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England v Bangladesh 1st Test day four as it happened


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By Ben Dirs

Max, Wiltshire, in the TMS inbox: "So Murray losing, Strauss and Co thwarted by Bangladesh, England useless against Japan. Bad day."

1905: Right, how to sum up? First of all, some tremendous, fearless, cavalier batting from Tamim Iqbal to become the first Bangladeshi batsman to score a Test century at Lords, and Imrul Kayes (75), Jahurul Islam (46) and Junaid Siddique (66 not out) weren't bad either. But you have to say England were pretty ordinary bowling-wise, and Andrew Strauss' captaincy was uninspiring at times. Still, it sets up an intriguing final day at Lord's, and it's well worth getting down there - free for OAPs, free for kids, a tenner for everyone inbetween. And, apparently, you can take a stroll on the hallowed turf at lunch, although I seem to remember running on the Lord's pitch wasn't a shooting offence back in the day.

1858 - 328-5 Siddique, with bad memories of Anderson's previous over, will face the last over of the day. Siddique leaves one that nips back and flies over middle stump before pushing into the covers for a couple. Four slips and a gully in for Siddique, but Anderson is wasting this over, every ball starting straight before arcing away from the left-hander and not making him play. Siddique clips the final ball of the over to mid-wicket for one - Bangladesh lead by 105, plenty of cricket left in this game...

1854 - 324-5 Shakib Al Hasan is the new batsman, he managed 25 in his side's first dig, and he's off the mark with a tickle off his pads for one. That was the fifth wicket to fall, not the fourth as I intimated.

Out for a duck
1850 - WICKET - Shahadat b Bresnan 0 (Ban 322-5)
Siddique wore one on the hand from that final ball from Anderson and the call has come for the magic spray. Bresnan will have a full over at Shahadat... and he only needs three balls at him, Shahadat missing a straight one...

1847 - 322-3 Siddique did get Shahadat off strike at least in that previous over from Bresnan, and here comes Anderson, who is a man reborn with the new ball in his hand, getting one to angle away from the left-handed Siddique. Siddique paints pretty pictures with his leaves, he's almost Courtney Walsh in his mannerisms. Another jigger-jagger off the seam from Anderson, and Siddique is beaten by a foot. This is tasty bowling from Anderson - this time he gets one to come back into Siddique and rap him on the thigh, and the next ball spits the other way and has Siddique thrashing blindly in front of his face. Wicked over, and I mean that in the Biblical sense of the word.

1841 - 322-3 Fine over that from Anderson, he really worked Ashraful out. Bizarrely, Bangladesh have sent arch-slogger Shahadat Hossain in as a nightwatchman, he makes Devon Malcolm look like Chris Tavare. Siddique not having a go at much, he's playing for stumps.

Wicket falls
1836 - WICKET - Ashraful c Prior b Anderson 21 (Ban 321-4)
Anderson's first ball with the new conker is miles outside Ashraful's off-stump, but his fourth ball is much better, nipping back and clipping Ashraful's back hip. A big leg before shout, but that was a good leave, it was going over the top of middle. Almost a repeat next ball, before Anderson finally hoses Ashraful from the crease, the batsman trying to pull the bat away and feathering a catch to Prior behind the stumps.

1833 - 321-3 Bangladesh's previous highest total following-on was 301, so they've beaten that comfortably. Short and wide from Bresnan and it's easy as shelling peas (which I've never actually tried) for Siddique, throwing his bat at the ball and sending the ball to the extra-cover boundary. New ball taken...

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From barneysfulham on 606: "If this was anyone other than Bangladesh, there would be panic out there..."

1829 - 309-3 Width from Bresnan and Siddique climbs into that, lacing him through the covers for four. Siddique moves to 56 with a clip to mid-wicket. That's an elegant stroke from Siddique, standing tall and creaming Anderson into the covers for one. Decent ball from Anderson, getting one to shape back in to Ashraful. Anderson gets one to shape back in again, and that's a decent leave from Ashraful. Six overs left in the day, and it's turned out smashing in north-west London today.

Professor Chappell in the TMS inbox: "No offence, Mr Dirs, but what a shower. The thought of taking this attack to Australia - well, cold sweat doesn't begin to describe it."

1819 - 309-3 Finn getting some tap since his reintroduction, and that's a great shot from Ashraful, jabbing over the slips for four. Fly-slip in place, but he won't be needed there, Ashraful flaying a widish one from Finn to the backward-point boundary. Bangladesh now lead by 86 with seven wickets remaining - three overs until the new ball, although the way the ball is pinging off the face of Ashfarul's wand, England might not want it.

1814 - 301-3 That second cover-drive from Ashraful brought up the Bangladeshi 300. Prior looks as though he may have stubbed a finger behind the stumps, but he won't want to let too many people know about it, there are a few glovemen snapping at his heels. Maiden over from Anderson, Siddique has weighed anchor.

1805 - 301-3 Dwight (see below), this could also be the match where they realised they still had a lot of work to do on their bowling attack and thought "hmmm..." Shot of the day in my book, a sweetly-timed, text-book cover-drive for three from Ashraful. Yum, that's even better, Ashraful whipping Finn squarer this time for four. Peel that shot, pop it in your mouth and taste the luxurious sweetness... Finn on his backside again, he wants to get himself some new rhythms...

