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US Open 2008
Torrey Pines, CA - 12-16 June, 2008

Tiger Woods fires a birdie-eagle finish to lead the US Open by one after a dramatic third day at Torrey Pines.

Woods finishes on three under after a 70 and is one clear of Lee Westwood (70) while long-time front-runner Rocco Mediate creeps back to one under.

Geoff Ogilvy (72) and DJ Trahan are one over with Spain's Miguel Angel Jimenez (74) and Australian Robert Allenby (73) in a group on two over.

Sergio Garcia (70), Mike Weir (69) and Ernie Els (74) are three over.



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By Mark Orlovac

0331: What a stunning finish. Woods' display today will stay with me for a very long time. We'll be doing all of this again tomorrow and it will be a cracker. Fact. It's getting late and I'm now going to sign off. Thanks very much for your company and all your messages. They really do keep me going. Take care, see you Sunday evening.

"The greatest hour of golf I have ever seen. Tiger Woods the greatest sportsman in the world."
Mark, Scotland via email

"Tiger's carted it all around California, with a dodgy knee, and he's still leading. The guy's not a bad player!"
Ligs, England via email

"I wonder how much pressure the world number two, in the form of Ian Poulter, is putting upon Tiger these days?"
Dan, England via email

"Say what you like about Tiger, but that is just immense golf. Looking forward to a cracking final round tomorrow. C'mon Westwood!"
Chris, Grand Cayman via email

"Great job with the updates Mark! I woud love to see Westwood win, met him at the Dunhill event last year and what a top bloke he is. I was doing security and he was one of the only golfers to take time out to chat to the fans.... get in the hole!!!
Ricey, Scotland via email

0319: Appleby manages to birdie the last but that is the only monment of joy on a dreadful day for the Australian. A 79 puts him out of contention on five over. Mediate can only par the 18th and he is left on one under.

0311: Well, well. Wouldn't you just know it. Woods has a 25ft downhiller for eagle and he only goes and sinks it. You can only guess how the gallery react. They rise as one to acclaim their hero and do you know what, he deserves it. Woods really is something else. That three gives him a 70 and Woods will lead the US Open by one going into the final day unless Mediate can do something special.

0310: Karlsson is just one ball roll away from sinking a massive eagle putt and he will have to settle for a birdie. The Swede is back to two over and a tie for sixth. Tiger to go.

0306: What a storming finish from Woods. He wallops a five wood from the fairway to get on the green in two. Wonderful. He really is feeling that knee though. There is big grimace from the 32-year-old before he walks on. How fit will he be for tomorrow?

"I think Simon is wrong to accuse Tiger of faking his injury. On the first day at the 18th he his driver right in the middle of the fairway and showed his agony. The same thing yesterday on the 10th form the cart path. If there is one golfer thatís not fake it's Tiger."
John Kay, UK via email

"By 'the thick stuff' do you mean the American crowd?"
Lewis, UK via email

0301: Finally some joy for Mediate. He holes an 18ft birdie putt to go back to one under. DJ Trahan will go into the final day on one over after a 73.

"Tiger is on fire with his short game today. Maybe he should drive his ball into the spectators every hole!"
Gids, Stanmore via email

"It's just dawned on me that the golf will be over before my shift. What am I going to do then. Work clearly isn't an option, ideas please."
Chris, England via email

0254: Bang. Maybe Tiger will not be behind going into the final day after all. From the rough he lobs it up, one bounce, and in. The noise is incredible and Woods just can't stop laughing. He knows how significant that is. The birdie puts him on one under, just a stroke behind Westwood.

"Is it just me or does Tiger look to see where his ball goes before he is in agony? When it's a straight shot he's fine. When it's a woeful shot his knee hurts. Fishy?"
Simon, England via email

Harsh Simon, harsh.

0250: I'm afraid the crowd at Torrey Pines has really got on my wick this week. The 'get in the hole' rubbish is obviously very tedious but apparently someone has now picked up Woods' ball in the rough at the 17th. Unbelievable. Anyway, he gets out from the trouble well enough but is now in the thick stuff near the green. Jimenez pars the last for a 74 - he is on two over.

0247: Chances, chances. Westwood's ball kisses the hole but does not fall in. Nevermind though, a par five gives him a very impressive third-round 70. Mediate is leaking shots now. He drops a stroke at the 16th and is level par.

0245: Westwood is right at the back of the green with his approach to the last. He is not silly though and knocks the ball very carefully out 90 degrees to make sure he does not roll off the green into the water. Intelligent play again. He is around 4ft away.

0242: Davis Love bogeys the 17th, his fourth of the day, and is now three over. Woods is again having a shocker from the tee box, he goes way right and the gallery scampers off quickly to get near the ball. Again his knee buckles after the swing. It must be really bothering him now.

