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Page last updated at 10:26 GMT, Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Bangladesh v England - 2nd Test day five as it happened


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By Mark Mitchener

1020: Well, that's about it from us. Many thanks if you've stayed with us throughout this Test (and the first Test and the ODIs) - and for all your e-mails and texts. You've all deserved a proper night's sleep tonight (well, I know I have). You can continue the debate on 606 while I'll be rustling up some player ratings soon - but we're going to head for the pavilion. While there's the new county season (preceded by MCC v Durham in Abu Dhabi) to look forward to, our next cricket live text will be on day one of the ICC World Twenty20 at the end of April. Until then, enjoy your cricket in whatever form it takes - au revoir.

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From chipleader on 606: "Assuming Bangladesh learn from these type of defeats, then they can do nothing but improve, they are a young side with obvious talents. The danger is that they will play far too many ODIs and forget that Test cricket is a different kettle of fish altogether"

England captain Alastair Cook: "It's been a really hard five days, Belly and Bresy batted well to get us back into the game but the supporters kept us going. I've enjoyed the challenge of being captain and it should improve me as a person. The team have been fantastic and I can't thank them enough. But Straussy is our captain and I can't wait for him to come back"

1010: The overall man of the series is Graeme Swann: "The pitches here were very flat, so we were pleased to win these games - Bangladesh have proved they're an improving side, they've pushed us all the way in this series. Tredders has had an exceptional game, though I've told him the pitches aren't all as flat as this"

1007: Bangladesh player of the series (and man of the match) is Shakib Al Hasan: "We had high hopes, it would have been very good to draw against England but all credit to our team, we played very good cricket but just lost the momentum in the last session yesterday. We are looking forward to coming to England"

1004: Thanks to the 8,502 of you (approximately) who pointed out that the 40th over was the first maiden of the innings, not the match! I really hadn't forgotten all those dozens Shakib bowled in the first innings, I hope you'll forgive me that small blemish after all these early starts!

Simon Hughes
Simon Mann
1002: "The Two Simons" are rounding up the day (and indeed the series) - if you're not able to listen at the moment, you can download it later as the TMS podcast.

From Ian, Essex, TMS inbox: "I hope that this series, and particularly the current test has proved to England that with Broad coming in at nine that they don't need to pick six batsmen and that five bowlers are the way to go. The Australians, in Australia, will wreak havoc on a four-man bowling attack and make it very tough to take 20 wickets"

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From Mark, Tasmania, via text: "Congrats to Captain Cook and Tredwell on a successful debut tour. That is what I'd call a captain's knock. Roll on the Ashes"

0955: We're going to hang around to bring you a bit of reaction... please manually refresh the page to remove the now-reached victory target...

Simon Mann
Simon Mann on TMS: "Judging by when I was here six-and-a-half years ago, I think Bangladesh have definitely improved their batting, but not their bowling. They do need to encourage their seam bowlers"

Mark Butcher
Former Surrey and England batsman Mark Butcher on TMS: "Though disappointed, Bangladesh can be proud of their efforts over the last five days. But none of their spin bowlers could get any purchase on the ball - I wouldn't mind if they prepared pitches favouring spin, but this one was lifeless"


0951 - Eng 209-1 (44 overs)
Now he's got his ton, Captain Cook may allow KP to finish this... he clips a legside full toss for four, then lofts one over the bowler's head for four. But KP dabs a single to allow the captain to finish it in style... and he characteristically clubs a four through mid-wicket to complete a nine-wicket win and 2-0 series victory. Cook finishes on 109, with KP on 74.

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From James, Twickenham, via text: "Trott has had his fair bit of good luck in the past don't forget, remember when he caught someone out by using his pocket?"

0946 - Eng 195-1 (43 overs)
With 16 needed, Pietersen works an easy single off his legs, Cook tickles one to the mid-wicket sweeper.

Get involved on 606
From allthatswronginsport on 606: "Bangladesh heads dropped after day three and the umpiring decisions that went against them. Since then they seem to be just going through the motions."

He's reached 100
0943 - Eng 193-1 (42 overs)
A two takes Cook to 99, the field comes in (why weren't they in at the start of the chase?)... and Mahmudullah stops in his run-up. Eventually the Essex opener flicks a four through backward point for his 12th Test century - he's hugged by KP and roundly applauded by the crowd and his team-mates.

From Albert, Bradford, TMS inbox: "More internet derived stats (after Nick at 0850). After a quick look at their history, I think the 704 runs they've scored here is Bangladesh's highest aggregate in a Test match. Am I right?"

0939 - Eng 187-1 (41 overs)
Cook guides a two off Naeem, then he prods forward again, not a bad shout for lbw but the umpire's unmoved. A four off his legs takes him to 96, he keeps the strike with a single to square leg. 22 needed.

