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US Open day two as it happened


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By Mark Orlovac

0134: So we've come to the end of the second day of this year's US Open and only the bravest punter would predict what will happen tomorrow. Can the unheralded Lucas Glover continue his sparkling form? Can Woods battle back? What about the challenge from Poulter and Casey? Can the likes of Hamilton and Weir stay in the mix? This weekend will be a rollercoaster so make sure you stay tuned to the wonderful Jonathan Stevenson as he guides you through it. You take care now, see you soon.

0129: What a disappointing way to end the day for McIlroy. Just before the horns sounded, he bogeyed the 12th to end the day on one over. A quick word on Els, he is on 12 over after 11 after three bogeys and a double bogey.
Leaders: -6 Glover -5 Barnes -4 Weir, Hanson -3 Hamilton

0124: The hooters go. Play is over for the day.
Leaders: -6 Glover -5 Barnes -4 Weir, Hanson -3 Hamilton

0121: There are plenty of official-looking men on their buggies whispering into walkie-talkies. The decision will soon come. The players are gamely battling on though, while the whoops from the crowd have a lager tinge to them. It's been a long day.
Leaders: -6 Glover -5 Barnes -4 Weir, Hanson -3 Hamilton

0119: Glover now leads the US Open on six under after a birdie at the 3rd. Weir misreads a 5ft par putt at the 9th and for the first time in ages the Canadian is not on top of the leaderboard. Some late drama at Bethpage. Not long now before bed people, it's dark out there.
Leaders: -6 Glover -5 Barnes -4 Weir, Hanson -3 Hamilton

0111: Barnes will not want today to end. He birdies 16 to join Glover and Weir on five under. McIlroy is level par after an 8ft birdie putt at the 11th just manages to grip the cup.
Leaders: -5 Weir, Glover, Barnes -4 Hanson -3 Hamilton

0105: Hansen bogeys the 10th to fall back to two under. Mickelson is wayward with his tee shot at 10. He goes right, finding the rough just by a fairway bunker, and although he gets out - he is in the long stuff short of the green. The light is fading quickly now, could this be the last hole we have tonight?
Leaders: -5 Weir, Glover -4 Hanson, Barnes -3 Hamilton

0102: Scott is now on two under with a 5ft birdie putt at the 1st, his 10th. Ross Fisher soon joins him after a birdie at the 18th. The 28-year-old deserved that following a fine approach.
Leaders: -5 Weir, Glover -4 Hanson, Barnes -3 Hamilton, Hansen

Lachy, Australia via e-mail: "Come on Mike Weir! We share a birthday, I'm moving to his home province, we're both left-handed... if only I possessed even an inkling of the golf talent he has."

0051: Mickelson lips out at the 9th and he has to settle for a par. There are no shadows out there now as the sun is setting over the trees. We are guessing there is around 30 minutes left.
Leaders: -5 Weir, Glover -4 Hanson, Barnes -3 Hamilton, Hansen

0046: Adam Scott takes advantage of a fine shot from a fairway bunker to birdie the 18th, his ninth, which places him on one under. On the same hole, Garcia three putts from 3ft for a double-bogey six. Dreadful. Think that tells you everything you need to know about his confidence with the flat stick.
Leaders: -5 Weir, Glover -4 Hanson, Barnes -3 Hamilton, Hansen

Scott Maynard, Birmingham via e-mail: "Well, for the first time in a while I think we are watching a US Open where the course is playing 'fair'. I know it's probably due to the slightly softer greens after the rain, but you also feel the players out there now need to score well because tomorrow is going to be a different story."

0040: Glover is having a great time out there. He sinks a 10ft uphill putt at the 1st to join Weir in the lead on five under.
Leaders: -5 Weir, Glover -4 Hanson, Barnes -3 Hamilton, Hansen

0035: Well, well. Mickelson is not going anywhere. He bangs a fierce uphill putt to the 8th hole and the ball drops. That's his third birdie in four holes and he is now just three off the lead. Hamilton drops another shot, this time at the 7th and is on three under.
Leaders: -5 Weir -4 Hanson, Barnes, Glover -3 Hamilton, Hansen

David via e-mail: "If the leaders drop many more the entire field is going to qualify to play three rounds on Sunday."

0032: England's Oliver Wilson is three over after five, it's disappointing considering his promising opening round. I'm guessing the booze is taking hold in New York as an approach shot to the 8th is greeted by extraordinary guttural roar from a member of the crowd. Hope he's OK.
Leaders: -5 Weir -4 Hanson, Hamilton, Barnes, Glover -3 Hansen

0027: Interesting chat from the telly. Apparently, they are now talking about tomorrow not being as bad as first feared. The likes of Woods, McDowell, Casey and Poulter will be absolutely loving that kind of chat. Glover gets involved with the four under posse thanks to a birdie at the 18th, his ninth.
Leaders: -5 Weir -4 Hanson, Hamilton, Barnes, Glover -3 Hansen

Ben via e-mail: "In your humble opinion, is it even worth going to bed when they finish off tonight? Or shall I just grin and head through to the rugby that starts at 8ish in the morning?"

Massive question that Ben. Tomorrow is obviously a huge day and I wouldn't want you to miss out after listening to some rubbish advice from me. I reckon, get some ZZZZs in, wake up refreshed and enjoy Saturday's orgy of sport. Ace.

