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Eng v WI: 2nd ODI as it happened

Second one-day international, Bristol:
England 161-4 (36 ovs) bt West Indies 160 (38.3 ovs) by six wickets
Match scorecard


By Mark Mitchener


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1701: As the presentations are made, TMS have gone off air (to be replaced by tennis on 5 Live sports extra) - and it's time for us to bid farewell too. Enjoy the rest of the day's football (if you can), and enjoy Towel Day tomorrow. Ben Dirs will be your guide for the third and final ODI on Tuesday - and I'll see you for the start of the World Twenty20. TTFN.

Man of the match Paul Collingwood anticipates a date with his razor, speaking to TMS: "I just looked up and saw myself on the big screen and saw a big ginger beard - I think it's going to have to go"

Vic Marks
Vic Marks on TMS: "Broad and Anderson have grown in stature over the last few months - they learned a lot in the Caribbean without the statistics to show for it"

Stuart Broad (or possibly Hannibal Smith) on TMS: "It's always very pleasing when a plan comes together"

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From OldRegret on 606: "Well played England, nice game from Colly and please turn up next time Windies"
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36th over - Eng 161-4
Morgan goes down the track for the winning hit... and is nearly stumped! But rather typically of the Windies today, Ramdin makes a hash of the chance. Eventually, he knocks another single off his legs, Colly has to dive to make his ground but England are over the line (both literally and metaphorically). But if I was a West Indies fan, I'd have been ashamed of my team's performance.

35th over - Eng 160-4 (target 161)
So, Eoin Morgan comes out for his England debut, and leg-glances his first ball for a single. Colly steers a two through mid-wicket, and scores are level.

Wicket falls
34.2 overs - WICKET - Shah run out (Pollard direct hit) 38 - Eng 157-4
A single from Shah takes England to within four runs of victory - but the Middlesex man won't be there at the close as he's called for a run which isn't there and Pollard's throw demolishes the stumps. But it's too little, too late for the Windies.

34th over - Eng 156-3 (target 161)
Two more from Colly takes England over the 150 mark, a single takes him to 42. Shah straight-drives Benn for another four, which leaves England within one hit of victory.

33rd over - Eng 148-3 (target 161)
Sammy returns in place of Pollard, and Shah dismissively smacks him through mid-wicket for four. One or two people in the crowd are starting to leave, as Shah tickles another single. he has 32, Colly has 42, England need 13 to win. From 17 (SEVENTEEN) overs. Alec Stewart says he will eat his hat if Windies win from here.

30th over - Eng 133-3, 31st over - Eng 139-3, 32nd over - Eng 142-3 (target 161)
The computer here has ground to a halt, for which I can only apologise. Whether it's the auto-refresh under pressure, I'm not sure. You're not missing anything great of note, just a boundary four from Colly and plenty of singles.

29th over - Eng 130-3 (target 161)
Colly blasts Pollard for a four through mid-wicket, this game could be over very soon.

28th over - Eng 122-3 (target 161)
You can always tell when the West Indies are playing badly as the commentators start to reminisce about some of their past greats... Tony and Vic are remembering Roger Harper's superb run-out of Graham Gooch in the MCC Bicentenary match. Shah steers a three to fine leg, and three more singles ensue.

27th over - Eng 116-3 (target 161)
It's the Land of the Giants at both ends as the, ahem, powerfully-built medium-pacer Kieron Pollard joins Benn in the attack. But it's more of the same for Shah and Colly, who plunder three singles from the over.

26th over - Eng 113-3 (target 161)
Shah beautifully cover-drives Big Benn for two, and BB isn't happy about something - probably one of his fielders standing in the wrong place. Tony Cozier on TMS admits he's feeling homesick for the Caribbean, and Vic Marks points out that (a) this is as sunny as it gets in England in May, and (b) TC has had two ice-creams already.

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From Rory, Bristol, via text on 81111: "Bristol, bathed in Caribbean afternoon sunshine, offer the visitors the chance to remind us of their prowess. But their pink pyjamas and their yawning captain, ensure that slumber triumphs; even the rowdy din offered up by the home crowd can't keep them awake"

Vic Marks
Vic Marks on TMS: "Collingwood's in line for man of the match here, after those three cheap wickets and those two shots"

25th over - Eng 109-3 (target 161)
England continue their slow but steady progress towards their target as Shah smacks a single to square leg, Bravo sends down a legside bouncer to Colly which is signalled as a wide and then Colly brings up three figures for England with a firm straight-driven four. Buoyed by this, the ginger ninja hoists Bravo high back over his head for six! Time for a drinks break, we're at the halfway stage of the innings. England need just 52 from 25 overs.

