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Barcelona v Man Utd as it happened

Barcelona 0-0 Man Utd Match report


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By Caroline Cheese

2145: Off I go then. Once again, your contribution has been immense. Carlos Tevez, Wayne Rooney, Ji-Sung Park, they could all learn a lesson from you lot. Be back tomorrow as Rangers look to continue their incredible Uefa Cup run against Fiorentina. You take care now.

2142: Cristiano Ronaldo says he didn't change his penalty technique - although he didn't stop in his run-up as he usually does. "No problem," he says of his miss. "Now I'm gonna score in Manchester."

2141: "I think that penalty miss affected not just Ronaldo but the whole United team. They had a brilliant opportunity to take the lead and get an away goal. Barca would have been so flat at conceding so early, the crowd would have been on their backs, the white hankies would have been out. Instead they gradually took control of the match through Deco and Messi."
BBC 5 Live commentator Alan Green

2137: No competition for tonight's man of the match. Leo Messi is that man with 7.89. A collection of pretty miserable scores all round for the United team, the worst of which is Wayne Rooney's 5.29.
Rate the players

2136: "United have played like a boxer willing to take a barrage of body-blows. They haven't been very adventurous but limited the damage Barca could have dealt."
Mathew, London, via text on 81111

2133: Manchester United, after a strangely flat performance, have got to be massively pleased with that - even taking into account that early missed pen by Cristiano Ronaldo.

2132: FULL-TIME Barcelona 0-0 Man Utd

2128: Andres Iniesta tumbles theatrically under a twin challenge from Michael Carrick and Ji-Sung Park. Thierry Henry chips it but it's easy for Van der Sar.

2127: "Even seasoned professionals like VDS who has seen it, done it all, are having an absolute nightmare - what has Fergie done to these guys? They seem petrified of a struggling Barca side."
Alan's Green With Envy on 606
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2125: Carlos Tevez - who has been anonymous tonight - is replaced by Ryan Giggs.

2123: Thierry Henry cuts in from the left and unleashes a fierce right-footed shot. Edwin van der Sar just flaps at it and is lucky to see the ball rebound to safety.

2121: Classic Paul Scholes tackle there, sliding in and taking out Samuel Eto'o and a little bit of the ball as well. He doesn't get penalised though.

2119: With a little over 10 minutes remaining, the stats say United have had two shots on target. I can't remember them.

2118: "The script has already been written, Henry to come off the bench and score the winner."
Darrell via text on 81111

2117: And now we have Thierry Henry entering the fray, replacing Deco. The French striker has scored nine goals in 18 appearances against United.

2115: United make their first change with Nani replacing Wayne Rooney. Not one of Rooney's better evenings it must be said. He's on 5.55 on the old Player Rater.

2115: Thierry Henry is taking his tracksuit off. We have 15 minutes remaining at the Camp Nou.

2113: United right-back Owen Hargreaves gets a yellow card for coming through the back of Bojan.

2112: Barcelona want a penalty for Patrice Evra's challenge on Andres Iniesta. Don't think he got a touch on the ball. United a bit lucky there.

2111: Eric Abidal dives in on Cristiano Ronaldo on the right-hand edge of the box. All a bit unnecessary. Just about got a touch on the ball though.

2109: United boss Sir Alex Ferguson is furiously chewing gum as he shouts instructions from the touchline. His side have been really very poor tonight and a draw will be an excellent result for them.

2105: Rio Ferdinand's attempted pass back to his keeper goes behind for a corner but United escape when Deco hammers a shot high and wide. Thierry Henry is warming up.

2102: What? Bojan is coming on for Leo Messi. The Argentine genius gets a standing ovation from the Barca fans. So, the best player on the pitch is gone. A boost for United. Messi is only just back from injury but he looks very disappointed to be coming off as he gives Rijkaard a reluctant hug.

2101: "United just don't look happy with Ronaldo through the middle, Tevez in the hole and Rooney out right. But at the moment, they'll take 0-0."
BBC 5 Live analyst Chris Waddle

2100: Xavi's low shot from outside the area takes a wee deflection but Edwin van der Sar is in the right place to collect.