0021: Garcia is suddenly in the mixer with a birdie at the 15th. He is on one under. However, his tee shot at 17 ends up on the bank leading to a greenside bunker. Tricky.
Leaders: -5 Weir -4 Hanson, Hamilton, Barnes -3 Glover, Hansen

0017: Changes on the leaderboard. Weir, Hanson and Hamilton all drop shots while Hansen moves to three under with another birdie. Interesting. The shadows are lengthening in New York now but the sun is still shining. Don't go to bed just yet.
Leaders: -5 Weir -4 Hanson, Hamilton, Barnes -3 Glover, Hansen

Daragh Kennedy, Ireland via e-mail: "Hey Mark, any idea where the cut might be for the weekend? Hard to tell at this early stage?"

Hi Daragh. You are right, it's too early to say now. We have an hour or so left tonight so it depends if any of these leaders can get more birdies under their belts. It would give Tiger Woods, on four over, plenty to think about in the rain tomorrow.

0010: David Toms finds water at the par-three 8th, leading to a triple bogey six. That pushes him out to three over. Disaster. Denmark's Soren Hansen cards birdies at four and six to reach two under.
Leaders: -6 Weir -5 Hamilton, Hanson -4 Barnes -3 Glover

0005: Anthony Kim drains a 30ft putt at the 7th for his second straight birdie. He is bubbling away nicely on one under. Weir finds trouble with his tee shot and his second at the 5th and we could soon be having a three-way tie for the lead. Mickelson birdies the 5th and then spanks a wonderful approach to the 6th green leading to another. He is now on one under.
Leaders: -6 Weir -5 Hamilton, Hanson -4 Barnes -3 Glover

2358: Hanson moves to five under with a birdie at the 6th. Fisher has a 35ft birdie putt at the par-three 14th and he judges the length perfectly but it is inches left. There are signs of life from Duval as he stops the rot with a birdie at the 7th.
Leaders: -6 Weir -5 Hamilton, Hanson -4 Barnes -3 Glover

Woody, Seattle via e-mail: "If the pros think yesterday was wet, they should play golf in Seattle. You feel like you are hitting pumpkins the air it is so damp! Anyway, what's happened to my fellow Scot, Laird?"

Hi Woody. It's not good news I'm afraid. He is four over for the day through nine and eight over for the championship. At least he is ahead of Ernie Els, who is bottom of the pile on 10 over.

2350: My esteemed colleague Rob Hodgetts has just pointed out to me that at 1920 BST tomorrow, the wonderfully-named Bronson Burgoon tees it up. And I thought Rocco Mediate had the best name in golf.
Leaders: -6 Weir -5 Hamilton -4 Hanson, Barnes -3 Glover

2348: Fisher has had a nice start to his second round. Another birdie puts him on one under. Mickelson has a chance for a birdie at the 5th after a wonderful approach. Todd Hamilton birdies four, his second of the round, and is on his own on five under. Ricky Barnes sinks a lengthy birdie putt at the 11th, his second, and is two behind Weir.
Leaders: -6 Weir -5 Hamilton -4 Hanson, Barnes -3 Glover

2342: McIlroy drains a long birdie putt at the 6th and he is now on one over. The sun is slowly setting in New York, we think there could be another hour or so of play.
Leaders: -6 Weir -4 Hanson, Hamilton -3 Glover, Barnes

2338: Adam Scott fires a beauty into the 14th green. He is level par through four. Rocco Mediate, who won the hearts of the watching public with his display at the US Open last year, is fading fast. He is now on one over after a bogey and a double bogey in his first three holes.
Leaders: -6 Weir -4 Hanson, Hamilton -3 Glover, Barnes

Ally, Glasgow via e-mail: "What's the weather forecast for NY tomorrow? A wet day might finish Tiger!"

Not good Ally. Saturday is pants but it will be better on Sunday. Apparently. Do you think I could join the BBC weather team with that kind of forecast?

Bob, Thailand via e-mail: "It's past 5am here - and if Weir stays clear it will be his year. Sorry."

2330: A few of you have e-mailed me saying: "have a look at Charl Schwartzel" and my word you are right. The South African has carded five birdies in his first six holes to move to two over. On fire. Literally.
Leaders: -6 Weir -4 Hanson, Hamilton -3 Glover, Barnes

2326: England's Ross Fisher birdies the 10th, his first, but walks off the 12th with a bogey. Back to level par then. Weir holes a clutch putt to save par at the 2nd and Hamilton's birdie putt at the 3rd agonisingly stops short.
Leaders: -6 Weir -4 Hanson, Hamilton -3 Glover, Barnes

Roy Thomson via e-mail: "No-one has mentioned David Toms as a potential winner, straight off the tee, in great form and has major under his belt."

Paul via e-mail: "Having been up since 5am working at the golf course I work at, its getting difficult now for my little head to take in who is on what round and where!"

2321: In corporation towers, we predicted earlier that there would be some movers this evening and so it has proved. Glover is on three under with his second birdie of the day at the 13th while Hamilton joins Hanson on four under with a three at the 2nd.
Leaders: -6 Weir -4 Hanson, Hamilton -3 Glover, Barnes

2314: The 606 boards are now shut but you can still get in touch. Oh yeah. If you press F5, a form should appear on the right-hand side which will allow you to get your messages to me. Don't say we don't look after you. Type your comment and press send and I'll use as many as I can. Go on, you know you want to.

