
In his latest column for BBC Sport Online, Craig White believes there is only one answer to pitch invasions.

The pitch invasion at Headingley - and the earlier one at Edgbaston - were pathetic.

Why do people do it?

The only way to deter them is to impose fines.

It is dangerous and has got to be stopped for the good of everyone
Craig White

I would hate to see fences have to put up on grounds.

The crowd are not animals and should never be kept in cages - instead slap on a fine

They do not do that in Australia. What they do over there is fine people who come on to the pitch. And it works, there is no large scale problem with pitch invasions there.

Okay you get the odd person who will run on, but there are no mass invasions.

Fines have to be the answer.

It is frightening for the players and as the injury for the steward showed at Headingley it is dangerous for everyone - players, stewards and spectators.

After we won at the Oval last year there was a pitch invasion. That was completely good natured, but if you are running off it just needs someone to stick out an arm to try and pat you on the back and you could catch an elbow in the face.

Old Trafford
The lights need to be improved

What happens in the closing stages of a game if you are running round the boundary trying to stop a ball with the threat of an imminent invasion? It can make difficult for players to concentrate on the game.

Quite simply it is dangerous and has got to be stopped for the good of everyone.

Looking back to Old Trafford, it is clear is that day/night games in this country have to be better lit.

Most of the players enjoy them, they enjoy the music, the occasion and the atmosphere - but it is no good if the lights are not up to it.

If the lights are improved I do think it is worth persevering with. I understand what the traditionalists are saying, but as a player I enjoy the whole spectacle and it is a way of bringing more people, especially kids, to the game.

Overall I do not think the one-day series will have an effect on England's morale ahead of the Ashes.

The Test squad is really a totally different outfit. Okay you can't absolutely forget the one-dayers, but our Test record over the last 18 months is still really good.

People have been too quick to forget that over the last few weeks.

Nasser Hussain
It will be good to see Nasser back

We had the most successful run by an England team for three decades and this one-day tournament shouldn't disguise that.

We know what a huge challenge lies ahead. We are going to play the best team in the world.

Let's see how we compare to them. It is going to be fantastic - a true measure of how we are doing.

With that to come it is good to see Nasser Hussain ready to start playing again - I just hope he suffers no ill effects when he makes his come back at Old Trafford on Sunday.

It is really important to get some time in the middle before a Test. You really do not want to go into such a big game cold.

It does not always matter what level, a second XI game can be enough, just so long as you get time in the middle and get back in the groove.

Nasser is extremely important to the team. In my experience he is a great leader.

He is meticulous in the field. He knows exactly where he wants you to be - sometimes he will move you just a yard to your left or right.

That is the way he is - he does everything thoroughly.

He is tough as well and doesn't take any mucking about.

When you come on to bowl he expects you to be on the button first ball. If not he will not hesitate to take you off after one over if you do not.

Craig White bowling against Somerset
I've been bowling in Bath

It has the effect of bringing the best out of you. The players want to do well for him.

As for my fitness I am feeling really good now. I have been building slowly but reckon I am up to 85 per cent now.

I have had no reaction from the games I have played.

I am by no means an automatic selection and have to prove myself, but I am confident I will be fit enough.

This will be a quiet week - lots of training though - but then it all starts.

We have a one-day game on Sunday, the Benson & Hedges Cup semi-final against Gloucestershire on Monday, and then a Championship game against Leicestershire followed by the squad for the first Test being chosen.

I am confident come 5 July at Edgbaston I will be ready - if selected.

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