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Brazil 2-1 North Korea

By Pranav Soneji & Chris Bevan
  1. 17:32 Commentary  

    Boa tarde, tudo bem? Or ahn nyeong ha se yo if you're from the shores of North Korea, which is probably pretty unlikely. I'm Pranav Soneji, your guide for the next 90 minutes or so as we look ahead to Johannesburg for our first glimpse of Kim Jong-hun's North Korea as they take on five-time champions and the best samba dancers in South Africa, Brazil, for the second game of Group G. I'm so happy I could breakdance.

  2. 606  

    dazzlingdublinblue on 606: "What's the equivalent of samba in North Korea?"

  3. 17:40 Commentary  

    So the last time these two teams played at the same World Cup, Brazil were knocked out in the group stages (the last time the Selecao exited the competition at that stage) while North Korea advanced into the quarter-finals after shocking those "aristocrats" of Italy 1-0 at Ayresome Park (ask yer dad kids), courtesy of Pak Doo-ik's winner. Incidentally, that match was the first ever game of football watched by comedian and Middlesbrough fan Bob Mortimer. Oh yeah, and England won the World Cup. Guess the year.

  4. 17:44 Commentary  

    So a walkover or a shock of earth-shattering proportions? Or another draw involving players moaning incessantly about Jabulani and its erratic behaviour? Right-back Glen Johnson said some of the England players had problems attempting to curl the ball from right to left with the in-step of their boots, only to see the ball balloon in the opposite direction. Text me on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) on your thoughts or you can always vent your spleens on 606.

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    From InfostradaLive: "First 13 matches of the #worldcup What’s happening? have produced only 20 goals for an average of 1.54 goals per match. The record low was set in 1990 (2.21)."

  6. 17:53 Commentary  

    OK, so this tournament hasn't exactly set the pulses racing (mine was positively flatlining watching Algeria v Slovenia on Sunday), but it's time for Brazil, a country synonymous with joga bonito, nutmegging defenders, tree trunk-like thighs, silly haircuts and baby-swinging goal celebrations. And Kaka absolutely loves this Jabulani ball after planting a second-most-expensive-player-in-the-world smacker right on its perfectly spherical exterior the other day. Which means goals will fly in from all corners. I hope.

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    From Anon: "Well done for North Korea for getting this far but I have a feeling it’s going to be who whitewashes them the worst that's going to be 1 and 2 in this group."

  8. 18:07 Commentary  

    So what do we know about the North Koreans?  Errrrr, not very much but BBC Sport's Mike Henson dug deep to find out more about the mysterious Chollima, the nickname of Kim Jong-hun's team.  You can also discover more about the most clandestine football team on our planet on our newly launched player profiles of every single player and manager at this magnificent overload of football in South Africa.   

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    From Will in Norwich: "Just wondering if any members of the German team moaned about the ball? Seems unlikely to me!"

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    From Alastair in Ryde, IOW: "If Brazil don't score at least four tonight, i'll eat my hat. And my cat."

  11. 18:22 Commentary  

    State media in North Korea say the country's leader, Kim Jong-il, has given the team advice on tactics ahead of the match.  Whether this involved advice on how to close down attacking right-back Maicon or man-mark Kaka remains unclear.  Meanwhile, BBC correspondents say North Koreans are expected to be able to watch a recorded version of the game, but will not be able to watch the game live because of a dispute with the broadcaster showing the matches on the Korean peninsula.

  12. 18:28 Commentary  

    There are lots of Chinese nationals in Johannesbug acting as North Korean fans by proxy.  Turns out the North Korean sports ministry authorised a Chinese sports PR agency to sell tickets for the game as few North Koreans could afford the journey or receive visas to leave the country, with lots of "volunteers" snapping up the tickets.   

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    From Anon: "After today's two depressingly poor games, I'm looking forward to watching the mighty Brazil! Should be a lesson is skill."

  14. 18:31 Commentary  

    Breaking news - Brazil manager Dunga has named Kaka and Robinho in a full-strength line-up to face North Korea at Ellis Park.  Teams to follow.

  15. Contributor BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson  

    "Noisy lot, aren't they? No, not the Brazilians, thought they are trying to party in the cold - but the small and happy band of North Korea fans at Ellis Park. Beaming smiles and rhythmic clapping is helping to kepp them warm and the media pack suitably entertained."