2309: Duval's round is quickly falling apart. He misses a long par putt at the par-five 4th and that's three straight bogeys. Shame. Weir is pin high with his second shot to the 1st green but a little right. Par at worst there I reckon. Mickelson's errant tee shot costs him dearly as he ends up with a double bogey six to slip back to one over.
Leaders: -6 Weir -4 Hanson -3 Hamilton, Barnes

2258: Well that was a waste. McIlroy misses the putt and he slips back to two over. Mickelson is all over the show at the 2nd. He knocks the ball clear of the tree but he overcooks it and it lands in the rough on the other side of the fairway. Leader Mike Weir smacks it up the middle of the 1st fairway as he starts the second round in glorious sunshine.
Leaders: -6 Weir -4 Hanson -3 Hamilton, Barnes

2253: Great sand play from McIlroy at the 3rd. He lofts the ball up, it bites on the dancefloor, leaving him with a 5ft putt for par. Mickelson lands behind a tree as he tries to fade his tee shot around the corner at the 2nd. Weir's lead is back to two as Hanson fails to sink a long par putt at the same hole.
Leaders: -6 Weir -4 Hanson -3 Hamilton, Barnes

2248: Mickelson and Goosen fire their approaches into the 1st green. Both go above the flag with heavy back spin and the balls travel back past the hole and down the slope. The duo settle for pars. Duval is 'leaking oil', as Butch Harmon would say, and he shoves another par putt wide. He is now on one under.
Leaders: -6 Weir -5 Hanson -3 Hamilton, Barnes

2239: The heavyweight trio of Phil Mickelson, Retief Goosen and Ernie Els tee it up at the 1st. Goosen thumps his drive straight, Mickelson guides his shot gracefully round the dog leg while Els pushes his right into the long stuff. McIlroy birdies the 2nd to move to one over while Peter Hanson is now one shot behind Weir with a three at the 1st.
Leaders: -6 Weir -5 Hanson -3 Hamilton, Barnes

2231: Duval drops to two under as he leaves his par putt just short. Toms also cards a bogey five. American Lucas Glover, who finished tied for second at the Quail Hollow Championship in May, is two under after a birdie three at the 10th, his first.
Leaders: -6 Weir -4 Hanson -3 Hamilton, Barnes

2225: At the 2nd, Duval and Toms go left into some rather nasty-looking long grass. I'm surprised they have actually found the ball, let alone playing it. They both have to lay up. Darren Clarke finds sand with his second at the same hole. Canada's Nick Taylor is taking advantage of the fine conditions and is on one over after two birdies in the opening three holes.
Leaders: -6 Weir -4 Hanson -3 Duval, Hamilton, Barnes

LKeet6 on 606: "How does it work that the guys who had the most benefit of the good conditions are coming out again now and people like Woods won't play again till tomorrow when the weather forecast is bad again? It might be expecting too much for the organisers to change orders of play but nothing wrong with adjusting for a little fairness."

2219: Duval pings in a fine iron to the 1st green as he starts his second round. His putt just drifts past the hole and he has to settle for a par. David Toms moves to two under with birdie at the same hole while the final member of the threeball, Darren Clarke, claims a par. Clarke is sporting a rather natty flat cap which makes him look about 65. Don't know if the look is going to catch on.
Leaders: -6 Weir -4 Hanson -3 Duval, Hamilton, Barnes

Ross Fisher after his level-par 70: "I am reasonably happy with that. I felt I played better than level, I hit the ball really well and I gave myself birdie opportunities but I could not hole them."

Alan from Bournemouth via text on 81111: "Evening, got money on each of the guys from the three ball of love. That is Villegas, Scott and Garcia of course! Surely I will win something?"

Hi Alan, of course you will win. Trust me.

Moon1971: "Garcia did a good job to come back... scoring definitely easier for the players today, Poulter again has started a major well.

GazUtd on 606: "Anyone know how Darren Clarke is doing? Sorry, no time to check, off to a 40th birthday party. You know you're getting old when you have to go to a friends 40th."

Hi GazUtd, you have probably gone out now but Clarke carded a four-over 74 after a round containing three bogeys and a double bogey. Have a good night.

Oliver Wilson (after his level-par 70): "That was the best ball-striking round I have had with my irons. Hopefully I can carry on the ball striking and get going with the putter. Everything is in good shape."

2143: Great finish from Ricky Barnes. He cards two birdies in the final three holes to join Duval and Hamilton on three under.
Leaders: -6 Weir -4 Hanson -3 Duval, Hamilton, Barnes

Rocco Mediate: "I have been playing well all year but I have just not made a score. I have had my opportunities, that's what I have been telling people anyway. I made some good putts today and I hit it nice. A couple under here does you a lot of good. I love playing here and if I can stay in it will get even crazier."

2129: Hamilton birdies the 9th (his last) to join Duval on three under. O'Hair makes a complete horlicks of the 18th, carding a double bogey, to end up on one under.
Leaders: -6 Weir -4 Hanson -3 Duval, Hamilton

2124: Perry secures a one over 71 with a par at the last. Three bogeys in four holes on the back nine stumped him today. Mediate misses the birdie putt at 18 and he has to settle for a 68.
Leaders: -6 Weir -4 Hanson -3 Duval, Hamilton

2121: You know when I said 'outside chance' about Weir's putt? Well scrub that. The 2003 Masters champion sinks the 15ft putt to cap a fine day. His 64 is one stroke outside the US Open record.
Leaders: -6 Weir -4 Hanson -3 Duval, O'Hair

2116: Weir is playing his last and the approach to the 9th gives him an outside chance of a birdie. Mediate receives another roar from the gallery as he manages to land the ball in the small gap between the 18th flag and the greenside bunker on the right.
Leaders: -5 Weir -4 Hanson -3 Duval, O'Hair

villainro on 606: "Mark, how is Villegas doing?"

Hi, villainro. The Colombian finished on one over after carding four bogeys in his final six holes.

