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Wales & Glamorgan's England players

By Sean Davies

Gilbert Parkhouse

John Charles (Johnnie) Clay
John Clay - Cricinfo
John Clay - Wikipedia
Johnnie Clay - Glamorgan website
1935, 1 Test

Robert Croft
Robert Croft - Cricinfo
Robert Croft - Raise Your Game
Robert Croft - Wikipedia
Robert Croft - Glamorgan website
1996-2001, 21 Tests; 50 one-day caps

*Alan Jones
Alan Jones - Cricinfo
Alan Jones - Wikipedia
Alan Jones - Glamorgan website
*Played for England against the Rest of the World in 1970 but caps for the game were later withdrawn

Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones - Cricinfo
Jeff Jones - Glamorgan website
Jeff Jones - Wikipedia
1964-8, 15 Tests

Simon Jones
Simon Jones - Cricinfo
Simon Jones - Glamorgan website
Simon Jones - Wikipedia
2002 debut, 18 Tests; 8 one-day caps (as of April 2010)

Tony Lewis
Tony Lewis - Cricinfo
Tony Lewis - Glamorgan website
Tony Lewis - Wikipedia
1972-3, 9 Tests, captained England

Austin Matthews
Austin Matthews - Cricinfo
Austin Matthews - Glamorgan website
Austin Matthews - Wikipedia
1937, 1 Test

Hugh Morris
Hugh Morris - Cricinfo
Hugh Morris - Glamorgan website
Hugh Morris - Wikipedia
1991, 3 Tests; England cricket team managing director

Gilbert Parkhouse
Tributes to Parkhouse - BBC Sport
Gilbert Parkhouse - Cricinfo
Gilbert Parkhouse - Glamorgan website
Gilbert Parkhouse - Wikipedia
Obituary - The Guardian
Obituary - The Telegraph
1950-9, 7 Tests

Greg Thomas
Greg Thomas - Cricinfo
Greg Thomas - Glamorgan website
Greg Thomas - Wikipedia
1986-7, 5 Tests; 3 one-day caps

Maurice Turnbull
Maurice Turnbull - Cricinfo
Maurice Turnbull - Glamorgan website
Maurice Turnbull - Wikipedia
1930-36, 9 Tests; England selector

*Cyril Walters
Cyril Walters - Cricinfo
Cyril Walters - Glamorgan website
Cyril Walters - Wikipedia
1933-4, 11 Tests, captained England
*Played for England after leaving Glamorgan

Steve Watkin
800 and counting for Watkin - BBC Sport
Steve Watkin - Cricinfo
Steve Watkin - Glamorgan website
Steve Watkin - Wikipedia
1991-4, 3 Tests; 4 one-day caps

Allan Watkins
Allan Watkins - Cricinfo
Allan Watkins - Glamorgan website
Allan Watkins - Wikipedia
1948-52, 15 Tests


Geraint Jones
Geraint Jones - Cricinfo
Geraint Jones - Wikipedia
2003/4 debut, 34 Tests; 49 one-day caps; 2 Twenty-20 caps (as of April 2010)

Pat Pocock
Pat Pocock - Cricinfo
Pat Pocock - Wikipedia
1968-85, 25 Tests; 1 one-day cap


*Alan Butcher
Alan Butcher - Cricinfo
Alan Butcher - Glamorgan website
Alan Butcher - Wikipedia
*Played for England before joining Glamorgan

*Tom Cartwright
Ex-England seamer dies - BBC Sport
Tom Cartwright - Cricinfo
Tom Cartwright - Glamorgan website
Tom Cartwright - Wikipedia
Obituary - The Guardian
Obituary - The Telegraph
Obituary - The Independent
*Played for England before joining Glamorgan

*Chris Cowdrey
Chris Cowdrey - Cricinfo
Chris Cowdrey - Glamorgan website
Chris Cowdrey - Wikipedia
*Played for England before joining Glamorgan

Jamie Dalrymple (one-day cricket only)
Jamie Dalrymple - Cricinfo
Jamie Dalrymple - Glamorgan website
Jamie Dalrymple - Wikipedia
*Played for England before joining Glamorgan

*Robin Hobbs
Robin Hobbs - Cricinfo
Robin Hobbs - Glamorgan website
Robin Hobbs - Wikipedia
*Played for England before joining Glamorgan

Steve James
Steve James - Cricinfo
Steve James - Glamorgan website
Steve James - Wikipedia
1998, 2 Tests

Jim McConnon
Cricket mourns McConnon - BBC Sport
Jim McConnon - Cricinfo
Jim McConnon - Glamorgan website
Jim McConnon obituary - The Independent
Jim McConnon - Wikipedia
1954, 2 Tests

Matthew Maynard
Matthew Maynard - Cricinfo
Matthew Maynard - Glamorgan website
Matthew Maynard - Raise Your Game
Matthew Maynard - Wikipedia
1988-2000, 4 Tests; 14 one-day caps; England batting coach

*Mike Selvey
Mike Selvey - Cricinfo
Mike Selvey - Glamorgan website
Mike Selvey - Wikipedia
*Played for England before joining Glamorgan

*Chris Smith
Chris Smith - Cricinfo
Chris Smith - Glamorgan website
Chris Smith - Wikipedia
*Played for England after leaving Glamorgan

Peter Walker
Peter Walker - Cricinfo
Peter Walker - Glamorgan website
Peter Walker - Wikipedia
1960, 3 Tests

Alex Wharf (one-day cricket only)
Wharf's quiet achievement - BBC Sport
Wharf retires after injury - BBC Sport
Alex Wharf - Cricinfo
Alex Wharf - Glamorgan website
Alex Wharf - Wikipedia
2004-5, 13 one-day caps

*Butch White
Butch White - Cricinfo
Butch White - Glamorgan website
Butch White - Wikipedia
Butch White obituary - The Guardian
Butch White obituary - The Telegraph
Butch White obituary - The Times
*Played for England before joining Glamorgan


Duncan Fletcher
Coached England after coaching Glamorgan
Duncan Fletcher profile - BBC Sport
Duncan Fletcher - Cricinfo
Duncan Fletcher - Wikipedia

David Morgan
Head of ECB; head of ICC
David Morgan profile - BBC Sport
David Morgan - Cricinfo
David Morgan - Wikipedia

Ossie Wheatley
England selector
Ossie Wheatley - Cricinfo
Ossie Wheatley - Glamorgan website
Ossie Wheatley - Wikipedia

Wilf Wooller
England selector
Wilf Wooller - Cricinfo
Wilf Wooller - Glamorgan website
Wilf Wooller - Wikipedia
Obituary - The Independent
Life of Wilf Wooller - World Rugby Museum

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