2059: Wayne Rooney's at right-back briefly and he just boots the ball straight out of play when he had time to something a bit more imaginative. Bojan preparing to come on for Barca.

2054: A United corner is cleared only to Michael Carrick, who leaves Rafael Marquez for dead before charging into the box and slamming a shot into the side netting.

2052: A fabulous passing move from Barca has the United defence all at sea. Deco to Messi to Iniesta, who flicks the pass through for Samuel Eto'o but his shot is into the side netting.

2051: Wes Brown loses the ball and Samuel Eto'o drives down the right-hand channel, hurdling Rio Ferdinand's sliding challenge. But his cut-back doesn't quite reach Leo Messi.

2049: Oof. Gianluca Zambrotta has a pop from distance which Edwin van der Sar does well to flick over with his fingertips.

2045: Away we go in the second half. Here's Fergie's thoughts... "I think we've done quite well defensively and towards the end of the half we started to play much better going forward. I'm pleased. The longer the game goes, we've got a better chance. I think we should have had a second penalty but that's the way it goes."

2041: "For all Barca's attacking play, they have still not scored. They have used a lot of energy for no reward. so might tire in the second half, hopefully allowing for a Man Utd goal. Anderson for Scholes second half hopefully."
Manufan87 on 606
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2036: Little Leo Messi is your man of the first half. He's on 7.92 on Player Rater, just ahead of Samuel Eto'o. Rio Ferdinand is United's star of the first 45 on 6.29.
Rate the players

2034: "Wayne Rooney just hasn't got involved. He has lost the ball so many times."
BBC Radio 5 Live analyst Chris Waddle

2033: "Scholes has got his sentimental 100th cap. Let's bring Anderson on and win this game."
Viknesh in Bognor, via text on 81111

2030: HALF-TIME Barcelona 0-0 Man Utd

2030: Rafael Marquez has fallen off the metaphorical tightrope. He flicks out a leg to bring down Cristiano Ronaldo as the winger looks to cut in from the left and is booked. He'll miss the second leg.

2028: Brilliant defending from Rio Ferdinand as he keeps pace with Samuel Eto'o and toe-pokes the ball back to Edwin van der Sar.

2026: Bit better from United now and Cristiano Ronaldo has a free-kick out left but Barca clear. Three minutes until half-time.

2023: Frustration for Paul Scholes as he is penalised for clipping Andres Iniesta's heel about 30 yards out. Deco's low effort is easily collected by Edwin van der Sar though.

2018: Leo Messi is running the show. The brilliant Argentine gets a lucky break this time as his pass clips off a United defender and into Samuel Eto'o's path but his shot is deflected into Edwin Van der Sar's arms.

2014: Andres Iniesta passes the ball across his own defence - straight to Cristiano Ronaldo. The winger is barged into by Rafael Marquez as he bursts into the box - but the ref isn't interested in giving a second penalty. Alan Green and Chris Waddle on 5 Live say it's a definite pen, a quick straw poll in this office is 100% no pen.

2011: "United are placing too many men behind the ball, which is strange for a club oozing with attacking impulse."
jpalongo - Nev_for_Pres on 606
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2011: Andres Iniesta plays in Samuel Eto'o but Wayne Rooney is there with the last-ditch clearance as the ball breaks dangerously in the box.

2010: "Barcelona are all over them in midfield. Get Anderson in there."
BBC Radio 5 Live analyst Chris Waddle

2008: Eric Abidal delivers a dangerous low cross into the corridor of uncertainty but only Samuel Eto'o is anywhere near it - and he's not near enough. Worrying times for United.

2005: Manchester United are being hustled out of it in midfield. Carlos Tevez loses the ball to Yaya Toure and then fouls him. Xavi takes the free-kick and Rafael Marquez is inches away from heading it home.

2001: Cristiano Ronaldo doesn't connect at all well with a free-kick from 35 yards out. He gets a corner but Barca clear.

