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Mexico 0-0 Angola
Friday, 16 June 2006




G Pineda 59yellow card


L Delgado 13yellow card
A Macanga 44yellow card
J Ze Kalanga 50yellow card
P Joao Ricardo 86yellow card


Sent off:

A Macanga 80red card



55% 45%

Shots on target

7 1

Shots off target

6 7


6 5


18 20


  • 01 O Sanchez
  • 03 C Salcido
  • 04 R Marquez
  • 05 R Osorio
  • 14 G Pineda yellow card (78 R Morales )
  • 06 G Torrado
  • 07 A Zinha (52 J Arellano )
  • 08 P Pardo
  • 16 M Mendez
  • 10 G Franco (74 F Fonseca )
  • 19 O Bravo


  • 21 J Arellano,
  • 09 J Borgetti,
  • 15 J Castro,
  • 12 J Corona,
  • 17 F Fonseca,
  • 20 R Garcia,
  • 18 A Guardado,
  • 11 R Morales,
  • 13 G Ochoa,
  • 23 L Perez,
  • 22 F Rodriguez,
  • 02 C Suarez


  • 01 P Joao Ricardo yellow card
  • 03 J Jamba
  • 05 C Kali
  • 21 L Delgado yellow card
  • 20 M Loco
  • 07 P Figueiredo (72 M Rui Marques )
  • 08 A Macanga yellow card yellow card
  • 11 d Mateus (68 P Mantorras )
  • 14 A Mendonca
  • 17 J Ze Kalanga yellow card (83 M Miloy )
  • 10 F Akwa


  • 02 M Airosa,
  • 19 T Buengo,
  • 13 N Edson,
  • 16 A Flavio,
  • 12 J Lama,
  • 04 A Lebo-Lebo,
  • 18 A Love,
  • 09 P Mantorras,
  • 23 A Marco,
  • 22 H Mario,
  • 06 M Miloy,
  • 15 M Rui Marques

Ref: Shamsul Maidin
Att: 43000


In the race for first place in Group D, this result hands the initiative to Portugal. It also means Angola still have a chance of making the second round and the 7,000 Angolans living in Germany will be having a night of celebration to remember in Hanover and beyond.

"That was a fantastic result for Angola and they thoroughly deserve the point. Mexico shaded it but their fans will not be happy. For all their possession there was nothing clear cut."
Former England international Danny Mills, Five Live Sport

FULL-TIME: Angola hold out and it is apt that glue-gloved goalkeeper Joao Ricardo is the last man to touch the ball, clinging on to a Ramon Morales cross to seal a memorable result and a first World Cup point.

90 + 2 mins: That is why Mexico don't go route one. Francisco Fonseca mis-times his jump under a high ball and Joao Ricardo collects.

90 +1 min: Neat, patient football played at pace Mexican style but is it what you want when you need a late goal? Angola break down another move and run the ball to the opposite end of the pitch.

90 mins: It is all Mexico as they frantically look to break this deadlock. They have an extra three minutes to find a winner.

89 mins: Mexico have four men in attack and are throwing everything at the Angola goal. Omar Bravo gets on the edge of the cross from the left but his sliding effort cannons off the left post.

88 mins: The best shot of the game and the best save of the game. Rafael Marquez's long-range shot is wonderfully saved by Joao Ricardo at full stretch to his right.

86 mins: Angola goalkeeper Joao Ricardo receives a yellow card for time-wasting.

85 mins: Left, right, left, right. Francisco Fonseca dances through the defence with some neat, close footwork but is unable to cap it with a telling shot on goal.

83 mins: Down to 10 men Angola need fresh legs and Miloy is the man called on, with Ze Kalanga making way in the final substitution of the night.

82 mins: Jesus Arellano chips a pass through to Francisco Fonseca but his left-footed volley is wide of the goal.

79 mins: RED CARD
Mexico clear a corner but Rafael Marquez's break upfield comes to an end when his attempted flick past Andre is handled by the Angolan. It results in his second caution and an early bath.

78 mins: Mexico's last change sees Ramon Morales replace Gonzalo Pineda.

77 mins: Rafael Marquez tackles Pedro Mantorras from behind to concede a free-kick. He is frustrated by the decision and clearly frustrated by his team's inability to break down doughty opponents.

76 mins: Mario Mendez sneaks into the area between two defenders but the ball bobbles inbetween his feet and through to a grateful Joao Ricardo.

