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Glamorgan squad

James Allenby 12/09/1982 Perth, Aus RHB RM
William Bragg 24/10/1986 Newport LHB WK
Chris Cooke 30/05/1986 Johannesburg, SA RHB WK
Dean Cosker 07/01/1978 Weymouth RHB SLA
John Glover 29/09/1989 Cardiff LHB RM
Murray Goodwin 11/12/1972 Harare, Zim RHB LB
David Harrison 31/07/1981 Newport RHB RM
Michael Hogan 31/05/1981 Australia RHB RFM
Nick James 17/09/1986 Sandwell LHB SLA
Alex Jones 10/11/1988 Bridgend RHB LFM
Simon Jones 25/12/1978 Morriston RHB RFM
David Lloyd 15/06/1992 St Asaph RHB OB
Marcus North (Overseas, one-day capt) 28/07/1979 Pakenham, Aus LHB OB
William Owen 02/09/1988 St Asaph RHB RFM
Michael Reed 10/09/1988 Leicester RHB RFM
Gareth Rees 08/04/1985 Swansea LHB
Andrew Salter 01/06/1993 Haverfordwest RHB OB
Martin van Jaarsveld 18/06/1974 Klerksdorp, SA RHB RM/OB
Graham Wagg 28/04/1983 Rugby RHB LM
Mark Wallace (Champ'shp capt) 19/11/1981 Crickhowell LHB WK
Huw Waters 29/09/1986 Cardiff RHB RM
Stewart Walters 25/06/1983 Victoria, Aus RHB LB
Ben Wright 05/12/1987 Preston RHB RM

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