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   Thursday, 2 January, 2003, 10:46 GMT
The name game

The latest of our sporting connections series takes us from Dave Harold to Ian Bishop in six steps.

Soap fans will know and love Harold Bishop as the cuddly, bespectacled character from Neighbours.

And what about suggestions for next week's link: Pat CASH to Neil BACK?

Remember, the best effort wins a mystery prize!

Have your say


Dave Harold
Is a mediocre snooker player from Stoke, the same city that spawned...

Nick Hancock
The greying comedian who says everything very loudly.

He can often be found shouting through autocues and advert voiceovers; or at They Think It's All Over colleagues David Gower and...

Gary Lineker
Jug-eared BBC idol whose darkest moment in football was being substituted against Sweden in Euro '92 by...

Graham Taylor
Who, a year later, found himself out of work and advertising the Yellow Pages, where he uttered the immortal words, "Do I not like...

Graham Taylor
Someone brandishes a satsuma at Villa Park

An aversion which probably prevents him from forming any kind of friendship with 'flamboyant' Bargain Hunter...

David Dickinson
Officially the most perma-tanned man in TV, much to the annoyance of other bronzed hopefuls such as Des O'Connor (last year's winner) and...

Peter Stringfellow
Whose hair is ridiculously long for a man - a charge which often used to be levelled at ex-West Ham and Man City midfielder...

Ian Bishop.

Congratulations to Paul Markwick for his link from Harold to Bishop (see below).

A mystery prize is on its way!

Dave Harold
Shares a surname with the King who lost the...

Battle of Hastings
Which took place in 1066, exactly 900 years before England won...

The World Cup
With a bit of help from a linesman who came from...

The Soviet Union
One of the protagonists in...

The Cold War
The inspiration for many a spy story, including a number featuring...

James Bond
Who was spoofed as Basildon Bond by...

Russ Abbot
Whose surname is also a religious occupation, like...

Ian Bishop..

Thanks for all your Harold-Bishop alternatives - here's a selection of the best:

Paul Withe, UK

Dave Harold
The perennial snooker under-achiever, who always seemed nevertheless to be a genuinely nice guy. Let's hope he never suffers the misfortune of his namesake...

King Harold
Who famously lost an eye in a certain 1066 battle. Undoubtedly, he would have required an eye patch of some sort, a style seemingly copied by...

The talented UK songstress who hit number one with Rise, a track that incorporated a sample from a song (Knocking on Heaven's Door) by...

Bob Dylan
Dylan was often inspired by David Unsworth

Bob Dylan
Who also wrote Subterranean Homesick Blues, a track which could have been written about...

David Unsworth
Who once famously admitted being homesick for old club Everton after he mistakenly joined Aston Villa. He had been signed by...

John Gregory
Who claimed that Unsworth's wife "wore the trousers" in the household and was the reason behind his U-turn. Another to feel Gregory's wrath was...

David Ginola
Who was labelled as overweight during his spell at Villa. It wasn't long before he joined Everton, the club that launched the career of...

Ian Bishop.

Paul Donlan, UK:

Dave Harold
The English snooker player, may be seen plying his trade at...

The Crucible
A play by the leading American playwright Arthur Miller, who once married...

Marilyn Monroe
Iconic actress of 50s America who starred in many films such as The Seven Year Itch, Niagara and...

Bus Stop
A place in the High Street where you are unlikely to meet motor racing legend...

Michael Schumacher
Who made his Grand Prix debut in 1991, driving one race for team...

Real name Katie Price, former page 3 model and prospective parliamentary candidate who had a child with...

Dwight Yorke
Striker enjoying a new lease of life with Blackburn, who plays his international football for Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean paradise home to the cricket star...

Ian Bishop.

(Well Paul, we really meant the other Ian Bishop, but we'll let you off!)

Gordon Skinner, Scotland:

Dave Harold
Is a snooker player, as is...

John Higgins
Who hails from...

A Scottish town, like...

Surname of Formula One driver Eddie, who drove for Ferrari with...

Michael Schumacher
Who is big in Germany, as is...

David Hasselhoff
Who played a character called Michael...

Whose surname was also a chess piece, the same as that of...

Ian Bishop.

Remember, next week's link is from CASH to BACK.

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