0238: Mediate does indeed double the 15th and Westwood leads the US Open by one. Rocco is on one under. Woods stays at level with a par three at the 16th.

0235: Woods has to play down from the rough at the 16th and the chip leaves him with a six footer.

0228: Jimenez bogeys the 16th, it really has been a funny round from the Spaniard today and I announce to anyone who will listen my belief that he has dropped too many shots today to be in contention. Westwood saves par. Mediate thins a lob from the rough at the edge of the 15th green. The ball fires out into a bunker on the other side. Westwood could be leading very soon.

0225: Brilliant golf from Westwood. His iron from the fairway puts him to within four feet. He has really thought about his play today. More of the same tomorrow could see him win it. Woods putts from off the green and taps in for par.

0223: Westwood can only chip out at the 17th after finding the rough with his tee shot. Woods is a club short with his approach to the 15th green.

"Lee Westwood, solid like a diamond packet of super glue during the ice age. Hang in there sunshine. He's being more consistent than global warming."
Paj, N Ireland via email

"Why doesn't Tiger just play his two iron stinger shot off the tee? He would probably be two or three clear if he was driving properly."
Scobie, England via email

0219: Ogilvy ends with a par for a 72 which leaves him on one over. Els birdies the last for the third day running and a 74 places him on three over.

0216: Ouch and double ouch. Woods batters his drive at the 15th, the ball goes left and he leans down. He's twisted his knee and after a few nervy moments, he gingerly walks off down the fairway. He'll carry on but there must be a question about how many events he'll play after this.

0213: What is wrong with everyone? Dropped shots everywhere. Love bogeys 15 (two over) and Jimenez bogeys 16 (one over). Westwood manages to save par at the 16th, however, to remain one off the lead.

0211: Woods gets out of the sand but is far from the hole. The par attempt is good but no cigar, a bogey five puts him back to level par.

"Working nights and Westwood charging up leaderboard is the only thing stopping me putting matchsticks in eyelids! 'Get in the hole', lol."
Babe, England via email

0205: Woods finds the bunker to the left of the green. Tricky from there but what do I know? He'll probably hole it. Westwood is in the sand with his tee shot at 16. Mediate has a nervy three footer for par at the par-five 13th but he lifts his head during the stroke and is back to three under - just one ahead of Westwood.

0202: After those fireworks from Woods, I need to take a deep breath. Right, Wilson pars the last for a third-round 74. Four over for him then. Jimenez pars the 15th while Woods again is way right at the 14th. Lie is good though.

"Woods should use his putter off the tee! Awesome."
Jamie Seddon, Australia via email

"That second shot from Woods was just average compared to that putt."
Ant, England via email

"Once again, Tiger Woods sinks an unbelievable putt to put himself right up there. Is this guy really a man, or some kind of sporting machine?"
Bal, Scotland via email

0153: Stunning. Absolutely stunning. Woods putts downhill from the fringe of the 13th green, we reckon around 60ft, and the ball weaves and turns before falling into the cup. Woods goes bananas, as does the gallery, that eagle puts him right back into the mixer at one under. Relish him and enjoy him people, we might not see the like again.

"OK, so I knew it was the magic 3.45am time up to now Mark, but what's the time I have to make it until tonight?!"
Chris, Somerset, England via email

Hi Chris. Mediate is on the 13th now so I reckon around 0330 BST.

"Come on Lee! Get in the hole!
James, England via email

Right you lot, final warning! No more of this nonsense.

0147: Woods is in a mess. He gets a free drop at the 13th because of his proximity to a radio mast. The world number one then unleashes a quite spectacular five iron from the rough that almost lands in the hole. Words fail me. The ball rolls to the back of the green but it hardly seems to matter.

0145: Great response from Jimenez. He sinks a 18ft birdie putt at the 14th to go to level par. His last four holes have been bogey-bogey-birdie-birdie. Brilliant.

"Stocked up on suitable amounts of caffeine yet, Mark? It's gonna be a long one."
Daniel Karsten, Southport via email

Too right Daniel. See my 0126 entry!

"Right people, just got back in from the most boring night out and my missus isn't best pleased that I've chosen golf over retiring to bed! Need a serious cup of coffee!! Good to know Lee W is in the mix, but I can just see the headlines come Monday..A One Legged Tiger Roars To Victory! Great updates Mark, keep up the good work!! Now back to making that cup of coffee!"
Rodders, England via email

0141: Wilson birdies the 17th and is four over for the tournament. Ogilvy fires in a wonderful approach to the 15th green and claims a birdie three. He returns to one over.

0139: It is worth stating again that Tiger has never won a major without being in the lead going into the final day. It seems as if he will need to break that record if he is to win here. He leathers his tee shot at the 13th but it is way, way right.