Dwight, Wiltshire, in the TMS inbox: "If, and it's a big IF, England go to Australia and win the Ashes, this could well be the match where they realised they still had a lot of work to do on their bowling attack and put it right in time to do the job."

1805 - 293-3 Anderson is back on from the Nursery End, and he picks up from where he left off, with an ineffectual bumper. Finn hasn't bowled for 25 overs now - I know there's this theory about wrapping young pacemen in cotton wool, but that's rather like wrapping him up in cotton wool before bubble-wrapping him and swaddling him with hay. Two more short balls from Anderson, Siddique can play them all day... here's your man Finn...

1800 - 293-3 Shame for Jahurul, that was a pretty accomplished knock, although you have to say England deserved a bit of luck. Mohammad Ashraful, the new batsman, is under way with a florid cover-drive for four.

Wicket falls
1756 - WICKET - Jahurul c&b Trott 46 (Ban 289-3)
CRUMBLE BEFORE ENGLAND'S BOWLING MIGHT! Jahurual jabs half-forward, gets a thick inside-edge onto his pad and the ball balloons back to Trott, who takes a smart catch diving forwards.

That's 50
1756 - 289-2 Siddique and Jahurul exchange singles before Siddique picks a ball in the slot and swats it over extra-cover for four. And there's Siddique's seventh Test fifty, and let's not take anything away from these Bangladeshi batsmen, that was another solid knock - 92 balls, five fours, another nagging thorn in England's rather blubbery side.

1752 - 281-2 Strauss persevering with Trott, and he may as well do, he's looked every bit as threatening as Bresnan and Anderson, although I'm not sure where Finn's gone. Jahurul jabs to long-on for a couple before going aerial, plonking his left foot down the ground and lofting Trott to the long-on fence for four. Trott slides down leg-side and is tucked round the corner for one more. There's Pietersen again, looking like he's about to fossilise and crumble into the turf at any moment.

1748 - 273-2 Just a couple of singles from Trott's dibbly-dobbly over, before Swann decides to come over the wicket to the right-handed Jahurul. Jahurul uses his feet and pushes to long-on for a single, before Siddique jabs a low full-bunger from Swann into the covers... Bangladesh lead by 50...

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From PeterB on 606: "Bangladesh are doing well - am I the only England supporter who is rather horrified by this England performance so far? Apart from one spell when the weather was 'right' the bowling seems to be ineffectual"

BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Lord's, on Twitter: "Interesting, the draw is now odds-on at Lord's. They could still lose a few wickets this evening..."

1743 - 270-2 Jahurul moves to 35 with a clip to mid-wicket where Morgan shows his wheels, scampering round at slick speed before sending in a fizzing return to the wicket-keeper. There's Lily Allen in the crowd, she's still enthralled, although if she were warbling the lyrics to one of her most famous songs - "It's not fair, you never make me scream, you never make me scream" - you wouldn't blame her...

1738 - 267-2 Trott around the 70mph mark as Jahurul gives Pietersen a rare feel of the conker with a nibble down to long-leg. Pietersen ambles round and plops the ball back in rather disinterested fashion, as if he's a temp from accounts dragged along to an office softball party.

1735 - 265-2 Jahurul pushes into the off-side for one before Siddique picks up a couple off the bowling of Swann. For this England attack it's like trying to carve a new president's head in Mount Rushmore with a wooden fish and chip fork. YESSSSSSSS! Sorry, not a wicket, Trott's into the attack...

1733 - 262-2 It's Bresnan to continue and Siddique swats him away for a few Some talk of the greatest Bob Willis impersonators of all time on TMS - Nick in London fancies David Gower, although I was more partial to Gooch's efforts, and he also did a pretty good Richard Hadlee if I remember rightly. One for Jahurul before Siddique drives through mid-off for three more.

1723 - 254-2 Swann is back on and Siddique pushes him into the covers for one. Absolute jamspangler of an evening in St John's Wood, which is great news for the fans, great news for Bangladesh, and pretty ordinary news for England. Tight over from Swanny, but it's not doing much for him.

1714 - 253-2 Jahurul pushes into the off-side for one, it's Bresnan to continue from the Nursery End. This, by the way, is the first time Swann has not taken a wicket in either innings of a Test, although there's plenty of time yet. Bresnan sends down the second wide of the innings, courtesy of a bouncer, before over-pitching and being steered through mid-off by Siddique for three. Eye-watering stuff this for an England fan...

1714 - 248-2 Anderson with another barrage of steepling deliveries, and Siddique doesn't play that one too well, the ball catching the shoulder of the bat and dropping in front of him. Too many bumpers I'm afraid, and Jimmy looks bang out of ideas. What about a few just outside off-stump? Or is that very much the cricketing equivalent of a comb-over nowadays? Mr Chappell kindly emails in to correct my grammar - it's "as is his wont" of course, it's an Achilles heel of mine...

Jon, Chesham, Bucks, in the TMS inbox: "Hoping for Finn to pick up four more wickets - Lord's have offered a ticket refund to anyone who bought their tickets in April if any bowler takes 10 wickets in the match. Go, Finny!"

1709 - 247-2 That's a florid stroke from Jahurul, who stands tall and sprays Bresnan through cover-point for four. I just wish Strauss would mix things up a bit here, you can keep rotating Bresnan and Anderson all day but they're offering no threat at the moment. What about Trott or Pietersen for a few overs? Siddique plays a rising delivery from Bresnan well, tucking him off his hip for one.

