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West Indies v England 1st Test

First Test, Kingston (day four):
West Indies 392 beat England 318 & 51 by an innings and 23 runs

England collapsed to a demoralising defeat by an innings and 23 runs on day four of the first Test in Jamaica.

West Indies added 40 to their overnight score with their final three wickets to muster 392, a first innings lead of 74, Stuart Broad with a maiden five-wicket

But England capitulated to 26-7 within 20 overs either side of tea.

Andrew Flintoff took them beyond their lowest score of 45 and was the only man to reach double figures, but Jerome Taylor took 5-11 in a total of 51.


By Pranav Soneji

e-mail (with 'For Pranav Soneji' in the subject), text 81111 (with "CRICKET" as the first word) or use 606. (Not all contributions can be used)

1952: Peeps, thanks for your company - you're probably picking your chins off the ground like me too. Oh and get this - the second Test in Antigua takes place on Friday 13 February. And we thought we'd seen enough of a horror show in Jamaica. Adios.

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"I hope they select Adil Rashid four the second Test. He can't do worse and we need a look at him before the Ashes. We could do with the extra batting too!"
Matthew in Essex via TEXT 81111

1946: The 51 is England's third lowest ever total in history. Not the ideal start to mark the Andrew Strauss era. The Windies are taking a lap of honour around Sabina Park, Sulieman Benn is armed with a stump, along with Fidel Edwards and the magnificent Jerome Taylor, and they are loving it. Terrific to see for West Indian fans, so accustomed to failure these past few years. They only won one Test match last year, so what a fantastic way to start their 2009 campaign.


Wicket falls
1935 - Eng 51 all out Wicket - Harmison bowled Benn 0
Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Steve Harmison is bowled around his legs by Benn attempting to sweep, the West Indians go ballistic - and who can blame them? Benn collects his third wicket of the innings - and thoroughly deserved too. Brilliant stuff from the home side, but surely there must be some wholesale changes come Antigua?

Wicket falls
1931 - Eng 51-9 Wicket - Flintoff bowled Edwards 24 With little option but to go down mowing, Flintoff is cleaned up attempting to smash Fidel Edwards over mid-wicket. Anyone got any advice for sightseeing around Kingston for the England boys on Sunday?

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"Pranav, you mention us taking losing with great humour - if you ask me that is what is wrong with this country, we are just not born winners or fighters. "
Rich Moore, Crowborough, East Sussex, via text on 81111

Referral - out
Wicket falls
1924 - Eng 50-8 Wicket Sidebottom lbw Benn 6
Flintoff brings up the England 50 with a single, but a fizzing Benn delivery pitches outside off stump and raps Sidebottom flush in front. Up goes Rudi Koertzen's finger, but Sidebottom, with only his wicket to lose, refers the decision to Daryl Harper. The replay suggest the ball could have missed leg stump, but on first sight it looked out - and Harper agrees. England lose one of their referrals, but I don't think they'll be too concerned about that right now.

1920 - Eng 49-7
Maiden over from Daren Powell. Not much more to say really. The atmosphere at Sabina Park has gone a little flat, the Jamaicans want this match over as soon as possible so they can party into the next millennium. I can't imagine Aggers is going to get too much sleep this evening either...

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"R.I.P. English cricket. Bring in Tom Moody!"
WiStAhM on 606
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"Giles Clarke should resign forthwith. The ECB's crass mishandling of the Moores-Pietersen spat has come home to roost like an incontinent pigeon."
TC, in the pub in Pimlico, via text on 81111

"So here I am, having just got back from a night on the raz in Tokyo and was trying to find out the rugger score, 30-7 great, I thought, we've stuffed the Italians again - until i realised I had found BBC's cricket pages!"
Tony England Fan in Tokyo

1915 - Eng 49-7
Lovely shot from Flintoff, who opens his body up and thumps a Benn delivery through cover for four before sending the next delivery straight ovethe bowler's head for another boundary. Good heart from Freddie, who ensures England surpass their lowest and second lowest-ever Test total of 45 and 46 with one heavy swipe.

1911 - Eng 39-7
Sidey guides a full-toss from Powell through the covers for a couple. He could have picked up a few more but a fine diving stop from Big Benn ensures the runs are plugged. Gotta love the good ol' English humour, your texts, emails and 606 posts have left me tickled pink. Which other country can take losing with as much slapstick humour as ours?

