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Barcelona v Real Madrid as it happened


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By Jonathan Stevenson

2215: I'll go to sleep in a couple of hours, but in my wildest dreams I couldn't recreate what just unfolded at the Camp Nou. Time to read John Sinnott's match report on one of the great Clasicos of recent times. Sorry if you thought any of this commentary was biased - I was only telling it as I saw it. Sam Lyon is back on Tuesday for the Carling Cup, I'll see you soon. Barca 5-0 Real Madrid. Sueños dulces.

From OptaJose on Twitter: "Barça-Real FT stats - Shots 15-5, on target 6-2, Passes 684-331, Pass completion 89%-74%, Possession 67%-33%, Fouls 12-16."

Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho: "One team played very good, one team very bad. Deserved win, deserved loss. Humiliated? No. It's easy to deal with this loss, we just weren't good enough."

2209: A thumping it may well have been, but it's only worth three points. Barcelona leapfrog Real Madrid at the top of the league, going two points clear in La Liga. These boys next meet up on 17 April, or the weekend of, anyway.

From Ruining on 606: "Let's not forget that Real were awful. Barca passed the ball very well and scored a couple of belters but it wasn't like they were playing a team that were at their best by any means."

From Adam, Watford, on text: "So much for the old adage - players don't go out of their way to injure others. Glad that Messi got up from that. What a Barca performance."

From Tiirshak on Twitter: "Amazing game, and made even better by the spat at the end. Madrid will still have the book thrown at them for it though."

2200: Haha, you lot are cheeky. No, it wasn't a *tactical* red card Sergio Ramos picked up. It was a horrible hack at Lionel Messi, though - thank goodness the Argentine picked himself up and walked off at the end. Could have done serious damage.

2158: Apparently, before tonight Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho had never previously lost by a four-goal margin. And in the place where they hate him most, too... that has got to hurt even the Special One.

From InfostradaLive on Twitter: "This is the sixth time FC Barcelona beat Real Madrid by five goals in La Liga, first time since January 8, 1994."

Full time
2153: Full-time Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid
What a pity it had to end like that, but Barcelona were out of this world tonight, it's one of the most perfect team performances you could ever wish to see. A real battering.

Red card
Red card: That's disgusting, I hope they throw the book at him. Lionel Messi races forward again and two Real players do nothing more than try to break his legs - Ramos catches him, then in the ensuing melee Ramos shoves Carles Puyol to the floor. He's sent off, the idiot. Pathetic end from Real Madrid. What a shame.

2151: SENDING OFF Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid

Barca goal: Apologies, firstly - it was Jeffren who came on for Pedro just then, and the youngster has wrapped up the scoring in injury time. Bojan does brilliantly down the right and flings over a low cross that evades Andres Iniesta and Jeffren converts from 10 yards.

2149: GOAL Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid (Jeffren)

2147: Cristiano Ronaldo, who has endured a thoroughly miserable evening, runs the ball out of play deep into Barca territory down the right. The cheers rain down on him from the terraces. Madrid will have to wait until 17 April to try to exact their revenge.

2145: Barcelona also bring on Adriano for Pedro, who also gets a very nice hand from the 98,000 present. Into the closing stages now as Bojan goes down in the box, but nothing doing there.

2144: Apologies - it was of course Droylsden 1-1 Leyton Orient in the FA Cup. Barcelona take off Xavi to a deserved standing ovation, with Seydou Keita coming on in his place.

2143: Tiki-taka, tiki-taka, tiki-taka... it's like clockwork at the Camp Nou. After all the hype, to think this match was over and done with so early on. Barcelona, not incidentally, will go top of the Spanish league tonight.

From Michael, Chester, on text: "Amazing close control from Barça, Real just ball-watching. This is football from another galaxy - Premier League may be exciting, but watch this if you want to see how football should be played."

2140: Full-time Leicester 1-0 Nottingham Forest

2140: Full-time Droylsden 1-1 Leyton Orient

Yellow card
2139: Carles Puyol takes out man, ball and anything else in the near vicinity with a late, sliding challenge on Karim Benzema, and he is booked too. Still 10 minutes of normal time left at the Camp Nou.

