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England v SA, 2nd Test day three as it happened

SECOND TEST, Headingley (day three, close):
England 203 & 50-2 v South Africa 522

England had a massive task on their hands to save the second Test at Headingley after South Africa racked up a mammoth first-innings total of 522.

The hosts replied with 50-2, needing 269 more just to make the tourists bat again, with two full days still to go and a decent weather forecast.

AB de Villiers batted eight and a half hours for his 174 as England sent down 176.2 overs in South Africa's innings.

But it took Makhaya Ntini just nine overs to take two crucial wickets.


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By Mark Mitchener

1856: And with a decent weather forecast for the next couple of days, it doesn't look as if the rain will give England any help on Monday or Tuesday as they bid to save this game.

To be honest, England have been pretty ordinary for the last two days while I've been in this chair - the good news for you Ben Dirs fans is that fresh from his efforts on the Open golf today, he'll be in the live text chair for tomorrow and Tuesday. Can he inspire England to improve? Make sure you join Ben in the morning - but for now, it's good night from me.


1853 - Eng 50-2 (24 overs)
Right then - last over. I may have been accused of jinxing Cook by mentioning his calm assurance and solid defence earlier in the innings, but he sees off the final over from Morkel with a couple of comfortable "leaves" and a couple of sound defensive strokes. A couple more close fielders are brought in for the last ball, but another "leave" from Cook has seen off the maiden over. England finish the day still 269 runs behind.

1849 - Eng 50-2 (23 overs)
As the TMS team predicted, Jimmy Anderson has been given the often thankless task of nightwatchman. South Africa bring in a second gully to add to their three slips, and Anderson shoulders arms to his first ball. Billy B isn't happy with Ntini's follow-through. Anderson is hit on the pad on the final delivery, but Billy B shakes his head to a stifled appeal.

And the news from Birkdale... Padraig Harrington has retained his Open title, winning by four strokes.
Live text: The 137th Open Championship, with Ben Dirs

Wicket falls
1845 - WICKET - Vaughan c Boucher b Ntini 21 - Eng 50-2 (22.4 overs)
In case you were wondering about the light, it's still bright sunshine at Headingley so we'll definitely get these last two overs in. But it's all over for Vaughan when he prods tentatively at a good ball from Ntini and Boucher takes a tumbling catch.

1843 - Eng 50-1 (22 overs)
Morkel continues to bang it in short to Cook, who leaves any deliveries he can. He steers a single through gully, then Vaughan straight-drives and they run a double. Vaughan then pushes a single to take his side to the fifty mark.

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"[Re: 1746] There's a 'bloke called' Chanderpaul doing quite well for Durham, as well. Couldn't we get him in the side?"
FleetJackHobbs on 606
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1838 - Eng 46-1 (21 overs)
Cook is hit on the pad by Ntini, and graciously throws the ball back himself. Cook then pushes the ball to mid-off, it trickles towards Steyn who bends down and misses the ball with both hands, allowing England an "undeserved" or, you might say, "unearned" run! Three overs left today.

1834 - Eng 45-1 (20 overs)
The TMS team ponder if England have a nightwatchman lined up, with Jimmy Anderson the likely candidate. Vaughan is rapped on the glove for the second time this innings, and it clearly stings but it drops wide of Amla at short leg. Morkel then wastes the next ball with a bouncer which is high and wide. Another maiden.

"Sorry Sarah [1811 entry], love to take you up on your wonderful offer but I have some grass that I need to watch growing, but thanks all the same"
Auvergnat, France, in the TMS inbox

1829 - Eng 45-1 (19 overs)
Cook defends well against Ntini, seeing off a maiden over as the day's play is gradually drawing to a close.

"Get Paul Nixon (55 off 42 today for Leicestershire) in the Test team as a stop-gap until the selectors can decide on what they want from a wicketkeeper. He guarantees you a handful of runs whilst having hands as safe as a badger's sett"
Ray in the TMS inbox

1825 - Eng 45-1 (18 overs)
Vic Marks on TMS notes that another pitch invader has been collared by "some aspiring rugby league players" (the stewards). Vaughan asks someone lurking by the side of the sightscreens to move, before weaving away from a snorter from Morkel. A slower ball is punched through mid-off by Vaughan for his third four.

"The ECB are worried that Twenty20 might harm Test cricket. I used to agree. But having suffered along with you through this match and its longeurs, the sooner Twenty20 eliminates Tests the better. At least the pain will be over quicker"
Laurie in Tonbridge, in the TMS inbox

1820 - Eng 41-1 (17 overs)
Vaughan in particular will breathe a sign of relief as Steyn is off and Ntini returns, having switched ends. The skipper aims a square cut at a wide one which is signalled as a wide. Vaughan rotates the strike, while Cook plays and misses. Seven overs remaining today.

"Hi Mark: re The Great Escape and Americans (1733) - while James Coburn did get free, he was actually playing an Australian. Not easy to tell, given his execrable accent, though"
Stephen Gould, Long Island, New York

"I was watching The Great Escape just this morning with my kids. One of the few to escape successfully was an Australian who was signed up in the British Army (played by an American, James Coburn). Maybe Pattinson will come to the rescue with the bat. Or maybe we should just sign up some more Australians. Warne is free at the moment. It's been an inspiring film for cricketers for many years. That is obviously where the idea for 'dirt in the pocket' came from"
Toby, London, in the TMS inbox

1815 - Eng 39-1 (16 overs)
Vaughan tips-and-runs again, and has to avoid Morkel in the middle of the pitch as the single is completed. Cook nudges a couple of leg-byes, while Morkel sends down a no-ball.

1811 - Eng 35-1 (15 overs)
Vaughan gets firmly behind the line to defend against Steyn. He then has to sway away from a bouncer from the snarling South African, who's in his eighth over. Vaughan prods a single into the covers.

"Anyone want a ticket for the Saturday at The Oval next month? I've got some paint I might need to watch drying. Think it would be more inspiring"
Sarah, disillusioned in Canterbury, in the TMS inbox

1806 - Eng 34-1 (14 overs)
The visitors are hoping to whittle out another one or two tonight, but Vaughan dabs a single to leg, and Cook leaves anything he doesn't have to play at. It's getting a bit chilly for some of the fielders now.

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"Re: 1746 - also worth noting the three wickets for '12th man' Tremlett today, and a certain Matt Prior cruising along on 70 not out from 61 balls"
Jonty, via text on 81111
Latest county scores

1802 - Eng 33-1 (13 overs)
Vaughan prods forward to Steyn, who screams an lbw appeal, but umpire Bowden is unmoved and instead goes to deal with a paper bag which has blown on. Vaughan eventually guides a single off his legs and will be pleased to get away from Steyn's end.

