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Sri Lanka v WI semi-final as it happened

ICC World Twenty20 semi-final, The Oval:

Sri Lanka 158-5 beat West Indies 101 (17.4 ovs) by 57 runs


By Pranav Soneji


e-mail (with 'For Pranav Soneji' in the subject), text 81111 (with "CRICKET" as the first word) or use 606. (Not all contributions can be used)

2055: Pakistan and Sri Lanka have endured all sorts of political upheaval over the past year, so a victory on Sunday should go some way to healing deep wounds in both countries. So England play New Zealand in the women's final at 1100 BST at Lord's before the men's final at 1500 BST. Until then, have a spiffing weekend and once again, major apologies for the technical issues earlier. I'm off to get stoned by the hordes of ex-pat protestors who've just flown in.

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Rob, Newbury, text 81111:

"At this level that has to count as a thrashing. imagine having Richards, Haynes, Lloyd, Lara playing Twenty20!"

2044: Poor Chris Gayle, unbeaten on 63 - that man E.Xtras chipped in with 11 - the second highest contribution to a sorry scorecard. So Sri Lanka will play Pakistan in the final on Sunday - a fitting end to what has been a superb tournament.


Wicket falls

2043: 17.4 overs - WICKET Benn bowled Malinga 0 West Indies 101 all out

A wide from Malinga brings up the Windies ton, met with ironic cheers/jeers from the crowd. Gayle is content to play the remainder of the overs as he pushes gently up to long on for a single, allowing Slinga a go at Benn. And he cleans him up with a belter of a yorker. Start the engine, Sri Lanka are off to Lord's.

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Anon, text 81111:

"Silly silly Tom! Check out my little accumulator. £10 on Manchester United to win premiership, Barcelona champions league, Federer to win Roland Garros and Murray to win Wimbledon. Very exciting now Nadal's out!"

No wonder you want to maintain your anonymity.

Dr. Gauri-Shankar Guha, Arkansas, TMS inbox: "Note the army of M's in the Sri Lanka attack: Mathews, Malinga, Mendis Muralitharan, Mubarak. There was a time Australia had 5 H's (Hughes, Hilditch, Hogg, Higgs, Hurst) in the test side. Wonder if there has been any others."

Wicket falls

2036: 16.2 overs - WICKET Sammy ct Mubarak b Mendis 1 West Indies 97-9

Darren Sammy hasn't got a clue what's coming out of Ajantha Mendis' hand - he fails to pick a doosra as he attempts to slog to leg, only for a top edge to land safely into the hands of Jehan Mubarak at point. Get the car running... New man Sulieman Benn bats out the remainder of the over, obviously keen to keep some pride in tact. 17 overs - West Indies 99-9

Wicket falls

2028: 15.3 overs - WICKET Taylor ct Kulasekera b Muralitharan 2 West Indies 95-8

Murali drops short and sees Chris Gayle launch the ball into the stands over midwicket, propelling the ball 87 metres. Good comeback from the off-spinner, who perplexes Gayle with a doosra. New man Jerome Taylor's stay is short-lived as his top-edge slog flies high into the sky and into the hands of substitute Nuwan Kulasekera at midwicket. new man Darren Sammy nudges a single into the off side off the last delivery, which means Gayle will have to wait a little longer for the strike. 16 overs - West Indies 96-8

Pete 'the Professor', Hove, TMS inbox: "Dear Tom on train. The answer to your maths problem is £0."

2028: 14.5 overs - WICKET Ramdin ct Jayawardene b Udana 9 West Indies 86-7
Udana returns, which sounds like a film about a mutant yeti/old English sheepdog which roams around the plains of Walton-on-the-Naze stealing chocolate eclairs from small Suffolk village bakeries. Denesh Ramdin fills his boots with two slogs across the line to slower balls, but both are dispatched to the boundary to revitalise the run chase. However, his innings is brought to an end when he sends a slower ball high into the sky and into the mitts of Mahela Jayawardene. 15 overs - West Indies 88-7

2020: 13.3 overs - WICKET Pollard st Sangakkara b Muralitharan 3 West Indies 74-6
Oh dear Tom, kiss those big bucks goodbye. Pollard is made to look like a schoolboy by a Murali doosra down the leg side as Sangakkara whips off the bails in a flash. Cue cries of joy and a wide signal from umpire Dar. In comes Denesh Ramdin.14 overs - West Indies 77-6

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Tom, on train to Leeds, text 81111:

"Come on Windies! I have a £100 double on them winning the world cup and Murray winning Wimbledon. Put it on a month ago. 100-1. You do the math!"

Paul, Lancs, TMS inbox: "I am outraged, sir, not so much at your organisation's lamentable failure to provide adequate technical expertise in respect of the TMS Live Text coverage, more at your own abject failure to keep up to date with developments in the popular action figure genre. Ben 10 is sooooo 2008, and Gormiti is where it's at. Bullrock is my favourite 'cos, like, he's really cool looking."