2108: Weir has bounced back well after that six at the 6th (15th) and a birdie at the 8th puts him out on his own again at five under. Mediate is back to two under with the help of a sparkling tee shot at the par-three 17th.
Leaders: -5 Weir -4 Hanson -3 Duval, O'Hair

2105: Apologies, apologies. Of course, McIlroy is on two over. I'll get my coat and then send myself off to the tower. Mickelson ends with a par for a one-under 69.
Leaders: -4 Hanson, Weir-3 Duval, O'Hair

2059: Todd Hamilton, the 2004 Open champion, creeps up the leaderboard with three birdies on his back nine. He has one hole left to play. Garcia cards a 70 and will be back out for his second round at 2155 BST.
Leaders: -4 Hanson, Weir-3 Duval, O'Hair

roakey on 606: "I feel for my pick Poulter - played in the hardest period but he is in the hunt."

2050: Sweden's Peter Hanson ends birdie-birdie for a 66 to join leader Weir on four under while Mediate's up-and-down opening round continues with a bogey at 16. It's all gone a bit quiet out there now.
Leaders: -4 Hanson, Weir-3 Duval, O'Hair

2042: Success for Garcia with the flat stick! Spain's world number four drains a 20 footer to go to level par. McIlroy ends with a par for a two over 72. No rest for him though as he'll be starting his second round at 2144 BST.
Leaders: -4 Weir -3 Duval, Hanson, O'Hair

2038: Phil Mickelson drops a shot at the 16th and slips back to one under. Mike Weir misses a four footer for bogey on 15 and drops two shots to go back to four under.
Leaders: -4 Weir -3 Duval, Hanson, O'Hair

2034: David Duval, who has dropped off the golfing radar in recent years, shows some of the form that took him to number one in the world and 2001 Open champion as he cards a three-under 67.
Leaders: -6 Weir -3 Duval, Hanson, O'Hair

2021: Mediate is having an entertaining round and a wonderful tee shot at the 14th leads to his fourth birdie of the day. Garcia bogeys 14 and 15 to slip back to two over while Mickelson makes a mistake at the 6th to join Mediate on two under.
Leaders: -6 Weir -3 Hanson, O'Hair

2015: How rude of me, I forgot to say earlier that I need all your chat through the night to keep me sane. My wife wouldn't put up with me droning on for nine hours so why should you? You can chat about predictions, bets, tips, anything you want really. Even your favourite Now! album. Get involved on 606 or via text on 8111. It's over to you...

2007: Wallop. Weir birdies the par-four 6th and his lead stretches to three. O'Hair, who won the wonderfully named Quail Hollow Championship in May, has been quiet of late and after a run of 10 pars, he birdies the 14th to move to three under.
Leaders: -6 Weir -3 Hanson, O'Hair, Mickelson

2000: Northern Ireland's Rory McIlroy is digging deep after a few setbacks in his opening round. He sinks a tiddler at the 6th for his third straight birdie and is back to one over. Is this the point where I'm contractually obliged to say that he possesses the 'cockiness of youth'?
Leaders: -5 Weir -3 Mickelson, Hanson

1957: Things are not falling for Ross Fisher as they were earlier. He bogeys 12 and 13 and is now one over. Hanson drops a shot at the 5th to leave Weir two strokes clear. There is some wistful music accompanying television graphics of the leaderboard, where do they get this music from?
Leaders: -5 Weir -3 Mickelson, Hanson

1951: Duval continues his excellent recovery with a birdie at the 6th, his 15th. Not bad considering that he was two over after three. After he finished his first round, Tiger Woods said that he would not like to go out there again today but the way this course is now scoring, I wonder if would like to have another crack at it?
Leaders: -5 Weir -4 Hanson -3 Mickelson

1945: We have an outright leader. Weir sinks the putt at 12 to claim the birdie that his superb tee shot deserved.
Leaders: -5 Weir -4 Hanson -3 Mickelson

1942: Els, the US Open champion in 1994 and 97, finally grabs a shot back after a horrific round so far. He birdies the 4th and is six over for the day. Mickelson also claims a four and is three under while Villegas is a shot further back with a bogey at 13. Scott bogeys the same hole and is on one under.
Leaders: -4 Hanson, Weir -3 Mickelson -2 Villegas, O'Hair, Perry, Mediate

1934: Fireworks from Weir. He drifts one into the pin at the par-three 3rd and is a fraction away from claiming a hole in one.
Leaders: -4 Hanson, Weir -3 Villegas -2 O'Hair, Mickelson, Perry, Mediate, Scott

1932: Ross Fisher misses a four footer at 12 and he slips back to level par. Mickelson fires a four iron into the green of the par-five 4th and is just a little right. Playing partner Els is on the dancefloor in two.
Leaders: -4 Hanson, Weir -3 Villegas -2 O'Hair, Mickelson, Perry, Mediate, Scott

1927: David Duval, winner of the 2001 Open, rolls back the years - I do hate that phrase, sorry - with a birdie at the 4th, he is on one under. Garcia birdies 12 and is level.
Leaders: -4 Hanson, Weir -3 Villegas -2 O'Hair, Mickelson, Perry, Mediate, Scott

1919: A few people on 606 are asking what is happening for the start of the second round, so here goes. They kick off again at 2100 BST, 1600 local time. Matt Bettencourt, James Kamte and Kaname Yokoo start at the 1st, James Nitties, Peter Tomasulo and Scotland's Martin Laird go from the 10th. The final group that will tee off today will start at 2312 BST, the likes of Woods, McDowell and Poulter will have the rest of the day off. Adam Scott is in the group on two under with a birdie at 12. Phew.
Leaders: -4 Hanson, Weir -3 Villegas -2 O'Hair, Mickelson, Perry, Mediate, Scott

1913: What a fine shot from Mickelson. He drills an approach to the par-three 3rd to within 4ft. There is no doubt about it, that's a golf shot. Mediate sinks a 15ft birdie putt at the 11th and he moves to two under.
Leaders: -4 Hanson, Weir -3 Villegas -2 O'Hair, Mickelson, Perry, Mediate

1909: Mickelson sinks a short one for birdie at the 2nd and he is on two under. American Kenny Perry is on fire, as they say. The winner of this year's FBR Open in Phoenix birdies the 10th - his fourth birdie in five holes - to join Mickelson. This is all bubbling up nicely.

