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Live - Uefa Cup

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Racing Santander 3-1 Man City Match report
Tottenham 2-2 Spartak Moscow Match report


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By Paul Fletcher

2146: Well, that didn't turn out to be too bad a night's action at all. Unless, of course, you support Man City.

This is my last live text before Christmas so I'd just like to wish you all a swell time over the next week or so. Everything in moderation, apart from little sausages wrapped in bacon.

2144: "I don't get the fact that if you finish third in your Champions League group you go into the Uefa Cup, yet if you win the Uefa Cup you don't get into the Champions League the following season, does not seem right."
Angus via text on 81111

You're not supposed to "get it", just enjoy the magic of the Uefa ride.

2140: Man City finished top of their group - unbelievable isn't it? - and will play a team that finished third in their group when the Uefa Cup round of 32 draw is made on Friday.

Tottenham finished second in their group and will play a side dropping out of the Champions League.

2137: Full-time Racing Santander 3-1 Man City
City's late goal hardly papers over the cracks. A fairly shambolic night and one that doesn't do much to ease the pressure on Mark Hughes. All things considered, a good job they had already qualified going into the fixture.

2135: GOAL Racing Santander 3-1 Man City
What, a goal for City? Just when it looked as though they would go through the entire match without a shot on target up pops substitute Felipe Caicedo with a low shot into the corner.

2132: Full-time Tottenham 2-2 Spartak Moscow
Cracking comeback from Harry's mob after the break. Spurs finish second in their group and can look forward to Friday's draw. Not a great night for Spartak - they crash out of the competition.

2130: "OK - six months being ignored, I've had enough - this is my last comment! Hughes to become a legend at Eastlands, Liverpool to finally win the title and the people who run this thing - good night and merry Xmas!"
Anonymous via text on 81111

I don't know what you're on about mate. How a look at a few previous live texts and you'll see that anonymous is on all the time.

2128: Not much to report from Spain. Petering out to a shambolic conclusion.

2127: (See 1919) "I just got back from work and realised I forgot the comma between Alex and Kingston. Sorry no famous following, although I was in a TV ad for Hoseasons Holidays as a kid."
Alex, Kingston, via text on 81111

Disappointing in many ways, yet curiously intriguing and uplifting in others.

2126: (See 2119): Just hold your horses, Group C fans. Sampdoria are 1-0 up against Sevilla thanks to Jonathan Bottinelli's goal - and as it stands, the Spanish team are going out of Europe.

2125: (See 2120) Relief indeed for Spurs. NEC are now 2-0 up over Udinese. Had the Harry fightback not happened, it would have been big trouble. Big, big trouble.

2123: Fraizer Campbell tries to get on the end of a low cross from Gareth Bale at the near post but, under heavy pressure, cannot get enough purchase on the ball and the keeper saves.

2122: Spurs appeal for a penalty. Fraizer Campbell wins the ball and is bearing down on goal. However, under pressure he gets the ball stuck under his feet and loses his balance. Play on, says the ref. Quite correctly too.

2121: Just 10 minutes or so of top-class Uefa Cup action left. Will there be a winner for Spurs or a consolation for City?

2120: Just as well Spurs fought back against Spartak. NEC are now 1-0 against Udinese which would have made for a very uncomfortable finale had Harry's boys still been losing. As it is, should Spurs get another, they could top the Group.

2119: Stuttgart seem certain to join Standard Liege and Sevilla in qualifying from Group C. They're 3-0 up against the Belgian side (who had already secured their place in the last 32).

2114: GOAL Tottenham 2-2 Spartak Moscow
Cracking header from Tom Huddlestone, who meets Gareth Bale's cross from the left and ensures scores are level at White Hart Lane.

2112: "I was blaming Hughes but I have changed my mind. It is the players. They just don't care enough. Sure they have already qualified but how can these professionals just roll over? I think there should be a massive clear out in January to get rid of the dross that are on the field right now."
Dave, Weston-Super-Mare, via text on 81111

The Mark Hughes question really is the hot topic of the evening.

2111: Improvement from City, inspired largely from Stephen Ireland. Bit late now perhaps.

2110: Olympiakos seem to be on their way to the last 32. They're now 2-0 up against Hertha Berlin thanks to Luciano Galletti's penalty and they're set fair to qualify along with Galatasaray and Metalist Kharkiv from Group B.