24th over - Eng 97-3 (target 161)
Colly and Shah are content to milk Big Benn for more singletons before the Durham man finds the boundary for the first time with a brutal slog-sweep towards cow corner for four. Meanwhile, one of the ICC's regular press releases tells us that... Pakistan spinner Saeed Ajmal's bowling action has been found to be legal in an independent test. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

23rd over - Eng 91-3 (target 161)
Shah nudges a slower ball from Bravo, which goes through to keeper Ramdin on the bounce, before guiding a single to third man. More pedestrian singles - England have the cruise control button well and truly switched on. Aggers and Alec are very jealous of someone walking past the TMS box with a handful of ice-cream cornets.

22nd over - Eng 87-3 (target 161)
Shah steers Big Benn for two through the covers, then keeps rotating the strike against the tall left-armer. Colly is off the mark with a two. Meanwhile, Aggers on TMS reveals how apparently Lalit Modi has announced an expansion of the Champions League from eight to 12 teams, to take place after the Champions Trophy this year. Aggers and Alec Stewart are worried about Twenty20 overkill, and they're not alone.

21st over - Eng 82-3 (target 161)
Bravo fires in a wide, well out of the reach of new batsman Paul Collingwood.

Wicket falls
20.3 overs - WICKET - Bopara lbw b Bravo 43 - Eng 81-3 (target 161)
West Indies finally get the breakthrough they wanted as Bravo traps Bopara on the back foot and umpire Asoka de Silva sends him on his way.

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From TeleKemis on 606: "Just watching Shah at the crease makes me nervous"
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20th over - Eng 79-2 (target 161)
It's time for Big Benn and his orthodox slow left-arm spin. More easy pickings for Shah and Bopara, who continue to push the singles.

The sun is out
19th over - Eng 77-2 (target 161)
Bopara turns a slower ball from Bravo off his legs for a single to take his score to 41, Shah does likewise - he has eight. It's still a "gorgeous day", according to Aggers.

18th over - Eng 75-2 (target 161)
Bopara and Shah plunder a single apiece from Sammy, while they jog through for a third off the last ball. Meanwhile, at the IPL, Adam Gilchrist is out third ball for a bronze duck.

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From Andrew, Bristol, via text on 81111: "Shah and Bopara teaching the Windies patience, timing, style, while the noisy Bristolians, cider-fuelled in the sun, pass an inflated palm tree a round to remind the visitors of their home"

17th over - Eng 72-2 (target 161)
Bopara upper-cuts Bravo for a single to third man, then Shah is finally off the mark with a brutal pull for four through mid-wicket. The singles start to flow again, and Cap'n Gayle is looking round - possibly for inspiration.

16th over - Eng 63-2 (target 161)
Remarkably similar to the last over - a single from Bopara, Shah still yet to score. And my computer has slowed to the speed of the proverbial asthmatic ant, so apologies if the updates aren't as quick as usual.

15th over - Eng 62-2 (target 161)
Dwayne Bravo replaces Taylor - Bopara dabs a single, Shah is still waiting to get off the mark.

14th over - Eng 61-2 (target 161)
Here's a rare sight - Owais Shah with a bat in his hands. He's hardly played since the ODI series in the Caribbean, having spent a stint in the IPL as a well-paid drinks waiter. He sees off the over.

Wicket falls
13.3 overs - WICKET - Prior c Gayle b Sammy 11 - Eng 60-2 (target 161)
Our first change of bowling as Darren Sammy replaces Rampaul. And he makes the breakthrough - Prior chips an easy catch to Cap'n Gayle at slip.

From Mick from Tunbridge Wells, TMS inbox: "How long before we get today's discussion over whether the Windies don't want to be here at the moment, and should we be sympathetic? There is really no excuse for the sort of performance they have put in so far today. They are being paid wages that many of their countrymen could only dream of, representing their country and doing a job that they supposedly love. OK, so they are away from home for a month or two. I'm sorry, but they are in a position of privilege, not hardship"

13th over - Eng 60-1 (target 161)
Prior swipes Taylor for a single, the Windies paceman slings down a wide before Bopara uses his wrists well again to turn Taylor off his legs for four. He has 31, and clearly loves every minute of batting against this West Indies attack, keeping the strike with a single.

