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England v Australia 6th ODI as it happened

Sixth one-day international, Trent Bridge:


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By Mark Mitchener

2150: TMS are going off air - reaction will be on BBC Radio 5 live and the BBC Sport website later. I wish I could try to "look for the positives" like Peter Moores always did, but when your top scorer is Tim Bresnan with 31 not out, and a kid playing only his seventh ODI has shown you how to score a hundred by playing proper cricket shots and pacing your innings, I'm really going to struggle to come up with anything.

Try to enjoy the rest of the week... Ben Dirs will be in the live text chair on Sunday to be your guide to either a whitewash, or one of those consolation victories which is pretty much no consolation at all. Take care, and make sure you join Ben on Sunday.

From Kev, Swalwell, TMS inbox: "Is it the red shirts that are the cause of all our woes? Bring back the blue, that's what I say"

Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan on TMS: "The confidence of the team looks low - Andrew Strauss and Andy Flower have really got to work on that. They'll bring Paul Collingwood back in for the last game, possibly for Owais Shah or Ravi Bopara - but if they bring him in as an extra batsman, Colly would have to bowl his full 10 overs"


Wicket falls
41st over - WICKET - Anderson b Lee 1 - Eng 185 all out
Bresnan heaves Lee to mid-wicket for a single, Anderson is off the mark with a single through gully. Bresnan steers one through mid-wicket, sets off for a second, Anderson sends him back, surely he'll be run out... but Lee fumbles the throw in from the boundary! However, the blond from Woolongong has the last laugh as he bowls Anderson with the last ball of the over. Dismal, that's the only word for it.

From Paul, Felixstowe, TMS inbox: "Hey, Joel [39th over], don't diss Bangladesh! Remember, they thrashed the Windies Volunteers XI!"

40th over - Eng 182-9
Yet again, Jimmy Anderson gets to bat in a powerplay. If you want to know why England take their powerplays with tail-end batsmen at the crease, you can try writing to the ECB as I sure don't know. Anderson sees off the rest of the over from Siddle - a wicket maiden. In a powerplay.

Wicket falls
39.2 overs - WICKET - Sidebottom b Siddle 15 - Eng 182-9
Sidey swishes at a Siddle bouncer, Paine tries another of his rather optimistic appeals for a catch behind (well, it worked for Strauss). But Sid removes Sid with the next ball as the wild-haired Notts swinger's cameo is ended.

From Herbie, TMS inbox: "Philip in Helsinki [33rd over] has a point. If at the start of the summer we'd had the choice of 'win the Ashes and lose the one-dayers 7-0' or 'lose the Ashes and win the one-dayers 7-0' I think we'd have all settled for what we've got. Doesn't mean we shouldn't overlook the weaknesses in this team though"

39th over - Eng 182-8
Sidebottom may regret taking that single as Brett Lee returns. A wristy flick off his legs brings him two. Then, an unbelievable ball - Sidey tries to dribble a slower ball to third man, but Paine retrieves it and tries to shy at the stumps as Bresnan pushes through for the single. But the throw is wide, Lee retrieves the ball and optimistically tries to run Sidey out at the bowler's end - but his throw is even wider and wilder, and sails to the long-on boundary! So Sidey has scored a five! Bresnan gets off strike with a single, Sidy is hit on the body but trots through for a leg bye. Bresnan jabs another, then Sidey is fluent off his legs again and another single takes him to 15. Bres has 29. And 11 off the over is up with the run-rate, if anyone's still bothered.

Text in your views on 81111
From Joel, Leeds (trying to sell his tickets for the Durham ODI), via text on 81111: "Can England use the Under-13s 200-run handicap when playing everyone other than Bangladesh?"

38th over - Eng 171-8
Lordy Lordy, England have remembered to take their batting powerplay! Never mind that they're eight wickets down and the required run rate is over 10, it's the thought that counts. Sidey straight-drives for a single, a misfield should allow them a second but Bresnan has over-run so far at the wicketkeeper's end and isn't looking. Sidey has the remainder of the crowd on their feet with a four through the covers, and he nicks the strike for good measure.

37th over - Eng 164-8
Bresnan tickles a two to third man as Bracken begins his last over. A slower ball is worked to third man for a single, Sidey keeps the strike by getting off the mark with a single, and Bracken finishes with 2-42.

From Dan, TMS inbox: "A much more nail-biting contest is going on inside Andrew Strauss's head right now. In the post-match press conference, should he blame the batsmen, the bowlers, or the fielders, or just promise to improve in 'certain areas' and come back fighting in Durham?"

36th over - Eng 160-8
Bresnan biffs the recalled Siddle for a single, Sidey shoulders arms to two consecutive deliveries! "He's playing for the red ink!" says Jim Maxwell on TMS. "When I was captain of the Test team, he always said he should be in the top six," adds a chuckling Michael Vaughan. Just that one run from the over.

Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan on TMS: "Forget the victory, one thing I want to see on Sunday is Mascarenhas with a name and number on his shirt. Come on, get him the shirt!"

35th over - Eng 159-8
Surely not even the most ardent Notts fan (among those who haven't left yet) can think local boy Ryan Sidebottom can save England from here. He defends his first ball from Bracken, who has 2-38.

Wicket falls
34.5 overs - WICKET - Swann b Bracken 12 - Eng 159-8
Lee off, Bracken returns for his ninth over. Required rate is 8.87. Swann guides a single to deep cover, Bresnan pushes another, Swann hits in the air... but safely and they run two. But then Swann's deceived by Bracken's change of pace and is cleaned up having a big swing, visibly cursing as he walks off. "Don't look back in anger", blurts a song over the PA system.

From Keith Jackson, TMS inbox: "This is has gone past embarrassing, just laughable - no doubt everyone will have a dig at Ravi but who else is stepping up to the plate? Denly and Mascarenhas were supposed to be our batting saviours according to all south of the Thames! Prior's supposedly the best batting wicketkeeper! Shah is just a rabbit not just caught in headlights but flat at the side of the road! No Flintoff, no fight, no clue!"

34th over - Eng 155-7
We can see you sneaking out - the crowds are streaming out of the stands at Trent Bridge now, perhaps some of them need to catch that last train Aggers mentioned earlier. Swann takes his life in his hands by pushing a quick single to Ponting at cover - has he not been watching this game? Punter's throw is only just wide of the stumps - had it hit, Bresnan wouldn't have even been in the picture, and the Aussie captain would have had his third run-out. Bresnan whacks Hopes for another four through the covers.

From Keith G, TMS inbox: "The sad truth is that this England one-day team - with the honourable exception of Strauss - is simply mediocre - sloppy batting, sloppy bowling, sloppy fielding, no concentration, no determination. And the Test team was really only marginally better than an average Australian team - without Lee. Where is the grit?"

2105: Just a quick note during the drinks break - technical team have told me to pass on the message that the video scorecard has gone down and is unlikely to recover before the end of the game. But keep it open and you can still hear the TMS commentary. Thanks for listening.

