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Last Updated: Saturday, 28 July 2007, 08:56 GMT 09:56 UK
England-India day two as it happened
SECOND NPOWER TEST, Trent Bridge, day two (close):
England 198 v India 254-3

Bad light ended play on day two of the second Test with India 56 runs ahead of England after reaching 254-3 in their first innings at Trent Bridge.

Sachin Tendulkar scored his 11,000th Test run on his way to an unbeaten 57, building on a 147 partnership between Dinesh Karthik and Wasim Jaffer.

Spinner Monty Panesar was the pick of the England bowlers with two wickets while Chris Tremlett added the other.

India had bowled England out for 198, with Zaheer Khan finishing with 4-59.


By Mark Mitchener


1836: As Paresh said just now, it's been India's day - and that's it from me. Be here bright and early tomorrow morning for Day 3 - thank you and good night.

"There are many very excited Indian guys who are getting very excited here in California too! It is still too early to call anything! Nothing to beat cricket though!"
Subru Bhat in Union City, USA, in the TMS inbox

"'Dravid out to a diving Bell' (CMJ on TMS) - is there no depth to which England won't sink in order to get a wicket?"
John in Wareham on TMS

1827: That's it - no more play today.

"Joe [1723], I may be a 'very silly man', but I suggest you go and visit the majesty that is Lundy - a place any cricket lover would endorse as the way to enjoy clean air, peace, occasional action and a way of life to be sustained"
Mike in Chiswick in the TMS inbox

"Spectators are heading for the exits, not expecting those final five overs to be bowled today. It's been India's day and the delight on their balcony as Tendulkar and Ganguly came off said it all... "
BBC Sport's Paresh Soni, our man at Trent Bridge

Bill Frindall
1821: Bill Frindall explains that as the "official" close of play is 1830, if they're not back on by then, that will be it for the day. (Although if they'd stayed on, they would have continued until the minimum quota of overs was bowled).

"Random question but is this Mark Mitchener who went to Canford School?"
Alex Jackson in the TMS inbox

Yes I am - are you the Alex Jackson who was in the year below me (you'd be about 31 now)? Do you remember I ran you out in a practice match once? Anyone who's ever seen my appalling fielding would not be surprised that this remains the only run-out I've ever achieved in my career to date...

1817: Before the next over can start, the umpires consult, and they offer the light to the batsmen - who go off. That may well be it for the day. Unfortunately, I don't have a "bad light" graphic" - just a rain cloud.

1816 - Ind 254-3
Ganguly gets the Indian fans cheering again with an exquisitely timed cover drive for four off Panesar. You sense the day winding down a little.

"I have just returned from Birmingham Airport after dropping my daughter and boyfriend off as they start work in Barcelona soon. Naturally am a bit sad, but have been listening to the cricket, isn't Ashley Giles just pure class. Reading the live text is cheering me up"
Chrissy in north Notts in the TMS inbox

1813 - Ind 249-3
England are suddenly on the attack again as Tremlett tests Tendulkar with three successive bouncers, which the Indian vice-captain (who's about a foot shorter than Tremlett) ducks out of the way of. He tries a leg-glance which goes straight to Vaughan at leg slip, but then more successfully flicks one off his pads for three.

"Just been able to log on at an internet cafe in Dubai, so many very excited Indian guys are getting very excited. The air con is off, it's still 38 outside, the heat is too much and England are losing. How happy am I?"
"Just Call Me" James in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls
1805 - WICKET - Dravid c Bell b Panesar 37 - Ind 246-3
Put that light out, Private Frazer - the Montster's struck again. Dravid tries to drive, but gets an edge and Bell takes a smart catch at Reasonably Short Extra Cover #1 (the finer of the two fielders). The left-handed Ganguly strides to the crease and sees off the rest of Panesar's wicket maiden.

1803 - Ind 246-2
Colly takes a rest as Tremlett - arguably the pick of the England bowlers today - takes over. Three runs from the over.

Christopher Martin-Jenkins
"It's not quite a case of 'We're doomed, Captain Mainwaring', but England may be crying into their beer tonight. Tendulkar is just feathering the ball into gaps at the moment - while Sunil Gavaskar has just revealed that like me, he's colour-blind"
Christopher Martin-Jenkins does his best impression of Private Frazer from "Dad's Army" on TMS

That's 50
1800 - Ind 243-2
Tendulkar turns Monty P to fine leg, and scampers back for the second run to take his total to 48. Dravid, in comparison, has a mere 35. Another sweep produces a diving boundary stop from Anderson at fine leg, but brings up the Little Master's 50 (116 minutes, 99 balls, six fours).

"My only excuse was rush of adrenaline brought on by near-death experience - a bit like England's performance. I take my admonishment however. Sorry"
Carole in Maidenhead learns her lesson over road rage in the TMS inbox

1755 - Ind 235-2
Colly bowls one good-looking inswinger but then sends down a full-toss, which Tendulkar treats as buffet bowling (help yourself) and clubs away for four. The shipping forecast is on its way for R4 LW listeners, as Tremlett makes a good diving stop at midwicket. 11 overs remaining to be bowled today.

1751 - Ind 228-2
Another rapid over from Monty - a maiden in fact - while Aggers and Gucci discuss Vaughan's use of the two RSEC fielders [see 1735].

"A red Fiesta? How dare you? I've never been so insulted! Well, I have but that's another story for another day"
Sarah, Bucks in the TMS inbox
[Will you ask for your BBC licence fee to be refunded if I tell you my first car was a red Fiesta? MM]

1749 - Ind 228-2
Colly gets through his over quickly - Vaughan must be thinking about the new ball, but Dravid and Tendulkar look in excellent form. They know exactly what balls to leave, and which to attack.

1746 - Ind 226-2
Monty has changed ends again, but he's frustrated as Tendulkar sweeps him to fine leg for a leg-bye. Panesar's quickly through the over, two runs come from it. That's 71 overs gone, the second new ball is due soon.

Graham Gooch
"The situation is crying out for an off-spinner, as there's lots of rough there outside the right-handers' off-stump from three left-arm seamers' footmarks. There's no harm in Vaughan bowling himself"
Graham Gooch on TMS

1743 - Ind 224-2
Looking for other options, Vaughan throws the ball to Collingwood again, and he gets it to swing but it doesn't tempt Tendulkar. The next ball is gracefully off-driven for four.

"We used to play indoor cricket in the Royal Navy Communication Centre under Horse Guards Parade, with an old bit of wood we had lying around and balls made from screwed up paper covered with duck tape. One night one of my mates hit a lovely drive right into the circuit breaker panel and knocked off half the communications for the Royal Navy at sea!"
Dave in the TMS inbox

1739 - Ind 220-2
Dravid's cover-drive is in evidence again as he takes another four off Sidey before a celebratory glove-pump with Tendulkar.

1735 - Ind 214-2
Tendulkar tries to work Monty away, but can't get it past Bell at Reasonably Short Extra Cover #1 (RSEC#1). He eventually reaches the landmark with a four through the covers - becoming the third man after Brian Lara and Allan Border to pass 11,000 runs in his 139th Test. He's now on 11,002 - 951 behind Lara. What history (and Wisden) may not record is that the clinching four came from some poor boundary fielding by Anderson, who tried to stop the ball with his foot but only succeeded in helping it over the rope.