12th over - Eng 53-1 (target 161)
Still no bowling changes from Cap'n Gayle as Bopara guides Rampaul for three to wide long-on. Rampaul then oversteps, so it's a no-ball and our first "free hit" of the day. So, the only way Prior can be out off this next ball is a run-out... and it's a bit of an anti-climax as it's full and wide, Prior swings and misses. A square-drive from Prior is fumbled by the usually-alert Bravo and they run one. Meanwhile, out in South Africa, the final of the Indian Premier League is about to begin - it's Royal Challengers Bangalore against Deccan Chargers. Bangalore win the toss and Anil Kumble opts to field first.
INTERNET LINK: The IPL final - latest score from Cricinfo

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From Anonymous, via text on 81111: "Today seems to be 'Throw in the Towel Day' for the Windies"

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11th over - Eng (target 161)
A powerplay is signalled but it's still Taylor - Prior has a bit of trouble getting him away, but even a maiden over should not worry England at this stage.

10th over - Eng 48-1 (target 161)
Rampaul's trying his best (a phrase which can't be applied to all of his team-mates) but Prior and Bopara are easily picking up singles - Prior's good running brings England a second, and a wild throw nowhere near the stumps brings them a third.

9th over - Eng 43-1 (target 161)
Bopara resumes proceedings with a single, then Prior edges to third man for two - and speaking of Hammer Horror, West Indies rather appropriately have the word Vampire on the front of their shirts. After a single from Prior, Bopara wristily whips Taylor through mid-wicket for four.

1458: After some enjoyable chat between Aggers and Barry Norman, we're ready to start up again. Will it be more Hammer Horror stuff from the Windies?

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From Antony in Cardiff, via text on 81111: "I'm loving the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference [7th over]. Especially seeing as it's Towel Day tomorrow"
INTERNET LINK: Towel Day, as explained by Wikipedia

INTERVAL (due to be 1415-1500)
Don't forget to listen to Aggers and Barry Norman on TMS!

8th over - Eng 35-1 (target 161)
Rampaul continues for what may be the last over before the interval. Just a single apiece for Prior and Bopara - and that's the break. (My apologies for earlier - I said the required rate was around four an over, it was closer to three at the start and is now exactly threee). We're going to take a break too, so both my fingers and the auto-refreshing gubbins can take a rest - see you in a bit.

From Joseph, TMS inbox: "Bring Laxman in for KP and then the English side would rival anyone in the slow scoring stakes"

7th over - Eng 33-1 (target 161)
Matt Prior has been shuttled up and down the ODI batting order like a malfunctioning Sirius Cybernetics Corporation lift, but he's in at number three today... and nearly run out without facing as Bopara calls him for a single, Dwayne Bravo's underarm throw just misses the stumps and Messrs Bravo and Prior collide in a heap. Prior, undaunted, is off the mark with a single.

Wicket falls
6.4 overs - WICKET - Strauss c Sammy b Taylor 4 - Eng 31-1 (target 161)
Alec Stewart admits that if Bopara has one area to improve, it's his running between the wickets - he has to dive for the crease when he over-anticipates a run and Strauss sends him back. The skipper then tries to force Taylor to leg, he gets a top edge and three fielders converge on the ball... Darren Sammy's safe hands take the catch.

6th over - Eng 31-0 (target 161)
My colleague Paul Grunill admits "it's not often you see a team playing for lunch in an ODI" as Strauss clips Rampaul off his legs for one. Play is briefly interrupted by a shirtless one-man pitch invasion ("the village idiot" according to Alec Stewart), before some more comedy fielding from Pollard, who dropped the catch earlier, allows the ball to slip through his hands for four through square leg. For me, failure to even try to do a "long barrier" is unforgivable at this level - even Monty P can do it, after all. Bopara picks up four more with a classical on-drive, then the crowd give Pollard some ironic cheers as he fields a defensive stroke competently.

The sun is out
5th over - Eng 22-0 (target 161)
Sun is still beating down at Bristol, Bopara tries to work Taylor to leg but it's a maiden over.

Alec Stewart
Alec Stewart on TMS: "Apart from the brief Bravo-Chanderpaul partnership, the West Indies have contributed absolutely nothing to this game"

4th over - Eng 22-0 (target 161)
Rampaul, whose appearance and "princely walk" is compared by Aggers to Javagal Srinath, keeps it equally tight against Bopara. The Essex man displaces a couple of pigeons at wide mid-on as he works a single, then Rampaul pushes one down the leg side and Strauss effortlessly leg-glances for four, although he then has to duck a bouncer.

From Gary at work in Cornwall, TMS inbox: "Re: 33rd over - It's a sin to be with the in-laws on such a nice day packed with sport!"

3rd over - Eng 17-0 (target 161)
A tighter over from Taylor as Bopara knows he's got plenty of time to build an innings. Just a single to third man off the last ball.

