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Page last updated at 10:46 GMT, Friday, 5 March 2010

Bangladesh v England: 3rd ODI as it happened


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By Mark Mitchener

1038: Right, that's about that from Chittagong. Many thanks for all of your emails, texts and messages (and Clangers pictures - sorry we couldn't use them). But make sure you set your alarms for next Friday, 12 March when England will be back on this ground for the first Test - play will start at 0330 GMT, so we'll be getting the live text under way just before the toss at 0300. I hope you'll join me then - in the meantime, have a good week and don't leave it too late to take your batting powerplay!

England captain Alastair Cook: "Morgs has been exceptional in the series, and to see Craig respond today with a hundred was fantastic. We has some hairy moments along the way, but to win 3-0, I'm very happy"

Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan: "We're disappointed we didn't win any of the games, but we're playing good cricket. Maybe we could have taken the batting powerplay when I was in, but we lost too many wickets in the middle of the innings"

1034: There's also an award for Bangladesh's most valuable player in the series - it goes to Tamim Iqbal.

From Dave, sunny Fulbourn, TMS inbox: "How about using a picture of Ian Bell for the Clanger - it could work on at least a couple of fronts"

Now Dave, you're going to get me in trouble here! When I sent some player ratings from New Zealand a couple of years ago (when I was on holiday watching a couple of Tests), I nearly had to enter witness protection from Ian Bell's fan club on my return to the UK for not giving their man a high enough mark!

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From Anon, via text: "If Bangladesh keep this team together and improve their fielding they will be a very good side in a couple of years, at home at least"

1021: Well, that was more comfortable for England than they may have expected - although the Bangladesh fans who were upset at some of the umpiring decisions in the second ODIs (such as Eoin Morgan's miraculous escapes from being given lbw) will not have been happy with that decision to give captain Shakib leg before, just when they were building a partnership that might have threatened. Still, both teams will have learned things from the series - Bangladesh need to cut out the silly run-outs for a start.

Simon Mann
Simon Mann on TMS: "Craig Kieswetter has been named man of the match, Eoin Morgan has been named as man of the series"


50th over - Ban 239-9
Shahzad to conclude the innings - Bangladesh need 51 from six balls, which is usually the sort of target I end up facing in a well-known cricket computer game (I'm about as good at hitting boundaries on computer games as I am in real life). Razzak and Rubel manage four singles and a leg bye, and that, as they say, is that.

From Andy Genney, Scunthorpe, TMS inbox: "Singapore, China, Saudi Arabia, Brisbane, New York, Dhaka, Oman, Chittagong, South Florida, Spain, LA, Paris and Egypt. Is this the TMS Inbox's most impressive haul of exotic locations? And yes, I do appreciate the irony"

49th over - Ban 234-9
Bresnan to bowl the penultimate over... or can the big man wrap it up and claim a five-for? Razzak is stepping back, swinging and missing like a traditional tail-ender. A single eventually brings number 11 Rubel on strike - he swings and misses, and Bres finishes with 4-28 from nine overs.

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From Simon in Redditch, via text: "Liking Dan the teacher's style. Have just set some meaningless work for my 6th formers also while I watch the end of this match... they'll never know"

48th over - Ban 233-9
This is Bresnan's first ODI four-wicket haul, by the way... Last man Rubel Hossain trudges to the crease with a mere 57 needed from 18 balls. Shahzad wants a second wicket, Razzak swipes a four to fine leg before pinching the strike off the last ball.

Out for a duck
47th over - WICKET - Shafiul c Prior b Bresnan 0 - Ban 228-9
Shafiul Islam doesn't trouble the scorers, he plays and misses at his first ball, edges his second ball where Prior takes a good catch and troops off as the crowd leave in droves. Bresnan has 4-27.

Get involved on 606
From Mad_For_Chelsea on 606: "Another wicket for Bresnan, has bowled really well today and possibly into the Test team"

Wicket falls
46.4 overs - WICKET - Shuvo c Shahzad b Bresnan 11 - Ban 228-8
Bresnan mixes up his pace well and has Shuvo fencing at thin air. The young left-hander then hangs his bat out, gets an edge just over Shahzad at short third man and it goes for four. But "three strikes and he's out" - Shuvo swings again, edges and this time Shahzad takes his first ODI catch. Brezza has 3-27.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Dan, teacher in West Mids, via text: "Should be teaching a 6th form group the consequences of high inflation for an upcoming exam, but the prospect of an England clean sweep has kept me here, whilst my group enjoys some meaningless busy work"

46th over - Ban 224-7
Ajmal Shahzad returns to the attack in place of KP (who has surprising figures of 8-0-36-1), I guess it's good practice for him to bowl in a powerplay in these circumstances. Yet another legside wide precedes a single from Shuvo, who isn't having anything to do with anything short. Razzak works a single off his legs, Shuvo shovels a single to long-on, then Shahzad bangs in another short ball and Razzak hooks it over the wicketkeeper's head for six! (I almost typed "for sox", which would have been a surreal piece of commentary).

From Dominic Brosnan, TMS inbox: "Mark, as the game is drifting slowly towards an easy England win could you wish my mum a happy 60th birthday for tomorrow please?!"

Happy birthday, Dominic's Mum...

45th over - Ban 214-7
New batsman is Abdur Razzak, a couple more singles and a wide are added but it's not enough for Bangladesh as the required rate climbs towards 14.

Wicket falls
44.3 overs - WICKET - Mahmudullah c Cook b Bresnan 33 - Ban 211-7
Bangladesh take the batting powerplay, for all the good it'll do them with a required run rate of 12.66. I'm not saying this game is a foregone conclusion, but England really would have to "do a Devon Loch" to lose from here. Tim Bresnan returns to the attack, and this time it really is Mahmudullah who's out - he tries a big heave across the line and is caught by the backpedalling Captain Cook at wide mid-on, on the edge of the circle.

44th over - Ban 209-6
It's still KP, surely he isn't aiming for the full 10? I can't believe England would bowl him in a powerplay... Still some more inconsequential ones and twos are added. Shuvo's off the mark, Mahmudullah's up to 33.

Monty Panesar
From Jon in Kent, via text: "Leave Monty alone, without his batting stand in the first Test last summer we would have lost the opening game against the Aussies"

And indeed the Ashes...

43rd over - Ban 204-6
New batsman is Suhrawadi Shuvo, he sees off the over and Swann finishes with 2-38 from 10 overs.

0945: Sorry, got my batsmen mixed up there. Naeem's out, not Mahmudullah - manually refresh your page and all will be well.