1731 - Ind 210-2
Sidey sends down the first wide of the innings. At the risk of invoking the Live Text Commentator's Curse, Tendulkar is on 22 - and just three away from reaching 11,000 Test runs. A single takes him to 23 (and 10,998).

"When India won the toss, the TMS commentators kept saying that it was a 'good toss to lose' and it wouldn't make much difference. Now, they seem to have changed their tune and it was a 'vital toss to win'..."
Shreena, Bristol in the TMS inbox

1727 - Ind 208-2
The Tinkerman rings the changes, and it's time for more from the Montster, who has Bell and Strauss as two reasonably short extra covers (nearer the bat than "short", but further away than "silly" if you know what I mean), but another two are taken from the over.

1723 - Ind 206-2
More left-arm over from Sidey, who's still bowling outside Tendulkar's off-stump, which earns him a big clap from Vaughan. Tendulkar is still as fidgety as before, and has now seen something behind the bowler's arm which he doesn't like and which holds up play. Two singles added to the score.

"Mike in Chiswick, you are a very silly man"
Joe, in Crich, in the TMS inbox

"Dravid and Tendulkar sound like a couple of wooly puppets in their outfits. I keep thinking they look like Shaun the Sheep, Larry the Lamb or even Lamb Chop out there batting for India at TB. Have they got wooly batting gloves?"
Stella in the TMS inbox

"I would like to apologise for only just joining you - couldn't resist the rare day of sunshine, so took the motorbike out for a spin in the Bucks countryside. May I add that the idiot doing the bonkers U-turn in Wycombe deserved the two-fingered salute - it wasn't Sarah from Bucks was it? In a red Fiesta?"
Carole, back safely in Maidenhead, in the TMS inbox

[BBC Sport does not condone road rage in any form, even two-fingered salutes - MM]

1715 - Ind 204-2
It's still Tremlett from the Paula Radcliffe Road End, and just a couple of singles are added. He does hit Dravid on the pad, but the ball was going down leg and the appeal is muted. Ump Taufel calls for a drinks break. Shafayat (no longer fielding, naturally) and a pal come on with a large cool box.

"England will struggle to score over 300 in the second innings. We need wickets now - is Underwood still available?"
Patrick, Calgary, in the TMS inbox

1711 - Ind 202-2
Dravid and Tendulkar are looking in increasingly good nick, despite Tendulkar's fidgeting and repeated bat-changing. Sidey sends down a few outside the off-stump, which Tendulkar just allows to go by.

"According to my local council, one good reason to recycle plastic bottles is that fleecey tops are made out of the resulting material. I wonder if any of my empty milk bottles went into Tendulkar's? Even though it's raining on and off here, I could no longer avoid mowing my lawn. It's now shorter but covered in great big lumps of mulched up grass. I now have to decide whether to risk electrocuting myself by cutting a soaking wet hedge with an electric hedge trimmer or sit here and watch England. On current form the hedge looks the least painful option"
Martin, in Hampshire in the TMS inbox

Vic Marks
"I don't think India have out-bowled England, but they've out-batted them, and they smell an opportunity here"
Ex-England and Somerset off-spinner Vic Marks on TMS

1707 - Ind 201-2
Anderson's off to cool his ardour in the outfield, so Tremlett's back for his fourth spell. Tendulkar guides a single to mid-on to bring up the 200, and Dravid decides to take a fresh guard before steering one to Shafayat (still on the field for KP) at deep cover for a single.

1703 - Ind 199-2
Monty gets a big cheer for a sprawling boundary stop that saves four from Tendulkar off Sidey, but it can't help India taking three that gives them a first-innings lead - and a pretty rapid 50 partnership. CMJ calls on Vic Marks to resign as Somerset's cricket chairman ("while you're on top") as another win today has lifted them closer to promotion.

"Our internet in the lab seems to be playing up, so I've cobbled together roughly 60,000 worth of science-type equipment to a handy Freeview box in order to get Five Live Extra. Is anyone else going to great lengths to take in the cricket today?"
Stuart in the TMS inbox

I can just picture you with an "A-Team"-style lash-up whereby you fit a Freeview box to an old transistor radio and a paper clip with bubblegum and somehow build a combined digital radio/flamethrower!

1658 - Ind 196-2
More easy pickings for Dravid as he ruthlessly cuts Anderson for four. Less convincing is a slice past gully for four, but it again chips away at England's lead. Jimmy really isn't very happy - Aggers reckons "if that was Gus Fraser, he'd be kicking divots all over the place".

1654 - Ind 188-2
England's splendidly-bearded substitute fielder Bilal Shafayat is in action again as their lead is reduced to just 10 as three runs are taken from Sidey's over. India's 12th man continues his role as Tendulkar's personal slave by bringing another shedload of gloves on for him.

"I've just returned from a cricket tour to India with my school, West Buckland. I was able to watch the first Test in my hotel and lamented the absence of Simon Jones. That Welsh lad would have taken that last wicket and handed England the win. I can see Wales from my bedroom window and am going to live there when I'm older. It's just started raining here, hope it doesn't reach you!"
Rhys in Devon in the TMS inbox

Jonathan Agnew
"Karthik made a bit of a fuss and didn't think he was out, but the Hot Spot clearly showed he was definitely out"
Jonathan Agnew on TMS

1650 - Ind 185-2
Anderson finds some away swing but Tendulkar can't work it past Monty P at short cover. Prior then fumbles one and first slip Strauss has to stop it hitting the helmet for a five-run bonus. Sachin eventually finds the gap with a classy cover drive which delights some young Indian supporters in the crowd.

"I am concerned that Charley in Hadfield does not know the West Country as well as he thinks. Lundy is the name of the island he talked about, not Lundy Island. Lundy comes from the Norse meaning 'Puffin Island' so he was actually saying Lundy Island Island"
Mike in Chiswick

Good call, Mike. Just like shop assistants who, when I hand them my credit card, say "can you put your PIN number in" when really they're saying "can you put your Personal Identification Number Number in"...

1646 - Ind 181-2
As Aggers and Gucci debate the Tinkerman's frequent field changes, Tremlett takes a rest and Sidey returns, but his line's all over the place in this opening over, and he will be relieved that just one single from Tendulkar is taken from it.

"Re: Graham Gooch's lbw statistic, presumably he is only referring to currently playing non-injured bowlers - Alderman is the king with marginally over 34% and Hoggard is nudging 27% amongst the 12 players with higher percentage LBW dismissals than Kumble"
David in Cambridge in the TMS inbox
[Maybe I misheard and he might just have been talking about spinners? MM]

Graham Gooch
"England need another two wickets before the close of play - if India score more than 300, the lead will become unmanageable for them [England]. The ball has swung all day, which must be even more frustrating for England"
Graham Gooch on TMS

1641 - Ind 180-2
Anderson charges in again, and Tendulkar slashes at one which flies over the slips for a first-bounce four. Vaughan appears to be trying to restrain himself from biting his nails. The Anderson-Tendulkar helmet-ping from two overs ago keeps being shown on the TV, and the slower the slow-motion used, the more gruesome it looks. Back in the present, Sachin pinches the strike with a single off the final ball.