2nd over - DROPPED CATCH - Eng 16-0 (target 161)
Rampaul opens with a wide, then the Windies' misery continues as Strauss cuts and Pollard puts down a hard - but catchable - chance at point. Four leg byes keep the scoreboard whizzing round.

Jonathan Agnew
BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew on TMS: "West Indies must know they can only win the game by bowling England out, so inevitably that will make them bowl more aggressively"

1st over - Eng 11-0 (target 161)
Jerome Taylor gets England going with a couple of wides, then Strauss turns one off his legs and they run three. Taylor's line is all over the place, he strays down the leg side and Bopara helps it on its way for four. He then adds a couple more, so that's 11 from the first over, nearly three times the asking rate. At this rate, we could be all over by 1600 and conscripted into helping with the Premier League football coverage...

1336: England opening up with Andrew Strauss and Ravi Bopara. The asking rate is just over four an over.

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From Phil, Manchester, via text on 81111: "Re Jack, slowest scoring XIs [35th over]. McKenzie, Cook, Dravid, Kallis, Chanderpaul, Nash, Sangakarra, Gillespie, Anderson, Kumble, Panesar (more for inability rather than lack of intent)"

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From Mad_for_Chelsea on 606: "I'm sorry to say that was pathetic from the West Indies, a decent batting pitch and they lasted less than 39 overs, an insipid display. Full marks to England, everyone bowled well, Broad got four wckets so well done him, and Straussy's captaincy was really top drawer"
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1329: West Indies' humiliation is such that because they've been bowled out before 1345, we will just have a 10-minute break between innings, then England will bat until 1415 and then we will have the scheduled 45-minute interval. So no lunch for any of us just yet.

Wicket falls
38.3 overs WICKET - Rampaul c Swann b Broad 7 - WI 160 all out
Another mature off-drive from Rampaul brings him four, and belies his status as number 11. He's then struck on the upper arm by a lifter from Broad. Another bouncer hits his shoulder, or was that the glove? Umpire Hartley raises his finger as Swann takes the catch at slip and appeals, so it was the glove... West Indies have been bowled out in less than 39 overs. Tony Cozier calls it "a distressing performance" from the tourists, and he's not wrong.

38th over - WI 156-9
Last man Ravi Rampaul, one of the increasing number of left-handers in world cricket (Is it just me? They seem to be everywhere) executes a pleasant-looking cover-drive against Colly for two. Another drive brings him a single. Colly has 3-16 from six overs.

37th over - WI 153-9
Stranded while everyone around him plays like it's a beer match, Sammy defends the rest of the over.

Tony Cozier
West Indian commentary legend Tony Cozier on TMS: "If these West Indies players don't want to play this game, which is what it looks like at times, they should give back their contracts and go home"

Wicket falls
36.3 overs - WICKET Benn c Bopara b Broad 1 - WI 153-9
Sammy turns Broad through mid-wicket as our F1 crew at the other end of the office get all giggly about something. Big Benn comes down the wicket and has what Tony Cozier describes as "an irresponsible swipe". He then tries another cross-batted pull and is well caught by Ravi B at short mid-wicket.

36th over - WI 152-8
Despite being number 11 on the scorecard, it's Sulieman "Big" Benn in at number 10, wearing what looks like a red cycling helmet with a grille and a Windies badge stuck on. He has a big heave across the line and it falls just short of long-on, so he's off the mark with a single. Sammy the St Lucian, who's still playing with a semblance of orthodoxy unlike his team-mates, steers a single through the covers.

Wicket falls
35.1 overs - WICKET - Pollard b Collingwood 8 - WI 150-8
Whether it was something in his drink or stress brought on by the powerplay, Pollard has an agricultural heave at Colly and becomes the umpteenth West Indian to be dismissed by a straight ball today. Horrid shot.

From Jack, TMS inbox: "We've had the quickest-scoring XI what about the slowest-scoring XI? Laxman has to be there surely"

35th over - WI 150-7
West Indies call for the batting powerplay, Umpire Hartley gives it the "Mick Channon" arm-whirling signal and Broad returns to the attack. Big Kieron can't get him away until he smears the fourth ball for a single to fine leg. Sammy tips-and-runs a single, and Pollard nicks the strike to bring up the 150. NOW we get the drinks break - on you come, Sidey.