1958: Carlos Tevez brings down Yaya Toure just outside the box but Rafael Marquez puts the free-kick straight into the wall. A waste really. Barcelona on top at the moment.

1958: Awful clearance from Edwin van der Sar and Barca are suddenly three on two but Samuel Eto'o can't find his team-mate.

1956: Leo Messi drifts into the middle and plays in Andres Iniesta on the left but his cut-back is inches behind Deco in the box.

1954: Barcelona beginning to settle now, and they force three corners in quick succession. Leo Messi shows how dangerous he can be by dinking the ball past Ji-Sung Park and sprinting to the byeline. No one on the end of his cut-back though.

Incredible drama. United pile on the pressure early on and from a corner, Gabriel Milito blocks Cristiano Ronaldo's header with his hand. Clear pen. But Ronaldo plays it far too cool, clipping his spot-kick wide. Huge let-off for Barca, who look very, very nervous.

1946: Penalty to United.

1945: Awesome atmosphere. Awesome. We're under way.

1943: "This is it for Fergie and Utd. He'll never have a better squad. They must go through and win this year!"
Anon via text on 81111

1940: Plenty of friendly handshakes and hugs between the two teams in the tunnel. They walk out to a fantastic reception from the Camp Nou crowd. The Barca fans hold up coloured cards spelling out 'Tots units fem forca'. Together we are stronger? I think so.

1934: Here are tonight's metaphorical tightrope walkers: Nani and Patrice Evra for Manchester United, Rafael Marquez, Gabriel Milito, Yaya Toure and Lionel Messi. They're all within a yellow card of missing the second leg.

1930: Here's Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson... "It was a difficult decision (who to replace Vidic). Pique's been doing very well but I've gone for the experience of Brown. We're trying to work out how they're going to operate. Maybe Deco out left? Or Iniesta? Anyway, it won't make a great difference for us. We've come here to win the match and score a goal, or goals."

1926: What about our man in the middle tonight? Well, referee fans, his name is Massimo Busacca. He is Swiss and his hobbies are skiing and travel.

1922: No word of a lie. Former England - and Manchester United - coach Steve McClaren just told BBC Radio 5 Live: "This tie will go to the second leg where it will be decided."

1919: "Re 1912. I'm in an open exam at the minute for my finals, and I'm watching the match, without beer, as a compromise. Sort your priorities out!"
Jez in York, via text on 81111

1917: "Arghhh I can't take the suspense any longer. I couldn't even concentrate at work and my stomach's in knots."
Sukh, Leicester, via text on 81111

1915: "I think Sir Alex will retire if he wins the Champions League for a second time."
BBC Radio 5 Live commentator Alan Green

1912: "I have a degree exam tomorrow. Should I miss the match?"
Carts via text on 81111
No. Change degree.

1910: Paul Scholes will make his 100th Champions League appearance tonight, only the ninth player to reach that landmark. The others are Ryan Giggs, David Beckham, Raul, Roberto Carlos, Paolo Maldini, Oliver Kahn, Clarence Seedorf and Luis Figo.

1905: Barcelona, I think we can all agree, are very much the underdogs in this tie but consider this: Barca have won four of the eight previous European Cup/Champions League semi-finals they have contested. United have won two of nine.

1903: "1999 Champions League winning captain Peter Schmiechel is pitchside working for Danish TV. Looks the consummate broadcasting professional too, with his Madonna-style microphone. Watch out Lineker."
BBC Sport's Chris Whyatt in Barcelona

1901: "Deco? Deco?! I remember Frank bringing him back to play against Real when he wasn't ready and it was a disaster. Hope it's a different story tonight!"
Rich, Sutton , via text on 81111

1900: "Don't worry about defence, Rio will carry it, and with hustlers like Hargreaves and Park on the pitch, it won't be easy for Barcelona."
MrSport88 on 606
Join the debate on 606

1853: "No! Brown is gonna get torn apart, it should be Pique."
Josh, nervous in York, via text on 81111

1849: Plenty of surprises in those line-ups then. United are without Nemanja Vidic so Wes Brown partners Rio Ferdinand in central defence with Owen Hargreaves at right-back. Looks like a 4-4-2, with Carlos Tevez partnering Wayne Rooney up front, Ji-Sung Park on the right and Cristiano Ronaldo on the left. Barcelona leave out Thierry Henry and instead play Andres Iniesta on the left in a slightly more defensive line-up than the norm.