"When we moved to Devon, I was told "It doesn't always rain here... sometimes it's foggy"
Tony, south of Dartmoor; just off the A38, in the TMS inbox

1637 - Ind 175-2
The India 12th man runs on with a replacement bat, at least three pairs of gloves and a couple of brightly-coloured drinks for Tendulkar. He may even have brought on a cuddly toy somewhere in that bundle. Tendulkar still doesn't look happy, and Dravid rides his luck as Tremlett beats his outside edge again - he now has figures of 16-8-22-1.

Graham Gooch
"If Tremlett gets his length right and draws the batsmen forward, that's when he becomes dangerous"
Graham Gooch on TMS

1633 - Ind 175-2
It looks like we may be going until 1900 tonight as we've got plenty of overs still to get through. Tendulkar still isn't happy with his second bat, and waves to the dressing-room to summon another. That doesn't go down well with the crowd. Dravid points out to Tendulkar that Sidey has retreated to the square leg boundary for the mistimed hook - and sure enough, Anderson's next ball is a bouncer which pings Tendulkar on the grille of his helmet. That's got to hurt. Another bouncer sees Tendulkar sway out of the way, but shoots wide of Prior for four byes. A maiden, despite the byes.

"I once was playing indoor cricket (tennis ball and mini bat) in my bedroom with a mate. I hit a lovely cover drive, straight into the screen of my laptop. My mum was not happy with the huge crack covering half the screen. That shot was worth the 800 though, was a beaut"
James, London in the TMS inbox

1629 - Ind 171-2
Tendulkar pushes a gentle single off Tremlett, who is still being encouraged by Sunil Gavaskar to bowl a little straighter and make the batsmen play. Tremmers gets a bit of extra bounce against Dravid, who takes one hand off the bat as he blocks the last ball.

"What do you mean, 'everything west of the A34 and south of the A4'? No wonder everybody seems to think that the world stops at Bristol! Andover isn't in the South West, it's over 100 miles east from where I live in Torbay, and Lands End is a long way from here. Andover is closer to France than it is to Lands End. But congratulations to Davo in Japan. Get some sleep now before your wife and child arrive home, it may be a while before you get the chance again"
Doug in the TMS inbox

"Where does the A4/A34 rule leave Gloucestershire?"
Simon, not in Gloucestershire, in the TMS inbox

1625 - Ind 170-2
A colleague tells me that Dravid'n'Tendulkar have put on more Test runs together than any other pair apart from Hayden'n'Langer and Greenidge'n'Haynes. Anderson's back in the attack, not visibly snarling as much as he did before tea, but Dravid tucks in nevertheless with a couple of comfortable fours to the cover boundary. Anderson has a pained expression on his face as he beats the bat on the last ball of the over.

"Davo in Japan, as you used to live in Northampton you must have been here when we had a decent rugby team. Many people will be offended you didn't mention them, yet gave numerous plugs to the second biggest and third most interesting major sports team in the county"
Dan Lucas in the TMS inbox
[Hold on, this is no place for an all-in, multi-sport, Northampton turf-war! MM]

1620 - Ind 162-2
Tremlett continues his nagging accuracy against Tendulkar. He nudges one to third slip where Chief Chirpa makes a good stop and Colly at second completes the fielding. Yet another maiden from the tall chap.

"Was the delivery that did for Jaffer, er, a Jaffa?"
Stephen, Wales in the TMS inbox
[How entirely unpredictable - not - MM]

1617 - Ind 162-2
Tendulkar obviously went out to bat in a bit of a rush, as he summons the 12th man for a change of bat. Dravid shows there's nothing wrong with his length of willow by hitting Monty for four with an imperious Robin Smith-style square cut.

"I'm following the cricket at home on my work laptop. Went to make a cup of tea, tripped over cable, laptop fell off table, scratched screen. Does anyone else have any hilarious cricket/IT related stories?"
Linda (about to be sacked for damaging work property) from Scotland in the TMS inbox

I wouldn't worry too much, Linda. Someone who works here once wrote off a BBC laptop by spilling a cup of hot chocolate over it at the Open Championship (golf) - and he's still in a job.

1614 - Ind 158-2
Dravid, who like Tendulkar is wearing one of those new-style fleecey sleeveless tops rather than a traditional cricket sweater, takes three with a firm off-drive to the long-off boundary where it's a long chase for Sidey, who's wearing sunglasses. The rest of the over is typically tight from Tremlett.

1611 - Ind 155-2
Suddenly, India are on the defensive as just a single from Dravid is taken from Panesar's over.

1608 - Ind 154-2
Tendulkar is happy to shoulder arms as Tremlett bowls a nice line just outside off-stump, before beating India's current "Little Master"'s outside edge. Another maiden for CTT - his sixth from 12 overs.

Sunil Gavaskar
"Considering Tendulkar didn't get runs in the first Test, Tremlett has to make him play as much as he can"
Sunil Gavaskar, India's original "Little Master", on TMS

"I'm concerned that Roger in Cornwall has forgotten to include the Isles of Scilly (never the Scilly Isles) and Lundy Island (refuge of the Puffin) in his list of how the South West is comprised"
Charley in Hadfield (aka Royston Vasey) in the TMS inbox

That's more like it, Charley. Local cricket for local people, we'll have no trouble here...

1604 - Ind 154-2
Unfortunately, Monty's first ball to Tendulkar is a gentle, inviting, "one-off-the-mark-in-a-benefit-match"-style full toss which the Indian vice-captain immediately despatches for three. Dravid is then denied by a superb stop at short cover by Strauss, who appears to have been hiding all day as I haven't noticed him at all until now.

Wicket falls
1559 - WICKET - Karthik c Cook b Panesar 77 - Ind 149-2
Well, how about it! Karthik falls to the first ball after tea as he gets a slight edge to Cook at short leg, and the Montster is naturally delighted. Karthik is absolutely furious - and suddenly both openers are gone, and Monty P can resume his duels with Dravid and Tendulkar.

1558: They're out there again - these tea intervals aren't very long, barely time for a loo break and a leg-stretch before we're back in business.

"The South West begins at the A34 and includes anywhere that lies west of that road and south of the A4. Andover is the first town in the south west and is clearly different from the south eastern Basingstoke or Winchester"
Mark in Hampshire (no relation) in the TMS inbox

"Having just woken up from a heavy night out, I can't believe what's going on at Trent Bridge... am I still asleep and is this in fact a nightmare?"
Sarah, Bucks, in the TMS inbox

"Just put a fiver on England to win, and a fiver for India to score less than 405 in the first innings. The doctors said I may be ready for a normal life in a few months' time if I keep on taking the tablets"
SF in the TMS inbox

1540 - TEA - Ind 149-1
Tremlett begins the last over before tea, after the TV director pans around Smurfs, reindeer, lifeguards and "Where's Wally?" lookalikes in the crowd before showing a speeded-up film of a lady dressed in red who appears to be explaining something to a friend with a lot of Billy Bowden-style arm actions while the two are stood on a balcony. Marvellous. Dravid's not interested in leaving his crease except to walk off for tea, and puts his arm around his batting partner Karthik who is unbeaten on 77.

1537 - Ind 148-1
Aggers wonders whether Tremlett was brought on to allow Monty to change ends (he's back on now) - the wicket may have been a serendipitous bonus. Vaughan at short fine leg appeals for a catch behind off Karthik, which even Prior didn't appeal for - "the appeal of a desperate captain" says Vic Marks. Dravid, with one eye on the clock and his mind on the tea table, tries a few delaying tactics but this next over from Tremlett will likely be the last.