"I think it's safe to say that hearing "get in the hole" after every putt is more annoying than hopeless cries of "come on Tim" at Wimbledon."
Rohan Dhaliwal, England via email

"How does the same guy make it round every hole to yell "get in the hole"?"
Ant, England via email

0135: Woods does not make the par putt and he moves out to one over.

0130: Lots to pack in here. DJ Trahan sneaks into a tie for third with a birdie at the 12th. Woods is in the sand at the same hole after whacking at the ball in the rough. He somehow manages to keep the ball on the green however. Westwood chips to within five feet from the rough at the front of the 13th green. He holes the birdie putt to go to two under. Jimenez putts from off the green at the 13th and lands it - plus one for him. Appleby is having a shocker. He bogeys 11 and is seven over for the day, four over overall. Phew.

0126: Much excitement up here in news as the three of us have found a coffee/tea machine. We can only dream of such luxury down in sport. We all giggle around said machine like children near presents on Christmas morning. What the poor souls up here think of us I can only guess at. We are doing the sports department proud I can tell you.

0125: Woods does not make the fairway at the 12th and is in the thick stuff. Ogilvy's fine run comes to an end when he doubles the 14th. He is back to two over.

"I'm a Brummie living on the Canadian west coast. Five in the afternoon, watching live on my computer. Very civilized! However, tough to get excited about the Euros when the first game comes on at 9am. Can't win 'em all. Lee, go on my son."
Big K, Canada via email

0120: Mediate looks like he is playing with his mates at his local municipal. He claims another shot at the 10th and his lead is back to three.

0118: Jimenez has another sloppy putt at the 12th and he goes bogey-bogey. Two over for him. Karlsson sinks an absolute monster at the 11th for a birdie two. He's now on three over.

"Get in the hole."
Forrest, England via email

Don't you start!

"Just tuned in to the 5 Live feed off the website. The first thing I hear? "Get in the hole!" No escaping it is there?"
Simon, England via email

Shocking isn't it? You should hear some of the comments made by the three of us here in the office whenever some plank utters that phrase. It would make you blush.

0110: Woods has a four at the 10th. He was undone by the spin that he got from his approach to the pin which left the ball in the fringe. Meanwhile, Ogilvy goes birdie-birdie to reach level par through 13.

0107: Els misjudges his approach to the 13th green from the rough and the ball rolls down the slope into Mickelson country. The South African sees his second do the same and he walks off with a six. This hole is catching players out.

0101: Els bogeys the 12th and is three over. Hunter Mahan birdies the last for a 69 that leaves him in a nice position on two over. He is the leader in the clubhouse. His post-round interview raises a smile in the office as he utters the immortal line 'preciate it'. Genius.

"I've secretly been tuning in for all-nighters the past couple of days, so I thought I'd get in on this email act! I think that the same is going to happen for Tiger as it did yesterday, a back nine surge. Wouldn't mind Lee winning though!"
Kristian Harrison, England via email

0058: Woods settles for a par after that tricky downhiller trickles by. Jimenez drops a shot at the 11th and is back to one over.

"Glad to see Davis Love making a move. He is a consistent player and he is due a good run at a major."
Stuart Lovett, Surrey via email

0054: Woods has an eagle putt at the par-five 9th but it just sneaks past. He has a four footer for birdie. Love touches a downhill birdie putt at the 10th but it just stops short. That was difficult.

"A bit all male at the moment on the board so I will address that. Westwood for me by one on the last hole. I feel it may be a long night, not just tonight but tomorrow!!"
Kelly Hargreaves, West Yorkshire via email

0050: Westwood sinks a birdie putt at the 10th to return to one under. Ogilvy rattles in a 70 footer at the 12th and is now on one over.

"I was going to put a fiver on Garcia during the week, I'm sorry I didn't."
Jenn, Ireland via email

0042: Harrington is now nine over after a bogey at the 16th, his third on the back nine.

"I'm laying bets at the moment and I will be very chuffed if anybody wins except Woods and Mediate, which would certainly do me some damage at the minute."
Luke Whitehead, England via email

0039: Robert Dinwiddie bogeys the 12th and is now one over for the day, three over for the tournament. Woods is just short with his birdie putt at the 8th. Par for him then. Still misty in California by the way.

0038: Westwood manages to save par after a fine chip with his fourth shot from the rough. Well played.

"I hope Garcia wins -I felt so sorry for him when he lost out to Harrington!"
Thomas Clarke, England via email

0035: Jimenez chips in with his fourth shot from a seemingly impossible position at the 9th. Brilliant. He is now level par. Mediate goes left with his drive at the 7th but, despite playing from the sand, he gets the ball onto the green.