2138: Cristiano Ronaldo's night gets worse - he cannot even win a throw off Carles Puyol down the Real Madrid left and he is being subjected to all sorts of taunts from the home fans. Still no goals for him v Barca - but also still no goals v Jose Mourinho for Lionel Messi.

2136: Bojan has been on the pitch for a few seconds and already he's gone clean through once only to lose his footing and after being teed up again he hits a stinging drive that Iker Casillas parries away. Real Madrid are a shambles.

From O.C. - Legendary Red Devils on 606: "Frustrations setting in amongst Real Madrid players but can you blame them? Chasing shadows doesn't even describe it, they can't get near the ball."

2135: Standing ovation for two-goal hero David Villa, with Bojan Krkic coming on in his place for Barcelona.

Yellow card
2133: Our 10th booking of the day as Sami Khedira is cautioned for a late challenge on Andres Iniesta. He got there as soon as he could - having to chase Iniesta round the Camp Nou probably isn't the German's idea of a fun evening.

Yellow card
2131: Real Madrid have the ball for about 10 seconds, the crowd whistle intensely and when Barca win it back, David Vila tricks his way past Sergio Ramos on the touchline, the defender booting his international team-mate to the floor and picking up yet another booking.

Yellow card
2129: If the score is 0-0, Ricardo Carvalho is off the pitch there. After about a million brilliant passes, Xavi plays a super pass no-one is expecting through to Pedro, but Carvalho sticks his arm out to prevent the goalscoring chance. Carvalho is booked, lucky boy. Though as it's 4-0, not that lucky.

2127: It's exhibition football. It's football once upon a time we only dreamed of seeing. Barcelona are pure gold and Real Madrid are being run ragged. All the tricks and flicks are on show now.

2125: GOAL Droylsden 1-1 Leyton Orient (Phillips og)

2124: On the telly, they just said that Real Madrid have lost one of their last 36 matches. That was to Barcelona. A team with Iker Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Ricardo Carvalho, Sami Khedira, Xabi Alonso, Cristiano Ronaldo... being taken apart like this... this is one of the greatest football teams of all time we are watching. Real Madrid cannot get the ball off them.

From InfostradaLive on Twitter: "Iker Casillas overtakes Velasco (Barcelona) by conceding his 36th goal in El Clasico, a new all-time record."

From Andy NVFC, on text: "Is this really a biased thread? Or is it just that Barca been that good and Madrid that bad? I don't think Jonathan's superlatives have done Barca justice at times."

2118: Real Madrid bring on Alvaro Arbeloa for Marcelo. The Barcelona fans are jumping - after the Champions League semi-final against Jose Mourinho's Inter Milan last season, this must taste pretty sweet.

Barca goal: I've got goosebumps - that is almost footballing perfection. It's that man Lionel Messi who plays one of the most majestic passes you could ever see, from halfway, splitting the Real defence in two and enabling David Villa to run through and fire between the legs of Iker Casillas. The defending isn't very good, but this is something remarkably special from Barca.

2116: GOAL Barcelona 4-0 Real Madrid (Villa)

Barca goal: There are some world-class footballers on the pitch in white shirts looking like they've just been punched. Lionel Messi cuts in from the right again and again waits until the perfect moment to slip in David Villa - Real Madrid think Villa is offside, it's a marginal on - and he fires past Iker Casillas. Game over.

2114: GOAL Barcelona 3-0 Real Madrid (Villa)

From RedDevilHornetTommy on 606: "Personally I hate fact you're a neutral; stop sitting on the fence and pick a side and be biased. That's what everyone else does; why do you think you're so special!"

2112: Yeah, probably worth mentioning that Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey is back in first-team action - he's just come on for Forest at Leicester. Best player the Reds have had for a very, very long time, I'd wager.

2110: Side-netting - is that a lifeline for Real Madrid? Lionel Messi's brilliant forward pass for Xavi is half cut out by Sami Khedira and Iker Casillas can only push it wide into the path of Xavi, the midfielder at an angle only managing to shoot off target.

