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Page last updated at 11:39 GMT, Sunday, 14 March 2010

Bangladesh v England - 1st Test day three as it happened


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By Mark Mitchener

1100: Right, TMS are finishing off - 5 live sports extra is going all F1 crazy, and if you haven't got your fix of sport for the day yet, then check out Mark Orlovac's live text commentary of the Bahrain Grand Prix - while Sam Lyon will be in the football live text chair a little later. Thanks for your company - we'll be back in the early hours of tomorrow morning for day four of the Test (play starts at 0330 GMT again) - until then, enjoy the rest of Mothering Sunday and take care of yourselves.

From Ian Selbourne, TMS inbox: "Pietersen did in fact bat with Chris Tremlett at least once (see 1000 entry). In the First Test v India in 2007, Pietersen made 134 and shared a stand of 0 off 1 ball with Tremlett"

Thanks for clearing that up - I know the TMS guys had posed the same question!

Simon Hughes
Simon Mann
1051: "The Two Simons" - Mann and Hughes - are wrapping up the day's play on TMS, which you'll also be able to hear later as the TMS podcast. Expect plenty of chat on "to enforce the follow-on, or not to enforce the follow-on" - that is the question.

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From Kev, Newcastle, via text: "You have to admire the honesty of the England batsmen. Clearly they refuse to have their averages falsely inflated by scoring a vast number of runs against the Bangers. Makes you proud to be English"


1046 - Eng 131-5 (36 overs)
Cap'n Shakib to bowl the last over of the day. Bell is resolute in defence, seeing off the maiden over - and that's it for the day. England are "net" 434-5 with two days remaining.

1042 - Eng 131-5 (35 overs)
Matt Prior to the crease, he didn't get much of a knock in the first dig. He sees off the over.

Wicket falls
1041 - WICKET - Collingwood c Mahmudullah b Razzak 3 - Eng 131-5 (34.3 overs)
Colly goes forward to Razzak, seems to check his shot as he tries to punch through the covers and it spoons a catch to mid-off. England have lost three wickets for five runs.

1039 - Eng 131-4 (34 overs)
Ian Bell is the new batsman - after Colly steers Shakib for a single, the new man is on the defensive to the rest of the over.

From Alister, Canberra, TMS inbox: "I am an Australian and I have only twice seen Ricky Ponting enforce the follow-on. Both of those times Australia lost"

Wicket falls
1033 - WICKET - Carberry lbw b Razzak 34 - Eng 130-4 (33 overs)
We're now past the official close of play time, but England's slow over-rate earlier means there are still either seven or four overs to be bowled (depending on which broadcaster or stats you follow). Hopefully they'll rattle through them quite quickly with the spinners on. Colly nudges a single, then Carberry's trapped in front by the last ball - will he keep his place for the second Test?

From Mike Bunch, TMS inbox: "My mother, Kathryn, is about to spend the day supporting my brother on the canals of Wiltshire and Berkshire as he practises for the Devizes to Westminster kayak race at Easter, I think she deserves the title of super mum for the day"

1030 - Eng 129-3 (32 overs)
Colly gets forward well to Shakib, running a couple of leg byes and a single, while there are plenty more Hawk-Eye replays of KP's dismissal, which suggest that the ball would have clipped leg stump - but not by much.

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From Dan in France, via text: "Never played cricket with my mum but my future wife and I shared an unbeaten 10th wicket stand - 5 - in a client cricket match some years back. The missus bowled out the last over for the win as well!"

1027 - Eng 126-3 (31 overs)
The miserly Razzak keeps it tight against Carberry, who's been joined by Paul Collingwood but plays out a maiden over.

From Olive in Hampshire, TMS inbox: "Thank you so much for correctly calling today Mothering Sunday"

You can thank my mother for always insisting that I use the correct name. Makes it jolly difficult though to find a card that says "Mothering Sunday" and not "Mothers Day" (with a variety of apostrophe usage)...

Wicket falls
1021 - WICKET - Pietersen lbw b Shakib 32 - Eng 126-3 (30 overs)
Shakib returns so it's slow left-arm from both ends. After a single from Carbs, KP unleashes an astonishing, effortless hoist over long-on for six, then a nonchalant Viv Richards-style on-drive for four. But his cameo is ended when he aims another slog-sweep at a low skidder from Shakib and he's trapped in front...

From Tony Moulds, TMS inbox: "What's next? Woke up at 3am in Houston to three bad dreams - lost an hour's sleep, forgot it was Mothers Day back home, and we didn't enforce the follow-on! Could get worse if light from the old Blueberry wakes wife..."

It's not the only bad news from Houston, Tony - Lance Berkman's knee surgery may prevent him starting the season for the Astros...

1017 - Eng 115-2 (29 overs)
Slow left-armer Abdur Razzak (Bangladesh's sixth bowler and fourth spinner) replaces his skipper as KP sweeps another four and dabs another two.

From Philip of Salisbury, TMS inbox: "Apart from making cricket teas every Saturday all summer and driving me here and there to play, my mum would listen to the cricket commentary during the day and write down the scorecard as it happened... she was an early version of Ceefax except she used a secretarial pad and a pencil (Viv Richards' 291 I remember seeing with awe when I came back from school one day)"

1013 - Eng 109-2 (28 overs)
Carbs chops a single to extra cover, KP fluently sweeps his third boundary. KP then sweeps a single, Carberry joins in with all the general "sweep" tendency and poor old Imrul is in the wars again at short leg (see 0945), takign a nasty blow on the shin as the batsmen run a single. It's not for nothing that cricketers refer to short leg as "Boot Hill". KP tucks a single off his legs - this time he's nicked the strike.

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From Martin in Sheffield, via text: "Great cricketing mothers? My mum is a cricket widow, has made teas for years whilst me & my dad played, sterling work mum!"