0033: Where did that come from? Woods holes that birdie putt to return to level par. Will that kick start his round? Westwood is in the long stuff at the 9th and then duffs his wedge. Another dropped shot I fear.

"Who needs sleep when the US Open is on?! Westwood to give us English football fans something to smile about."
Anthony Berman, England via email

"I think someone is going to finish three or four under. There are some birdie opportunities out there."
Sergio Garcia

0028: Great drive from Woods at seven. He finds the green with his approach but is 20 ft away from the pin. Mediate narrowly misses a birdie putt at the 6th while playing partner Appleby drops yet another to go to two over. That's four shots gone in the last three holes. He shakes his head ruefully, he knows he must arrest this slide quickly.

"C'mon Westy!! I've been a fan for over 10 years and I've only dreamed about winning a major! Go on son!!!"
Adam Jones, Wales via email

"Weir has to be happy with his day's work. On a sneaky three over, he won't be too far away come end of play."
Ronan, Ireland via email

"I feel Lee Westwood has his best hope of a major here, I just hope he can cling on to this opportunity and cement his place in the record books. C'mon Lee!!"
Tom Gibson, England via email

"Ooh... get you Frank, get your finger out Mark."
Tony Ford, UK via email

0023: Mickelson ends bogey, par, birdie for a third round 76. That nine at the 13th will haunt him for a long time to come.

0018: Love gets up and down from the sand at the 7th for the second time in three holes. Westwood bogeys the 8th after a poor first putt leaves him in trouble. Karlsson must have dropped as he cards a double-bogey six at the 6th. Woods has a tidy two-putt par. Only one player is under par and that player is Rocco Mediate.

0014: Garcia birdies the last for the third time this week for a second straight 70. He is very nicely placed on three over. Golf desk update - the three of us left doing some work at this time of night have made the following predictions for the US Open winner: Love, Jimenez and Westwood. Not saying which of us have gone for who. Let's wait until tomorrow night.

0011: Love finds the sand with his tee shot at the 7th. Karlsson is very, very near the red hazard line at the right hand side of the 6th. Don't know whether he has had to make a drop. Playing partner Woods finds the green with his approach. Some melon shouts 'let's go baby'. Lager anyone? The spectator, not Woods.

"I've to be up for work at 7.30am but I'm staying the duration, definitely. Did it last night and it'll be the same again on Sunday! Come on Tiger."
Tom, Lancashire via email

"The updates need to be coming in a higher frequency, otherwise I fall asleep in between.
Frank Santillo, Germany via email

Hi Frank. Doing my best son. Doing my best.

0006: Mediate drops one in from 12 feet at the 5th to extend his lead to two. Apples is going backwards. He four putts on the 5th green, shocking, for a double bogey six and suddenly he is on one over.

0003: Phew. That was a run. Note to self. Do not do that again. Tell you what, this is a pretty swanky office up here in news. Too good for those jokers back down in sport. Don't tell them I said that. Thanks. Right, Appleby now is back down with Westwood on one under after a bogey at the 4th. Westwood has carded six straight pars. Jimenez slips back to one over with another bogey at the 6th.

2350: Right, there will be a little pause now as I have to move floors. Apparently they are going to blow this office up, or something. I'll be back with you as soon as I can. Promise.

"I have a sneaky suspicion that Jimenez, Westwood, Karlsson and Mediate will all be tied at the top at the end of day four!"
Douglas Oliver, England via email

2344: Crikey. It's fun and games at Torrey Pines. Woods cannot hole the 10 footer and he is one over. Love saves par at the 5th despite finding the downslope of a greenside bunker with his second shot. Appleby is in all sorts of trouble at the 4th and hacks out of the rough with a wedge onto the fairway. It's all he could do there really.

2342: Woods take a lot of sand as he gets out of the bunker at the first attempt. Par will be tricky. Karlsson is over the back and down the hill again but lobs up a beauty that lands a foot away from the pin.

"Hitting refresh all the time! Great updates! Thanks Mark. Hard to think Tiger won't be two ahead at the end of the day, even with a bad start. Tiger to win by five."
Andy George, Scotland

Thanks Andy. Tell you what, you can't take your eyes off this for a minute. Pulling a name out of a hat would be the best way to predict a winner at the minute.

"I think a European will win it this year, watch out for Davis Love though."
Andy P, UK via email

2336: Rocco Mediate misses a par putt at the 3rd and he again shares the lead with Appleby. Birdies anyone? Woods uses all his strength to punch the ball out of the rough at the 4th but the ball goes to the left and runs into the greenside bunker.

2333: Els has parred the last four holes and is still on one over. Donald bogeys the 4th and is three over after five while Garcia is a shot worse off through 15.

2331: Love is the latest player to drop a shot and he back to level. This course is not taking any prisoners. Woods finds the thick rough at the 4th.