34th over - WI 147-7
Some glum faces on the Windies balcony although Sammy hammers Colly back past the stumps for four. At the end of the over, the ball is changed (as per the ODI rules), while umpire Hartley waves away a drinks break - possibly because of a slow over-rate. And possibly the most anticipated text commentary of the day (if not of all time) has launched - Jonathan "Stevo" Stevenson is in place for today's top football action from England. The hors d'oeuvres is the League One play-off final between Scunthorpe and Millwall, the main course is the Premier League finale and some worried-looking folk in the north east may get their just desserts by the end of the day...
Live text - Sunday's football, with Jonathan Stevenson

33rd over - WI 143-7
Afetr a single from Pollard, Swann tosses it up to Sammy as the crowd find their voice, and he dribbles a four down to third man. Mostly pedestrian stuff here from the Windies.

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From Anonymous, via text on 81111: "Is it a sin to watch the text commentary under the table at lunch with the in-laws whilst apologising for being late?"

32nd over - WI 137-7
More dodgy running between the wickets as Pollard calls for a single and Sammy only just makes his ground. Colly is bowling intelligently at the West Indies tail (ie, he's bowling straight). A couple more singles, but the tourists are in dire straits here.

31st over - WI 134-7
West Indies are going to pieces here. New batsman Darren Sammy survives the over.

Wicket falls
30.4 overs - Taylor run out (Strauss/Prior) 1 - WICKET - WI 134-7
Swann keeps it tight against Taylor's aggression, then Taylor goes for a big slog, charges down the track for a run which is never there, is sent back, turns at the speed of an oil tanker and Aggers calls it "the most lunatic run-out I've seen in many a year". He's not even in the picture.

30th over - WI 134-6
As England (and the TMS team) celebrate the old-fashioned virtues of bowling straight, Jerome Taylor strides to the crease and they run a bye. Pollard tries to play across the line and gets a wicked edge which nearly goes to hand. Taylor straight-drives for one, and we have 20 overs remaining. When Will West Indies take their batting powerplay? They're running out of batsmen to utilise it.

Wicket falls
29.3 overs - WICKET - Ramdin lbw b Collingwood 8 - WI 131-6
Big Kieron rotates the strike, then Ramdin is pinned back on the crease by a straight one and he's plumb lbw!

29th over - WI 130-5
Ramdin swipes Swann for a single through the covers, while Trinidadian Pollard copies his Guyanese team-mates Chanderpaul and Sarwan by banging a bail into the crease as he takes guard. He manages a single, but Swann alters his flight and pace well as Ramdin is tied down for the rest of the over.

28th over - WI 128-5
The powerfully-built Kieron Pollard (described as a second-row forward by Simon Mann on TMS) is the new batsman. His ODI batting style is reflected in a strike rate of 86, but an average of only 11 - not great for a number seven. He sees off the rest of a successful over from Colly.

Alec Stewart
Alec Stewart on TMS: "Well done to Paul Collingwood, but even more well done to Andrew Strauss, who's made another great bowling change"

Wicket falls
27.3 overs - WICKET - Bravo b Collingwood 50 - WI 128-5
New bowler, same action as Dimi is replaced by Paul Collingwood for some more military medium. He strays with a legside wide, but then Bravo aims another big shot and is bowled through the gate!

That's 50
27th over - WI 127-4
A single brings Bravo his fourth ODI fifty, then Ramdin strokes Swann for a careful two.

26th over - WI 124-4
More aggression from Bravo, who cracks Mascarenhas for his sixth four before dabbing a quickly-run single to third man. And our text commentaries have grown from three to four - a warm welcome to the Scottish Premier League...
Live text - Scottish Premier League, with David McDaid

From Alasdair, University of Manchester Library: "Re: Sloggers XI. I'm struggling to see how can you leave out KP? He has to be in there with the reverse sweep, and general presence and finesse in front of the bowler. And you'd struggle to leave out the off spin from any serious cricketing attack. Well, maybe"

25th over - WI 119-4
Bresnan takes a rest after four overs and Swann, who's bowled three, returns. The Notts off-spinner is quickly through his over, which yields just a single.

Alec Stewart
Alec Stewart on TMS: "This is an important period for England, as without Flintoff they don't have wicket-taking bowlers in the middle of the innings"

24th over - WI 118-4
Bravo leg-glances Mascarenhas for another cheeky four - he has 42 from 44 balls. A rare Paul Collingwood misfield allows Bravo a single, perhaps he misses the wicketkeeping gloves? There's then a half-hearted appeal for a catch behind against Ramdin, but the ball flicked his pad.

23rd over - WI 113-4
New batsman Denesh Ramdin hits the ball hard into the ground but it bounces over Morgan at backward point and races away for four. Two more singles round off the over, but the "wickets" column will be more significant for England at this stage.