1008 - Eng 101-2 (27 overs)
Carberry is down the track to Shakib, steering a single to the cover sweeper - KP can't get the Bangladesh skipper's left-arm "darts" away.

From Rich, TMS inbox: "All this talk of great cricketing mums is quite painful for me - mine bowled me out for a first ball duck at my 7th birthday cricket party, much to the dismay of my father. I can't help thinking it was a divisive factor in their later divorce. (Yes, I've always been a poor batsman)"

1004 - Eng 100-2 (26 overs)
Carberry steers Mahmudullah for a well-run two, before nicking the strike off the last ball - KP won't like that, will he? Hundred up.

From Roger Wells, TMS inbox: "Playing cricket on a family holiday I fielded the ball and threw it to my mum who was keeping wicket. She was looking the other way so I shouted. She turned around just as the ball arrived and it broke her glasses. She spent the rest of the day and that night in the local hospital having glass removed from her eye"

1000 - Eng 97-2 (25 overs)
Kevin Pietersen is the new batsman - now here's a question, when did two current Hampshire players last bat together for England in a Test? Unless KP ever batted with Chris Tremlett or Shaun Udal, possibly Robin Smith and David Gower? KP isn't waiting around, he whacks Shakib through mid-wicket and extra cover for two firm fours before guiding a two past mid-on.

Wicket falls
0957 - WICKET - Trott c Siddique b Shakib 14 - Eng 87-2 (24.1 overs)
Trott tries to force the pace but clips Shakib straight to Junaid Siddique at mid-wicket.

0955 - Eng 87-1 (24 overs)
Carberry "gets on with it" by square-cutting a loose Mahmudullah delivery for four. That's more like it. The overall lead is up to 390.

0951 - Eng 83-1 (23 overs)
Carberry carves a single to the cover sweeper, we're really at pedestrian pace now. Liam Plunkett, wielding an orange towel and some gloves, comes on (after being given some instructions from Captain Cook) - are they being told to get on with it?

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From Sportsfan87 on 606: "I doubt Smith would have enforced the follow-on, he's one of the most defensive captains around"

0948 - Eng 82-1 (22 overs)
Trott dabs Mahmudullah for a two. My match-report colleague Harry Reekie has been trying to convince me for three days that Mahmudullah's helmet-like mane of hair reminds him of actor Eric Bana, but I'm not convinced.

0945 - Eng 80-1 (21 overs)
Trott jabs Shakib for a single, Carbs is on the defensive - short-leg fielder Imrul Kayes looks momentarily winded when a sweep hits him right in the chest, but he's OK.

From Gary, Market Harborough, TMS inbox: "Bad shot skipper. At least it will give him time to get a good haircut and call Graeme Smith and Ricky Ponting and ask them if they would have enforced the follow-on. YES and errrrrr YES would be the answers"

0941 - Eng 79-1 (20 overs)
Mahmudullah has a half-hearted leg-before appeal against Trott, who adds a single. These two batsmen may have realised they may be batting for one place in the next Test if England play an extra bowler...

From Chris, Southsea, TMS inbox: "On "Great Cricketing Mothers" - My mother qualifies for this through having allowed my brother and me to use her back garden as a cricket pitch since it was first sown. I'm now 50, and my brother is 47, and we're still playing there periodically, with our own kids, 37 years later"

0937 - Eng 78-1 (19 overs)
Carbs takes a fresh guard after the drinks cart disappears, and nurdles a couple more off Shakib.

From Darren Matthews, TMS inbox: "If the Bangles bowl out England today and don't lose a wicket tomorrow it could be a Manic Monday"

And if they were to score only in boundaries, it would also be "an I-don't-have-to-run day". I'll get my coat...

0931 - Eng 76-1 (18 overs)
Mahmudullah, who dismissed Carberry in the first innings, brings in a silly point for the Hampshire man, who tickles a single through mid-wicket. Trott guides yet more runs off his legs, nudging a four - it's time for another drinks break.

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From wombletiltheend on 606: "Let Carberry and Trott cash in. And KP may get a chance to get some more time in the middle. He can be aggressive too. England could probably bowl the Bangladeshis out in 90 overs on the last day so an early declaration isn't necessary. There are easy runs for the taking here"

0927 - Eng 71-1 (17 overs)
With a right-hander on strike for the first time, it's time for left-arm spin from captain Shakib Al Hasan. My computer is on the go-slow, but thankfully Jonathan Trott's at the crease and all his fidgeting around gives me time to catch up. He guides three twos off his legs, while Aftab pulls off some impressive fielding in the deep.

0923 - Eng 65-1 (16 overs)
Carbs sees off the over - he's been joined by Jonathan Trott.

Simon Mann
Simon Mann on TMS: "How many times in Test cricket has Alastair Cook been caught on the boundary off a spinner? It can't be many"

Wicket falls
0920 - WICKET - Cook c Aftab b Mahmudullah 39 - Eng 65-1 (15.4 overs)
Mahmudullah returns in place of Shahadat. Cook strokes a two and survives a strong lbw shout - but then holes out to Aftab Ahmed on the mid-wicket boundary as he attempts an expansive slog-sweep.

0916 - Eng 63-0 (15 overs)
Rapid over from Naeem, Cook adds a two and a single.

From Stephen, Cambridge, TMS inbox: "Pietersen and Bell should be opening, given the fact England need a max of 100 runs from the game to secure victory. Why are cricket captains such conformists? Plus it makes it boring to watch"

0913 - Eng 60-0 (14 overs)
Shahadat strays down the leg side, another lapse behind the stumps by Mushfiqur Rahim sees it scoot away for four byes. Cook adds a couple more - he has 33, Carbs has 20 and England are "net" 363-0 in a one-innings match.