Wicket falls
42.3 overs - WICKET - Naeem c Wright b Swann 18 - Ban 204-6
Swann to complete his spell, there's a half-hearted shout for lbw against Mahmudullah but a leg bye is signalled. When Naeem finally aims for the fences and tries to "go deep", he slices it to long-off where Luke Wright takes the catch - although Wright had almost come in too far, and stumbled backwards as he held on.

42nd over - Ban 202-5
KP goes round the wicket, but the game now has less atmosphere than a benefit match, both sides are almost going through the motions. Lordy Lordy, we finally have a boundary when KP tosses a long-hop down the leg side and Mahmudullah sweeps it for four.

From Rob Helps, Wellington, Somerset, TMS inbox: "Just got as far as Corky's suggestion that Kiessy is used to Taunton's short boundaries and his 36th over six would've been down the High Street. That would be some hit - the High Street is about half a mile from the County Ground"

41st over - Ban 194-5
Swann's penultimate over, and they're happy to concede singles to Naeem and Mahmudullah at this stage. England are heading towards a 3-0 victory, and Bangladesh are rather limping towards defeat.

40th over - Ban 190-5
It's all gentle tickles to third man and careful angled guides through mid-wicket at the moment, though KP also sends down another wide. And even I can work out the required run-rate here - Bangladesh need 95 from 10 overs.

39th over - Ban 187-5
Swann shows good control as he rattles through his over - singles and twos aren't enough at this stage, Simon Mann on TMS thinks Bangladesh are at least 30 runs short of where they should be.

38th over - Ban 184-5
KP continues to toss it up to the sixth-wicket pair, just s single and a wide from the over. Tigers now need 101 from 12 overs - the rate is up to 8.41, though they do have a batting powerplay in reserve.

From Gary Fenemore, TMS inbox: "If the rest of the England team had matched Wright's run-rate of 2.46 runs a ball, we'd have totalled 738! Enough for even Plunkett to defend?"

37th over - Ban 182-5
Swann has changed ends, returning in place of Colly. After the usual singles and twos, Mahmudullah unleashes a very fluent reverse sweep which pings past Plunkers at short third man for four. Swann lets off some invective - the TMS guys aren't sure whether he was annoyed at the shot or the fielding.

Get involved on 606
From lethal_strauss on 606: "That lbw against Shakib was a shocker!"

36th over - Ban 174-5
Can lightning (er, KP) strike twice? He sends down the umpteenth wide we've seen today, Naeem prods a single and Mahmudullah confidently sweeps KP (who's still wearing his sunglasses) for four. The right-hander, who has to take on the "senior partner" mantle now, adds a single to take him to 15.

Monty Panesar
From Andy in Warwick, TMS inbox: "How about for a dropped catch just a photo of Monty Panesar? Granted that could be a misfield as well... or poor spin bowling... or poor batting... this is harder than you think"

"Poor spin bowling"? Bit harsh on the Montster, who won us several Tests with his bowling!

35th over - Ban 166-5
Colly to bowl his 10th and final over off the reel, Naeem adds a two and a single so Colly finishes with 0-51. Another drinks break. And apologies to all those of you who have sent in pictures of Clangers... we have to be very careful about displaying pictures in terms of copyright. Sorry.

From Hugh Oxburgh, Cambridge, TMS inbox: "It's my birthday today (& that of Chris Silverwood). I can only remember England playing cricket on my birthday twice before - against Australia in a one-day match in 1992 & against New Zealand at Hamilton two years ago, which I was at. How often has it happened?"

34th over - Ban 163-5
The crowd seem restless and angry - perhaps they've just seen a replay of that decision. New batsman is Naeem Islam, he's off the mark with a single, Mahmudullah cuts and misses.

Wicket falls
33.3 overs - WICKET - Shakib lbw b Pietersen 38 Ban 162-5
Shakib sweeps and misses, KP appeals and he's out lbw... a replay shows that's a shocking decision from Umpire Haque it hit him miles outside off stump. Shakib looks mightily annoyed, as well he might. It pitched wide of off stump, didn't really turn and hit him on the pad wide of off stump. Oh, for the review system...

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From James, Leeds (the proper one) Student, via text: "Does a run-out still contribute to Swanny's knack for taking a wicket in his first over?"

33rd over - Ban 160-4
Colly drifts down the leg side, Shakib bends down and flips it over his shoulder in the manner of the "frying-pan" shot used by his erstwhile team-mate Mohammad Ashraful. The left-hander then firmly sweeps a quicker ball, and that's four more. A single takes him to 37, that's a better over from the home side.

32nd over - Ban 151-4
"Good cricket all round" says Shamim Chowdhury on TMS as Shakib smears KP for two and some neat fielding prevents a boundary. But the Tigers are slipping behind - 134 needed from 18 overs means the rate is creeping up towards seven and a half.

31st over - Ban 147-4
Collingwood continues for his eighth over, but not even the arrival of proud Durham fan Andrew McKenzie into our office can inspire the ginger ninja to make the breakthrough - three singles are added to the score. And unfortunately I was right about the Clangers... no Clangers pictures available... boo hoo...

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Tony in Singapore en route from Jakarta to Melbourne, via text: "Hope England win this one quickly coz my plane takes off in an hour and I'm following the commentary on my BlackBerry"

30th over - Ban 144-4
Swann takes a rest as England turn to Kevin Pietersen's part-time off-spin (last ODI wicket: November 2008). The Tigers pair look like they want to get after him, Mahmudullah and Shakib steer a couple of singles but then there's a mix-up, Mahmudullah is sent back and has to dive for the crease. It gets sent upstairs to the third umpire, there's a long delay, and the verdict is... not out. Just. The required rate has crept above seven. And I may have spoken too soon about the Clangers... watch this space!

29th over - Ban 141-4
Colly rapidly through his seventh over which yields two singles - he has 0-36 from seven.

From John Rathmill, Canterbury, TMS inbox: "Hi Mark, regarding the dropped catch graphic, what about a Clanger?"

Can't find a picture of a Clanger, even in the BBC's photo files. Best I could offer would be Bagpuss...

28th over - Ban 139-4
Swanny keeps it tight, just two singles from his sixth over but will England regret not fielding a second front-line spinner? Swann and Colly (who's virtually bowling spin) only have four overs each left. Wright and Plunkett, who were both expensive, will have to bowl at least six more overs between them.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Anon, via text: "A run-out deserves a better graphic, not a rattled timber graphic. How about a bat not making the popping crease?"

27th over - Ban 137-4
Mahmudullah momentarily channels Kevin Pietersen, taking a risky single to get off the mark, then Shakib forces one through the off side. Colly fires a quicker ball down the leg side, Prior can't get it and it's away for five wides. That was so wide, it would even have been called "wide" in Test cricket. A single and a two round off the over - Bangladesh need 148 from 23 overs at a rate of 6.43.