From Philip Mason, Helsinki, TMS inbox: "England CAN play cricket. They are just playing against a superior team. Can't you whingers grasp that?"

33rd over - Eng 150-7
Bresnan uppercuts Lee through third man for four, is then hit on the pad and they trot through for a leg bye. Trott, now there's an idea for the selectors... Swann fences at a no-ball, then cracks the "free hit" ball for four through the covers. A single, and that's 11 from the over for England - but the required rate is still over eight and a half. "Gentle Ben" Hilfenhaus brings on some drinks for the Aussies.

From Paul, TMS inbox: "Can we change the England target at the top of the page to something more realistic like '150' or 'remembering which end of the bat to hold'?"

32nd over - Eng 139-7
Bresnan turns Hopes, who already has three wickets, for a single. Swann rotates the strike with a leg bye, he and Bresnan are pushing the ones well but "elegant singles won't be enough for England", notes CMJ on TMS. Don't forget the powerplay, guys - or will they wait until Jimmy Anderson's in again?

From Robert Taylor, TMS inbox: "I can't take any more - I think I will watch my Ashes 2005 DVD again. England must take Bell and Trott to South Africa for the ICC Champions Trophy, else it will be like sailor Tracey Edwards embarking on overseas adventure - back home in record time!"

31st over - Eng 134-7
As if England aren't struggling enough, Brett Lee returns to the attack, and he's got six overs left up his sleeve... Swann digs him out for a single, Bresnan powers a full toss towards mid-off but White's throw nearly runs out non-striker Swann. Bresnan cuts, but it's cut off by Peter Siddle in front of the third man boundary. Bit dark, that corner of Trent Bridge. Bresnan then beautifully cover-drives Lee for four, but it'll be too little, too late.

From Jason, a proud 'Redcoat' in Boston, Massachusetts, TMS inbox: "As in your video scorecard picture, next wicket down... can we please send out just a bat and a helmet? PS I used to live in Houston and liked watching the Astros, although like England, they have an uncanny capacity to get whitewashed (2005 World Series)"

30th over - Eng 126-7
New batsman Graeme Swann dabs his first ball for a single.

Wicket falls
29.4 overs - WICKET - Mascarenhas b Hopes 11 - Eng 125-7
Some of the good folk of Trent Bridge are heading for the exits as Bresnan dabs a single, then Mascarenhas is bowled around his legs off the underside off his thigh pad. "That's one of the most unlucky dismissals I've ever seen - it happened to Graham Gooch in his last first-class innings", notes TMS summariser Stuart Law.

From John, fed up in Shrewsbury, TMS inbox: "I've had enough listening to the demise of this bunch of losers, I'm going to watch some mindless TV instead"

29th over - Eng 124-6
Bresnan fumbles a single to long leg, then Mascarenhas eyes up Hauritz and blasts him over mid-wicket for six! Don't forget you've still got a powerplay up your sleeve, Dimi... He's rather cautious against the rest of the over.

28th over - Eng 117-6
New batsman is Tim Bresnan, elevated above Graeme Swann, and he's off the mark with a three through the covers.

Private "We're doomed" Frazer from Dad's Army, as played by John Laurie
TMS commentator Christopher Martin-Jenkins goes all Private Frazer: "England are doomed here, barring something miraculous"

Wicket falls
27.2 overs - WICKET - Shah c Watson b Hopes 23 - Eng 114-6
Shah tries to hit out against Hopes, and gives an easy catch to mid-off. Oh dear.

27th over - Eng 114-5
Hauritz strays with a no-ball (unforgivable for a spinner in some people's eyes) which Mascarenhas steers for one. So, Shah to face the "free hit" ball - but he can only manage a single. Paine then thinks he has Dimi caught behind with one that squeezes through, but stifles his appeal. The Hampshire skipper - with neither a number nor a name on his shirt or jumper - clubs another single. Shah carves a single to long leg - the Duckworth-Lewis par score makes sorry ready. It's 179.

From Don, Houston, Texas (who wouldn't want to watch the Astros play rounders, even for money), TMS inbox: "If Fred is rejecting his new England contract in order to become the best one-day player in the world, based on the performances in this series you'd have to see his point. What would he learn from this rubbish?!"

You won't earn any favours from me by "dissing" the Astros, Don... even if they make England look consistent at times!

26th over - Eng 109-5
Shah pushes Bracken for a comfortable single - a display on the Trent Bridge scoreboard informs Aggers that the last direct train to London tonight is 2128 (it might be all over by then), while you can stay out most of the night if you're heading back to Derby as the last train goes at 0153. Apparently. Bracken keeps it tight against Dimi, who can't get him away until the last ball when he pushes a single through mid-off.

25th over - Eng 107-5
Hauritz pings in a legside wide which Shah and keeper Paine both miss, and it shoots straight to the boundary. A single takes the Middlesex man to 20, and for Mascarenhas, Ponting brings himself in at silly point - wearing a helmet, after he was smashed in the face by Stuart Broad while fielding there in the Oval Test. The crowd get impatient as Mascarenhas defends the last ball.

From Ken, TMS inbox: "If it IS about money - then Bopara owes ME!"

24th over - Eng 101-5
Suddenly, the flaxen-haired Bracken is all smiles as Shah straight-drives a single to bring new batsman Dimitri Mascarenhas on strike... he plays and misses at his first ball outside off stump.

From Michael Sellers, Malmo, TMS inbox: "Well, Capello [see 19th over] would at least study the game, have a plan and concentrate. He'd probably edge a few but that would make him a good contender for the three spot wouldn't it? Capello for England it is"

Wicket falls
23.2 overs - WICKET - Morgan c Hussey b Bracken 23 - Eng 100-5
Some good running brings Morgan two to third man to bring up three figures for England, but then he attempts another big heave over the top and it's straight down the throat of the cover sweeper.

From Tirthankar Dubey, TMS inbox: "Is there anything in the ICC rulebook regarding relegating a country to associate membership when they continuously demonstrate their inability to play cricket?"

23rd over - Eng 98-4
The Trent Bridge crowd still seem in good voice as after a single from Morgan, Shah powerfully drives Hauritz through extra cover for four - albeit on one knee. He then attempts the same shot but misses, Paine whips the bails off and appeals for a stumping but Shah's back foot was grounded in time.

22nd over - Eng 93-4
Morgan and Shah have added 28 together before this over - they keep pushing the singles against Bracken as the left-arm seamer tries to vary his pace.

21st over - Eng 88-4
Morgan reverse-sweeps-and-misses against Hauritz, whose lbw appeal is turned down. Hauritz then raises his eyes to the heavens as Morgan gets a fortunate edge past White at slip for four. Finally the Irishman connects with his favoured reverse sweep and it sails away for four, before he adds a cheeky single.

Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan on TMS: "I've been lucky enough to play the Dunhill Links at St Andrews for the last five years, and I've never managed to put my ball in play off the 17th tee. I've hit the hotel three times, and the roof of a pub twice"

20th over - Eng 78-4
Bracken bowls round the wicket to the right-handed Shah, who forces a single off his legs and might get a warning from the umps if he persists in running straight down the middle of the pitch. He and Morgan add four more singles.

From Martin MJS, TMS inbox: "I am so, so disappointed. No pride at all in playing for England. It IS about money!"

19th over - Eng 73-4
Australia turn to the spin of Nathan Hauritz - Shah guides a two through the covers, then sweeps for a single. Morgan reaches six with a single, Shah nicks the strike to take his score to nine.

From Tony, TMS inbox: "Does anyone know if Fabio Capello can bat or bowl?"

18th over - Eng 68-4
After an exchange of singles, Bracken finds Morgan's outside edge, but it runs safely to third man. Shah drives into the covers, but straight to Ponting, who spits on his hands in his usual manner. Shah guides one off his legs, but it's still pretty pedestrian as the required run rate soars above seven.

17th over - Eng 64-4
Hopes continues from the Pavilion End, Morgan and Shah milk him for three singles as England are becalmed.

From Darren, TMS inbox: "Well I've given up on England's one-day cricket. They just simply cannot build a total, whether chasing or setting they are incapable, as a team, of building an innings"

16th over - Eng 61-4
It looks like England have taken Geoff Boycott's "add two wickets to the score" maxim to heart. While TMS summariser Michael Vaughan confesses to having seen a coach in a bid to improve his golfing form now he's retired from cricket (and plans to take on the aforementioned Boycott in South Africa this winter, in between TMS duties), Bracken keeps it tight against Morgan, who's off the mark with a single.

15th over - Eng 60-4
Shah has recently earned a reputation as a run-out merchant, but that was Bopara's call. He played forward and hesitated - but it was his call. And he who hesitates is lunch. Eoin Morgan is the new batsman, and England will be toast unless these two can conjure up something magical.

Wicket falls
14.5 overs - WICKET - Bopara run out (Ponting direct hit) 24 - Eng 60-4
CMJ is joined by Michael Vaughan on TMS, but they're still in awe of that Ponting run-out - comparing it to Roger Harper's run-out of Graham Gooch in the MCC Bicentenary match in 1987. Owais Shah is the new batsman, he's off the mark with a single off his legs. Then, there's another mix-up, it's Ponting again with another direct hit and Bopara is run out!

Wicket falls
14th over - WICKET - Prior run out (Ponting direct hit) 6 - Eng 59-3
Bracken replaces Siddle - Prior takes a single to double his score, while CMJ on TMS says the Alice-band-wearing Bracken has "an Alice in Wonderland hairstyle". England have been guilty of Alice in Wonderland batting in recent games - trying to play three impossible shots before breakfast. But Bopara adds another single, before asking Umpire Llong to trim something off his bat with a pair of nail-scissors. Prior gets a thick inside edge for four to long leg - which Alec Stewart ascribes to the modern heavy bats which hit the ball a lot further than before. Bracken adjusts his hair again, but strays down the leg side with a wide, and they run one. Bopara pushes into the covers, they turn down a single but Ponting is like greased lightning, throwing down the stumps at the bowler's end in what seems like microseconds. CMJ and Alec Stewart say that's one of the best bits of fielding they've ever seen - and I agree. Astonishing - but Prior's out.

13th over - Eng 51-2
A single takes Bopara to 21, Prior hooks and misses against Hopes before trying to emulate Pietersen by running a risky single to get off the mark. Ponting's throw only just misses the stumps at the striker's end, the diving Bopara may have been in trouble. But he brushes himself down in time to carve a two through extra cover to bring up England's fifty.

12th over - Eng 47-2
A Bopara single brings Prior on strike against Siddle, he's been up and down the order in ODIs but now having to fill Kevin Pietersen's shoes at number four. And thanks to Chris Smith (surely not THE Chris Smith of ex-Hampshire fame?), who points out my error from the 9th over - it was Hopes who was hit for six by Denly, not Lee. Mea culpa - manual refresh the page and it'll magically correct.

11th over - Eng 46-2
After an animated chat with new batsman Matt Prior, Bopara runs the last ball to third man to keep the strike.

Wicket falls
10.5 overs - WICKET - Denly c Lee b Hopes 25 - Eng 45-2
Australia take the fielding powerplay immediately, as tradition dictates. Bopara steers Hopes for one, and the England pair both take singles to third man - but Denly then holes out as he aims for another six, but skies it to the tumbling Lee at deep mid-off. Not a commentator's curse, but a 606er's curse (see below).

Get involved on 606
From TeleKemis on 606: "I know it seems early to say but Denly really is looking like the real deal. Composed and not afraid to play his shots early on, like the powerplays are there for. I hope he goes to South Africa as a back-up opener, maybe it will jolt Cook into some better form"

10th over - Eng 42-1
Bopara off-drives for a single, he's only had about half the amount of the strike that Denly has had - mind you, when you hit sixes, you can afford the odd dot ball. The Kent'n'Essex combo manage another single each, but another tidy over from Siddle and that's it for the first powerplay.

From Adam Pearce, TMS inbox: "Working in Germany and following the match on TMS, my German girlfriend is sitting on the couch with me listening, thinking she had grasped the English language she is now doubting herself not having understood a single sentence in the last half an hour. 'On driving past mid on... driven on the rise, etc'. I have stopped trying to explain"

9th over - Eng 39-1
Glorious from Denly, stepping down the track and launching new bowler Hopes over long-on for six! Tom (see below), in my defence, it was a commentator on TMS that said this game was "just for money", not me...

Text in your views on 81111
From Tom, via text on 81111: "I am watching a full house at Trent Bridge. Stop saying it's just for money. It's for the fans. I don't often get the chance to watch an evening's cricket. I want to see it. If they weren't playing it would be Eastenders."

8th over - Eng 33-1
Bopara pushes Siddle through mid-wicket, James Hopes gives chase and a sliding stop turns four into three. Denly plays and misses, before a thick edge brings him a single to third man.

7th over - Eng 29-1
Denly's technique remains orthodox against Lee, blocking the yorkers before whipping another four off his legs to take his score to 16 - but that's the only scoring stroke from the over.

From Bob, TMS inbox: "To make me feel old, I used to play against Joe Denly's dad. He was rather good too"

6th over - Eng 25-1
Bopara pushes Siddle through the covers for a single, Denly tips-and-runs another. Siddle's accuracy earns him a pat on the back from two team-mates as the Aussies rush round between overs.

5th over - Eng 23-1
Denly is cautious against Lee before powerfully pulling him for four through mid-wicket.

Get involved on 606
From The Queen Is A Hammer (Jimbo) on 606: "I don't know what I am more upset about, Strauss getting out or Bopara coming in"

4th over - Eng 19-1
Bracken is hauled off after just one over and it's time for Peter Siddle, who was so effective in the Ashes. Tim Paine whips his yellow wicketkeeping pads off and back on, having discovered an obstruction of sorts, and Bopara jabs another single. Denly guides one through the covers, Bopara rides his luck with an inside edge past the stumps - Paine gets a hand to it but they run two.