1705 - 241-2 England being made to graft for every wicket today, this is proper heart-breaking stuff for the host seamers. Like a couple of well-bred debutantes, this pair aren't going to give anything away. Bangladesh lead by 14 now, make that 18, Siddique moving to 28 with a glide through backward-point for four.

1701 - 237-2 Bresnan has a man in for the catch off the hip against Siddique, who nurdles him with the minimum of fuss round the corner for one. Better from Bresnan, sending one down at a brisk pace outside off and beating the rather wooden prod of Jahurul.

1657 - 235-2 Anderson gives Siddique the hurry-up, the left-hander adding one run to the total with a fended leg-bye. Jahurul moves to 21 with a push to point before Siddique ducks another bumper. The Daggers are in League One! They'll be floating all the way back to the Goresbrook - they'll have to, the District Line doesn't reopen till Tuesday...

1653 - 233-2 Bresnan, as is his want, digs one in outside off and Siddique plays a rather cramped pull and misses. Bresnan with another short one, and this time the ball takes Siddique's elbow and drops just short of the slips before dribbling away for a leg-bye.

1649 - 232-2 Kids and pensioners get in free tomorrow, and it's only a tenner for everyone else, which is a pretty good deal if you ask me. Bit of intent from Anderson and Siddique didn't like that at all, taking his eye off it and jamming the ball into the ground. Siddique risks a quick single to mid-off, the throw from the fielder missing, although he was probably in. Bresnan back into the attack...

1644 - 231-2 A slip, a short-leg and a silly point in for Swann to Siddique, but none of them are needed as Swann drops short and Siddique tugs him away for one. Jahurul talking no chances, he defends the rest of the over.

Chris, London, in the TMS inbox: "Ben, after the disappointment of the England football performance I've headed to Lord's and it only cost me a tenner. Great value for money. Wouldn't mind seeing a wicket though."

1641 - Ban 230-2 Sir Boycs reckons Jimmy "doesn't look interested" - interested or not, he's been pretty ordinary today. Anderson angles one into Siddique's pads and is tickled round the corner for four before southpaw Siddique punches down the ground for three more. Jahurul dabs off his hip for one, before Siddique works to mid-wicket to keep the strike.

1636 - Ban 221-2 Many thanks Mark Mitchener, it's the stupidly-monikered Ben Dirs back in the seat. Siddique edges rather tentatively forward and picks up a couple for an edge. Jahurul plays a tetchy little defensive stroke that keeps Bell interested at short-leg, but it falls miles short.

By Mark Mitchener

1633 - Ban 218-2
Anderson hasn't quite bowled as fluently today as he did yesterday, but young Jahurul isn't taking any chances against the "Burnley Express". That's two maidens on the trot, and the crowd seem a little bored - you can tell, because someone's trying to start a Mexican wave. And that's it from me - I'll hand you back over to Ben (please manually refresh your page).

1629 - Ban 218-2
Hooray - Swann has changed ends and replaced Finn at the Pavilion End. I say "hooray" as for those of you who may not know Lord's too well, there is a pronounced slope (apparently nine feet from side to side) which means an off-spinner like Swann should find much more help bowling at the Pavilion End, as the ball will naturally spin down the slope towards the Mound and Tavern Stands. End of lecture. Siddique gets forward well with an immaculate forward defensive straight out of the MCC coaching manual. Maiden over.

1626 - Ban 218-2
Anderson replaces Swann at the Nursery End, but Jahurul gets into line and confidently pulls a head-high bouncer into the Grandstand for four. Another shorter delivery is poked wide of gully for another boundary by the youngster, who's wearing an old-fashioned cable-knit cricket sweater of the sort that appear to be going out of fashion these days. Tigers trail by five.

Phil Tufnell
Former Middlesex and England spinner Phil Tufnell on TMS: "Finn has been the pick of England's bowlers by a long way - I think he could be bowling himself into a tour spot"

1621 - Ban 210-2
Finn switches back to bowling over the wicket to the leftie Siddique, who tries to withdraw his bat at the last minute but pops an edge past third slip for four. It seems that unlike his deputy Cook in Bangladesh earlier this year, Cap'n Strauss isn't keen to just leak runs through third man willy-nilly, so he tells the pursuing fielder to stay down on the boundary. Undaunted, Siddique upper-cuts and it scoots to the point boundary for four, just out of the reach of that fielder at third man.

1616 - Ban 202-2
Siddique uses his feet well, stepping forward to drive a well-run single through mid-off. Jahurul aims another big blast over Pietersen, who's three-quarters of the way back at deep mid-on (or short long-on, depending on your perspective) - and that sails over the bearded KP for four. The Tigers are past 200, but still trail by 21.

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From Graeme Swanns Twitter on 606: "Bangladesh are not the first team to score heavily in their second innings at Lord's, and I doubt they will be the last. SA did it a couple of years ago and didn't Australia make 400 in a losing effort last year?"

1614 - Ban 197-2
Finn polishes the ball, now 46 overs old, as Siddique works a single off his legs. In contrast to Tamim's pre-tea fireworks, Bangladesh are now just grimly chipping away at the deficit - nice tight over from Finn, though.

The sun is out
1610 - Ban 196-2
Swann twirls away, bowling in his sunglasses at a sun-baked Lord's - and Jahurul takes him on, hoisting him over his head for a two to long-on which lands just inside the boundary in front of the Compton Stand.