From Will Collins, Yorkshire, TMS inbox: "Trott is a genius! Caught off his helmet and bowled by a ball running down his arm guard and dribbling onto his pads and now given run out when clearly not out. Using all his bad luck up against the lesser Bangladesh so the Aussies will never get him out. They say you make your own luck so maybe he slipped the umpire a tenner"

0937 - Eng 180-1 (40 overs)
KP tries a big slog to leg, is hit on the pad but it pitched outside leg stump. Remarkably, we have our first maiden over of the innings!

From Jon Tattersall, Harbornel, TMS inbox: "Well said Rachel Tyrrell (0809). This was always a chance for England to rest some players and look ahead to the future. With an intense summer of ODIs and the Aussies waiting at the end of the year, this was a prime opportunity to do something different and innovative. We have experimented with the batting order, blooded a new captain, spinner and pace bowler, and allowed KP to find his mojo. Now stop whinging!"

0931 - Eng 180-1 (39 overs)
Captain Cook takes a fresh guard to Naeem, but England just keep plundering easy singles to a fairly deep-set field. The little blue drinks cart is wheeled on for the last drinks break of the series. (My brain is clearly packing up for the end of the tour, thanks for those who pointed out that KP/KayPee had 55 after 37 overs, not 87!)

0927 - Eng 176-1 (38 overs)
Mahmudullah's going to have another twirl, replacing Razzak whose bowling has been pretty rubbish today. More straightforward singles from Pietersen and Cook, KP tries a switch-hit and hammers it for four to third man, although he then appears to feel his hamstring. But he'll carry on, adding two more to move up to 62.

0921 - Eng 168-1 (37 overs)
Like his fellow off-spinner Graeme Swann, Naeem is going to bowl in his sunglasses. Cook sweeps, fine, and they scamper through for three, and three more easy singles continue England's inexorable march towards victory. England need 41 more - Cookie has 87, KayPee has 55.

That's 50
0917 - Eng 162-1 (36 overs)
You can almost tell from the body language of the Bangladesh fielders that they've given up the ghost on this one. Cook jabs a single, Pietersen fires a four through mid-wicket for his 18th Test fifty (he also has 16 hundreds). An exchange of singles, and it looks like Naeem Islam's warming up for a bowl.

From Gary, Cornwall, TMS inbox: "Getting a bit annoyed with people saying 'honours to Bangladesh'. It's a difficult place to go, the subcontinent, with a weakened squad. And England (will) have won both Tests convincingly"

0914 - Eng 155-1 (35 overs)
Cook steers Shakib for an easy two and a nudged single, KP steps back and gives himself room to power another four through the covers - he's up to 48.

Dominic Cork
Dominic Cork on TMS: "Bangladesh have performed well for periods in this Test, and they could have pushed England further this morning but made silly mistakes"

0910 - Eng 148-1 (34 overs)
Cook goes aerial, lifting Razzak safely wide of long-on for four. A single takes him to 78, he must have a century in mind.

0907 - Eng 143-1 (33 overs)
Shakib returns in place of Rubel, but KP seems to have vanquished his demons against left-arm spin. Easy accumulation of ones and twos - England need 66 more from a minimum of 21 overs.

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From Statto, via text: "James in Clitheroe (0845). Don't the bails have to be completely off not just moved for someone to be out?"

0903 - Eng 139-1 (32 overs)
Three singles from Razzak's over. If there's an Easy Street in the Mirpur A-Z, England are most certainly on it.

0900 - Eng 136-1 (31 overs)
Cook looks happy to play the supporting role now Pietersen has opened up, but after an exchange of singles there's a glorious cover drive for four by the England skipper, and a straight drive brings him another boundary. A no-ball is worked off his legs for one - the man his team-mates call "Chef" is up to 69 - but with England needing only 74 more, will he get a ton? 13 from Rubel's over.

From Sean (a fair-minded Englishman), TMS inbox: "Oh, so now the umpiring decisions are against England, suddenly there's an outcry! Where were the shouts of 'outrageous' when Bangladesh were denied their lbw appeals? Dropped catches or not, England are still up on the deal where dodgy decisions are concerned"

0855 - Eng 123-1 (30 overs)
Cook nudges Razzak for a single, Pietersen hoists a first-bounce four through mid-off - he's due to play in the IPL for Bangalore tomorrow. A two takes him to 35, and a firm straight drive brings him four more - great over for the Royal Challengers right-hander.

From Paul Smith, TMS inbox: "Really impressive performance by Bangladesh who have proved that they are certainly not the whipping boys of Test cricket anymore. Solid performance from England which hopefully will be finished off with a cavalier cameo from KP. On the whole though honours go to Bangladesh"

0850 - Eng 112-1 (29 overs)
Cook and KP help themselves to ones and twos against Rubel, Bangladesh are sleepwalking towards defeat here.

From Nick, Cambridge, TMS inbox: "In response to the question an hour or so ago on TMS [see Simon Mann's comment at 0717], this is the first time that two players have been stumped in the 90s in the same Test match. It's only happened once that two players have been stumped in the 90s in the same series - both Pakistanis in their home series v India in 1955. Isn't the internet brilliant?"