1908 - Eng 37-7
Up bounds Big Benn, bowling around the wicket to the left-handed Ryan Sidebottom, who completely misses a huge mow outside off stump. He's beaten by a beauty the next ball, but drops a single into the covers to hand strike to his partner. Flintoff doubles with a nice drive before a streaky aerial cut squirts past gully for the first boundary of the England innings. And this is the 28th over. Freddie also moves into double figures, so at least England will not emulate South Africa in 1924 (see 1842).

"I wonder what the odds would have been at the start of the day on England's Rugby players registering the same score as England's Cricket team (36-11)?"
Jon Tattersall, Reading via the TMS inbox

1859 - Eng 30-7
Sidey and Freddie share a giggle - wonder if they've just looked at the scoreboard. Freddie takes a single off Benn. And that's about it. The words "rites" and "last" spring to mind. Jerome Taylor is back on the field too.

"I'm heading to Antigua for the second Test. I think I might take my kit bag with me. I doubt I could do any worse than this."
Matt via the TMS inbox

1857 - Eng 29-7
TMS commentator Tony Cozier has just told us tickets for tomorrow's play have just gone on sale. I'll have two thanks. Freddie takes a single off Powell, we're all waiting for the inevitable, aren't we?

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"Saturday evening reality TV plumbs new depths...Sky Sports now appear to be showing The Test Factor, a bunch of wannabes being given the chance to play in a cricket match."
Depressed Andy in Wrexham via TEXT 81111

"The missus is insisting that we watch the comedy film we agreed about earlier today. Well, I think we should keep watching this."
Aaro Kinnunen, Finland via the TMS inbox

1852 - Eng 28-7
Bennis a cunning bowler alright, he flights up an enticing full delivery and Sidey's eyes light up, only to completely miss the ball. But the left-armer manages to defend his wicket for the rest of the over.

1848 - Eng 28-7
The indestructible Jerome Taylor is off the pitch, so Daren Powell comes back on for his second spell. Sidey doubles his tally with a tight single, he probably would have been out if the fielder had connected with the stumps at the non-striker's end.

"It is all down to Monty now…can he manage his maiden century?"
Peter Hopkin, Bermuda via the TMS inbox

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"Captain Caveman would be a better skipper than Strauss. He could also club a few cheeky sixes."
Mark in Highgate, via text on 81111

1842 - Eng 27-7
Brilliant stat from our esteemed assistant editor Paul Grunill - only once has an entire team been bowled out without a single batsman scoring double figures. Stand up South Africa in 1924, when England dismissed them for 30 at Edgbaston. New man Ryan Sidebottom gets off the mark with a dab to the leg side off Benn. Time for drinks.

1838 - Eng 26-7
Lordy, how did that miss? Jerome Taylor cleans up Andrew Flintoff with a pearler of a yorker, but the ball just manages to evade the off stick. Another superb over.

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"Please stop writing. This is torture. Start lying...Anything!"
Dave, Dunfermline on TEXT 81111

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"Who's gonna be the first to say 'ahh, but they'll come good for the Ashes'?"
Cynicalpom on 606
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Out for a duck
Wicket falls
1830 - Eng 26-7 - Wicket Broad ct Marshall b Benn 0
If you like your records, then England are on course for their lowest ever Test total as Stuart Broad turns Benn straight into Xavier Marshall's breadbasket at short leg. The crowd, still nursing hangovers following Bob Marley's birthday celebrations on Friday, are geared up for an almighty shindig which will last until next month should they win this. Who said West Indian cricket was on its knees?

Out for a duck
Wicket falls
1824 - Eng 23-6 - Wicket Prior bowled Taylor 0
Brilliant cricket from Taylor, who beats Prior with a beautifully disguised slower ball - an off-cutter - which dissects the keeper's defence and sends the off stump out of the ground. That's Taylor's fifth wicket - his best bowling figures in Test cricket. Expect a few more to be added to that haul if he continues to bowl like this. If you're reading this through your fingers, this won't help - England's lowest-ever Test total is 45 against Australia in January 1887. Anyone remember that game? The next worst is the famous 46 at Port of Spain in March 1994 when Curtly Ambrose went ballistic. I remember that one.

