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Last Updated: Thursday, 25 August 2005, 17:19 GMT 18:19 UK
4th Test day one as it happened
FOURTH TEST - MATCH SUMMARY (Trent Bridge, Day 1, close):
England 229-4 v Australia

A shower late on the first day at Trent Bridge has brought play to an end for the day with England 229-4 in the fourth Ashes Test against Australia.

Shortly before the rain Australia captain Ricky Ponting made an unlikely breakthrough for his team, removing Michael Vaughan for 58.

Earlier Marcus Trescothick and Andrew Strauss had put on 105 for the first wicket before Strauss fell for 35.

Shaun Tait then dismissed Trescothick (65) and Ian Bell in quick succession.


1806: With Warne brought back to bowl to Flintoff and Pietersen there is plenty of potential for fireworks out there, but the over passes quietly. At the end of the over the umpires gather and as the rain starts to fall the players go off.

1801: Tait is drilled through the covers for four by Flintoff, who otherwise plays the over very watchfully. Play could go on until 1900 BST but dark clouds are starting to gather.

1754: Ponting is bowling a mixed bag and barely escapes being called for a wide with one that drifts very wide. Pietersen works a single through mid-wicket before a watchful Flintoff is rapped on the pads by a ball which was passing over the top of leg.

1750: Another loose stroke, this time by Pietersen, but the ball drops inches in front of Ponting's hands as he dives forward at gully. Far more convincing is the straight drive for four which follows and takes Pietersen to 29 not out.

1747: Flintoff has to adjust quickly to keep out a ball from Ponting which cuts into him off the pitch. The next one is wide and tempts him into a flashy drive and he is fortunate to pick up four off a low edge.

WICKET: England 213-4 (Vaughan 58)

1744: Ponting can hardly believe his eyes, or his luck, as an innocuous short of a length delivery tempts Vaughan into an unnecessary shot outside off stump and keeper Gilchrist takes a thin edge.

1741: A moment of hilarity as Lee stops a square cut from Vaughan in a seated position after losing his footing just inside the rope. He is called into action again from a similar stroke and this time presents a textbook stop, knee to the ground.

1739: With the game drifting back towards England, Australia bring back Tait in the hope he can produce another breakthrough.

On the Ashes log, Tim Hopkins advises: "Vaughan and Pietersen should concentrate on getting us through the rest of the day so we can launch an attack with Freddie in the morning."

1732: England have the foundation for a big total, but a couple of wickets before the close could tip the game back towards Australia. The Barmy Army are obviously happy with the situation as they begin a sing-song.

1719: Vaughan reaches his fifty off 77 balls as he puts a poorly directed ball from Lee away to the mid-wicket boundary.

1717: Kasprowicz fumbles the ball over the boundary at long leg, gifting Vaughan four and taking England's total past 200.

1714: Confusion reigns between the two England batsmen but Pietersen survives as Hayden's throw misses the stumps at the bowler's end.

1712: A surprise move by Ponting as he brings himself on to bowl. Can he add to his collection of four wickets from 91 Tests? Umpire Bucknor shows leniency from the first delivery but signals the second as a wide.

1710: Gilchrist flings himself to his left to try and reach a leg glance by Vaughan off Lee, but it is all in vain as the ball runs away to fine leg for four. Vaughan adds a quick single to bring up the 50 partnership.

1705: Four more are added to the total as Pietersen picks his favourite spot at mid-wicket off Kasprowicz.

1702: Lee bowls wide of off stump and Vaughan flashes the ball to the boundary with a textbook cover drive, carrying him to 39 not out.

1700: Pietersen advances to 19 with three runs down to third man from a thick edge - Hayden slides to prevent the boundary.

1654: An excellent delivery from Kasprowicz just misses the edge of Pietersen's bat as he defends on the back foot.

1650: Vaughan does well to squeeze out a rapid yorker from Lee with the toe end of his bat.

1648: Lee attempts a bouncer but his line is wrong and Vaughan upper-cuts over the slip cordon for four.

1647: Pietersen offers no stroke to an in-swinger from Kasprowicz but umpire Bucknor turns down a confident appeal.

1643 DROP: The umpires confer about the weather with a persistent drizzle still in the air. Vaughan (30) forces Kasprowicz away in the air to gully where Hayden fails to hang onto the catch despite getting two hands to the ball.

1638: Ponting makes a change, recalling Lee into the attack in place of Tait, whose two wickets have put a new spring in the step of his team-mates.

1636 DROP: Kasprowicz floors a caught and bowled chance offered by Pietersen (14) as he mis-times an attempted stroke through the leg-side.