1606 - Ban 194-2
Finn to continue from his favoured Pavilion End, Jahurul Islam is off the mark by carefully prodding a two through the covers before guiding a single to fine leg. Bangladesh now trail by 29.

1602 - Ban 191-2
Graeme Swann resumes proceedings - and I can't be alone for thinking that as an off-spinner at the Nursery End, he's bowling from the wrong end, having to spin the ball *up* the notorious Lord's slope. Anyway, he finds left-hander Siddique's edge and it loops over slip for two. Meanwhile, CMJ on TMS admits to being pretty bewildered by last night's Eurovision Song Contest.

1557: We have the bizarre sight of the two Bangladesh batsmen stood outside the pavilion gates, awaiting the arrival of the umpires and fielders...

1547: Elsewhere in the world of cricket, I can tell you that India have beaten Sri Lanka by seven wickets in Bulawayo in the latest game of their ODI tri-series that also involves Zimbabwe. Meanwhile, over in Dominica, West Indies are under way in their fourth ODI against South Africa - the Proteas are looking to keep up their 100% record on this tour.

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From eirebilly on 606: "The two main men are out for Bangladesh. It could be a struggle for them from here as their middle order is not very strong. Still credit to them for giving it a good old go"

1542: Right, while the players take a breather in the pavilion, Mr Dirs is also taking a break in anticipation of a mammoth final session - as we could be carrying on until 1900 BST in order to make up some of the time we lost yesterday, while there's also the chance that England could claim the extra half-hour if they have a reasonable chance of finishing the game tonight. So, it's Mark Mitchener with you for a while - please manually refresh the page and the names will change. And keep your ear on TMS as Aggers is about to speak to Adam Gilchrist about his forthcoming T20 stint for Middlesex...

By Ben Dirs

1540 - 189-2 Jahurul Islam is the new man, and he's very nearly gone first ball - Finn locates the edge, but the ball fall just short of Strauss at first slip. Good bouncer to follow, but Jahurul negotiates it and Bangladesh make it to tea a mere 34 runs behind.

Wicket falls
1537 - WICKET - Kayes c Bell b Finn 75 (Ban 189-2)
Kayes gets a couple of bumpers from Finn but deals with them with the minimum of fuss, bending beneath them as if he's about to climb through a hole in a fence. And Finn has got his man! The trap set, Kayes clipping off his pad straight to Bell at short-leg. Good knock that.

1534 - 189-1 That partnership between Tamim and Kayes was the fourth highest Bangladesh partnership for any wicket in any Test. The highest was a second-wicket partnership between Tamim and Siddique versus India in Dhaka in July 2007. Two leg-byes off the pad of Kayes as Swann errs down leg-side and Kayes picks up a single with a clip to mid-wicket.

1530 - 186-1 For the third or fourth time today Finn loses his footing in the follow-through and comes crashing to the ground. No damage done, and he gets one past an extravagant swish from Kayes two balls later. Kayes works Finn off his hip for one, as both Aggers and Michael Vaughan announce, rather sheepishly, that they both checked out of their hotels this morning...

1526 - 185-1 Swann gets new man Siddique in his crosshairs, and he summons three man round the bat. Siddique taking no chances, however, Bangladesh momentarily anchored.

1523 - 185-1 Three men out for the hook shot, but that was a memorable innings from Tamim, who looks an exciting talent. The batsmen crossed, so Kayes, not Junaid Siddique, is on strike. Kayes taking no chances, he's happy to see out the rest of the over.

Wicket falls
1519 - WICKET - Tamim c Trott b Finn 103 (Ban 185-1)
A single for Tamim before Kayes, who is really opening his shoulders now, slog-sweeps Swann for four. But Finn has got Tamim with the first ball of the next over, digging one in, luring Tamim into the hook and Trott taking the catch down at deep square-leg.

Deadeye Dave in the TMS inbox: "Note to England - instead of thinking about the forthcoming derby match that the rest of the cricketing world cares not a jot about, try beating what's been put in front of you first!"

1513 - 180-0 Half an hour before tea and 41 overs left in the day, England desperately need a wicket, which hardly needed saying. Shades of a young Severiano Ballesteros in some of Tamim's lavish follow-throughs, playing out of knee-length rough at Royal Birkdale. Finn back on and from nowhere he gets one to spit off a length and beat the fencing Kayes. But Kayes had already scored a brace with a punch into the covers, and he follows up with an artful glide through point for four more. This is Bangladesh's highest opening partnership in all Tests, and that knock from Tamim was the fastest at Lord's since India's Mohammad Azharuddin notched one in 87 balls in the 'Gooch 333 Test' of 1990.

1509 - 173-0 Swann to continue and he races through that over in double-quick time, which is my way of saying I couldn't keep up with it. A maiden.

He's reached 100
1506 - 173-0 Four from Swann's previous over courtesy of four leg-byes and Bresnan's first ball is slashed through the covers for four more. And Bresnan is really having his whites pulled down here, there's another boundary through mid-off AND WHAT A WAY TO BRING UP THE TON! A skip down the track and Tamim's marmalised Bresnan straight down the ground to bring up his third Test ton from just 94 balls. The first Bangladeshi to reach three figures at Lord's, and you have to say it was magnificent. And what a celebration! A storm towards the pavilion and a flourish of the wrist, as if to say "get my name up on that board, and make it snappy..."