Wicket falls
22.2 overs - WICKET - Chanderpaul c Strauss b Bresnan 27 - WI 107-4
Having been tied down well at the other end, Shiv tries to force the pace against Bresnan and only succeeds in skying a catch to Strauss at backward square leg. Big wicket.

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From "Someone in Bristol", via text on 81111: "Is it a sin to follow the commentary whilst speaking to customers on the phone?"

22nd over - WI 106-3
Dimi continues his interesting duel with Chanderpaul, who surives two balls before steering a single to the cover boundary. A single takes Bravo to 37, then Chanderpaul cuts and misses as a wide is signalled.

21st over - WI 103-3
Bravo blasts Bresnan for a straight-driven four to bring up the fifty partnership. He then lifts a single over the ring of cover fielders, while Chanderpaul is happy to rotate the strike. Bravo then hits another four over mid-on, he's cooking with gas now. Tony Cozier on TMS thinks Bresnan resembles ex-Lancashire (and England ODI) seamer Ian Austin. Probably for the same reason someone on the TMS Blog the other day accused me of resembling Bresnan...
TMS Blog: My player ratings from the Second Test

20th over - WI 93-3
Dimi keeps Chanderpaul tied down well for four balls before "The Crab" edges a single to third man. Bravo manages a single, but that's a great over by Mascarenhas, who has 0-11 from three overs (and that includes a six!).

From Will and Boy Wonder, TMS inbox: "Watching Gayle tonk a few this morning we have been coming up with a Sloggers Xl we'd love to see play: Chris Gayle, Brendon McCullum, Sanath Jayasuriya, Yuvraj Singh, Andrew Symonds, Jesse Ryder, Shahid Afridi, Andrew Flintoff, Shane Warne, Brett Lee, Muttiah Muralitharan (not the most successful slogger but a slogger none the less). Not only would this be an awesome team to watch we soon realised it would be a fairly 'social' side in the bar afterwards which helped with Mr Ryder's selection. With its sloggers and fairly awesome bowling line-up, could this team be beaten? We doubt it"

19th over - WI 91-3
Vic Marks on TMS has noticed that Prior has taken a knock, seemingly in the same area that caused him problems in the last Test, when we had the fun sight of Paul Collingwood keeping wicket for the last day. A leg bye brings Chanderpaul on strike, he effortlessly nudges Bresnan to fine leg for a single.

18th over - WI 89-3
A single takes Bravo to 25, then a wider one from Dimi is missed by both Chanderpaul and Prior and they run a bye. Bravo flicks a single to fine leg, and that's another tidy over.

17th over - WI 86-3
Tim Bresnan gets his first chance to shine with his right-arm medium-fast seam. Quite tidy, just three singles from the over. Meanwhile, any petrolheads may wish to know that our third live text commentary of the day is up and running - Caroline Cheese and her pit crew are monitoring events from the F1 GP in Monaco.
Live - Monaco Grand Prix

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From Pam in Thornton, via text on 81111: "Re CC: NOT following text whilst in church is a sin!"

16th over - WI 83-3
With the powerplay over, it's Dimi time - Mr Mascarenhas's miserly military medium pace is summoned into the attack. The Hampshire skipper will have been pleased to see his county side reach the FP Trophy semi-finals yesterday, in his absence. Chanderpaul guides his first ball to third man for a single, then Bravo has a big heave-ho at a length ball and effortlessly launches him over long-off for six! Bravo then tries to force him through the leg side but a leg bye is the result. Chanderpaul is then kept pinned back by Dimi's last two deliveries, and it's time for a drinks break, with Ryan Sidebottom carrying the drinks today.

15th over - WI 75-3
It's Broad to complete the fielding powerplay, Bravo blasts him in the air just past mid-on's right hand and it sails away for four, to the delight of the Windies fans in the crowd. Vic on TMS suggests Broad should alter his line further to the off side, given Bravo's propensity for heaving across the line. Bravo helps the next ball, which is slower, off his legs and down to fine leg for four. Dwayne tickles another single, Chanderpaul nicks the strike and this is better from the tourists.

14th over - WI 65-3
Aggers wonders whether Barry Norman will recall playing with him once in a celebrity match at Scarborough involving David Frost and attended by Barbara Windsor... After another Shiv single, Bravo sweeps Swann, gets a top edge and it flies just out of the reach of Strauss at short fine leg.

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From Alan, Brentford, via text on 81111: "Wikipedia have an article on DOO-RAG (durag)".

I should point out that other websites of questionable reliability are available...

13th over - WI 61-3
Anderson's off, Broad has changed ends. He's still bowling round the wicket to Chanderpaul, who nudges him down to fine leg for a single. He and Bravo plunder Broad for four further singles, while Aggers reveals he will be talking to well-known film critic (and cricket fan) Barry Norman during the interval today. And why not?

