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ICC World Twenty20 day six as it happened


By Sam Sheringham


0110: That's it from me. Thanks for joining me on my live cricket debut and for sharing in the mayhem of that Afghanistan innings. The formidable Mark Mitchener will return tomorrow to steer you through England's first Super Eight contest against Pakistan. That one gets underway at 1430 BST. Goodnight.

0055: Afghanistan will have learnt a lot from their adventure and their bowling display in Barbados hinted at great things to come. The South Africans may be a little concerned by the form of one or two of their star batsmen, but with Steyn and Morkel in that form, noone should write them off for the big prize.

0050: That was good fun. A truly awesome bowling display from Steyn and Morkel, followed by some lusty hitting from Ashraf and Hassan to stave off embarrassment.

16th over: WICKET Hassan c Kallis b Langeveldt 22, Afghanistan 80 all out, South Africa win by 59 runs
Wicket falls

Hassan somehow gets his bat on a bouncer and the ball arrows away for four but moments later it's all over. Another short ball, and this time a top edge flies into the air to be caught by Kallis as he back-peddles from slip.

15th over: Afghan 76-9
Van der Merwe drops one short and Hassan is onto it straight away, blasting another six well over the rope at long-on. A single off the last ball means Hassan keeps the strike.

14th over: Afghan 67-9
Zadran wafts and almost edges his first ball but Langeveldt has slightly lost his line and drags a couple of wides down the leg side. Zadran blocks a straighter one off the final ball and we're into over 15.

14th over: WICKET Ashraf b Langeveldt 23, Afghan 65-9
Wicket falls

Langeveldt spoils the party as Ashraf plays all around a straight one and is bowled middle stump.

13th over: Afghan 64-8
Can someone please tell me why this guy is batting at number nine? Ashraf's adrenaline is really pumping now as he bends his knees and hoiks another maximum over long-on.

12th over: Afghan 57-8
Ashraf also fancies a piece of Albie Morkel. First he clouts a four through mid-on and then clubs an absolutely huge six over the Garfield Sobers pavilion. The legend himself would have been proud of that one and the crowd are loving this.

11th over: Afghan 44-8
I have rediscovered how to breathe after an amazing three-over spell without a wicket. Ashraf and Hassan happy to pick off a couple of singles with van der Merwe posing little threat.

10th over: Afghan 41-8
Shot of the day contender from Hamid Hassan. Albie Morkel puts one right in the slot and Hassan lofts it straight over long-off for a sixer. Lovely check finish too. A couple of singles and suddenly life is good again for the Afghans.

9th over: Afghan 33-8
An over of spin provides a blessed relief for the Afghan batsmen as Ashraf plays out six balls from van der Merwe, with just a wide to trouble the scorers.

8th over: WICKET Shenwari run out 8, Afghan 32-8
Wicket falls

Afghanistan have clearly never faced bowling as fast and hostile as this and it's a bit of a mis-match really. Morkel sympathetically throws down another no-ball but this time Shenwari can't connect with the free hit. A couple of runs and a leg bye and suddenly it's starting to look easy, but disaster strikes as Ashraf dabs down and calls a quick single. De Villiers is sharp and his precise throw flattens the stumps with the diving Shenwari a good couple of yards short.

7th over: WICKET Stanikzai c Steyn b Langeveldt 3, Afghan 25-7
Wicket falls

We won't be here much longer. Stanikzai commits to a pull shot, then thinks twice about it but leaves his bat in the air. The ball catches the blade and balloons to Steyn at square leg.

6th over: Afghan 23-6
At last there's something to cheer for Afghanistan as a no-ball from Morkel earns them a free-hit. Shenwari rocks back and carves the ball high over long-on for six. I don't think anyone saw that coming!

6th over: WICKET Nabi c Boucher b M Morkel 0, Afghan 14-6
Wicket falls

Morkel is straight back in the groove with another brutal delivery which rises and catches Nabi on the glove and is easily caught by Duminy. Ridiculous.

