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  Friday, 27 September, 2002, 09:46 GMT 10:46 UK
The name game

The second in our sporting connections series takes us from John Harley to Callum Davidson in six steps.

But what about suggestions for next week's link Tore Andre FLO - Trevor BENJAMIN?



John Harley
Was once touted as the answer to England's problems on the left-hand side, as was...

Steve Guppy
Who's name makes him sound like a...

Who is a fairly well-known pop singer, a career once unsuccessfully pursued by...

Andy Cole
Who has a criminal record. It's called...

And it stormed into the charts at a not particularly outstanding number 68 in 1999.

To his credit, Andy (or is it Andrew?) does not have an actual criminal record, which is more than can be said for Everton Treatment Room bad boy...

Duncan Ferguson
Whose reputation as the most disruptive man in football has been seriously challenged recently by the likes of Roy Keane and...

Dennis Wise
Who has a big punch for a little man, just ask...

Callum Davidson.

Thanks for all your Harley-Davidson alternatives - here's a selection of the best:

Paul Jones, England:
Jon Harley plays for Chelsea, a club managed by...

Claudio Ranieri - an Italian whose grasp of English is almost as bad as that of...

Dennis Wise, who famously told a trio of foreign players he'd 'learn them' a bit of English, and whose Cockney accent is almost as incoherent as that of...

Dick Van Dyke, who starred in Mary Poppins and Diagnosis Murder, a programme in which an old man solves crimes with his son, Barry, who is famous for having a famous dad just like...

Jimmy Tarbuck
You're not funny, Tarby

Lisa Tarbuck, whose old man...

Jimmy is one of the least funny comedians on TV, beaten into second place only by...

Jim Davidson, who shares his surname with Callum Davidson.

Paul Baker, UK:

Jon Harley played for Chelsea whose home games are played at...

Stamford Bridge - which is also the name of a famous battle at which King Harold defeated the...

Vikings - which is also the name of the American Football team from Minnesota who have a running back on their roster called...

Moe Williams. Williams is a Formula 1 team for whom Jacques Villeneuve once drove. Now he drives for...

BAR who have a test driver called...

Anthony Davidson, who shares his surname with Callum Davidson.

Simon Whittingham, England:

Jon Harley played in the same Chelsea team as Dennis Wise who allegedly broke Callum Davidson's jaw.

(Nice try, Simon)!

Rory Jiwani, UK

Jon Harley is now a player at Fulham, the club owned by Harrods proprietor...

Mohammed Al-Fayed - who was once on the front page of Private Eye at his store's New Year sale, along with...

Victoria Beckham - whose career has followed a similar path to that of...

Louise Redknapp
Louise Redknapp - footballer's wife

Louise Redknapp - former singer with Eternal and wife of...

Jamie Redknapp - who is hoping to restart his injury-dogged career at Spurs despite competition from the likes of...

Gustavo Poyet - who previously played played in a Chelsea side captained by...

Dennis Wise - whose contract at Leicester was recently terminated following an incident involving Callum Davidson.

Thom Boston, London

Jon Harley's transfer to Fulham from Chelsea was paid for by...

Mohammad Al Fayed, who also allegedly paid for a dinner at the Paris Ritz enjoyed by...

Christine Hamilton (and her husband Neil), who was considerably less appealing on 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here' than...

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, whose finest hour was surely appearing drunk on television with...

Frank Skinner, a previous winner of the Rear Of The Year award, as is...

Ulrika Jonsson, who was infamously involved in a tussle with a footballer, something that happened to... Callum Davidson.

Remember, next week's link is from FLO to BENJAMIN.

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