Yellow card
2109: The cheers for Karim Benzema passing the ball out of play are almost as loud as the opening goal, especially at rolls away from Cristiano Ronaldo. Speaking as a neutral, I think this game could do with a Madrid goal. Xabio Alonso is booked for a foul on Sergio Busquets.

2107: Cool defending at the back stick from Eric Abidal and from then on Barca get forward at breakneck speed. Lionel Messi cuts in from the right, shoots, it is blocked and falls for David Villa, who has a goalbound shot brilliantly saved by Iker Casillas. Moments later Messi has the ball in the net, but the whistle has already gone for a foul.

2105: Leicester 1-0 Nottm Forest (King)

2104: It's not easy to convince people you are heavily biased against the two teams who are playing, so, buoyed by the fact that I'm antagonising everyone, let's crash on. Referee Eduardo Iturralde Gonzalez gets the second half under way at the Camp Nou. Real have brought on Lassana Diarra for the anonymous Mesut Ozil.

From Anon, on text: "Everyone knows that this Barcelona team is one of the greatest ever but could this thread be any more anti-Real?"

From barca4ever on 606: "Jonathan, it's easy to see that you are a Mourinho fan. You are supposed to be neutral. Oh I forgot your beloved Cristiano is a Madrid player."

2058: They are well into the second halves in the Championship where it is Leicester 0-0 Nottm Forest and in the FA Cup where it is still Droylsden 1-0 Leyton Orient. You'll be able to see highlights from the Champ game on the BBC's iPlayer from Wednesday morning - along with Match of the Day 2, which contains all 41 Premier League goals from the weekend.

2055: Here's some good chat, courtesy of Infostrada Sports: "Barca were 2-0 after 18 minutes for the first time in more than 23 years in El Clasico. On January 31, 1987, Gary Linker scored in the second and fifth minute for Barça. That match ended in a 3-2 win for Barca at Camp Nou (hat-trick Lineker, he also scored in the 47th minute)."

From saltyleaf on Twitter: "The pantomime villain always plays a big part after the interval before getting his comeuppance before the end. Not over yet."

Half time
2049: Half-time Barcelona 2-0 Real Madrid
A fractious end to the half, but you cannot argue with the score because for 25 minutes Barca ripped Real Madrid to shreds. Can Jose Mourinho work some magic in the interval?

2048: Into first-half stoppage time at the Camp Nou, wow that's flown by.

Yellow card
2046: Hmm. Lionel Messi is booked by the referee, the ref thinks he's dived. Messi was stopped by a brilliant Ricardo Carvalho tackle, but Carvalho, for some reason, is annoyed at Messi for going to ground. Carvalho throws his arms out in protest and catches Messi with a stray elbow. It wasn't intentional from Carvalho, but silly, and he's lucky not to get booked. Messi was caught, but his play-acting warranted a yellow.

2045: Cristiano Ronaldo is off target from way, way, way out. Uh-oh, Lionel Messi has just gone down...

2043: Lionel Messi steals possession and suddenly he's in the Madrid half one-on-one with Pepe, but the defender does magnificently to stand him up and get in a superbly executed tackle to prevent an almost certain goal.

2041: The 'ole's' are out in Catalonia already, I think Real Madrid's good spell might be over for the moment at least. Lionel Messi jinks past two players in wonderful fashion before hammering a shot from 30 yards that flies miles high and wide.

2039: Real Madrid are having more of the ball at the moment, Barcelona have just lost their impetus. Cristiano Ronaldo tries to latch on to a pass inside the Barca box and he falls under a challenge from Victor Valdes. The referee waves play on - he'd be the bravest man in Spain to give Ronaldo a penalty at the Camp Nou.

From Jackovasaurus on 606: "Mourinho's teams always thrive on little circumstances like that, expect a more robust Madrid from now on."

Yellow card
2036: My word that's close. Cristiano Ronaldo slams the free-kick goalwards and it's a few inches wide of Victor Valdes's right-hand post. Barca break with Lionel Messi and Pepe is clambering all over the Argentine - he picks up a booking too now.

