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  Friday, 29 November, 2002, 14:38 GMT
The name game

The latest of our sporting connections series takes us from Roger Black to Jimmy White in six steps.

But what about suggestions for next week's link: Fred FUNK - David SOLE?

Remember, the best effort wins a mystery prize!

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Roger Black
Won 400m relay gold in the 1991 World Athletics Championships thanks to a brilliant final lap by his best mate...

Kriss Akabusi
Who, since quitting sport, has spent most of his time laughing.

It almost seems like he hears voices in his head.

Voices of funny people telling him jokes, as if his head were filled with imaginary...

Which was the title (preceded by a "The") of a hugely successful 1970s stand-up comedy show that launched the careers of luminaries such as Mike Reid and...

Bernard Manning
I don't even like ******* turkey

Bernard Manning
Who, since he disappeared from our TV screens, has spent most of his time swearing.

There are various reasons for this, such as the demise (now rectified) of his beloved Manchester City, plus the fact that people always confuse him with...

Bernard Matthews
The turkey tycoon who spawned a generation of imitators with his catchphrase...

It's harsh but probably true to say that beauty (or "booty") is not a virtue often associated with snooker legend...

Stephen Hendry
But it's talent, rather than rugged charm and boyish good looks, that wins tournaments.

Just ask the man Hendry beat four times in the world championship final - the Whirlwind...

Jimmy White.

Congratulations to Andy Farquhar for his link from Black to White (see below).

An exclusive mystery prize is on its way!

Roger Black
Former sportsperson turned sports presenter, a bit like...

Sue Barker
Who was once (allegedly) good at...

Game traditionally played by the middle/upper classes, although the 'ordinary' people like to join in at...

Home not only of expensive strawberries and a non-existent football team, but also...

The Wombles
No matter where they were, underground, overground, and so on, they cleaned up after us everyday folk. The theme, which is now stuck in my head, was of course sung by...

Mike Batt
Who, surprisingly, was also responsible for composing the beautiful music for "Watership Down", a film all about...

Funnily enough it was rabbit which caused a sports star horrific facial injuries a couple of years back.

His dog, Splinter, spotted the bunny hopping its way through a park and made to give chase.

The sportsman clung on to Splinter's lead, desperately trying to hold the mutt back. But the dog kept pulling and pulling and wallop!

Head first into a tree went the sports star. His name?

Jimmy White.

(Thanks for reminding us that horrific chapter in Jimmy's life, Andy. We should point out that the Whirlwind has since made a full recovery.)

Thanks for all your Black-White alternatives - here's a selection of the best:

Phillip Lewis, England

Roger Black
Now appears on TV with...

Sally Gunnell
Who bears a very close resemblance to Manchester United's...

Diego Forlan
Whose club were beaten to the Premiership title by an Arsenal team including...

Ray Parlour
Who could be an identical twin of...

Charlie Dimmock
Who works on Gardeners' World with...

Alan Titchmarsh
Who likes to pot things, like...

Jimmy White.

Rob Coles, UK:

Roger Black
400m runner who won an athletics relay gold with...

Kriss Akabusi
Madcap former presenter of children's TV show 'Record Breakers' alongside...

Kriss Akabusi
Nice pose, Kriss

Cheryl Baker
Who was one quarter of Bucks Fizz - winners of the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest held in...

The capital of Eire and also a city in the US state of...

Home of the...

Cincinatti Tennis Open
A tournament which has never been won by...

Tim Henman
Who has a habit of getting so close to the major prize without ever winning it, making him the tennis equivalent of...

Jimmy White.

Ben Whitestone, UK:

Roger Black
Was a 400m runner, like short welsh dreadlocked star...

Jamie Baulch
Who shares a first name with naked chef...

Jamie Oliver
Who is a pukka cockney scallywag (of course he is - Ed), as is..

The Artful Dodger
Who was a pickpocket that often broke the law and should have been locked up like...

Jeffrey Archer
Who is a famous Tory like...

John Major
Who was brought up on the streets of south London, like...

Jimmy White.

Remember, next week's link is from FUNK to SOLE.

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