"As a Durham fan, we have a very strong team with our internationals back. Colly has just helped us thrash Middlesex with a fantastic 78 off 66 balls with six sixes - good luck with Tiny Tim at six guys! He'll be padding up by now I expect..."
Patrick, Washington (Tyne & Wear) in the TMS inbox

1758 - Eng 32-1 (12 overs)
After the drinks, we have a first bowling change as Morne Morkel replaces Ntini - he's going round the wicket to Cook as well. A no-ball boosts the score, then Cook gets an inside edge and the ball bounces just clear of the stumps. Cook has 21 of England's 32 runs.

"I live directly outside Headingley stadium, I can actually see the crease from a bedroom window! Every time I hear a large cheer I check TMS to see if it was a wicket or not! Guess I'll be hearing a lot of cheers from now on since England are batting"
Mark Hebden in the TMS inbox

1752 - Eng 31-1 (11 overs)
The frustrated Steyn now has Cook playing and missing, having come round the wicket to the left-handed Essex opener. A midfield from Harris allows him a single, and we have a drinks break.

"Re: Alison's 'ejection count' [1656], anybody who has been lucky enough to see a cricket game in the Caribbean, or anywhere else other than the UK, can relate to how ridiculously over-the-top the 'crowd control' efforts of the stewards here are. It was embarrassing at Trent Bridge against New Zealand. Do beer snakes bite?"
TJ (North Sea somewhere) in the TMS inbox

1746 - Eng 30-1 (10 overs)
Another pull to mid-wicket, and another four for Cook from one which sat up well, then he tucks a single off his legs. And as if to rub the selectors' noses in the dirt, a bloke called Paul Collingwood is 72 not out for Durham off 65 balls (having hit five sixes and three fours) and about to win their opening Pro40 game for them. A pace bowler called Steve Harmison took 4-31 from eight overs.
Latest county scores

1742 - Eng 25-1 (9 overs)
The fiery Steyn has two slips and a gully for Cook, who's happy to leave anything wide. He eventually guides one through the covers and they run three while the flat-footed Harris gives chase (Neil Manthorp feels Harris's fielding isn't much better than Monty P's). Steyn then beats Vaughan's outside edge again with an absolute jaffa.

"SA's scorecard has a strange look about it - only two batsmen made runs out of 500 plus. Usually in cricket if you get the top four batsmen cheaply then you fancy getting the team out for 300 or less"
David Brennan in the TMS inbox

1737 - Eng 22-1 (8 overs)
Vaughan flashes and misses again against Ntini. An uncomfortable maiden over for England.

"Young Malfoy [Broad] may not have had a good day, but he did dispose of the evil ABDV... worth keeping (even if just cos he's pretty)"
Jane, Sharm, in the TMS inbox

1733 - Eng 22-1 (7 overs)
Steyn "has an assassin's smile on his face", says Neil Manthorp on TMS, and he induces an inside edge from Vaughan which trickles to the square leg boundary for four. Paul Harris makes a few friends on the Western Terrace by throwing an errant beach ball back up into the stand, but that's the cue for a (clothed) female pitch invader to race onto the pitch, only to be marched off by several burly stewards. Now it's Vaughan's turn to be hit on the hand, but he's okay and he guides a single to deep backward square leg. While MV is pleased to be off strike, Cook fluently pulls Steyn through mid-wicket for four.

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"Take heart from 'The Great Escape'? Didn't they fail miserably and die gruesomely at the end?"
Brian, bored at work, Plymouth, cia text on 81111
[The Brits did, curiously the ones that survived were all Americans, weren't they? MM]

1726 - Eng 13-1 (6 overs)
Ntini goes round the wicket to Cook, and oversteps with a no-ball. Then Cook gets an edge... but it's along the ground between first and second slip. Four runs, and they're into double figures.

"Mark... please quit the 'Cook is secure at this stage' certain-jinx type comments, we all know what they lead to... Secondly, how many catches did Whatsisname drop exactly?"
Glyn from the Alps in the TMS inbox
[Patto dropped just the two - MM]

1721 - Eng 8-1 (5 overs)
Cook adds a single to his score - he's scored all four runs in this innings so far. Steyn snared Vaughan in the first innings and is scenting the England skipper's blood, especially when he plays and misses at his first ball. He then pokes at another and is beaten again! The skipper finally gets off the mark when he guides one off his legs through mid-wicket for four - which doubles England's score.

1716 - Eng 3-1 (4 overs)
The new batsman is Michael Vaughan. Who's on a "pair". At least he avoids a first-baller.

Out for a duck
1714 - WICKET - Strauss c Boucher b Ntini 0 - Eng 3-1 (3.5 overs)
An e-mail from Headingley reveals that tickets are available now for tomorrow's play in all areas of the ground. Prices range from 27 to 48, while a junior ticket in the North or West stands will set you back 18. Cook plays another one delicately off his leg, and they just get one this time. Strauss then unwisely nibbles at one from Ntini and gives a fairly simple catch to Boucher.

"It must be bad for England when Obi-Wan Kenobi gives up all hope for us. (Re: Alex Guinnness comment at 1648). I know it's Alec but come on..."
Ed, Fulham, in the TMS inbox

1711 - Eng 2-0 (3 overs)
Steyn is still getting some late movement against Strauss, who sees off another maiden.

"I came to the first day's play. My thinking on England bowling is they do not have any real fast bowlers like South Africa do. The only safe thing now for England is rain for near two days, or England to do what South Africa did in the first Test and bat out for a draw. Come on England you can do it. It's great to see Flintoff back"
Nick from York in the TMS inbox

1707 - Eng 2-0 (2 overs)
Fresh from his cameo innings, Ntini takes the second over. Alastair Cook leg-glances his first ball to Steyn at fine leg and they run two. Ntini gets the last ball to lift a bit, but Cook is secure at this stage.

"How many people emailed in suggesting Strauss' child [1612 entry] could have been named 'Levi'?"
Charlie, Oxford, in the TMS inbox
[The only cricketer I know with the name 'Luca' is Daniel Luca Vettori... MM]

1702 - Eng 0-0 (1 over)
Dale Steyn takes the new ball for South Africa, and is already getting a bit of movement against the left-handed Andrew Strauss. England's reply starts with a maiden over.

The Great Escape
1656: Here's an omen for England to cling to - "The Great Escape" is on BBC2 in a little while, at 1715 BST. Can they take heart from the most-repeated film of all time? I see KP in the Steve McQueen role, Tim Ambrose as the diminuitive "The Mole" and after a few of those lbw decisions earlier in this series, umpire Daryl Harper could take on the Donald Pleasance role. ("Let me come with you. I can see... I can give lbws perfectly...")