3rd over - Eng 15-1
Denly digs out a single against Lee, who still has two slips in and is right on the money at 93mph. Bopara bunts a single into the off side to keep the strike.

From Brian Ladd, TMS inbox: "Re: which way the umpire is facing, I think the laws of cricket state that the signal an umpire should give is to raise the index finger of his right hand. The law-abiding BBC Governors would surely not allow an error on such a basic point, even if some senior umpires seem not to know the rules!"

2nd over - Eng 13-1
Nathan Bracken (and his hairband) take the second over, which begins with a wide to Denly. The Kent man (born in Canterbury, east of the Medway, technically he's a Man of Kent rather than a Kentish Man) opens his account with a lofted straight drive for four and a single to mid-on.

From Disgusted of Powys, TMS inbox: "In 30 years of watching televised cricket I have never seen a worse umpiring decision. Strauss was given out on the strengths of Lee's appeal alone. It wasn't even close"

1st over - Eng 7-1
Lee's first ball to Ravi Bopara is a no-ball, and Bopara confidently punishes the free-hit ball by spanking it to cow corner for four! The Essex man then steers the last ball of the over for two through extra cover. An eventful first over.

Out for a duck
0.2 overs - WICKET - Strauss c Paine c Lee 0 - Eng 0-1
Brett Lee serves notice of his intentions with a first-ball 92.8mph yorker to Strauss, followed by a menacing glare. The second ball is a lifter, Australia think it's brushed his glove and appeal for a catch behind - and it's given out by Umpire Rauf! Even the normally even-tempered CMJ on TMS thinks Rauf gave that on the reaction of the Aussie fielders... and replays show it merely brushed the England captain's shoulder. Oh, Mr Rauf.

1842: Ricky Ponting has Australia out for a pre-innings "huddle", which should at least please TMS new boy Michael Vaughan. Andrew Strauss and Joe Denly are getting ready for England.

From Don, Houston, Texas, TMS inbox: "I think that Wright and Broad have given themselves a great chance of being a part of the Champions Trophy squad, by getting injured and thus not being associated too directly with this shambles. Colly being rested has cemented his place, too"

Never mind that, Don - if you're in Houston, you may share my annoyance that the Astros have collapsed in the second half of the season, a bit like England post-Ashes...

Mike Atherton
Former England captain Mike Atherton gives his verdict on Andrew Flintoff's "freelance cricketer" plans, speaking on TMS: "Once he chooses another team, or reality TV or whatever, ahead of an England game if he's fit, I think the coach needs to move on, as it's not just about him - it's a team game and there are 10 other guys there too"

From Simon, Farnham, TMS inbox: "Re: Umpire icon. I always thought it was a silhouette of John Cleese hailing a cab outside the Ministry of Silly Walks"

From Dennis Kitchens, TMS inbox: "Re: Ex-England captains in the media. I don't think John Emburey or Chris Cowdrey have dabbled in media work. Probably still embarrassed about being England captain during ill-fated West Indies series in 1988. Mind you, Strauss' polished tone means he is a shoo-in"

1804: Right, while Aggers speaks to Athers on TMS, give the page a manual refresh and you'll see England's target appear above. I'm going to dash off quickly in search of a sandwich - apart from TMS, you may also want to check out Chris Bevan's live text from tonight's Europa League football - you'll probably find out a lot about obscure parts of Europe which you didn't know before.

Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan on TMS: "If England want to win this, someone has got to stick their hand up and get a hundred. Owais Shah has to stick his hand up soon as he's a senior player in this team"


50th over - Aus 296-8
Peter Siddle may have been sharing jokes with Sam Lyon [see 45th over] as he has a Joker-sized grin on his face - and leans across to flick his first ball over his left shoulder from outside off stump for four! The penultimate ball of the innings is worked to the square leg boundary for a well-run two. A six off the last ball would bring up 300 - but it's a yorker, which Siddle forces off his toes and they run two. Still a very big target for England to chase down.

Wicket falls
49.3 overs - WICKET - Hopes c Strauss b Sidebottom 38 - Aus 288-8
Sidey to bowl the last over, Hauritz misses the first ball but runs a bye as Prior's throw misses the stumps, then Hopes gets under one and steers a four between mid-on and mid-wicket. But Hopes' stay is ended as he chips a simple catch to Strauss at extra cover.

49th over - Aus 283-7
Hopes drives a single, Nathan Hauritz probably wasn't expecting to bat today when Paine and Hussey were in full cry, but he's off the mark with a single. Bresnan has 0-60 from nine overs.

Out for a duck
48.4 overs - WICKET - Lee run out (Anderson direct hit) 0 - Aus 281-7
The powerplay overs may be finished, but Hopes won't mind as he smashes Bresnan for another cover-driven four. A single brings Lee on strike for the first time - he's hit on the pad by a yorker but manages to scamper a leg bye. Then, Hopes straight-drives, they come back for two... and Lee is run out by an absolutely superb direct hit from Anderson at long-on. Brilliant fielding.

48th over - Aus 274-6
New batsman is Brett Lee - he's not got much time to play himself in, but he can certainly clear the ropes. They ran on the catch, so Hopes is facing Anderson's last two balls - he runs a quick single off the last, when a direct hit from Denly might have left Lee struggling. The "Burnley Express" finishes with 4-55 from 10 overs.

Wicket falls
47.4 overs - WICKET - White c Denly b Anderson 35 - Aus 273-6
Anderson to bowl his final over for the final over of the powerplay - this means Sidebottom will not be able to bowl his full allocation of overs. Hopes steers a single, White swipes a four down the leg side before aiming another lusty blow towards cow corner, where it lands just inside the boundary for a first-bounce four. He goes for another big shot... but skies it into the hands of Denly at extra cover. That's Jimmy's fourth wicket.

Text in your views on 81111
From Anonymous, via text on 81111: "Re captains not in the media - even a certain Andrew Flintoff. Commentary would possibly be like his captaincy?"

47th over - Aus 264-5
This is the over England have to be careful with - the one remaining Bresnan over. He will be pleased to restrict the Aussie pair to singles from the first four deliveries - but then White hoists him long and high for six over mid-on.

Get involved on 606
From Eirebilly on 606: "Hopes is striking the ball very well. I think that the Aussies actually now have enough runs on the board to win this match"

46th over - Aus 254-5
White nudges Anderson for a single, Hopes goes for a big mow but mistimes and they can only run one to mid-on. White clubs one to mid-off, Hopes hangs his bat out at a full toss and blasts four through extra cover - before hoisting a slow bouncer for four through mid-wicket.

From TrickyDickie, Hollywood, TMS inbox: "'Playing proper cricket strokes and not panicking' was edited out of 'The Englishman's Big Bumper Book of How to do Batting' for fear that it might not be fair to those who couldn't play proper cricket strokes or avoid panicking, i.e. English batsmen..."