26th over - Ban 127-4
Shakib adds a single, he's been joined by Mahmudullah who rotates the strike with a leg bye. Cap'n Shakib is then trapped on the back foot, there's an appeal for leg before... not given.

Wicket falls
25.2 overs - WICKET - Mushfiqur c Bresnan b Swann 40 - Ban 125-4
Not for the first time, my colleague Oliver Brett's mobile phone rings (it's his wife) and a Bangladesh wicket immediately falls. The ECB should offer Mrs Brett a retainer - I'm sure she'd be happy to cook them some of her delicious flapjacks in return. Back in Chittagong, Mushfiqur is the man to go, he'd really disappeared into his shell since the run-out (survivor's guilt?) and sweeps only to hole out to the tumbling Bresnan at mid-wicket.

25th over - Ban 125-3
The so-called "middle overs syndrome" is in full swing as Mushfiqur and Shakib continue to plod along to a defensive field without ever threatening the boundary. It's still windy enough for Umpire Tucker to have to hold on to his hat so it won't blow away. There are runs off every ball, and even Colly fumbles one off his own bowling to allow a single off the last delivery. Mushy has 40.

24th over - Ban 118-3
A long goods train (possibly named Chittagong Chittagong Bang Bang) slowly trundles past the ground, a perfect metaphor as Bangladesh are trundling along at a similar pace as Mushy and Shakib manage five from Swann's fourth over.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Ramesh in London, via text: "I'm certain it was my call to drop Kieswetter that spurred him to score a ton today. I also called for dropping KP but seems like he is a bit more thick skinned!"

23rd over - Ban 113-3
Shakib continues to push the singles and twos against Colly, whose use of off-cutters mean that he's almost bowling medium-paced off-spin. Six from the over, although the required rate is up to 6.37.

22nd over - Ban 107-3
Swann continues to Shakib, who powerfully steers him for four through the covers, while there are three more singles from the over. 178 more needed from 28 overs. Meanwhile, Derek Pringle on TMS mentions a story from this morning's Independent newspaper in which former England captain Michael Vaughan has called for Kevin Pietersen to be dropped - and questioned the number of South Africans in the team.

21st over - Ban 100-3
Colly is quickly through his over, a chastened Mushfiqur (whose call it was when Aftab was run out) and new batsman Shakib Al Hasan, the skipper, add two singles each to bring up the hundred for Bangladesh.

Wicket falls
20th over - WICKET - Aftab run out 46 - Ban 96-3
Swann tosses one up to Mushy, it would be a good length ball to a taller man but it's the perfect length for the keeper to cut powerfully for four. But just when they look threatening, the Bangladesh pair contrive a comedy "yes-wait-no-sorry" run-out moment between them, they're both caught in mid-pitch and Cook's throw means Aftab is run out.

19th over - Ban 91-2
The Tigers pair keep pushing the singles against Colly, and bring up the fifty stand.

18th over - Ban 87-2
While Simon Mann and Derek Pringle on TMS debate whether Middlesbrough (birthplace of L Plunkett Esq) is in North Yorkshire or not - Simon spoke to Plunkers himself, who does not consider himself a Yorkshireman - Graeme Swann replaces the Durham seamer for our first taste of spin. After a couple of singles, we have a comedy moment when Aftab plays a defensive stroke, the ball lodges in the top of his pad and as Prior attempts to remove it, the pair collide and crash to the turf. They're all smiles.

From Simon James-Morse, TMS inbox: "Where's the graphic for a dropped catch? (45th over) Well, you've got everything else!"

It was suggested once before that we have some kind of "butterfingers" representation...

17th over - Ban 85-2
New bowler, same action as Paul Collingwood replaces fellow right-arm medium-pacer Luke Wright. Colly starts off with five men in the circle for Mushfiqur, who steers a single to long-on. Colly has more control than Wright, just a couple more singles are added as he deceives Aftab with his cutters. Drinks cart time.

16th over - Ban 82-2
Mushfiqur has to fend off some more chin music from Plunkers for a single, but Aftab is more than ready to take on the man from Middlesbrough's short stuff, crashing him for a four through point before upper-cutting the next ball for another boundary to the third man area.

Rob Key (sweater not shown)
From Rob in Wiltshire, TMS inbox: "Someone told me that Key's sweater was opening the batting for England. Now I know that Rob Key wasn't the most consistent performer with the bat, but it's a bit of a slap in the face to have an item of knitwear selected ahead of him isn't it?"

15th over - Ban 73-2
Short and wide from Wright, Mushfiqur despatches it for four past point, then tries the same shot again but the cover sweeper cuts it off and they can only manage two. Some more well-run singles mean these two have added 33 in five overs.

From Steven Flint, Zhuhai, China, TMS inbox: "Hi, skiving off early to the pub to watch on TV. Come on England!"

14th over - Ban 64-2
Liam Plunkett finally enters the attack with his right-arm seam, and his first ball hits the deck well and spears up into Mushfiqur's gloves as he tries to fend it off. The Tigers pair manage three singles between them, but Plunkers is hitting 85mph, he may well be the quickest England seamer on duty today. (Here at BBC Sport, we feel some degree of responsibility for the stagnation of his international career - having made him our columnist during the 2006/07 Ashes, he carried the drinks for the entire tour!)

13th over - Ban 61-2
First change of bowling as Luke Wright replaces Shahzad, with Prior standing up to the stumps. (Corky on TMS thinks Liam Plunkett will bowl from the other end). Mushfiqur guides a single, then Aftab steps across his stumps again and paddles Wright for four over the man at short fine leg. Two more singles, and this is turning into a useful little stand for the Tigers, although the required rate has now slipped over six an over.

12th over - Ban 54-2
Mushy looks for a quick single, Wright at mid-on only has one stump to aim at but his throw is wide when a direct hit would have left the little keeper struggling. After a single from Aftab, Mushfiqur hooks a rising delivery from Bresnan, they run two and Captain Cook puts another man back on the hook shot. A single means Bres has 1-18 from six overs.

11th over - DROPPED CATCH - Ban 49-2
Umpire Tucker signals the bowling powerplay, but no sign of a change for England as Shahzad begins his sixth over. Aftab beautifully cover-drives him for four, then pierces the infield again and they run two. Atfab punches one back towards the bowler, Shahzad gets his right hand to it but can't hold on. Harshly, we've got to put that down as a drop - the seamer then strays with a legside wide, on which they run one. Mushfiqur rounds off the over with a single to get off the mark.

10th over - Ban 40-2
Bangladesh now have one of the more diminutive top-order batting partnerships in world cricket on display, as Aftab Ahmed is joined by wicketkeeper Mushfiqur Rahim.