Yellow card
2035: David Villa goes in late on Sami Khedira and he's now booked by the referee. Can Real Madrid take advantage of the lull we've had in the last few minutes?

2035: Half-time Leicester 0-0 Nottm Forest

2034: Half-time Droylsden 1-0 Leyton Orient

Yellow card
Yellow card
2033: The noise reaches a crescendo inside the Camp Nou as Cristiano Ronaldo pushes Pep Guardiola, who has the ball in his hand, that's absolutely ridiculous behaviour from the Portuguese. The Barca players, fiercely protective of their coach, are absolutely seething, and they forcibly argue with the Real Madrid man. Ronaldo is booked and so is Victor Valdes, who should have known better than to get involved.

2030: According to television, Barcelona have had 72% possession so far at the Camp Nou, which is pretty alarming for the visitors. They are working it from side to side, seemingly without a care in the world.

From jblackbird1 on Twitter: "I think Barca are taking Ronaldo's "Let's see if they can score 8 past us" comment quite seriously..."

2027: Even Cristiano Ronaldo looks rattled - he attempts a simple pass out to the right, but hits it straight to Eric Abidal. Very unlike the Portuguese forward.

2025: If you get to watch this game ever, have a look at 24:14. Andres Iniesta's touch is heavy and the ball goes out of play.

2024: Barca are toying with Real Madrid and the home fans are enjoying this as you'd imagine. On the rare occasions they lose the ball, Madrid are giving it straight back to them. Iker Casillas is permanently fuming.

From Chris, Middlesbrough, on text: "Jose has got this so wrong. His midfield aren't disciplined enough to contain Xavi and Iniesta."

2021: I've said it during the last few Clasicos, but I'll say it again: I know Barcelona aren't perfect, but they might just be the greatest football team we get to watch for many, many years. They are making Real Madrid look distinctly ordinary right now, and ordinary they are not.

Barca goal: I'm not sure what Real Madrid are doing. A soaked Jose Mourinho looks stunned, as well he might do. The ball is played out to the left where David Villa has space to drive at Sergio Ramos - his cross flicks off the defender, Iker Casillas cannot get hold of it and there is Pedro, a man who always seems to know exactly where to stand, to knock it in from point-blank range.

2019: GOAL Barcelona 2-0 Real Madrid (Pedro)

From BacktoHighburyplease on 606: "This is exactly what I wanted, Barca scoring first which means Real are now going to start attacking. Going to be good, no doubt."

2015: Good grief, it's all happening. Cristiano Ronaldo tries to find Karim Benzema inside the Barca box with a ball from the left and Eric Abidal has to touch it back to Victor Valdes, who tips it behind for a corner. Sergio Ramos heads over and there's a breather for a second.

2014: So much going on already. Lionel Messi is brought down but it's a fair challenge from Xabi Alonso and Real Madrid break, a move which ends with Angel di Maria's stinging shot being tipped over by Victor Valdes.

2014: GOAL Droylsden 1-0 Leyton Orient (Kilheeney)

Barca goal: It has been coming - Real just haven't got going at all. But it's also a bit lucky, as Andres Iniesta fizzes a low pass into the Madrid box for Xavi and after Marcelo slides in and it seems to clip Xavi's heels, it bounces up for the midfielder, who reacts superbly to volley past Iker Casillas from 10 yards. The bus has been towed away.

2011: GOAL Barcelona 1-0 Real Madrid (Xavi)

2009: The boos when Cristiano Ronaldo gets the ball are deafening, trust me, it was the same last season. He does about 47 step-overs before crossing, but Angel di Maria cannot get a shot away.

Someone has struck the woodwork
2007: Brilliant. Barca play a corner to the penalty spot, where Xavi's shot is blocked. It comes out to an angle on the right, where Lionel Messi clips a stunning shot against the far post, with Iker Casillas beaten.

2006: Barca have a slight worry over keeper Victor Valdes, nervy times for a moment or two. Cristiano Ronaldo crosses from the right and Valdes picks up, but falls into Gerard Pique. He needs some treatment, but should be OK to continue.