5th over: Afghan 14-5
Ah, a bit of calm. No wickets and no runs off the bat but a wide and a leg bye keep the scoreboard ticking over. Ahmadzai is currently the top scorer with four.

4th over: WICKET Ahmadzai c Boucher b M Morkel 4, Afghan 12-5
Wicket falls

A slash outside off stump for four provides very brief respite and it's business as usual from the next ball. Ahmadzai gets a massive top edge and Boucher snaffles a good catch on the run. Three wickets in an over for Morkel.

4th over: WICKET Sadiq c de Villiers b M Morkel 2, Afghan 8-4
Wicket falls

Dear oh dear. We may not be here much longer. It's shorter and straighter from Morkel and Sadiq gloves it straight into the air, gifting a simple catch to De Villiers.

4th over: WICKET Mangal c Kallis b Morkel 1, Afghan 7-3
Wicket falls

Morkel claims a wicket with his very first ball as Mangal can't resist wafting his bat outside the off stump and Kallis claims a regulation catch at first slip.

3rd over: Afghan 7-2
Skipper Nowroz Mangal comes to the crease with Afghanistan desperate for a partnership. He gets off the mark with a single down to third man.

3rd over: WICKET Shahzad c Boucher b Steyn 2, Afghan 5-2
Wicket falls

Same routine does for Shahzad as a good length delivery bounces and catches the edge, feeding Boucher another straightforward catch.

2nd over: Afghan 5-1
Karim Sadiq top-edges a pull but the ball lands safe and he scampers a couple. Great piece of fielding from De Villiers as he prevents a boundary with a diving stop and almost runs the Sadiq out with a fine shy at the stumps.

1st over: Afghan 3-1
Shahzad clips one through midwicket for two to get off the mark. The last ball has wicket written all over it as Boucher claims the catch behind but Simon Taufel says not out. Clearly the wrong decision but a good one for the neutral.

1st over: WICKET Noor Ali c Boucher b Steyn 0, Afghan 1-1
Wicket falls

Steyn is right on the money from the off with a ball which is quick, straight and tears past the outside edge. The next ball is almost identical and the third swings slightly less, catching the edge and powering into Boucher's gloves. World-class bowling.

2335: So can they do this? It's a tall order but perhaps not quite as tall as we were expecting beforehand. Shahzad and Nabi both have a penchant for big shots, while South Africa have been known to buckle when the pressure is on. Don't go anywhere.

2321: Great effort from Afghanistan that. It was looking ominous at 77-2 halfway through, but every bowler played his part and Hamid Hassan was superb. Upset on the cards? We'll be off again in about 10 minutes or so.

20th over: South Africa 139-7
Steyn drills his first ball to long-off for a single and van der Merwe gets one from the final ball as South Africa finish one short of the 140 mark.

20th over: WICKET Morkel c Mangal b Zadran 23 South Africa 137-7
Wicket falls

Roelof van der Merwe gets off the mark from his fifth delivery with a single. Morkel launches himself into the next ball but cracks it straight up in the air and the skipper Mangal claims the catch at the second attempt.

19th over: South Africa 135-6
Hassan finishes his superb spell with a dot ball right into the blockhole. He struts off with a richly-deserved 3-21 from his four overs.

19th over: WICKET: Duminy c Mangal b Hassan 25 South Africa 133-6
Wicket falls

Duminy smashes a full delivery right out of the middle and the skipper Mangal clings on to a fine catch low down at mid-off.

18th over: South Africa 132-5
Duminy finally gets in on the act with a brutal straight six. The last ball of the over also gets the treatment, sailing over long-off's head for another maximum.

17th over: South Africa 116-5
Morkel hoists a short ball to the tape and snaffles a single as a straight drive falls just short of long on. The last ball is yorker-length on off-stump but Morkel jabs his ball down and it flies like a rocket to the rope.