1500 - 155-0 Bresnan gets one past an airy waft from Tamim, not much footwork there. Tamim suddenly shouldering arms to balls he would have put manners on a few overs ago, before having another lazy twirl at the final ball of the over. He's glimpsed the future, he's glimpsed the Lord's honours board...

1455 - 155-0 Decent lbw shout from Swann against Kayes, who was looking to sweep, but I can only assume that pitched outside leg. Some salt rubbed into the wounds as Kayes flays the next ball through extra-cover for four, and there's more salt as Hawkeye reveals that lbw shout pitched on middle and leg and would have knocked over leg and middle.

1452 - 151-0 Kayes piling into that short, widish delivery from Bresnan, thrashing it through point for four. Bresnan is looking pretty laboured and pretty ordinary all of a sudden. Tamim works Bresnan off his pads for a couple, he had to be quick coming back for the second, but he was well in in the end.

Geoffrey Boycott
Sir Geoffrey Boycott on TMS: "Tim Bresnan must get closer to the stumps, especially at his pace. Ask any snooker player, the hardest ball to pot is the one that's dead straight..."

1449 - 144-0 If you'd like to manually refresh, you'll get to see the '50' graphics I forgot to insert earlier - it tends to upset some people if I miss them out. Swann races through that first over after drinks, just the one run from it.

1444 - 143-0 Tamim currently has the highest score by a Bangladeshi at Lord's, with this current knock, and he's not letting up - Bresnan persevering with this short-ball approach and it's just not working, Tamim first pulling him away for four before swinging him over mid-wicket to move to 85. Remarkable stroke from Tamim to finish the over, that looked for all the world like an air shot out of the long grass. Horrible, although some of this bowling has been worse...

That's 50
1439 - 135-0 Finally, and what a nice way to bring it up - Kayes drops to one knee and wafts Swann to the square-leg boundary for four for his maiden Test fifty. Well done, sir, that was well-deserved. Can one of them push on and notch a first Bangladesh century at Lord's?

1437 - 131-0 Put a penny in him, Tamim, your mate's stop registering... great fielding from Cook at backward-point as Kayes looks to squirt Bresnan away for that one precious run. Oooh, Bresnan very nearly cleans him up a few balls later, the ball staying low and just missing bat and pad.

1433 - 129-0 Tamim is quickly onto a shorter ball from Swann and steers him into the off-side for one. Kayes, nine balls now on 49... make that 10, he's in danger of suffocating...

1431 - 128-0 Bresnan gets one to die and shoot through at a strange angle outside Kayes' off-stump. Kayes gets a thick inside-edge onto his pad and while Tamim is keen, the maiden Test fifty remains a run away. Bresnan serves up a spot of rib-music, but Kayes gets in behind it and jams the ball into the ground.

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From cpfccpd on 606: "England aren't half bowling some dross here but fair play to the Bangladeshi batters, treating the bowlers the contempt they deserve"

1426 - 128-0 England's fielders have scattered to all parts now as Tamim flays Swann's first ball straight to Strauss at short extra-cover. Swann gets Tamim groping outside off-stump but Tamim backs away and makes full contact with the next ball, picking up two to deep extra-cover. Are you allowed to choose sounds on Desert Island Discs? If so, I think I'd plump for the sound of Tamim's bat on ball.

1421 - 126-0 Bresnan is back on, and he's about the only England bowler who hasn't felt the wrath of Tamim so far this innings... I take that back, Bresnan's first ball is lashed through the covers for four more. Bore off Tamim - just a single to mid-wicket, and it's time for Kayes to have a go. Bangladesh just 99 runs behind now, make that 98 as Kayes nurdles to mid-wicket. Tamim gives Kayes back the strike with a dab into the off-side, and news reaches me that this is only the third time Bangladesh have constructed a 100 opening partnership in Tests.

1418 - 119-0 Swann is on with the instructions to stem the flow, and Tamim gives him the charge first ball but doesn't quite get it. But what a shot that is, Tamim dropping to one knee and hoisting Swann over mid-wicket for six, and he follows up with a laced cover-drive for four more. ANOTHER MAXIMUM! Twenty-nine runs from his last nine deliveries, this one a repeat of that shot two balls earlier, although taking the ball from middle stump. This boy's got talent and Swann looks startled, like a dog who's just had someone blow in his face.

That's 50
1413 - 102-0 Any danger, email-wise? I'm feeling a little bit unloved. Smashing stroke from Tamim, crashing Finn to the long-on boundary, and almost decapitating his batting partner in the process. And four more, this time decidedly streaky, Finn squaring him up and forcing the outside-edge down to the third-man fence. But what a shot that is, shades of Brian Lara from Tamim as he gets up on one leg and flicks Finn away for another boundary. Finn switches to over the wicket, but sends one down leg-side. And hot on the heels of the Bangladesh ton, Tamim brings up his ninth Test fifty with a whip to mid-wicket for one. That came from just 49 balls and included eight fours - sometimes streaky, but the warm applause are deserved.

1407 - 89-0 This pair put on 88 in the first innings remember, so England already know they're no mugs. Strong breeze out there, Anderson's trousers and shirt being tugged at as he stands at his mark, and that's a maiden over, Kayes suddenly becalmed with his maiden Test fifty in sight.