Wicket falls
9.5 overs - WICKET - Kayes c Prior b Bresnan 17 - Ban 40-2
Kayes tries to whack Bresnan through mid-wicket but Kieswetter swoops at square leg to cut off the single. And the opener's stay at the crease is ended when he chases a wide one and Matt Prior - virtually a specialist wicketkeeper today, having been dropped down the order - dives well to take the catch.

9th over - Ban 40-1
Aftab walks across his stumps to try to hoist Shahzad behind the wicket, it's not quite a "Dilscoop" but he can't connect. A slower ball is brutally despatched down the ground for four, then he wristily works a single off his legs. Kayes square-drives for one to keep the strike.

From Barnaby, Saudi Arabia, TMS inbox: "I have a dilemma along the same lines as the all-nighter essays and seminars - I have a monthly report four days overdue because of this series. Any ideas on some excuses I can use? I have exhausted computer network issues, but don't want to push it as far as terminal illness in the family"

8th over - Ban 34-1
The increasingly confident Aftab biffs Bresnan straight past the non-striker for four, they don't even need to run for that one. Another aerial wide boosts the score, Bresnan isn't happy. Aftab adds a single as Corky on TMS admires Simon Mann's glasses. Bresnan seems to favour the short ball to Kayes, eventually he guesses that another one's coming and confidently pulls him for four.

7th over - Ban 24-1
Shahzad bangs in a bouncer to Aftab which is called as an aerial wide, the right-hander pushes two through the covers then works one off his legs which the diving Morgan tries to cut off... but TV replays show he was touching the rope when he made the stop and the four is signalled. A single takes him to 10, Imrul has 12.

From Andy, Brisbane, TMS inbox: "SP Cooper in Michigan (27th over), if your fiancee's return really does result in the end of your listening, she is only your fiancee currently - it's not too late"

6th over - Ban 16-1
Bresnan raps Aftab on the pad, there's a confident shout, Umpire Haque shakes his head but Hawk-Eye thinks it was hitting the top of leg stump... Bresnan is right on the money, Aftab can only dab a single to third man off the last ball.

Athar Ali Khan
Former Bangladesh all-rounder Athar Ali Khan on TMS: "England have only one spinner, and it looks quite good conditions to bat against pace out there - and the longer the batsmen stay out there, the more they will get used to the pace of the wicket"

5th over - Ban 15-1
After a single apiece, Imrul brutally drives through the line and it rockets to the extra cover boundary - anyone who'd got in the way of that would be calling for the physio. Shahzad has 1-12 from his first three ODI overs.

4th over - Ban 9-1
Kayes has to duck away from a bouncer from Brezza, but the Yorkshireman's line and length is pretty good and it's just one single from the over.

From John Everitt, TMS inbox: "Early morning here in Cape Town... very impressed with Kieswetter but his selection will hardly reduce the amount of flak I get from the locals asking how the Proteas 'B' team is getting on"

3rd over - Ban 8-1
Left-hander Kayes smacks Shahzad for four through mid-off, a single takes him to six. Cautious start by the Tigers.

2nd over - Ban 3-1
Tim Bresnan takes the second over, possibly the first all-Yorkshire new-ball attack since Hoggard and Gough? He floats one down the leg side and Aftab trots through for a leg bye. Opener Imrul Kayes is off the mark with a single. Meanwhile, Graham Onions, with a bag of drinks over his shoulder, hands Shahzad a drink on the boundary. (And considering the fully-fit non-playing squad members available - Denly, Tredwell and Trott - why is Onions, who has a bad back, being asked to carry a large, possibly heavy bag round the boundary?!)

1st over - Ban 1-1
New batsman is Aftab Ahmed, he's off the mark with a single. Great first over from Huddersfield-born, Bradford-raised Shahzad.

Out for a duck
0.3 overs - WICKET - Tamim c Bresnan b Shahzad 0 - Ban 0-1
ODI debutant Ajmal Shahzad takes the first over, Tamim Iqbal throws everything at the first ball ("not just the kitchen sink, but the bathroom cabinet as well" says Simon Mann on TMS) but misses. Unbowed, Tamim slashes at the third ball and it's well held by Tim Bresnan on the backward point boundary!

0655: Umpires are walking out - we're nearly ready to go again. Bangladesh need 285 to win.

From Stephen Lloyd, TMS inbox: "Re: Chris and KP (see 39th over)... no he doesn't [deserve to be dropped], and stop calling me Shirley!"

0647: If you're only just getting up now, halfway through the match, you may not be aware that you can look up all BBC cricket programmes from the last week - including TMS commentaries - on the BBC iPlayer if you're in the UK and want to listen again. And if you're getting ready for a day at work, you can still follow all the cricket news and scores, including these text commentaries, on your mobile phone. What's not to love?

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Stuart in Swindon, via text: "Is this the first time the players are stopping for breakfast instead of lunch? (I am aware of the six-hour time difference!)"

0618: Right, that was a great effort by England - "The Sweep" looks on. We're going to take a short break to hunt down some brekky while the teams change over - but we'll be back...

From John Jaques In New York City, TMS inbox: "Just after midnight here in Manhattan... certainly miss seeing cricket on a regular basis. The England team is getting to be similar to the Premier League with so few English born players. Whatever would we do without these out-of-towners? Keep up the great work TMS!"

Dominic Cork
Dominic Cork on TMS: "It was a fantastic hundred from Kieswetter, it was what the team needed as several batsmen got in and then got out"


50th over - Eng 284-5
Here we go for the last over, with Rubel to bowl. Bresnan takes aim at the first ball and helps it to long leg for four - a single brings Wright back on strike. Wright chips it over the infield, again falling safely, and they run two. A couple of singles mean Wright's on strike for the last ball, and he smashes it down the ground for six! 15 off the last over, Wright finishes on 32 from 13 balls, and that's England's highest score in Bangladesh.

49th over - Eng 269-5
Still no Prior as England send in the man who even Simon Mann on TMS describes as "the burly Tim Bresnan". Wright steers a two through cover point, then clears his left leg to heave a four through mid-wicket. And the Sussex all-rounder lifts the last ball for six over long-off, he has 23 from 10 balls.

Wicket falls
48.3 overs - WICKET - Morgan c Tamim b Shafiul 36 - Eng 257-5
Having bowled four overs with the new ball, Shafiul is recalled for the penultimate over with England in full cry. Morgan and Wright push a couple of unorthodox singles, there's a bit of cat and mouse between the bowler and Morgan, who's moving around all over the place. Having been dropped earlier, his luck runs out when he pops a fairly straightforward catch up to cover - and this time, the fielder makes no mistake.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Tommy, also in Durham, via text: "Re: Henry in Durham, 28th over: The essay all-nighter eh? I've just finished nailing a presentation for a seminar at noon yet can't tear myself away with the strong prospect of some final-overs fireworks from the three lions"

48th over - Eng 254-4
Naeem returns, a Wright single gets Morgan on strike and he powerfully clubs it wide of the man at long-on for four. Wright makes room for himself to carve a two through the covers, then goes for a lofted straight drive which bisects two fielders and he picks up two more. An inside-out carve for four rounds off a good over for England.