"Dunno about level, reckon plus two won't be more than one shot out of the lead come nightfall. What's happened to Oliver Wilson, he's 'disappeared'."
Art Wise, England via email

Hi Art Wise, Wilson has parred the last three holes and remains on four over.

"Backed Karlsson at 66-1 each way so fingers crossed he stays in touch, 20-1 Sergio too."
Ken, Aberdeen via text on 81111

2327: Karlsson has certainly paid for that mistake. His six foot bogey putt bobbles past the hole and that is another five. He is one over now. Woods holes a tricky three footer for par. Four players are now under par.

"Looks like it's going to take a good man to post a solid round today, level par is looking really sweet right now if you can manage it!"
Richie, England via email

2323: Mediate is now the leader of the US Open. He sinks a 15ft putt at the 2nd and is on his own at three under.

2320: The par-three 3rd is one heck of a hole. A wonderful backdrop and absolutely no room for error. Karlsson goes right and the ball rolls way down into rattlesnake country. If that was me I'd leave it. Snakes are bad. Fact. Woods finds the sand at the front of green. Jimenez drops a shot at the 4th, two in a row now, and is back to level.

"I picked out Mahan, Petterson and Snedeker all at 150-1 each way on Thursday - all going well. I predict the leading score will be plus two at the end of the third round
Glen, Scotland via email

2318: Woods just, and I mean just, misses his long birdie putt at the 2nd. That's a par then.

2317: With 606 shutting down for the night, you can now get in touch with me via the medium of email. Please feel free to use the form that will now appear on the right hand side and I'll publish as many funny, interesting and sober messages as I can. Let's be having you.

"What is the point in Mickelson carrying four wedges today if he is going to fall back off the green three times with a relatively easy chip?"
Anon via text on 81111

2314: Apples finds the sand at the 1st and eventually drops a shot to join Mediate in a share of the lead on two under. Davis Love just misses a birdie chance at the 4th which would have put him in that leading group. Woods fires in a lovely approach to the 2nd.

2311: Bad news for Luke Donald. He bogeys two of his opening three holes and is on two over. Garcia birdies 13 to move to four over, joining Oliver Wilson.

2307: Jimenez finds the sand at the stunning par-three 3rd. Is the wind having an effect? He drops a shot and is on one under. Playing partner Westwood has a fine tee shot and claims a three. That'll do. There are now only seven people under par for the tournament, and two of them have not even played a hole yet. Hold on to your hats - this is going to be a thrilling evening.

2306: I would definitely take level par for the day if I was starting now. Woods has a messy double bogey at the 1st - his first of the event so far - and he is now level par. He did drop a shot at the 1st yesterday remember and then look at what he did. Karlsson drops a shot as well.

2302: Woods is making a bit of a horlicks of the 1st. He is short with his second shot, finding the rough again, and then lobs one up to the green only to see the ball roll into the fringe. Leader Stuart Appleby, who does remind me of my games teacher Mr Rayer, and Rocco Mediate, the best name in golf, both start their third rounds.

"Mark, ok ok, you lot were right about Monty, rubbish! But how's Dinwiddie doing? Does he have a chance?"
Azza_UK on 606

Hi Azza_UK. Dinwiddie is still on level par for the day and is two over for the tournament after five. Sorry to say, I don't think he has a chance. Too much to do.

"The course is really beginning to create the predicted havoc."
TheCleaver on 606

2256: Westwood saves par at his opening two holes despite giving himself a lot to do with his approaches. Jimenez, who carded a stunning 66 on Friday, birdies the 2nd. Rob Hodgetts, who is beavering away next to me, shouts 'Jimenez to win the US Open'. We've done a few overnights now so we have to give 'Mr Golf' some slack.

2250: Harrington doubles the 7th to go out to seven over. I think it's goodnight from him. Woods batters his ball off the 1st and, even though the ball is obviously going left, the morons watching predictably shout 'in the hole'. It really is getting on my nerves now. I even growled when that happened. It's late, rant over. Woods finds the rough, as does playing partner Robert Karlsson.

2249: There is a bloke called Woods now on the 1st tee. I've never heard of him. Anyone know if he is any good?

"Hey Mark. It's Paddy from Norfolk from last night. Again following your text but by phone as cannot get hold of a computer! Think Tiger will flourish today!"
Paddy via text on 81111

God bless you Paddy, hope you enjoy the evening.

2242: Mickelson is half a club short with his approach from the rough to the 13th and he then proceeds to have an absolute mare. With the pin at the front of the green, anything short will roll 40 yards back down the hill. And that is exactly what happens to Phil.....three times. That is pretty poor stuff from a player of his quality. He eventually cards a quadruple nine and his US Open campaign is now over.