Alison Mitchell
"I've been over by the Western Terrace again, and I've been on 'ejection count' - there were 62 ejected on Friday, 40 yesterday and 37 so far today. The stewards have a zero tolerance policy if you don't hand over your inflatables or beer snakes when asked"
TMS's pitchside reporter Alison Mitchell

"I'm regretting buying tickets for the final Test following the final day at Lord's and now this. The Open is way more fun to watch... and coming from someone who isn't too bothered about golf, that's saying a lot"
Sarah, Bucks, in the TMS inbox
Live text: The 137th Open Championship, with Ben Dirs


Wicket falls
1649 - WICKET - Ntini c Pietersen b Panesar 1 - SA 522 all out (176.2 overs)
Monty surrounds the bat with close fielders, Ntini finally has a dart and is caught by KP at cover. The tourists lead by 319 - they'll be cock-a-hoop, England must be shattered. Who'd be an opening batsman? At least Monty and Patto can put their feet up now.

1648 - DROPPED CATCH - SA 522-9 (176 overs)
Surely Steyn is going to have a swing now? (He may well do, and don't call me Shirley, I hear you reply). Broad has four slips and a gully for Steyn, who smears one through the covers and they run a comfortable two. Steyn has another big slog, gets another inside edge and increases his score by another four runs, the ruffian! He then tries to lift one from outside off stump over mid-wicket... and is dropped by Patto as he sinks to his knees at mid-on!

"We're on our way back to Budapest from a Hungarian league cricket match, and thank God I am not watching the slow inevitability of the Saffers' win in this match!"
Alex Guinness in the TMS inbox

1644 - SA 516-9 (175 overs)
Plenty of fielders round the bat for Ntini, who plays some immaculate forward defensive strokes to the Montster. A maiden.

1641 - SA 516-9 (174 overs)
A would-be pitch invader from the Western Terrace falls over even before he reaches the boundary rope, as Ntini plays and misses a couple of times at Broad. ("He could have been playing that in a darkened room with a blindfold on", says Vic Marks on TMS). The number 11 is off the mark after prodding a single to leg. Steyn then gets a thin inside edge past the stumps and past Tiny Tim for four.

1637 - SA 511-9 (173 overs)
Makhaya Ntini is the new batsman, but they crossed on the catch so Steyn is facing. Monty's quickly through the rest of his over, and Steyn defends it.

Wicket falls
1634 - WICKET - Harris c Anderson b Panesar 24 - SA 511-9 (172.1 overs)
Harris has a huge mow, swings it straight up into the air and Anderson jogs in from mid-on to take the catch.

1633 - SA 511-8 (172 overs)
Dale Steyn is the new batsman, he enjoyed giving it a bit of welly with the bat at Lord's. But his first ball from Broad is far, far too wide - would have been a one-day wide.

Wicket falls
1631 - WICKET - de Villiers c Flintoff b Broad 174 - SA 511-8 (171.5 overs)
Harris whips Broad off his pads to Monty at long leg for another single - the lead is now 308. But ABDV's marathon innings is finally ended when Broad finds the edge and Flintoff takes a stunning catch, diving to his left as the first (and only) slip. Took it one-handed, just inches off the ground.

Neil Manthorp
"Paul Harris made it clear to me at the beginning of this tour that he wants to challenge Morne Morkel for the number eight spot - he takes his batting seriously"
Neil Manthorp on TMS

1627 - SA 510-7 (171 overs)
After just seven overs with the third new ball, it's handed back to Monty. Harris tries to sweep but is hit on the pad, Monty jumps up and down to appeal for lbw and they run two leg-byes. Harris then serves notice of intent by dancing down the track and lofting an on-drive into the stands at long-on. A monster six off the Montster! Harris then keeps the strike with a single off the last ball, he's clearly enjoying himself now.

"Why is Monty Panesar getting off scot-free in the debate over England's bowling attack? He bowls too short, too quick and struggles to contain batsmen. He is only a threat (and a vague one at that) on wickets with turn AND bounce. Plus his batting is a joke and when fielding he is clearly scared of the ball, which for a club cricketer is a disgrace never mind an international"
Thesmiff, West Bromwich, in the TMS inbox

1623 - SA 501-7 (170 overs)
Broad replaces Anderson after that expensive last over. ABDV knocks a single past the slips, then Harris flicks a single off his legs to Monty at fine leg. Mr Panesar's fielding is, as ever, cheered by a large number of people dressed as superheroes on the Western Terrace. ABDV then cleverly opens the face and brings up the 500 with a steered four to third man, to Broad's annoyance.

"Maybe I misheard, but I thought it was CMJ who said that he sat next to Deryck Murray during a history exam at Cambridge, not Vic Marks. Marks went to Oxford, I believe, while CMJ has a history degree from Cambridge. Plus Murray's about 12 years older than Vic..."
Allan Moyes, Arlington, VA, in the TMS inbox

1617 - SA 495-7 (169 overs)
Patto has a short leg and a short mid-wicket for Harris, who's been fending deliveries off, although the short mid-wicket is then moved across to short point by Tinkerman Vaughan. Harris, who doesn't look too comfortable against pace, wildly flails at one outside off stump which sails over gully and they run two. An off-drive brings Harris another two and takes his score to 15.

Text in your views on 81111
"This series could set Test cricket back 20 years. The purists might love it but it's dull, unwatchable rubbish from both sides. 48 to sit through this. Roll on the footie season"
Anon, via text on 81111

1612 - SA 491-7 (168 overs)
ABDV tucks Anderson away for two, then a classic cover-drive straight out of the MCC coaching manual brings him another four. He almost repeats the shot with an off-drive past mid-off, but it has the same result - four.

"In text commentary for the last Test, you said that Andy Strauss left the field as his wife went into labour. Do we know what did the - badly timed! - addition to the Strauss 'clan' turn out to be - boy or girl?"
AH, Essex, in the TMS inbox
[It was a boy, called Luca - MM]

1608 - SA 481-7 (167 overs)
Darren Pattinson takes the fourth over with the third new ball. De Villiers knocks his usual single, then Harris is hit on the hand with a powerful delivery. Harris is clearly in plenty of pain, he rips the glove off, and the South Africa physio dashes on. And, even better, he uses the yellow biro/sonic screwdriver mentioned by Alison Mitchell earlier [see 1441 entry], clicking it furiously to zap Harris's finger with some electrical charges to release those magic endorphins. (And in answer to G Hawkes' e-mail at 1535, the SA physio looks nothing like The Master, unless he has regenerated again).