2018: 13 overs - West Indies 72-5
No major damage to Mendis' finger as he bounds in for his third over to Kieron Pollard, who cannot get the spinner off the pitch. Four dot balls sees the run rate rocket to 12 an over. Sangakkarra cleans up Pollard's stumps with a swift removal of the bails with the batsman's back foot flirting with the popping crease. It's tight, but the third umpire gives the burly all-rounder the benefit of the doubt. However, brilliant over from Mendis, conceding just a single.

That's 50
Wicket falls

2008: 11.1 overs - WICKET Sarwan ct Mathews b Muralitharan 5 West Indies 64-5

With no option but to give it the long handle, Sarwan skips down the track to Muralitharan, but gets too much under the ball, sending it high into the air towards long on, where Angelo Mathews - who else? - takes an assured catch. Gayle continues his one-man crusade as he cuts down to deep point, where Chamara Silva makes an unbelievable stop, jumping in mid-air and preventing the ball from hitting the hopes. However, a boundary is given as his earlier slide pushed the boundary back a foot or two and the ball would have touched the rope in its original position. But still, if you get the chance to watch his athleticism, do it. Gayle moves to 50 with a leg-side push, allowing Kieron Pollard to get off the mark with a push to mid-on. 12 overs - West Indies 71-5

Anthony Singh, TMS inbox: "Don't despair, you can afford to lose a wicket every two overs and the WI have batting all the way down. This makes it more thrilling and fun!! And I'm a West Indian confident supporter.

2007: 11 overs - West Indies 64-4
Malinga returns, only to see his first delivery called wide by umpire Aleem Dar. Slinga utterly bamboozles Sarwan with a slower bouncer as the batsman sways to avoid a helmet-bashing, only to see the ball lollop harmlessly past his grill to Sangakkara. The Guyanese makes room outside leg stump, only to waft large chunks of air, while the next ball is launched high into the rarefied air, only for Ajantha Mendis to make a right horlicks of the catch. Some poor 10-year-old Sri Lankan fan looks as if someone has just stolen his entire Ben 10 alien collection. I like Stinkfly personally. Mendis has raced off the park for treatment on the ring finger of his right hand as Gayle works a boundary off his pads down to square leg for four.

2000: 10 overs - West Indies 54-4
On comes Muttiah Muralitharan, who sees his first delivery deftly swept fine by Gayle for four, while his second is smothered to deep midwicket for a single. Lovely bowling from Murali, dropping the ball short as Chris Gayle scampers down the track as Sarwan collects a couple of singles.

Wicket falls

1953: 8.2 overs - WICKET Chanderpaul lbw Mendis 7 West Indies 43-4

It goes from bad to worse for the Windies as Chanderpaul attempts to sweep across the line to a straight delivery from Mendis, but misses the ball and up goes the finger of Rudi Koertzen. New man is Ramnaresh Sarwan, who gets off the mark with a fine glance off his hips. Mendis bowls one of his googlies - how in the bejeepers does he bowl that? 9 overs - West Indies 46-4

1952: 8 overs - West Indies 43-3
Angelo Mathews continues and sees Chanderpaul open the face of his bat and run the ball down to third man for a single. Would you Adam and Eve it, Gayle is a rabbit's ear away from playing on to his stumps, this time with an unattractive slash outside off stump. He collects two more with a more controlled cut before a brutal cross-batted tennis shot past long on for a two-bounce four to move on to 32. Mathews attempts a yorker but cannot find the blockhole as Gayle drives a low full toss down the ground, scampering back for two. That's the end of an awesome spell from Matthews - 3-16 from four overs.

1947: 7 overs - West Indies 34-3
Enough of the BBC bashing, time for some cricket. On comes Ajantha Mendis, who keeps things tighter than a flea's pocket with his brand of flicks, conceding five from the over, all earned through singles.

Anon, text 81111: "Ian should come back to the UK and pay the licence fee... if he wants a better service!"

Terry, LA, TMS inbox: "Whilst it's not ideal, Ian in Lille, has some nerve for what is essentially a free service for all us expats. (I can't believe that the advertising on BBC website pays for anything near the cost so thank you licence payers)."

Steve, Marbella, Spain, TMS inbox: "I could not agree more with Ian in France. Given the BBC's mantra about being the worlds leading broadcaster I cannot for the life of me understand why, as a Brit living outside the country, I cannot at the very least listen to sport via radio 5. If it is, as always stated a contractual problem then ensure the contracts allow for it!! I pay a BBC licence fee via my property in The UK and I find myself asking why bother for such a pathetic excuse for a service."

1943: 6 overs - West Indies 29-3
The brilliantly coiffured Isara Udana is summoned and his second delivery - a slower delivery bowled from the back of the hand - just bounces over Gayle's exposed off stump. However, no doubts about the next delivery hoisted high into the stands over long on for six. Classic Gayle, although he misses out from the remaining two deliveries of the over.