From Mike Collins, Saudi Arabia, TMS inbox: "When do we see England making the declaration? How conservative will Cooky be? I like us batting to just before lunch tomorrow which then gives us five sessions to bowl them out and five sessions for them to survive"

0908 - DROPPED CATCH - Eng 53-0 (13 overs)
Simon H and Corky on TMS are equating this atmosphere and standard of bowling to an early-season university v county game in England - but then hearts are in mouths as Cook sweeps, gets a top edge and Shahadat coming in at short fine leg dives forward, just gets his hands to it but can't hold on. A single takes Cook to 4,000 Test runs - he's the second man to reach that landmark after Colly, and is the second youngest man to do so after Sachin Tendulkar.

Simon Hughes
Simon Hughes on TMS: "We keep getting power cuts in our hotel, and they normally come at the most unfortunate times like when you've just got out of the shower"

0904 - Eng 52-0 (12 overs)
Shahadat has switched ends - after an exchange of singles from the left-handers, Carberry powerfully square-drives for four to bring up the England fifty - then adds a couple more, while Cook nearly gets stranded in mid-pitch looking for a third.

Simon Hughes
Simon Hughes on TMS: "I spent some time sitting with the Barmy Army earlier, and one or two of them were asleep in the sun"

0900 - Eng 44-0 (11 overs)
Off-spinner Naeem Islam's first ball of the innings is a rank long-hop which Cook thwacks through mid-wicket for four with the contempt it deserves. He adds a two through the covers and keeps the Tigers fielders on their toes with another single. Carberry sneaks up to 13, you sense this innings may be more important to him than any of the other batsmen. Cook adds a couple more to round off an expensive first over for Naeem.

0855 - Eng 34-0 (10 overs)
Mark Butcher on TMS notes that while the crowd were on their feet after those three rapid wickets at the end of the Bangladesh innings, "the game is now at a bit of a standstill". Cook continues to be strong off his legs, forcing Rubel for another two and a single, Carberry plays and misses, and even Rubel pulls out of his delivery stride on one occasion. Carbs rides his luck a little with a snick between the keeper and slip for four.

0850 - Eng 27-0 (9 overs)
Cook dabs Shahadat for a single, Carbs works a comfortable two off his legs. Shahdat then yells an lbw appeal as Carbs prods forward, but it hit him well outside the line of off stump.

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From RW, Letchworth, via text: "Talking of great cricketing mothers, my mum managed to break her ankle whilst celebrating in the follow through, when bowling medium slow against my dad as he was caught in the deep"

0845 - Eng 24-0 (8 overs)
Cook cuts a no-ball from Rubel for a rapid four, then crashes another four with a powerful pull shot - you don't bowl to Alastair Cook there. If you've ever seen him play. Ever. Rubel is clearly struggling a little, overstepping for another no-ball, while a problem with the sightscreen elongates a very long over even further.

0839 - Eng 13-0 (7 overs)
Cook steers the recalled Shahadat, who's bowling round the wicket to a solitary slip, for the first run since tea.

From John in Victoria, TMS inbox: "Nothing curious about the decision not to enforce the follow-on. It's called 'give the England bowlers a rest for today and set about getting 150+ or so between now and mid-morning tomorrow and then put the Bangles to the sword again'. Besides which, Carberry owes himself a debut half-century or century"

0834 - Eng 12-0 (6 overs)
Rubel, whose unkempt hair makes it look like he's only just got up, resumes proceedings against Carberry, who shoulders arms to anything he doesn't have to play at. Maiden.

0829: Apologies - the "Anon from China" text at 0815 was from Ellie in Hertfordshire... Players coming back out now.

From Andrew, Christchurch, TMS inbox: "If England's decision to bat on was to rest their four-man bowling attack, which I can understand, surely they should have picked five bowlers? Did the possibility of enforcing a follow on and attempting to win by an innings not occur to England?"

0826: This follow-on decision (or lack of it) is sparking plenty of debate. As I recall, Australia under Steve Waugh never used to enforce the follow-on much - and they usually only had four bowlers, although two of the four were absolute world class, not a description that could be applied to England (even being kind to their bowlers).

From Rick T, Dubai, TMS inbox: "Morning Mitch. We've been chatting it over in the office and we don't think that batting is a bad idea. The worst outcome from enforcing the follow on would have been Bangla seeing out the day. Get the game won with some Twenty20 style shots and then get back into them for a day and a half (it won't take that long). All these hoots for not enforcing the follow on seem to be from people just impressed that England are in a position to do so for a change"

0815: It's tea in Chittagong - so the perfect excuse for any of you just getting up to make your mum a cup of tea for Mothering Sunday.

From Steve, Greece, TMS inbox: "Re: Ship breaking (0721), what is more amazing about it is they do all by hand and the WHOLE ship is recycled!"


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From Anon, China, via text: "There is more than one way to win a cricket match. To declare or not to declare is not really the question! Either way wins for England"

5th over - Eng 12-0
Bangladesh turn to spin, in the persona of off-spinner Mahmudullah, after just four overs with the new ball - Carberry seemed to have trouble against spin in the first innings, eventually falling lbw to Mahmudullah. The Hampshire man turns a single round the corner - that's tea. England lead by 315.

4th over - Eng 11-0 (4 overs)
Carberry pushes Rubel for two, before steering a single through the covers. A misfield allows Cook a two off the last ball.

3rd over - Eng 6-0 (3 overs)
Captain Cook steers a two through the covers as the England fans up in the stands continue to slap on the sun cream.

2nd over - Eng 4-0 (2 overs)
The slingy Rubel Hossain to share the new ball - and he gets his first ball to move away from the left-handed Carberry. England's southpaw openers add a single apiece.