1843: TEAMS
Man Utd: Van der Sar, Evra, Hargreaves, Ferdinand, Brown, Ronaldo, Rooney, Park, Carrick, Scholes, Tevez. Subs: Kuszscak, Anderson, Giggs, Nani, Pique, O'Shea, Silvestre.
Barcelona: Valdes, Milito, Marquez, Xavi, Iniesta, Eto'o, Zambrotta, Messi, Deco, Abidal, Toure. Subs: Jose Pinto, Gudjohnsen, Henry, Sylvinho, Giovani, Thuram, Bojan.

1839: "A relaxed Barca arrive at the Camp Nou with Henry and Thuram deep in conversation. The United fans are slowly trickling in and are making themselves heard up in the third tier. Not long to go now."
BBC Sport's Nabil Hassan in Barcelona

1830: It's sausage night at the BBC canteen - a special nod to St George's Day. Was St George a big sausage fan? I have no idea. Anyway, dinner out of the way, let's have a look at some stats. Barcelona have won five successive Champions League games at the Camp Nou, conceding one goal. Blimey.

1819: "There's a feeling in Barcelona that the Rijkaard era might be drawing to a close but talent for talent, man for man, it's an evenly balanced tie - and it would be wrong for Man U fans to think their team are already heading to Moscow. Barca may be experiencing a lack of form about they do not have a lack of ability."
BBC Radio 5 Live reporter Simon Brotherton in Barcelona

1806: My inside sources at Barca* tell me this is a likely Barca line-up for later: Valdes, Zambrotta, Abidal, Marquez, Milito, Yaya Toure, Iniesta, Xavi, Henry, Messi, Eto'o. A few decisions for Frank Rijkaard though. Silvinho for Abidal at left-back? Bojan for Henry? Any Barca fans out there want to have a go?

* Yes, you're right, a mate who watches a lot of Spanish football.

1754: "Vidic was rushed to hospital with suspected gastro-enteritis and I understand he left the hotel at about 11pm for three hours. It will take a lot to keep Vidic out, but this could be the big opportunity for Gerard Pique, a contemporary of Messi in the Barca youth academy."
BBC Radio 5 Live reporter Simon Brotherton in Barcelona
Man Utd wait on Vidic after scare

1742: "Park is actually decent at covering the full-back so I think that's the right decision, if so, by Ferguson. Vidic will definitely play, 100% sure of it, this is standard Ferguson mind-games, also the doctor said the pain was of "minor" condition."
ashalpool on 606
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1729: With that last bit of chat in mind, here's my best guess at the United line-up for later: Van der Sar, Brown, Ferdinand, Vidic/Pique, Evra, Carrick, Hargreaves, Anderson, Ronaldo, Park, Rooney. Anyone else know better?
Pick the Man Utd team

1723: "Park marking Messi? Jinkies!"
Tom, Manchester, via text on 81111

1714: I'm so excited, I quite literally cannot hide it. I'm going to kick off with a bit of gossip that has reached me. Neither Ryan Giggs nor Paul Scholes will play tonight. Ho-hum. Not such a surprise you may think. But what about this: Ji-Sung Park will be given a man-marking role on Leo Messi. What say you?

By Tom Fordyce

1655: It's almost Cheese o'clock - but until it is, a final piece of chat from BBC Sport's Chris Whyatt in Barcelona:

"'Viva Ronaldo!' rings out around the bowels of the Barca metro system as hordes of United fans stream across the city from Port Olympic towards the ground. Most ticketless. All good-natured chants, but the locals look completely terrified."

1645: It's official - there are now exactly three hours to go. Sorry. It's gone a little quiet here.

