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  Thursday, 6 February, 2003, 10:22 GMT
The name game

The latest of our sporting connections series takes us from Patrick Head to Nicky Butt in six steps.

And what about suggestions for next week's link: Steve BRUCE to Brett LEE?

Remember, the best effort wins a mystery prize!

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Patrick Head
Knows a lot about cars, as does...

Jeremy Clarkson
One of numerous TV presenters to have been groomed as "The new Michael Parkinson".

Sadly, Jeremy's cleverly-titled chat show, Clarkson, took off like a clapped-out Skoda.

The same can be said of...

Richard Whiteley
Who hosted a chat show where he didn't know who his guests were going to be; an idea that proved to be as stupid as it sounded.

Eventually the BBC cut their losses and decided that the new Michael Parkinson was...

Michael Parkinson
Who was given his old show back after almost 20 years.

Michael Parkinson with supermodel Elle McPherson
He's still got it

It was like Parky had never been away, with the same sofa and even the same...

Which is the title of a number one hit single by...

Who is probably the most famous one-named person in the world, beating off strong competition from Prince, Sting, Haddaway and...

Useful centre-forward who, when asked during the World Cup to name the tournament's best player, snubbed Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Kahn in favour of...

Nicky Butt.

Congratulations to Dave Smith for his link from Head to Butt (see below).

A mystery prize is on its way!

Patrick Head
Works as Technical Director for the Formula 1 team Williams, owned by...

Frank Williams
Who, as a result of a car crash, is confined to a wheelchair, as is...

Stephen Hawking
A brilliant scientist, like the one played in Juassic Park by...

Jeff Goldblum
Who also appeared in...

Independence Day
Which is the national holiday of...

Who qualified for the World Cup last year and numbered among their team...

Francisco Arce
Who has a surname that sounds like a word for bottom, as does...

Nicky Butt.

Thanks for all your Head-Butt alternatives - here's a selection of the best:

Daz Chaplin, Coventry

Patrick Head
The technical director of Williams. His surname is something you can do to a football.

A man who recently scored his first Premiership headed goal is....

Thierry Henry
The French maestro known for his 'va va voom' has the same surname as a green engine in...

Thomas the Tank Engine
The trials and tribulations of this cheeky kids' cartoon character and friends were narrated by...

Ringo Starr
Are you telling me to calm down, like?

Ringo Starr
This fab mop-haired drummer was one quarter of the famous band...

The Beatles
Along with dodgy perms and shell suits, the band came from a place called...

Once great footballing giants who are going through a bit of a sticky patch. But don't worry, because Gerard Houllier says it's time to wake the 'sleeping giant' aka...

Emile Heskey
A footballer who seems to spend a lot of time on his backside. Another name for the backside is used by a Man Utd midfielder to form the latter half of his name...

Nicky Butt.

Paul Markwick, UK:

Patrick Head
Shares his name with Tony Head, one of the stars of...

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Aka Sarah Michelle Gellar, who also starred in the film version of...

Scooby Doo
Who is a Great Dane. However, the greatest Dane of all may well be...

Which is also the name of a cigar. One of the most famous cigar smokers is..

Fidel Castro
Who once went to a gig by the...

Manic Street Preachers
Who are Welsh, like...

Ryan Giggs
Who is a Man Utd team-mate of...

Nicky Butt.

Jim Driver, England:

Patrick Head
Is a Technical Director in F1, which is effectively owned by...

Bernie Ecclestone
Who has the same first name as 70s childrens' 'entertainer'...

Bernie Clifton
Who was only famous because of his sidekick, the...

Which is a large flightless bird mainly associated with...

Which is the birthplace of Leeds midfielder...

Harry Kewell
Who is a club colleague at Leeds of...

David Batty
Who despite representing his country many times, has never scored a goal for England, just like...

Nicky Butt.

Remember, next week's link is from BRUCE to LEE.

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