1900: Villegas cards a three at the 11th and the world number 12 is on his own on three under. The clouds are breaking up in New York and as my colleague exclaims, "it's lush there now". If the sun continues to beat down then the greens will get less receptive as the afternoon goes on.

1851: Here's a quick update on some of the other movers, Phil Mickelson is in the group on one under after draining a 30ft putt at the 17th. Unsurprisingly, there is an enormous amount of goodwill for the left-hander this week and the fans in the grandstand rose as one to celebrate as the ball dropped. Mediate is back to one under with a bogey at the 8th while Adam Scott is on the same total after a birdie at 11.

1845: We are back. So sorry about the pause in your programming, our whole system went a bit rubbish, think that's the proper term. We couldn't even telephone our technical support because our phones didn't work. Brilliant. Right, here's what happened since we've away. Peter Hanson and Mike Weir lead on four under, two ahead of Camilo Villegas and Sean O'Hair.


It's good news for a Briton
1742: Kim misses a birdie putt at 16. And I must apologise, I've been given a wrong steer by the US Open website - Kim's birthday is actually today. Happy birthday!! David Toms and England's Ross Fisher are now on two under, that's five out front now. That deserves a graphic.

G, London, via text on 81111 "For Axel F, read Jimmy Nail!"

1734: Rocco Mediate birdies the 4th and joins the merry throng on one under. Ernie Els, who is on two over, thumps his drive into the long stuff at 15.

Moon1971 on 606: "I would love Sergio to win it, and he won at The Players last year with zero form going into it... Sergio to win would make this man in California very happy."

1725: Kim is on the move. The American, who turned 24 yesterday, rattles in his third straight birdie and there is now a three-way tie for the lead. Kim was born in 1985, a year which saw me dressed in appalling C&A jumpers and repeatedly listening to "Axel F" on Now That's What I Call Music 5. What an album.

1721: Mickelson settles for a bogey at 13 - level par for him then. Mediate's shirt is now absolutely sodden, it looks as if he has not changed it from yesterday. Just to let you know, we are having a few technical issues here so please be patient with us. Any delay is not me being lazy. Promise.

1717: Soren Hansen claims his third birdie in four holes to join O'Hair on two under. Villegas drops to one under with a bogey at the 5th.

1711: Spain's Sergio Garcia moves to one under with a birdie at the 4th and he is soon joined by American Anthony Kim, who claims his second shot in as many holes at the 14th. O'Hair has a chance to move to three under but his birdie putt at the 4th lips out.

1703: Mickelson's drive at 13 is as straight as an MP's expenses claim, going right into the trees. Get out of that. It's going to be a drop at the very least but more likely he will have to play his provisional.

1659: This is going to be a busy few hours people, so hold on to your hats. Colombia's Camilo Villegas joins O'Hair on two under with a simple tap in at the par five 4th. Mickelson has to settle for a par at the 12th and his tee shot at the next isn't too pretty.

1649: Sean O'Hair takes the outright lead with a simple birdie putt at the 3rd. It's his second birdie of the day. Rocco Mediate, last year's runner-up, pings one in to the 3rd green. Either he's walked into a shower or it's very humid out there. Fashion tip: don't wear light grey when you are sweating.

US up
1645: Afternoon all. How are we doing? Right, no time for chitter chatter, there's some golf going on. Mickelson gives himself a real chance of going to two under with a wonderful approach to the 12th green.

By Ben Dirs

US up
1641: Plenty of people reckon England's Ross Fisher might be a decent each way bet - he hits the ball a mile - and he's opened up with two pars. McIlroy did make bogey at 12. He's two over after three, and with that, I'll hand over to Mark Orlovac for the rest of the day's play.

US up
1635: Ernie Els of South Africa across the slope at the 11th... but he just misses to the left. Par, he stays one over. Goosen rather handbags his birdie attempt at 2, but Mickelson makes no mistakes - tap-in for birdie, he's one under.

US up
1635: Ernie Els of South Africa across the slope at the 11th... but he just misses to the left. Par, he stays one over. Goosen rather handbags his birdie attempt at 2, but Mickelson makes no mistakes - tap-in for birdie, he's one under.

1630: That is an absolute peach from Mickelson - his second at the 11th finishes a few feet from the cup. He'll have plenty of support this week, he's had a rough time of it of late. Fred Funk, 54 and a qualifier, curls in a right-to-lefter for birdie at the 1st.

European Up
1626: Rory McIlroy tugs his approach well left into the cabbage at 12. Good luck getting up and down from there. Denmark's Soren Hansen is out of the traps with birdies at 10 and 11 - he has the lead at two under. The 1st is bearing far more gifts than yesterday - Sean O'Hair makes birdie to get to one under.

1623: Good pace from Mickelson with his birdie putt at the 10th - he'll roll in for par - and Goosen also cosies his birdie putt up to the hole. Els, in his 17th straight US Open, leaves his lengthy par putt short at 10. Jim (see below), yes, I'm trying to tell you that I would crawl over broken glass to bask in his shadow. What of it?

Jim, soton, via text on 81111 "'The beautiful Villegas' says bendirs. Are you trying to tell us something?"

Anon via text on 81111 "Martin Laird is my one to watch at this tournament. He proved he has the game to do well with a stellar run at the end of last season in the US. He just needs a real breakthrough performance to build his confidence - and it could be here or Turnberry."