Wicket falls
1529 - WICKET - Jaffer c Prior b Tremlett 62 - Ind 147-1
Monty's off, Tremlett's on... and Jaffer gloves the first ball through to Prior! Gottim! The Hampshire man makes the breakthrough just when England looked lost. Rahul Dravid takes on the "tea watchman" role, with 10 minutes left to play. "The Wall" successfully sees off the rest of the over.

"Since when has Wiltshire been in the South West? Surely it is Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset and Devon that make up the South West - Wiltshire is nearly London and Home Counties! And you don't want our weather, grey and muggy suits the swing bowling but it is bad light city down here"
Roger in Cornwall takes issue with Martin in Wiltshire [1437 entry]'s sense of geography in the TMS inbox

1527 - Ind 147-0
Sidey drops one in short and Jaffer hooks but doesn't really get hold of it, so he only gets three. Karthik then has to dig one out from the blockhole. England are still trying to show some aggression in the field by hurling the ball into the keeper whether the batsmen are running or not. Aggers wonders if Sidey will cut his hair for Sri Lanka ("as it feels like the hottest place on Earth"), while Vic Marks - not the most hirsute of former Test cricketers - recommends an Alice band.

"How about 10cc's Dreadlock Holiday for an identifying ringtone - 'I don't like cricket. I love it'?"
Peter from Worcester in the TMS inbox

1523 - Ind 142-0
The influence of Ashley Giles appears to have spread from the TMS box as for the first time in the match, Monty bowls over the wicket to Karthik, who is happy to pad away anything that pitches outside leg stump. But he's back round the wicket to Jaffer.

Jonathan Agnew
"I don't think anybody seriously imagined India would get the start that they have done"
Jonathan Agnew on TMS

1520 - Ind 139-0
Sidey returns, but fails to stem the tide of runs. Karthik and Jaffer are picking up singles at will as the field disperses. Sidey gives Karthik a big glare at the end of the over - and Mark Saggers on TMS points out that as Karthik's a wicket-keeper, he probably gives out as much chat as he takes!

"I've only just got round to tuning in as my and my wife's first child was born just before 3am. I live in Miyazaki, in Japan, where my beautiful wife is from. I was born in England, but grew up in Sydney and then Northampton before moving to Brisbane so my loyalties are somewhat divided. I generally tend to plump for England cricket-wise, and I'm almost certain I have created a new Cobbler on the football front, but am not sure what to do about the cricket. Could you please ask everybody what is good about the England team, apart from the obvious fact that the Montster might also be a Cobblers fan [but isn't he from Luton? MM], and why I should indoctrinate my not-quite-one-day-old-daughter into being an England fan?"
Davo in Miyazaki, Japan in the TMS inbox

Many congratulations, Davo, and I'm sure that goes for all of us.

1514 - Ind 133-0
The runs continue to come off Panesar - and England's lead is ebbing away without any of India's "Fab Four" (as dubbed by Mark Saggers) having come to the wicket yet. Karthik in particular is finding the gaps in the field with great care. Vic Marks reckons VVS Laxman would be Ringo Starr.

"Ref Martin's call for an appropriate ringtone with which to identify fellow TMS groupies, and mindful of the direction this Test would appear to be taking, perhaps we should go for Led Zeppelin's 'Rain Song' as it might be all that can save England! It doesn't help, of course, that Umpire Howell appears to be Blind Pew in disguise"
Sarah, pessimistically, in Canterbury (where the weather, incidentally, is grey and rubbish) in the TMS inbox

1511 - Ind 128-0
The fired-up Anderson charges in again but Karthik hits him for another four, and you sense the game slipping away from England as Karthik and Jaffer are starting to stroll through singles at will.

"What's a Mangum, anyway?"
Sonny K, confused in Austin, Texas, in the TMS inbox

If you mean a Magnum, it's a large, chocolate-encrusted ice cream/lolly. If when you open the wrapper, there's a moustache encrusted on the chocolate, it's a Magnum PI.

1507 - Ind 121-0
Just two close catchers for Monty, but the Indian pair are looking in command. Three runs taken from the over.

If only I was funnier I might actually get something posted on the live text. I think I'm going to give up on the cricket now and go on a comedy course"
Philip from London in the TMS inbox [After the "fin de siecle" gag at lunchtime, I may join you - MM]

"Just bumped into a group of Elvis lookalikes. They certainly resembled the King in his latter years but what they blurted out would have left him All Shook Up in his grave..."
BBC Sport's Paresh Soni, our man at Trent Bridge

1504 - Ind 118-0
But no, it's still Anderson, and he takes out his frustation with a bouncer which Jaffer gloves onto his helmet. More mid-pitch "chat" ensues, and CMJ reckons Vaughan or Taufel should have a word. Jaffer then has to dig out an inswinging yorker - and pulls one to mid-on which Anderson himself chases - clearly a man fired up.

Graham Gooch
"Panesar has the second highest percentage of LBWs as Test dismissals with 24%. The highest is Anil Kumble with 25%"
Graham Gooch on TMS

1500 - Ind 114-0
Another LBW shout from Monty against Karthik, but it's the least convincing of his appeals so far. A maiden and Sidey is warming up, presumably after Anderson's frustrations in the previous over.

Graham Gooch
"Anderson's got to make sure his frustration doesn't get the better of him. You've got to challenge your aggression into what you're doing with the ball"
Graham Gooch on TMS

That's 50
1457 - Ind 114-0
A misfield by Tremlett at extra cover grants Karthik another boundary, and Anderson's not happy - giving Karthik a bit of chat when he reaches the bowler's end. A white balloon then temporarily halts play - Taufel tries and fails to stop it, but KP bursts it. Jaffer then reaches his half-century (143 minutes, 101 balls, seven fours), and Jimmy is getting involved again with more chat and some Paddington Bear-like "hard stares".

"For Ed in Sheffield your use of the semi-colon looks right to me; however as a fellow PhD-writer, I should point out that I am a scientist (and hence spend most of my time tinkering and not writing) who was also a victim of 1990s schooling. The trouble I've found with writing a PhD whilst listening to the cricket is that you end up inserting scores and bowling averages into your figures subconsciously, instead of the data you painstakingly researched for three years"
Stuart, Bath, in the TMS inbox

1452 - Ind 105-0
Panesar's action reminds CMJ a little of Tony Lock. Jaffer straight-drives, the ball is deflected onto the stumps at the bowler's end by Monty - and Karthik appears to only just makes his ground in time. It's referred to TV umpire Nigel Llong and he agrees, but it was very tight.

1448 - Ind 103-0
With the participants suitably refreshed, Anderson resumes, and Jaffer brings up the Indian century when he finds the gap between second slip and gully. Jimmy then hits Jaffs on the pad, but Simon Taufel shakes his head in a slightly languid manner. Michael Vaughan is wearing a very dark pair of sunglasses, and looks as stony-faced as Rudi Koertzen often does when similarly attired.