16th over: South Africa 106-5
Nabi back into the attack as the batsmen continue to work the singles. Morkel mis-hits a full toss back to the bowler and looks annoyed with himself, but he makes amends as the next ball is pummelled into oblivion.

15th over: South Africa 96-5
Seriously impressive bowling from Afghanistan. Quick and hostile from Hassan as Duminy fends one off his body to pick up three. Three more singles complete the over.

15th over: WICKET Boucher lbw b Hassan 4, SA 90-5
Wicket falls

Boucher beaten for pace by a full-length skidder which traps him right in front.

14th over: South Africa 90-4
Intriguing game this. Bowlers on top for a good six overs now. Only three runs from that one as Duminy and Boucher look to play themselves in against some more neat and tidy spin from Mangal.

13th over: South Africa 87-4
Enter Boucher with a punch to mid-off for one. But Hassan has his man cramped with a couple of tasty yorkers that almost find their way through.

13th over: WICKET Kallis c Shahzad b Hassan 34
Wicket falls

That thing I just said about Kallis being there until the end, please disregard it. The batsman flicks at one down the leg side and it's well-taken by Shahzad. Game on.

12th over: South Africa 84-3
Kallis squirts one through the infield for a couple as Mangal is a little slow getting to the ground. You can tell the big man wants to see this one through right to the end.

12th over: South Africa 84-3
Kallis squirts one through the infield for a couple as Mangal is a little slow getting to the ground. You can tell the big man wants to see this one through right to the end.

11th over: South Africa 79-3
Kallis and Duminy each scamper a single but it's another fine over from Mangal.

11th over: WICKET De Villiers st Shahzad b Mangal 17 South Africa 77-3
Wicket falls

De Villiers is dropped by the wicketkeeper off the first ball before slamming a four through the leg side. Next ball he goes for another big one and is easily stumped by the keeper.

10th over: South Africa 73-2
More good turn from Shenwari in another economical over, which yields just two runs. He's making Kallis look ordinary, which takes some doing.

9th over: South Africa 71-2
Skipper Nowroz Mangal throws down a wide first up down the leg side, before De Villiers explodes into action with a huge maximum which almost lands in the press box. Told you he would let fly.

8th over: South Africa 59-2
Shenwari beats Kallis all ends up with a big leg-breaker. Five singles are taken in another tight over - great work from the two tweakers. A dozen dot balls in four overs between them.

7th over: South Africa 54-2
Kallis dabbles a couple down to third man and gets another run with the same shot. De Villiers still to let fly but it will happen.

6th over: South Africa 49-2
De Villiers takes a single of the first ball but it's all a bit slower now as South Africa get used to the turning ball. Only two from the over - good work from the Afghans.

5th over: South Africa 47-2
A single apiece for Kallis and new batsman AB de Villiers see out the over but spin has done the trick.

4th over: WICKET Smith c Mangal b Nabi 27 South Africa 45-2
Wicket falls

Spinner Mohammad Nabi comes into the act and strikes with his second ball as Smith mis-times an on-drive and lofts a simple one straight to mid-on.

4th over: South Africa 45-1
Ashraf finds a good length to draw an edge from Smith but the ball runs safe. Kallis charges down the track and heaves one over square leg as if he were swatting a fly. The next ball is dispatched straight over the bowler's head into the stands. Fierce.

3rd over: South Africa 31-1
A rising snorter from the seriously quick Zadran has Kallis flailing. Smith gets a thick edge on a wide one and get four before slashing at the last ball of the over and getting lucky as the ball flies over his head for six.

2nd over: South Africa 17-1
Kallis and Smith paddle a couple of singles before a misfield gifts them two off the last ball of the over.

2nd over: WICKET Bosman run out 0 South Africa 13-1
Wicket falls

A delivery down the leg side brushes Bosman's pads and the batsmen push for two. But a sharp throw from fine leg leaves Bosman a yard short.