1615: Fine escape by Goosen, and he finds the heart of the 10th green in two. Mickelson standing well above the ball in a bunker to the left, and that's another doozy of a recovery - he's also on in two. Northern Ireland's Rory McIlroy is out and about and he's made bogey at 10, his first. Lee Westwood is putting a very nuggety round together - seven pars on the spin between 11 and 17, he's two over.

1615: Garcia makes par at the 1st, but Australia's Adam Scott, who's been in some rancid form of late, follows Villegas in for a birdie. That will give the confidence no end of good. Eleven players on one under now, the sun threatening to find a way through the clouds - that's good news for players just stepping out...

1610: Two-time winner Retief Goosen slaps his drive down the 10th into a fairway bunker. Glamour trio this, but those tee shots were about as glamorous as an old man's nappy - two-time winner Ernie Els finds some horrible, wispy rough, while Phil Mickelson appears to follow Goosen into the sand.

It's good news for a Briton
1605: Scotland's Martin Laird, not widely known in the UK because he plays most of his golf in the States, birdies 4 to move to one under. Here's our first look at Garcia, the Spaniard leaving his birdie putt high at his first hole, the 10th. He's out with the beautiful Camilo Villegas, who rolls in an eight-footer for birdie.

Anon via text on 81111 "Come on Poults! In recognition of his effort today, I will play tomorrow's monthly medal in an Ian Poulter outfit the wife bought me for Christmas. Might even wear the trilby that came with it as well. Not had the bottle to wear it yet."

US down
1559: Woods just misses to the left with his par putt at 18, and he pops in for a bogey and a four-over round of 74. Still very much in the mixer, as is playing partner Angel Cabrera, the Masters champion, who's in with a matching 74.

European Up
1556: Tremendous iron from a fairway trap from Harrington down the last - stiffed to within eight feet. Woods pops on with a wedge, but that could have been better. Ben Martin leaves his par putt high at the 5th to fall back to one under and a six-way share of the lead. Clutch putt from Harrington, a bender in a bun from eight feet for birdie. He's in with a six-over 76.

It's bad news for a Briton
1554: Darren Clarke has had better starts - double bogey at the 10th. Casey is really wrestling with his game - he rattles his birdie putt past at the 9th, his last, and is in with five-over 75. Playing partner Jim Furyk cards a two-over 72.

It's good news for a Briton
1549: Poulter curls in a niggly little putt at the 18th and he's in with a fine 70. Woods is hacking his way round the 18th, but he's still wearing a smile as his second finishes just over a green-side bunker. It's a smile that says, "yeh I look stupid, but this course will make a lot of players look more stupid than me..."

1546: Thirty-three putts over 17 holes for Harrington so far, which rather tells you the story of his round. Birdies for Harrington, Cabrera and Woods at 17. Here's leader Ben Martin with his second at the 5th, and he yanks it long and left. Luke Donald drains a 15-footer at the par-three 17th, and he's back to four over - five over after four, that's some recovery.

European Up
European Up
1543: David Smail of New Zealand, a regular on the Asian tour, makes a lengthy birdie putt disappear at the 2nd to move into a four-way share of second. And here's Spain's Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano with a birdie at the 1st - a hole which has proved so bruatal so far. Birdie for Edfors of Sweden at 15! He's also one under with three to play.

1540: Poulter catches his approach a bit fat at 18, and there's plenty of spray as he makes contact with the ball, which clearly affected the spin. Stenson is in with a three-over 73 after a birdie at his last, the par-four 9th.

1538: Vijay Singh leaves his par putt at the last just high and finishes with a very respectable 72. And that's a very tidy round from Ben Curtis (did I mention I've backed him?), also in with a 72, including three bogeys and one birdie.

European Down
US up
1532: My first sighter of Padraig, and he finds the dance floor at the par three 17th. Woods and Cabrera also find the heart of the green off the tee. Miguel Angel Jimenez makes bogeys at 3, 4, 5 and 6, he's dropping through the field like a stone. The Spaniard is now seven over. Chad Campbell rolls in a 10-footer at the last to pick up a shot and leave David Horsey looking all alone at the bottom of the leaderboard on +11.

It's good news for a Briton
1527: Woods jabs his eight-foot par putt left at 16 and he's now three over. Steve Stricker has nicked one back at 8, he's back to +3. Cabrera squeezes his birdie putt to the right at 16 and stays three over. Confident rattle into the cup at 17 by Poulter to stay level, and Graeme McDowell of Portrush is in with a 69 - he has a share of the clubhouse lead with American Drew Weaver.

It's good news for a Briton
1527: Woods jabs his eight-foot par putt left at 16 and he's now three over. Steve Stricker has nicked one back at 8, he's back to +3. Cabrera squeezes his birdie putt to the right at 16 and stays three over. Confident rattle into the cup at 17 by Poulter to stay level, and Graeme McDowell of Portrush is in with a 69 - he has a share of the clubhouse lead with American Drew Weaver.

1525: Casey is on the walk early dragging a lengthy par putt short and left at 7, and he only manage a five to drop back to five over. Poulter flops on at 17 after making a birdie at 16 to get back to level par. The Englishman is looking like a contender.

1521: Woods pushes his approach into the cabbage to the right of the 16th green, he'll have a nasty little chip on.

European Down
US down
1521: David Horsey of England is in with an 11-over 81. He actually did rather well down the back nine, only one bogey at the 12th. And we've got a new face propping up the leaderboard - Ryder Cupper Chad Campbell is also 11 over after 17. Harrington's recovery was rather shortlived - he's made double bogey at 15 to drop back to seven over par.