  16. 18:37 Commentary  

    Brazil: Julio Cesar, Maicon, Lucio, Juan, Felipe Melo, Michel Bastos, Elano, Gilberto Silva, Luis Fabiano, Kaka, Robinho

    North Korea: Ri Myong-guk, Cha Jong-hyok, Ri Jun-il, Pak Nam-chol, Ri Kwang-chon, Pak Chol-jin, An Yong-hak, Ji Yun-nam, Mun In-guk, Hong Yong-jo, Jong Tae-se.

  17. 18:40 Commentary  

    So tonight we shall get our first glance of North Korea's Wayne Rooney, or Jong Tae-se as he is known to his comrades. The Japanese-born star has an interesting background after relinquishing his South Korea passport in favour of the north - despite never having set foot in the country. He loves the fact that he has been compared with Rooney, although he says Didier Drogba is his idol.

  18. 18:46 Commentary  

    I hope all of you have been taking lots of photos with as many World Cup stars as possible in our World Cup album. Funnily enough, we're a little short of North Korea photos, although Dan has kicked things off with a belter, although it's not exactly by the rules. So get snapping and send them to us at to feature in our World Cup Photo Album. England is complete, but we have other team spaces to fill, like Brazil.

  19. 18:47 Commentary  

    Right, it's over to Chris Bevan in South Africa, who will take you through until the final whistle. Thanks for your company and I'll see you on a World Cup website in the very near future.

  20. 18:51 Commentary  

    Hello, I'm Chris Bevan in Cape Town and, yes, this is the moment I've been waiting for too. The 2010 World Cup has admittedly got off to a slow start so far but hopefully that will change tonight when Brazil arrive at the party.

  21. 18:53 Commentary  

    As five-time winners, there's not a lot that Brazil haven't encountered in World Cups before but even they are entering the unknown tonight - precious little is known about their opponents North Korea, who have left four of their squad off the bench for their opening game. And no, I have no idea why.

  22. Commentary Brazil v North Korea team news  

    There are no surprises in the Brazil line-up as Kaka and Robinho lead a full-strength side. Goalkeeper Julio Cesar, who injured his back in training ahead of the tournament, starts while Luis Fabiano has also recovered from a thigh injury.

    North Korea start their first World Cup finals match since 1966 with a defensive looking line-up. Coach Kim Jong Hun has opted to play five in defence with
    Jong Tae Se as a lone striker.

  23. 19:01 Commentary  

    You know the score by now (and no, I am not referring to the number of 0-0s in this tournament so far) but, if you don't, this is the lowdown on reaching me in Cape Town: Text me on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide), I'm on Twitter @chrisbevan_bbc or join the chat on 606.

  24. Twitter  

    From GDEwing: "This could be the best or worst game of the tournament so far. Hope Brazil have their shooting boots on."

  25. Commentary Brazil midfielder Kaka  

    "We watched a few videos on North Korea, but we know that against Brazil all the teams play differently, so we will have to wait and see. There is always the anxiety of the first match, but we have to play like Brazil usually plays and we should be all right."

  26. Contributor BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson at Ellis Park  

    "Got to be honest, this isn't quite what I expected from an African World Cup - it's absolutely Arctic in Johannesburg tonight. The Brrrrazilians have all donned gloves for their warm-up and some of them scarves too. And I don't blame them. What an ovation for Kaka, by the way."

  27. Commentary North Korea coach Kim Jong Hun  

    "What I know about Brazil is that it has some of the world's most famous players. But our players are very skilled. They don't lag behind any player in the world."

  28. 19:12 Commentary  

    The most famous football team on the planet against the least-known and most secretive. If North Korea beat Brazil tonight, will it be the biggest shock in the history of the World Cup? And do any of you think they can do it?

  29. Twitter  

    From jamessagward: "Group G too shock us all tonight, North Korea to get a result! 1-1! Brazil to go through though!"

  30. 19:17 Commentary  

    I'm told that North Korea only played six times outside their homeland between 1966 and 2009 so I'd be very impressed if any of you have seen them play. More importantly, if you have, what can you tell me about them?

