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   Monday, 13 January, 2003, 15:29 GMT
The name game

The latest of our sporting connections series takes us from Pat Cash to Neil Back in six steps.

And what about suggestions for next week's link: Tony DAVID to Craig BELLAMY?

Remember, the best effort wins a mystery prize!

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Pat Cash
Brought tears to the crowd at Wimbledon, as has...

Charles Koppell
The Dons chairman whose decision to move the club to Milton Keynes led to a mass fan exodus, culminating in their recent game against Rotherham which attracted a crowd of just...

Only two fans short of being the Nationwide League's first satanic attendance, given that 666 is the number of...
Noel Edmonds and Mr Blobby
Noel Edmonds - devil in disguise?

The Devil
Hugely unpopular figure of evil, held responsible by many for all the bad things that have ever happened, such as World War I, the Great Plague and...

Noel's House Party
'Wacky' early-90s light entertainment-fest that brought us such gems as Grab A Grand, the Gotchas, Wait Till I Get You Home and...

Where unsuspecting viewers were faced with the scary proposition of entertaining Noel Edmonds (and his demented accomplice Mr Blobby) in their own living room.

The bearded presenter would smugly oversee the hilarity from his mansion in Crinkly...

Which is a part of the body positioned just below the one which supplies a surname to England and Leicester Tigers flanker...

Neil Back.

Congratulations to Dave Foot for his link from Cash to Back (see below).

A mystery prize is on its way!

Pat Cash
Famous Australian tennis player of the 1980s, who later went into coaching and had a spell coaching perennial also-ran...

Greg Rusedski
An adopted Englishman who spent most of his formative years in Canada. In fact, very like England World Cup nearly-hero...

Owen Hargreaves
Who currently shuns the English Premiership, preferring instead to ply his trade for Bayern Munich, which was also once the home to Wales manager...

Mark Hughes
Who, of course, had a very successful career as a player for Wales, winning 72 caps and scoring 16 goals for his country. But for a different career path, his place could have been occupied by...

Nicky Wire
Lanky bass player with the Manic Street Preachers, but also captain of Wales Under-16 at football (a few years ago now!).

Wire, of course, regularly entertains groups of people with his guitar. Some may know that the same can be said of England batsman...

Mark Butcher
Who is a professional standard singer-songwriter, and whose dad, Alan, was one of many cricketers in the 1980s to earn one solitary cap for England. Another such player was...

Arnie Sidebottom
Who proudly boasts TWO body parts in his surname, one more than...

Neil Back.

Thanks for all your Cash-Back alternatives - here's a selection of the best:

Neal Berridge, UK

Pat Cash
Has a surname which is slang for money, as is the word...

Who was a member of the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars, whose enemy was...

Darth Vader
Who was renowned for wearing a black outfit, as is...

Anne Robinson
Who was criticised for making disparaging remarks about the people from...

Which is famous for valleys, sheep and...

Tom Jones
Who sang the hit record "What's New Pussycat". A pussycat is a feline, and so are...

Which is the nickname of the Leicester Rugby Union club which features...

Neil Back.

Rob Maunder, UK:

Pat Cash
Is an opinionated ex-Wimbledon champion who works for the BBC, the same as...

John McEnroe
Who made his name with his thuggish behaviour and by angrily stamping his feet, much in the same way as...

Lee Bowyer
Who occasionally makes the back pages, but is best known for being innocent of assault, as is....

Jonathan Woodgate
Who, now he is making the right headlines for his on-the-field exploits, has caught the eye of...

Sir Bobby Robson
Bobby hasn't forgotten how to count

Bobby Robson
Who, if he could remember, was reliant during his England manager days on the midfield drive of his namesake and captain...

Bryan Robson
Who wore the white England number seven shirt whilst captaining his country, as has...

Neil Back.

Pete Guy, UK:

Pat Cash
A tennis player one wouldn't expect to pay for goods by...

A position of attack often gained in chess using the...

One of whose members was perm-haired lead guitarist Brian...

The first day of which is often referred to as the day of...

A party once led by socialist John...

Whose extreme namesake Citizen once led the Tooting Popular...

The opposite, one might say, to rugby star Neil...


Remember, next week's link is from DAVID to BELLAMY.

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