Get involved on 606
"Re: Headingley '81 comparisons - lest we forget, Botham saved the match but it was Bob Willis that actually won it. I was there - the most memorable sporting event I've ever seen live - and I really don't think there's anyone in this England team that can rip through a side the way Willis did that last day. (Prove me wrong, guys, please!)"
Tlimvvo2max on 606
Join the debate on 606

1602: Billy Bowden has rebuilt the stumps, and it's eyes down for the evening session.

"I'm not bored but I just changed my audio settings for TMS to the 'amphitheatre' setting and it sounds like they are talking to each other in an outside loo. Is this the correct setting for TMS or are they really in a studio?"
Kevin, Bermuda, in the TMS inbox

Jonny Wilkinson
Darren Pattinson
"I think Patto looks like good old Johnny Wilko... all the criticism, poor guy, it's not Patto's fault he got chosen to play!"
Indi from Berkshire in the TMS inbox


1543 - SA 480-7 (166 overs)
ABDV trots through for a single, leaving Harris three balls to block before tea. Jimmy has four slips and a gully in for the tail-ender, but still can't find the edge. Harris even steers the last ball before the interval though mid-wicket for two. South Africa lead by 277 - and ladies and gents, that's tea.

Vic Marks
"A propos (vaguely) of Vic Marks' reminiscence of sitting a history exam next to Deryck Murray, is it the case that he has ever co-authored a piece of writing (not necessarily a manifesto) with Matthew Engel?"
Peter Sutton in the TMS inbox

1539 - SA 477-7 (165 overs)
Patto will share the new ball with Jimmy, but he's given equally short shrift by ABDV, who pulls a short ball through mid-wicket. He now has just one slip - with the new ball - for the rampant ABDV. De Villiers is surprised by the bounce of one delivery and takes one hand off the bat, but still manages to run a quick single to mid-on. We'll get another over in before tea.

He's reached 150
1535 - SA 472-7 (164 overs)
Finally we have the third new ball... which is immediately despatched to the cover boundary by ABDV to bring up his 150. A single off the fifth ball leaves one ball for Harris to survive - which he does.

The Master (as played by John Simm) and his laser screwdriver
"I think Alison will find that 'neat little gizmo' [see 1441 entry] is just a Sonic Screwdriver. Or maybe even a Laser Screwdriver. Please ask her if the Saffer physio looks like John Simm, just in case..."
G Hawkes, New Zealand, in the TMS inbox
[Bit of a step down for The Master, that? Would-be ruler of the universe, to South Africa's physio? MM]

1531 - SA 467-7 (163 overs)
If Michael Vaughan ever took his trademark white sunhat off, no doubt we'd see a furrowed brow at this stage. Just a single to ABDV off Monty, and surely we'll have the new ball now?

1527 - SA 466-7 (162 overs)
But rather than the new ball, we're going to have the old ball... with Kevin Pietersen. Huh? ABDV cuts one over slip which sails away for four, then prods a single to leg.

1525 - SA 461-7 (161 overs)
One more over before the third new ball can be taken (as the second was, bizarrely, taken after 81 overs rather than 80). ABDV plunders another single off Monty to reach 141, Harris nearly collapses to the turf when he tries to prod forward at Mr Panesar.

Ashley Giles
Darren Pattinson
"Just wanted to add to the crucial debate about who Pattinson looks likes. Looking at today's pics on the website, I honestly thought for a second that I was looking at the regal Spanish wheelie-bin himself - aka El Gilo - having lost a few pounds, and undergone a touch of top-of-the-range plazzy surgery"
Oli in Sussex in the TMS inbox

1521 - SA 460-7 (160 overs)
The field is spread for ABDV, clearly offering him a "gimme" single which he takes. With Harris on strike, the field comes in, but it's been a frustrating and exhausting day for Flintoff as he can't find the edge. Harris punches a full toss through mid-wicket and they run a couple.

1517 - SA 457-7 (159 overs)
Monty floats one down the leg side, Ambrose misses it and they run two byes. ABDV then uncharacteristically attempts a brutal slog-sweep and misses the ball completely. Back in his normal modus operandi, he guides a gentle single to leg.

1514 - SA 454-7 (158 overs)
A nasty one from Freddie raps ABDV high on the thigh, right between the knee-rolls (as it were). A cover-driven two takes the Proteas past 450, then a leg-bye brings Harris on strike again but the number nine confidently jabs a single of his own. ABDV cover-drives again, and a single ensures he keeps the strike.

Neil Manthorp
"Paul Harris didn't bowl spin until he was 15 - as he was the biggest kid in the class at school, he was always given the new ball, until a cricket master told him he was 'hopeless' as he was the same pace at 15 he had been at nine, so he took up spin"
Neil Manthorp on TMS

1510 - SA 449-7 (157 overs)
ABDV purloins another single from Monty, Harris obdurately defends. Panesar switches back to bowling round the wicket to the same ball, but Harris gets a big stride down the pitch and plays defensively.

1508 - SA 448-7 (156 overs)
Flintoff has a short leg and a Reasonably Short Extra Cover in for Harris, and a few brollies are going up. The tall Harris sways out of the way of a bouncer, then tries to leg-glance one but fails to make contact and Ambrose makes a smart leg-side stop. A maiden over. Neil Manthorp on TMS reveals that Harris's sporting hero as a youngster was... former world surfing champion Kelly Slater!
INTERNET LINK: Kelly Slater on Wikipedia

1504 - SA 448-7 (155 overs)
Monty switches to bowling over the wicket, Gilo-style, to frustrate ABDV who clips a single off his legs to mid-wicket. Harris adds a single of his own - but he has to face Flintoff now...

Neil Manthorp
"De Villiers knows how modern cricketers are often judged by their averages - he knows the value of a big 'not out'"
Neil Manthorp on TMS

1501 - SA 446-7 (154 overs)
Flintoff replaces Anderson in the attack, ABDV feasts on an overpitched delivery which beats the off-side cordon and streaks away for four. He then swats a single to Pietersen who is acting as the cover sweeper. And Greg Norman is out on the course at Birkdale - beware the Shark!
Live text: The 137th Open Championship, with Andrew McKenzie

"Re: 1404 comment: I think it is the same reason why dogs don't eat cat food. I'm in Jeddah where it must be 75 degrees hotter than Ankara at the moment - it is 45 degrees outside and cricket is played everywhere here - mostly due to the large Asian population who will play anywhere, anytime!"
David Clarke in the TMS inbox

1456 - SA 441-7 (153 overs)
ABDV punches a single through the covers, and the field comes in to surround the bat for Harris. But he knocks away a single to leg, ABDV clubs Monty away for three and we'll get the third new ball in seven overs. Pietersen comes back on, Park trots off.