From Steven Allen, TMS inbox: "Sat in hospital in Leeds recovering from back surgery. My morning routine has developed into 6am noisy nurses in corridor, blood pressure, tablets and then TMS!"

1st over - Eng 2-0 (1 over)
Fresh from his nightwatchman duties, Shahadat Hossain takes the new ball for Bangladesh and Captain Cook is already off the mark with a single from the first ball of the innings. As Corky points out (below), Michael Carberry won't be displeased to get the chance to bat again, and he must have been buoyed by that superb piece of fielding which kick-started the collapse of the Bangladesh tail. He's off the mark with a single off his legs.

Dominic Cork
Dominic Cork on TMS: "This is a negative decision by England. We should have enforced the follow-on - we've seen how Imrul Kayes and Junaid Siddique cope against the short ball. We've got 36 overs left to bowl today - and even with only four front-line bowlers, that's not going to be more than 10 overs each - plus they've got Pietersen, Collingwood and Trott available. They don't want to give Bangladesh the chance of drawing the Test. I'm happy for Michael Carberry, though, as he'll get another chance to bat"

From Paul in Lancs, TMS inbox: "I think it's a bit too easy to patronise the Bangladeshi team. They've made great strides in their 10 years of Test status, though they have been hampered by the emphasis on one-day cricket that wasn't around when other teams started in Test cricket. It's worth remembering that it took New Zealand 20 years to win their first game. As for newcomers to Test status, the next one might come as a surprise. Afghanistan are into the next one day World Cup, and could really go places, although not Afghanistan, obviously. A Test in Kabul is even less likely than one in Karachi for the moment, sadly, but here's hoping"

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From Jonathan Orr, Shanghai, China, via text: "Raining cats and dogs here in Shanghai but with a cup of tea, England on top and the F1 later the sun is definitely shining"

0740: Now here's a curious decision. With a lead of 303, England have decided not to enforce the follow-on, and will bat again.


Out for a duck
0737 - WICKET - Rubel b Swann 0 - Ban 296 all out (90.3 overs)
And the innings finishes with three wickets in four balls as last man Rubel Hossain is clean bowled with his second delivery. Swann finishes with 5-90 and Abdur Razzak picks up a nought-not-out without having to face a ball.

Wicket falls
0736 - WICKET - Mushfiqur c sub (JC Tredwell) b Swann 79 - Ban 296-9 (90.1 overs)
Two balls, two wickets as Mushfiqur pushes the first ball of Swann's over to leg and substitute fielder James Tredwell plucks it out of the air one-handed at mid-wicket! Brilliant catch!

Wicket falls
0733 - WICKET - Naeem run out (Carberry/Prior) 38 - Ban 296-8 (90 overs)
Bresnan gives it too much width and Mushfiqur square-cuts over the infield for four, before poking another boundary past the slips to take his score to 78. But he's neat and compact in defence too, he's played very well today and maybe his future is as a specialist batsman, considering his suspect wicketkeeping during this Test (and the ODIs). But off the last ball of the over, Mushy plays the ball into the covers, they run one, think about the second but a brilliant swoop-pick-up-and-throw from Michael Carberry on the point boundary leaves Naeem stranded in mid-pitch and England have made the breakthrough! As a Hampshire fan I'm biased, but that was an absolutely superb piece of fielding.

0729 - Ban 287-7 (89 overs)
A bit of a Bangladesh tactic from England - as after eight overs with the new ball, they're turning back to spin as Graeme Swann returns. The over yields just a leg bye.

0725 - Ban 286-7 (88 overs)
I should have mentioned, that four in the last over brought up the century stand between this pair. Bresnan pings in a couple of loopy bouncers which Naeem ducks, exchanging a bit of chat with the bowler as he completes a maiden over.

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From Alan, Toftwood, Norfolk, via text: "Jake (0709): Liverpool are playing Monday night, that should send you to sleep!"

0721 - Ban 286-7 (87 overs)
Simon Hughes on TMS is clearly fascinated by the ship-breaking industry, but can England break this stand? Broad has a big shout for lbw against Mushfiqur after firing in a low yorker which squirts past the slips for four, but replays show the umpire was right to signal four runs as Mushy got a bottom edge on it.

From Simon, Bermuda, TMS inbox: "I nominate my wife as a great cricketing mother (see 0433 and 0303) since while I was captain of Wahington village CC she made extra sarnies and cakes for every home match. What a woman"

Simon Hughes
Simon Hughes on TMS: "This is the part of the world where a lot of old shipping tankers are sent to their death by running them aground on a beach - they then get stripped down completely, even the propellers"

0713 - Ban 282-7 (86 overs)
Mushfiqur nudges Bresnan to fine leg for a single, Naeem takes two as Broad has to juggle on the boundary to stop himself from going over the rope. He has 38, and it's time for a drinks break.

Shamim Chowdhury
0709 - Ban 279-7 (85 overs)
Another mischievous passing train honks its hooter, while Shamim Chowdhury on TMS evokes memories of Henry Blofeld as he details all the various modes of transport (including ships and helicopters) that can be seen from this Chittagong ground. Naeem fluently cover-drives Broad for four before squeezing four more past Bresnan at mid-on, and England need to be careful not to let this partnership take the game away from them.

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From Jake, Hatfield, via text: "Watched the boxing, now these two sessions, then the Formula 1, then two Premier League ties, IPL highlights, then day four of this Test. Will I ever sleep?"

0704 - Ban 271-7 (84 overs)
Mushfiqur tries a couple of expansive shots against Bresnan but can't connect. Another maiden over, and it's nearly halfway between lunch and tea.

0701 - Ban 271-7 (83 overs)
Broad keeps it tight, just a leg bye means that's a maiden over for the Notts speedster.