1st over: South Africa 12-0
Absolute pearler first up from Zadran has Smith groping at thin air but the skipper smacks the next couple to the boundary. Zadran recovers well with two dots before Smith leans into a cover drive and finds the rope once again. Ominous.

2159: So, Smith and Bosman up first for the Proteas. Shapoor Zadran has the new ball in his hands.

2155: About five minutes to go until the start of play in the final qualifying game before the Super Eights start tomorrow. I'm going to stick my neck out and say an Afghanistan victory would be the biggest shock in cricket history. Anyone care to disagree? Let me know via email or text - details above.

2149: TEAM NEWS: South Africa call up swing king Charl Langevelt in place of Rory Kleinveldt. The Afghans make one change, bringing in Mirwais Ashraf for fellow seamer Dawlat Ahmadzai.

2145: Both sides lost to India in their opening game. By the way, please manually refresh to acquire a link to the scorecard above as we're having some technical problems with the usual one on the right. About 15 mins til we're underway.

2141: It's a winner-takes-all scenario with the victor progressing to the Super Eights. Could be fireworks later on when Dale Steyn bowls under the lights at the Kensington Oval.

2138: So it's the mighty South Africa against plucky Afghanistan, who in case you need reminding were playing in Division Five of the World Cricket League only two years ago.

2134: Afghanistan have won the toss and will bowl first. Graeme Smith says he would have batted so everyone's happy.

2123: Please refresh to see a) the new scorecard top right and b) proof that the name of the writer has changed.

By Tom Fordyce

2123: Apologies for the delay in updates - have been off for a quick bite to eat. Will pick things up again once we have word of the toss in the second match between South Africa and Afghanistan. Sam Sheringham will be your host.

2053: So Australia and Pakistan are the two teams to go through from Group A; Bangladesh go home. Easy in the end, although those early Aussie wickets threatened so much. England to play Pakistan on Thursday at 1430.

19th over: WICKET Mortaza b Harris 6, Bangla 114 all out - AUSTRALIA WIN BY 27 RUNS
Harris for the penultimate. Single driven down the ground; mis-field brings two more off the next. Fielding's been very good all innings, to be fair. Full, straight - Mortaza plays all round it, and it's all over.

18th over: Bangla 110-9
32 runs needed off 11 balls if Bangladesh are to progress. Dot ball at the start from Tait - that makes it harder. As does the next ball, another speared-in dotter. And repeat. And repeat. And again - five balls, not a single run. Make that a maiden.

17th over: WICKET Jahurul Islam c Clarke b Nannes 18, Bangla 106-9
Wicket falls

Nannes returns - crash! Jahurul Islam batters him through the covers for a resilient four. The bearded one-time Dutchman grins and sends down a shorter one - skied, pouched at mid-off.

16th over: WICKET Shafiul Islam b Smith 16, Bangla 100-8
Wicket falls

Smith gets another go, and Shafiul greets him with a mighty mow over wide long-off for the 100th six of the tourney. But he's got him now, an inside edge as he charges down the track, the off-stump left leaning.

15th over: Bangla 92-7
Harris to Shafiul Islam, and that's a super shot - authentic lusty drive between mid-off and extra cover for a eye-pleasing four. Dinker over the in-field for two more.

14th over: Bangla 83-7
Nearly another for Hussey D, diving to his right and getting fingers to the drive. 59 needed to win off 36 balls, 29 to go through.

14th over: WICKET Rahim c M Hussey b D Hussey 24, Bangla 81-7
Wicket falls

Slow from one Hussey, big slog, fast to the other Hussey for a steepler just in front of the rope at deep square leg. Decent knock, but that's your lot.

13th over: Bangla 81-6
Smith follows that catch up with some gentle spin - new-man Jahurul Islam drives into the covers for two, takes a deep breath and cross-bats a shorter one over long-on for the 99th six of the tournament so far. Woeful wide up next, followed by a flat faster one flayed square for two more.