0845 - Eng 107-1 (28 overs)
Cook carves a single to mid-on, KP square-cuts to the cover sweeper for one, and this is easy work for Cook as a single to his favoured leg side takes him to 55.

From James in Clitheroe, TMS inbox: "Going back to the Trott dismissal. The third umpire has got it spot on. Been watching the two freeze frames before Trott makes the crease, and there is definite movement of the top of the stumps (it's easy to see the black against the wicketkeeper's white shirt). Hate to say it, but it's a great spot!"

That's 50
0842 - Eng 104-1 (27 overs)
England are right on the money with regard to the required run rate - Rubel the Slinger has returned after that one-over spell from Shakib before tea, and Pietersen forces him for a single to leg. Cook whips a four through mid-wicket, that's his 23rd Test fifty (he has 11 hundreds). A single allows him to keep the strike this time.

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From Iain, via text: "Great. The quality of technology is now the talking point rather than the cricket. When we get to the point where cricket is discussed in terms of missing TV frames then we have clearly lost the plot"

0838 - Eng 98-1 (26 overs)
Razzak resumes the action after tea. Pietersen prods off his legs, Cook calls for a quick single and they're home. The skipper guides a single to move up to 47, he'll want to be there at the end, but KP pinches the strike.

0832: Bangladesh make their way out again, not with a great deal of obvious enthusiasm - it'll take more than a dodgy third umpire decision if they're to save this Test.

From Mike in Munich, TMS inbox: "Swings and roundabouts in relation to the Trott running out. Seems to me we got the cut of the cloth a couple of days ago, unfortunately now it is Bangladesh, let's just hope we do not get a series of bad decisions like they did!"

From Danum Dave, TMS inbox: "Still amazed by the Trott decision - Why have video evidence and guess? Mystified"

0815: That's tea - if you're a Yorkshire fan, you'll be pleased to listen to TMS where there's another chance to hear Kevin Howells' recent chat with Martyn Moxon and Jonathan Bairstow.


0813 - Eng 95-1 (25 overs)
KP sweeps and misses at Shakib, but what should have been a leg bye is given to the batsman. Cook chops a single to cover sweeper Naeem Islam, KP tips-and-runs the last ball into the covers. England will need 114 from a minimum of 29 overs in the final session.

From Stu in the UAE, TMS inbox: "No abuse towards Capt'n Cook please. He just made the best decision of the tour which was to run Trott out. Textbook Botham/Boycott stuff! Trott was going far too slowly. Get him out and bring in KP. Great plan Cookie and well executed!"

0809 - Eng 92-1 (24 overs)
This could be the last over before tea - with a minimum of 30 overs remaining after this one. KP sweeps and misses, the ball trickles past his legs and just pass the stumps. A clubbed single to long-on brings up the fifty partnership - and Cook, on 45, plays out the over. We'll have time for one more.

From Rachel Tyrrell, Lincoln, TMS inbox: "I wish everyone would stop living in Utopia-land where every win is a thrilling innings and 200 runs victory. Were you really expecting Cookie to be the finished article in his first outing as captain? He will have learned from this experience and England will have a better cricketer as a result. Get some perspective!"

0805 - Eng 87-1 (23 overs)
The slingy pace bowler Rubel Hossain, who's usually been used to bowl with the older ball in this Test, finally gets his chance. Cook steers a two off his legs, that's a great stop on the boundary to cut off the four.

From Niall in Abu Dhabi, TMS inbox: "Re: Anon (0650) talking of the possible outcomes today, in the match report of the last game I played our captain, one D Evans, said 'and Niall went into bat at number 11 with all results possible, some more possible than others!' What confidence he had in me!"

0759 - Eng 85-1 (22 overs)
After a single from KP, Cook prods forward to Mahmudullah, that's got to be close... Umpire Tucker shakes his head. What will Hawk-Eye say? Hit him just outside the line, so a good decision. The next ball pings off his foot for a leg bye.

0755 - Eng 83-1 (21 overs)
There's about 15 minutes until tea, but England probably wish they could stay out there. Single from KP, Cook steers another four to lift his score to 43.

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From Chipry, London, via text: "Outrageous decision against Trott. The cameras being used are not good enough. There is a frame missing. No way should that have been given out"

0751 - Eng 78-1 (20 overs)
Off-spinner Mahmudullah replaces Razzak, but Cook helps himself to an easy four off his legs. With no bat-pad fielders in, England are on cruise control.

0747 - Eng 74-1 (19 overs)
Cook pokes Shakib for a single but the Bangladesh skipper keeps it tight against KP - England need 135 runs from a minimum of 35 overs.

0744 - Eng 73-1 (18 overs)
Razzak wheels away for his ninth over, I think he could do with a rest. And just as I type that, Pietersen languidly hoists him for a straight six! He works an easy single, Cook plunders three more.

0740 - Eng 62-1 (17 overs)
With gaps on the off side against Shakib, KP crosses his hands over and goes for the switch-hit - he doesn't connect cleanly but picks up two as the ball loops down to third man. A single lifts his score to eight, Captain Cook paddle-sweeps for one to reach 30.