1403 - 89-0 Finn with a lifting delivery and Tamim gets up on his hind legs, like a giraffe foraging for high fruit, and cuts him away for a single. Tremendous backing up from Anderson, has there been a better fast-bowling fielder in Test cricket? So many slices of luck for Kayes so far in this innings, one must hope he has hollow legs - this time he goes for a hook and top-edges down to fine-leg for a single. Decent over from Finn, but frustrating times for England.

1357 - 84-0 Did anyone know that 'podshaving' is the art of hand-making cricket bats? No, neither did I... right in the slot from Anderson and Tamim opens his shoulders and thrashes him through extra-cover for four. One more for Tamim with a nurdle off his hip and suddenly this pair look pretty serene.

1353 - 78-0 Tamim nicks a single to get off strike before Kayes picks up four more down to third-man with a thick outside-edge. Third-man in now, Pietersen, switched from gully. Finn digs one in and Kayes drags him away for a few - good running, that's Kayes' highest Test score, 45.

BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Lord's, on Twitter: "Confirmed lategate news: £10 for adults; free for U-16s from 3.40pm today. Watch England chase victory!"

1349 - 70-0 Tamim cracks Anderson into the covers, that's an ear-pleasing slither of willow the little left-hander is wielding. Just as they're musing over Anderson's lack of zing so far today, he locates the edge of Kayes' bat and the ball lands just short of Swann at second slip and runs away for four. As ever after a restart, manually refresh to see the changes on the page. Kayes riding his luck here, there are four more after he fails to pull his bat out of the way and the ball skates off the face and through backward-point.

1344 - 62-0 Hello again, it's Finn to continue after lunch with three slips, a gully and a leg-gully in position. CMJ on TMS is convinced he's got Kayes plumb in front on the back foot, but there's only a strangled appeal from England. Kayes then goes for a pull shot and misses, and the ball balloons just short of Pietersen - an appeal, whether for lbw or a catch I'm not entirely sure, but it doesn't result in a wicket.

Get involved on 606
From alfie on 606: "Credit to Bangladesh here - the two openers can actually play a bit. Bangla's real problem is 3-4-5 lack a bit of substance. (One of them will probably make 150 now...)"

1301 - 61-0 The sweet, sweet sound of willow on leather as Tamim looks to pierce the field on the off-side, but there's a man in position. But he does get Swann away two balls later, rocking back and carving down to third-man for four with fluid, fencer's hands. And that's lunch - good morning for England all in all, although this pair of openers are giving the England bowlers something to think about. See you in 40...

1258 - 57-0 Three slips, a gully and a short-leg still in for Finn's last over before lunch, and it's another decent one. Bangladesh, shock of shocks, have shut up shop however, no runs from another accurate over from the Middlesex seamer.

Alan Though in the TMS inbox: "Re Ollie's remark about Finn's bowling having a resemblance to Statham's: I sat watching Brian Statham rattle Geoff Boycott's timbers on more than one occasion at Old Trafford. He was through the Boycott defence without poor Geoffrey looking like he had a chance of putting a bat on it. That was when Boycott was at the height of his powers and Statham was in his final years. Finn doesn't look more than fast-medium by comparison and certainly does not have that dead straight aggressive run-in followed by the deadly accuracy with movement around middle and off. Finn does have a straight run and good action so I would expect him to bowl well wicket-to-wicket; Boycott would have eaten this current bowling for breakfast, though."

1254 - 57-0 Very nearly a freak wicket for Swann, Kayes dropping to one knee and almost cue-ending over his shoulder to the slip cordon. Swann teasing and testing with almost every ball, but Kayes does manage to get him away for a single, nurdling off his pads for a single. Former umpire John Holder speaking to Aggers at lunch, should be worth a listen.

1251 - 56-0 Nice line from Finn and Kayes is beaten outside off-stump, and he keeps it up for the rest of the over, beating Tamim with another ball that nips away. Finn looking the most likely. Chris from London emails in to ask whether he'll be able to get into Lord's on the cheap after the England footy match has finished. I believe, Chris, that the prices do indeed drop, but I'm not sure at what time. That any use to you?

James, on the train to Leeds, in the TMS inbox: "RE: Jason in Japan. England's response: Actually, Amiable Jason Kindly Imposed Enveloping Mouth Tantalisingly. Granted: Joyous Soothing."

1247 - 55-0 Time for some Swanny, and Tamim doesn't even bother having a look, getting on his bike, revving down the pitch and hoicking the England off-spinner over mid-wicket for one. Kayes picks up three with a work off his pads before Tamim, making room and looking to cut, is bamboozled by one that turns extravagantly, but well short of a length. Two more for Tamim to bring up the fifty before he reveals his other side, spotting the Swann arm-ball and whip-cracking him through the covers for four more. England with plenty to think about, although they could probably do with a testing day.

BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Lord's, on Twitter: "Weather improving, mainly sunny now. England's seamers could have a tiring day. Not much of a crowd in - not a soul in the top tier of the Tavern Stand"

1238 - 45-0 Time for Finn from the Pavilion End, England could do with a spot of extra bounce. A single for Tamim before Kayes fences and edges between third slip and gully and away for four.

1238 - 40-0 Deary me, that's a seriously bad shot from Tamim, who almost puts his shoulder out trying to heave Bresnan over mid-wicket. But he immediately redeems himself, driving him lavishly down the ground for four. "The Two Faces of Tamim", sounds like a Booker contender. And another four, this time from Kayes, who rocks back and yanks Bresnan away to the mid-wicket fence. Carole in Maidenhead (see below), at least your Nan's got some stories, nothing of much interest happened to my Nan for the last fifty years of her life, not since she was delivered the last rites.