It's good news for a Briton
1515: Pictures now on the telly... Tiger on the elevated 16th tee and he wellies one down the middle. Poulter drains a 10-footer for birdie at 16 to get back to level. And here's Vijay with his claw grip, bending in a 15-footer at 17 to climb back to one over.

US down
1515: Tiger Woods makes double bogey at 15 to drop back to two over, level with the likes of Furyk, Curtis, Vijay Singh and Lee Westwood. dj_mcav on 606, guess why the US Open website leaderboard is more up to date than my text? Yes, because I'm taking my text from the US Open website leaderboard. And you're off to watch Sky when the coverage starts? Really? That's a turn up, I thought you'd just carry on looking at the leaderboard and reading the text?

dj_mcav on 606 "I am on the US Open web site and watching the leaderboard is more up to date than Ben's text. Thankfully, Sky Anytime means I can now watch the video coverage. Bye bye BEEB! Bye bye Dirs..."

1506: Didn't someone say Zach Johnson had God on his side yesterday? I think God must be having a few in the clubhouse today - the 2007 Masters champion is six over after 13.

1506: Didn't someone say Zach Johnson had God on his side yesterday? I think God must be having a few in the clubhouse today - the 2007 Masters champion is six over after 13.

1501: Ben Martin has just grabbed the lead with a birdie at the par-four 2nd. Some big numbers being handed in - American Rickie Fowler in with a 78, Greg Craft in with a 79.

1457: Well done to the man who texted in to correct me - at 1437 it should have been 'wont', not 'want'. KJ Choi of Korea made birdie at 13 and is two over after 15. News of Henrik Stenson, the Swede dropped a shot at 6 and is three over with three to play. Australia's Geoff Ogilvy has dropped another at 5, he's four over...

JackDouglas on 606 "Current clubhouse leader Jeff Brehaut has the best US Open record in the field - an average finishing position of 17th place. OK he's only played once, in 2007, but that's stats for you! Can anyone better that for trivia...?"

1454: Oh do stop it dj_mcav on 606, you're killing me, you really are. After his rollercoaster first 10 holes, Justin Leonard has come over all pipe and slippers and parred the last four - he's level par after 14.

dj_mcav on 606 "You should, quite frankly be removed from the commentary as of now. Your updates are infrequent, and absolutely useless. I put it to you that your rising to 'omniSpudlika' on 606 pretty much confirms what he said about you. Loser!"

US up
It's bad news for a Briton
1445: Tiger slinks out of the trees and into the clearing - birdie at 14, he's back at level par. McDowell, meanwhile, has bogeyed the 6th to drop back to one under. American Drew Weaver has birdied 13, 16 and 17 and is also one under, in a three-way share of the lead.

1442: The comeback starts here! Harrington picks up another shot at 14, his second birdie in a row, to get back to five over. He's certainly not out of this yet.

1437: Tiger Woods is lurking, as Tiger Woods is wont to do. Still one over after 13. Lee Westwood is still toiling manfully, he's two over after 12.

1435: Poults is back at one over after a dropped shot at 12, while the wily Jim Furyk pulls a shot back at 4 to get back to +1. The 21-year-old Ben Martin, in his first US Open appearance, covers the back nine in one under and is one off leader McDowell.

JackDouglas on 606 "I've put this week's family allowance on Zach Johnson - he was six over after 10, but the tide has just turned. Birdie at 11. There will be no stopping him now..."

European Up
1429: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh dear, forgive me, I can't stop laughing because I've just been called a loser by someone with a 'humorous' anonymous name who spends his time abusing people on messageboards. Tremendous stuff. I've found a new leaderboard! Jeff Brehaut is in the clubhouse with a level-par round of 70. Cabrera has dropped a shot at 13, he's back at two over. Harrington has birdied 13, he's back to +6.

omniSpudulika on 606 "Wait a minute, you mean you're not actually at Bethpage?! What do I need you for, even I can manage to look at the scores on the official PGA Tour site. Loser."

1419:Skillful09, as you're about to find out, I can be even slower because I now don't have a ruddy clue what's going on. I could do that thing RP McMurphy does in One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest when he's not allowed to watch the World Series... Woods on the 12th tee... AND HE'S TOPPED IT! WOODS HAS TOPPED IT!... AND HE'S UNDOING HIS FLIES!...

Skillful09 on 606 "Ben, how slow can you be with the updates? Is Tiger Woods still on the 11th then?"

It's good news for a Briton
1415: The good news is I've just spotted a nice Boss suit on the internet that I might purchase in the sales. The bad news is the leaderboard, our window on the world of the US Open, is rubbered. However, my scouts tell me Graeme McDowell is now two under, two clear of the field...

H via text on 81111 "Oh yes, this lady is definitely reading. Pleased that Graeme McDowell has made a good start. He is one of ours, despite the accent. It's actually the 00s, n gin was never my thing!"

1410: Triple bogey at 12 for India's Jeev Milka Singh, he drops to six over. Spain's Miguel Angel Jimenez ploughing his way through Bethpage Black, he's out in 38 and three over par. He must have blown a few thousand quid in Montecristos during that downpour yesterday.

1404: Steve Stricker in some solid form this year, and he's putting together a very acceptable round of golf today - two over after 12. Geoff Ogilvy, the 2006 champion, drops a stroke at the 1st to drop back to three over. News of South Africa's Tim Clark (there were a few of you tipping him) - two over after 10, but he might lack the beef to challenge for the title.

1359: Any ladies reading? I only ask as we don't seem to get many female contributors when we do golf lives. Tennis, yes, cricket, yes, football, yes, but never on golf. This is the 1990s you know, you don't have to sit sipping G&Ts next door.