Athar Ali Khan
Former Bangladesh all-rounder Athar Ali Khan on TMS: "That run-out was not conclusive enough to give it in favour of the fielding side. If there is any doubt in your mind, you have to give it in favour of the batsman"

0736 - Eng 58-1 (16 overs)
Cook gets down on one knee and beautifully cover-drives Razzak for four. A double takes the England skipper (will he lead the side again? And if so, when?) to 29.

From Nigel, London, TMS inbox: "Did the third umpire not have the brightness turned up this time? Or are they allowed to guess what happens between frames now? Outrageous decision!"

0734 - Eng 52-1 (15 overs)
KP misses one tossed down the leg side from Shakib, keeper Mushfiqur misses it too and they run a couple of byes. KP steps back to steer a four through mid-off which brings up the fifty for England, and a couple more singles mean it's a profitable over for England.

0729 - Eng 44-1 (14 overs)
Razzak continues to Cook, who adds a single. New batsman Kevin Pietersen is off the mark with one, to keep the strike. Meanwhile, replays of Trott's run-out continue - Simon Mann notes "many third umpires would have given him the benefit of the doubt". Mike Atherton on Sky is apparently incensed.

From Ian, Barcelona, TMS inbox: "Even if England win the match, I think many people will feel that Bangladesh are the real winners. For their positive approach, adventurous batting and all-round flair they have shone in comparison to a dull and workmanlike England led by a less than inspiring or inspirational captain"

Wicket falls
0724 - WICKET - Trott run out (Mushfiqur) 19 - Eng 42-1 (13 overs)
Finally we have a new bowler as Shafiul's off after six unthreatening overs and Captain Shakib takes over with his particular brand of orthodox left-arm spin. Cook and Trott exchange singles, then Cook pushes a quick one into the covers, Trott will have to hurry, the bails come off and they'll have to go to third umpire Nadir Shah... it doesn't look particularly conclusive but Trott's given out, and he's absolutely livid.

0717 - Eng 40-0 (12 overs)
Razzak gets a bit of turn, but Cook helps himself to another single. Pedestrian progress, but it'll suit England.

Simon Mann
Simon Mann on TMS: "Has there ever been a Test match before with two players stumped in the 90s, like Bresnan and Shakib?"

0715 - Eng 39-0 (11 overs)
Still no change of bowling as Cook tickles Shafiul for an easy single to third man. Trott powers his third four of the innings through square leg when Shafiul drops it short.

From James Hewitt, ex-pat now living in sunny Perth, WA, TMS inbox: "This run chase takes me back to Bulawayo in 1996 when Zimbabwe threw the ball miles wide of off stump and down the leg side for over after over. I wonder if Andy Flower will think that 'We flippin' murdered 'em' if this ends in a draw"

0709 - Eng 34-0 (10 overs)
Cook knocks Razzak for a single, and whatever Bangladesh are trying, it ain't working.

From Jerry, Beijing, TMS inbox: "Here's an interesting one for the stats-maniacs of the world to ponder. Every English player (with the exception of Finn who has never been dismissed in Tests so doesn't have an average at all) now has a batting average over 25. Has a Test side ever fielded such a team before?"

0706 - Eng 33-0 (9 overs)
Trott and Cook push Shafiul for more easy singletons, this is too easy for England.

0702 - Eng 31-0 (8 overs)
Cook on-drives, there are some heroic stops in the field but Bangladesh cannot afford to keep serving up easy singles. Considering how well Cap'n Shakib bowled in the first innings, including all those maidens, I'd be astonished if he doesn't bring himself on soon. Trott helps himself to another single - he has 13, Cook is on 16.

Dominic Cork
Dominic Cork on TMS: "Bangladesh have to realise they will not stop England winning by setting negative fields. They'll easily knock these runs off if Bangladesh don't create pressure, England are already up to four an over without getting a sweat on"

0658 - Eng 29-0 (7 overs)
Another impressive cover drive brings Cook two, as the tumbling debutant Jahurul Islam cuts it off on the rope. There's a laughable lbw appeal for a ball which pitched a yard outside leg stump, and Cook guides a careful single to the cover sweeper. Then Shafiul strays down the leg side and Trott confidently despatches it for four.

0653 - Eng 22-0 (6 overs)
The TMS guys are surprissed not to see any bat-pad fielders here - Razzak floats in a loose delivery and Cook rocks back to hammer it through cover for four, before nicking the strike with a single.

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From Daz, Widnes, via text: "I don't understand Trott. He's on about a run a ball and taken no risk so why did it take him 33 balls to get off the mark first innings? He is way too cautious and it irritates me"

0650 - Eng 17-0 (5 overs)
It's still right-arm seamer Shafiul, but he's still leaking singles to both batsmen - we could see spin from both ends soon.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Anon, via text: "Just under two sessions of a five-day game left and all three results possible (four if you include a tie!). Never mind Twenty20 - THIS is what cricket is all about"

0645 - Eng 15-0 (4 overs)
While the TMS crew are having a few broadcast problems, Kevin Howells has been doing some sterling commentary work in the studio here in London when the line's dropped out - while England are also moving along nicely, happy to advance the score in singles - not that they would need to blaze away like Tamim Iqbal at this stage of the innings.