74 mins: Another change for Mexico and their fans are delighted. A roar goes up as Francisco Fonseca replaces Guillermo Franco.

72 mins: Hull's Rui Marques comes on for Angola playmaker Figueiredo to add a bit of steel to a midfield.

70 mins: All eyes are on Rafael Marquez unleashing a howitzer of a shot from a long-range free-kick, but instead he chips it into the area. Even his team-mates look surprised.

69 mins: Joao Ricardo flaps at a couple of corners in quick succession but is back to his assured best with a cross from the right flank. The 36-year-old does not have a club but may get some offers after this performance.

66 mins: Jambo's ricocheted clearance Angola breaks for Mexico on the edge of the box, but Omar Bravo fires in a tame effort that is easily saved. Pedro Mantorras replaces Mateus.

65 mins: Joao Ricardo must have glue on his gloves. With Omar Bravo free at the back post the keeper leaps to cut out a cross from the right with one hand.

63 mins: Guillermo Franco and Jesus Arellano combine on the edge of the box but the final pass goes astray with Omar Bravo caught on his heels.

61 mins: Angola are getting the ball in the box with more frequency, but Fabrice Akwa is struggling to make an impact in attack all on his lonesome.

58 mins: Ze Kalanga pulls the ball back on the left for Figueiredo who leans backwards as he makes contact and fires high over the crossbar.

55 mins: It's sixes and sevens at the back for Angola but they manage to escape without conceding. Guillermo Franco is played in but Joao Ricardo palms his lob away and with the goalkeeper out of the equation Jesus Arellano scuffs his shot which is cleared.

53 mins: Ricardo La Volpe is not the sort of bloke to sit on his hands when things are not going to plan and the Mexico coach pulls off midfielder Antonio Zinha and puts on forward Jesus Arellano.

52 mins: Mexico have stepped things up. Rafael Marquez calls Joao Ricardo into action with a cross from the right and then Carlos Salcido does likewise from the left.

50 mins: Mexico skipper Rafael Marquez must have had a word with the mascot from acting school as he theatrically goes down under a light challenge from Ze Kalanga, who picks up a yellow card.

48 mins: As in the first half, Mexico have started well from the whistle but an early corner is comfortably cleared by the Palancas Negras - or Black Impalas.

2103 BST: Angola start the second half. If they need any more incentive than glory to push for victory there's the small matter of a six-figure bonus for the man who scores their first World Cup goal.

"Mexico made a good start but dropped off after 30 minutes. Angola came into the game and if they throw a few more men forward and show ambition they've got a chance of nicking this because they have been frustrating Mexico."
Danny Mills, Five Live Sport

HALF-TIME: Certainly not the best entertainment of the World Cup but with it still deadlocked at 0-0 both teams will be eyeing a winning goal after the break.

45 mins: Guillermo Franco collects a cross with his back to goal but manages to turn and get a weak shot on goal which the on-rushing Joao Ricardo smothers. Jambo is close to the Villarreal striker and there is a hint of handball but nothing is given.

43 mins: Mexico eye a quick break but it is cut short when Rafael Marquez is cut down by Jamba. There was minimal contact but enough to earn the Angolan defender a yellow card that rules him out of the next match.

41 mins: Rafael Marquez climbs above Mateus to head Akwa's cross clear for a corner. A poor short corner and Angola again fail to take advantage of some lax play from their rivals.

40 mins: Mexican coach Ricardo La Volpe has been banned from smoking on the touchline by Fifa. This match is enough to turn a non-smoker to nicotine and La Volpe must be tapping his packet of 20 with relish as half-time approaches.

38 mins: Oswaldo Sanchez is not enjoying the best five minutes of football. His defence take the action down to walking pace and after passing the ball back to him he conspires to chip it out by the corner flag. Angola fail to capitalise.

35 mins: Oswaldo Sanchez flaps at Mendonca's inswinging corner and some Mexican head tennis ensures the ball is cleared.

33 mins: Joao Ricardo dives full stretch to cut out a cross from the right and almost palms it to the feet of Guillermo Franco, but Jambo is on hand to hammer the ball clear.

32 mins: Fabrice Akwa heads over the bar from Figueiredo's free-kick.

30 mins: Angola coach Luis Oliveira Goncalves scribbles notes on the touchline. He has been dubbed the "Miracle Man" for getting his country to Germany. This match up of mediocrity needs a miracle - and fast.

26 mins: Angola's Mendonca lines up a free-kick and goes off the long run-up. If we're going to stay with cricketing terminology it is fair to say he sent down a wide.

