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World Twenty20 day 12 as it happened

ICC World Twenty20 Super Eights, Trent Bridge:

Group F: Sri Lanka 158-5 (20 overs) bt New Zealand 110 (17 overs) by 48 runs * Sri Lanka through to semi-finals

Group E: South Africa 130-5 (20 overs) bt India 118-8 (20 overs) by 12 runs * South Africa top the group


By Ben Dirs


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2045: Another ropey old effort from India, but you have to say South Africa look like a pretty multi-dimensional side - strong batting, plenty of variety in their attack, and skipper Smith has got plenty of go-to men in his side. It's South Africa v Pakistan at Trent Bridge at 1730 BST on Thursday, Sri Lanka v West Indies at 1730 BST at The Oval on Friday. Thanks for the chat, I'll see you anon...

20th over - 118-8 Parnell bowls the last over, and Jadeja can only pick up a single from his first ball, wide outside off. RP Singh squirts into the off-side, leaving India needing 18 from four. Low full-toss from Parnell, but Jadeja can only pull him to mid-wicket for two. Another full-length ball from Parnell, and Jadeja squeezes it down to mid-on for one, before Singh backs away and edges to third-man for a single. Jadeja drives the final ball into the covers for one, and India lose by 12 runs.

Wicket falls

WICKET - Zaheer c De Villiers b Steyn 4, Ind 110-8

That should have been a run out, Smith missing with the shy, and Zaheer just making his ground. Zaheer skews one out to third-man for a couple, before looking to muscle one over long-off... and he's caught by De Villiers... 20 needed from six balls...

Wicket falls

19th over - WICKET - Yuvraj c Boucher b Steyn 25, Ind 106-7

India require 25 from 12 balls, so it's an eminently gettable target in this form of the game. Cracking delivery from Steyn, and Boucher thinks he's taken a low one to his left. The umpires have a chat, and the question is whether it's a bump ball or not... big puff of dust as Yuvraj's bat hits the wicket, and the man upstairs decides there was a nick. Sunil Gavaskar on TMS reckons that's India's challenge gone, and I'm inclined to agree...

Wicket falls

18th over - WICKET - Harbhajan c De Villiers b Botha 14, Ind 100-6

Harbhajan has hit the deck and we've got the physio on. I think that last ball hit him on the heel of his right foot, he's in considerable mischief. Sorry TrickieDickie, didn't hear the Duckworth interview, was having a spot of lunch. Dhoni may have thought his cup was over, but he's back out as a runner for Harbhajan. Botha to continue, and Harbhajan is bamboozled by a slower delivery that ricochets off the chest of wicketkeeper Boucher... but that's Harbhajan gone, heaving straight to the man at mid-wicket. Jadeja finally makes his entrance, and he's off the mark with a nurdle to leg. Full-bunger from Botha, and Yuvraj yanks him away for two, before swishing Botha away for two more. India need a couple of big heaves here, but Yuvraj is happy to keep the strike with a prod into the covers.

TrickieDickie, Hollywood, in the TMS inbox "For the benefit of we expats who don't have access to TMS, can you give us a summary of their no doubt merciless grilling of Mr Duckworth. Any admission that D/L is totally irrelevant to a game with artificial lighting? Any mea culpa that they should adjust the number of wickets for the length of the innings and not just the run target? Any confession that the whole thing was dreamt up in the potting shed after one too many sloe gins and it's all held together with string and duct tape? Thought not..."

17th overs - 100-5 Yuvraj dabs into the off-side for a couple, before Yuvraj is struck on the shoulder by a short one from Morne Morkel. Yuvraj through the shot too early, but he picks up one leg-bye. That's colossal from Harbhajan, stepping down the pitch, clearing his front leg and slamming Morkel over long-off for a maximum. Morkel doesn't even bother looking where that went, he just puffs out his cheeks and marches back to his mark, head down. Two dot balls, before Harbhajan nicks the strike with a paddle sweep.

16th over - 90-5 Yuvraj the Indian hero again, smearing Van der Merwe over mid-wicket for a huge six, as Arlo White reports that there are a few scuffles kicking off around the ground. A few more singles from that over, and India have at least given themselves a chance, albeit a slim one.

Abbas from London in the TMS inbox "Is it odd that I am reading the live text commentary whilst watching the game on TV?"

15th over - 81-5 Steyn back on, and immediately Yuvraj looks more comfy with the extra pace, swinging him round the corner for four. Not sure what that was from Steyn, two leg-side wides, before Harbhajan steps away and sparks the crowd into life with a swat over extra-cover for four. Eleven from that over, 50 needed from 30 balls.

Luke of off Plymouth in the TMS inbox "Don't fret! Some company has arrived! Thanks for the text updates tonight, it has saved me going downstairs, sitting on the sofa and watching every ball intently when I should be finding a job!"

Jules (4 more hours until I get off work) in the TMS inbox "Enjoying the commentary here in Santiago, Chile. Fingers crossed that SA don't take it easy this game only to be caught with their pants down in the next. I can almost see the build-up to another tournament anti-climax. Nice to see the Aussies kicked out so early though!"