1628: Breaking news from Spain - it's been confirmed that Nemanja Vidic was indeed taken to hospital with a stomach problem last night, and remains a doubt for the game tonight.

A spokesman at Barcelona's Hospital de Bellvitge said: "He was brought here last night with a stomach problem and kept in for a couple of hours, but was later released as the condition was not very serious.

"Whether he plays or not is not our decision. He is back with the team and the club doctors will decide if he is fit to play this evening."

1623: As recompense for Liverpool fans offended at the Riise joke, here's a little mood-lifting chat from a former defensive legend of yours, Alan Hansen.

"Liverpool might have won the game by two or three last night without playing particularly well, which shows you that when they have got the best players on the pitch they can compete with anybody.

"Benitez knows he has the players who can turn it around. He will play the game itself exactly the same way. He will be cautious and try to nick a goal. It would be no surprise to see Liverpool going through."

1610, from craidski_MUFC on 606: "I'm sat at work clock-watching. I can't wait for the day to end so I can drag the missus down the pub to watch what is going to be one of the best European games of the year."

1555, from ashalpool on 606: "Typical Ferguson mind games, just like with Ferdinand for Liverpool. It's Ferguson's standard tactic before a big game - one of his vital players has got injured, one has fallen ill, one has died. Typical."

1540, from Matt via text: "I'm sitting in my pants in my dingy student house, writing my dissertation, while my tutor is partying in Las Ramblas with a bunch of merry Catalans. There's something wrong here."

1530: A joke, to start us off again, from several Manc punters on 606:

"John Arne Riise has just been arrested on the M62. Apparently he was heading in the wrong direction."

By Sam Lyon

1523: Righty-oh, with my lunch calling (cheers Mitch), I'll hand you back to the inimitable and, for once, not silk vest-clad Tom Fordyce. Final thought from me, could the whole Vidic thing be typical late-doors Fergie mind games? Hhmmm...

1520: "United's defence will be like bricks without cement without Vidic..."
f00tyy on 606

1514: "Vidic apparently had stomach pain and was rushed to hospital - it has nothing to do with the injury he sustained at the Stadio Olympico a few weeks ago."
akaRoonaldo on 606

1509: "This is the worst time to lose Vidic."
alpeshgujjar on 606
Join the debate on 606

1505: The latest on Nemanja Vidic, by the way, comes to us via our friend Simon Brotherton at BBC Radio 5 Live.

"Manchester United haven't commented on the issue but they certainly haven't denied reports here that Nemanja Vidic paid a late night visit to a local hospital with a stomach problem. The Serbian defender, who only returned to the side on Saturday following a knee injury, had earlier sat out the team's training session at the Nou Camp. Meanwhile Wes Brown only had a light session last night as he recovers from a knock at the weekend."
Barcelona-Man Utd team news

The plot thickens huh?

1501: "The general feeling among United's travelling fans is that if Vidic is ruled out then Gerard Pique, who came through the Barca youth ranks and is returning to the Nou Camp for the first time, is the preferred replacement."
BBC Sport's Nabil Hassan in Barcelona

1455: Limited success with the translations there folks, it has to be said. Maybe a 'B' for effort for a few of you, but no passes unfortunately due to the lack of Catalan knowledge and clear reliance on online translation tools. Not that I can judge, mind, my French efforts at school were rubbish. If you want to converse in Latin though... Anyway, last word on the what-turned-out-to-be-largely-Spanish chants...

"Él juega a la izquierda,
Él juega en el riiiiiiiiiiggght,
Nuestro muchacho Ronaldo,
Inglaterra hace ver errar errar errar basura..."

Which translates as...

"He plays on the left,
He plays on the riiiiiiiiiiggght,
Our boy Ronaldo,
Makes England look err err err rubbish"."
sapphire_blue on 606

Erm, quite.