47th over - Eng 240-4
Luke Wright is promoted up the order above his Sussex team-mate Matt Prior, presumably with licence to come in and whack it, he's up and running with a couple of singles while Morgan has moved on to 30. Razzak has taken 2-40 from his 10 overs.

Wicket falls
46.3 overs - WICKET - Kieswetter b Razzak 107 - Eng 237-4
A soft end to Kieswetter's epic innings as he tries to force his bat down onto one from slow left-armer Razzak and is bowled.

Review - waiting for verdict
From Pete, TMS inbox: "Breakfast served here in Alexandria, Egypt... wife's in bed, daughters watching a DVD... Cricket's on, jobs a good'un... oh wait, hair pulling incident reported by oldest daughter from younger sister. I think I will take it to the referral system"

Well, it'll be my only chance to use my review graphic this series...

He's reached 100
46th over - Eng 236-3
Last over of the powerplay, Rubel to bowl. Kieswetter finally reaches three figures with a fluent push through the covers, and unlike Morgan's century in Mirpur, he gets a generous round of applause from the Bangladesh fans. Morgan then charges down the wicket and dinks it over the bowler's head for a single. Kieswetter clubs his third six of the innings over long-on, and now has as many sixes in international cricket (three) from three ODIs as Alastair Cook has from 52 Tests, 25 ODIs and four Twenty20 internationals. Not to be outdone, Morgan lifts a six of his own over the bowler's head and into the sightscreen. That's 55 runs scored in the powerplay - well batted, sirs.

45th over - DROPPED CATCH - Eng 220-3
Kieswetter, on 98, steers Shakib for a single to long-on, there's a misfield and they decide against a second, though they must have been tempted... Morgan rotates the strike to put the Somerset man back in the spotlight. He jabs a single off his legs, that must be his hundred... and it's signalled as a leg-bye! Morgan heaves towards mid-on, Mahmudullah's there but it's another dropped catch! He wasn't great in the field the other day either. Two runs are taken.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Double O in Dhaka, via text: "Robin (35th over), Chittagong is fine to visit mate, just avoid the Hill Tracts. Allow a day to get there from Dhaka. Meanwhile in the BBG Sixes here, BHC triumph over the cocky tourists from Richmond largely thanks to a mare of a last over from our Aussie skipper (4 wides, scoring 4, a 6 and a 4)"

44th over - Eng 215-3
Rubel returns as Shakib turns to pace - but Kieswetter steps forward and the fast Chittagong outfield does its job as he off-drives and that's four all the way. A careful single and he's on 98. Left-hander Morgan sweeps and missed, but then connects with the same shot which brings him four through long leg.

43rd over - Eng 205-3
Razzak also has two overs left and has been earmarked as their other powerplay bowler - but he pings down a wide, taking the pressure off Kieswetter who crashes a four through the covers before dabbing another through third man. A single takes him to 92, I'd wondered earlier if he was going to bat through the innings without reaching 100. Morgan adds another single, Kieswetter nicks the strike.

42nd over - DROPPED CATCH - Eng 194-3
Uncharacteristically, England take the batting powerplay while they still have two recognised batsmen at the crease (rather than waiting until they're seven or more wickets down). Unsurprisingly, Shakib brings himself back into the attack. After a single from CK, Morgan takes aim at the mid-wicket fence... and is dropped by Shuvo diving full-length. A difficult chance, but still a drop, and they run one. Kieswetter hoists the left-armer for a huge six over long-off to take his score to 82, then a single allows Morgan to unleash his trademark reverse sweep for four.

41st over - Eng 181-3
Shuvo will be the first Tigers bowler to complete his spell, Morgan and Kieswetter help themselves to four singles and the youngster finishes with figures of 1-45, having taken the important wicket of Colly.

40th over - Eng 177-3
Imrul Kayes is in as a wide, solitary slip as Rubel bowls to Morgan, whose second ball is an immediate "shot of the day" contender - an immaculate off-driven four. The Dubliner knocks a single off his legs, and already looks more comfortable at the crease than Kieswetter, who's been out there for 40 overs but can only guide a single to long-off. A leg bye completes the over, while there's a quite ridiculous lbw appeal for a ball which blatantly pitched outside leg stump. 10 overs left.

From Ian McKillop, TMS inbox: "Hi Mark, watching in darkest mid Florida but unlike Pharris 'down the road' I'm off to bed soon. Hope to wake to news of another England victory"

39th over - Eng 170-3
Colly's dismissal brings an impromptu drinks break, but it also brings England's "finisher" Eoin Morgan to the crease. But he's the non-striker as Kieswetter can't get Shuvo away. It's a wicket maiden - you won't get many of those in the 39th over of an ODI. Kieswetter has 72 from 102 balls.

From Chris Harrison, TMS inbox: "There are 12 of us backpackers is Sydney crowded round a laptop with TMS! KP has to be dropped now surely?!"

Wicket falls
38.2 overs - WICKET - Collingwood c Razzak b Shuvo 36 - Eng 170-3
Shakib keeps his last two overs up his leeve - possibly for the batting powerplay - as Shuvo returns. Colly aims a big heave into the air, this won't find the rope, and it's out as Razzak steps in from the rope and takes the catch cleanly at long-on.

38th over - Eng 170-2
After 28 consecutive overs of spin, seam returns in the shape of Rubel the Slinger, who only bowled one over at the start. (And I'd guess we're unlikely to see Mahmudullah bowl again today, especially if these two are still in). Kieswetter and Colly play it straight, four singles are taken before Kieswetter smashes one to long-off and a great dive by Tamim Iqbal saves the four - they run two.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Anon, via text: "Only just got in from a night out and had a few drinks, but thought Kieswetter was aggressive? 30 odd overs and only on 50"

37th over - Eng 164-2
After a single from Colly, Shakib gets a bit of turn against Kieswetter, he eventually steps back and cover-drives (off leg stump) a single to the boundary sweeper. James Tredwell is carrying the drinks out today, he may be bearing some instructions too. Meanwhile, Ryan Sidebottom is also sat in the England dug-out, I thought he was flying home! Get him on a plane!