2108: GOAL Tottenham 1-2 Spartak Moscow
A superb mazy run from Aaron Lennon - and a precise pass at the end of it as the winger picks out Luka Modric, who slots home from six yards. Game on.

2017: Didier Zokora loses possession and Spartak's Artem Dzyuba should perhaps have his hat-trick but his shot is saved.

2107: Any sign of a City comeback? None whatsoever. In fact it should be 4-0. Mohamed Tchite rounds Kasper Schmeichel on the edge of the area. Several City players get back to try to cover and do enough to put Tchite off. He shoots wide of goal.

2103: An hour gone in Spain and Racing keeper Fabio Coltorti must be wondering what he is getting paid for. Vincent Kompany on for Elano.

2102: "This 'performance' has sealed it for me. I'd like a new City manager for Christmas please."
Michael, Manchester, via text on 81111

I hear Paul Ince is looking for work.

2100: All over Rover for City tonight but Tottenham are enjoying a good spell at White Hart Lane. They could sure do with translating some of that pressure into a goal.

2059: Great news you Olympiakos fans. Dudu has put you 1-0 up against Hertha Berlin, and victory will guarantee the Greeks a place in the last 32.

2057: GOAL Racing Santander 3-0 Man City
Raining in Spain - and all over City's parade. City fail to clear a corner and defender Juan Valera smashes home from close range.

2057: (See 2025) "On Dukla Prague, our Sunday league team is called FC Dukla and the nice chaps over there heard of us and sent us a brand new kit for this season and invited us over next year for a match!"
Toby, Leicester, via text on 81111

2054: Spurs win a corner but Spartak clear the danger. Not much to report from Santander.

2052: By the way, there was a change at the break for City, with Stephen Ireland on for the ineffective Robinho.

2051: Normally it is my wife who associates handbags with Christmas but they have certainly made an appearance in Santander. Elano, having lost his temper, shoves a Racing player and it booked for his troubles.

2050: Stipe Pletikosa makes a brilliant save diving to his right to deny Tottenham striker Fraizer Campbell. We haven't seen much of the isolated Campbell so far, who went close with that header.

2049: "I can't see the point in sacking Hughes at this stage - we need the post of stability that has been in short supply for years at City. Anyway, January and the next episode of Brewster's Millions is just around the corner..."
Alan Bates, Huddersfield, via text on 81111

For what it is worth - I think City would be crackers to sack Hughes.

2048: And the match in Santander is back under way. Joyous.

2046: The action has resumed at White Hart Lane. Aaron Lennon is on for Gilberto, who did not have a great first half.

2045: "City's reserves (who lost this morning) are sat with me. As the half wore on, they all resorted to playing on their game consoles instead of watching."
Ollie via text on 81111

2042: I just really, really have a very strong feeling that the two British sides in action tonight are going to turn on the style in the second half.

2040: For all you City fans looking to improve your Spanish (so you can go over there and make the most of the strong pound) half-time is apparently descanso, which means break or rest.

2039: "I've heard a vicious rumour that Robinho is playing tonight, yet again City fail to show up. Is it me or are City getting worse?"Anonymous via text on 81111

No, it is not you.

2036: The English teams might not be illuminating Europe with their footballing skills so far, but at least their matches have had some goals. Away from Spurs and Man City, tonight's other six ties have, thus far, yielded a paltry three goals. Disappointing from Europe.

2032: Half-time Racing Santander 2-0 Man City
Going well for our boys in Europe isn't it.

2031: Half-time Tottenham 0-2 Spartak Moscow
Harry's team are booed from the field.

2030: (See 2012) "I don't think Hughes should go, he needs more time. You don't become a bad manager overnight, the team is just low on confidence now. Quality will shine through."Lawrence, Manchester, via text on 8111

2029: "I'm all for giving Hughes a chance, but tonight is an opportunity to build some momentum heading into three crucial Premier League games and he's wasting it."
Bluedan in Santander via text on 81111

2026: Kasper Schmeichel and Jonathan Pereira compete for a loose ball. The City keeper loses what in rugby league would be termed the collision but is not seriously injured.

2025: (See 2007) "Speaking of Dukla Prague, I met their chairman in the summer when I went to their stadium. Bought the home kit too, no sign of their away kit though."
Anonymous via text on 81111

2022: Mohamed Tchite makes a very clean connection with a shot from the edge of the box. Just as well for City that it flies straight at Kasper Schmeichel.

2020: The nightmare scenario for Spurs is becoming a reality. As things stand Tottenham would qualify in third place from their group. NEC are currently drawing with Udinese - two goals for the Dutch side and it would be curtains for Harry's mob.