Mark Butcher
Mark Butcher on TMS: "I had to keep wicket in first-class cricket once, and after an 80 over day I felt like I'd been run over by a truck. If I were Mushfiqur I'd be looking to get rid of the gloves and concentrate on batting"

0657 - Ban 270-7 (82 overs)
Naeem square-drives Bresnan, who has to applaud Michael Carberry for a Superman-like leap to the left at point to stop what looked a certain four. Maiden over.

From Sleepless in South Lancashire, TMS inbox: "Chris (0633): If the Bangles keep batting like this, and England keep with the negative tactics we may not get the option... Anyway I'd like to see us bat again opening with Swanny and StuBro so both can get a crack at scoring their maiden Test centuries. If Jason Gillespie can crack 201no against these people (the only player with a career average of less than 20 to score a double ton), I'm sure our two could at least give it a go"

0653 - NEW BALL TAKEN - DROPPED CATCH - Ban 270-7 (81 overs)
Stuart Broad to take charge of the nouveau sphere. Naeem trots through for a leg bye, then Mushfiqur gets a low edge but it's a rare lapse from Paul Collingwood at second slip who shells a fairly straightforward chance (by his standards). Mushy rubs it in by crashing a square-cut four to take his score to 69, although the last ball rears up and hits him on the glove. It looks like he's hurt his right hand - he rips the glove off to have a look.

From TrickieDickie, Saturday night, Hollywood, TMS inbox: "Fair play to the Bangers, but it must have been pretty obvious by lunch on day one that we were not going to need six batsmen. I'm sure we're going to win this game and series, but if it's at anything less than a canter, questions need to be asked. After all, is this really the ideal preparation for an Ashes series?"

0648 - Ban 265-7 (80 overs)
Kevin Pietersen to have a trundle with his part-time off-spin in the last over before the new ball becomes available. Naeem steers a single to long-on, and a couple more are purloined as KP is quickly through the over. The new ball will be taken straight away.

0644 - Ban 262-7 (79 overs)
Colly leaves the field to be replaced by James Tredwell for a sub-fielding stint, while Corky on TMS reels off almost his entire career figures after a bit of ribbing from Simon Mann. Who says cricketers aren't bothered by statistics? A quiet over from Finn to Naeem, who just tickles the last ball for a single to fine leg.

0640 - Ban 261-7 (78 overs)
Mushfiqur and Naeem push the singles against Swann, probably aware they'll have a new cherry whistling around their ears in a couple of overs' time. The little keeper grins after powerfully hoisting Swann through cow corner for four, dragging it over from outside off stump.

0638 - Ban 255-7 (77 overs)
Naeem nudges Finn, it bounces in front of Swann at first slip and pings past him - they run two. Another genuine edge bisects Swann at first and Colly at second, and that's four. Finn lifts his eyes to the heavens in frustration... oh, the life of a fast bowler!

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From Chris, via text: "I'm concerned that with only four bowlers, when we do take their last wickets, are we going to have to bat again to rest them?"

0633 - Ban 249-7 (76 overs)
Drinks-carrying specialist Liam Plunkett (who has performed the role on several overseas tours) takes Finn a cold drink on the boundary as Swann's 27th over yields just a single to Naeem, before Mushfiqur takes a wild swing and misses.

Dominic Cork
Dominic Cork on TMS: "I wasn't a fan of only playing four bowlers when I was in the England side, and I'm not now. It's a negative tactic"

0630 - Ban 248-7 (75 overs)
Finn replaces Bresnan, who is presumably being saved up for a burst with the new ball, which will be available after 80 overs. Mushfiqur plays out a maiden.

0626 - DROPPED CATCH - Ban 248-7 (74 overs)
A loud air-horn on a passing goods train momentarily drowns out the TMS commentators as Mushy pushes Swann for a single. Then, Naeem hits one straight back, Swann gets his hands to it, it's a difficult chance but he can't hold on to it at about shoulder height. To add insult to injury, it goes through for four.

From Joris, Liverpool, TMS inbox: "Do you think any new countries might be granted the status of Test country any time soon? I'm afraid my home country of The Netherlands might still be some way off!"

Ireland are certainly keen, though the Test calendar is so busy these days I don't think the ICC are in too much of a hurry to add any more full members. Maybe Afghanistan if their meteoric rise continues?!

0623 - Ban 243-7 (73 overs)
Bresnan is still right on the money, he's been England's best bowler today. He keeps it tight until a momentary lapse sees him stray down the leg side and Mushy nudges a single to fine leg.

0620 - Ban 242-7 (72 overs)
Naeem sweeps Swann for two down to Finn, who's under a floppy sunhat at deep square leg.

0617 - Ban 240-7 (71 overs)
Tim Bresnan is still getting a hint of movement from the old ball, while Corky on TMS is purring about the quality of Bangladesh golf courses. Mushfiqur digs out a good yorker from Brezza, playing out a maiden.

0612 - Ban 240-7 (70 overs)
Graeme Swann to continue his spell, he's bowled nine overs today and has overall figures of 23-7-75-3. Simon "The Analyst" Hughes on TMS is concerned at England's slightly negative field placing, considering they're still more than 350 ahead, and Mushfiqur pushes a single to mid-off.

0604: There's one other bit of international cricket happening today - it's the final ODI between West Indies and Zimbabwe in St Vincent, which starts at 1330 GMT. The Windies have already clinched the series 3-1. The IPL is also in full swing - Delhi and Mumbai picked up victories yesterday, while today it's Kolkata-Bangalore at 1030 GMT and Chennai-Deccan at 1430, and IPL fans can get their fix by watching on UTV4 and YouTube. Meanwhile, who was Rajasthan's best bowler yesterday with their best economy rate? Dimitri Mascarenhas - he who is curiously out of favour with regards to the current England ODI side. Geoff Miller, take note.

