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  Monday, 21 October, 2002, 08:50 GMT 09:50 UK
The name game

The latest of our sporting connections series takes us from Thierry Henry to Gary Kelly in six steps.

Fans of daytime TV will have fond memories of Henry Kelly, who used to present the international quiz show Going for Gold.

But what about suggestions for next week's link: Tim SHERWOOD - Craig FORREST?



Thierry Henry
Can currently be seen advertising cars on television, as can Hollywood actor...

Ed Harris
Who you might remember from such films as...

Jimmy Saville
Come on then, I'll take you all on

The Rock
Who is a professional wrestler, which, unlikely as it sounds, is a former occupation of...

Jimmy Saville
Who, however good he looked in a leotard, was surely much better-suited to presenting Top of the Pops, where he introduced acts from Shirley Bassey to the...

The Sex Pistols
Who are the favourite band of former England international and self-proclaimed punk fanatic...

Stuart Pearce
Who, in his heyday, could hit the meanest left-footed free-kick in the land, although that boast now probably belongs to...

Ian Harte
Who has a Leeds and Republic of Ireland team-mate that also happens to be his uncle, and that's...

Gary Kelly.

Thanks for all your Henry-Kelly alternatives - here's a selection of the best:

Jake Hadlee, UK:

Thierry Henry
Has a first name for a surname, rather like...

Paul Simon
Who's eponymous first solo album featured backing vocals from Cissy Houston, mother of...

Whitney Houston
Whose first name is the surname of...

Eli Whitney
Who invented the cotton gin - a device that led to cottage industry production of cloth being replaced by...

Which is also what happened to Leeds United right-back...

Gary Kelly.

Paul Jones, England:

Thierry Henry
Plays for Arsenal, who until recently were justly regarded as being boring, much like snooker player and BBC pundit...

Steve Davis
Who somehow made his way to the semi-finals of the LG Cup in Preston, a town famous for it's team...

North End
Who appropriately come from nowhere near Southend United, home of the fantastically named...

Barrington Belgrave
Who sounds so posh he should be playing for...

Peterborough United
Whose nickname is Posh, just like...

Victoria Beckham
Whose husband plays for Manchester United, fierce rivals of...

Leeds United
The club of Irish international...

Gary Kelly.

Dean Kincaid, N Ireland:

Thierry Henry
Is French, like...

Gerard Houllier
Who shares his name with another famous Frenchman...

Manchester United's Luke Chadwick
Hello girls

Gerard Depardieu
Who is an actor well known for his large nose. Someone else with a large nose is...

Ringo Starr
Of The Beatles, who comes from Liverpool, like...

Cilla Black

Being the host of Blind Date she could find someone to go out with...

Luke Chadwick

Who plays for arguably the best team in Europe (oh really? - Ed), the continent that contains...

The Republic of Ireland
Which is the the team of...

Gary Kelly.

David L, Essex:

Thierry Henry
Plays for Arsenal, who have been beaten at last by...

Who once employed the services of...

David Ginola
Who was also at...

Who spent rather a lot of money on...

Robbie Keane
Whose fellow countryman and ex-team-mate is...

Gary Kelly.

Remember, next week's link is from SHERWOOD to FORREST.

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