The Joker
45th over - Aus 243-5
Sidey returns - after a single from Hopes, White shows his big-hitting prowess with consecutive fours. A single brings Hopes back on strike for the last ball of the over, which is an absolute peach but Hopes gets a streaky edge past the keeper for four. Meanwhile, I fear for the sanity of my colleague Sam Lyon, who's sat behind me and gearing up for tonight's live football - he's laughing hysterically like Batman's adversary The Joker. Needless to say, he's not watching this ODI. Mind you, England will need to bat like superheroes to win this one. (Or, you might say, bat like Australia).

44th over - Aus 229-5
New batsman James Hopes starts off with an attractive cover-driven four, then rocks back and powers another one through point when Anderson drops short. A single rounds off the over.

From Jonathan Gee, TMS inbox: "Re: Ex-captains in the media. As somebody who has always had a keen interest in finding a job as a journalist I recently went to see a careers advisor for some tips on how to break into the profession. She concluded that I could spend three years studying at University, take unpaid internships with broadcasters and send out a prospective CV to hundreds of network executives... or I could just play for the England cricket team"

Wicket falls
43.1 overs - WICKET - Ferguson b Anderson 6 - Aus 220-5
Australia take their batting powerplay, so Anderson returns for his eighth over - England still need to find at least one over from either Bresnan or Bopara before the end of the innings. But so much for powerplays - Ferguson is bowled by the first ball of the over as he edges the ball onto his thigh and onto the stumps!

43rd over - Aus 220-4
Dimi in for his last over, pace off the ball but White smashes a slower ball through the covers for four. A few more singles and that's it from the Hampshire skipper, whose figures are 1-49 from 10 overs.

From Kev, Newcastle, TMS inbox: "Evening Mark. Given that there's little chance we can now win this series, why don't England simply ignore the target set by the Aussies and pretend they're batting first? That way, they will be much less embarrassed at falling well short and can claim that they're trying to address the issues thrown up in the series so far."

42nd over - Aus 212-4
If you've had anything strange happen, like some updates appearing and not others, try giving your page a manual refresh. Ferguson steers the second ball of Swann's last over for a single, White runs a couple of leg byes before nudging the last ball for one and Swanny takes his sweater with figures of 1-48 from 10 overs.

Get involved on 606
From AusCricketFan on 606: "A little bit annoyed Aus haven't changed the batting line-up at this point. White, Hopes, and even Lee could be used to clear the rope as frequently as possible in 10 overs."

41st over - Aus 208-4
Australia may regret not taking the powerplay sooner as they now have two new batsmen at the crease, with Cameron White joining Ferguson at the crease. White nudges a single, then Ferguson tries to hit over mid-wicket but it falls safely and they run one.

Peter Moores
Peter Moores on TMS: "I'm really pleased for Dimi - he's bowled well and deserved that wicket. He loves the contest, and he's bowled better now he knows he's not going for express pace"

Wicket falls
40.3 overs - WICKET - Paine c Prior b Mascarenhas 111 - Aus 206-4
Tim Paine tries an unorthodox "Dilscoop" against Mascarenhas, but is hit on the shoulder as he takes his eye off the ball trying to flick the ball over the keeper. And after a marathon innings, he then tries to slog a good length ball to leg and feathers an edge to Prior, who makes a good catch. Paine departs to a standing ovation.

40th over - Aus 206-3
Well, at least England have played "Mr Cricket" back into form in time for the Champions Trophy. As the Trent Bridge floodlights come on, so does Callum Ferguson. Paine prods a single, Ferguson is off the mark with a two.

From Lee from Clapham, TMS inbox: "Is anyone else starting to wonder whether a 7-0 drubbing is the best thing that could happen to England? After 2005, the Aussies got their own back with a 5-0 Ashes thrashing. Maybe this will get the predictable retaliation out of their system and will we trounce them Down Under?"

Wicket falls
39.2 overs - WICKET - Hussey c Denly b Swann 65 - Aus 203-3
Even Peter Moores on TMS is struggling to find positives for England here as they approach the final 10 overs of the innings. But Hussey aims for the mid-wicket fence again as Swann begins his ninth over, and holes out on the boundary after a stand of 163.

From Phil McDavitt, TMS inbox: "After reading your comment 'Big Merv Hughes looks on lugubriously', I had to look up what it meant. Apparently it means 'Mournful, dismal, or gloomy, especially to an exaggerated or ludicrous degree'. I'm not sure what he has to be ludicrously mournful about at 5-0 up, or maybe he's thinking back to the crushing defeat in the Ashes!"

Merv Hughes (in his younger days)
Phil, I know what lugubrious means - but with Big Merv's prodigious moustache, sometimes he can look rather lugubrious even when Australia are doing well!

39th over - Aus 202-2
Bresnan returns and Paine takes one in the midriff as he mistimes a pull. Bres begins the over with three dot balls, before Paine jabs a single and Hussey fences at a wide one outside off stump. Suddenly, Bresnan's radar is off as he flights a wide down the leg side, out of the back of his hand. Hussey charges the last ball and pokes him for two to the cover sweeper. An over of two halves, as a football commentator might say.

38th over - Aus 197-2
Hussey smears Swann for a single, Paine miscues but still runs one to third man. Crikey, Australia still have a powerplay up their sleeves. Two more singles are added, the tourists on cruise control.

From Thomas Moffatt, Douglas, Isle of Man, TMS inbox: "Re: England captains not in the media - I think the man might be a certain Marcus Trescothick"

37th over - Aus 193-2
Hussey takes Mascarenhas on, almost going down on one knee and hoisting him over mid-wicket for six, before Paine blasts four more through mid-off to push this third-wicket stand past 150. If this was boxing, the referee would think about stopping the fight now.

From Manmeet Mangat, TMS inbox: "As an Indian following this game in Fort Worth, TX, I am wondering if the English even care about this series now that England have regained the more important Ashes"

He's reached 100
36th over - Aus 181-2
Australia vice-captain Michael Clarke, rested for today's game, trots off after taking on an unaccustomed role as drinks waiter. Swann's back in the attack, and a Hussey single brings Paine back under the microscope. But he straight-drives a single, punches the air with his bat and lifts his helmet in celebration. He's the third Tasmanian to score an ODI century after Messrs Ponting and Boon.

From Jack, Leeds, TMS inbox: "On the flip side, have any commentators gone on to captain England once their media days were over?"

35th over - Aus 177-2
Dimi and his nameless/numberless shirt return as the ball is changed - Huss straight-drives for a single. Mascarenhas keeps it tight against Paine, who eventually turns a single to fine leg to creep up to 99. Hussey nudges the last ball for one - a much tighter, and straighter, over from England. Time for a drinks break, probably not what Paine wants when he's one run short of a century.