0640 - Eng 12-0 (3 overs)
Cook knocks Shafiul for another easy single off his legs - Bangladesh are going to have to cut out these easy singles if they are to have any hope of saving (or winning!) this match. But Trott pushes another wide one through the covers, he's up to six.

From Matt, Mauritius, TMS inbox: "At only 3.87 runs per over, we've got this one in the bag. If only all England series were this stress free!"

0637 - Eng 7-0 (2 overs)
Once more, after one over of pace, Bangladesh hand the new ball to a spinner as slow left-armer Abdur Razzak skips in with his idiosyncratic run-up. Cook plays one of his favourite strokes, pushing a single off his legs, Trott adds one through the covers and the skipper deftly guides Razzak for three - England are more than up with the required run rate at this early stage.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Chris in Bournemouth, via text: "Any player from the Bangladesh team up for IPL cricket in the near future?"

They'd be daft not to look at Tamim Iqbal as a T20 opener...

0632 - Eng 5-0 (1 over)
Shafiul Islam takes the first over, captain Alastair Cook nudges a leg bye to fine leg, then Jonathan Trott gets himself off the mark by steering a four through third man.

0627: Right, manually refresh your page for England's target to magically appear at the top...

From Lenny, Mauritius, TMS inbox: "Colly and KP are just showing Cook what 'tough love' is. Sometimes you've got to let them make their own mistakes, the little scamps"


0619: Mention must be made of Tredwell's figures - 4-82 from 34 overs. Very accomplished for the debutant.

Wicket falls
0618 - WICKET - Shakib st Prior b Tredwell 96 - Ban 285 all out (102 overs)
Bad ball from Tredwell first up, Shakib powerfully pulls him for four to take the lead past 200. A careful sweep shot, all along the ground, brings him two more, and a mighty swing for four off the fifth ball takes him to 96. Will he try for a single off the last ball, or go for the ton? He dances down the track, swings and misses and Matt Prior whips the bails off! So he's denied his second Test century on his 23rd birthday, and England will require 209 to win.

0613 - Ban 275-9 (101 overs)
Finn to finish his over to number 11 Rubel Hossain, who's right-handed. He survives the over - and it will be interesting to see how Shakib tries to farm the strike.

0605: An important question from Sumon from Chittagong on the e-mails. He asks how many overs are left in the day - the answer is that it's a minimum of 57 overs after the three balls remaining in Finn's over which was halted by lunch. (Two overs will be deducted for the change of innings). With the spinners on for much of the morning, England have bowled at a good over-rate - and Bangladesh have plenty of spinners available so we could well see more than 57 overs bowled - but as we know, at various stages it may be to the advantage of one side or other to try to waste a bit of time (spurious field changes, needless drinks breaks, physio visits or fresh gloves etc) if it is in their interests.

From Valentin, TMS inbox: "With regards to what Dominic Cork has just said, I would hate to think that the reason Collingwood and Pietersen are not helping Cook out is because both their minds are already on the IPL..."

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Rasheed in The Kongkers, via text: "No Anderson, no Onions, no Sidebottom, no Flintoff so comparisons with the Ashes are not relevant. Even so, surely we should be able to get 20 wickets here for under 600 runs... Or maybe we should have treated the tour with more respect and sent a real England team. A Bangladesh win may wake some people up and be the kick in the pants needed!"

0535: Bangladesh lead by 198 with one wicket remaining - while the players take lunch, keep an ear on TMS for their panel of journalists who will be holding court at lunch - Lawrence Booth (Daily Mail), David Hopps (Guardian) and Colin Bateman (Daily Express).


Wicket falls
0532 - WICKET - Razzak lbw b Finn 8 - Ban 275-9 (100.3 overs)
Finn makes the breakthrough as tail-ender Razzak plays across a full toss and is hit on the full in front of middle stump. And if it hits you on the full, the umpire can't infer any swing, spin or movement - so he's out, and we take lunch immediately.

Dominic Cork
Dominic Cork on TMS: "I'm getting angry as England are just loping round the field. What's happening? Who's in control? I don't understand what Cook's doing, or what his tactics are. He's a young captain, still learning the role, why aren't Collingwood and Pietersen helping him?"

0529 - Ban 275-8 (100 overs)
Corky on TMS is spitting feathers at Captain Cook's tactics, but it's going to be Tredwell again, can they get two more overs in before tea? Not if Shakib has anything to do with it, he's fiddling with his pads and gloves to hold up play. Razzak adds a single, we wait for the umpire's watch... and we're going to get another over in.

