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Meet City's FA Cup slickers

By Peter Shuttleworth

Cardiff City are the only team to take the famous FA Cup trophy out of England.

Steve Thompson

But The Bluebirds have a chance to repeat that feat when they play Portsmouth at Wembley on 17 May.

Dave Jones' Cardiff team boast some high-profile stars, including former Premier League goal kings Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink and Robbie Fowler.

However, not everyone will be entirely familiar with all of the City slickers from South Wales.

So as the Welsh club prepares to go before an expected global audience of 500 million from 160 different countries, please allow Cardiff's Scottish striker Steve Thompson (right) to introduce his Ninian Park team-mates...


Peter Enckelman
Nickname: Haywire
Joined: January 2008 on loan from Blackburn
Pete's named after some blond, balding wrestler and the similarities are startling. But he's a fairly quiet, nice guy.

Michael Oakes
Nickname: The Oak Tree
Joined: July 2007 on a free from Wolves
Oakesy is the driest guy I've met, a poor man's Jack Dee. But he is in summer holiday mode already. He wants to get out on the golf course because he's the best player at the club.


Kevin McNaughton
Nickname: The Grey Squirrel or Grampa
Joined: May 2006 on a free from Aberdeen
He's the funniest person at the club and the greyest by a mile. It's hard to believe the silver fox is only 25. Kev loves films and whatever question you ask him, he'll answer it in a line from a film. He's such a Barry Norman.

Tony Capaldi
Nickname: TC or Pinocchio
Joined: May 2007 on a free from Plymouth
He gets a lot of stick for his beak and has a barrage of nose-orientated jokes. But Tony is an easy-going, nice guy who keeps himself to himself.


Glenn Loovens
Nickname: The Loovenator
Joined: July 2005 for 180,000 from Feyenoord
The Loovenator is very aware of his appearance, he always tries to look his best. He's my roomy and the best room-mate as he doesn't talk to me, he just plugs himself into his portable DVD player and it's like having your own room.

Roger Johnson
Nickname: Long Man
Joined: July 2006 for 275,000 from Wycombe
His woman's waist is the reason for his nickname. He loves himself and thinks he's the best at everything. His missus Melissa did a video called WAGS Workout so we played it on the team bus to an away game, his face was a picture.

Darren Purse
DARREN PURSE (captain)
Nickname: Pursey
Joined: July 2005 for 600,000 from West Brom
He's still getting stick for a jacket he wore on a team night out where he came as one of the cast of Hi-de-Hi. Pursey, though, is a serious guy and is a good captain because he's a great organiser.


Peter Whittingham
Nickname: Whitts or Jeebs
Joined: January 2007 for 250,000 from Aston Villa
Capaldi's twin. It must be a left-sided, Birmingham thing. They're thick as thieves and they look quite similar, apart from the nose. Whitts is a quiet bloke that looks like Jeebs from Men in Black.

Gavin Rae
Nickname: The Honey Monster
Joined: June 2007 on a free from Rangers
Gav is the honey monster from the Sugar Puffs ad but he wins the all-time nicest guy in the world award. He is a bubbly character but wears some proper dodgy, tight-fitting gear. He's the best trainer, though.

Stephen McPhail
Nickname: Macca
Joined: June 2006 on a free from Barnsley
He's a quiet guy that doesn't get much stick. Macca is one of the best dressers at the club, he always looks tidy and is a quality pro.

Trevor Sinclair
Nickname: Trev
July 2007 on a free from Manchester City
His nickname sums him up! No, Trev gets seriously involved in the banter but he doesn't shut up about that overhead-kick goal he scored for QPR back in the day. He tries to replicate it in training at least once a week but that was a once in a lifetime goal. He also gets stick for his hair or lack of it. We keep asking him "didn't you like your dreadlocks?"

Joe Ledley
Nickname: The Skunk
Graduated: September 2004 from youth academy
He's a Cardiff boy and a City fan and going to the FA Cup final means a lot to him. He's a great talent and recently sold his Audi A3 and bought Stephen McPhail's Range Rover so we wound him up, saying he was getting himself ready for the Premier League. But he's a proper gangster and into rap music. He thinks he's 50 Cent, dressing like him and now he's got the wheels to match.

Riccy Scimeca
Nickname: Riccy
Joined: January 2006 on a free from West Brom
Riccy is the consummate pro and doesn't get stick about anything because he is such a nice guy. He's our agony aunt, if anyone wants career advice we speak to Riccy because he's an intelligent bloke.

Aaron Ramsey
Nickname: John Rambo
Graduated: July 2007 from youth academy
The quietest guy in the world announces his arrival when he's given the ball because his ability is frightening. He's as good as everyone says, if not better. But he gets stick for his hair. We've started to call him Marge Simpson, it's a proper thatch. He's a fully paid-up indie boy. Aaron has just bought his first car... a luminous, lime green Ford Fiesta with a black and white checkerboard roof. If he does go to the Premier League, the car, Aaron, will have to go.


Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink
Nickname: Cash In The Bank
Joined: August 2007 on a free from Charlton
Jimmy may be a total legend but he's got some well dodgy clothes. Seriously, his best outfit is the Scotsman uniform he wore on our Christmas night out. He had the kilt, sporran and the works. Fair play he moans on the pitch but off it he's a lovely guy and a true pro.

Robbie Fowler
Nickname: Growler, Landlord or God
Joined: July 2007 on a free from Liverpool
For a footballing superstar, Robbie has no ego or is in no way pretentious. He is one of the boys, a normal wee Scouser who is having a hard time with injury. But he has the smallest ears I've ever seen so I call him 'mouse ears'.

Paul Parry
Nickname: Pazza
Joined: January 2003 for 75,000 from Hereford
He is Roger Johnson's prankster sidekick. He's our longest-serving player but he does like to go down with injury in games so he gets a little bit of stick about that.

....AND ME

Steve Thompson
Nickname: Thommo or Bananaman
Joined: January 2006 for 200,000 from Rangers
I got some flack when I fell off a banana boat on holiday last summer and injured myself, missing the start of this season. Hence the nickname. I'm the music man, at team get-togethers I play a few tunes on the guitar. She's Electric by Oasis is the most requested. Hopefully soon I can sing We Are The Champions.

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