24 mins: As in the game against Portugal, Angola have taken their time to get into the game. But with the first quarter behind them they seem to be finding some rhythm.

22 mins: Figueiredo proves his recovery by slamming in Angola's first shot on target. It goes over the crossbar.

20 mins: Guillermo Franco dishes it out now and slides in on Angola midfielder Figueiredo. Now it's the turn of the only white player in the African side to receive treatment. The physios have done more than any of the players to date what with all this running on and off with the magic sponge.

17 mins: Jamba catches Guillermo Franco in the tackle and the Argentine-born, Spanish-based, Mexican striker receives treatment.

16 mins: Another rash Angola tackle on the edge of the box and another Mexico free-kick. Pavel Pardo looks to float it to the back post for Omar Bravo, but Joao Ricardo stretches every sinew in his body to claw the ball away.

15 mins: Angola string some possession together but are getting nowhere near the Mexico goal.

13 mins: Luis Delgado earns a yellow card for a foul on Antonio Zinha and it could be third time lucky for Pavel Pardo from a free-kick. Skipper Rafael Marquez pulls ranks and thunders a low, deflected shot on to the base of the post.

10 mins: A neat flick from Omar Bravo wrong foots the Angola defence and Guillermo Franco is fouled to give Pavel Pardo another deadball opportunity. It's on target but not exactly testing for Joao Ricardo.

7 mins: Gonzalo Pineda - that's classic Mexican - catches Ze Kalanga and the Angolan is down again. He's stretchered off this time but soon trots back on.

5 mins: Pavel Pardo wastes the first free-kick of the night, floating his effort down the throat of Joao Ricardo. Pavel? Is that a common Mexican name?

3 mins: A pause in play as Ze Kalanga and Guillermo Franco clash. The Angolan gingerly gets back to his feet after some treatment.

1 min: Mexico have come out of the blocks like a bullet. Defender Carlos Salcido lets rip from 30 yards and his effort dips just over the bar.

2000 BST: On an overcast evening we are up and running and Mexico go route one but the ball evades the outstretched boot of Omar Bravo and bounces through to Joao Ricardo.


1958 BST: Angola's players, management and staff go into the biggest pre-match huddle possible on the touchline.

1955 BST: During the Mexican anthem, whilst the players are lined up with their hands saluted flat across their hearts, it is the turn of Rafael Marquez's appointed mascot to give a toothy grin to the camera. These kids are clearly from some sort of local drama school - they love the limelight.

1954 BST: The first mascot out, hand-in-hand with Angola skipper Fabrice Akwa, cannot get enough of the camera.

1953 BST: The players are in the tunnel both in changed strips from their first outings in Germany. Mexico wear white, while their opponents are in red.

1950 BST: A win for Mexico will all but seal their place in the second stage.

1934 BST: A good omen for World Cup debutants Angola is harder to come by. Tournament new boys have struggled and African teams have struggled... but there is one, of sorts. In 1978 Mexico were the first team to lose to an African side at the World Cup when they came unstuck against Tunisia.

1919 BST: Mexican fans have happy memories of Hanover having beaten Brazil here in the Confederations Cup last summer. More of the same will do for the sombrero-wearing supporters in the AWD Arena.

1910 BST: "The Mexicans are here in massed numbers and they seem to have taken over the stadium."
Former England international Danny Mills, Five Live Sport

1901 BST: Mexico will have to cope without their leading scorer in qualifying, Jared Borgetti. A muscle tear means the "Desert Fox" will watch on from the sidelines with Brazilian-born Antonio Zinha coming in.

Angola coach Luis Oliveira Goncalves sticks with the same side that pushed Portugal all the way in their opening 1-0 defeat.


Mexico: Sanchez, Salcido, Marquez, Osorio, Pineda, Torrado, Zinha, Pardo, Mendez, Franco, Bravo.
Subs: Arellano, Borgetti, Castro, Corona, Fonseca, Garcia, Guardado, Morales, Ochoa, Perez, Rodriguez, Suarez.

Angola: Joao Ricardo, Jamba, Kali, Delgado, Loco, Figueiredo, Macanga, Mateus, Mendonca, Ze Kalanga, Akwa.
Subs: Airosa, Buengo, Edson, Flavio, Lama, Lebo-Lebo, Love, Mantorras, Marco, Mario, Miloy, Rui Marques.

Referee: Shamsul Maidin (Singapore)

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