12th over - WI 56-3
Swann twirls away to Bravo as Alec Stewart on TMS explains the importance of keeping the new batsman on strike as much as possible in this scenario. Bravo has a big swing and misses, carefully keeping his back foot grounded as Prior whips off the bails. Just a single apiece for the Windies pair.

From CC, TMS inbox: "Is following the text commentary whilst at church a sin?"

11th over - WI 54-3
Straw-hatted Umpire Hartley signals the fielding powerplay, which England have unsurprisingly taken immediately, so there will be a maximum of three men outside the circle for the next five overs. Chanderpaul guides a four through point to bring up his side's fifty, then helps himself to another boundary off his legs as he begins to find his touch.

10th over - WI 46-3
New man is Dwayne Bravo, deemed not fit enough for the Test series but who has been playing in the IPL instead, thank you very much. Another IPL recruit, Dimi Mascarenhas, approaches Strauss with some field suggestions. Bravo is off the mark with a single, then Chanderpaul drives through the covers for one.

Wicket falls
9.2 overs - WICKET - Gayle b Swann 31 - WI 44-3
An early sight of spin as off-spinner Graeme Swann is introduced into the attack by Strauss. Gayle shows no respect to Swann with another huge six over long-on from his first ball, that's nearly out of the ground - but then Swann has the last laugh as Gayle swings and misses again, and loses his middle stump! Amazing scenes!

From Pete, TMS inbox: "Reached Park & Ride 0930. Sat down in ground 1105, having missed two wickets!"

9th over - WI 38-2
Still the fans queue to get in as Strauss tinkers with his field. Gayle clips a single off his legs, and Shiv can't get the ball off the square at the moment. Meanwhile, if your interest strays towards tennis on a sunny summer day like this, I can point you towards our French Open coverage, which features live video as well as our tennis guru Piers Newbery's text commentary.
Live video and text commentary - French Open

Alec Stewart
Alec Stewart on TMS: "Matt Prior and Owais Shah at slip are having a silly little game between overs, seeing who can run to the other end quickest"

8th over - WI 37-2
Left-hander Gayle cuts loose for the first time, launching an enormous cross-batted baseball heave over long-on for six. (Or a home run over the right field fence, if you prefer). It even takes them a while to retrieve the ball, he hit it so far. He then cuts Broad for four (Paul Grunill describes it as "a Ganguly-type shot"). Broad's line is less tight than in previous overs, and he sends down a couple of wides. A single brings Chanderpaul on strike, he aims a mighty pull but mistimes it and the ball lands at his feet.

From Charlie Taylor, TMS inbox: "Is it any wonder the ECB are losing fans to T20 from Test matches and ODIs. A ticket for this match is nearlly £55 but a T20 match is less than £20!"

The sun is out
7th over - WI 24-2
Chanderpaul is watchful against Anderson, and plays out a maiden over as he looks to rebuild the innings. Still "scorchio".

From Patrice Aggs, TMS inbox: "It's a DOO-RAG Gayle has on his head. Doo as in Hairdo. It's to keep your hairdo in place, and has been around in the States since the 1950s"

6th over - WI 24-2
Chanderpaul dabs a single, Gayle is hit on the pad before hoisting a shorter delivery from Broad over the point fielder for four. A more authentic blast past the bowler brings four more - "shot of the day" says Vic on TMS.

From Iain, Bristol, TMS inbox: "Hi Mark, this is a nightmare, I live not 30 seconds from the County Ground in Bristol, and when there are county matches there I can sit on my roof and watch them. They've put a load of temporary stands up for England and I can no longer see the pitch now! Resorting to listening to TMS, I can see their commentary position when I look out of my window!"

5th over - WI 15-2
Gayle steers Jimmy through mid-wicket for three - the first time he's found the middle of the bat, according to Vic on TMS. Can't believe Chanderpaul is wearing a sleeveless sweater (one of these new-style ones, not a classic cable-knit) in this heat. Eoin Morgan, meanwhile, is wearing ODI squad number 39 on his back, although he'll have number 208 under the three lions on his chest. Chanderpaul steers a four past point and a single off the last ball.

4th over - WI 7-2
New batsman is Shivnarine Chanderpaul, and Broad goes round the wicket to complete a wicket maiden. Meanwhile, Aggers and Vic on TMS have noticed Gayle is wearing some sort of a black scarf on the back of his neck, which is apparently called a "duran" (spelling?) - maybe he fancies a spell in the French Foreign Legion. Can't believe they would pay as well as the IPL.