1449: "It'd be great for English football if we could have an all-English final in Moscow come May. Man Utd are in terrific form and, though it'll be a sensational atmosphere at the Nou Camp, there's no reason why they can't come out on top over the two legs."
BBC Sport's football expert Alan Hansen on Radio 5 Live

1447: "Bonjour.....Oh wait..."
schillz14 on 606

1444: "I'd just like to be the pedant and say that these translations are in Castillian ("proper" Spanish) so far and not Catalan (the language of the region of Cataluna in which Barcelona is). To be fair though, if the fans sang them in Spanish it would probably be more offensive to the Barca crowd! I know some Spanish but my Catalan is virtually non-existant."
jjelhombre on 606

1439: "Does Henry know what is Spanish for 'va va voom'?"

Wise words jjelhombre, wise words.

1432: ""Vamos a anotar uno más que usted!" - "We're gonna score one more than you!"

"Cantar una canción para usted?" - "Shall we sing a song for you?"

And my personal favourite... "Adonde el oh donde mi emparedado de la gamba ha ido?" - "Where oh where has my prawn sandwich gone?""
Tulku21 on 606

1425: Update from BBC Sport's Chris Whyatt in Barcelona: "How much does this game mean to United? Sat with a group of Reds who have all just paid three hundred notes for their tickets. Just over five hours to go..."

1421: "English: Rooney Rooney Rooney (chant)
Catalan: Rooney Rooney Rooney
potbellyDave on 606

1415: Y'alright peeps, how are 'dem tings'? I was reliably informed by Mr Fordyce before his swift departure to the canteen that now is the time for your (clean please) Manc phrases to be translated into Catalan. I should note at this juncture that the chances of my translating these correctly for you are somewhere between slim and zero, so do the right thing and put the effort in yourselves... the rewards are that much greater if you do, I promise.

Apologies for my delay by the way, I was ordering food from a colleague whose knowledge of a well known fast food outlet's menu is staggeringly good. Rather worrying really, isn't it? What I wouldn't give to be on the streets of Barca with BBC Sport's Nabil and Chris I tell you... Check out the weather forecast there for a start...
Weather in Barcelona, Spain

By Tom Fordyce

1400: Tapas time for the next hour, which means the always chirpy Sam Lyon will keep things nibbling along for a while.

1355, from Jon in Manchester via text: "Loving the fact it's St George's Day and the Catalans are out celebrating it. Can't work out if there's an omen in there or not."

1344: It's all happening on the streets of Barcelona, according to BBC Sport's Chris Whyatt:

"Helicopters hovering up high, reggae bands blasting out tunes, Catalans celebrating St Jordi's Day with books and flowers, thousands of United fans singing merrily in squares - Las Ramblas is a sardine-packed sea of humanity. Six hours to go..."

1335, from sdpasi02 on 606: "Call me crazy, but I reckon there's a decent chance of a 3-3 draw tonight."

1326, from Phil in Manchester via text: "If United lose another game this season, nevermind tonight, I will buy a hat and then eat it."

1320, from red-devil-mike88 on 606: "3-2 to United. Reckon it should be an absolute stonker of the game. In my opinion you can't get two better teams, especially attacking wise."

1305, from Sam in Stoke via text: "Man U are in for a tough game tonight but I think we can look after the likes of henry and Messi. 1-1 wud b a gr8 result."

1259: Our last (and a touch tardy) installment in the retro section, courtesy of Fosterforengland on 606:

"When Solskjaer scored the winner in Barcelona in 1999 I jumped out of my chair, my socks slipped on the carpet, I fell backwards and hit my head on the floor, giving myself concussion."

1254: The word from the street in Barcelona from BBC Sport's Nabil Hassan: "It's a public holiday over here, so the streets are rammed. You can spot the United fans a mile off - they're the ones with their tops off."

1250, from backofdanet on 606: "Best moment for me has to be Andy Cole's goal at the Nou Camp where Yorke dummies it through his legs to Cole and they play a one-two before Cole buries it. Genius. Think the commentary was 'the combination was out of this world'."

1245, from Sp0rtsFan23 on 606: "In return for going to bingo last night with the missus, we are having steak in front of the match with The Apprentice lined up on Sky Plus for afters. I'm a Gooner but am massively looking forward to this clash."

