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  Tuesday, 12 November, 2002, 13:07 GMT
The name game

The latest of our sporting connections series takes us from Dennis Lillee to Robbie Savage in six steps.

But what about suggestions for next week's link: Neil LENNON - George McCARTNEY?

Remember, the best effort wins a mystery prize!



Dennis Lillee
Was one of the most feared bowlers of his era, intimidating opponents not only with his blistering pace, but also his bushy moustache.

The tradition of the scary moustache was continued by another Aussie bowling great - the terrifying...

Merv Hughes
Who famously (and rather stylishly) sported a Village People-style handlebar number, although many believe the "cricketer's tache" draws its influences from hairy-faced comic legend...

Groucho Marx
Who, along with siblings Chico, Harpo, Gummo and Zeppo, formed the Marx Brothers. But only a fool would confuse the comedy family with political philosopher and revolutionary...

Karl Marx
Who had more important things on his mind than telling jokes, such as highlighting the class struggle between the proletariat and bourgeoisie and founding modern socialism and communism.

Karl Mark
Marx: Hairy but not funny

His philosophies have been adopted by great minds such as Trotsky, Lenin, Mao Tse-Tung and...

Egil Olsen
The quirky Norwegian football manager whose wacky tactics triggered the demise of Wimbledon FC.

Although the Dons' plight has not affected the career of their most famous player...

Vinnie Jones
Who will not be joining them in Milton Keynes because he's now a fixture in Hollywood.

But, despite his ludicrous success, you can be sure that Vinnie's heart will always be back home in...

Although they hardly need a combative, big-headed, universally disliked midfielder anymore - because they've got...

Robbie Savage.

Congratulations to George Stuart for his link from Lillee to Savage (see below).

An exclusive mystery prize is on its way!

Dennis Lillee
Is usually called "an Australian legend", as is...

The Bunyip
A mythical beast of the Outback described by Aborigines as a "foul-tempered creature", which could also be a description for...

Nicolas Anelka
Who was a star for Arsenal before moving to...

Real Madrid
Where he had to make do with being a squad player, just like...

Steve McManaman
Who is often joined on the Madrid bench by the likes of Flavio and...

Fernando Morientes
Which means that while Real have a fantastic first team, they also have...

A very impressive fringe
As does..

Robbie Savage.

Thanks for all your Lillee-Savage alternatives - here's a selection of the best:

Paul, UK:

Dennis Lillee
Shares his first name with...

Dennis Bergkamp
Who has a fear of flying, a phobia also suffered in the A-Team by BA, played by...

Arsenal's Dennis Bergkamp
I ain't getting on no goddamn plane, fool

Mr T
Whose wife is presumably called Mrs T, a nickname of...

Margaret Thatcher
Who was famous for her handbag. Handbags and Gladrags was a song by...

Rod Stewart
Who also sang Sailing, which would have been a favourite of...

Sir Walter Raleigh
Who brought the potato to Britain, thus allowing the invention of crisps, as advertised by...

Gary Lineker
Who used to play for Leicester City, as did...

Robbie Savage.

David Regan, England:

Dennis Lillee
Former cricketer who hails from Australia, just like soap opera...

Home and Away
Not only a soap opera, but also the name of one of the rounds in the BBC Sporting Quiz, A Question of Sport, which is hosted by Sue...

What you might call an often-heard dog. Some dogs work for the police and bark when they want to alert their owner, as in...

Turner & Hooch
A film that not only starred a dog, but also...

Tom Hanks
The star of many films such as Apollo 13, in which he was an astronaut on the ill-fated mission to the...

Orbits the Earth, but also forms part of the hit single "To the Moon and Back" by...

Savage Garden
Pop act, whose name might well have been taken from the land surrounding the house belonging to Birmingham City footballer...

Robbie Savage.

John Shecket, Columbus, Ohio, US

Dennis Lillee
Played Test cricket for Australia between 1971 and 1984. In 1987 he made his comeback with...

Which is home to the...

Tasmanian Devil
An animated character voiced by...

Mel Blanc
Who also did the voice of...

Yosemite Sam
The rootinest, tootinest cowboy in the...

Wild West
Birmingham City beat Aston Villa 3-0 in September to become the rootinest, tootinest club in the...

West Midlands
And one of the Blues' stalwarts is their Welsh international midfielder...

Robbie Savage.

Remember, next week's link is from LENNON to McCARTNEY.

For those who have not been following the recent fortunes of Sunderland FC, defender George McCartney has just broken into their first-team.

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