From Nic and Tristan, TMS inbox: "Re: Fay from Derby (0533), I've been up since 4am with my nine-month-old baby, he's teething and has a cold. I'm a stay-at-home dad, mum is upstairs asleep"

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Mohammed, via text: "Re: Sean in Maine (0517). You could support the USA team, who competed here in Dubai for the World T20 qualifying. But for proper cricket, England welcomes you!"

0533: Right, keep listening to TMS as Kevin Howells will be talking about Afghanistan's meteoric rise in world cricket (including their qualification for the upcoming ICC World Twenty20) - and we'll also hear from Essex's Graham Napier who's out playing in the IPL. We're going to take a short break on the live text - having hunted down a delicious BBC sausage sandwich during yesterday's "lunch" interval at this time, I'm looking to repeat the feat.

From Fay in Derby, TMS inbox: "Any other mums out there following early morning wake ups? My five-year-old is ill, so been up since 3am watching cartoons with him. At least I've got the cricket to keep me going. Come on Sunderland today too"

Fay, hope the little chap gets better soon - and that he's somehow got you a Mothering Sunday card...


0531 - Ban 239-7 (69 overs)
This will probably be the last over before lunch - if I were a betting man, I'd say Naeem will play Bresnan's over out for a maiden. He digs out a yorker from the Yorkshireman, survives the over and it is indeed a maiden - and indeed lunch. Wish I'd had a couple of quid on that...

That's 50
0528 - Ban 239-7 (68 overs)
Naeem is back on the defensive against Swann, paddling a gentle single to square leg to bring up the fifty partnership (from 101 balls). Mushfiqur firmly steers a single to long-on, Naeem rotates the strike and then Mushy sweeps for four to bring up his fifth Test fifty. A good little knock from the little fella.

0524 - Ban 232-7 (67 overs)
As TMS's commentary line from Chittagong is temporarily interrupted, Bresnan replaces Broad and he immediately has Mushfiqur playing and missing - that's a maiden over. The Tigers still trail by 367.

From Hami, Queensland, Australia, TMS inbox: "When you are getting impatient for wickets, remember that even the great Warnie only averaged one wicket about every seven overs"

And he took a bit of a pasting in the IPL the other night...

0520 - Ban 232-7 (66 overs)
Swann alters his angle of attack and goes round the wicket to the right-handed Mushfiqur... who opens up with a Collingwood-esque punch over mid-wicket for four (with plenty of bottom hand). A single means this stand is now worth 49.

0517 - Ban 227-7 (65 overs)
That's better from Broad, Naeem has to defend a real toe-crunching yorker and force it to safety. Maiden over.

From Sean, Brunswick-et, Maine, TMS inbox: "Re: Tom in LA (0404): Ahh, but I bet daylight savings is much worse in October, when you work for 13 hours but only get paid for 12... Also, if I am an American, am I allowed to adopt the English cricket team? I want public support to know it's OK"

Sean, I think the England team will accept supporters from anywhere in the world, no matter what their nationality. (At least they will if they use the same tactics they have for recruiting players).

0513 - Ban 227-7 (64 overs)
Mushfiqur drives Swann through extra cover again, a fumble by Bresnan allows them to come back for three. Naeem, by contrast, looks happy to occupy the crease while his partner scores freely, although he pushes a quick single to Carberry who runs in from deep mid-on.

0510 - Ban 223-7 (63 overs)
Broad isn't quite on song today, he's even probably been outbowled by debutant Finn, while Mark Butcher on TMS wonders if he should be saved for the new ball, which is available after 80 overs. A bouncer is biffed back over his head by Mushfiqur - a cross-batted baseball shot of sorts - and he works three more off his legs to the cheers of the crowd.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Oli in Manchester, via text: "Mark, have you ever noticed how the vast majority of your readers for late night/early morning sporting commentaries are students writing essays in for the next day. Poor show. Not enough regular students who have merely been out drinking like myself"

0506 - Ban 216-7 (62 overs)
Swann sends down a rapid maiden over to the watchful Naeem, who has scored nine runs from 31 balls.

From Rob Harrison, TMS inbox: "Just before 3pm here in Brisbane, Gold Coast Titans just came from behind to beat the New Zealand Warriors in the NRL here just in case anyone is interested. Big Sam Burgess is having a belting game in the first half for South Sydney against the Roosters!"

And in a link to today's game, South Sydney are the team co-owned by actor Russell Crowe, cousin of this Test's match referee Jeff Crowe!

0504 - Ban 216-7 (61 overs)
Broad replaces Finn, Mushfiqur beautifully cover-drives him for four.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Vimal from Birmingham, via text: "I have three assignments, three exams and an essay in before the 22nd... so I'm here for the long haul. This is the only thing keeping me sane"

0459 - Ban 212-7 (60 overs)
Swann to Mushfiqur, the little fella uses his feet well to late-cut for four. Knowing that Swann was likely to pitch the next ball up, he does well to step down the wicket and loft another four over mid-off. A single takes him to 27.

From Dave, TMS inbox: "Indeed congrats to Bresnan for shredding some pounds. Let's maybe get him to have a word with Samit Patel and get him on the same diet"

0455 - Ban 203-7 (59 overs)
Captain Cook gives the ball a furious shine before passing it back to Finn, who spears in a yorker but sees Naeem get a fortunate bottom edge past leg stump for four. Bangladesh are past 200, but barely halfway to their theoretical target of 400 to avoid the follow-on.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Double O in Dhaka, via text: "Is there a touch of Andy Caddick about the flying Finn? I hope we can keep him fit as long"

0450 - Ban 198-7 (58 overs)
Naeem opens the face of the bat to Swann, guiding a four down towards the practice nets at third man. We have 40 minutes' play left before lunch - can England produce another wicket or two before then?