"Ref: CMJ comment at 1400 - Just wanna say 'If they can keep up this standard of bowling, then sooner or later we'll lose!'"
Paul in sunny Russia in the TMS inbox

Sunil Gavaskar
"With the sun out today, conditions for batting are a lot better, and the Indians have certainly capitalised"
Sunil Gavaskar on TMS

That's 50
1441 - Ind 98-0
Monty hits Jaffer on the pad with the first ball of his over, and jumps up and down on the spot like Zebedee in his appeal - but Mr Howell is again unmoved. Hawk-Eye thinks it might just have clipped the off bail. Jaffer then uses his feet well and hits Panesar over mid-off for four. Karthik reaches his fifty at last (129 minutes, 95 balls, eight fours) when he takes a big stride and punches one past silly point for four. A drinks break, and a chance for Monty to cool off a bit.

"Punctuation's simple enough, Gucci. The semi-colon is there to link two related sentences; the second often expands on or explains the first. The colon is a different proposition altogether - its purpose: to introduce something new. But can we leave apostrophes for when it rains?"
Harry, Oxford, in the TMS inbox

1437 - Ind 89-0
A double change of bowling - Tremlett's off and Anderson's back on. Just an inoffensive single from each batsman to note - Karthik now has 46, while Jaffer has crept up to 36.

"Can anyone tell me what the outcome is if a fielder collides with the square leg umpire who fails to move out of the way when the ball is quite clearly dropping out of the sky in his direction?"
Alex in the TMS inbox

"Hi Mark, keep the good commentary going. Just though I'd email in to say I'm down in the south west and the weather is rather nice. Hopefully all this good weather from around the country is coming your way"
Marcus in Wiltshire in the TMS inbox

1433 - Ind 87-0
Monty's immediately in the action as the diminuitive Karthik sweeps his first ball and is struck on the pad - it's fairly straight but umpire Ian Howell is unmoved. ("That's out, if you see the replay", says Aggers, and Hawk-Eye thinks it would have hit middle stump halfway up). Three taken from the over.

And on the subject of eating and drinking in moderation, this season's ECB media guide states that India keeper Mahendra Dhoni drinks a litre of milk a day "which he cites as a reason for his physical strength and fitness". Wow.

1429 - Ind 84-0
Sunil Gavaskar finishes his ice cream without spilling a drop - easier to do in England than in India, Aggers observes. Tremlett stems the flow of runs with another maiden, and it's Monty time.

1426 - Ind 84-0
More loosening up from Monty gets the crowd excited, but it's still Colly for now. Another delightful cover drive from Karthik, and the ball boy on the cover boundary must be on double time now.

"Perhaps I'm being overly gloomy about our prospects here, but to try and take my mind off this 'performance' so far I've just eaten half a pound of chorizo. It didn't cheer me up at all and now I just feel sick. Will nothing go right today?"
Owen in the TMS inbox

[BBC Sport advises that eating anything, whether chorizo, ice lollies or cake should be done in moderation. That applies equally to the TMS commentators as it does to Owen]

"What is CMJ talking about? Prior has had nothing to do - anyone can catch a ball that is left by the batter - probably even my mother in her oven gloves!"
Cibby, Suffolk, in the TMS inbox

"This is embarrassing for me: many of my customers are English. What shall I tell them, that Monty Panesar will get all 10 of his compatriots out? Rain will come to the rescue? What will happen to my fish'n'chips today if they go away because I'm so partisan?"
Vali Jamal from Cafe Viva in Kampala, Uganda, in the TMS inbox

1421 - Ind 79-0
Karthik moves to 40 with a four off his legs, then slashes at one outside off-stump which misses by a whisker. Tremlett's bowling pretty well but he's out of luck at the moment.

Sunil Gavaskar
"I asked for a Magnum, but this ice cream is quite refreshing, and the cake yesterday was excellent. Chris Tremlett has bowled outstandingly well, there will be other days when he doesn't bowl as well and get wickets"
Legendary former Indian batsman Sunil Gavaskar praises both the TMS cuisine and Chris Tremlett

1427 - Ind 75-0
Colly takes more punishment, but only three runs come off the over as ice creams arrive for the TMS commentators - and Panesar starts a few stretches. Will we see the Montster on soon?

"I like Peter J's idea of cricket fans identifying one another through their mobile phone ringtones; a bit like the masonic handshake. But there must be something better than the Blue Danube Waltz. How about suggestions from TMS followers for the best ringtone? My vote goes to Soul Limbo (BBC Cricket theme) by Booker T and the MG's"
Martin, doing anything to avoid mowing the lawn and cutting the hedge in Hampshire, in the TMS inbox

Ian Bell
1413 - Ind 72-0
A lovely cover drive brings Jaffer four off Tremlett. His second boundary off the over is more fortuitous, as he gets a thick outside edge past second slip. Chris finds the edge again, and the diving Ian Bell gets a hand to it at gully but is unable to hold on. Mind you, I feel shamed to have been outdone by Sam Lyon yesterday with a Star Wars reference - apparently Bell looks like Chief Chirpa of the Ewoks, and I can see what he means there.

"Karthik may actually be proud of those bruises and wouldn't mind counting them all if he could. The reason I say so is Indian batsmen haven't shown much guts on overseas tours in the past. They didn't care to earn bruises and paid with forfeiting many chances to win or save matches"
Soulberry, India, in the TMS inbox

1409 - Ind 64-0
It's Colly time - England's fourth seamer Paul Collingwood is handed the ball for some military medium from the Pavilion End. Karthik hits him for four through cover, and the Tinkerman responds by getting Prior to stand up to the stumps. Karthik drives - and it's just short of the diving Anderson at cover. Can you call that a chance? It was very tough. If Colly had been the fielder rather than the bowler, it might have been. Karthik celebrates by plundering another boundary.

1405 - Ind 54-0
First runs off Tremmers after lunch as Jaffer dabs one to Monty at backward square leg and they run two. My typing is deteriorating as in the last paragraph I nearly called the TMS Blog the "TMS Bog", and with all this McFly chat in the air, I nearly called Ashley Giles "Ashley Judd", who is a very pleasant-looking American actress married to the Scottish racing driver Dario Franchitti. Pull yourself together, Mitch.

Ashley Giles
"I've taught my seven-year-old son to bat left-handed, and he plays a bit like Marcus Trescothick as he thumps it through midwicket well. My daughter's only five, but she plays tennis and has terrific hand-eye co-ordination"
Ashley Giles reveals fatherly pride on TMS

And by way of a seamless link, Gilo has given us his thoughts on the art of lower-order batting, on the TMS blog - website users can read it here:

1400 - Ind 52-0
Jaffer, whose defence is "watertight" according to CMJ on TMS, finally lets loose when he works Sidebottom for four through the covers to bring up the fifty partnership. CMJ reveals that McFly star Harry Judd (whose cricketing skills were shown on a recent Comic Relief documentary) will be the guest on tomorrow's "View from the Boundary" on TMS at lunchtime.

Christopher Martin-Jenkins
"If they can keep up this standard of bowling, then sooner or later they'll get an edge"
Christopher Martin-Jenkins on TMS

1356 - Ind 47-0
Tremlett continues to successfully tie up one end with some accurate seam bowling, in a similar manner to which his father Tim did majestically for Hampshire in the 1970s and 1980s. A quick one, timed at 82mph, is jabbed by Karthik just short of third slip. Another snorter beats Karthik and is taken by Prior at shoulder height.

