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Monday, 22 April, 2002, 19:49 GMT 20:49 UK
Non-Old Firm 'stay united'
Dunfermline and Celtic: playing in different countries?
Dunfermline Athletic chairman John Yorkston has insisted that the 10 non-Old Firm clubs remain united in their determination to bring Celtic and Rangers to heel.

And he has predicted that the Glasgow giants will eventually come crawling back to Scotland's other top-flight clubs.

Yorkston was speaking on the eve of a meeting of the 10 where they are expected to officially submit their resignation letters to the Scottish Premier League.

There had been suggestions in the Sunday newspapers that the Old Firm were wooing some of the 10 in the hope of breaking their united front.

But Yorkston said that all 10 would submit their resignation letters at the same time as proof of their solidarity.

Dunfermline Athletic chairman John Yorkston
John Yorkston says SPL TV would have made money
"If there is one thing that the Old Firm have done, it is to unite the other 10," he told his club's official website.

The 10 will give the required two years' notice to the SPL in protest at the Old Firm's decision to scupper plans for the league's own subscription-based television channel.

They intend to set up their own league, with voting structures that would prevent Celtic and Rangers holding a joint veto should they eventually decide to join.

Yorkston said: "I think they will have to come back into the fold. There is nowhere else for them to go."

The Old Firm's overtures to the English Premiership have so far been rejected.

And the welcoming tones from the Nationwide League may not be enough to overcome the hurdles of moving from one country to another under the rules of football's various governing bodies.

"They have not been willing to compromise up until now on anything," said Yorkston of the Old Firm.

He said that, when the matter was discussed 18 months ago, the Glasgow clubs had wanted their share of money from Sky television to go up from 37% to 80%.

"We didn't agree to that and, by the time they eventually settled on 40%, the deal was no longer on the table," he said.

"The bottom line is that they underestimated the strength of feelings of the others.

"I do not think they have done their homework on the TV station. It could have made a lot of money.

"Bear in mind that we have a KPMG report which gives you various scenarios and, even the worst scenario, would make more money than is on the table at the moment.

Celtic plc chairman Brian Quinn
Brian Quinn: Old Firm will not back down
"We have got expertise on the various boards. We have Ian Blair, the vice-chairman at St Johnstone, who is a senior partner in KPMG, and Gavin Masterton at Dunfermline is the former managing director of the Bank of Scotland.

"These boys have all looked at it. Every club has got people of this calibre who have all looked at it and said 'yes, it works, it goes ahead'.

"Why would the banks offer 30m and another 60m to securitise the sales? They were prepared to put these offers to four-year deals.

"They are not going to do that unless they have done their homework."

Celtic plc chairman Brian Quinn warned on Sunday that the Old Firm would not back down.

He suggested that, by going it alone, the other 10 clubs would end up with smaller squads of lower quality and end up with a "minor and peripheral league".

Old Firm crisis

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