2004: Barca have had most of the ball so far, but they haven't created anything yet. Pedro's flick fails to find a team-mate and Real clear.

2002: Cristiano Ronaldo is dumped on his backside inside the first few seconds. There won't be many pleasantries.

It's raining
2001: It is absolutely hammering it down in Barcelona, but I don't think any of the near-100,000 people inside the Camp Nou will care. Referee Eduardo Iturralde Gonzalez gets us under way. What a noise.

From the great Kenny Dalglish on Twitter: "Just settled down in front of the telly to watch EL Clasico. Hoping for plenty goals but fear Jose might try to park the bus."

From Melvinouk on Twitter: "The world's greatest team vs the world's greatest manager - this is El Clasico!"

1956: The players are getting ready to enter the cathedral of football at the Camp Nou, with 98,000 fans waiting expectantly. Must wish FC Barcelona a happy birthday, too - the Catalans are 111 years old today.

Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola: "I think Barcelona have a very good team, but I also think Madrid do too. To think Barcelona have a better team is not fair. Madrid have always had very quick players who can get to goal with few touches. They have always been a team based on the counter-attack and they continue being that."

Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho: "When I went to Barcelona with Chelsea or Inter it was fun, but now it will be even more fun. Barcelona have won everything but it never won the Champions League in the Bernabeu and maybe in another 30 or 40 years they'll get another chance to do it."

1950: By the way, we are under way in the Championship as Leicester play Nottm Forest and in the FA Cup as Droylsden take on Leyton Orient.

From Chris, on text: "Iniesta will once again prove he's the best player in the world by dominating the game on the biggest stage. Fancy a goal and a dominant performance in the centre of midfield from little Andres."

From Chamakhs_centre_of_gravity on 606: "Real's defence is far superior and with Mourinho at the helm, there is no way Barca can get through. Real to win it."

1945: Here are a few stats to get you in the mood:
- In seven games, Lionel Messi has never scored v Jose Mourinho
- In five games, Cristiano Ronaldo has never scored v Barcelona
- Jose Mourinho has two draws/three defeats as boss at Camp Nou
- Pep Guardiola has won four straight Clasicos as Barca boss
- Guardiola becomes first non-Dutchman (Michels, Cruyff, Van Gaal, Rijkaard) to take charge of three Clasicos at Camp Nou

Barcelona legend Johan Cruyff: "The way we think is that we want the ball and it makes life harder for you if we have got it. Jose Mourinho lets the other team have the ball and adjusts his own team to react to that. You cannot compare the two philosophies."

From Shuheb10 on Twitter: "It's going to be a cracker, am predicting 4-3 to Madrid."

1938: Yes, that was a joke also. I mean if you can't enjoy nights like these, when can you? Messi v Ronaldo, Xavi v Xabi, Villa v Benzema, Iniesta v Ozil, Valdes v Casillas, Puyol v Carvalho, the list goes on and on and on. Of the 23 players recently shortlisted for the Fifa Ballon d'Or, 10 are taking part in the Clasico. This is as stellar as football gets. I haven't even mentioned Dani Alves, Sergio Ramos, Gerard Pique, Pepe, Sergio Busquets, Sami Khedira, Pedro or Di Maria. Wow.

1936: There's not much point in me trying to hide it: I'm looking forward to tonight's football immensely. I mean, aside from anything else, the three best players in the world right now are all in action...

Barca's Lionel Messi, Forest's Lewis McGugan and Real's Cristiano Ronaldo
Barcelona's Lionel Messi, Forest's Lewis McGugan and Real's Cristiano Ronaldo

From Tom, on text: "The hype surrounding this match is huge, but with Mourinho in charge of Real, I can't see the match living up to expectations due to his ideas of going defensive. Xavi to destroy Real is my opinion."