Alec Stewart
Ex-England captain Alec Stewart on TMS: "Strauss is changing his bowlers a lot - he'll be very aware he hasn't got match-changing bowlers like Brett Lee or Mitchell Johnson"

From Pete in N Yorks, TMS inbox: "Re: Ex-skippers in the TMS box, can't wait for KP's turn!"

That's 50
34th over - Aus 174-2
Hussey lofts Sidey over mid-wicket, that's over the leaping Denly and over the fence for six! A single brings up his 22nd ODI fifty from 56 balls. Paine, on 98, plays and misses - and suddenly can't penetrate the infield. But with seven from the over, Australia are hardly in any hurry.

From Sam, London, TMS inbox: "Re: Andrew in Cardiff [18th over], we've always been under the impression it was a silhouette of Aleem Dar, given the hat and the pose, which would make him facing us in the icon seeing as he's left-handed"

So, there's now been an argument confidently put for the ump being either right-handed or left-handed. Maybe we should put it to the vote, given the increasingly predictable nature of the actual cricket here.

33rd over - Aus 167-3
England desperately need a wicket, and turn back to strike bowler James Anderson who has four overs left in his spell. Paine steers a single through the covers, Hussey tips-and-runs another. Another exchange of singles, Paine has 98... and defends the last ball.

Get involved on 606
From englandforever on 606: "The next World Cup is going to be on spin-friendly pitches, you would think it would be good idea to give Rashid the experience now. This has to be one of the worst one-day teams we have ever produced. We have no batters that score big runs. And bowlers who never look like taking a wicket. Someone needs a serious rethink on one-day cricket as its becoming an embarrassment"

32nd over - Aus 163-2
Fortune favours the bold Paine as he flicks Sidey in the air off his legs, but it falls safely between the two deep fielders for four. It looks like he's heading for another four through backward point before Joe Denly makes a very good stop on the boundary. A leg bye brings Hussey on strike, he on-drives to reach 41. Paine reaches 96 with another effortless leg-glance. Australia are firmly in charge - and England's batsmen should note, they've reached this stage by playing proper cricket strokes and not panicking.

From Adam, TMS inbox: "Re Andrew in Cardiff [18th over], I've always believed the umpire in the icon has a pose which is a spit double of Simon Taufel, therefore the answer must be he has his back to us as he is right-handed"

31st over - Aus 154-2
Paine's 12th four (again through his favoured point region) takes him to 88, but Bopara briefly stems the flow of runs as Hussey has to dig out a yorker.

From Botters, TMS inbox: "No, Tim Paine has nothing wrong with the toe of his bat [see 22nd over]. As Englishmen we've just never seen it used to hit the ball effortlessly to the boundary time and time again. I understand it's quite common on the subcontinent"

30th over - Aus 149-2
It's another change in the bowling as Sidebottom returns in place of Notts team-mate Swann. He's now bowling round the wicket to the right-handed Paine, who eventually keeps the scoreboard ticking with a single off his legs. But that's just one run from a much tighter over for England.

From Tom in London, TMS inbox: "Re: England captains in the media. What's Alec Stewart up to these days?"

He's on TMS today, Tom!

29th over - Aus 148-2
Bresnan is off after six wicketless overs and Cap'n Strauss turns to Ravi Bopara's medium pace. Hussey dabs his first ball for a single, Paine does likewise and Hussey executes a wonderfully-timed nibble outside off stump which goes for two to third man.

From Andy, Farnborough, TMS inbox: "In amongst all this doom and gloom surrounding the (in)ability of the England one-day side, let's not forget that Kent have just won Division Two of the County Championship - huzzah!"

28th over - Aus 142-2
Paine turns Swann for a single through mid-wicket - after rattling some more singles, Hussey shows he doesn't want to be outdone by Paine by unleashing a reverse-swept four of his own, and England are desperate for some inspiration here.

Get involved on 606
From StandfreeFM on 606: "We're into the doldrums now, I don't doubt Paine will get his century. Be nice if one of ours managed a ton in this series, probably the single biggest factor to the 5-0 scoreline"

27th over - Aus 134-2
Paine and Hussey exchange singles before a slowish bouncer from Bresnan is signalled as a legside wide. Paine then advances down the pitch to another bouncer and confidently pulls it for four, then blasts two through extra cover before a single ensures he retains the strike - he has 80.

26th over - Aus 123-2
Swann strays with a wide to Hussey, then drops one short which the left-hander thumps through mid-wicket for four. Paine reverse-sweeps again, and accidentally-on-purpose runs in the way of the ball as he scampers a quick single. Aggers reveals that he will be speaking to ex-England captain Mike Atherton at the interval on TMS.

From Sarah, Bucks, TMS inbox: "Please don't use the wicket icon when one hasn't actually fallen. It's very misleading"

25th over - Aus 117-2
Big Merv Hughes looks on lugubriously from the Aussie balcony as Paine and Hussey keep rotating the strike against Bresnan. Aggers has spotted an enormously-bearded Santa in the ground supping a pint - I suppose he won't be getting on the sleigh until 24 December so won't have any worries about drink-driving. Paine straight-drives for two, and according to one observer in this office, is already looking every inch Australia's future Ashes keeper.

24th over - Aus 113-2
You get the feeling Australia have stepped up a gear as Paine and Hussey begin to take singles at will against Swann. Hussey nearly chops one onto his stumps, but Ponting's dismissal suddenly seems a long time ago for England as "Mr Cricket" plays himself back into form.

Get involved on 606
From eirebilly on 606: "What do we all think is a reasonable target for the Aussies to set here? I feel 260 would be a very good target"

23rd over - Aus 109-2
Hussey and Paine continue to milk Bresnan for singles, before Paine clubs the Yorkshire seamer for four between backward point and third man.

From Gina in Gloucestershire, TMS inbox: "Mark, the recruitment of MV for TMS is great news, but also got me wondering - who was the last England captain NOT to do the old media/commentary thing post retirement. Athers, Nasser, Gower, Beefy, Bob Willis, Gatt etc have all moved into the media. Am I right the answer may be Mike Brearley?"

Brearley writes a column for The Observer. Last summer, he once noted in his column that I had referred to Michael Vaughan as "The Tinkerman" for his frequent field changes in a previous text commentary. Not sure what the answer is - even going back to the 70s, Tony Greig is still on Channel 9 in Australia, while Ray Illingworth spent plenty of time on TV before his spell as England coach/chairman of selectors.

22nd over - Aus 102-2
Swann replaces Dimi at the Pavilion End. Prior has an appeal for a stumping against Paine turned down by third umpire Richard Kettleborough - then after Paine takes a single, Hussey effortlessly sweeps to bring up three figures for the tourists. A single ensures he keeps the strike, although Paine seems to have something wrong with the toe of his bat.

21st over - Aus 96-2
Hussey and Paine keep pushing the singles against Bresnan, who's been recalled in place of Swann at the Paula Radcliffe Road End. Hussey gets an edge... but it sails safely to third man for a streaky two.