"Funnily enough, fresh food - roast chicken, salmon, two fine cakes and a cheese board - was brought out just as Mike Gatting walked into the dining area"
BBC Sport's Paresh Soni, our man at Trent Bridge

1352 - Ind 47-0
Some comedy fielding from Monty - "it looked like he's been snipered", says Ashley Giles on TMS - allows Jaffer a two, after Karthik plunders a single from Sidey.

"'Gucci'?! No. Some of us have much more right to that posho handbag related nickname. Also, to anyone else avoiding writing their PhD thesis by following the cricket; it could be worse, you could be writing mine. Could someone please tell how to use a semi-colon, I suspect my usage is incorrect in the above sentence but I've tried so many times and been wrong, I just wanted to get one published. And no other moaning about my poor use of other punctuation, spelling or grammar. I was taught in the 1990s when no-one seemed to be bothered"
Ed Guccione in Sheffield, in the TMS inbox

1347 - Ind 44-0
A change of end for Tremlett - he's replaced Anderson at the Paula End. He beats Jaffer with an away-swinger, and CMJ commends his shortened run-up which has paid dividends for him this season. A maiden from the Hampshire man.

"I was at a wedding during the final Ashes Test at the Oval in 2005. I had my phone on message alert whenever there was a wicket, and Hoggard snapped up three during the service - there were dirty looks from the front and yelps of joy at the back - not sure the bride has spoken to me since"
Nick, London in the TMS inbox

"Why not slip a headphone in during the service, disguised as a hearing aid? Provides an excuse for your pressing it to your ear trying to listen to the commentary!"
Joe from Hertford in the TMS inbox

Christopher Martin-Jenkins
"We haven't noticed Prior's keeping at all - which means he's keeping well"
Christopher Martin-Jenkins on TMS

1343 - Ind 44-0
I hope you're back as we're under way already, and Karthik shows no sign of post-prandial problems by flaying Sidey's first ball after lunch for four off the back foot. He's happy to see off the rest of the over, although the last ball beats his outside edge.


1305: That's it for the first session - I'm off for a quick break. In the meantime, there's a veritable plethora of other live sport you can follow. Rugby league supporters might want to check out Paul Fletcher's description of the Challenge Cup semi-finals, while cycling enthusiast (or as they say in France, fin de siecle) John Sinnott is keeping track of the Tour de France. Just be back here for when play resumes at 1340, you understand?

Graham Gooch
"India will be really happy to have bowled England out for less than 200. Who wins the most sessions, often wins the most matches - India have won two sessions yesterday and one today, so they're definitely ahead"
Graham Gooch on TMS

1300 - LUNCH - Ind 40-0
As Anderson runs in past the stumps, Jaffer holds his hand up and moves away from the stumps - which are inevitably splayed as it's too late for Jimmy to pull out of his action. Vaughan at short mid-on pretends to appeal, but the umpire has already signalled dead ball. Jaffer finds the boundary for the first time in this innings with a clip off his legs to square leg, watched by a group of pseudo-Vikings in horned helmets. Can't hear if they're chanting "Spam" or not. Jaffer works JA to leg once more and picks up two - six from the over, and that's lunch.

"We are 'watching' match on BBC website in Catania where it is 40 degrees blazing sunshine. Forget getting Test matches at the Rose Bowl, Riverside etc... can't we get a Test ground somewhere in southern Italy to be guaranteed rain-free five days and batting till 9pm? They have Italian Serie A cricket league scores on Italian Ceefax, by the way. Scary"
Amanda in Sicily in the TMS inbox

1255 - Ind 34-0
Goochie (or should that be Gucci?) on TMS wants Tremlett to pitch the ball up a bit more, and thinks the deep midwicket man on the hook is wasted. Karthik adds another bruise to his collection as he's struck on the bottom hand. A maiden over for Tremlett, but Gucci isn't satisfied - he merely describes it as "average" and wants him to make the batsmen play more.

"I fear Damo is correct. I am just off out to take yet another wedding clashing with a Test match. In my experience, many clergy and organists (mine wears an MCC tie) are very interested in cricket so if you want to know the score you might find you don't have to leave the church to find out - try the vestry!"
Fr Gary, Parish Priest Hanslope and Castlethorpe, N. Bucks, in the TMS inbox

1252 - Ind 34-0
Jaffer changes his thigh pad between overs, while Nottinghamshire's Bilal Shafayat is on as a substitute fielder for Kevin Pietersen. Will he make an early start on the lunch? A loud appeal, mainly from the slip cordon, as Jaffer is hit on the pad, but to no avail. Another maiden for Jimmy.

"Is it terribly wrong that I now want the Blue Danube Waltz as my ringtone in Vic Marks's honour? If everyone who read the live text did this, you'd always know when you were in the room with another cricket fan, and should you be at a wedding could ask them for the score while no one is looking"
Peter J in the TMS inbox

1246 - Ind 34-0
Vaughan tinkers with the field again - only two on-side fielders, fine leg and mid-on, as Tremlett bowls to Karthik and gets some movement outside off-stump. The Tinkerman then moves Cook from mid-on to a catching position at midwicket, about three quarters of the way back. Just one from the over.

"At this rate we could be watching England batting again after India declare 200 ahead. Could be a long few days for England now they will praying for the rain"
Dhiren, at work in London, in the TMS inbox

Graham Gooch
"I've been impressed with the way the Indian batsmen have been rotating the strike. It's definitely been their morning"
Graham Gooch on TMS

1242 - Ind 33-0
Square-leg umpire Ian Howell looks at his watch disapprovingly as England don't exactly hurry round between overs. Just three added from the over, neither batsmen are taking any chances at this stage.

"How can I persuade the wife to take the kids outside when I get home from work so that I can watch the cricket without incessant demands for Scooby Doo, Tom & Jerry etc?"
Stewart, Cumbernauld, in the TMS inbox

Zoicks, Scoob! The weather forecast I heard earlier suggests you may have plenty of time for Tom & Jerry tomorrow. I always liked the one where Tom was playing golf and firstly used Jerry as a golf tee, before rinsing him in the ball cleaner!

1239 - Ind 30-0
First change of bowling as the unshaven Tremlett replaces Sidey at the Pavilion End. First runs for a few overs as Karthik takes two to third man, but a decent first over from Tremmers.

Bill Frindall
"Tremlett made his ODI debut here against Bangladesh in 2005 - he took 4-32 and was on a hat-trick when the ball hit the stumps but didn't disturb the bails"
Bill Frindall on TMS

"Mark, many thanks for posting birthday wishes for Margaret [see 1205 entry] - I've just had the biggest grin and hug from her and I'm sure she'd like you to share in the happiness you've created! As a special treat for her, I think I'll dig out the 2005 Ashes series for her"
Michael in the TMS inbox

Aw, Michael, you're making me feel like Jimmy Savile here. Knowing that your daughter is being brought up as a cricket fan is reward enough.

1234 - Ind 28-0
A large rumble emanates from the TMS box as Vic Marks leaves his seat without turning his microphone off. His replacement in the summariser's chair, Graham Gooch, describes Vaughan's field placings as "cute" as Anderson keeps it tight against the unhurried Jaffer. Another maiden.