From Tommy Mc, TMS inbox: "Morning all, currently in Australia giving these bitter Aussies loads of grief… especially when I argue that Punter can't play the short ball. Oh how much they bite. Very impressed with Kieswetter"

36th over - Eng 162-2
Kieswetter finally cuts loose with a huge hit over long-on, he watches it like a golfer and that's a huge six, out of the ground! ("He's used to the short boundaries in Taunton, that one would have been down the high street there," notes Corky on TMS). After a single apiece, Kieswetter carves a two through the covers and has to hurry to come back for the second run, but a wild throw allows him to make his ground. A single takes the tiring Kieswetter to 67, and another from Colly mean that's 12 runs from Mahmudullah's over.

35th over - Eng 150-2
Shakib replaces Shuvo, Colly cracks a couple of twos before the England pair scamper some more singles to bring up the 150. They've also still got a batting powerplay up their sleeves.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Robin, London, via text: "How is the gong, is that OK for Brits to visit there? I've been to SE Asia but never in subcontinent, any suggestion from the fans who are in the gong"

There appear to be a few England fans there for this game, but not a huge number. Can anyone else help?

34th over - Eng 142-2
Off-spinner Mahmudullah is introduced as the Tigers' seventh bowler, Kieswetter and Colly are more confident against him and they plunder some ones and twos before we have the compulsory post-34th over ball change.

That's 50
33rd over - Eng 136-2
Cap'n Shakib has a quick word with Shivo before the youngster begins his eighth over. Kieswetter eventually forces a four through the covers, finally reaching his first ODI fifty from 80 balls. He's the sixth youngest ODI half-centurion for England - three more singles are added. All six of Kieswetter's boundaries have been on the off side.

From Bob Leigh, TMS inbox: "Sat in the office in Yokohama on 22nd floor trying to get high on oxygen. It's 1.10pm and bored out of my head, still 5 hours of work to go and then RESULT! Live cricket on the Beeb - beats your kebabs and currys"

32nd over - Eng 129-2
England's boundary drought continues as Kieswetter and Colly milk Naeem for five singles. Kieswetter has 46, Colly has 22.

31st over - Eng 124-2
Colly pushs Shuvo for a couple, but the 21-year-old, only playing his second ODI, keeps it tight for the rest of the over. England may need a change of tactics - Bangladesh are capable of bowling spin for the rest of the innings, we haven't seen fifth spinner Mahmudullah yet.

30th over - Eng 122-2
Colly and Kieswetter manage three singles between them against Naeem, while replays of the lbw in the last over indicate a very thin inside edge which may have reprieved Colly.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From ND, Melbourne, via text: "Not enough runs to keep KP up - back to the county for a spell methinks"

29th over - Eng 119-2
Colly comes down the wicket to Shuvo, it's plenty of bottom hand but he lifts him over the mid-wicket infielder for four. Then there's a big, big shout for lbw as he sweeps and misses, that looked plumb... but Umpire Haque shakes his head. Sheepishly, Colly nicks the strike with a single.

From Dave Richards, Oman, TMS inbox: "Thought I was very clever finding a TV channel called Neosport with the Lloyd/Willis/Atherton commentary etc , but have now gone for TMS as I cannot take the same advert featuring Yuvraj Singh which has aired at the end of EVERY over so far - that is about 13 times an hour, will be about 100 viewings by the end! Dire..."

28th over - Eng 114-2
It's still Naeem, a single from Kieswetter means he's within a couple of boundaries of a maiden ODI fifty. Colly aims a big blast towards long-on and they pick up two. Another two and a single take the Durham man into double figures in this, his 176th ODI.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Henry in Durham, via text: "Am halfway through an essay due in at noon today, I hope that the cricket will keep me up to finish it, although I fear I might get distracted"

27th over - Eng 108-2
A misfield from Naeem allows Colly a single off the recalled Shuvo. A single takes Kieswetter to 40, Colly pushes a single which that man Naeem cuts out with a sprawling stop. Kieswetter takes a step down the track and clubs a single to long-off.

From SP Cooper, TMS inbox: "Hello Mark, listening to the cricket in darkest Michigan as I wait for my fiancee to come home from her weekly girls' night out (and hoping that her return won't signal the end of my evening listening)"

26th over - Eng 104-2
Naeem keeps it tight against Kieswetter who takes four balls to score a single, Colly tries a big heave towards extra cover but miscues it between mid-on and mid-wicket for one.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Chris Maclay at Chittagong, via text: "Rickshaw nightmare over just in time to see that wicket. Bang bang booya!"

25th over - Eng 102-2
Razzak continues for his eighth over, a Kieswetter single brings up the hundred for England before Collingwood punches a single through the covers. CK nicks the strike - we're already at the half-way mark in barely an hour and a half.

From Pharris, TMS inbox: "In South Florida here... Alligators and I will not go to sleep till we know England have won and hopefully CK hits his maiden ODI century"

24th over - Eng 99-2
More spin-rotation as Naeem returns in place of Shuvo. Simon Mann on TMS points out that in a year and six days' time, England will be playing a World Cup game on this ground, against the same opposition. Kieswetter adds a couple of singles to his score, Colly is off the mark with one steered through the covers.

23rd over - Eng 96-2
New batsman Paul Collingwood sees off the rest of Razzak's over.

From Anon, via text: "What was KP waiting for? It was hitting middle!"

Wicket falls
22.2 overs - WICKET - Pietersen lbw b Razzak 22 - Eng 96-2
After a single from Kieswetter, KP prods forward, there's a big shout for lbw... and Umpire Haque raises his finger. KP was a long way forward, but Hawk-Eye suggests the ball straightened and would have hit the top of middle stump. Once more, Pietersen falls to a left-arm spinner. Cue lots of debate on TMS over what would have happened if the review system was in place...

From David, Spain, TMS inbox: "A few games ago, someone suggested England should replace the three lions with three badgers. Didn't feel right then, in bright sunlight. At this hour, it does"

Paul "The Badger" Nixon
Haven't got a badger picture handy, David - will Paul "The Badger" Nixon do instead? Or will posting a picture of him get me banned from the Champions League because of his ICL connections?

22nd over - Eng 95-1
A strong breeze ripples the players' shirts as KP sweeps Shuvo for a welcome four, then straight-drives a single past the bowler. Three more singles, that's a better over for the tourists.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Dan in Nottingham, via text: "Wide awake in anticipation of the first net of the year tonight. Nothing like trying to bowl again after 6 months of total inactivity. Cue 5 days of agony as my muscles recover"

21st over - Eng 87-1
Razzak replaces Shakib, Pietersen plays all round his first ball and a loud lbw appeal is turned down. Again, KP tries to play against the spin and is nearly bowled as he tries to force to leg. Once more he can't connect but the umpire signals a legside wide - then he clubs a full toss straight to the man at mid-wicket. Finally KP gets a single off his legs, Kieswetter can't pierce the infield.