1235, from chizzelface on 606: "The first United - Barca game I remember seeing was the 2-1 game in Rotterdam. Mark Hughes was inspirational that night and even the great Ronald Koeman couldn't drag Barcelona back into that game."

1225, from waskabbani on 606: "I was at both the '84 and 98/99 games at Old Trafford and without doubt the '84 game was incredible. The noise created that night was deafening. Maradona and Schuster didn't get a kick."

That's what happens when you get the likes of Arthur Albiston and Graeme Hogg in your team, waskabbani.

1217: While we're talking of moments past, what of the glorious night at Old Trafford 24 years ago?

1210, from red_head_devil on 606: "I awoke this morning next to my not-attractive-enough girlfriend, to travel to my not-paid-enough job before I return to my not-big-enough house to watch United on my not-good-enough telly - but if we win at Barca tonight - well, today would be one hell of a good day."

Mrs red_head_devil - any thoughts?

1203: Early effort from Chris O in Chesterfield via text as we link arms and stroll down memory lane. Others might recall 1994 for Chaka Demus and Pliers' charming re-working of 'Twist And Shout', Toni Di Bart's 'The Real Thing' and Doop's, er, 'Doop', but not Chris.

"I remember being in Camp Nou, stood up on the top tier. Even Gary Pallister looked minute! Lost 4-0 but great three days in a great city."

1159: A last entry in our 'viewing plans' window before we move to 'memories' (note amended timings after earlier technical issue dullness), from placey1 on 606:

"I cunningly offered to babysit for a couple I know weeks ago. They have satellite, I don't. The lady is delighted. My male (ex) friend less so. The best bit is that he babysits in return this weekend."

1155: And from the BBC's own Simon Brotherton, holding forth once again on 5 Live:

"These are the sort of occasions Alex Ferguson really relishes at this stage of his career, although as he admitted himself he's lost far more Champions League semi-finals than he has won up until now.

"So far here the news is good for United -Wayne Rooney's fit after picking up a hip injury on Saturday against Blackburn. Three absentees at Ewood Park - Edwin van der Sar, Owen Hargreaves and Anderson - are available."

1145: A little chat for you from Spanish football expert Graham Hunter, speaking a little earlier on 5 Live.

"United are coming to the stadium of football disaster at the moment. Barca have lost two domestic leagues on the trot to Real Madrid and for my money they definitely start as outstanding second favourites.

"In the Camp Nou, as Manchester United fans will tell you, miracles can happen - they did in 1999- but I don't really expect it to happen tonight."

1135: Now then - provided he shakes off his little bug, Thierry Henry will be lining up against his old foes once again. It's been a tough old season for the former Gunner - his scoring rate has dropped from 0.68 goals per game at Arsenal to a mere 0.28 at Barca.
The trouble & strife of Thierry Henry

Mind you - there could be life in the old boy yet - smooth Beeb anchor and former Barca striker Gary Lineker says United will underestimate him at their peril.
Lineker warns Man Utd over Henry

"Viewing plan: Local pub, lots of beer, and cheering the United Boys. I may not be a United fan but I'd love to see an all-English final!"
chizzleface on 606

"As exciting as it sounds... I'll be watching the game via satelite link. I predicted a 1-1 yesterday, though, and today a Desmond Tutu (2 all) draw is on the cards!"
PuertaRIP on 606
Join the debate on 606

1100: Hola y buenos dias to the only words of Spanish I know. Ideally I would have like to greet you in Catalan, but for some reason they didn't teach it at my school, so a clumsy, politically-incorrect start it is.

After the limited success of Tuesday's timetable approach to proceedings, we'll go for a tweaked version of the same today.

Throughout the day you'll have the latest news, atmos and banter served up for your delectation, plus:

1100-1200: Your viewing plans for el juego grande
1200-1245: Your memories of Barca-Man Utd clashes past - Rivaldo, Cantona, Duxbury et al
1245-1330: Your predictions for the scoreline at the Nou Camp
1330-1430: Your best efforts at translating Manc football phrases into Catalan

Anything else you'd like on el carta?

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