"I'll be surprised if there's more than four players under par by the end of today. I'll also be surprised if Woods is not in the final group tomorrow. If he plays average today, the others still have a chance, if he plays well he'll be three or four clear."
kinsang on 606

2238: Jimenez finds the fairway with his drive at the 1st and then lands safely on the green in regulation. Westwood is in a fairway bunker with his tee shot at the same hole and although he finds the dancefloor with his second, he is a long way from the pin.

2231: Masters champion Trevor Immelman cards a nice two at the 16th. He is back to seven over. Geoff Ogilvy bogeys the 1st for the second day running but then birdies the 2nd to get back to where he was. Dinwiddie bogeys the 2nd but has a good chance of a birdie at the 4th after firing in a lovely iron approach to the pin.

2226: Mickelson sinks a lengthy putt at the 12th to save par. Harrington cards a double bogey six at the 6th to move out to five over. Els drops a shot at the first and is now on one over. Wilson drops one in at the 3rd for par which stops his run of fives.

2220: Harrington gives himself a tough par putt at the 6th as a long attempt rolls six foot past the hole. The 6th is a par four 515 yard monster by the way.

2219: Wilson is having a nervy start and he misses a 10 foot par putt at the 2nd. Two dropped shots in two holes then.

2212: Ernie Els, US Open champion in 1994 and 1997, begins his round with a tonking drive that plops into a bunker on the right of the fairway. Not a great start Ernest. Mickelson takes a driver, that's right a driver, at the 12th tee but finds the rough. Miguel Angel Jimenez, or Mick Hucknall as I prefer to call him, is toking on a fat cigar before his 2230 BST tee off. He looks very nice today in pastel pink I might add.

"Mark, whose your money on? Do you think Tiger can pull it off?"
saintrichie007 on 606

The Orlovac millions are firmly locked away in my pocket, I can't predict a thing. Can't look past Woods at the moment though. He will be leading by the end of the day however, trust me.

2203: Robert Dinwiddie birdies the 1st after holing a massive putt and joins Merrick on one over. One shot worse off is Oliver Wilson after he opens up with a bogey. Mickelson gives himself a lot to do as his approach from the sand lands on the back of the 10th green. Saves par though. Scott drops a shot at the same hole however when he misses from 6ft.

2158: American John Merrick claims his second birdie of the day at the 5th and is leading on the course at one over. Steady stuff from Harrington as he opens up with four pars. The sun still has to break through in California, it all looks very moody as Tiger thumps some balls into the distance on the range.

2154: Woods stomps off to the range, with faithful caddy Steve Williams leading the way. He definitely has his 'game face' on. No mucking about.

2149: Adam Scott produces a divine chip from the rough at the par-five 9th which sets him up for a birdie. Five over for him then. Garcia moves up to four under with a birdie at seven, he dropped a shot after finding sand at the 6th, but then cards a bogey four at the 8th. Someone else finds water at the 18th just like Casey did. To be honest with you I didn't recognise him but he did have a baby face and a bright orange top. That help?

"Hoping for Els and Jimenez, backed them at 50-1 and 90-1 respectively."
foresthater on 606

"I'm really disappointed that Phil Mickelson is already way off, I really thought that it was his big chance. He's a top guy and really wanted him to do well. Anyway, Woods is a really deserving winner and he brings a lot to the game, whatever his critics say."
viva-ronaldo on 606

2139: Seems quite windy out there today. The pin flags are flying furiously and it could be interesting this evening. A stoney-faced Tiger Woods marches to the practice green and there is definitely a limp. It didn't seem to affect him yesterday though did it?

2133: Mickelson bogeys the 8th to move out to six over. Casey fires one into the 18th green which has a very difficult pin placement. It is bottom left, right by the water - apparently it is similar to the Sunday position for the Buick Invitational. Casey's ball spins back down the slope and into the hazard. That will not be the first time someone does that today. Anyway, he cards a seven there for a third-round 76 which puts him on 12 over.

"Tiger has it all to do if he wants to win this. I have a feeling he's going to produce a true masterclass today to get a lead of about two shots."
saintrichie007 on 606

"Surely one of the British guys is due a great round today so he can crumble alongside Tiger tomorrow in the last group?!"
Todd, Norwich via text on 81111

2125: Harrington pars his first hole, Garcia has opened up with five pars while Snedeker cards a 68.

"My aim is to play with the same strategy as Friday. I am making enough birdies but I need to get up and down better when I miss the greens."
Padraig Harrington is interviewed before his round

2114: Television coverage is showing the players arriving at the course. Leader Stuart Appleby looks like a games teacher at a swimming gala. Shades, red top, black slacks and white trainers. Bad colours Stuart, bad colours.