  31. 19:21 Commentary  

    From the pictures I'm seeing of Ellis Park, the Brazilian fans at the game are going to have a party tonight whatever happens. Having said that, they might just be jumping around to keep warm.

  32. 19:23 Commentary  

    Both sides are in the tunnel, waiting to emerge. The North Koreans look a bit pensive but I hope they enjoy themselves tonight. No humilations, please.

  33. 19:26 Commentary  

    Anthem time. Brazil go first and now it's North Korea's turn... I'm not so familar with this one to be honest but I'm pleased to see they are all singing along - in Jong Tae Se is in floods of tears. Emotional stuff - what World Cups are all about.

  34. 19:29 Commentary  

    Give this page a cheeky manual refresh - kick-off is seconds away.

  35. 19:30 KICK-OFF Brazil v North Korea  

    North Korea have just got us under way. One of these teams is ranked number one in the world, the other is number 105. I hope you know which is which.

  36. 3 mins Commentary  

    Robinho gets his first step-overs of the World Cup in early and links up with Kaka inside the area and Brazil are looking dangerous already. but North Korea have enough men back to clear the danger. I hope the Brazilians show us all their tricks tonight.

  37. 6 mins Commentary  

    Well, North Korea have survived the first six minutes, and even got in the Brazil box briefly too, before Jong Tae-se's control lets him down. I wouldn't exactly call this promising for them though - as feared, it might be a long old night for coach Kim Jong-hun.

  38. 8 mins Commentary  

    The Brazilians' first shot on goal of this World Cup comes from Elano, who cuts in from the right and flashes a rising shot wide. It's not long until Robinho has their second effort too - showing off those quick feet of his to make space on the edge of the area but firing the wrong side of the post.

  39. 13 mins Commentary  

    North Korea have just had their first effort on goal too. Their star striker Jong Tae-se has predicted he will score in every game at this World Cup and does well here to create space for a low shot from the right-hand side of the area... but it is easily dealt with by Julio Cesar.

  40. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's David Moyes  

    "It's interesting to see that North Korea have started with three at the back as there aren't many teams in international football who do that. Brazil look like they're going to have an awful lot of the ball. It's like a night in Glasgow with the weather here!"

  41. 15 mins Commentary  

    More pressure, predictably, from Brazil. Elano has just had another effort saved, and Robinho has added backheels to the stepovers he showed us earlier - but North Korea are well organised and holding out.

  42. 18 mins Commentary  

    Cha Jong-hyok is the latest North Korean to try his luck, cutting inside from the right but seeing his shot swerve away, rather than towards, goal. It appears that Kim Jong-hun's side have not just come here to defend.

  43. 20 mins Commentary  

    Blimey. Anyone remember Pele's attempted lob from the half-way line against Czechoslovakia in the 1970 World Cup? Mun In-guk has just tried something similar for North Korea... it didn't trouble Julio Cesar - but Pele failed too, remember...

  44. 23 mins Commentary  

    Luis Fabiano finds Robinho in the box and he turns neatly before firing straight at Ri Myong-guk. Is it me, or does Robinho appear to be putting in a little more effort so far tonight than he did during his time at Manchester City?

  45. SMS  

    From Brent, Kiwi in London: "Anybody else hoping North Korea can pull it off? Day of the underdog."

  46. Contributor BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson at Ellis Park  

    "This isn't quite as one-sided as we were led to believe, is it? Brazil may have had a fair few shooting opportunities already, but the North Koreans look super lively in the final third too and in Jong Tae-se they have a man with the confidence to take players in yellow on - and beat them. Have we got a game on here?"

  47. 30 mins Commentary  

    Maicon has a bending shot pushed round the post and Elano's corner is cleared. North Korea can be pleased with their showing in their first half-hour at a World Cup finals for 44 years... I guess the spirit of '66 lives on (so far).

  48. 33 mins Commentary  

    Er, this wasn't in the script was it? North Korea force their first corner and it is only half cleared - the ball is pulled back to Ji Yun-nam on the edge of the area but his first-time shot trickles wide. He should have done better there actually.

  49. SMS  

    From James: "North Korea are doing well. It's just like watching Brazil."