1938: 5 overs - West Indies 21-3
Dream over from Mathews, who beats Chris Gayle with a ball you would want to marry outside off stump. Chanderpaul cannot get the ball off the square right now, but credit to some excellent Sri Lanka fielding as they restrict the duo to a solitary single. And Ajantha Mendis or Muttiah Muralitharan haven't even had a sniff of the ball yet.

Text in your views on 81111

Andy, Orpington, text 81111:

"You better be prepared for the hell that will be unleashed upon yourself and the other text commentators if the text commentary crashes during the Ashes!!"

Bill Faber, Italy, TMS inbox: "Re: 19.25 - you're right, it is silly. three ducks in the first over - is that a record? And if so, can we have a new icon to illustrate it, perhaps inspired by a game butcher's window?"

Graham, in a muggy Barcelona, TMS inbox: "Mathews has obviously got this sussed. If gets the others out, then Gayle has nowhere to go! Re the 19:18 name glitsch, perhaps you should have typed 'Barfo', 'cos he should be sick as a dog after that non-innings."

1934: 4 overs - West Indies 20-3
Malinga, sporting outlandish white sunblock over his lips, the sort of thing found on arch villains of Adam West-era Batman, bowls the widest wide I have seen in this tournament, prompting the slinger to beam a huge smile. His next delivery is a beauty, a slower ball which has Gayle fishing like an amateur angler dangling his rod in the Indian Ocean. Gayle adds a boundary with another thick edge past gully, following that up with a mere push past the bowler, a shot which races away down the ground for four. He finishes off the over with another boundary, this time with a fine prod off his hip down to fine leg.

Ian in Lille, France, TMS inbox: "I'm not going to be abusive, but I'd like to take this opportunity to say how technically dreadful your cricket coverage has been of late. We ex-pats rely on the BBC for this kind of thing, and most of us can't even get radio commentary, let alone video highlights or even clips of our captain explaining how useless he isn't - (reserved for UK users who I suppose can get to see this anyway, down the pub for example) then this evening we get live text with about a two-hour delay. You really are depressingly useless."

"Oh well, hope it gets better."

Cheers Ian, lovely ending.

1930: 3 overs - West Indies 7-3
Streaky from Gayle, who pushes a Mathews delivery past gully for a much-needed boundary. He sees a confident front-foot drive well saved by cover, running through for a single and allowing Shivnarine Chanderpaul, who must have put his pads on in record time, the strike for the first time.

1925: 2 overs - West Indies 2-3
This is just silly - Chris Gayle is just nano-millimetres away from playing on to his stumps. I've never seen the man move so fast as he frantically kicks the ball away from his stumps. A Windies supporter holdsd his head in his hands - a call to the Samaritans might be in order too. Lasith Malinga can only smile as he sends down a belting second over, conceding just a single from the final delivery of the over.

Wicket falls

1918: 1 over - WICKET Bravo bowled Mathews 0 West Indies 1-3

Unbelievably, Dwayne Bravo has perished in exactly the same fashion as his two team-mates, inside-edging on to his stumps attempting to remove his bat out of the way of a regulation ball outside off stump. Hear that? That's the sound of the West Indies imploding. Fair play to Angelo Mathews though.

Wicket falls

1916: 0.4 overs - WICKET Simmons bowled Mathews 0 West Indies 1-2

Curtains for Lendl Simmons who shuffles across his stumps and sees the ball cannon off his thigh pad back on to his stumps.

Wicket falls

1914: 0.2 overs - WICKET Marshall bowled Mathews 0 West Indies 1-1

Gayle opens his account with a push through square leg but Marshall, recalled into the side because of the three successive ducks from Andre Fletcher, is out first ball, playing on outside off stump.

1913: Angelo Mathews takes the new ball and has the task of caging the wild tiger/gnu/lion that is Chris Gayle. Mathews tonked a six off the last over from Gayle too.

1910: What can you say about Dilshan? Full of deft touches, innovation on a par with Nasa, along with athletic running between the wickets. However, if there is one man who knows how to do something unpleasant from a great height it's Chris Gayle, who is just minutes away from striding out to the middle for the West Indian response.

Derek, TMS inbox:
"We're still at 17h40 and the second over?? I'm guessing there is a technical problem or something exciting happened and you fell over and still have not recovered..."

You'll be relieved to know I'm in rude health, although there were countless times I was tempted to smash a hole right through the middle of the screen as the abuse rolled in from Washington to Wanstead. The Washington abuse was much kinder than the Wanstead.

1900: You have noticed a page which has said the same thing for the past hour or so. This is not of my volition - honest. We've had all sorts of technical problems which have brought the website to its knees. All I can do is offer my sincerest apologies. Our network has returned, albeit just at the end of the Sri Lanka innings, where Tillakaratne Dilshan's incredible 96 from 57 deliveries was the highlight of their 158-5 from 20 overs. Dilshan's innings is the highest of the tournament so far, falling just short of what would have been only the second hundred in international Twenty20 history. The man who holds that record - Chris Gayle - bowled a rank final over, which included a huge six from Angelo Mathews. Fingers crossed, I can bring you every over of West Indies' riposte.

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