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  Tuesday, 3 October, 2000, 16:51 GMT 17:51 UK
Ray's Wembley farewell
The 1966 World Cup final will be recalled all week
As the countdown continues to Saturday's Wembley farewell, BBC's Football Focus presenter Ray Stubbs ponders the twin towers of memories and memorabilia.

How much will the individual baths go for in the Wembley auction and how many fakes will appear on the memorabilia market in the coming months?

Imagine lying in the very porcelain Bobby Moore soaked in after the 1966 World Cup final.

Typically, Bobby had cleaned his hand before shaking the royal glove of Her Majesty but he had to bathe in the glory somewhere and if that bath has been removed in the 34 years since 1966, where is it? Will it exclusively appear from a 'lock up' garage?

Hang on, maybe Bobby dived into the communal bath - the communal bath that will be rebuilt somewhere.

1988 FA Cup final
Stubbs recalls the 1988 FA Cup final

Whatever England's captain did in the aftermath of Wembley's finest day, no doubt we'll be reminded about it in the next few days and quite right too.

Nostalgia by the skipful will be delivered in the run-up to Saturday's game and then the 'goodbyes' as the bulldozers move in.

Who'll drive the first one in? We'll find out, there'll be an exclusive - 'I needed the windscreen wipers on to wipe away the tears as I made my first run' - it's all to come. And why not?

I'd love to get a piece of Wembley, and there's bound to be an end-of-line sale so a chunk of Twin Tower, Royal Box step or whatever will sit perfectly alongside the memories.

Who could forget the pre-computerised turnstile era of bunging the operator, and the awful transport system to and from the stadium?


Of course, such things were small beer because every footballing occasion was unique and memorable in its own way. It didn't matter how good or bad a game was. It was Wembley, so it was important.

Saturday's Football Focus will include all manner of images from Wembley down the years and the BBC Sport Online will act as an index for anything that might pass you by.

This will be a week to return to a personal library of memories.

For example, being scared stiff in the crush for the tube after a cup final in the 1960s, the first time you walk up the tunnel acting out a fantasy, the first time you walk out to play.

So many memories, join in please, add your own to the list. Everton and Liverpool fans celebrating together during the Milk Cup Final of 1984, hiding under the Everton bus a few weeks later waiting for the chance to sneak into the dressing room.

Standing yards from the Wimbledon players psyching out the Liverpool players in the tunnel before the 1988 Final, conducting an unintelligible interview with Gazza after Spurs' semi-final win in 1991.

Come on, join in, remember the Liverpool doctor keeping Graeme Souness as calm as was possible during the 1992 FA Cup Final.

The Liverpool manager was showing off his heart bypass operation scar in the dressing room after the game.

Fast-forward a few years to the ecstasy of watching Stuart Pearce celebrate his Euro 96 penalty, then being within a yard of Gareth Southgate as he made an agonising walk back to the dressing room a matter of days later, the look on his face is an abiding memory of that night.

Stuart Pearce and Gareth Southgate
Pearce and Southgate at Euro 96 is an abiding memory
Everyone will be recalling Wembley moments this week. Such as whatever happened to the policeman who rugby tackled the jubilant Eddie Kavanagh during the 1966 FA Cup Final.

While everyone remembers Kenneth Wolstenholme's commentary, 'there are some people on the pitch...' - on Saturday it will be all over.

What will the people who thought it was all over be doing on Saturday and can you imagine going to Wembley on Saturday and sitting with your back to the game like a pitch side steward?

Mind you they'll get a few bob for their jackets on the memorabilia market.

PS. Any news of the Bobby Moore bath, please give me a shout.

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