From Jamie, TMS inbox: "Given the shambles seen in Cardiff last year in the ODI, and Thursday's cancellation cock-up, the several thousand people who are stood at the two park and rides in Bristol have seen the sum total of three buses turn up in the past half-hour. Absolutely farcical - I believe that the ECB should invest in a brewery and see what they can organize in that... Will be following your commentary with interest, as I suspect we might be here till tea!"

Out for a duck
3.2 overs - WICKET - Sarwan c Prior b Broad 0 - WI 7-2
England bring in Bopara at short leg for Sarwan, but he's gone for a duck as well after he edges straight to the keeper, and not even Matt Prior can drop that one!

From Pete, TMS inbox: "If there are empty seats at Bristol, it's because the Park & Ride is a farce: just getting on bus now having queued for an hour. People will still be queuing at lunchtime"

3rd over - WI 7-1
Gayle brushes Anderson off his hip for four leg byes, which are signalled by umpire Peter Hartley, the former Yorkshire and Hampshire seamer. Jimmy strays with a legside wide. Gayle then prods forward, there's an appeal for a catch behind... not out.

Vic Marks
Former Somerset and England off-spinner Vic Marks on TMS: "Simmons was all over the place, but we'd expect a little better from the new man coming in - Ramnaresh Sarwan"

Out for a duck
2nd over - WICKET - Simmons lbw b Broad 0 - WI 2-1
Fans are still streaming into the ground as Stuart Broad take the second over and has a loud shout against Gayle with a ball that hits his pad but clearly pitched outside leg stump. Gayle then scythes a single down to Dimitri Mascarenhas at third man. But then Simmons, who could have been out twice already, is trapped in front by the last ball of the flaxen-haired Broad's over. Hitting the middle of middle!

From Bjorn Cunningham, TMS inbox: "How on earth can someone play for Ireland in April 09, then make a debut for England in May 09? I am sure that most other countries wouldn't get away with it"

1st over - WI 1-0
My "gaffer" Paul Grunill sounds an optimistic note by pointing out that England have won only two of their six previous ODIs on this ground... James Anderson, resplendent in England's new darker-blue-than-before ODI kit, gets some bounce and movement against Windies captain Chris Gayle with his very first ball. Gayle then prods at the next one and it bounces just in front of second slip. He then nudges a single off his legs, Graeme Swann's throw to the striker's end is thankfully wide for Lendl Simmons, who would otherwise have been run out without facing. Simmons escapes once more as he has a mighty heave at Anderson and just misses getting an edge.

The sun is out
1042: The good news for those of you frustrated at the first ODI's washout at Headingley is that it's hot and sunny at Bristol. England's fielders run out, we're ready to rumble.

1040: Now then, for those of you watching this on the website, if you press F5 to refresh the page, the live BBC video scorecard will magically appear at the top of the page.

Alec Stewart
Former England skipper Alec Stewart on TMS: "I've met Morgan a couple of times this summer - he seems a very relaxed individual, who doesn't get too stressed. But he got a one-day hundred at Canterbury which was excellent."

1034: Here's the Windies team - captain Chris Gayle is playing his 200th ODI, while all-rounders Dwayne Bravo and Darren Sammy are back after missing the Tests.

West Indies: Chris Gayle (capt), Lendl Simmons, Ramnaresh Sarwan, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Dwayne Bravo, Kieron Pollard, Denesh Ramdin (wk), Darren Sammy, Jerome Taylor, Ravi Rampaul, Sulieman Benn.

1031: Here's the England team news: England have left out Ryan Sidebottom and Ian Bell, and have rejigged their batting order once more - Matt Prior is in at three. West Indies have preferred Ravi Rampaul to fellow paceman Fidel Edwards.

England: Andrew Strauss (capt), Ravi Bopara, Matt Prior (wk), Owais Shah, Paul Collingwood, Eoin Morgan, Dimitri Mascarenhas, Stuart Broad, Graeme Swann, Tim Bresnan, James Anderson.

1028: Right - England have won the toss and will field first. Eoin Morgan will make his England debut (though not his international debut, having already played 23 ODIs for his native Ireland). Full teams in a minute.

1020: Morning, everyone. It's a big day of sport here, I've never seen the office so abuzz on a Sunday. The final day of the Premier League and the SPL, the League One play-off final, the Monaco Grand Prix and the start of the French Open tennis... but hopefully if you've made it here, you're more concerned about the second ODI between England and West Indies. A warm welcome.

And it's also my first go with the new, auto-updating text commentary - so please be gentle with me.

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