From Samantha, TMS inbox: "Thanks guys, sitting here in Los Angeles, fighting off jetlag, you're keeping me awake!"

20th over - Eng 85-1
CK and KP are restricted to singles against Shuvo, and the bright blue drinks cart is wheeled on - Simon Mann on TMS notes that the rapid over-rate means drinks are taken much later (in terms of overs) than usual.

19th over - Eng 81-1
KP is watchful against Shakib, who's as wily as you might expect from a man ranked as the top ODI all-rounder in the world by the ICC. Just a single apiece, and England must be careful not to get bogged down as Bangladesh are racing through the overs.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Chris Maclay in Chittagong, via text: "Stuck in traffic in 'the gong' on the way to the game. Damn rickshaws. Who's batting?"

18th over - Eng 79-1
Shuvo rattles through his over, just one leg bye means it's a maiden.

From Alex, currently 20 hours not out in London, TMS inbox: "I never know how to play games like this. Do I stay awake and let the need for sleep amass a huge total that I struggle to chase down for the rest of the week or do you sleep before the match, try and get some hours on the board; there's always the danger of doing a Strauss and let the innings go on and on until the game's gone"

17th over - Eng 78-1
One of the advantages of Bangladesh's quintet of spinners is that while the rest of the world plods along at criminally slow over-rates, we've already had 16 overs in the first hour. Shakib yields just a single apiece to the South African-born England pair.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Lea from Woking, via text: "Broady's hair looks like it was cut by Swann while he slept! Loving cricket on my birthday!"

Happy birthday...

16th over - Eng 76-1
As if two left-arm spinners aren't enough, Bangladesh introduce their third - it's Shurwadi Shuvo. Pietersen steers a two to long-on, a couple of singles rotate the strike, then KP aims a sweep shot which is timed so well that it flies over the boundary for a flat six!

From James, Liverpool, TMS inbox: "Bar, kebab and then come home to the cricket, could this night get any better? Perhaps if Captain Cook and Newly English Craig get double tons!"

Needless to say, this email from James was sent just before Cook was dismissed...

15th over - Eng 66-1
KP is off the mark with a single as Shakib is rapidly through his over. Kieswetter dabs down to third man, some great fielding by Imrul Kayes restricts them to two.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From James, Oxford, via text: "Re: Darren from Perth (7th over) - it's a no-brainer, got to be the curry"

14th over - Eng 63-1
Shakib rotates his bowlers as Naeem takes a rest after one over and Razzak returns so we have left-arm spin from both ends against the two right-handers. Kieswetter's timing isn't quite in sync for much of the over, but then he square-cuts the last ball for four.

13th over - Eng 59-1
So, how many will Kevin Pietersen need to score to appease those of you on the texts, emails and 606 who want him dropped? 50? 100? 150? 200? I'm sure if he broke Tendulkar's ODI record today, some would still be calling for his head. He sees off the over.

Wicket falls
12.4 overs - WICKET - Cook c Mushfiqur b Shakib 32 - Eng 59-1
Kieswetter and Cook are having trouble timing the ball against Shakib, the Somerset man manages a single but then Shakib pushes one through, Cook tries to force it through the covers but feathers a catch to the keeper who makes no mistake this time around.

From James, Zhaoqing, China, TMS inbox: "Morning Mark. Thanks for the commentary today, not much TV coverage of cricket in China. Here's hoping for a decent innings for Pietersen. If he can't get a score against Bangladesh, he should get a spell in county cricket to get his game in gear"

12th over - Eng 58-0
(Should have mentioned, Bangladesh took the fielding powerplay straight away at the start of the 11th over). A change of bowling as Naeem Islam comes on to bowl his right-arm off-spin. His first ball is a wide, but more fluent sweeping from Cook brings him a single. Kieswetter guides one off his legs, Cook is finding it a little more difficult against the ball turning away from him. England's 12th man Joe Denly brings on a quick drink.

Dominic Cork
Former England all-rounder Dominic Cork on TMS: "Cook and Kieswetter have adapted well to this Chittagong wicket, which is probably a little quicker than Dhaka, although it'll no doubt get slower and lower later on. I'm surprised Bangladesh chose to bowl first, though, as they've only got two seam bowlers"

11th over - Eng 55-0
Cook swishes, Mushfiqur fumbles behind the timbers and can't hold on. Replays are inconclusive - but if Cook hit that, it's a bad drop. The skipper steers a three through the covers, then Kieswetter tickles one past slip for a well-run two.

10th over - Eng 50-0
Cook tries to smack Razzak to long-on, Suhrwadi "Showaddywaddy" Shuvo gives chase and it looks like he's over-run it as it heads towards the boundary... but the little fella recovers brilliantly as a sprawling stop on the rope turns four into two. Cook then sweeps well for his third four - perhaps his mentor Graham Gooch has been coaching him on the sweep shot, as it's looking a lot better. A single takes him to 28, while Kieswetter fiercely cuts for four to bring up the fifty stand.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Dan, Loughborough (one of a number of Dans to have contacted us today) via text: "I'm not going to lie to you... I'm loving Stuart Broad's new streamline hair cut. Maybe an extra couple of mph in pace?"

But has it contributed to his back injury?!

9th over - Eng 39-0
We have orthodox left-arm spin from both ends as captain Shakib Al Hasan takes over from Shafiul. Cook manages a single, but Kieswetter tries going down the track and can't connect as he aims a big hit. Another inside-out hit flies off the outside edge and brings him four through third man - the Somerset man has faced 25 balls and had three scoring strokes, all fours.

From Mujahid Miah, TMS inbox: "Bangladesh tend to start a series poorly and get better- they did the same with New Zealand by putting up a fair fight in the last ODI and Test match. Hopefully they can do the same, and finally claim the scalp of England!"

8th over - Eng 34-0
Cook pushes Razzaq for a single to the square leg boundary, while the Chittagong ground is increasingly filling up with supporters - a large number of whom seem to be wearing headbands of varying designs. Kieswetter can't time the ball against the left-arm spinner at all - he has conceded three runs in his three overs.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Dan, Chertsey, via text: "Just got in from a night out for a friend's birthday. Forgot cricket was on but won't be getting to sleep now for another 6 or 7 hours! Happy birthday Jack!"

7th over - Eng 33-0
Cook swings and misses at Shafiul, then connects with a lofted drive down to wide long-on and they run three. A fluent cover-driven four doubles Kieswetter's score - he holds the pose as if he's waiting to be photographed for the MCC coaching manual.

From Darren, Perth, WA, TMS inbox: "Question of the day, far more important than will KP finish this ODI series with a average higher than that I would be expecting my nan to get... Do I go for a curry with the boys for lunch or sit at my desk with a cheese sarnie and go home early? Really just don't know what to do"

6th over - Eng 26-0
Razzak is bowling slow left-arm, over the wicket, and he nearly has a rapid maiden over before Cook forces the last ball for a single to short fine leg. The miserly Razzak has figures of 2-0-2-0.