  50. 36 mins Commentary  

    Michel Bastos sees a powerful goalbound shot from the edge of the area deflect off Pak Chol-jin and fly over, but referee Viktor Kassai gives a goal-kick. Nothing is going Brazil's way at the moment.

  51. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's David Moyes  

    "It is interesting to see that Brazil, when they're defending, are doing so with six players and it's giving North Korea opportunities. North Korea look like they've got good players. An Yong Hak has done well and the centre forward Jong Tae Se has been really positive when they've got the ball. You've got to give them a lot of credit, they look well organised."

  52. 41 mins Commentary  

    Heavy, heavy pressure from Brazil, but North Korea are first to every ball that is pumped into their area at the moment, It looks like Dunga will have to have a rethink about his strategy at half-time.

  53. HALF-TIME Brazil 0-0 North Korea  
  54. SMS  

    Luke from London: "Brazil look really really bored in the main. The pace of their game is killing their chances, build-up is pitifully slow and it's letting North Korea get everyone behind the ball."

  55. 20:20 Commentary  

    Um, it's fair to say that this game has not gone as expected so far. North Korea have defended well and in numbers and their strategy is working. Brazil cannot get the ball to Luis Fabiano in any threatening positions and have largely been restricted to shots from distance.

  56. Contributor BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson at Ellis Park  

    "No goals, but what a captivating, compelling half of football that was - everyone inside Ellis Park was absorbed for its entirety. Who'd have thought a half-time 0-0 would bring this World Cup to life? Brazil, so often accused of being dour under Dunga, are desperately lacking a spark."

  57. 20:24 Commentary  

    Our friends at Infostrada Sports tell us that Brazil have scored at least once in their last 22 matches in the group stage, dating back to 1978 when they had a goalless draw against Spain.

  58. Twitter  

    From ojl: "Seriously impressed by North Korea. It feels a bit wrong to support them, but it's funny to see the Brazilians so frustrated."

  59. 20:30 Commentary  

    No changes from either side at the break. North Korea have time for a quick on-pitch huddle before Brazil get the second half started.

  60. 47 mins Commentary  

    I think Elano has had more shots than any other Brazilian tonight - and he has their opening pot-shot of the second half too... which is blocked by a defender.

  61. Contributor BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson at Ellis Park  

    via Twitter: "Is it too early to suggest this Brazil team isn't going to enthrall us at the World Cup? Are Germany really the best team to watch on earth?"

  62. 50 mins Commentary  

    Pak Chol-jin tangles with Kaka on the edge of the area and the referee awards Brazil a free kick in a very dangerous position...

  63. 51 mins Commentary  

    Elano is standing over it but it is Michel Bastos who lets fly... he gets plenty of power in his shot but it zips wide of Ri Myong-guk's right-hand post.

  64. 53 mins Commentary  

    Robinho has just had his best effort of the night, it was only a snap-shot but it would probably have troubled Ri Myong-guk... if it had been on target. Instead, it flies wide. These Brazil attacks keep on coming, but they still have nothing to show for all this pressure.

  65. GOAL Brazil 1-0 North Korea  

    It's been a long time coming but we've just seen one of those classic Brazil goals that deserve repeated viewings. Elano releases Maicon on the overlap inside the area - it looks like he will pull the ball back from near the by-line and that is what Ri Myong-guk is expecting... instead, Maicon bends the ball with the outside of his right boot and it flies between the goalkeeper and his near post and nestles in the net. A goal of real beauty.

  66. 60 mins Commentary  

    Brazil obviously are not going to settle for just one goal and they are pouring forward again. Ri Myong-guk rather nervously punches away a rasping shot by Michel Bastos, but gets away with it.

  67. Contributor BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson at Ellis Park  

    via Twitter: "Brazilian full-backs scoring crazy goals? Must be a World Cup. Wow/hmm."

  68. 64 mins Commentary  

    It should really be 2-0 to Brazil. Kaka and Robinho link up with some tidy passes down the left - we haven't seen enough of that tonight - and find Luis Fabiano, who takes the ball down well enough inside the area but rather snatches at his shot and fires high over the bar.

  69. 69 mins Commentary  

    It's difficult to see North Korea coming back from this - their whole gameplan has been set up around keeping Brazil out. Jong Tae-se is probably their best hope of finding an equaliser, but he has just had what I will describe as a speculative effort on goal.