1452 - SA 436-7 (152 overs)
ABDV is slightly hesitant about taking a single off Anderson, which doesn't say much about his confidence in Harris and the other tail-enders if he's already thinking about farming the strike. But the single is taken, and Jimmy has Harris fishing at the next couple. He gets an edge to third man, and not even a head-first Superman dive by sub fielder Garry Park can stop the ball from touching the rope for four.

1448 - SA 431-7 (151 overs)
Monty sends down a maiden over to Harris, who is on the defensive.

1446 - SA 431-7 (150 overs)
ABDV may have a bit of a dash here, now the tail-enders are in and they're 224 ahead. True to form, he crashes Anderson through the covers for four.

"After hearing on TMS about AB's part-time bowling [when South Africa had three seam bowlers injured in a Test], perhaps the brilliant TMS team could discuss whether at this time in South Africa's innings, Vaughan could introduce Bell, Pietersen, Cook, himself or indeed Strauss into the attack. And how easy it is to face a part time bowler. Perhaps Bill could even tell us what Strauss bowls!"
Scott From Yeovil in the TMS inbox
[Strauss is listed on Cricinfo as left-arm medium - he has two first-class wickets - MM]

1441 - SA 427-7 (149 overs)
New batsman Paul Harris defends his first ball from the Montster.

Alison Mitchell
"I've just had a chat with the South Africa physio, who has a neat little gizmo - it looks like a fat yellow biro with a blue tip, which is used for injuries such as hand injuries. There's a quartz crystal inside the biro which creates an electrical charge when pressed against the hand and your body releases endorphins - it's a natural way of healing"
The science bit, from TMS's pitchside reporter Alison Mitchell

Out for a duck
1439 - WICKET - Morkel b Panesar 0 - SA 427-7 (148.5 overs)
After another ABDV single, Monty twirls one in with a bit of flight and Morkel's off bail is removed as he tries to drive. But by Monty's standards, his celebrations are fairly restrained.

1436 - SA 426-6 (148 overs)
ABDV advances the score with a solitary single off Anderson, who has now taken 3-109 from his 39 overs.

1432 - SA 425-6 (147 overs)
New batsman is Morne Morkel, who's not as much of a batsman as his six-hitting brother Albie (who can hit it "miles", says Vic Marks on TMS), and he's the non-striker as ABDV cuts to third man for three. Monty goes over the wicket to the tall, left-handed Morkel who plays out the over. Anderson, who gets a cheer when he goes out to long-on, is sporting a rather large set of sideburns, though not quite as impressive as Sir Tom Courtenay's Dickensian mutton-chops yesterday (see yesterday's live text for plenty of sideburn chat).

Wicket falls
1428 - WICKET - Boucher b Anderson 34 - SA 422-6 (146 overs)
Broad is withdrawn and Anderson returns for the first time in this session, but the runs continue to flow for both Boucher and de Villiers. The crowd are getting restless, ABDV pushes a quick single to ABDV and the leaping Vaughan at mid-off acrobatically shies at the stumps but misses. They could have run an overthrow if ABDV hadn't overrun the crease. But then Anderson gets his reward for some good bowling earlier today when Boucher attempts a pull shot and drags it onto his stumps with a bottom edge.

"Broad right now needs to go back to first-class cricket to learn his trade there - he's been thrown in too early and too much is expected of him. However, he's far from ordinary. The lad has bags of talent, he's barely 22 and will be a regular for England for many years to come"
Zenon Szulc in the TMS inbox

1423 - SA 418-5 (145 overs)
Monty is plundered for some easy runs as single takes ABDV to 111, then the increasingly bullish Boucher nudges a two and a single to reach 33.

1420 - SA 414-5 (144 overs)
ABDV impressively on-drives Broad for three, then Boucher off-drives and a diving Vaughan stop restricts them to two rather than a probable four. Vaughan is a ball-magnet in the field as Boucher pushes another couple, this time to his left.

"Now, South Africa need quick runs, and England need quick wickets - if their captains are thinking of winning this match. And Greg needs to keep out of the rough and make a couple of birdies, or more! Go Greg, go!"
BSY in the TMS inbox

1416 - SA 407-5 (143 overs)
Time for another spell from the Montster - who has just a slip and a short leg by way of close fielders. Boucher turns him down to third man for a single. Then, ABDV pushes a quick single to 12th man Garry Park at mid-on, and as he runs towards the stumps at the bowler's end, he collides with Monty and the two crash over in a heap! (Good body check, Monty).

Neil Manthorp
"If a 53-year-old [Greg Norman] can win the Open, England can fight their way back from here - although the two achievements would be quite similar"
Neil Manthorp on TMS
Live text: The 137th Open Championship, with Andrew McKenzie

1412 - SA 405-5 (142 overs)
Broad slings in a leg-stump half-volley and Boucher gives it the punishment it deserves by punching it towards cow corner for four. That's 400 up. And the chicken [see 1226 entry] is back on the Western Terrace - obviously it wasn't ejected from the ground, and didn't end up being served as lunch either. Boucher steers one to the cover boundary and half-surprises ABDV when he calls for a third run - which brings up this pair's fifty partnership.

1408 - SA 398-5 (141 overs)
Boucher flicks Patto for a single to leg ("like a squash player", says Neil Manthorp), while ABDV is nearing 300 balls faced for his 106. He tries to straight-drive a full toss but Patto fields well off his own bowling.

Clark Kent (as played by Christopher Reeve)
Darren Pattinson
"In response to the comment made at 1338, Pattinson clearly only resembles Clark Kent - all he is missing is the glasses. Whether he can turn into England's superman is anyone's guess"
Leo in the TMS inbox

1404 - SA 397-5 (140 overs)
Boucher singles off Broad, then the Notts youngster has a fairly loud lbw shout against ABDV (who is hit on the top of his inside thigh - ouch) but it was going pretty high.

Neil Manthorp
"Why don't they make mouse-flavoured cat food?"
Neil Manthorp on TMS

1400 - SA 396-5 (139 overs)
There are indeed a few brollies up around the ground, and the ground staff are preparing to scoot on with the covers if necessary, but the players are carrying on for the moment. Boucher tucks Patto away for a single off his legs, and two more singles increase the tourists' lead to 193.

"I fully agree with John of Birmingham regarding Broad. He's an ordinary seamer with a well-known father. Also he went to a nice public school which sits well with the ECB top brass. But otherwise he's not good enough. Here in Ankara it's perfect weather for cricket - 30 degrees, cloudless sky and a gentle westerly breeze. Not that the locals are taking advantage of it - they haven't got the faintest idea what the game is!"
Steve, Ankara, in the TMS inbox

1356 - SA 393-5 (138 overs)
With all the subtlety of a stable door being closed after the horse has bolted, a third slip is belatedly brought in for Boucher - Cook moves across from gully. Boucher dabs a single through the covers, and Cook returns to gully for ABDV, who has to jab out a yorker from Broad. Uh-oh - Blowers senses rain may be coming.