0526 - Ban 274-8 (99 overs)
Seamer Steve Finn has been used sparingly by England so far, just seven overs yesterday, but he is finally given his first over of the day in the run-up to lunch. Shakib turns the last ball of the over for four off his legs. (And thanks to Lakshman from Dubai who points out I got Shakib's age wrong earlier - he's 23 today).

From Chris Wild, TMS inbox: "Bangladesh's ex-coach Trevor Chappell's staying at our house in Bangkok on Friday, reckon I'll ask his opinion on umpiring!"

Or the infamous incident where (under orders from his brother) he bowled the last ball of an ODI against New Zealand underarm to win the game?

0521 - Ban 270-8 (98 overs)
Shakib smears Tredwell for a single, Razzak blocks out the over. Bangladesh call for some drinks.

From Simon (an England supporter), Perth, Australia, TMS inbox: "Isn't it sporting of England to drop all these catches so as to make amends for the umpiring errors? Now that the three decisions have been atoned for I look forward to seeing us hang on to everything"

0518 - Ban 269-8 (97 overs)
Big lbw appeal from Swann against Shakib, Umpire Hill shakes his head and it was going down leg once more. Shakib cover-drives into the deep, but turns down a single as it looks like he's trying to farm the strike - which he does by paddle-sweeping the last ball for a single.

0515 - Ban 268-8 (96 overs)
Tredwell is bowling from well behind the popping crease, Razzak punches four back past the bowler. The lead is 191, and we're 15 minutes from lunch.

0512 - Ban 264-8 (95 overs)
The Barmy Army are in good voice - Corky on TMS senses that England need their help here as Shakib inches closer towards his century with another single - he has 80. Swann has a 7-2 off-side field for Razzak, with just a mid-on and short leg on the leg side. Razzak drives, it just evades a fielder at short cover and they run two. A misfield at mid-on brings him a single.

From Geoff, Sydney, TMS inbox: "I am getting very concerned! I know the pitch is dead but if England are unable to dispatch the Bangladesh tail end... how do they expect to dismiss Punter and Pup during the Ashes?!"

0508 - Ban 260-8 (94 overs)
Shakib helps himself to a single to the mid-wicket sweeper, Tredwell polishes the ball furiously before adjusting his field for Razzak, who's yet to score. Tigers lead by 183.

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From Shabbir Bashar, via text: "Come on Shakib... Sending you the 'force' from Washington, USA"

0506 - Ban 259-8 (93 overs)
Now, could this be Tredwell's "Shaun Udal moment"? Hitherto ignored county off-spinner bowls England to victory on the subcontinent... then never gets picked again? Shakib works Swann for a single, bringing new batsman Abdur Razzak on strike. So we have two left-handers in - Razzak sees off the over. (And thanks for those who spotted I credited Naeem with 255 runs too many last over - it's manual refresh time again)

Wicket falls
0501 - WICKET - Naeem c Pietersen b Tredwell 3 - Ban 258-8 (92 overs)
The right-handed Naeem steers Tredwell for a couple - then England spring the trap as Tredders entices the usually watchful Naeem to lift a catch right down the throat of Kevin Pietersen at deep mid-on. We have half-an-hour remaining until lunch.

0457 - Ban 256-7 (91 overs)
The two birthday boys lock horns as Swann bowls a maiden to Shakib.

0455 - Ban 256-7 (90 overs)
Shakib begins with a single as usual against Tredwell, Naeem is the proverbial immovable object but England haven't been much of an irresistible force today.

From Michael, Portland, Oregon, TMS inbox: "May I just say as an American fan of the West Indies and as a neutral, that this is depressing to watch because Bangladesh got totally ripped off with those denied lbws. Maybe it was their cricket board that did the ripping off by not paying for replay umpiring"

0452 - Ban 255-7 (89 overs)
Shakib nurdles a single against Swann, Naeem is off the mark with one, and the skipper rotates the strike again - every run may be crucial here for Bangladesh, who lead by 178.

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From Al in Vredenburg Hospital, South Africa, via text: "Was in here for knee reconstruction for 1st Test, back in for DVT for this Test and can't fly back to blighty for eight weeks. Thank god for TMS and IPL"

0449 - Ban 252-7 (88 overs)
A rapid maiden from Tredders to Naeem, who's perfectly capable of occupying the crease for ages.

0447 - Ban 252-7 (87 overs)
England go for the two-pronged spin attack as Swann returns in place of Broad, but Shakib looks in good touch as he pushes a two through the covers. Shakib tries to force one off his pads, there's a half-hearted lbw appeal from Prior, but Swann's lack of an appeal says it all really - clearly going down leg. Bangladesh lead by 175, and there are a minimum of 71 overs remaining in the day.

From Alex, Amsterdam, TMS inbox: "Looks like we'll be chasing about 230-ish from 50-55 overs, doesn't it? Quite interesting to see a Test, which looked like it started as an ODI, is gearing up to finish like one too"

0444 - Ban 250-7 (86 overs)
Shakib dabs another single to bring up the 250 for his side. New man Naeem is yet to score from his first six deliveries.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Ramesh, London, via text: "Fascinating final day's play. C'mon England! C'mon Tigers! C'mon Test cricket!"