2017: GOAL Tottenham 0-2 Spartak Moscow
Artem Dzyuba scores his second of the game. He nutmeggs Didier Zokora and rounds Gomes with some style before slotting cooly into an empty net. Ice cold from the impressive Russian.

2016: GOAL Racing Santander 2-0 Man City
Santander are really hamming it up in Spain.Oscar Serrano exchanges passes with Jonathan Pereira before slotting the ball into the bottom corner.

2015: Pablo Zabaleta goes close for Man City, shooting wide from distance.

2014: Man City might be losing, but it's for sure even worse for Steve McClaren. His FC Twente side are now 2-0 down to PSG after Stephane Sessegnon's goal, so City are firm favourites to top the group.

2012: "Will Hughes just please leave now before he does anymore damage? And he can take the clown that is Tal Ben-Haim with him."
Si, one of many thinking the same thing, via text on 81111

I don't know. Are you one of many thinking the same thing?

2010: Another chance for Spartak, but this time Gomes manages to save Vladislav Ryzhkov's shot.

2009: Man City have improved after falling behind - Elano and Robinho look dangerous on the ball.

2007: GOAL Tottenham 0-1 Spartak Moscow
He who hesitates is lost. Gilberto waits for Gomes. Gomes waits for Gilberto. They stand and look at each other. Artem Dzyuba does not mess about. He is sharp and alert and pounces on the loose ball, drilling it between Gomes's legs.Ouch.

2007: (See 1927) "It's obvious: 'All I want for Christmas is a Dukla Prague away kit'. That's Half Man Half Biscuit, for those too young to know)."Andy M via text on 81111

You're not the first to crack that gag, but you are the first to explain it.

2003: GOAL Racing Santander 1-0 Man City
Tal Ben-Haim gives away a free-kick that Racing take quickly. A cross comes in from Oscar Serrano that Kasper Schmeichel can only palm into the path of Jonathan Pereira, who opens the scoring from inside the six-yard box.

2000: Spartak's Vladislav Ryzhkov collects a return pass from Artem Dzyuba and shoots at goal but his effort is too close to Heurelho Gomes, who just about saves.Decent chance.

1959: PSG are 1-0 up over Steve McClaren's FC Twente thanks to Peguy Luyindula's eighth-minute strike. But no fears Steve, Twente are for sure going to qualify regardless of tonight's result. If they lose, however, Man City will top Group A. Shhhimmply amazing.

1956: Ched Evans is brought down as he runs at the Racing defence. Javier Garrido takes the free-kick but it misses the target. In fact, he smashes it well over the crossbar.

1956: Sami Khedira has put VfB Stuttgart 1-0 up against Standard Liege. The German side will qualify if they win.

1954: Spartak have their first attack of the game but Heurelho Gomes saves at the feet of Ivan Saenko.

1952: Not a particularly high tempo to the game at White Hart Lane. Has the feel of a training match at the moment.

1947: The game is under way in Spain between Racing Santander and Man City.

1945: Spartak are wearing red tonight, Tottenham white. The home side have made a pretty good start, knocking the ball around very nicely.

1940: Not long until kick-off and excitement containment is becoming a genuine issue.

1937: (See 1927) "A time machine so we could start our season from scratch with Harry in charge from the outset. Top four no sweat!"
sharpspursman on 606
Join the debate on 606

"My beloved Albion team to make a fist of things for once in the Premier League woudn't be a bad present off Santa....oh...I forgot he didn't do miracles."
Baggieal on 606
Join the debate on 606

"A Robbie Keane hat-trick."
Luke, bored at work, Exeter, via text on 81111

"Affordable tickets at the lane, please."
George, currently procrastinating in my office, via text on 81111

"Aberdeen beating Celtic and Rangers in consecutive weekends in January. That could be my Christmas and Birthday (Jan 1) all rolled into one."
Dennis Law, Aberdeen, Scotland, via text on 81111

Not asking much then you lot.

1931: Teams in full

Tottenham: Gomes, Gunter, Zokora, Dawson, Gilberto, Bentley, Huddlestone, O'Hara, Bale, Modric, Campbell. Subs: Cesar, Lennon, Assou-Ekotto, Bostock, Parrett, Dervite, Obika.