  70. 71 mins Commentary  

    A few of you are questioning whether Maicon meant his goal but I have absolutely no doubts that was exactly what he intended - his eyes and the whole shape of his body show that was no fluke.

  71. 72 mins GOAL Brazil 2-0 North Korea  

    Former Manchester City team-mates Robinho and Elano link up to score a goal of devastating ease - Robinho's slide-rule pass finds Elano running into the area, and he slots home with a cool first-time finish. Game over - there is no way back for the North Koreans now.

  72. 75 mins SUBSTITUTION  

    After a lovely little dance of celebration, Elano leaves the field to be replaced by Daniel. A decent night's work for him. North Korea need to be careful here - they still have a lot more defending to keep the score down before the end of this one.

  73. Contributor BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson at Ellis Park  

    via Twitter: "What a goal. That's magnificent - Robinho to Elano. Bet Man City fans are delighted to see that combination doing so well."

  74. 84 mins Commentary  

    Nilmar and Felipe Melo have both just let fly from outside the box but they will have to do better than that to beat Ri Myong-guk, who has had a busy night but acquitted himself well. He's probably not used to Brazilians firing in shots at him every five minutes to be fair.

  75. 87 mins Commentary  

    Hang on, here come the North Koreans - breaking clear too. Jong
    Tae-se is running in on goal and about to let fly but Juan gets a foot in to make a timely tackle.

  76. 88 mins GOAL Brazil 2-1 North Korea  

    Wow. Hope for North Korea? A clever long ball is headed into the path of Ji Yun-nam, and he steadies himself before firing past the diving Julio Cesar. They've got time to get an equaliser too...

  77. FULL-TIME Brazil 2-1 North Korea  
  78. Contributor BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson at Ellis Park  

    via Twitter: "There's the most deserved goal of the World Cup right there. Fabulous display from North Korea, well done indeed."

  79. 21:23 Commentary  

    Well, Brazil have started their 2010 World Cup campaign with a win, but not without a fight. Maicon's superb strike broke the deadlock but, even after Elano made it 2-0, North Korea kept battling and Ji Yun-nam's goal was a deserved reply. More to come from them in this tournament too, I'm sure.

  80. Twitter  

    From robthebarman: "North Korea have given a good account of themselves undone by a couple of brilliant moments (by Brazil). Lesser teams might struggle against them."

  81. SMS  

    From Will in London: "North Korea have just shown why this really is the group of death. There are going to be no easy games for anyone in Group G. A brilliant performance!"

  82. SMS  

    From Henri in Birmingham: "If Portugal and Ivory Coast play how they did today when they come up against North Korea, then they'll have some real problems with their attacking football."

  83. 21:37 Commentary  

    Right then, that's day five done - not a bad one in my book. Join me tomorrow from 0900 BST for the start of day six, when Honduras play Chile (at 12:30 BST) in the opening action in Group H before European champions Spain make their entrance, taking on Switzerland at 15:00 BST. If that's not enough to keep you happy, the hosts South Africa are back at 19:30, and are up against Uruguay. There might be a few vuvuzelas out for that one, I suspect...

By Jonathan Stevenson, Johannesburg

Maicon produced a moment of pure Brazilian magic to set the five-time champions on their way to victory in their opening game against North Korea in Johannesburg.

The Brazilians, ranked number one in the Fifa rankings, were expected to cruise past the team in 105th place in their Group G encounter.

But on a difficult evening they had to wait until the 55th minute to break the deadlock as the North Koreans proved more than capable opponents.

It fell to right-back Maicon to settle Brazil's nerves with a goal of typical beauty.

Latching on to a pass down the right from Elano but at a seemingly impossible angle trapped against the byeline, he produced a swerving screamer that bent in with goalkeeper Ri Myong-guk standing a fraction too far off his post.

The goal composed Dunga's previously erratic side and they doubled the lead with 18 minutes left when Robinho slid a fabulous pass in for Elano to slot home from inside the area.

But North Korea gave them a much harder game than they were expecting and Kim Jong-Hun's side got a goal their endeavour deserved when Ji Yun-nam fired in superbly in the closing stages.