"Mark, good to see you using 'thus', we need to keep these old words alive. Others could be alight, whence, ye, and yore. On another note the sun is coming out here in Cornwall so maybe it will reach you by this evening"
Dan, Cornwall in the TMS inbox

1230 - Ind 28-0
Sidey raps Karthik on the underside of his right elbow as he plays and misses - he'll have a few bruises to admire at lunchtime at this rate. Sidey's long run-up is doing nothing for the over-rate, but it's a maiden over from him.

"Looks like Rahul Dravid's faith in Anil Kumble has paid off. He didn't allow the tail to wag too much. How much was England at disadvantage because of losing the toss? Go the Blues"
Charu, Auckland NZ, in the TMS inbox

1225 - Ind 28-0
Jimmy's still swinging it well, although Jaffer gets some rare runs by guiding the ball through the covers for two. Eight overs gone - England could certainly do with a wicket (or two) before lunch.

"The main reason for your lack of emails is probably the fact that it's wedding season this summer. The one this afternoon that I'm off to is already my 5th of the year, with 2 more before the end of August. So, blame all those pesky churches for allowing weddings to go ahead at the same time as a Test match"
Damo in Luton, in the TMS inbox

As I mentioned earlier, anyone off to weddings or other events can keep in touch with the live text here on your mobile phone. Just switch it off during the actual service, as cries of "Gottim!" when the minister asks "Does anyone know any reason why these two cannot be lawfully joined..." are often frowned upon. After the service, you're fine though. The old "I've just got to go and check I locked the car" trick usually works.

1222 - Ind 25-0
Karthik comes forward to Sidey, groping for the ball but completely mistiming it. He finally gets a run by working one to midwicket.

"It's got to be said, that England have got one of the longest tails in world cricket, not that I don't respect Sidebottom, Panesar, Anderson and Tremlett as players, but their batting skills are poor at best"
Jack from Wiltshire in the TMS inbox

"Not only are England in the sort of tatters which could sort out Cinderella's wardrobe for a month, I don't even have the satisfaction of Zaheer Khan bagging a five-for for my fantasy team, How rubbish is that!"
Sarah, Canterbury in the TMS inbox

1217 - Ind 24-0
Jaffer looks like he's battening down the hatches for lunch, a mere 45 minutes or so away. His only scoring stroke this over is a delicate, inoffensive prod for two.

Jonathan Agnew
Vic Marks
"Only Vic Marks could have the Blue Danube Waltz as his ringtone!"
Jonathan Agnew on TMS

"I can't help thinking how much bother Hoggy would be getting the Indians into on this wicket if he wasn't injured! Although needless to say, i have full faith in Side-show-Bottom et al to take early wickets and leave India on the ropes"
James, Notts, in the TMS inbox

1213 - Ind 22-0
Karthik clearly has his mind set on cranking up the score before lunch, and just gets a single when he tries to whip one to leg. Jaffer finally troubles the scorers with a three to deep cover which is doggedly pursued by Monty P.

"I'm 12 years old, and I once sat next to Siders and Arnie (his dad) in Pizza Hut in Huddersfield. What with Siders' haircut, (or lack of) he looks like a ragdoll on a bad day. P.S. Our 2nd XI game (Upperthong v Heckmondwike) was called off @ 1030 today. Mad Bob is at work and not answering his phone. Hope he's reading this so he knows not to come"
Sam Williams in the TMS inbox

Mad Bob, you've been warned.

1209 - Ind 18-0
Jaffer's not yet off the mark, and not looking too comfortable against Anderson's away swing. Vic Marks on TMS mentions that Jimmy can swing it the other way as well - maybe the conditions will help. A maiden for the Lancastrian.

"For those who were following the live text yesterday, and are anxious to find out my mother's level of inebriation after returning from the Test, I can confirm the following exchange took place when she returned home. My brother: 'You're drunk, aren't you Mum?' My mother: 'No I'm not, I'm blotto!' Any fears I had were instantly allayed"
John in the TMS inbox

1205 - Ind 18-0
As Radio 4 listeners get the shipping forecast (but TMS continues on Five Live Sports Extra), Sidey hits Karthik in an unfortunate place with a ball that nips back sharply. No permanent damage appears to have been done as he flicks the next one to the fine-leg boundary for four. He then steers one between third slip and gully for a couple, and belts a four through third man. R4 listeners return, and they've missed 10 runs in less than an over! Karthik, full of confidence, then flashes at one outside off-stump which goes through to ear-ring wearing wicket-keeper and BBC Sport columnist Matt Prior.

"Seeing as your email inbox is deathly quiet, perhaps you could make up for Sam Lyon's failure to wish my daughter, Margaret, a happy 12th birthday for yesterday"
Michael in the TMS inbox

Happy birthday for yesterday, Margaret. Most of my dad's side of the family celebrate birthdays or wedding anniversaries in July (thus supporting the greetings card industry for the other 11 months), and I'm bound to have forgotten someone - so many happy returns there as well, if any of you are reading.

1202 - Ind 8-0
It's Jimmy Anderson from the (Paula?) Radcliffe Road End, and his first ball is one to forget as Karthik cover-drives him for four. "A benefit match ball", says the legendary Sunil Gavaskar on TMS. The rest of the over is better, although Karthik pinches the strike with a quick single.

1156 - Ind 3-0
Dinesh Karthik gets India going with a two off Sidey's first ball. When a single brings Wasim Jaffer to the striker's end, Vaughan is already tinkering with the field. Jaffer is tucked up with a full-length ball, but it falls too short of a possible return catch. Mind you, if Vaughan had kept Cook at forward short-leg, where he was for Karthik, it might have been interesting...

"The e-mail is quiet as most people are probably waking up about now with hangovers! I didnt't drink as I had a cricket match today... which was called off at 9am"
Scotty, Southampton, in the TMS inbox

Shame on those hung over - they've already missed the end of the England innings.

1150: India have an hour and 10 minutes before lunch, and the irrepressible Sidey, fresh from his batting heroics, is going to open up.

"Has there been a lower Test score without any players getting ducks?"
Doug in the TMS inbox

1149: The heavy roller is on - and the England fielders are out already for their "huddle".

"I did suggest when Prior went that we wouldn't make it past 175, so I'm very pleased with Sidey's performance and even Tremlett's contribution"
Cibby, Suffolk, in the TMS inbox

Agree with you on Tremlett - clearly, Kumble tied him in knots this morning (just as Kumble has with many front-line batsmen) - but he was only outscored in this innings by Cook, Colly and Bell. Those 20 runs could be all-important!

"Why can't the scorecard and run by run updates stay in sync with the action in the live text?"
Jezzer in the TMS inbox

Jezzer (or can I call you Jez?), the scorecard, like a lot of the stats such as the county scores, comes on an automatically generated feed from the Press Association. The live text goes in just as quickly as muggins here can type. The latter is normally quicker than the former, so stay with me for everything as it happens...

[That update took around 20 seconds after I pressed "save" to go to air, if you're interested]

Wicket falls
1141 - WICKET - Anderson b Kumble 1 - Eng 198 all out
Anderson is off the mark (and off strike) with a single, and Sidey has a bit of a heave to leg to take England to within two runs of the magic 200. But that's it, as Anderson is comprehensively clean bowled by Kumble.

1139 - Eng 196-9
Zaheer is one short of a five-for, and winces as Sidey plays and misses. Michael Vaughan is wearing a dark blue tracksuit top on the balcony, presumably he has confidence in his last pair to last a little longer.