Spartak Moscow: Pletikosa, Parshivlyuk, Fathi, Jiranek, Rodriguez, Shishkin, Kovalchuk, Ryzhkov, Maloyan, Saenko, Dzjuba. Subs: Dzanaev, Stranzl, Zotov, Grigorev, Bazhenov, Pavlenko, Prudnikov.


Racing Santander: Coltorti, Valera, Garay, Cesar Navas, Marcano, Munitis, Colsa, Luccin, Oscar Serrano, Tchite, Jonathan Pereira. Subs: Mario, Juanjo, Goncalves, Pinillos, Christian, Lacen, Bedia.

Man City: Schmeichel, Zabaleta, Richards, Ben-Haim, Garrido, Hamann, Fernandes, Vassell, Elano, Robinho, Evans. Subs: Hart, Onuoha, Ball, Ireland, Logan, Kompany, Caicedo.

1930: Just to confirm Darren Bent has tonsillitis and Roman Pavlyuchenko is cup-tied against the side he joined Spurs from.

1927: If Santa could bring you any football-related present what would it be?

1925: "Just got into White Hart Lane. 3-0 win for Spurs tonight Fletch. Bale free-kick and two Campbell goals. Sorted. Its cold! Send my wishes to the Cheese."
Sunil via text on 81111

I'll be back in 10. Just popping down the bookies.

1920: Just for the record Tottenham defender Gilberto is making his first appearance under manager Harry Redknapp. With the January transfer window opening soon it would probably be a good time to make a good impression.

1919: "I haven't even started my Xmas shopping yet, and I'm working up until the 23rd."
Alex Kingston via text on 81111

Should there be a comma between Alex and Kingston or do we have a famous following? I know what my money is on.

1918: Team news
Man City make seven changes from the side that lost to Everton on Saturday. Kasper Schmeichel replaces Joe Hart in goal, Tal Ben-Haim comes in at centre-back in place of captain Richard Dunne - who has not travelled to Spain because his wife gave birth this week - and Javier Garrido takes Michael Ball's spot at left-back.

In midfield, Gelson Fernandes, Didi Hamann and Darius Vassell replace Vincent Kompany, Shaun Wright-Phillips and Stephen Ireland, while, in the absence of the injured Benjani, Ched Evans plays up front alongside Robinho.

1915: "Put nothing on it, I am useless at predicting:
Racing Santander 2-1 Man City
Tottenham 1-2 Spartak Moscow."
Thanks Alot BBC7 on 606
Join the debate on 606

I'm useless at predicting too but I reckon it will be a night of triumph for our brave boys in Europe when we let those fellas across the water know exactly how good our young lads are.

1912: "With so many players out I can't wait to see Fraizer Campbell shine, he looks a real talent."
Stu, Glasgow, via text on 81111

If you ask the fair people of Hull they will probably say good things about him.

1910: Hey kids, don't forget if you're out and about later, you can still follow this text commentary and get all the scores on your mobile. Oh yes.

From a UK phone, just text FOOTBALL to 81010, it will cost you 10 to 15p and you will receive in return a link to our mobile site. Click on that, and you'll be straight through (then bookmark it so you never need to text that number again). The cost of being online on your phone will vary according to network and your own contract.

1907: The lay of the land tonight?

Man City are already through and Tottenham, well, Harry Redknapp's team are almost there.

Totenham can even afford to lose 1-0 and still know they will go through.

However, if they lose by two goals or more, opponents Spartak Moscow will finish above them - and Spurs will be in big trouble if NEC manage to beat Udinese by two goals.

And I need to finish my Christmas shopping. Pronto.

1905: "Come on City! Lets beat those Spaniards!"
TopClassCitizen on 606
Join the debate on 606

I'm not sure they will all be Spanish.

1903: Team news
Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp makes six changes from Saturday's draw against Manchester United. In come Chris Gunter, Gilberto, Tom Huddlestone, Jamie O'Hara, Gareth Bale and Fraizer Campbell for Vedran Corluka, Jonathan Woodgate, Benoit Assou-Ekotto, Jermaine Jenas, Aaron Lennon and Roman Pavlyuchenko.

1900 GMT: I'd like to start with a short message to Caroline Cheese.

The Queen of live text has alas succumbed to illness, hence I have stepped into the breach. So on behalf of everyone I'd like to wish Miss Cheese a speedy recovery.

Ill over Christmas - that is not great chat. Just ask half the management in our office.

In fact, while I'm at it I'd like to wish my wife, also called Caroline, a speedy recovery from her illness as well.

Now, down to the football....

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