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Last Updated: Saturday, 19 July, 2003, 17:10 GMT 18:10 UK
Have your say on Roe's disqualification
England's Mark Roe

England's Mark Roe and Sweden's Jesper Parnevik have been disqualified from the Open after a mix-up with their scorecards.

The two players failed to exchange scorecards before the first hole of their third round and therefore signed for incorrect scores at the end of their rounds.

Roe hit a 67 and would have started Sunday's final round just two shots off the lead if he had not been disqualified.

Should golf's rules be adapted to stop this happening?

This debate is now closed. A selection of your e-mails appear below.

Yes, Mark's disqualification is an absolute tragedy, but the rules, however intransigent they may appear are there in black and white. The R&A needs to ensure that this never happens again, but sadly, the decision has to stand, and all credit to Mark Roe for recognising this, although he must be totally devastated. May he get strength from this and go on to win again soon.
Callum Fraser, UK

Rule 33-7, disqualification in exceptional invididual cases can be waived. Surely this rule could have been used.
Simon Clubbs, England

Has anyone enquired whether the committee considered invoking rule 33-7 which would have allowed the disqualifications of Mark Roe and Jesper Parnevik to be overturned? I feel if the rest of the players still involved in the competition were polled that they would surely approve on grounds of fairness.
Dorian Hamer, England

No wonder the golfing institution is viewed as being so full of self importance and snobbery
Lionel Smith, UK
The pomposity of the golfing fraternity strikes once again. Rules are rules but should be there for fair play in all matters. Here was a situation when a genuine, harmless mistake was made. No one was being sneaky or cheating yet the faceless men conspire to ruin what should be an enjoyment.

No wonder the golfing institution is viewed as being so full of self importance and snobbery. Shame.
Lionel Smith, UK

I feel sorry for Mark Roe and Jesper Parnevik but feel that the problem is with the rules and not the interpretation of them. Surely, golf must be the only sport where the players are responsible for keeping the score.
Brian Hill, UK

At worst Parnevik and Roe were careless. At best the decision to disqualify them both was pathetically bureaucratic!
Carl Siewertz, England

The punishment doesn't fit the crime! Give them a one stroke penalty, but surely not disqualification when they did nothing to gain an advantage over the other players.
Mark Hulse, England

I think it stinks, it only happens to the nice guys.
Fred Hicks, Hants

This decision has totally ruined the Open for me
David Letkey, England

I think it's an absolute disgrace. Why didn't someone from the R&A say something before the pair left the scorers' hut and would they have implemented the same insane ruling if it were Tiger Woods?

The rules have got to be changed. They have markers walking with them, they have 15,000+ fans at the course to be their witnesses and umpteen hundred cameras, they haven't CHEATED, the situation should be reviewed and the pair allowed back into the competition.
Gary O'Neill, London, England

This decision has totally ruined the Open for me. Even if it was only just the players' fault, I still would not have disqualified them. The spectators and viewing public have been deprived from seeing two great players because of the lack of common sense from the R&A.

It would have been respectful if the other players had shown their objections, maybe refusing to play the last round. But they're all too weak and self-motivated. Maybe you should also disqualify those golfers who discharge phlegm from their mouths while playing. This of course would include Tiger Woods.
David Letkey, England

It is the R&A that have let the players down. According to Peter Dawson, secretary of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club - the recorders had already "saved" others from disqualification. It is surely professional incompetence that they failed to save this one.
Mike, Cleobury Mortimer

I feel absolutely gutted for Mark Roe and admire his courage during the interview. But how stupid can the interpreters of rules be when millions of golfers across the world know precisely what the scores are. Change the interpreters not the rules.
Roy Garner, Solihull. West

The disqualification of Mark Roe is a travesty
Graeme Macaulay, Andover
Mark Roe: It does seem quite unfair. Perhaps it would be possible for the players to decide for themselves whether he should be eliminated for such a technicality. After all it could happen to any of them.
Marek Gaworski, Wimbledon

Regarding the Mark Roe affair, why not issue different coloured scorecards to the competitors.
Joe McGreevy, Belfast

The disqualification of Mark Roe is an absolute disgrace. The rules of Championship golf, like every sport are in place to prevent cheating and provide a guide as to how to play. To treat an honest man in this way for a genuine mistake and one which was overlooked by all parties at the time is letting application of the rules get in the way of fair play.
Fiona, Glasgow

With Mark Roe being disqualified, perhaps there should be some sort of appeals panel as with most sports.
Paul Spooner

The disqualification of Mark Roe is a travesty. When there is blatantly no intent to deceive or gain an advantage, there must be alternatives open to the officials other than disqualification. It is not only dreadful for the players involved but also for the viewers who were so looking forward to the next round. This is another example of nobody being brave enough to apply a little reason to the situation.
Graeme Macaulay, Andover

Mark Roe should be reinstated!
John Warren, Wales
I think that the rules are there to protect the game but too often they do the opposite. Why are they so stubborn with the rules? They need to be more lenient because if they don't it will just get worse and destroy the game especially for amateurs.
Daniel Hudson, Bridlington, E Yorkshire

I had five quid each way on Mark Roe and am understandably severely annoyed. How can a professional be so stupid!
Jon Smith, Cambridge

Regarding the Roe/Parnevik disqualification and your commentators' plea for common sense: it's a pity they don't use their own common sense and realise the problems their suggested solutions could generate for club competitions.
Thomas Wilson, Paisley

Mark Roe should be reinstated! He did not cheat or anything like it - its all been said by the commentators. Although I was desperately sorry for Woosie two years ago but it could be said that he gained an advantage having more clubs than he should have, and he was only cropped two shots. I know that it probably cost him the event but he was still there doing his job. Common sense is not common it would seem. John
John Warren, Wales

Love the golf but have switched off now--never watch it again what a rubbish decision!
J Blake, Kendal Cumbria

The decision to disqualify Parnevik and Roe is petty and outrageous. Could the players not have been called back and asked before they left the cabin if everything was correct. Perhaps the other players should boycott the final day.
West, England

Would it have been possible for Roe and Parnevik to have lodged an immediate appeal and if not, why not?
Ted Williamson, Eaglesham Scotland.