12th over: WICKET Naeem Islam c Smith b D Hussey 7, Bangla 70-6
Wicket falls

David Hussey thrown the ball now, and that's slow and loopy - battered over the midwicket fence by Naeem Islam. He's gone now, though, aiming another to the same direction and coming up short to give Steven Smith a simple pouch.

11th over: WICKET Al Hasan c M Hussey b Smith 28, Bangla 63-5
Wicket falls

Oh, what a snag that is - the batsman heaved out to the deep midwicket fence, and Huss M backpedals at pace before diving up and across to hold on with both hands. And that's why they call him Mr Cricket.

10th over: Bangla 61-4
Ryan Harris for his second over - nothing frightening from the big man, who's got a chest on him like a seaman's trunk. Crash - Rahim creams a full one straight back down the ground for a startling six. There's a short wide one up next, and that's jabbed delightfully over the stretching fingertips of gully for four more. 81 needed to win the match off 60 balls; 53 to go through to the Super Eights.

9th over: Bangla 50-4
Steven Smith for his first trundley tweak of the day. He almost bags his first scalp with the wrong 'un, but Al Hasan drags him away leg-side for a brace of twos.

8th over: Bangla 43-4
More sensible this from the Bangla pair, taking the singles where they can rather than looking to smash everything out of the park. News from England's opening match of the women's tournament in St Kitts. England, the defending champions, all out for 104 against their big rivals, Australia. Sarah Taylor led the scoring with 46 from 45 balls but Charlotte Edwards's team lost their last four wickets without scoring a run. Advantage Australia...

7th over: Bangla 40-4
Skipper Clarke brings himself on for some cheeky tweak. Single down the ground, cunning two dabbed into a glaring gap on the leg-side. Oh, shot of the innings from Shakib Al Hasan - short-arm crackeroo over the midwicket fence for the first six of the reply. He looks to go again next ball, but David Warner dives on the ropes to make a super save. 102 needed from 76 balls to win, from 69 balls to go through at Pakistan's expense.

6th over: Bangla 27-4
Nannes to continue with his left-arm over, and that's smart line - angled across, no width to go flaying after. Only two rapid singles, and this game is falling as flat as a mis-tossed pancake.

5th over: Bangla 25-4
Classic Taito this - eye-watering pace, head-shaking width. Wide, single, wide, single. Two slips in, and they're left with hands on hip as a thick outside edge from Mushfiqur Rahim flies straight over their heads.

4th over: WICKET Mahmudullah c M Hussey b Nannes 2, Bangla 15-4
Wicket falls

Too much bounce, not enough composure - weird wristy flick straight into the air, identical take. Pack up your picnic basket - we're going home.

4th over: WICKET Aftab Ahmed c Warner b Nannes 1, Bangla 13-3
Wicket falls

Dear oh dear - the sort of slog to make a purist choke on his chicken and rice. Top edge, right into the pouch of gully. As you were, upset-fans.

3rd over: Bangla 13-2
Slinger Tait continues, and that's the man all over - wide speared outside off, another rattling down leg. Shakib Al Hasan clunks two through midwicket and then almost dislocates his shoulder with an almighty heave that gets nowhere near connecting. Dabber from Aftab off the pads for one.

2nd over: Bangla 7-2
Singles off the remainder, but the wind's gone out of the Tigers' sails. A big ask just got bigger.

2nd over: WICKET Ashraful c Tait b Nannes 0, Bangla 4-2
Out for a duck

Dirk Nannes now, and he's not short of pace - left-arm over, angled up and over - straight down the throat of the diving Tait at third man. Calamitous start.

1st over: WICKET Kayes c D Hussey b Tait 0, Bangla 4-1
Out for a duck

Imrul Kayes to face Shaun Tai... ooof, that's an absolute brute, rattling past the batsman's snout at a fearsome pace. Thick edge off the hips for four leg byes past the diving gloves of Haddin - but he's gone next ball, fooled completely by a slower one and lofting straight to mid-on.