1629: There is rain in the air as Tait begins another over. Pietersen's strength through the leg-side is evident again as he clips the ball away for two more.

1626: Kasprowicz produces an excellent delivery which cuts back through a huge gap between Pietersen's bat and pad but clears the off bail.

1623: Tait strains for extra pace and Pietersen whips the ball magnificently between mid-wicket and mid-on for four to progress to 11 not out.

1616: England's total passes 150 as Pietersen, playing on his former home ground, drives Tait through mid-off for four.

1614: Pietersen opens his account by pushing the ball into a gap in the cover field and picking up two runs.

WICKET: England 146-3 (Bell 3)

1611: Australia's gamble pays off again as Tait strikes a second blow with Bell edging a catch to keeper Gilchrist, who makes no mistakes diving to his right - his 300th Test dismissal.

1603: Tait angles the ball towards leg-stump and Bell turns it away securely for a single. The bowler does not learn his lesson and Vaughan puts a similar delivery away to the boundary.

1559: Bell is under way immediately with two runs down to long leg.

WICKET: England 137-2 (Trescothick 65)

1556: Tait claims his first Test wicket with a beautiful in-swinger which beats a static Trescothick all ends up, hitting middle and off.

1553: The players are back out in the middle at last and Tait has the ball in his hand. Vaughan glances the first ball down to fine leg and takes two.

On the Ashes log, Tom Carroll e-mails to say: "It's a distinct possibility that the last two Tests could both end up being draws due to the weather. Great scheduling from the ECB could result in Aussies retaining the Ashes!"

1528: So much for optimism, the umpires reach the pavilion steps only for the rain to start once again. Another about-face by the groundstaff who move to put the covers back on.

1455: The covers are coming off and play will resume at 1530 as long as there is no more rain. The players will take tea from 1510 to 1530.

On the Ashes log, Ben Smyth writes: "The pitch looks so flat at Trent Bridge that it seems England require as much time as possible to get 20 Australian wickets. With a 130 deficit already, the Aussies will be quicker to the dressing room than a badger to his den every time there's a hint of drizzle in the Nottingham air."

1422: The rain returns, forcing the players to leave the ground.

1415: Vaughan attempts a flamboyant drive at a ball well wide of off stump and is fortunate as it just misses the edge.

1414: The rookie Tait starts up at the other end, hoping to exploit a breeze blowing across the ground from leg to off.

1410: Australia hand the ball to Kasprowicz as they look to put the brakes on England's excellent start. Only one slip is in place as Ponting starts off on the defensive. The second delivery is yet another no-ball.

1408: After an hour-long rain delay, umpires Dar and Bucknor walk out to resume the match.

LUNCH: England 129-1 Trescothick 62 Vaughan 14

On the Ashes log, Sunny from the USA writes: "Sorry to say Aussie fans, but this is a one man attack. If Warne cannot produce his magic, the Aussies could well be staring at being 600 behind by lunch tomorrow."

1233: Vaughan ends the session by gliding Lee square off the back foot to the point boundary.

1231: Lee over-pitches and Vaughan strokes it elegantly past the diving fielder at mid-off for four to reach double figures.

1229: Warne hurls the ball back towards after fielding off his own bowling, forcing the batsman to fend it away with his bat.

1223: A frustrated Lee bangs in a short one - another no-ball - which Trescothick hooks away for four.

1222: Derisive cheers from England supporters as Lee bowls Trescothick (55) off the inside edge, only to have his celebrations cut short by umpire Dar's no-ball call.

1220: Vaughan plays out a maiden from Warne - England are keen to avoid losing another wicket with only a few minutes to go before lunch.

1211: Warne's first ball to Vaughan is short of a length and the England skipper puts it away for four.

1210: Vic Marks, Test Match Special
"Warne has conjured a wicket out of nowhere. It's a freakish dismissal but Australia will take it because they were just starting to wobble."

WICKET: England 105-1 (Strauss 35)

1207: Strauss tries to sweep a ball from outside the off-stump, but under-edges onto his boot and the ball rebounds in Hayden's hands at slip. The third umpire confirms his dismissal.

1206: The start of another Warne over is marked by Strauss driving through the covers for four to move onto 35 not out.

1203: The umpires must be getting tired with all the no-ball signals and Aleem Dar's arm is extended again as Lee sends down a wide half volley which Trescothick thumps away to the rope as England reach 101-0.

1200: Tait's initial spell comes to an end with figures of 5-0-26-0 as Lee returns to the attack. Trescothick pushes into the leg-side for two to bring up a 77-ball half century.