US down
1352: You dodged a bullet Boo-wise, RobNoClue (see below), he's six over after eight. I get the feeling he'll be saddling up his driver and galloping out of town after his first two rounds. Padraig Harrington's found his edges again, pars at 10 and 11, he's still six over.

RobNoClue via text on 81111 "Being a skint student who hasn't got a clue about golf, I've gone for Leonard because he was winning earlier, Garcia because you said you bet on him and KJ Choi because he's got a cool name (I was tempted by Boo Weekley). Can't wait to see them fail!"

St Foy Skier via text on 81111 "If Harrington caught an edge, Horsey must have wiped out in the back country and lost his piste map."

1343: Ian Poulter continues to tip-toe his way through the mines - two straight pars at 10 and 11, he's even. Big bopper Cabrera birdies 11 to get back to one over. Jeff Brehaut, in case anyone was wondering, is a 46-year-old from California who is currently plying his trade on the Nationwide Tour after losing his PGA card. He's earnt barely $30,000 this season, good luck to him.

It's good news for a Briton
1336: Graeme McDowell birdies 2 to climb into a share of the lead. They'll be dancing through the dunes of Portrush. You get the feeling that one false move could kill anyone's hopes on this course, it's like watching a group of climbers negotiate a particularly nasty crevice. Actually, I'm just staring at a leaderboard, but if I could see them I'd imagine it would be like watching a group of climbers negotiate a particularly nasty crevice. Woods is alive - birdie at 11, back to one over.

1329: Think that doco was called Man of Straw, it's brilliant (if a bit depressing). One horsey no-one will be backing this weekend, not even PatrioticNoHoper, is David Horsey - bogey at 12, he's 11 over. Lee Westwood of Worksop picks up a stroke at 9, he's back to one over. Geoff Ogilvy - the bookies second favourite - covers the back nine in 37, +2.

1326:PatrioticNoHoper, you're an Aussie right? Have you ever seen that classic documentary about the hopeless Aussie mug punter? Black and white, probably early 80s, can't remember the name of it now... anyway, that's you that is...

PatrioticNoHoper in London via text on 81111 "Being stone cold patriotic, I've plumped for Adam Scott £100 to win. He is in the form of his life having missed seven of the last eight cuts. Lucky I'm off to Royal Ascot tomorrow in my lucky white suit to win it all back!"

1318: And then there was one... only the unheralded Jeff Brehaut under par now... Ben Curtis (I fancy him to feature) picks up a stroke at 17 and covers the back nine in 36. He's one over. Luke Donald has managed to arrest the slide - four straight pars, but he's still five over...

1312: Poults is grinding it out, the pride of Hitchin is out in level-par 35. Not such good news for Paul Casey, he's picked up another bogey at 17 and is four over. Chicken oriental from Justin Leonard - he's back at evens after double bogey at 10. Padraig's like a downhill skier who's caught an edge and is desperately struggling to stay on piste - he's out in 41, six over par...

1305: Formula 1 looks like it's in a bit of a pickle. What a choker. Mack (see below), I too might buy a hat with my winnings - I've just completed my bets, and I've plumped for G-Mac, Stricker, Poulter and Curtis (erm, and Garcia... sorry...). McDowell has covered the back nine in 35, he's level...

Paul Ronston in London via text on 81111 "With the Sir Cliff Richard gig-proof roof now atop the Centre Court (now that small mercy is REALLY proof of the divine, Brad Barnes), I wouldn't discount Wimbledon finishing before this gruelling Major."

Mack via text on 81111 "I've got G-Mac at 125/1, so if he wins I'll eat my hat, a hat that I'll buy with my winnings. You heard it here first."

1257: Jim Furyk, one of golf's grinders, birdies 16 to move to level par. We've just moved the leaderboard to the top of the page, by the way, should be a bit more accessible now.

1254: This is swashbuckling stuff from Justin Leonard - he's added birdies at 8 and 9 and covers the front nine in 33. The American is two under, which, when you consider there are only three other men under par, is some feat.

1250: A quick note to say that I haven't got pictures, so forgive me if I'm not being particularly descriptive. I could make some stuff up? But I'd probably get the sack...

1245: Right, we've got some play, and we've got some early shakers - Northern Ireland's Graeme McDowell has just birdied the 17th, he's now level after eight. Tiger Woods has dropped back to two over after dropping a shot at 7, and Padraig Harrington's round just got worse - bogey at 7 and he's now five over.

Brad Barnes in Blackpool via text on 81111 "Re BigBarnos' call yesterday that Zach Johnson might be the man to follow due to his religious beliefs... I agree, he was +2 after five and the Lord took pity on him and let the heavens open!"

1222: Spare a thought for England's David Horsey, who might be wishing he'd never qualified - the former amateur star has carded triple bogey, par, bogey, par, bogey, triple bogey, bogey, par, bogey, par so far. Ten over, and that has got to sting.

1220: ... Northern Ireland's Graeme McDowell, who might make a decent outside bet, is one over after seven, as is form horse Paul Casey of England. World number one Tiger Woods is one over after six, but Ireland's Open and USPGA champion Padraig Harrington is already four over after six...

1217: Those that did venture out on the course yesterday are expected back out at 1230 BST. We've got four men under par - Jeff Brehaut and Ryan Spears of the United States, Johan Edfors of Sweden and Andrew Parr of Canada. Ian Poulter of England is holding firm at level par, as is Masters champ Angel Cabrera...

1215: Right, let's try again shall we? Barely three hours of play yesterday, and for the poor souls who did get out, it must have been like trying to play golf in a power shower. Advantage all those players who had their feet up. The good news is that the weather is expected to be decent today in New York, although Saturday is supposed to be another shocker. Mike Davis, the USGA's senior director of rules and competition, expects a Monday finish...

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