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Your latest golf questions
Justin Rose's coach, Nick Bradley answers your latest questions
Frankly all the talk about 'when will Justin win in the US?' makes us will happen

Nick Bradley

Justin Rose puts his recent success down to new coach Nick Bradley.

And you can tap into Bradley's advice and thoughts as he answers your golfing questions each month.

Below are the questions he answered on 606 in February. Nick will return later this month to answer more of your queries.

You can see his previous answers linked on the right-hand side of this page and you can pose your questions in advance using the form below.

I noticed that Justin would regularly hold a leading position after Friday, but then shoot two mediocre rounds at the weekend. Have you and Justin managed to identify any reason for this? Secondly, his career has been a bit of rollercoaster - have you managed to identify why these wide variations in form occurred?

Nick Bradley:
Yes, back in 2004/5/6 Justin could put a really good round into four and then fire in 'a strange one'. Technically there were issues that had to be dealt with which then lead on to better understanding which then leads to greater confidence. Justin is a world-class player and there are very few around like him. Lastly, I have introduced certain disciplines like keeping his head quiet after the ball has been struck with the putter which gives him something to do under pressure. Hope that helps, NB

Golf Bug
If you could coach any other player in the world, who would it be?

Nick Bradley:
I enjoy working with any player who I can make a genuine difference to. Two players that stand out to me that have more to do technically as well as intellectually are Adam Scott and Trevor Immelman. Both, like Justin Rose, have all the talent but not all the tools.

Tony B Liar
I've got a game coming up in a couple of weekends time and have only played once this year. The two things I found myself doing is pushing the ball a lot and half way through the round I seemed to 'lose' my swing. I only have time for a few visits down the range to rectify this and save me a hefty lunch bill!

Nick Bradley:
I'll save your wallet! Basically, you lose your swing because it does not follow a solid course of motion. By the sound of your push shots, there are a couple of straight-line theories in there somewhere. Next time you go to the range, get yourself down the right-hand side of the bays and aim to the top left-hand corner of the range. Secondly, start to 'round off' your swing by pointing the butt of the club at the ball half-way back and then half-way through. Visualize this circular plane; it will really help any 'pusher'!

Justin has improved over the last year but he still seems to often fall away on the back nine of the last round. How are you trying to correct these lapses?

Nick Bradley:
One of the hardest things to learn in pro golf is how to close out a tournament. Number one, you have to put yourself into position, number two, you have to close the deal. When Justin won the Australian Masters at Huntingdale, he showed he can now do both. Frankly, all the talk about 'when will he win in the US' makes us laugh - it will happen.

A general question - have you observed a tendency or trend for players to score better depending on who they are paired with?

Nick Bradley:
That's a good question. Certainly through the years certain players have had the 'Indian Sign' over others. Nick Faldo always had it on Greg Norman. If there is a problem between players it will normally show itself in matchplay or a head-to-head play-off.

Nick Bradley
Nick is from Surrey, England and took up golf when he was 16, qualifying as a PGA pro aged 20
He currently coaches Justin Rose on the PGA Tour
He is author of the book The 7 Laws of the Golf Swing and has his own golf school in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Chris Kinsey
Hi Nick. I'm trying to make my ball-striking more consistent. I think my main fault is that I take the club too much on the inside on the backswing, but I also have a late wrist break. My hands are fairly good, so I get away with this a lot of the time apart from when I'm in a fairway bunker, where I always catch the ball heavy. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Nick Bradley:
Here's a couple of drills for you:
1. Draw your left foot back so you have a open stance. As you take the club back focus on really keeping your right knee flexed.
2. Buy a 'Momentus' heavy club trainer. Focus on keeping your hands low as the clubhead sets into a higher plane.
3. Keep your body motion quiet in the early part of your backswing. Hope this helps, Nick.

I'm an assistant pro from the south of England. I've been listening to the Trained Golf Brain by Karl Morris. This CD has made more of a difference to my game then any golf lesson or instruction book I've ever read. I now believe that a strong mind is a far greater asset than a strong swing. What are your views and do you cover psychology in your teaching contracts?

Nick Bradley:
Yes, of course the mind game is huge, just as important as the physical aspect, no question. But be careful of one thing. In cases, nine times out of 10 it is a physical issue that will create a mental issue (not game management). Do not go down the route of thinking the game is all mental now - it is a blend of the two. So work on both for your best results. Yes, I do have a mental consultant for my business. Thanks, Nick.

Why did Justin feel that the time was right to concentrate on the US Tour? Does he think that the benefits are better in the States as opposed to Europe or Asia?

Nick Bradley:
Justin wanted to compete with the best players in the world and so the US represented certainly one of the strongest tours to do this. It's tough to say which Tour is the strongest nowadays with so many players commuting to play on many of them. There are tournaments, however, that Justin and I will be coming to Europe with the intention of winning!

Do you Think Michelle Wie should be on the men's tour. If so, do you think unsuccessful male golfers will switch tours to the ladies?

Nick Bradley:
No, my opinion is that Michelle Wie should quit golf for two years, become a woman, enjoy her teenage years and her college work and socializing. Then she can go back to her golf and focus on Annika Sorenstam's records. Forget the men's tour Michelle!

If you could change one thing about golf, what would it be? For me it would be the snobbery that still surrounds it, which is a major factor in putting average people off trying it.

Nick Bradley:
Yes, the class system still exists in golf in the UK (not so much here in the US). It basically stems from the military influence that many clubs rely on to run their administration and secretarial work. The one thing I'd change would be practice areas in the UK. I think they could be a lot better, hence why I started my practice area design consultancy!

I have another question, possibly the most asked question on 606 - will Monty ever win a major in your opinion?

Nick Bradley:
Colin Montgomerie is a world-class player. If he believes he can then HE CAN! Will he ever win one...where's my crystal ball?

Another swing question I'm afraid - should your hands return to exactly the same position at impact as they were at address? Mine seem a long way from my body and I hit over the top a lot of the time, smothering it left. Or the longer clubs feel like they twist in my hand as I pull down. I've had this same problem for 20 years and been stuck on seven handicap for the last 15!

Nick Bradley:
That's a tough one without seeing you.
1. Watch your posture, make sure you have plenty of knee flex with you chest still fairly high.
2. Try a few shots with a light towel under your armpits (just 9 irons!).
This will have your arms folding and synching up nicely.

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