2105: Now then golf fans, just to let you know that this evening from 0000 BST Radio 5 Live will have three hours of live coverage from Torrey Pines. You'll also be able to listen to that on this website, of course. Nice.

Apart, that is, from non-UK users, who it pains me to say it, won't be able to hear it. Sorry beaucoup.

2055: The boy Snedeker, whose name provides ample scope for hilarious re-working, remains three under for the day, four over for the tournament after 17. Brandt Jobe, I imagine no stranger to nicknames himself, is the next best mover on the course, though not in a disco sense. He's two under through 10 and is also four over.

American amateur Rickie Fowler finishes with a 76 for 12 over. One to watch by all accounts, though.

2050: Phil Mickelson remains five over for the tournament, one over for the day through five holes after a third straight par. Lefty will need to start moving, and quick, if he's going to play any part in this at the end.

2039: Snedeker bogeys 15 to slip back out to four over, Garcia opens up with two pars while Sweden's Jesper Parnevik cards a third-round 77 to sit on 13 over.

"Mark. During the Masters you thrilled us with garlic infested details of your evening meals. Is the silence on your gastronomic delights an indication that you have gone on diet?"
bunkerhopper on 606

Hi bunkerhopper, funny you should say that as dinner is very much on the horizon at Corporation Towers. After my pie and chips disaster on Thursday night (see round one as it happened), I have played safe with a couple of M&S ready meals. Posh eh?

2030: Incredible scenes on the way into work this evening. At the end of a massive traffic queue there was a gorgeous Ferrari that had been absolutely mullered. Mullered I say. One side of the car had completely disappeared and one of the wheels was about 200 yards down the road. Anyway, Garcia pars the 1st while Vijay Singh birdies 13 to move back to 12 over.

2027: Casey birdies 13 and is now nine over.

2023: Brandt Snedeker, the blonde one who came joint third at the Masters earlier this year, is having a stormer. He eagles the 614-yard 13th to move to four under for the day. He is still three over for the tournament however. So there are some scores out there today then? Interesting.

2018: This might be a good time to tidy up a few bits and pieces. Ross McGowan is level par for the day through eight while Scotland's Alastair Forsyth is two over for the day through 14 and is nine over overall. By the way there is some football tournament going on at the moment and the wonderful Jonathan Stevenson is taking you through Greece v Russia. He is lovely as well. Take a look, but only for a bit you hear?

"11pm tee time!!? This is terrible, I hope Tiger has a terrible round today so he tees off at a more sociable hour tomorrow so I can watch him shoot a round of 18 under. I have an exam on Monday, I can't be staying up until 4am watching golf!"
Jeff_Aitch on 606

2014: Mickelson drops a shot at the 2nd. He is now five over and surely out of it. Spain's Sergio Garcia, who bounced back with a second-round 70, is playing the 1st.

"Considering the first major of the year was so dull, this has been great. Woods to shoot 59 today!"
Anon via text

"Boo Weekley - he surprises me twice a fortnight."
Anon via text

"Time for Luke Donald to step up to the plate and show his true quality. Come on Luke!"
Kyle from Leamington on 606

2006: Mickelson pars his first, as does playing partner Adam Scott. I've just stated to my golf colleague Rob Hodgetts that Tiger Woods will be leading this thing at close of play today. There we are then, I've said it. Now, who do you think will shine today and how do you see the third round panning out? Get involved on 606 or via text on 81111. It doesn't have to all about golf remember. Last night we had various chat that included Rocky IV and the Shake 'n' Vac advert. Public service broadcasting at its best.

2001: Thought I'd relay a couple of highlights we have coming up. Phil Mickelson, who had a disappointing day on Friday, will be coming to the end of his opening hole as we speak. Hard to guess where he is exactly as we have no pictures but hey ho. Padraig Harrington and Retief Goosen are off at 2100 BST while the English duo of Robert Dinwiddie and Oliver Wilson begin at 2150. Wicked.

1954: More disappointment I'm afraid for those of a British golf persuasion, Casey has another bogey at the 10th and the 30-year-old is now 10 over par.

1950: Evening troops. This should be an exciting evening - and I for one am pretty pumped. Settle down, grab a liquid refreshment, and I'll take you through till around three in the morning. Welcome aboard.

By Chris Whyatt

1936: Weekley and Snedeker have now moved to two under for today. The former has just birdied the 13th to add to the one he notched on nine and is yet to drop a shot. The latter, who has a haircut which can only be described as a 'bowl-head', is all over the place - two bogeys and four birdies.

The Californian weather's a bit gloomy right now but here to brighten up your day Mr Mark Orlovac. How cheesy was that. Sorry folks.

1920: Those players are, I should tell you, the American trio (all on one under) of Brandt Snedeker, Jeff Quinney, and Boo Weekley.