Rules are rules but surely sport is sport
Mrs Jan Fox, Walkeringham, Nr Gainsborough
I thought I was watching the Open Golf Championship, not the Open Bookkeeping Championship. Would an exception have been made if it had been Tiger involved? I have given up watching in disgust.
Brian Morris, Wellesbourne, Warwick

Why don't all you pundits & icons of the game in the commentary box, protest to the R&A over Roe and Parnevik!
Philip Woods, Cheshire

About Roe and Parnevik being disqualified, serves them right! As stupid as missing a one inch putt.
Steven Leygraaf, Amsterdam

Rules are rules but surely sport is sport. I cannot understand how the rule that has disqualified two players is sacrosanct when players in other sports, who DO gain advantage from their actions, are not penalised. I am thinking of football in particular.
Mrs Jan Fox, Walkeringham, Nr Gainsborough

If you go to the score hut and have your scores checked as correct and then leave, surely your scores have been accepted. In view of the main news during the past few days I hope the organisers of the open do not have blood on their hands. I am no longer proud to be English - common sense and compassion no longer prevail.
Judy Solomon, England

Roe and Parnevik were rightly disqualified
Paul Baguley, Didcot
If a player is disqualified after the cut does he forfeit any right to a share of the prize money?
Rob Gregory, UK

I feel like crying for Mark Roe. The punishment should fit the crime and this certainly doesn't. We need a fresh look at the rules
Mike Stafford, Spain

While I have sympathy with Mark Roe he has made a schoolboy error it is the player's responsibility.
Rob Gaffney, Swansea

If Tiger Woods had failed to fill in or swap his scorecard would he have been disqualified? Somehow I don't think so. What a stupid rule. Maybe they should think about having a separate body like a referee who could over turn the verdict. What rubbish!!!!

Roe and Parnevik were rightly disqualified. It seems unbelievable that a player can write down his opponents score on the scorecard bearing his own name without noticing. The fact that the opponent has returned the favour is astonishing.
Paul Baguley, Didcot

This action will not enhance the reputation of golf in public opinion
Mike Tarbatt, Bolton.
I think its stupid to disqualify Mark Roe. Use some common sense he obviously was not cheating. Also I ask you would if the same happened to Tiger Woods would he be disqualified? I think not!
Andrew, Northampton

Mark Roe signed for his correct gross score albeit on the wrong card. Let the players vote on whether or not he should be disqualified.
John, Stockport

Common sense should prevail in this case and the rules should be changed. Roe should be re-instated.
David Armitage, Skipton, North Yorkshire

How ridiculous, having just watched Mark Roe's magnificent round, to see him disqualified for a mistake from which he could not profit has totally ruined the championship. I for one have now lost interest and will watch the cricket instead!
Adrian Foster, llanafan Fawr, Builth Wells

Regarding the disqualification of Mark Roe and Jesper Parnevik - in other sports certain actions are regarded as bringing the game into disrepute. I believe that the action of the officials have brought the game of golf into disrepute. This action will not enhance the reputation of golf in public opinion.
Mike Tarbatt, Bolton.

In the case of Mark Roe's disqualification, surely it should be remembered that (and I quote) 'rules are for the guidance of wise men and the obedience of fools'!!
Michael Treanor, East Preston West Sussex

The petty pedantry that has led to Mark Roe's disqualification shames the game.
Tony Moss

I think it is a disgrace that Roe has been disqualified
Rob, Liverpool
The disqualification of Mark Roe is another example of the petty rules of golf. Until the authorities wake up it will remain a game of the minority.
Mr M Niblett, Leighton Buzzard

Roe - If someone had noticed the mistake before he signed the card would he have been able to change the scores?
Simon Talbot Williams, Wandsworth

Poor Mark Roe! I believe rules are rules and indeed Mark graciously said the same when interviewed by Hazel Irvine. I also think Peter Allis is correct when he says that one of the officials should have a pre-tee off check list that he goes through with the players. I feel deeply for MR.
Dave Robinson, Aberdeen

I think it is a disgrace that Roe has been disqualified. Surely one of the officials following the players should score the round?
Rob, Liverpool

How can an army of helpers help a golfer find his stray badly hit golf ball in deep rough, yet Mark Roe is disqualified after a superb round on a meaningless technicality? These rules are hardly fair and equal.
Philip Byrne, Crumlin, NI

Isn't it just a case of rules for the sake of rules
Andy Smith, Livingston
Re Mark Roe's and Jesper Parnevik's disqualifications--a rule that has made a mockery of this Open Championship and the game of golf is a rule that should be changed!
Bruce Kohler, London

To disqualify Mark Roe on such an absurd rule, that was clearly designed for pre-TV purposes just enhances the need for a reform of the rules!!
Chris, Plymouth

Isn't it just a case of rules for the sake of rules. Mark Roe should be appealing to the stuffy collars that run this competition. These are the same people who would complain if it was them.
Andy Smith, Livingston

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