1158: England pile on the pressure as Trescothick hammers Warne straight for the first six of the match.

1156: Australia are in urgent need of a breakthrough, but Trescothick drives Warne straight and adds three runs to move into the 40s.

1151: Another no-ball but Tait manages to tuck Trescothick up and strikes him a painful blow on the upper arm.

1148: Warne finds spin in his opening over, but it comes off the surface slowly and keeps a bit low.

1147: Nothing is happening for the seamers, so Ponting is forced to turn to Warne. Test cricket's most prolific wicket-taker could have a lot of hard work to do in this game.

1146: Clarke shows no sign of a back problem as he sprawls full length at deep point to cut off a boundary as Strauss thumps away a wide ball from Tait.

1141: Kasprowicz finds the inside edge of Trescothick's bat but it's a second successive no-ball, and the 12th so far of the morning from Australia.

1139: A poor over continues as Trescothick cracks Kasprowicz away through the off-side for four, taking him on to 33.

1138: The tuck away through square leg continues to prove a profitable stroke for England, with Strauss adding two off Kasprowicz. The next ball is fuller in length and punched away through mid-on for three.

1133: The pitch sucks the energy out of a short ball from Tait which Strauss pulls away square for four to move onto 20. He follows it with a classic cover drive but is denied four more by an athletic Langer.

1126: Kasprowicz decides to try his luck from round the wicket. The total passes 50 as Trescothick drives uppishly though the covers for four to move onto 29 not out.

1122: Tait's line is too wide of off stump and Trescothick cuts for four. The next ball is over-pitched and the Somerset left-hander drives square for another boundary.

1115: There is a hint of in-swing as Tait sends down a full length delivery to Strauss. The next one is short and Strauss takes two even though his pull shot is mis-timed.

1113: With Lee ineffective in his opening burst, Tait is handed the ball for the first time in a Test match.

1112: Trescothick is lucky as an under-edge just misses the stumps and rolls away for four to fine leg. England 35-0 after 10 overs.

1109: Trescothick turns Kasprowicz away to long leg and comes back for two. A similar stroke from Strauss bring him a single to mid-wicket.

1108: Lee digs in a 90mph short ball but it barely rises above waist height as Strauss takes evasive action, an indication of the lack of venom in the pitch.

1101: Trescothick plays Kasprowicz away through wide mid-on for three bringing Strauss back onto strike and he produces a perfectly timed pull for four from a no-ball.

1059: Lee attempts a slower delivery but is off line again and Strauss glances to fine leg for four.

1055: Tait makes his first contribution as Strauss pulls a short ball from Kasprowicz, preventing any runs with a diving stop at mid-wicket.

1053: Australia are doing their bit to boost England's total with both Lee and Kasprowicz guilty of no-balls in the early overs.

1049: The first boundary of the game as Trescothick turns Lee effortlessly away through square leg.

1044: Kasprowicz surprises Strauss with a ball which climbs higher than expected and cramps him up for room.

1040: Trescothick fences unconvincingly at a ball from Lee, which flies past the edge. Despite that, the pitch does not seem to have the pace and carry which Australia would have been hoping to see.

1038: Lee strays onto leg stump and Strauss tucks the ball away square with some comfort to pick up three runs.

1036: Trescothick is squared up by a superb delivery from Kasprowicz but the ball runs safely along the ground into the slip cordon.

1034: Kasprowicz opens up from the Pavilion end with the responsibility of filling the gap left by the injured McGrath. A thick outside edge past gully gives Strauss the first run of the game.

1032: Trescothick contemplates a quick single but wisely changes his mind as Clarke gathers the ball.

1030: Lee charges in for the first ball of the game but it flies harmlessly wide of off stump and Trescothick offers no stroke.

1008: Ponting puts on a brave face over the absence of injured Glenn McGrath. He predicts great things from newcomer Shaun Tait, saying: "He's got pace and aggression - he's a wicket-taker and everything he's done on this tour has been of a high standard."

1007: "It looks a decent wicket. We'll try to get some runs on the board and put Australia under pressure that way. The team were outstanding at Edgbaston and Old Trafford and must be the same here," says Vaughan.

1005: The captains make their way out to the middle for the toss. Ricky Ponting calls incorrectly and Michael Vaughan decides that England will bat first.

On the TMS messageboard, Dropped in the Deep writes: "Let's hope the Trent Bridge Test is as exciting as the last two and that the dramatic cricket we have seen so far in the series continues."


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