Jack Cork
Steve Finn
0448 - Ban 194-7 (57 overs)
Mushy gets a lucky edge past the stumps for four off Finn - who I'm convinced, as I mentioned yesterday, is a bit of a lookalike for footballer Jack Cork who's currently on loan at Burnley from Chelsea. Let me know what you think.

From Steve Lloyd, TMS inbox: "It's 10.18 pm just outside Chicago here... we lose an hour tonight as we spring forward... here's hoping the lads keep me awake through this foreshortened night with the regular clatter of wickets!"

0443 - Ban 190-7 (56 overs)
Naeem swats Swann for a single, Mushfiqur works a leg bye down to short fine leg for one.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Ben, Cheltenham, via text: "My sleep pattern has become awful recently, but at least now I can justify it by watching a bit of cricket"

0441 - Ban 188-7 (55 overs)
Finn's bowling remains tight against Mushfiqur, beating the outside edge well. That's his fourth maiden in nine overs - he has 1-32.

From Dave Hoy in Exeter, TMS inbox: "Arguments for best bowler, batsman, all-rounder go round in circles. Here's a new one to put to the forefront of debate - Best Drinks carrier? In Liam Plunkett, over the years we've had no dropped drink bottles or spilt catches, so I'll thrust his name forward as a contender"

0436 - Ban 188-7 (54 overs)
Mushfiqur goes for a big hit against Swann, lifting him over mid-on for four to take him into double figures - a single takes him to 13.

0433: While they take drinks, as it's Mothering Sunday I'm still waiting for some nominations from you for great mothers in cricket (see 0303 entry). How about Ed Joyce's mother, given that no fewer than FIVE of her offspring have played international cricket for Ireland - Ed (who went on to play for England), his brothers Gus and Dom and their twin sisters Isobel and Cecelia...

0431 - Ban 183-7 (53 overs)
Naeem has to sway out of the way of a fierce bouncer from Finn - Corky on TMS thinks opener Imrul Kayes could take a lesson or two on how to evade the short ball, he looked out of his depth yesterday. Another maiden and time for a drinks break.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Mark, Tasmania, Australia, via text: "Is Captain Cook trying to prove the critics wrong by trying to dismiss the Bangles out with four bowlers?"

0427 - Ban 183-7 (52 overs)
After six overs of Bresnan, it's Graeme Swann for the first time today - he can't produce a first-over wicket this time, but he sends down a maiden over to Mushfiqur.

From Terry Matter, TMS inbox: "To quote Billy Joel 'It's 9 o'clock on a Saturday' and I'm cheering you on from the great American Southwest. Amazing start from Bresnan to get Tamim, would be nice to see Finn clean up the tailenders and gain confidence. Keep up the good work"

0423 - Ban 183-7 (51 overs)
As Finn basks in the afterglow of his first Test wicket, new man Naeem Islam ducks a couple of bouncers.

Stoke City
Dominic Cork
Dominic Cork on TMS: "I like underdogs - I'm a Stoke City fan after all - but I'm an England supporter and I think we can safely say Bangladesh are going to follow on here"

Wicket falls
0420 - WICKET - Shahadat c Collingwood b Finn 14 - Ban 183-7 (50.3 overs)
As Luke Wright temporarily steps onto the field in place of Bresnan, Shahadat steps back for another big heave-ho to Finn, which brings him two this time. But his entertaining cameo is ended as Finn induces him to edge an easy catch to Paul Collingwood, who has a bandage on one of his fingers at second slip. Finn's first Test wicket!

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Ben Thapa, on the M40, via text: "Stuck on an incredibly smelly coach from Stratford-upon-Avon to London. The stench is putrefying and precludes any kind of sleep. Thanks be for the provision of cricket to keep me sane or I might just have chosen to get out and walk"

0418 - Ban 181-6 (50 overs)
It's still Bresnan, who's keeping a good line and length to Mushy - who gets a fortuitous edge between the slips and gully for four. Corky on TMS isn't happy that Captain Cook recently took the third slip out, considering that appears to be Mushy's favourite shot. Rather like Tim Ambrose, he's a small man who likes to cut, and England have plenty of runs to play with.

Phil Tufnell
Dominic Cork
Former England all-rounder Dominic Cork on TMS: "Shahadat is playing a Phil Tufnell-esque innings - back away, swing, and hope"

0413 - Ban 177-6 (49 overs)
Steve Finn replaces Broad in the first bowling change of the day. The 6ft 7ins Middlesex seamer is bowling to Mushfiqur, who's at the other end of the scale in terms of height, but trots through for a bye off the final delivery - so that's a maiden over.

0409 - Ban 176-6 (48 overs)
Shahadat steps back trying to pull Bresnan to cow corner, but skies it just out of the reach of Steve Finn at mid-on, and they run two. Then there's a bizarre sequence as Shahadat ducks out of the way of a bouncer, England appeal for a catch behind, Umpire Tucker raises his finger... but then consults with his colleague at square leg and reverses his decision. Replays show the ball appeared to flick either the glove or the armguard - but also that Prior couldn't hold on to the ball as he took it above his head and put the chance down. So by a convoluted route, we arrive at the right decision. Reprieved, Shahadat gets an edge to fine leg for two more.

From Ian, TMS inbox: "There's a snowstorm here in Beijing so rather than slide up & down the wall or freeze in the Forbidden City it's an afternoon in the hotel watching the cricket and then phone Mum in UK after she gets up of course! It's a harsh life"

0404 - Ban 172-6 (47 overs)
Shahadat is plunked on the helmet by a lifter but rotates the strike by trotting through for a leg bye, Broad pings down more bouncers which Mushy ducks. (And please manually refresh the page to remove the "play to start at 0330" line - ta).

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Tom, Los Angeles, via text: "Can tonight get any better? An early wicket for England and thanks to daylight savings here in the US I work 11 hours and get paid for 12!"