Wicket falls
1819 - Eng 23-5 - Wicket Collingwood bowled Taylor 1
Absolutely sensational/abysmal, depending on your point of view. Jerome Taylor cuts Paul Collingwood in two with a pacy delivery which seams off the pitch and just clips the leg bail. Collingwood is oblivious to it all, running for byes, he doesn't actually know he has been dismissed. Andrew Flintoff has to deliver the bad news, pointing to the dislodged bail. Jerome Taylor doesn't care, he has his fourth wicket and is bowling like a certain Steve Harmison five years ago at this ground.

1818 - Eng 23-4
More good stuff from Benn, who sees Andrew Strauss morph into first-innings Freddie. Maiden over.

"Re: 1804 'batting is tougher than the world blindfold suduko championships'. At least there you'd be guaranteed of getting a nine, that's more than England's top order at the moment!"
Mark, Newmarket via the TMS inbox

Wicket falls
1810 - Eng 20-4 - Wicket Strauss ct Ramdin b Taylor 9
Superb bowling from Jerome Taylor, who hits the perfect left-hander's line just outside the line of off stump as Strauss takes a nervous nudge which brushes the edge of his bat into the mitts of Denesh Ramdin. The keeper tosses the ball high into the air as umpire Tony Hill raises his finger. Actually, he has more of a point than a raise. Strauss doesn't contest the decision, which tells us he must have thought he nicked it and off he goes to be replaced by Andrew Flintoff, who gets off the mark with a lovely straight-driven three down the ground. Meanwhile, Taylor has three wickets. 23-4

1807 - Eng 20-3
Strauss clips Benn between mid-wicket and mid-on for two, but clumsilyopts shoulder arms to a ball which strikes him in line with the stumps, but his skin is saved by the height, although Hawk-eye suggests the ball would have just clipped the stumps.

1804 - Eng 17-3
Another top over from Jerome Taylor, although it is spoiled a tad by a no-ball. The last ball spits and thuds into Collingwood's gloves. Batting is tougher than the World Blindfold Sudoku Championships right now.

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"Can Bangalore return Pietersen and get a refund?"
simonf2906 on 606
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"Broad got his first five-wicket haul today, all we need now is a maiden 100..."
Dom via the TMS inbox

"Here sitting at work and reading your comments, it is great know that the West Indies are doing the business when nobody give them a chance. Congrats so for guys long way still to go."
Norman, Barbados, via the TMS inbox

1800 - Eng 16-3
The beleaguered (a word I have used a lot over the past week) Collingwood gets off the mark with a single off Benn, who almost yorks the Durham man first up. Strauss attempts a sweep, but gets his bat nowhere near the ball which instead rebounds off his shoulder onto helmet and into the hands of Devon Smith. Umpire Rudi Koertzen shakes his head, Sulieman Benn shakes his head and Chris Gayle shakes his head, which means no-one is particularly confident a referral will go the Windies way.

1755 - Eng 15-3
Thanks Mitch, blimey, pop out for a bag of cashews and you come back to find England's top order doing a fair impression of the global economy. Is it me or is all news bad these days? Jerome Taylor, tail up like a hunting dog, tears in, but Strauss sensibly opts to play with a straight bat. Maiden over.

Vic Marks
"If you offered England a draw now, they'd bite your hand off - they've got a long way to go before parity."
Vic Marks on TMS

By Mark Mitchener

1751 - Eng 15-3
Strauss shoulders arms to Benn, who has four predatory close catchers encircling the England captain. England benefit when a shooter dribbles along the ground, millimetres above the turf, and shoots past Ramdin for three byes. Pranav's ready to return - sorry mate, hope you won't blame me for that wicket...

1748 - Eng 12-3
In comes Paul Collingwood for one of his familiar "crisis management" innings. I remember being at McLean Park in Napier last March when he came in at 36-4 (and KP at the other end was feeling queasy) and he dug in for one of the gutsiest, bravest 30s I've ever witnessed. England trail by 62, and Colly resolutely sees off a wicket maiden.

"Bring in Joe Denly now... couldn't do any worse than Bell/Cook, and would certainly add to the one-dayers and Twenty20"
Neil Proctor in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls
1743 - WICKET - Pietersen b Taylor 1 - Eng 12-3
Jerome Taylor to have another burst in place of Gayle - and his first ball bowls KP all ends up! A ripper of a delivery! KP was trying to flick it off his legs, but was yorked.