1352 - SA 392-5 (137 overs)
ABDV summons 12th man Andre Nel to bring his sleeveless sweater on, as there's a bit of a chilly breeze out there. Boucher nudges a single off Patto, then ABDV swings and misses at a wide one which stays lower than he thought.

"With all the talk of who should or shouldn't be playing for England, why no mention of Vaughan. Surely there should be some debate about whether or not he should be dropped?"
John, Edinburgh, in the TMS inbox

1348 - SA 391-5 (136 overs)
No sign of Anderson or Flintoff bowling after lunch yet as Broad takes up the attack. He beats ABDV with an absolute pearler, before the smiling South African knocks a single to leg. Boucher rides his luck, flashing at one outside off stump and getting a thick outside edge which sails between second slip and gully for four. Another leg bye ensures he keeps the strike.

"I hope everyone's enjoying themselves. Four of us should be there and are stuck on a broken down train outside Doncaster. The train's run out of beer and the air con's stopped working. Not happy!"
Jonathan in the TMS inbox

1343 - DROPPED CATCH - SA 385-5 (135 overs)
Pattinson to resume proceedings after lunch, and De Villiers nudges him away for a leg bye. Boucher then prods forward, Patto dives to his right and gets his right hand to what would have been an excellent return catch, but can't hold on to the chance.

Shaun Pollock
"AB de Villiers is out of the nervous nineties, so he and Boucher will want to cash in now. If they can bat on until after tea and then stick England in before the close, they can have another go tomorrow morning"
Shaun Pollock on TMS

1338: After some fruitful lunchtime discussion on the TMS phone-in, Vaughan leads his fielders back out, followed by the SA batsmen. We'll be under way in a mo.

Geraint Jones
Darren Pattinson
Phil Tufnell
"Has anyone else spotted the resemblance between Pattinson and Phil Tufnell? My fiance and I were arguing yesterday about who he looked more like: Tuffers or Geraint Jones. We decided that he looked like a cross between the two but I had to admit when they showed him bowling he looked very much like Tuffers. Let's hope he can take as many wickets - it looks like he's doing a good job so far"
Emma in Bucks in the TMS inbox

1324: We've had a few more thoughts on the "best XI" idea from earlier - and a reply from the original Steve...

"Re: Steve at 1218 and his 'best XI of all time', does time only start after Ian Chappell's debut in the late sixties? Try this one as a best XI of all time: Hobbs, Trumper, Bradman, Hammond, Headley, Grace, Evans, Hadlee, Rhodes, Barnes, Warne" (Nigel, Surrey)
"How about a worst ever Test batting line-up? Can I start the ball rolling with Devon Malcolm and Chandrasekar to open. Tuffers at number three?" (Peter) [What about Chris Martin? MM]
"Yes, of course, the best ever world XI will always be thought provoking and maybe controversial. We are just blessed to have so many wonderful cricketers from whom to make our choice. All due respects to Messrs Bradman, Grace, and even the wonderful Malcolm Marshall. I go back to 1972, by the way, when I saw Dennis Lillee starting his run-up from the steps of the Edgbaston Pavilion. That was my first ever game. Not sure how WG Grace would cope with Twenty20, and sledging from the slips. Any thoughts?" (Steve)


1300 - SA 384-5 (134 overs)
Spin from both ends as Kevin Pietersen gets a twirl before lunch with his right-arm off-spin. Again, he keeps his dark sunglasses on. ABDV is bedding in for lunch, and is just content to club away the last ball for a single to mid-on. That's lunch - we're going to take a quick sandwich break, but have a listen to the TMS phone-in or give them a call.

"My son-in law lives next door (he hails from SA), he has just come around to say good morning (regular occurence when England play SA at cricket or rugby). That 'cat that got the cream' grin speaks a thousand words! I am now looking at the calendar to see when England play SA again at cricket or rugby and am planning multiple short breaks - with no TV, computer or mobiles!"
Richard Smith (sunny spells but humid in Cornwall) in the TMS inbox

1257 - SA 383-5 (133 overs)
Monty gives it some air against de Villiers, who prods a quick single through the covers, then Cook (fielding at silly point) gets a rap on the shins when Boucher drives a half-volley straight at him.

He's reached 100
1254 - SA 382-5 (132 overs)
Finally, finally, ABDV reaches his sixth Test hundred off 246 balls with a single to mid-off.. He's roundly booed by the Western Terrace (who may still remember the "catch" he audaciously claimed on the opening day when he clearly grounded the ball). With that milestone finally reached, the SA pair open up more with a couple of singles - while Boucher nicks one just wide of Cook at gully, and he's inches away from taking the catch but it just squirms away from his hands. Four slightly fortunate leg-byes round off the over.

1250 - SA 375-5 (131 overs)
Our first look at some spin as Monty Panesar replaces Patto. Boucher unconvincingly tries to sweep the Montster, and completely misses the ball. A rapid maiden for Mr Panesar, can ABDV reach three figures now? We now have four live text commentaries on the go - with our motorsport fraulein Sarah Holt in pole position to bring you the German F1 Grand Prix, while Andy Nicolson is on his bike again with stage 15 of the Tour de France.
Live text: German F1 Grand Prix, with Sarah Holt
Live text: Tour de France stage 15, with Andy Nicolson

1246 - SA 375-5 (130 overs)
ABDV. On 99. He shoulders arms to Flintoff's first three deliveries - then his heart must be in his mouth as he plays a back-foot defensive stroke, there's a big shout for a catch behind but it only just missed the outside edge. Fifth ball, ABDV plays and misses yet again, Fred steps down the wicket to have a word with the batsman, and Boucher wants to get involved too! Fighting talk at Headingley! The crowd are on their feet as ABDV leaves the last ball. A maiden, and he's still stuck on 99!

1242 - SA 375-5 (129 overs)
Patto still toiling away in search of his third Test wicket. Boucher tries to force a slower full toss through midwicket, but can't get it past the swooping Bell. On the other side of the wicket, a Boucher square cut is smacked straight to Pietersen at gully - so it's a maiden for Patto, and ABDV will have a full over to reach his hundred!