Boo is a quality name. Can you imagine the exchange when you meet someone new for the first time? That would be hilarious.

1911: Dear oh dear. Paul Casey makes bogeys at five and six, though he does claim a birdie on eight. Nine over for the championship and yet another major disappointment for the toothy Englishman. Saying that, it's looking tough out there today - very few players are under par right now.

1857: "If you take off Vijay's 10 bogeys and his one double then he would still only be tied 2nd. Has he forgotten how to make a birdie?" Mark on the 81111 texts

1852: Good old Rich Beem is trotting round Torrey with mixed success right now. One over after three holes, seven over for the championship. Little-known two days ago but better-known now Justin Hicks is one of his playing partners today, and currently shares those same stats.

"I'll be at the course tomorrow, following Mr Woods around no doubt. Any suggestions as to what to shout out when he tees off, other than "get in the hole" at par 5's!!!?" NapalmDave on 606

1842: "Sirbenson...Eh? Even if they reduced the distance, the greenside bunker configuration on the 14th hole still makes it lunacy to even attempt to reach from driver type distance." JAS964 on 606

Said this 14th hole would be one to watch on Thursday and so it has proved. If you have a spare second, do check out the official US Open website. They have a excellent and detailed breakdown (player view, green view, flyover, and walkthrough) of the par-four 435-yard tester. Make sure you come back here though.

1838: Paul Casey has atoned for his bogey at one with a birdie at three - he's now level-par for the day. Day one pacesetter Steve Stricker is two over for the round (after seven holes) and nine over for the championship.

"To win: Another American, I think Woody Austin. Greetings from Wiesbaden near Frankfurt" Thanks A Lot BBC7 on 606

Anyone out there on the 81111 texts?

1826: "Chris, do you know if they have moved the par four 14 up into a reachable hole?" sirbenson23 on 606

Not sure, at the moment, where the hole is today fella. But thanks for flagging that up - no pun intended.

What I can tell all of you is that it is a stunningly dramatic hole. In 2001, course architect Rhys Jones moved the green right up against the canyon - which plunges down into the Pacific ocean. Crucially, hole locations placed in the back-left or back-right tiers of the green call for near perfect approach shots to have any realistic chance of a birdie.

1818: The bear-like Vijay Singh is stalking the fairways with frenzied focus. But he's having a shocker. Three over for the round after four holes and ten over for the championship.

1804: Few of you on 606 asking what the what the full story was on the "scuffle" between Adam Scott's caddie and the spectators.

According to San Diego police, the father and son heckled world number three and his caddie Tony Navarro on the par-five ninth hole. Navarro ducked under the ropes that keep fans off the course to confront the pair, a brief physical exchange ensued, and Jim 'Bones' Mackay (Phil Mickelson's caddie) stepped in to calm it all down.

"They were being a little loud and a little rude," observed Tiger.

1758: WOOD'S KNEE-WATCH: "It's a little sore right now, but I'll be good to go tomorrow," said the world number one after posting a battling 68 yesterday.

Paul Casey is out and about now. Has already dropped a shot after two holes - now eight over for the championship. The Englishman has a real fight on to get back up that leaderboard.

1752: Of the early groups out on the course already, American Jeff Quinny is having the best round of the day so far. After three holes, he is on one under for the round - six over for the championship.

Just seen a replay and what a birdie on 18 from Jimenez last night. Nearly crept right round the hole before dropping in for 66 - perfectly weighted.

1749: "Let's hope the guys yesterday who greeted every single stroke (even wedges from the rough with 200 yards to go) with a loud "get in the hole!!" have stayed at home." VonBlade on 606

"Jimenez is having a vintage season and it wouldn't be a surprise to see him win. Which poor blighter is paired with Woods today (aka who is going to crumble and shoot 83)?" Higglesworth on 606

Thanks for all your early comments on 606 and the 81111 texts. Make sure you keep involved throughout and, also, do let me know where in this global village of ours you are following the action from.

1739: I won't lie to you - play is already underway today. Madcap and usually mad-capped Swede Jesper Parnevik is out on five having dropped three shots already for the round. That's ten over for the championship thus far.

1735: But the big story of the yesterday for me - Tiger's stunning back nine, Jiminez's 66, and Poulter's walk-off included - was a father and son spectator duo being arrested after becoming embroiled in a scuffle with Adam Scott's caddie.

And the fact that, after a brief physical exchange, Phil Mickelson's caddie Jim 'Bones' Mackay intervened to sort it all out. A brave man with a great nickname.

1730: Trademark determination right to the very fore, Tiger winced his way to within one shot of the lead yesterday.

But what thrilling action all round on the second day of play from the utopian California climes of Torrey Pines. Excited about day three?

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