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  Tuesday, 5 November, 2002, 10:13 GMT
The name game

The latest of our sporting connections series takes us from Allan Donald to Randy Duck in six steps.

But what about suggestions for next week's Ashes Special: Dennis LILLEE - Robbie SAVAGE?

Remember, the best effort wins a mystery prize!



Allan Donald
Spent eight seasons playing county cricket for...

Home of...

William Shakespeare
Who was included in the BBC's 100 Greatest Britons list for being arguably the greatest literary mind in history.

He was joined by other great Britons, such as the pop singer...

Robbie Williams
Whose main claim to greatness seems to be his ability to creep into the upper echelons of 'greatest ever' lists.

He was recently voted the most influential musician of the last millennium, beating off strong competition from the third-placed...

Take That's Gary Barlow
Not great: Gary Barlow was omitted from the top 100

Which is also the name of a Brazilian footballer who plays for Italian Serie A side, Reggina.

Although the only list this Mozart might have a chance of making would be...

The 100 Greatest Sporting Names
Which is one list that thankfully can't be hijacked by former members of Take That (except maybe Jason Orange, if he ever took up a sport).

A top-ten place would surely beckon, however, for the likes of Swindon Town midfielder...

Danny Invincible
But there could only be one winner, and that's the Brighton Bears basketball star...

Randy Duck.

Congratulations to Rick Ormiston of England for his link from Donald to Duck (see below).

An exclusive mystery prize is on its way!

Allan Donald
One time Test match bowler and tormentor of Mike 'The Personality' Atherton was once a team-mate of...

Shaun Pollock
Who, despite being an alleged all-rounder, has never turned his hand to painting, unlike his namesake...

Jackson Pollock
Who is one of the world's finest expressionists, another fine example of which was exhibited by...

Gary Lineker
In Turin 1990 against the Germans, coupled with a "watch him" and a classic finger wag to the bench.

Lineker, of course, is famous for his shameless plugging of a certain brand of food on television, as is...

Tony the Tiger
An endangered species due to the fact that many jungle excursions end in a cage, which is the last name of actor...

Nicholas Cage
Who has starred in a number of Hollywood blockbusters, among which is prison breakout movie Con Air.

Reversing this would give you Air Con, which, when coupled with a quick snog in the back of your passion-wagon, makes for one heck of a...

Randy Van Warmer
Country and Western singing sensation and sharer of a first moniker with...

Randy Duck.

Thanks for all your Donald-Duck alternatives - here's a selection of the best:

Tim Dean, Britain:

Allan Donald
Is from South Africa. Cape Town is a city in South Africa, and a cape is a type of clothing made famous by...

Whose partner in fighting crime was Robin, and robins are famous for representing...

Batman, aka Russ Abbot
Do my ears look big in this?

Another figure who represents Christmas is Santa, whose name appears is the name of...

The famous guitarist who has performed many duets, including one called The Healer, with...

John Lee Hooker

Hugh Grant was arrested for having a duet with a hooker, who was called Divine...

Which is the colour you would associate with...

Grizzly bears

And the Bears is the nickname of the Brighton basketball team that employ...

Randy Duck.

David Regan, England:

Allan Donald
Famous crickter renowned as a fast...

Type of hat, worn in The New Avengers by John...

One of many names for a...

A four-legged animal known in the Wild West for pulling a...

When confronted by Indians, these would be driven to create a circle, or...

Name of the place where a ball is placed to score points in...

Game famously played in the United States. An American who plays professionally in Britain is...

Randy Duck.

Remember, next week's link is from LILLEE to SAVAGE.

Can you make the connection using SIX links? E-mail us NOW!

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