1930: Stevo's Predo:
Barcelona 2-1 Real Madrid

1928: Droylsden v Leyton Orient teams:
Phillips, Roche, Hardiker, Brown, Brownhill, Killeen, Kerr, Connors, Holden, Kilheeney, Banim.
Subs: Towns, Cryan, McNiven, Gardner, Vaughan, Rouse, Smith.
Leyton Orient: Jason Brown, Aaron Brown, Chorley, Forbes, Daniels, Cox, Smith, Spring, M'Poku, McGleish, Revell.
Subs: Butcher, Dawson, Tehoue, Cestor, Millwood, Walker, Benjamin.
Referee: Colin Webster (Tyne & Wear)

1927: Leicester v Forest teams:
Weale, Naughton, Davies, Hobbs, Cunningham, Abe, King, Wellens, Gallagher, Bednar, Vassell.
Subs: Logan, Morrison, Oakley, Howard, Dyer, Fryatt, Waghorn.
Nottm Forest: Camp, Bertrand, Chambers, Morgan, Gunter, Cohen, Moussi, McGugan, Anderson, Adebola, McCleary.
Subs: Smith, Wilson, Earnshaw, Tyson, Tudgay, Ramsey, Majewski.
Referee: Michael Oliver (Northumberland)

From Arsenal's Jack Wilshere on Twitter: "Barca v Real... what a game!"

From Glaucon on 606: "Looking at those line-ups as a Rangers fan makes me want to weep. Just imagine even one or two of those in the SPL. They'd make a mockery of it. Xavi, Iniesta, Ronaldo, Ramos, Ozil, Messi all on the same pitch? Amazing. I'm more excited than Augustus Gloop in the chocolate factory."

1922: If you want some pre-game reading, let our European blogger Phil Minshull set the scene: "This is the game that the media and almost every other Spanish football fan have been waiting for since the start of the campaign," says Minshull. As for me, Jonathan Stevenson, I've been looking into the ferocious form of the world's two best players: Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. "The two of them are very good, for sure, but I prefer Messi," Sevilla's Didier Zokora told me. Check the stats out, if nothing else. Sheesh.

From hypetr on Twitter: "Two of the greatest ever players about to play a football match with the greatest ever combined pool of talent. Giddy."

1917: Your headline from that team news is that Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain has not recovered from injury in time to play at the Camp Nou, so Karim Benzema starts up front. Barca are as expected.

1915: Barcelona v Real Madrid line-ups:
Valdes, Dani Alves, Abidal, Pique, Puyol, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro, Messi, Villa.
Real Madrid: Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Carvalho, Pepe, Khedira, Xabi Alonso, Ozil, Di Maria, Ronaldo, Benzema.
Referee: Eduardo Iturralde Gonzalez.

From Chris, DC, on text: "(See 1902) Saw that joke coming a mile away."
Well, I'm nothing if not predictable. More to follow.

1911: Any Barca-Madrid thoughts? How about a reaction to what one Spanish newspaper have dubbed the game: 'CLASICAZO'. Vintage chat from those boys, now I want yours:
Get the tweets in @Stevo_football;
Whack me a text to 81111;
And do your thing on the 606 page.

1908: So, Barcelona v Real Madrid gets under way at 2000 GMT this evening and I'll bring you the very latest from Spain as and when it happens. Team news on the way. There are two games in England I'll be keeping half an eye on too, as Leicester meet Nottingham Forest in the Championship and Droylsden meet Leyton Orient in the FA Cup second round. Goal updates from those two, but focus on El Clasico. OK? Great.

1905: OK, game face on. Tonight, our focus is about 700 miles away from where I'm sitting in west London, as two of the biggest clubs in the world meet at the top of La Liga in Spain. The giant Camp Nou is the venue; FC Barcelona and Real Madrid CF are the protagonists. Rarely can a domestic fixture have engendered such an extraordinary level of hype, but can El Clasico live up to the billing?

1902: But enough of Leicester v Forest, from now on let's focus on Barcelona v Real Madrid...

1900: This evening, the planets in the footballing universe have aligned and the stars are about to collide in the most spectacular fashion imaginable. At an epic theatre of drama, two pedigree practitioners of the finest sport on Earth will do impossibly brilliant battle with each other under the enchanted gaze of thousands present and millions more surveying the scene from the comfort of their own armchair. For the victors, the rewards will be plentiful; for the losers, abject misery awaits. It is an occasion like no other.

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