1233 - 31-0 Slice of luck from Kayes, who looks to turn Anderso to leg only for the ball to squirt off a leading edge and race down to third-man for four. But that's a bit more authentic from Kayes, showing the maker's name and driving straight for three. Tamim and Kayes exchange singles before Tamim punches down the ground for three more.

1228 - 19-0 Short and too straight from Bresnan and Iqbal swings him away for the first four of the innings. Good comeback from Bresnan, getting Iqbal to nibble at one only for the ball to fall just short of Prior behind the stumps. Tamim - which is apparently what we call him - clips off his leg for a single before Kayes picks up three through the covers. Good effort by Anderson, although it looked like he'd made contact with the rope.

Carole in Maidenhead in the TMS inbox: "Grand Prix, Eurovision, kids beating drums with sticks? All tedious in the extreme I grant you, but surely listening to your nan's stories about her neighbour's paucity in the house-cleaning department beats them all?"

1223 - 11-0 Iqbal nicks a single before Anderson looks to jar something in the follow-through. He looks OK though, before sending one across Iqbal's bows. Similar movement to Bresnan, before Anderson gets one to come back the other way and Iqbal just manages to clip him off his pads for one.

1219 - 8-0 Bresnan gets one to nip back up the hill and beat the fence of Kayes. That's a little spitter from Bresnan, the ball rearing off a length and jamming into Kayes' bottom hand. Nice shape from Bresnan, getting the ball to arc across the left-handed Kayes, but I think I probably agree with you Ollie (see below), if you're going to use this as practice for this winter's Ashes - which, let's face it, is what it is - I'd rather see Finn given a go with the new cherry.

Ollie Killingback in the TMS inbox: "How is it that Bresnan is a new ball bowler? He's a good first change bowler, but he isn't any better than that. Finn should be bowling. I've watched a lot of cricket in my 65 years, and Finn is the nearest thing I've seen to Brian Statham: straight and fast. He's been compared to Fraser, which is fair enough, but I wonder what Sir G B would say about comparing him to Statham?"

1215 - 8-0 By the way, you may want to manually refresh this page so that all the words appear where you want them to appear. Right in the slot from Anderson and Kayes times him through the covers for four. Lord's pretty as a picture now, cotton wool clouds and plenty of blue sky in between.

Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan on TMS: "Pietersen just does not look interested - 'what is this Bangladesh all about?' he's saying. They just don't get his blood boiling like Australia or South Africa..."

1211 - 3-0 It is Bresnan to continue and I've no idea what Tamim is up to, he has an ugly mow at one and is beaten before picking up a couple to mid-on, and then has another rancid old heave and is beaten again. Less footwork than Douglas Bader at the moment, no wonder Strauss is smiling mischievously in the slips. Bit of shape from Bresnan, and up around 85mph in that over.

Jason in Japan in the TMS inbox: "Don't know why I did it, but using the first letter of the names in order of the Bangledesh batting order I came up with this inane sentence: I Kissed Someone In An Abashful Manner, Maybe Having Hummed Intimately."

1206 - 1-0 Players are back out and Tamim Iqbal is off the mark from the first ball from Anderson, who is on from the Pavilion End. Finn is down at long-leg, which suggests he will share the new ball, although why he won't be coming in from his preferred end is a bit of a mystery. Unless Bresnan will start from the Nursery End? We shall see... Nice delivery from Anderson, getting one to nibble away and beat a loose drive from Imrul Kayes.


BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Lord's, on Twitter: "Billy Bowden, for all the histrionics, is one of the best umpires on the circuit. Flawless so far in this match"

Wicket falls
1152 - WICKET - Rubel c Cook b Bresnan 9 (Ban 282-9 Finn is given the elbow by Strauss and it's Bresnan of Yorkshire to continue. He's nearly got his man first ball, but that was sliding down leg. Sir Geoffrey points out that Bresnan delivers the ball from too wide in the crease, thus reducing his chances of leg before decisions. Robiul has a mow and picks up a couple to mid-wicket, but Bresnan does get his man, Rubel edging a drive to Cook at third slip. Strauss makes a batting action towards the Bangladesh balcony, looks like they'll be straight back out again.

1149 - 279-9 Anderson extracts a bit of lift outside off and Rubel is beaten. I may have jumped the gun with my assertion that Strauss will enforce the follow-on, the tourists need just 26 more runs to make England bat again after that dreamy stroke from Rubel, which rather proved the Billy Bragg Theory - "There is no real substitute for a ball struck firmly and squarely". England think they've got him three balls later, but Umpire Bowden rules, I think correctly, that it hit his forearm and not glove or bat.

1144 - 275-9 Robiul is off the mark from the last ball of Anderson's over with a drive through mid-off for two. Finn and Anderson both have four-fers so far, but Strauss might have to make an unpopular decision and pull one or two of them from the attack in a minute. Three for Rubel with a clip off his pads before Robiul unfurls a peach of an on-drive for four, that was a sweet-sweet shot. Actually, you may not get to see KP do much today - word around the campfire is that Strauss will enforce the follow-on.