0359 - Ban 171-6 (46 overs)
Mushfiqur is resolute in defence against Bresnan, who occasionally gets described as "burly" but looks like he may have shed a pound or two over the winter - well done him. The little keeper is finally off the mark with a well-timed four past gully.

Jonathan Agnew
Simon Hughes
Former Middlesex and Durham seamer Simon Hughes on TMS: "As a tail-ender, Jonathan Agnew used to bat a bit like Shahadat - he was tall and lanky, but had a good eye. In one game, I saw him take guard a few inches outside leg stump"

0355 - Ban 167-6 (45 overs)
Once more, Shahadat steps back and smears Broad through mid-off for four. Ugly, but effective from the nightwatchman.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Ian Bishop, Auckland (or possibly Ian from Bishop Auckland), via text: "That wicket should mean England bowl the Bengals out for less than 200. Their tail is weaker than toilet roll under a waterfall"

0351 - Ban 163-6 (44 overs)
Bresnan has two slips, a fourth slip and a gully in for Mushfiqur who looks a "caught in the slips" candidate right from the off. He's looking for a quick single, but knows better than to attempt one as Michael Carberry swoops in from point. Maiden over.

From Neil in Hong Kong, TMS inbox: "We love it when England play in the subcontinent. No early starts or late nights for us. A nice leisurely 11.30am start. Bliss. And then the Grand Prix at 8pm... now how's that for a Sunday of sport?"

0347 - Ban 163-6 (43 overs)
Broad continues his short-pitched peppering of the nightwatchman - and rather than looking to get in line, Shahadat steps back to take an old-fashioned fast bowler's heave, which beings him four through extra cover.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Dave M, Leicester, via text: "Just got back from a night out thinking of my bed, a quick browse of the internet and I'm here for the long haul!"

0343 - Ban 159-6 (42 overs)
Rather predictably, diminutive wicketkeeper Mushfiqur Rahim's first ball from Bresnan is a bouncer, he swipes and misses.

Wicket falls
0340 - WICKET - Tamim b Bresnan 86 - Ban 159-6 (41.4 overs)
Crikey, what a corker! Bresnan sends down an absolute jaffa which moves away from left-hander Tamim's outside edge and clips the top of his off stump! The perfect unplayable delivery - a HUGE wicket for England.

0338 - Ban 159-5 (41 overs)
Stuart Broad, the spearhead of England's pace attack in this game, has two slips and a gully in for Tamim who glides a four through third man before effortlessly clipping a single off his legs. He seems such a natural batsman - my match-report colleague Harry and I agree that English counties should be beating a path to his door to sign him up...

From Michael, TMS inbox: "Let's not forget if you're the student sacrificing your Saturday night to catch up on work... hoping Bangladesh make it remotely interesting to keep me awake... and that the supply will keep me going until the F1 at lunch (maybe stretching to a phone call to my Mum later if she's lucky)"

0333 - Ban 134-5 (40 overs)
Seamer Tim Bresnan takes the first over of the day, the right-handed Shahadat is on the defensive and just about sees off the over.

0328: England and Bangladesh ready to resume. Tamim has 81, he is accompanied by nightwatchman Shahadat Hossain who is yet to score.

Mark Butcher
Former Surrey and England batsman Mark Butcher on TMS: "Graeme Swann is a thinking bowler and very rarely bowls any rubbish, which may be why he so often takes a wicket in his first over"

From Alistair, Sunderland, TMS inbox: "Saturday night reveller here. Let's have an early wicket to send me to bed with a smile on my face"

0319: Just a quick reminder - if you want to hear Simon and the team discuss yesterday's play, you can check out the TMS podcast, while if there's something on TMS yesterday you missed or want to listen to again, it's all available on the BBC iPlayer if you're in the UK. Meanwhile, for those of you who have been wondering where Ben Dirs and Tom Fordyce have got to (and cursing that you're stuck with me on live text for this Test), you can take a look at Ben's blog on Scotland v England in the Six Nations yesterday, while you can also follow the dynamic duo on Twitter.

Simon Mann
Simon Mann on TMS: "England's supporters normally start the day on the concrete terracing here, before running for cover as the day gets hotter"

0303: And before any further ado, Happy Mothering Sunday to all mothers out there, whether you're diehard cricket fans yourselves or have been resigned to a lifetime of washing your family's cricket kit, while despairing at the modern tendency to slide-tackle-dive around to prevent boundaries. I'd like to hear any stories you may have of mothers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in the name of cricket - such as Dermot Reeve's mum Monica, who once took over as England's stand-in official scorer during an overseas ODI series.

0255: Morning, everyone. Whether you've been making a special effort to get up in time for play each day, or you're a Saturday night reveller who hasn't been to bed yet, you're very welcome. The match situation is that after two days of the first Test, England are firmly in control after declaring on 599-6 and reducing Bangladesh to 154-5 yesterday. The one immovable object has been opener Tamim Iqbal, who is 81 not out - England will skip the light fandango and turn cartwheels 'cross the floor if they can dislodge him this morning.

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Live Scores - Bangladesh v England


  • England beat Bangladesh by 181 runs
  • Bangladesh: 296 & 331 (124.0 overs)
  • England: 599-6 & 209-7 (49.3 overs)

Bangladesh 2nd Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 331
Iqbal b Swann 14
Kayes c Prior b Finn 23
Siddique c Collingwood b Swann 106
Aftab Ahmed c Prior b Bresnan 26
Mahmudullah b Bresnan 5
Al Hasan lbw b Swann 4
Mushfiqur Rahim b Swann 95
Naeem c Carberry b Swann 36
Razzak lbw b Broad 1
Hossain c Prior b Bresnan 12
Hossain not out 0
Extras 2b 7lb 9

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