1932: Right. Get this: if Bangladesh are going to go through, they need to knock these runs off in less than 19 overs. If they do it in 14.4 overs or less, Australia go out; if they do it in between 14.5 and 18.5, Pakistan go out. All clear?


20th over: Aus 141-7
Harris in for one ball - two, sprinted and taken by a fraction. Fine recovery, led by Hussey M's 47 off 29. Game very much on...

20th over: WICKET Smith run out 27, Aus 140-7
Wicket falls

Now then - last set of six... wide, dunked off the toe-end for a single. Smith scuffs another down the ground and Hussey repeats as Shafiul Islam keeps it steady Eddie Hemmings. Full, tight, just one more off the fourth. Panicky sprinted two off the penultimate, and then - wide called, but Smith is run out as he dashes through for a frantic pointless bonus.

19th over: Aus 132-6
Smith in the groove now, marmalising Razzak over deep midwicket for six - single, single, and then a mighty repeater to the same spot. Brutal short-arm stuff, and it's a target again.

From William, Chatteris, in the TMS inbox: "Alright Tom? Seems like it's all gone quiet on the correspondence front, but I have two things to type: a) most of us were laughing at whoever decided to seed Australia only 8th for this tournament, but so far they're living up to their billing with aplomb. b) where else apart from on commentary can you hear the word 'aplomb' being used?"

18th over: Aus 118-6
The bowling's suddenly looking ragged under the Hussonslaught - full toss again, reverse-pulled for four more. Single to leg, and now Smith has a slap - lofted with quick feet over extra cover for another four. Singles scampered as the partnership rattles past 50, and the Aussies are right back in this.

17th over: Aus 106-6
Mortaza now - ach, full bunger on leg stump, and Hussey will time that with wristy ruthlessness over the midwicket fence for the sweetest of sixes. Another in the same slot a few balls later, and he'll take four off that. Sloppy. Oh, lovely shot - late wristy cut off the front foot for four more - add in the singles, and that's 17 off the over.

16th over: Aus 89-6
Classy drive from Hussey M for two, but he misses out next ball as a sweet tempting length leaves him wafting at warm Caribbean air. Two more authentic off-drives, but both find diligent fielders. Heave-ho from Smith off a slower one - two more, but the damage is far from fatal.

15th over: Aus 82-6
There's the boundary, at long last - touch short, and Hussey M steps back to pull with flashing wrists behind square. Smith not hitting his straps or anything else so far though, and the brakes remain on. Five overs on the clock - what's left to happen?

14th over: Aus 74-6
Only been four boundaries in the innings so far, and none at all in the last 10 overs. Remarkable, as Sir Richie of B would say. Hussey M playing authentic shots, driving into the covers, but it's still only singles and twos.

13th over: WICKET White b Al Hasan 8, Aus 65-6
Wicket falls

Now then - what can White do - nothing from back in the pavilion, that's what. Splendid flight, and he's done him like a ripe kipper. You don't think...

12th over: Aus 64-5
Ashraful to continue, with Hussey M the new man at the crease. Singles stroked away, and there's plenty of time for this pair to see themselves in - no need to go slap-happy just yet.

11th over: WICKET D Hussey c Rahim b Mortaza 9, Aus 57-5
Wicket falls

Whisper it quietly, but Australia look rattled out there - Hussey called through by White for a desperate single. Next ball - horrible swipe - ball spiralling high, high, high - bagged!

10th over: Aus 54-4
Horrible shot from Clarke. Here comes new-man Cameron White, but it's Hussey D on strike after the batsmen crossed. Hold on - it's like déjà-vu - same slog down the ground, same man under it... he's dropped it! Right down his throat, and he juggled it onto the turf...

10th over: WICKET Clarke c Jahurul Islam b Mohammad Ashraful 16, Aus 52-4
Wicket falls

Tempting loop - Clarke's nowhere near the pitch - holed out at long-off!