"Steve (1218) - an all-time XI without Bradman? Hello?"
Sean, Manchester, in the TMS inbox
[Or Jack Hobbs, or WG Grace, it depends how far back you go! MM]

1238 - SA 375-5 (128 overs)
Freddie keeps it tight against Boucher, who eventually steers a two through the covers. Another single brings ABDV back on strike for the final ball, but he can only prod it to gully. He still has 99. And those of you fed up with my presence on the live text and pining for the words of wisdom of Ben Dirs might want to take a look at the Open golf, where Ben has just taken over live text duties. Just make sure you keep coming back to the cricket, too!
The 137th Open Championship, with Ben Dirs

1234 - SA 372-5 (127 overs)
Patto beats Boucher's outside edge again, while CMJ reveals that the TMS phonelines are open for you to discuss the burning cricket issues of the day (and there are plenty) during the lunch interval - call 0800 092 6030 (UK callers only I'm afraid - overseas listeners can e-mail, and if you include a phone number, they'll call you back). A Boucher single brings ABDV back on strike, and he's still stuck on 99.

"I am fed up of Stuart Broad getting away without any criticism. His bowling average is around the 40+ mark. Yes he can bat but thats what the top 6/7 are supposed to do. We need a front-line bowler like Harmison and Jones to play and take wickets. His body is not mature enough and needs to bulk up and go back to county cricket!"
John, Birmingham, in the TMS inbox

1230 - SA 371-5 (126 overs)
Boucher fences outside off stump as Flintoff gets one to just leave him. Boucher then turns one off his legs to Monty at fine leg, but that's the only run from the over as ABDV, on 99 not out, defends his stumps assuredly.

"You should carry on referring to Pattinson as 'Pato' (1159 'And a wicket maiden for Patto!'); it means duck in Spanish, and might help him get a few more quick wickets!"
Richard Lindsay in the TMS inbox

1226 - SA 370-5 (125 overs)
Someone in a large chicken suit is escorted off the Western Terrace. I guess the worry for the chicken is, might they end up in a cooking pot in the Headingley kitchens, with lunch just over half-an-hour away? A loose delivery from Patto is brutally square-cut through the covers for four by ABDV.

1222 - SA 366-5 (124 overs)
The luckless Anderson is replaced by Flintoff for his second spell of the morning. Boucher, whose helmet visor appears to be held together with tape does some gardening on the pitch between deliveries, but is unable to pierce the infield as Fred sends down a maiden.

Neil Manthorp
"Good to know Neil 'Gums' Manthorp is back at the microphone. About 16 years ago I removed his front tooth with a long-hop (he was keeping wicket at the time)"
Peter in the TMS inbox

1218 - SA 366-5 (123 overs)
After another single from ABDV, Boucher prods forward to Patto, but the ball bounces just in front of the Aussie roof-tiler's outstretched mitts. The SA keeper then pushes a quick single to the Montster at mid-on.

"Greetings from Malaga. Please pass any showers, clouds, and even bad light down to us, to save us from the inferno. While South Africa slowly make their way to 550, can we throw a bee into the hornets' nest, with this best XI of all time? Barry Richards, Sunil Gavaskar, Ian Chappell, Alvin Kallicharran, Viv Richards, Rodney Marsh, Ian Botham, Imran Khan, Shane Warne, Dennis Lillee, Richard Hadlee. Keep up the splendid work"
Steve in the TMS inbox
[What, no Malcolm Marshall? MM]

1214 - SA 364-5 (122 overs)
Anderson has bowled eight overs for 18 runs this morning, and has really been out of luck. ABDV flicks a single off his legs to Broad on the square leg boundary, and Broad is called into action to field again when Boucher is off the mark with a well-run two.

Alison Mitchell
"The word from the England dressing-room is that Broad is fine. He's carrying a bit of a problem, but he came off so he could try a different strapping on his foot"
TMS's pitchside reporter Alison Mitchell

1210 - SA 361-5 (121 overs)
A dangerous slash by ABDV sails over the slips for four, then a single brings Boucher back on strike. He straight-drives at Patto, who sticks out a hand to field well off his own bowling. He's still yet to score.

"SA will declare after tea, nip a few scalps this evening & finish England off with a day to spare!"
Rankl in Pietermaritzburg, in the TMS in-Boks

1205 - SA 356-5 (120 overs)
New batsman is Mark Boucher, who must have been padded up for an eternity. He's at the non-striker's end as ABDV plays defensively to Anderson, then a single to Bell at deep cover bring him to 88. Boucher nibbles at his first ball, but Anderson's still out of luck with regard to finding the edge.

"Shaun Pollock spoke about the problems of bowling at a right and left-hand combination, mainly about changing the line. Does the same apply to changing the length when bowling to a short and tall combination eg Bell and KP? I remember Tony Greig and Alan Knott used to have very successful partnerships and I expect readers can think of many more"
John Starbuck, Huddersfield, in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls
1159 - WICKET - Prince c Ambrose b Pattinson 149 - SA 355-5 (119 overs)
Pattinson, bowling around the wicket, gets a couple to swing away from the left-handed Prince. And it's third time lucky for the man referred to as Whatsisname (below) when Prince gets the faintest of edges through to Tiny Tim behind the timbers! My "gaffer" today, Dan Warren, informs me it was 23 hours and 35 minutes since the previous wicket. And a wicket maiden for Patto!

1155 - SA 355-4 (118 overs)
ABDV is beaten again by a perfect away-swinger from the luckless Jimmy. A maiden.

1151 - SA 355-4 (117 overs)
Broad's back on the field, but out of the attack as Darren Pattinson - come on, you must know who he is by now - comes on for his first trundle of the day. After a single from ABDV, Prince crashes another four - the 17th of his innings - and it still seems easy pickings for him.

Neil Manthorp
"There's a radio talk show host in South Africa, who yesterday referred to Darren Pattinson for three hours as 'Whatsisname' - referring back to when Nasser Hussain referred to Graeme Smith as 'Whatsisname'. Very harsh"
Vic Marks
"But after Nasser said that, Graeme Smith then hit a couple of double centuries against England, so let's hope Pattinson can get a couple of six-wicket hauls here"
Neil Manthorp and Vic Marks on TMS

1146 - SA 350-4 (116 overs)
While Broad has some attention paid to his injured foot, South African broadcaster Neil Manthorp takes over on TMS - he's standing in for Aggers, who isn't there today because of a family illness. Our best wishes to the family. ABDV nudges Anderson for a single, then an early "shot of the day" contender from Prince with a beautiful David Gower-style cover drive as Jimmy drops one in short. Jimmy then literally kicks the turf in frustration.

1142 - SA 345-4 (115 overs)
KP is back on and Park is off. A fluent cover-drive brings four for Prince, taking him to 141 which is now his highest ever Test score. A no-ball from Broad advances the score, and he politely asks umpire Billy Bowden where his foot landed. He stamps his right foot, as though he has a problem of some sort, and he jogs off the field at the end of the over to be replaced by the ubiquitous Park.