Brazil deserved the victory for their dominance in possession, especially in the second half, but North Korea's previously unknown players can hold their heads high after a display full of passion and no little skill either.

In fact, playing their in their first World Cup since 1966, the Chollima - before they tired after the break - threatened to cause an almighty upset.

With star striker Jong Tae-se - who cried during their national anthem - leading the line magnificently, they were giving Brazil as good as they got in a first half that swung from end to end in hugely entertaining fashion.

Indeed as Elano, Robinho and Michel Bastos all sprayed long-range shots wide from outside the box, it was the little-fancied North Koreans who began to test the Brazil goalkeeper Julio Cesar as they proved that had not come to the World Cup simply to defend.

Jong was causing the usually unflappable Lucio all kinds of problems with his movement and pace and he turned sharply before firing straight at the Brazilian keeper, before Ri Kwang-chon dragged wide from a good position on the edge of the Brazil box after they had failed to clear a corner.

The Brazilians were lethargic, with their best moments coming down the flanks as Maicon on the right and Michel Bastos - who had a 20-yard sizzler deflected over - got forward time and time again to support their struggling team-mates.

As the game wore on there was a sense that a major upset could be in the offing, but Maicon's devilish drifter put paid to that and soon Brazil were controlling the game in the manner with which their World Cup opponents have become accustomed.

Striker Luis Fabiano, without a goal in his last six internationals, was desperate to get on the scoresheet, but he could only turn and blaze over, before Robinho wonderfully found Elano to make the game safe.

Brazil still had a scare when Ji Yun-nam's brilliant first touch controlled a high ball and took him into space in the Brazil box and he made no mistake with an unerring finish past Julio Cesar.

There was no time for them to conjure the most unlikely of all equalisers, but their heroic display finally brought the World Cup to life and warmed the hearts of the crowd on a freezing night at Ellis Park.

Brazil Brazil Flag 2-1 North Korea Flag North Korea FT

(HT 0-0)

Maicon, 55
Elano, 72
Ji Yun-Nam, 89

  • Venue: Ellis Park
  • Referee: V Kassai
  • Attendance: 54,331
Brazil     North Korea
  • Possession 61%
  • Attempts on target 11
  • Attempts off target 11
  • Corners 7
  • Fouls 9

Projected table based on current scores

Group A

Group A teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Uruguay 3 2 1 0 4 0 4 7
Mexico 3 1 1 1 3 2 1 4
South Africa 3 1 1 1 3 5 -2 4
France 3 0 1 2 1 4 -3 1

Group B

Group B teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Argentina 3 3 0 0 7 1 6 9
South Korea 3 1 1 1 5 6 -1 4
Greece 3 1 0 2 2 5 -3 3
Nigeria 3 0 1 2 3 5 -2 1

Group C

Group C teams P W D L F A GD PTS
USA 3 1 2 0 4 3 1 5
England 3 1 2 0 2 1 1 5
Slovenia 3 1 1 1 3 3 0 4
Algeria 3 0 1 2 0 2 -2 1

Group D

Group D teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Germany 3 2 0 1 5 1 4 6
Ghana 3 1 1 1 2 2 0 4
Australia 3 1 1 1 3 6 -3 4
Serbia 3 1 0 2 2 3 -1 3

Group E

Group E teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Netherlands 3 3 0 0 5 1 4 9
Japan 3 2 0 1 4 2 2 6
Denmark 3 1 0 2 3 6 -3 3
Cameroon 3 0 0 3 2 5 -3 0

Group F

Group F teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Paraguay 3 1 2 0 3 1 2 5
Slovakia 3 1 1 1 4 5 -1 4
New Zealand 3 0 3 0 2 2 0 3
Italy 3 0 2 1 4 5 -1 2

Group G

Group G teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Brazil 3 2 1 0 5 2 3 7
Portugal 3 1 2 0 7 0 7 5
Ivory Coast 3 1 1 1 4 3 1 4
North Korea 3 0 0 3 1 12 -11 0

Group H

Group H teams P W D L F A GD PTS
Spain 3 2 0 1 4 2 2 6
Chile 3 2 0 1 3 2 1 6
Switzerland 3 1 1 1 1 1 0 4
Honduras 3 0 1 2 0 3 -3 1

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