9th over: Aus 49-3
Shakib Al Hasan to continue the off-break onslaught -milked down the ground by Clarke for a two and single, before Hussey D gets a loopy outside edge just shy of a deep gully.

8th over: Aus 45-3
Mohammad Ashraful now, and he's causing all sorts of issues too - zippy tweak, and only a mis-field at midwicket for two allows the scoreboard to tick over. Run-rate less than six an over, and Bangladesh will be all over that.

7th over: Aus 39-3
Excited chatter in the crowd - they sense something might be on here. David Hussey comes in, but there's only singles on offer. Aussie in need of a decent partnership, and that deep, deep batting might be called on to make it happen.

7th over: WICKET Haddin c Shafiul b Razzak 6, Aus 37-3
Wicket falls

Ugly swipe from Stumper Haddin - skied, this must be out - it is!

6th over: Aus 35-2
Two singles and a leg bye off the first three balls as Shafiul keeps it tight like Clyde Stubblefield. Lord alive - Aftab has a glorious chance to run out Clarke, but his double-hand underarm throw misses by about three sets of stumps. Golden opportunity.

5th over: Aus 30-2
We'll have some more tweak, this time from Abdur Razzak - there's something in this track for the spinners too, and Clarke and new-man Haddin can only scamper a trio of singles. Intriguing start.

4th over: Aus 27-2
Al Hasan looks to have Clarke foxed with his twirl, tucking him up with lovely flight - only for the one-time Pup to skip down the track to the final ball and loft with easy elegance high over the ropes.

4th over: WICKET Warner c Aftab Ahmed b Al Hasan 16, Aus 21-2
Wicket falls

Horrible slog from Leftie - bagged by that man AA again, strolling in off the square leg boundary. Bangladesh will be delighted with this...

3rd over: Aus 21-1
The batsmen crossed, and Warner leans back to slap a brutal square cut in front of square for four. Single to mid-off brings Skipper Clarke on strike, and a little extra bounce surprises him.

3rd over: WICKET Watson c Aftab Ahmed b Mortaza 4, Aus 16-1
Wicket falls

Short, top-edged hook - pouched, with a tumble, at deep square leg.

2nd over: Aus 16-0
Shafiul Islam from the other end - Watson aims a hefty hoick but clunks a bunt straight to short midwicket. That's a wide next up, says umpire Billy Doctrove, and Watson then looks to go aerial over mid-on - two, nowhere near the middle. Dasher of a single, and that gets Warner on strike for a mighty mow over long-off for the first six of the day. Kaboom - flatter this time, over mid-on instead, and that's four more. Blue touch paper lit.

1st over: Aus 2-0
Leftie Warner blinks down the track - cheeky lifter first up, jabbed down into the ground, and some bend on the second for another dot. That's too strayful - single timed off the pads to deep square leg - but there's pace and lift in the track at this early stage, and Shane Watson almost flicks a nick behind. Single angled off the back foot, and a dot follows to conclude a spicy opening over.

1756: Sunny up top, a touch of bluster in the breeze. Watson and Warner to open for the Aussies, and Mortaza to take the new pearl.

1749: Jahurul Islam and Aftab Ahmed in for Bangladesh, Ryan Harris for Australia. 11 minutes til we're off. Hold onto them there horses.

1746: Team news: Mitchell Johnson out for the Aussies, Tamim Iqbal and Suhrawadi Shuvo missing for Bangladesh. Big blow for the underdogs, that loss of Iqbal...

1740: State of play: if Australia win, they're through. If Bangladesh win, it comes down to run-rates. Massively complicated run-rates.

1735: News from the toss: Michael Clarke has won it and opted to bat. Fever pitch.

1730: Don't tell me you're not excited - Bangladesh v Australia, in the tournament that's gripping the sporting world, for a place in the Super Eights?

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