0440 - Ban 249-7 (85 overs)
Broad is still testing Shakib with the short ball, but he hooks another low four. A single takes the skipper to 71 and the Bangladesh lead up to 172.

0436 - DROPPED CATCH - Ban 244-7 (84 overs)
Shakib swipes at Tredwell, the ball bounces off Prior's gloves and loops safely over slip. They run one - and England really need to hold on to any chance they get.

From Michael Hart, TMS inbox: "Re: 0300 ('One of the most astonishing days in the history of Test cricket') - I have to disagree, Mark. A tie might qualify the day for your description (on purely statistical grounds), but not a Bangladesh victory. As Darth Vader should have said to Luke Skywalker: 'You do not know the power of an England Batting Collapse'"

Well, "The Force" is certainly with Bangladesh at the moment after scoring 71 runs in the first hour.

0432 - Ban 243-7 (83 overs)
Shakib guides a two through mid-wicket. Broad is really leaking runs here, he bangs one in short and wide which Shakib upper-cuts over point for four, then the Tigers captain steers another two through the covers and flicks a single off his legs. New batsman Naeem Islam tries to guide his first ball off his legs and they run two leg byes. 11 from the over - Bangladesh lead by 166, and that's drinks.

Wicket falls
0424 - WICKET - Shafiul c Trott b Tredwell 28 - Ban 232-7 (82 overs)
A slightly curious bowling change as off-spinner James Tredwell is brought on to bowl with a ball one over old. He arguably outbowled Swann yesterday, despite picking up only one wicket. Shakib adds a single, then Shafiul hoists one high into the air at deep mid-wicket - and a relieved Trott, who dropped a "dolly" yesterday, finally takes a catch. The lead is 155.

0422 - NEW BALL TAKEN - DROPPED CATCH - Ban 231-6 (81 overs)
Broad is handed the new cherry, but it's more of the same from Bangladesh as Shakib powerfully pulls a short ball for four. Another short-pitched ball is hooked high into the air, Jonathan Trott running round from mid-wicket sticks out his left hand and catches the ball... for about a second and then drops it when his elbow hits the ground. It would have been a spectacular catch if he'd taken it, but as it nestled in his hand for a short while, we have to put it down as a drop. (By the way, if your screen is still showing "Play to start at 0330", please manually refresh the page).

That's 50
0416 - Ban 226-6 (80 overs)
Shakib is inching closer to his half century, one single at a time. Shafiul sweeps for one, then birthday boy Shakib brings up his fifth Test fifty (he has one century) by plundering another single from fellow birthday boy Swann. The new ball is available - and will be taken.

From Maurice, Liverpool, TMS inbox: "I don't mean to be a pessimist, but can anyone else see this becoming a bit of an ordeal? Shakib getting a slow ton, England bowlers lose half their body weight in toil, before being sent out to save the Test after the batters are spun out to about 125-5 chasing 220 in one and a bit sessions?"

0412 - Ban 223-6 (79 overs)
A single from Shakib brings up the fifty stand, Shafiul threads one past the diving Trott at cover for four. For a man who hadn't scored more than 30 in first-class cricket before this game, he's scored 53 and 27 not out. Then there's a big appeal from Broad... clearly going down the leg side though.

From Ben, London, TMS inbox: "This is one of the few times I can really appreciate being unemployed. I may have no money or purpose in life, but at least I can stay up all night alone with the cricket for solace!"

Ben, you're never alone with TMS...

0407 - Ban 218-6 (78 overs)
Mark Butcher replaces Corky in the TMS summariser's chair - Simon Hughes praises Butch's rendition of "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder in a club they were in last night. (Butch has his own band, of course). Shakib adds a single, Shafiul powerfully sweeps for four as Bell takes evasive action at short leg.

0404 - Ban 213-6 (77 overs)
An early contender for "shot of the day" from Shakib as he powerfully cover-drives a full delivery from Stuart Broad (who's replaced Bresnan) for four. Meanwhile, on TMS, with all this talk of birthdays in the air, Dominic Cork alludes to Simon Mann's cake-eating skills. Another length ball from Broad finds Shakib's edge but it sails just over the leaping James Tredwell, who's stood at about fifth slip, for four. There's a touch of reverse swing as Shakib chops a two and a single, both to the third man region, he's up to 46 and Bangladesh lead by 136.

0400 - Ban 202-6 (76 overs)
Swann has a man on the mid-wicket boundary and another halfway back at deep mid-on in case Shafiul goes for another big heave-ho. But when he does connect with a top edge, it loops over Bresnan at backward square leg and they run two. Shafiul then carves one in theiair through mid-wicket, but it sails over Jonathan Trott, who's a few metres in from the rope, for four. Swann looks angry with the placement of Trott, who had a bit of a nightmare in the field yesterday.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Neil in Twizel, South Island, at the New Zealand secondary schools rowing champs, via text: "Am looking forward to an intriguing last day. Come on England! Aussies looking a force to be reckoned with here. Blowing a gale here, so no rowing at the moment"

0356 - Ban 196-6 (75 overs)
Bresnan has a man in on the drive at short mid-off against the left-handed Shakib, who's looked good through the covers today. It's Ian Bell - if he sticks out his left foot he could trip up the non-striker if they try a quick single. A tight over from Bres until Shakib chops the last ball through backward point for four. Tigers lead by 115.