20th over - Aus 92-2
Hussey taps Dimi for a quick single to short third man, a direct hit would have had Paine in trouble but the throw is wide to the keeper's left. Paine rotates the strike, Hussey finds the gap between Morgan and Bopara for a single of his own. Then, Paine miscues one towards the extra cover boundary - it bounces in front of Joe Denly but then he pushes it over his head trying to gather the ball on the bounce and the Aussies run two.

19th over - Aus 87-2
Cap'n Strauss has six men up in the ring for Hussey, but he nudges Swann for a single to the dawdling Sidey at short fine leg. Two singles bring up the number traditionally associated with bad luck for Aussies - 87.

From Scott, Surbiton, TMS inbox: "I wouldn't be too ashamed about slipping into negativity. I have gone one better and decided full on that the one day international is pointless form of the game. The only worry is that all of the England players seem to agree with me"

18th over - Aus 84-2
Mascarenhas resumes proceedings from the Pavilion End against the tentative Hussey - another Bopara dive at cover restricts "Mr Cricket" to a single. Dimi keeps it tight against Paine, just one run from the over and the Hampshire skipper has 0-19 from five overs.

Michael Vaughan
Former England captain Michael Vaughan (a man who should know all about knee injuries) on TMS: "If there's any doubt over whether Stuart Broad's knee injury is long-term, he shouldn't play in the Champions Trophy as that Test series against South Africa is very important"

Wicket falls
From Andrew, Cardiff, TMS inbox: "Mark, is the umpire in the 'out' icon facing the camera or away from it? We in the office are trying to work out his 'handedness'."

Not sure. As the finger's not crooked, it won't be Billy Bowden.

17th over - Aus 83-2
Bresnan is removed from the attack after those two fours in his last over and Graeme Swann joins the action with his right-arm off-spin. His first ball spins sharply into Paine's pads, the fielders all appeal as it hits him on the knee-roll but they run through for two leg byes. "I like Swann in this team, he's got plenty of character, like Darren Gough," notes Michael Vaughan on TMS. Hussey drives a single through the covers, then Paine calculatedly reverse-sweeps Swann for four. Time for a drinks break.

That's 50
16th over - Aus 75-2
With the powerplay over and the field back, Hussey jabs Dimi for a single - would have been four if not for Ravi Bopara thrusting his body in the way at short cover to take the pace off the ball. Paine goes aerial against Mascarenhas, launching him back over his head for six, nearly causing a group of cameramen to take evasive action. A single brings up his second ODI fifty off only 63 balls.

From Carl Evans, TMS inbox: "Re: Tom, Leamington Spa [9th over]. I have a better idea, if you just want to save time. The opposition captain picks a random number between 250 and 320, then the England captain picks a number between 180 and 149"

15th over - Aus 67-2
Paine steers Bresnan to the cover point boundary, before flicking a four down to fine leg as Bresnan strays with his line. The young Aussie stumper looking in great nick so far.

Get involved on 606
From Koyomi on 606: "Paine and Hussey need to steady the ship. the early wickets will give England confidence and they'll be looking to really shake Australia"

14th over - Aus 59-2
Hussey is finally off the mark by pushing Mascarenhas for two, then he looks for more with an off-drive but the excellent Jimmy Anderson runs and picks up well to restrict him to a single. Paine drives to mid-on, some more Anderson tumbling keeps him to one.

13th over - Aus 55-2
Anderson takes a rest after six over, and Tim Bresnan lumbers in - with the slip taken out, his first ball sees Paine get a lucky edge past the keeper for four - which spoils a tidy first over from the burly Yorkshire seamer.

From Steve, TMS inbox: "Never mind Trotters or Belly, in the last couple of weeks I've witnessed Alastair 'I've been working on my technique' Cook hit two Pro40 centuries for Essex - playing proper cricket strokes. Has no one else noticed that?"

12th over - Aus 51-2
Some comedy fielding from Strauss - who urged England to improve their fielding after their display the other day. He fails to gather the ball at mid-off, tumbling over the ball, then has enough time to pick himself up and chase it to the boundary... where his despairing dive just fails to stop the four. Paine hits the next ball straight to the England skipper, but lightning doesn't strike twice. Paine tucks a single off his legs to take his score to 30, but Hussey, short of runs all summer, is yet to score and tentatively prods forward, inside-edging onto his pads... but Prior, standing up, can't quite leap forward to claim what would have been a straightforward bat-pad catch.

From Dan Partridge, Farnborough, TMS inbox: "Maybe a huge ovation for Ponting is the answer for England... let him get a bit carried away in a wave of adulation then get him out cheaply!"

11th over - Aus 46-2
England keep the pressure on by enforcing the fielding powerplay, but Paine guides Anderson for another four and then a single through his favoured point region. Maybe he went to the same Aussie-born keeper coaching academy as Tim Ambrose, who also favours the cut shot above any other. Hussey is hit on the pad by the last ball of Anderson's over, but Umpire Llong isn't interested.

From Andy Lakeland, Amsterdam, TMS inbox: "Have England finally worked out the secret to beating the Aussies... Lose the toss!"

10th over - Aus 41-2
Our first change of bowling as Dimitri Mascarenhas - still without a name or number on his shirt, is the ECB spell-checker broken? - comes on with his right-arm medium pace. Paine tries to turn one to leg, but Sidey is still red-hot in the field at short fine leg. On TMS, Aggers recounts how he's finally managed to get a signed photo of Stuart Broad for his wife's godson, having been trying for most of the summer. A Paine single brings new batsman Mike Hussey on strike, up to number four while Clarke is rested, and he defends his first two deliveries. Good over from Dimi. (And yes, it should have been 40-2 at the end of the last over, not 40-1).

Wicket falls
9th over - WICKET - Ponting c Sidebottom b Anderson 6 - Aus 40-2
Ponting steers a well-run two through the covers - but then the crowd are on their feet when the Aussie skipper tries to pull a short ball and guides it straight down the throat of Sidey at long leg!

From Tom, Leamington Spa, TMS inbox: "Can I suggest that for future England ODIs the opposing team doesn't bat and instead their captain picks a random number out of a hat between 200 and 320; then we all sit and painfully watch 11 England players scrap out an innings of around 15-30 runs at a strike rate of 55 before we fall agonisingly short of the random total by 50 runs!"

8th over - Aus 38-1
Paine is solid in defence against Sidebottom, taking a blow on the glove for his, er, pain(e)s, before Sidey strays wide and Paine bashes another four through point.

Michael Vaughan
From Simon (feeling very anxious about today in Ely, Cambridgeshire), TMS inbox: "Mark, really pleased to hear MV will be joining TMS - will be interesting to hear his thoughts having so recently captained the team - any chance TMS can also recruit Graeme Smith, Kallis and a few others so England don't have to play against them this winter? Have a good match!"

7th over - Aus 34-1
Anderson pings in a bouncer which Paine, who looks young for 24, top-edges for four. He dabs a single to third man, and "Punter" Ponting is just getting his eye in so far before deciding where to stake his chips.