Text in your views on 81111
"If it's time to leave Bell out is Shah really the best replacement? Should be Key not Shah"
Shaun, on the way home from Twickers, via text on 81111

1741 - Eng 12-2
Big Benn to continue spinning his web for the remaining two balls of the over from before lunch - KP edges his first ball but it drops well short of Gayle at first slip. The deposed skipper, in his usual fashion, is then off the mark with a quickly-run single.

1737: Right then - Pranav's just taking a quick break, so in the great English tradition of substitute fielders, consider me your Gary Pratt just as we resume. Talking of which, have you seen Ponting's returning early for tomorrow's ODI, in which the Kiwis are threatening to take an unassailable lead in the series?

Aggers has had a chat with England women's captain Charlotte Edwards (and team-mate Claire Taylor), Sussex manager Mark Robinson and local hero Courtney Walsh - and Kevin Pietersen is walking out with Andrew Strauss.

By Pranav Soneji

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"Big Benn has rung Bell on the stroke of lunch!"
medium_pacer on 606
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"So what is Cook's worth to the team? He can't contribute a decent score with the bat, can't bowl and his fielding is nothing that any other professional couldn't contribute. Never mind Bell being under pressure, maybe it's time for a shuffle at the top of the order?"
Mark, Newmarket via the TMS inbox


Wicket falls
1659: Eng 11-2 Wicket - Bell ct Ramdin b Benn 4
Disaster. Ian Bell attempts to cut a ball a little too close to his off stump off Benn, fanning a thin edge to Denesh Ramdin, who takes a regulation catch behind the stumps. Rudi Koertzen doesn't even need to raise his hand, the nod is sufficient - and the West Indians are jubilant. Lunch will taste a whole load better.

1657: Eng 10-1
Plenty of bounce and turn from Big Benn, but Strauss picks him off for a single. The following over sees the England captain almost kick the ball on his stumps off Gayle, who is bowling with his shades on. That man would make Fonz look like Pee Wee Herman in the world of cool.

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"If WI bowl just outside the off stump and frustrate Bell a edge is around the corner, but Bell is excellent when it comes playing off his legs. So it depends on how WI bowl."
greyblazersghost on 606
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1653: Eng 10-1
Double change for the Windies with Chris Gayle bringing himself on for a double dose of spin. He fizzes through his six balls, conceding a single off his last ball.

1650: Eng 9-1
We're only five overs in with the new cherry and already Chris Gayle has thrown the ball to big Sulieman Benn. The left-arm spinner gets some serious turn off the pitch outside of Strauss' off stump which hits his pad, sparking a speculative lbw appeal, but umpire Rudi Koertzen is unmoved. One run from the over.

1647: Eng 8-1
Lovely shot from Bell, it only looked like a nudge from the crease, but it rolls quicker than Usain Bolt out of the blocks as the duo add a couple to the total. Jerome Taylor oversteps earlier in the over, a ball which cannons off Strauss' thigh pad for the additional extra.

1641: Eng 4-1
Strauss whips a single off his toes off Daren Powell, but not too much drama from the rest of that over. So Mr IR Bell, how's about this for the perfect opportunity to cement your place as England's number three for the rest of the year?

Wicket falls
1632: Eng 1-1 Wicket - Cook ct Smith b Taylor 0
Taylor nails the ideal line and length to a left-hander as Cook's nervous prod is edged into the hands of Devon Smith at second slip, who fails to grasp the ball first time but manages to cling on to the ball before it hits the ground. Jubilation all round at Sabina Park as Cook, who looks as if someone has just deflated his favourite balloon, trudges off. Out comes the equally under-fire Ian Bell, who gets a juicy leg-stump half-volley first up, which he turns away for two. Tough times for the England boys. 3-1

Text in your views on 81111
"Before I was all for referrals but now it disrupts play, causes controversy and confusion and no one gets what's going on. Not very cricket, is it?"
Anonymous via TEXT 81111

1627: Eng 1-0
The England captain reduces the run deficit to 73 with a glance to square leg, while Taylor has a stunted lbw appeal turned down against the cagey Cook, who looked very sketchy in the first innings.

1621: Straussy and "Chef" Cook are out and Jerome Taylor will open the bowling.