From Dave, Australia, TMS inbox: "Re: Bangladesh coach Jamie Siddons fined 10% of his match fee for showing dissent (see 0318). Most unusual - an Aussie whining about umpiring decisions. I reckon they teach that particular skill at the Australian Institute of Sport!"

0352 - Ban 192-6 (74 overs)
Shakib adds a single off Swann, Shafiul is momentarily becalmed.

0350: A quick statistical note from my match-report colleague Oliver Brett: "Bangladesh have secured three wins in Tests. Of six previous draws, four were heavily affected by weather, another in St Lucia (2004) saw half a day lost to rain. The only one where weather was not a factor was in Dhaka (2005), when they batted out the last day for a draw against Zimbabwe."

0349 - Ban 191-6 (73 overs)
Shakib guides Bresnan for a single, they could be facing each other in county cricket later this year when Shakib joins up with Worcestershire. Assuming that Bresnan's star doesn't rise even more and England stop him playing for Yorkshire. Shafiul nicks one between keeper Matt Prior and first slip Swann for four - now, Swann is rather wide at slip, so it's surprising Prior didn't even dive for the ball.

Dominic Cork
Former England all-rounder Dominic Cork on TMS: "I'm surprised how quickly Alastair Cook and Graeme Swann take his wicket-taking options away as soon as he's hit for four - the silly point has been taken out, even though he's only bowling to a tail-ender"

0345 - Ban 186-6 (72 overs)
A glorious heave to cow corner brings Shafiul four, then he blasts four more through the covers. Bangladesh lead by 109.

0343 - Ban 178-6 (71 overs)
Shafiul trots through for a leg bye, Shakib adds two more - again through the covers - to take his score to 29.

0338 - Ban 175-6 (70 overs)
Shafiul, who swiped 53 in the first innings at number 10 (44 of which came in fours), looks aggressive from the off against Graeme Swann, swinging and missing before dabbing a single to third man. It's Swanny's birthday too, he's 31, and is serenaded with "Happy Birthday" by the Barmy Army.

0335 - Ban 174-6 (69 overs)
Tim Bresnan takes the first over to birthday boy Shakib, who's 23 today. Happy birthday, Cap'n Shak. He gets his team under way with a two through the covers.

From Rob in Bath, TMS inbox: "I'm here for the long haul, hopefully we've wrapped it up by my 9.15 lecture! I'm a student doing coursework (it was either going to be that, on the night shift or just getting back from a night out). This isn't a last-minute mad deadline rush, it's just that I knew I'd end up doing an all-nighter at some point, and if I do it tonight I get to follow a great England win while I do my work!"

0329: Strangely, captain Shakib Al Hasan has already reached the middle and taken guard before his partner, nightwatchman Shafiul Islam, has entered the arena. Anyway, here we go.

0325: Tim Bresnan admitted yesterday that it's been "like playing in an oven" - you can read (and listen to) his post-play interview with TMS while we're waiting for play.

0318: If you didn't hear yesterday, Bangladesh coach Jamie Siddons was fined 10% of his match fee for showing dissent at an umpire's decision on day three. Meanwhile, Stuart Broad has been treading a rather fine line with his appealing - check out the TMS podcast for Simon Mann and Simon Hughes's verdict on day four.

0315: Test Match Special are "go for launch" - Simon Mann's weather report is that it's overcast but still warm and dry. Rain looks pretty unfeasible.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Frankie Four Fingers on the balcony of his penthouse flat in Maidstone, via text: "England to pick up last four wickets just before lunch and then whirlwind Trott to bish bash bosh the required total in quick time before tea, well here's hoping anyway"

0300: Morning, everyone. It's England's last day of overseas Test cricket until they step out at the Gabba in Brisbane on 25 November to begin their Ashes defence. But before then, today they have the small matter of preserving their 100% record against Bangladesh. The Tigers are 172-6 in their second innings - effectively 95-6 because of England's first-innings lead - with one day remaining. So, will we see a Herculean effort from Bangladesh to preserve a draw, or an exciting run chase for England? (And if you're expecting a Bangladesh win, or a tie - well, you can expect one of the most astonishing days in the history of Test cricket).

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Live Scores - Bangladesh v England


  • England beat Bangladesh by 9 wickets
  • Bangladesh: 419 & 285 (102.0 overs)
  • England: 496 & 209-1 (44.0 overs)

England 2nd Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 1 209
Cook not out 109
Trott run out 19
Pietersen not out 74
Extras 1nb 2b 4lb 7

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