Get involved on 606
From FleetJackHobbs on 606: "A wicket! - crikey! - That's mildly encouraging"

6th over - Aus 29-1
I'm almost ashamed for lapsing into negativity two overs ago as Sidey gets one to whistle past Paine, and the boot is suddenly on the other foot. Paine edges a single to third man, and Jim Maxwell points out the rare sight of two Tasmanians at the crease for Australia, given that Ponting's career only just overlapped with David Boon's. Sidey slings one down the leg side which isn't that wide and almost brushes Ponting's pad but beats keeper Matt Prior and sails away for five wides. TMS summariser Peter Moores sticks up for a fellow Sussex keeper, saying it would have been very hard for Prior to take. But Ponting is off the mark with an effortless flick off the front foot that disappears to the square leg boundary.

From Sam, TMS inbox: "I can't believe Bresnan is playing again. He has been shocking the entire series, getting a few lucky wickets from time to time but always conceding shedloads of runs. How can the selectors justify selecting him with an option like Onions sitting on the sidelines or even going with two spinners with Rashid and Swann?"

5th over - Aus 19-1
As has become the custom, although he was booed by a small number of fans in one of the Tests, Ricky Ponting gets a huge ovation as he strides to the crease, a little earlier than he might have hoped. His first ball from Anderson is a juicy one which he has to prod off his toes (in the same way Luke Wright failed to against the bowling machine the other day), and the Aussie skipper plays and misses at the last ball. And you can read a blog from TMS producer Adam Mountford about his new signing, Michael Vaughan.

Wicket falls
4.3 overs - WICKET - Watson b Anderson 4 - Aus 19-1
Just the one slip in now for Anderson, as Paine pushes a single to mid-on. But then Watson rocks back and cuts the ball onto his stumps!

4th over - Aus 18-0
Paine blasts Sidey for four through the covers before rotating the strike with a single, and I'm trying not to think about the crushing inevitability of typing "6-0" later this evening.

BBC Sport
From BBC Sport's Owen Phillips in Nottingham: "I saw a load of the Aussies in the gym in Nottingham on Wednesday. Nathan Hauritz, Hussey and others were just leaving so I asked Ricky Ponting if he was going to let us win one game. He just laughed at me. They all looked worryingly focused and determined while at the same relaxed. Mitchell Johnson was there for ages pumping iron and looking irritatingly cool and composed. No sign of them taking it easy I'm afraid"

3rd over - Aus 13-0
Anderson still has two slips in for Paine, who cuts hard but is denied more than a single by an excellent stop by Eoin Morgan in his big red sweater at backward point.

Get involved on 606
From englandmad666 on 606: "So Australia are batting, I hope they get a big score today say 320, and let's see how well we chase. I ain't to fussed about the victory today, just want to see good cricket from both sides, would be nice if England win but their confidence must be low"

2nd over - Aus 12-0
Ryan Sidebottom is also on his home ground, but opens with three legside wides. Finally he manages to pitch one straight, to some ironic cheers. Sidey beats Paine's outside edge with one that swings back, and the wild-haired left-armer redeems himself somewhat as the legitimate balls of the over only yield a single.

Peter Moores
Former England coach Peter Moores on TMS: "Both sides may think that the best time to bat will be against the new ball"

1st over - Aus 8-0
Anderson gets Australia under way with two wides - the second is particularly harsh as it nearly clipped Watson's pad. He nudges a leg bye to square leg, Paine plays a very straight bat to a good length ball before turning the first run off the bat. Watson then unleashes what some people in the team I play for call a "perfect four" - a good square drive which has two fielders chasing all the way but just beats them to the boundary.

1428: Shane Watson and Tim Paine opening up for Australia - Jimmy Anderson has reclaimed the new ball.

1426: Debate is already raging on TMS about England's decision to drop Rashid again. Michael Vaughan feels that with the next World Cup being played on the subcontinent, they'll need two spinners so should get used to Swann and Rashid playing in tandem.

1422: I went to The Oval yesterday afternoon for a bit of Pro40... and watched Jonathan Trott and Ian Bell ease Warwickshire home against a rather unfamiliar Surrey side, nearly half of whom I'd never heard of before now. I guess that while England can't change their squad for the Champions Trophy unless the ICC allows them to replace an injured player, there will very much be places up for grabs in the ODI series against South Africa that begins in November. So an unbeaten 79 (and a tidy 3-36 from eight overs) won't have hurt Trott's cause - while Bell's 93 not out may have nudged the selectors too.

Michael Vaughan
1415: And the special news is... following a successful guest appearance on Tuesday, former England captain Michael Vaughan will be joining Test Match Special's team as an expert summariser. As well as joining TMS again today, he'll make his TMS Test debut on the winter tour of South Africa, and will also be joining the team regularly next summer.

Get involved on 606
From Starfire_995 on 606: "Bopara's in. Nuff said. I'm off to the pub to get an early start on the 'drowning our sorrows' stakes"

1408: I've got some special news which I can't reveal until 1415 BST. To tide you over, here are today's full teams:

England: Andrew Strauss (capt), Joe Denly, Ravi Bopara, Matt Prior (wk), Owais Shah, Eoin Morgan, Dimitri Mascarenhas, Graeme Swann, Tim Bresnan, Ryan Sidebottom, James Anderson.

Australia: Shane Watson, Tim Paine (wk), Ricky Ponting (capt), Mike Hussey, Callum Ferguson, Cameron White, James Hopes, Brett Lee, Nathan Hauritz, Nathan Bracken, Peter Siddle.

Umpires are Asad Rauf and Nigel Llong, with Richard Kettleborough in the TV replay box and Neil Bainton as fourth ump.

1403: Here's a shock - Australia have won the toss for the first time in the series. Ricky Ponting elects to bat first, and the Aussies make two changes as their squad rotation continues - Brett Lee returns while Mitchell Johnson takes a rest, and Michael Clarke has a game off with James Hopes coming in. England make two changes (one enforced) - James Anderson returns for the injured Stuart Broad, who will miss the rest of this series with a knee injury, while off-spinner Graeme Swann returns on his home ground in place of leggie Adil Rashid.

1400: Afternoon, everyone. While a 5-1 scoreline in connection with England may conjure up memories of a superb footballing performance in Munich in 2001, Andrew Strauss will hope that by tonight, his side can get back some modicum of respectability in this ODI series - and not be on the road to a 7-0 whitewash.

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Live Scores - England v Australia


  • Australia beat England by 111 runs
  • England: 185 (41.0 overs)
  • Australia: 296-8 (50.0 overs)

England Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 185
Strauss c Paine b Lee 0
Denly c Lee b Hopes 25
Bopara run out 24
Prior run out 6
Shah c Watson b Hopes 23
Morgan c Hussey b Bracken 23
Mascarenhas b Hopes 11
Bresnan not out 31
Swann b Bracken 12
Sidebottom b Siddle 15
Anderson b Lee 1
Extras 3nb 8w 3lb 14

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