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Thursday, 6 July, 2000, 14:46 GMT
South Africa outraged at Cup loss
Franz Beckenbauer symbolically takes the World Cup
Franz Beckenbauer symbolically takes the World Cup
Outrage from the South African delegation has greeted Fifa's decision to award the 2006 World Cup to Germany.

> Bid leader Danny Jordaan said, "Africa is a member of the FIFA family, and a family can't keep feeding one child and leaving the others to starve - which is what they have done today.

"The World Cup would have made a major impact to our country, our continent and our lives."

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Gary Bailey, a member of the South African delegation added, "This is a major, major blow to African football and Africa socially, politically and economically."


Sir Bobby Charlton was clearly upset with England's lack of success.

"To say that I am disappointed would be an understatement," he said.

"Me and my team have put in days, weeks and months of effort to try and get the bid and be successful for England. But it hasn't happened."

"I am also deeply disappointed the African continent has not got it. They came so close."


Sir Geoff Hurst shared Charlton's sentiments, saying: "I'm a little bit surprised because it's only in the last 48 hours that Germany have become favourites.

"But the main feeling is one of disappointment. I think by the very nature of this process and the campaign, today was going to be a fantastic one for our country and our bid team, or a hugely disappointing one...and that's what has happened.
A disappointed Sir Bobby Charlton
A disappointed Sir Bobby Charlton

"It's hard to assess how Germany have done it, but congratulations to them. We all know they will provide a great World Cup in 2006 because they are a major footballing power."


Germany's figurehead Franz Beckenbauer was in conciliatory mood. "I am sorry for all three of those countries who did not win because I know, having been a sportsman, what it is like to lose and what it is like to win," he said.

This is a major, major blow to African football and Africa socially, politically and economically
  Gary Bailey
"We are very happy, but we hope that our friendships with them will remain."

South African president Thabo Mbeki spoke to his country just minute after the announcement.

"Of course the disappointment we're experiencing today is a setback to our efforts at gaining the recognition that Africa deserves in the international sporting community," he said.

"We are confident that our bid was sound in all respects, but a few of the final arbiters, from their unique vantage point, clearly had their own view different from ours."

"Next time we will win."

Germany won the right to host the tournament 12-11 on votes, with one crucial abstention.

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