1139 - 266-9 Plenty of tickets available today if you fancy watching England having a bat - it all seems a little bit innocuous so far, but maybe you'll see something historical, like KP hitting the fastest Test ton? You just never know... Robiul Islam is now at the crease, and he's on debut.

Wicket falls
1136 - WICKET - Mahmudullah b Anderson 17 (Ban 266-9)
After all that careful nurturing and shielding and farming of strike, Mahmudullah goes and misses a straight one, which is rather more surprising than Sir Boycott's disclosure that his daughter would usually withhold her surname when talking to people at university. Funnily enough, I used to do that as well...

1133 - 266-8 Rubel, who averages just 4.28 from eight Tests, can actually bat a bit, his technique looks proficient enough. Five balls from Finn seen off and he is off the mark with a jab to mid-off. Finn either side of 80mph so far this morning, some way down of yesterday.

1129 - 264-8 Mahmudullah has a waft at a widish delivery from Anderson and is beaten before rolling his wrists on a bumper and picking up a couple to mid-wicket. Odd stroke, he was almost on his knees when the ball left the face of his bat. Anderson hasn't quite slotted into the groove yet this morning, still too many widish balls.

1125 - 262-8 Mahmudullah's come over all paternal, refusing a couple of runs now - Rubel could have easily got off the mark from the last ball of the previous over and now the senior batsman turns down a single to square-leg. Mahmudullah plays a pretty decent pull shot, but straight to Morgan out at mid-wicket. Mahmudullah, looking to upper-cut over the slips, backs away but is followed by Finn, that's a pretty good bit of bowling. Mahmudullah does manage to retain the strike, nibbling the final ball of the over off his pads for one.

1119 - 261-8 Mahmudullah backs away, has a go at one from Anderson in the slot but is beaten. Good backing up from Rubel Hossain - it is he, not Robiul Islam, I was thrown a wrongun by the boys on TMS - and Mahmudullah picks up one with a nudge into the off-side.

BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Lord's, on Twitter: "Anyone else noticed the spooky resemblance between Steven Finn and the UK Eurovision singer?"

1115 - 260-8 Robiul Islam, on debut, looked pretty solid facing the final ball of Anderson's last over, getting in right behind it - no idea how Shahadat came in ahead of him. Bangladesh need 51 more to avoid the follow-on, Finn needs one more scalp to get himself on the old honours board. A rare all-run four for Mahmudullah courtesy of a heave to deep mid-wicket and he nicks another single with a drop into the off-side.

Wicket falls
1109 - WICKET - Shahadat b Anderson 20 (Ban 255-8)
Shahadat plays an authentic drive before picking up four more with an outrageous carve over the slip cordon. Anderson eyes him hawkishly, as if he's just found out Shahadat has besmirched his Panini album by accidentally sticking Brian Laudrup in Michael Laudrup's slot. Wonkily. And another! This time he backs away and mows Anderson through the covers, but he's gone next ball, Anderson sending down a slower ball and the ball ricocheting off his front pad and onto his stumps.

1105 - 247-7 Finn with the first full over of the day and Mahmudullah backs and away and chops him to third-man for one. Shahadat is what you might call rustic - strike that, he's more Jurassic than rustic. He hoicks to leg for a couple before scything Finn over square-leg for four. A couple more for Shahadat with another primeval heave to leg and he nicks one more courtesy of an under-edge. Irritating.

1100 - 237-7 It's Jimmy Anderson with the first over of the day and Shahadat Hossain is on strike - looked like a walking wicket last night, about as much permanence as one of Jordan's hubbies. Just the one ball from Anderson, he was merely completing an over.

1056:Tony (see below), I reckon your Missus and kids have done you a massive favour, given a choice between watching a grand prix, watching an entire re-run of Eurovision and listening to two small children whacking things with sticks, watching a grand prix would come rock-bottom. And, yes, I am aware the poor kid representing the UK came last...

Get involved on 606
From andreiolay212 on 606: "Anderson to get Shahadat first ball today I reckon"

BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Lord's, on Twitter: "Was very bright this morning but the clouds are rolling across Lord's right now. Another day for bowling perhaps. KP hurt a finger in fielding practice and was furious, but am sure he'll be fine"

Tony in Sydney in the TMS inbox: "Hope it's a good day's play - the Missus is watching the re-run of Eurovision (thus causing me to miss the Grand Prix) and both my kids are pretending they can play drums. Have to have something to cheer me up... Also, out of curiosity, has anyone ever been given out in all the possible ways in a career?"

1051: Young Finn impressed yesterday, didn't he? Much more of that and he'll have played himself bang into Ashes contention, and I can think of plenty of inferior fast bowlers who have been on that plane to Brisbane in the past. Just don't ask him about it though, he tends to get a little bit irritated...

1033: Good day. Cloudy skies above West London this morning, but no rain and it looks as though we'll be starting on time and have a lot more cricket today. England's bowlers with a vice-like thumb and forefinger applied to the Bangladesh neck, not sure the rest of the batting line-up will last too much longer.

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Live Scores - England v Bangladesh


  • England beat Bangladesh by 8 wickets
  • England: 505 & 163-2 (35.1 overs)
  • Bangladesh: 282 & 382 (110.2 overs)

England 2nd Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 2 163
Strauss c Mushfiqur Rahim b Al Hasan 82
Cook lbw b Mahmudullah 23
Trott not out 36
Pietersen not out 10
Extras 6nb 1w 5lb 12

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