"This referral system is at present a COMPLETE farce. HOW ON EARTH CAN BOTH UMPIRES GIVE POWELL OUT?! Harper has a TV screen in front of him and STILL gets it wrong!? Can someone please explain?"
Richard Pindar via the TMS inbox

I agree Richard, there was clear daylight between the bat and ball. Farce is a good word. My colleague has just said the words "Big Benn is going to wreak havoc". Daren Powell probably wants a pound or two of someone's flesh after his dismissal. Even a three-month old piece of exposed Stilton doesn't stink as much as that referral decision from umpire Harper.

Referral - waiting for verdict
Referral - out
1612: WI 392 all out Wicket - Powell ct Prior b Harmison 9
Steve Harmison comes on and sends down an absolutely rank long-hop down leg side, which Powell attempts to pull, but is caught by Matt Prior and the entire England team appeal in unison, an appeal which Tony Hills agrees with and up goes the finger. Powell looks aghast and immediately signals the "T" for a referral. The replays suggests Powell didn't get his bat anywhere near the ball but third umpire Daryl Harper upholds the original decision. Strange. Anyway, the innings is over and England will be batting shortly.

"Not sure about the carve-up in Kingston last night/this morning. The three people I was with all passed out by 8pm."
Phil Brown, Kingston (Jamaica, not Surrey) via the TMS inbox

1606: WI 392-9
Monty continues, but Edwards manages to fend off his six deliveries without too much bother. Where's your arm ball Monty? Surely the one that goes straight on would do the trick against these two? Wouldn't it?

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"Getting to 400 will be a major psychological boost for WI."
nm2878 on 606
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1601: WI 392-9
Daren Powell is no bunny with willow in hand, he nudges another sexy glance down to fine leg for a single. Fidel Edwards' batting talents, on the other hand, could rival Brer Rabbit or any character from Watership Down. However, more bat-flinging sees slinger Edwards collect three runs with a mow over cover. Numbers 10 and 11 have now put on a partnership of 16.

1555: WI 387-9
On comes Monty for his first joust of the day, extracting plenty of turn outside Fidel Edwards' off stump, but the number 11 is not biting. Oh my days - Monty beats Edwards with a delivery that pitches on leg and beats off. Please wipe that grin off your face Mr S Benn.

1550: WI 387-9
Fidel Edwards gets stuck into some bat-flinging antics, walloping Andrew Flintoff through the covers for three. The Sabina Park faithful are absolutely loving it, thought most of them would be nursing a few headaches after some of the post-Marley/Gayle celebrations. Fidel is beaten by a belter of a Freddie delivery, only to practise a huge straight mow straight after. Brave Fidel, brave. He opts for a straighter bat to fend off the last few deliveries.

1545: WI 383-9
Wallop! Daren Powell skips down the pitch and thumps a thundering drive through extra cover for three off Broad. Had that been any other ground in the West Indies, that would have been four all the way. But Sabina Park is a big ol' patch of green, so the pair end up collecting three instead.

1540: WI 380-9
England are sniffing around the carcass of the West Indian innings like a pack of hunger-ravaged hyenas, but Edwards and Powell are refusing to surrender, with Powell smartly flicking Flintoff off his toes down to fine leg for two.

"The 80s might be a good period for European cricket (see 1522), but I don't think we can discuss European cricketers without mention of 1990 and the emergence of Roland Lefebvre. What a man! What a player!"
Craig, from Llanelli via the TMS inbox

Wicket falls
1535: WI 376-9 Wicket - Nash ct Prior b Broad 55
Nash bears an uncanny resemblance to former South Africa opener now India coach Gary Kirsten. Oh oh, big-time commentators' knocker on the Australian-raised Jamaican. He needlessly wafts outside off stump to a wide Broad delivery, edging into the grateful mitts of Matt Prior behind the stumps. Nash looks livid, a complete contrast to Stuart Broad, who picks up his first ever five-wicket haul in Test cricket. In comes last man Fidel Edwards.

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"Good comeback from Broad. Lead is getting a little on the large side now and with tail-enders likely to throw the bat, England could easily be staring down the barrel of a 100 deficit"
HMG on 606
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1528: WI 374-8
Nash opts for a swift single off the first delivery of Flintoff's over, the first run conceded by Freddie today, exposing Daren Powell to England's best bowler, but the Jamaican gets himself off the mark with a squirted two behind square.