"Duncan Fletcher always used to go on about batting to number eight, do you think Sidey does a better job than Giles did in his time?"
Chris Corfield in the TMS inbox

Christopher Martin-Jenkins
"I doubt Ryan Sidebottom has ever found himself farming the strike before, even on his home ground here"
Christopher Martin-Jenkins on TMS

1135 - Eng 196-9
Just a thought - how often would England's nine, 10 and 11 batsmen all be left-handers? Kumble continues probing against Sidebottom, and tries to flick one to leg. Short-leg catches, they all appeal, but it was off the pad. Sidey nudges one to fine leg for one, to take his score to 17.

"250 would be a good score, provided England can bowl well with the new ball. If the Indians put on the heavy roller to try and subdue the pitch this will bring up the moisture and allow a little bit of seam movement, and as we can see the ball is still swinging. I reckon scores will be level after the first innings"
Martin Davies, East Marden, in the TMS inbox

"700 would be a good score, I doubt they'd ever catch that"
Dave in the TMS inbox

Christopher Martin-Jenkins
"I've heard that Sidebottom's mum insists he never cuts his hair, although he has to trim it occasionally"
Christopher Martin-Jenkins on TMS

Wicket falls
1129 - WICKET - Panesar c Laxman b Zaheer 1 - Eng 195-9
Zaheer tests Monty with a bouncer, and the crowd favourite then gets off the mark with a single to fine leg. But after Sidey hits another single, Zaheer ends Monty's participation with an intelligent outswinger that the Montster edges to slip. Jimmy Anderson defends the last ball of the over.

1126 - Eng 193-8
Sidey does his number-eight promotion prospects no harm at all with another two, and he's certainly coping better with Kumble than Tremmers did. A beautiful off-drive finds the extra cover boundary.

1123 - Eng 187-8
Another delicate nudge for one from Sidey, and CMJ thinks Zaheer is getting a bit of reverse swing as he sends a couple past Monty's bat before rapping him on the pad. The e-mail inbox is deathly quiet - is it something I've said? OK then, what do you think will be a good score, and why?

Ashley Giles
"Tremlett was trying to leave himself room to drive Kumble, but all he did was to leave a big gap between bat and pad"
Ashley Giles on TMS

Wicket falls
1118 - WICKET - Tremlett b Kumble 20 - Eng 186-8
Tremlett is nearly caught at cover as a group of men dressed as Smurfs walk behind a row of reindeer. Kumble holds his head in his hands as yet another googly just misses Tremmers' leg stump. But the next ball is a bit quicker and has the desired effect as leg stump is knocked over and Tremlett's painful dissection by Kumble is over. New batsman is Monty P, who gets a round of applause just for a forward defensive as the over is completed.

"We are sitting in the Radcliffe Road End and can't help noticing that there are three helmets behind Dhoni. If the ball hits all of them, do England get 15 runs?"
Matthew in the TMS inbox

1114 - Eng 186-7
Tremlett takes a single to the man on the square cover boundary. Not sure why he's there, but England won't mind. Zaheer nearly bowls Sidey with one that goes straight through the gate.

Jonathan Agnew
"I'd say Sidebottom is pressing his batting credentials to go in at eight, ahead of Tremlett"
BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew on TMS

1110 - Eng 185-7
Kumble moves his silly point to leg slip for Tremlett after that near miss in the first over. The big man doesn't seem to be picking Kumble too well - but then again, who does? Tremlett cover-drives at another undetected googly and it flies off an inside edge past the stumps (and the aforementioned leg slip) down to fine leg for three. Will Sidey have better luck against Kumble? Looks so - he clips the old campaigner for four through mid-on.

Ashley Giles
"With the water table as it is, there will be moisture all the way through the wicket. The Indians are wandering around, and don't look like a side that have England on the ropes"
Former England spinner and amateur meteorologist Ashey Giles on TMS

1106 - Eng 178-7
Leftie meets leftie as Zaheer Khan advances England's score by sending a wide past Sidebottom. He then gets off the mark (off his 18th ball) by flicking Zaheer off his legs for two to long leg, before dabbing another two into the off side.

1103 - Eng 173-3
Veteran spinner Anil Kumble takes the first over, and there are three men around the bat for Tremlett - who has three first-class fifties for Hampshire and one for England Under-19s. However, the first runs of the morning come when he completely misses Kumble's wrong'un, and the ball flies between bat and pad, just over the stumps and past keeper Dhoni for four byes.

1057: The players come out to the sound of "Jerusalem", and Aggers compliments fellow commentator Mark Saggers on his choice of suit. Ryan Sidebottom, his wild hair barely contained by his helmet, has a jumper on, while his partner Chris Tremlett is sweaterless. Remember, the overnight score has England 169-7.

"I am thinking that Tremlett and Sidebottom will add another 150 before Anderson and Panesar score quick fifties. Oh, hang on, I'm still asleep"
Denzil from Belgium in the TMS inbox

Graham Gooch
"England have got to score aggressively - there's no point in just occupying the crease. If they can get to 200, psychologically it'll be a big lift. I've been working in the Indian media and the pressure on their best four batsmen is immense"se"
Former England skipper Graham Gooch on TMS

One of my schoolteachers used to impress the theory of "crease occupation" on tail-enders like myself. Mind you, this particular teacher played 118 fewer Tests than Goochie.

"On a day when England needs the tail to 'wag', can Bill Frindall tell us which Test sides have got the most and least run production from 8,9,10 and 11 since 1977?"
Tony Moulds in the TMS inbox

I'll defer to the Bearded Wonder in terms of stats, but I was in Melbourne and Sydney for the Fourth and Fifth Ashes Tests over the winter, and watching the hapless Sajid Mahmood come in at number eight and barely get bat on ball nearly made me lose the will to live. But for a lucky swipe over the slips at the SCG, he would have joined the "Audi" club (four noughts in a row).

1046: I've just found a pound coin on the side of the desk. Well, if the finder's not here, the keeper has it. Good omen for the day?

1045: In case you're an avid website user who is tempted by this sudden arrival of sunny weather to venture outside today, don't forget that you can access almost everything on the BBC Sport website via your mobile phone (or palmtop, PDA or other gizmos I don't really understand). Including this live text commentary of the day's cricket, naturally.

"Being a strong Indian supporter, I want India to get England all out quickly and then hopefully the Indian batsman will survive the bowlers today and put up a good performance. Good sunshine is good news! The England tail had better not wag!"
Dr Parul Shah in the TMS inbox

1036: Coach Peter Moores has the England players in a bit of a sit-down huddle (if such a thing is possible) on the outfield. There was no overnight rainfall, and the forecast for today is sunny - good times. However, the outlook for tomorrow is less good - bad times.

"It's reasonably bright and we should have few problems with the weather today - expect a deluge within an hour then"
BBC Sport's Paresh Soni, our man at Trent Bridge

"In my opinion there was never going to be any play until 1500 yesterday. After an hour's play, the players took a drinks break for five minutes! Play could have gone on until 1930 (even later as the light was as good as it had been all day), but because the allotted overs had been bowled the players came off. The ECB need to understand that this is an entertainment business"
Duncan Clark in the TMS inbox

1000: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. The good news is the sun is shining - and the forecast is promising for the whole day. Let battle commence...



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