Athar Ali Khan
Former Bangladesh all-rounder Athar Ali Khan on TMS: "We know Kieswetter is an explosive player who can hit boundaries, but he's shown a different side of his nature today, which is a good sign"

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Richmond Bengal Rangers in Dhaka, via text: "At the BAT ground, the annual British Business Group 6 a side tournament has just got under way. Coats vs Standard Chartered the 1st match. More Bangladesh vs England rivalries to play out. Sorry, no cake today - Simon, Adam and co will have to wait till the Test match"

5th over - Eng 25-0
Shafiul strays down the leg side - that's not only meat and drink, but also port and walnuts to Cook, so strong off his legs, and he helps it down to fine leg for four. He pushes a two through the covers, then delicately caresses a single off his legs. This man is an artist.

From Dan in Birmingham, TMS inbox: "Hi Mark. Looking forward to spending the rest of the night listening to England scrape past an average opposition, instead of doing my dissertation. Oh the joys of being a student"

4th over - Eng 18-0
TMS summariser Athar Ali Khan is pleased to see the early introduction of spin as slow left-armer Abdur Razzak enters the attack - although there's not much turn at this stage. Cook steers a single, Kieswetter survives an lbw shout from one that looked like it was going down leg, although Hawk-Eye suggests it would have grazed leg stump. And after a few dodgy decisions in the last ODI, I'd say it's always worth an appeal to Umpire Tucker...

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Karl from Barrow-in-Furness, via text: "I tried getting my girlfriend up for the game, not even a murmur from her. Never mind, kettle is on for first of many"

3rd over - Eng 17-0
Shafiul gets a bit of bounce against Cook, who may be smarting a bit after he was hit quite high up on the inner thigh (if you get my drift) in the last over. The skipper guides a careful single to mid-wicket, where he finds one of the two boundary fielders permitted in this powerplay. Kieswetter prods forward, keeper Mushfiqur Rahim appeals for a catch behind... but it's not out. The Somerset man gets off the mark when he jams his bat down to steer a four to third man.

From Allan Clayton, Paris, TMS inbox: "Morning Mark, standing with broom ready to swat (Eoin Morgan-like) at the pesky ants who have invaded my flat. Vive l'Angleterre!"

2nd over - Eng 12-0
The slingy Rubel Hossain drops one short to Cook, who belts it through mid-wicket for four, then fires five wides down the leg side. Cook knocks a single, and young Mr Kieswetter is a little cautious so far, as well he might be.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Danny in Worthing, via text: "This must be a first, an England side with 11 batsmen"

Lest we forget, even "Plunkers" has an ODI half century (against Pakistan in Lahore in 2005, only his second appearance).

1st over - Eng 2-0
Shafiul Islam begins proceedings with a wide, Captain Cook steers a single past point and Kieswetter lets the last couple of deliveries go through.

0258: Alastair Cook and Craig Kieswetter stride out to open the innings for England - the latter probably under some slight pressure?

From 'Alan Titchmarsh', TMS inbox: "TMS and rain music should get me to sleep, unless Kieswetter causes a storm"

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Paul from Carshalton, via text: "Why on earth have I just woken up at quarter to three to follow a cricket match that is a dead rubber? And why do we say dead rubber?"

0254: And on a dark night like this, I need your help more than ever before - 606 will be open for business at 0900 GMT, but before then we want you to get involved on the e-mails (to with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line) and texts (to 81111 in the UK, +44 7786200666 worldwide). I'd particularly like to hear from any Bangladesh fans following the game here - we've not heard too much from you in the series so far.

0250: Here are the full teams:

Bangladesh: Tamim Iqbal, Imrul Kayes, Aftab Ahmed, Shakib Al Hasan (capt), Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Mahmudullah, Naeem Islam, Suhrawadi Shuvo, Abdur Razzak, Shafiul Islam, Rubel Hossain.

England: Alastair Cook (capt), Craig Kieswetter, Kevin Pietersen, Paul Collingwood, Eoin Morgan, Matt Prior (wk), Luke Wright, Ajmal Shahzad, Tim Bresnan, Graeme Swann, Liam Plunkett.

One change in the umpires from the last ODI - Aussie Rod Tucker is joined by former Bangladesh Test player Enamul Haque, while here in London I have the infamous Oliver Brett back in the co-pilot's seat on match-report duties.

0246: TMS are on air - have a listen.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Karlo and Si, via text: "Sat bored in work til 6am in the shadow of Old Trafford, we are glad of this match to pass the next 3 hours until home time. Come on England!"

0240: Toss news - Bangladesh have won the toss and have invited England to bat. The Tigers are unchanged, but England have brought in both Shahzad and Plunkett (for his first competitive England game since July 2007) at the expense of the injured Broad and the omitted James Tredwell, who is dropped after just one ODI. So just the one spinner for England... Bangladesh keep faith with their five.

0233: If you didn't hear yesterday (as presumably you were catching up on your sleep in order to join us for this ODI), England's seam bowling resources are being stretched rather thinly - Ryan Sidebottom, already ruled out of the rest of the ODIs with a thigh injury, will miss the Test series and is flying home. He'll be replaced by Tim Bresnan who is currently in the ODI squad, while Steven Finn is also being added to the Test squad as cover for Graham Onions and Stuart Broad, who both have back problems. Those back problems have already ruled Broad out of today's game - so you can expect to see an ODI debut for Ajmal Shahzad, and/or a recall for Liam Plunkett.

0225: Morning, everyone. It may be the middle of the night here, but if you're awake anywhere in the world then you're very welcome to join us for the third and final one-day international in Chittagong, where England will aim to make it a clean 3-0 sweep against Bangladesh. Baseball fans often take large brooms along to the last match of a three-game series if their side is on the verge of such a "sweep" - but I'm sure the ICC would frown on such behaviour.

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Live Scores - Bangladesh v England


  • England beat Bangladesh by 45 runs
  • Bangladesh: 239-9 (50.0 overs)
  • England: 284-5 (50.0 overs)

Bangladesh Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 9 239
Iqbal c Bresnan b Shahzad 0
Kayes c Prior b Bresnan 17
Aftab Ahmed run out 46
Mushfiqur Rahim c Bresnan b Swann 40
Al Hasan lbw b Pietersen 38
Mahmudullah c Cook b Bresnan 33
Naeem c L Wright b Swann 18
Shuvo c Shahzad b Bresnan 11
Razzak not out 17
Shafiul c Prior b Bresnan 0
Hossain not out 2
Extras 14w 3lb 17

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