Wicket falls
1522: WI 371-8 Wicket - Benn ct Cook b Broad 23
The TMS team is currently discussing one of my all-time favourite cricket discussions - European first-class cricketers from the 1980s. If the names Ole Mortensen, PJ Bakker or Andre van Troost mean anything to you, we're singing off the same hymn sheet. However, after picking up a couple more runs with another aerial drive, Benn lollies a leading edge looping catch to Alastair Cook at point attempting to play the ball to the leg side. A Useful innings comes to an end. And that wicket also gives Stuart Broad his best Test bowling figures.

1518: WI 368-7
Freddie is less generous than fellow blondteam-mate Broad, exchanging a few pleasantries with Benn after beating the bat. But Bajan Benn is a doughty fellow, getting his huge front foot out to the pitch of the ball and playing with a straight bat. Flintoff's second consecutive maiden.

1514: WI 368-7
Broad beats the edge of Sulieman Benn's bat with a brute of a delivery, but the left-hander then launches a short delivery over the square leg boundary with a Clive Lloyd/Chris Gayle-style short-arm pull for six, before an aerial back-foot drive over mid-off for a boundary. And he nicks the strike with a cheeky glance to move to 21. Apparently Big Benn is the tallest West Indian cricketer since Joel "Big Bird" Garner. Big facts.

1508: WI 357-7
Freddie ambles up and sends down five deliveries around off stump, which Nash judiciously plays with a straight bat or leaves. However, the last delivery is an absolute snorter and is drawn into a false stroke, but Fred has about as much luck as a sulky teenager at a school disco right now as the ball flies past the outside edge. Maiden over.

That's 50
1504: WI 357-7
Nash nudges a wide Broad delivery outside off stump down to third man for a boundary to bring up a thoroughly well-deserved half century, his third successive effort too. He then cannons a well-timed straight drive down the pitch, partially stopped by the ample boot of the Nottinghamshire seamer, for a single.

1458: The players wander out to the middle as the tropical Caribbean sun belts down accompanied by the merest wisps of translucent clouds. Brendan Nash is taking guard and will face the first ball of day four to be bowled by Stuart Broad.

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"In Nash the West Indies have found the steel in the middle order that they've missed since Jimmy Adams... he's not exciting, but he looks to be hugely effective, and when you have the likes of Sarwan, Gayle and Ramdin around him, a bit of good old fashioned graft isn't a bad thing."
Waikato_fc on 606
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1455: Last night sounds like a right up carve-up in Kingston. Not only was the city celebrating Chris Gayle's first Test ton at his home ground, but it was also reggae legend Bob Marley's birthday too - and BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew said the furniture in his hotel room turned into a percussion instrument until 2am as the Jamaicans partied. And can they party.

1453: Send through the emails via the TMS inbox, or if you're a texter, use your thumb to bash out your thoughts on TEXT 81111 with the word CRICKET before your message, or use the 606 link above to vent your spleen.

1449: We're less than 10 minutes away from the start, so let's have your thoughts about today's play, Brendan Nash's very passable attempt to impersonate Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Kevin Pietersen's attempts to learn Kannada to impress his new employers in Bangalore.

1440: I'm slightly gutted I'm going to be watching the cricket as I will be missing out on the opening weekend offerings of the Six Nations, which kicks off today when England take on Italy at Twickenham at 1500 GMT. However, I can think of no man better than Mark Orlovac to guide you through the day's oval ball action.

And if the round ball is more your (onion) bag, then new football signing Ian Hughes - stepping in for the absent Cheese and Stevo - is on hand to guide you through the day's Premier League action:

The sun is out
"Sat watching the England team warm up with a kick about at Sabina Park. Monty is showing some silky skills: just beautifully brought down and killed a cross-field pass."
Phil Brown via the TMS inbox

Hang on, shouldn't you be preparing for a ding-dong Premier League match against Chelsea this afternoon?

1430: Afternoon team Test match, let's play a little game. Who can describe this game without using the words "attritional", "old-fashioned" or "tedious"? OK, maybe I'm being a little unfair here, but it's hardly seat-of-your-pants stuff. Who would have thought in the days of yore, when Andy Roberts, Michael Holding, Joel Garner and Malcolm Marshall were charging in, that Sabina Park would be as slow and low as a snail whose just lost his shell?

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