Vic Marks
"The South Africans have played and missed more in the 35 minutes of play today than they did all day yesterday - but it's not good news for England as they will have to bat on this pitch too"
Former Somerset and England off-spinner Vic Marks on TMS

1136 - SA 340-4 (114 overs)
A single takes Prince to 137, then ABDV tries to fend off a lifter from Anderson and it beats his edge by a few centimetres. The TMS team are hoping to talk to former England wicket-keeper Bob Taylor later today - no doubt as his nephew Simon Wakefield is among the contenders at the Open golf today. Anderson half-heartedly appeals for a catch behind as ABDV plays and misses again at one that cuts back between bat and pad.

1132 - SA 339-4 (113 overs)
Bell's back on, Kevin Pietersen trots off so super-sub Park stays on. Our first change of bowling today as Flintoff is replaced by Stuart Broad. Only three overs for Fred this morning, but a very tight spell. ABDV tries to pull Broad to leg, and the crowd cheer as the Montster moves to his right at mid-on to make a smart stop. But a loose half-tracker sees ABDV rock back and smear it through point for four. This stand (now worth 196) is now the highest fifth-wicket partnership for SA in Tests against England.

Text in your views on 81111
"Hi Mark. What's the overhead conditions like today in Leeds? Any chance of the old ball doing anything?"
Andrew with his fingers crossed at work, via text on 81111
[It's a little cloudy, but only moving about a little so far - MM]

1128 - SA 335-4 (112 overs)
Prince nudges a single off Anderson, while 12th man Garry Park is on the pitch already for Ian Bell. Shaun Pollock continues his "Marmite" story by revealing that he was teamed up with David Gower in a quiz last night - they came second. Anderson then gets one to move, ABDV prods forward and the crowd are on their feet as one squirms off his thigh pad and Andrew Strauss makes a good diving "catch" at first slip. ABDV steers a three to third man, and this stand is now worth 192.

1124 - SA 331-4 (111 overs)
Shaun Pollock on TMS wonders whether the pitch has got a little quicker as Freddie gets one to jag away from Prince. Prince, though, gets his first run of the day when he dabs a single to leg, taking one hand off the bat. He now has 135 - not far off his highest Test score of 139 not out against Zimbabwe. As Pollock confesses "a great love of Marmite", Flintoff is out of luck again as he beats ABDV's outside edge with a lifter.

Monty Panesar
1119 - SA 330-4 (110 overs)
A light breeze is fluttering the Headingley flags as ABDV is able to shoulder arms to a few looseners from Anderson - he didn't play at anything he didn't have to yesterday, and it looks like more of the same today. A maiden, and there's a fan in the crowd wearing a huge BBC Sport Monty Panesar mask. (As well as Monty, you can download our masks of Messrs Flintoff, Lara, Pietersen, Muralitharan, Tendulkar, Vaughan, Hoggard, Warne and Akhtar).
Download our Monty masks

"2nd Test... last day of the Open... Tour de France... German Grand Prix... my TV remote looks a tad nervous!"
Cen in the TMS inbox

1115 - SA 330-4 (109 overs)
Blowers notices a large group of fans dressed as penguins on the Western Terrace, as ABDV nudges Flintoff off his legs for a single to Pattinson at fine leg. After seven runs off that first over from Anderson, we've slipped into a more sedate mode.

1112 - SA 329-4 (108 overs)
Ashwell Prince is looking as calmly assured at the crease as he was yesterday. Anderson's line and length isn't as assured as Flintoff's at this stage, but he sends down a maiden nevertheless.

Text in your views on 81111
Nick Faldo
"Re: 1042 - I don't remember Nick Faldo in The Empire Strikes Back..."
Marc, Liverpool, via text on 81111

1107 - SA 329-4 (107 overs)
Andrew Flintoff has changed ends from where he finished bowling last night - he gets one to swing past ABDV's prod forward at 84mph, and a maiden over ensues. Blowers thinks Monty has an "Alice in Wonderland" look about him - he has a sunhat perched on top of his patka today. (Monty that is, not Blowers).

"Two buses in the first over [for Blowers]. What's the betting on a high 'bus' score by the end of the day?"
Joe Ryan, France, in the TMS inbox

1103 - SA 329-4 (106 overs)
Anderson takes the first over of the day, and AB de Villiers (aka ABDV) - who has shed the sleeveless sweater he wore all day yesterday - nudges the first ball off his legs down to Monty Panesar at fine leg for two. Another beautifully-timed whip off his legs brings four through square leg, then a single takes him to 77 and Henry Blofeld on TMS is pleased to notice his first red bus of the day.

1059: Players are out, here we go.

Get involved on 606
"I think we have more chance of having a Hot Summer than taking 20 South African wickets"
Missingoffstump on 606
Join the debate on 606

"A cross-sport observation; the centre pairing for SA XV v Australia yesterday (Saturday) were Steyn and de Villiers with Smith at number 7. Their 14 was Pietersen and one of the subs was Strauss. (Waugh was on the Aussie bench)"
Jono o' Portishead in the TMS inbox
Rugby union report: Australia 16-9 South Africa

1042: As yesterday, it's a big day of sport here on the BBC. The German F1 Grand Prix comes a little later in the day, but Andrew McKenzie has already been hard at work for hours on the Open golf. Can Greg Norman hold onto his third-round lead for an unlikely win, or will it be a repeat of the 1996 Masters, where there was some "choke-age" in the manner of Tim Henman at a Wimbledon semi-final (or Admiral Ozzel in "The Empire Strikes Back"), and Nick Faldo surged through to win?
Live text: The 137th Open Championship, with Andrew McKenzie

1038: Weather forecast... is mixed. The BBC forecast for Leeds says today's predominant weather is set to be "light showers", while The Weather Channel is more optimistic, saying "partly cloudy".
BBC weather forecast for Leeds
INTERNET LINK: The Weather Channel forecast

1034: Some things you may have missed: Aggers has had his say on the events of day two, while Steve Harmison has joined fellow discarded seamer Matthew Hoggard in admitting his concerns to the BBC over the Darren Pattinson selection. And England coach Peter Moores is angling for a knighthood for "services to optimism" by saying England can pull off an unlikely victory...
TMS BLOG: Aggers' verdict on day two
Pattinson pick concerns Harmison
Moores upbeat on England chances

1030: Morning, everyone. To be blunt, it wasn't a great day for England yesterday, with only one wicket all day (and that to a debatable decision).

But that's not to take anything away from Ashwell Prince and AB de Villiers, who batted very sensibly and have given their side a lead of 119.

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