Out for a duck

14th over - WICKET - Y Pathan c De Villiers b Van der Merwe 0, Ind 69-5

Van der Merwe has picked up another one, India have gone from Ferrari to Yugo in the space of half an hour. This time it's Yusuf Pathan going for a duck, beaten in the flight by Van der Merwe and dollying to De Villiers in the covers. Further ignominy for Jadeja, as he's relegated below Harbhajan in the batting order. Harbhajan off the mark with a sweep for one, India need 61 from just 36 balls.

Wicket falls

13th over - WICKET - Dhoni run out 5, Ind 67-4

What is this, a timeless Test? Dhoni getting coated now by his fans as he drops into the leg-side, and they up the volume as he fails to get away a short ball from Morne Morkel. Dhoni does eventually get off strike, before Yuvraj's poor form continues, the left-hander moving to outside leg and missing with a reach. And Dhoni's gone - Keystone Cops stuff, Yuvraj sending Dhoni back (it wasn't really his call, the ball was at short fine-leg) and he's easily run out. Dhoni storms off, catcalls ringing in his ears, Yuvraj could find something nasty on his pillow this evening.

12th over - 64-3 Van der Merwe to continue, and Dhoni is unable to get his first two balls away. A few boos now from the Indian fans - are there any more fickle in world sport? French rugby fans, perhaps - but Dhoni does pierce the field with a back-foot drive for one. Yuvraj with a funny old attempted reverse - that looked like he was fly fishing, he sort of double-cast his bat - but there are only two from that over.

11th over - 62-3 Decent lbw by Botha against Yuvraj, who looks in pretty horrific nick this evening, but he does pick up one with a dab to third-man. A few more singles from that over, the required rate is now 69 from 54. Any ladies out there? Always good to hear from the ladies. Come to think of it, are there any males? Child males? Adult males? Anyone? Anyone? ANYONE?!

Wicket falls

10th over - WICKET - Rohit c Steyn b Duminy 29, Ind 56-3

JP Duminy now with his right-arm tweakers, Yuvraj the new batter. Yuvraj is very nearly cleaned up, the ball going right through the defensive gate, and Yuvraj is very nearly caught and bowled next ball, but Duminy hasn't quite got the height. Oh dear, India are all at sea all of a sudden - Rohit slices Duminy to Steyn at backward-point. Not much chat now from the Indian fans, it's all gone very quiet out there. Two leg-side wides from Duminy, although everyone seems to think it struck his pad.

Wicket falls

9th over - WICKET - Raina c M Morkel b Botha 3, Ind 55-2

Rohit cuts with a flourish for one and Raina nudges to leg for a single. Rohit with a willowy sweep for one... and Raina top-edges a sweep to Morne Morkel at long-on. I think we can safely say now that South Africa will be topping this group, India have slowed to a crawl.

8th over - 52-1 Raina makes a mess of the timbers as he's sent back by his partner Rohit. Van der Merwe on now, and Boucher has missed a nick from Raina. Sharp chance, but it was catchable. As predicted, the spinners have put the brakes on. Raina smears across the line, but that's well stopped by De Villiers at mid-wicket. Just two from the over.

Wicket falls

7th over - WICKET - Gambhir c Duminy b Botha 21, Ind 48-1

With the powerplay over, it's time for some spin - Johan Botha has had a pretty good tournament so far, and it's him to continue. Rohit nurdles to leg for a single... and Gambhir's gone, skewing an attempted cover-drive to Duminy coming in from deep cover. Rohit is on strike, and he nudges Botha to mid-on for one. Suresh Raina is the new batsman, and he clips square to bring up India's fifty.

6th over - 47-0 Smith still persisting with seam, and now it's Albie Morkel and his right-arm medium pace. Full-bunger first up, and Rohit clips him through mid-wicket for four. And another, Morkel over-pitching and Rohit lofting him lazily off his pads. Ally emails in to say India need to reach the target in 17.5 overs for South Africa not to finish top, although TMS stat man Malcolm Ashton agrees with Atif (see below), that they need to do it 15. Two more for Rohit with a chip over wide mid-off, Gambhir gives Morkel the charge and nudges into the leg-side for one.

5th over - 34-0 However, it's Morne Morkel to continue, and Rohit outside edges for two - fabulous stop from Albie Morkel down on the boundary. Two more for Rohit before he diverts a short ball to square-leg for a single. One for Gambhir to square-leg, before Morkel digs one in and Gambhir upper-dabs for one more. Seven more from that over, India cruising.

4th over - 27-0 Parnell, just 19, sends down a full-length delivery and Rohit squirts it out for one. Gambhir twirls Parnell through third-man for one, as Atif emails from Edinburgh to inform me that if India reach the target in 15 overs, then South Africa will finish second. Rohit flicks through square-leg for four more, and skipper Graeme Smith may decide it's time for a bit of spin after this over, the ball's disappearing to all parts at the moment.

3rd over - 20-0 Steyn's been given the elbow already, it's time for some Morne Morkel. One for Rohit with an off-drive, as someone flips the switch and the floodlights come on. Gambhir flails and is beaten on the inside, before nearly playing on. Quick work from Rohit, though, quickly calling Gambhir through for one. Rohit clips off his hip for one to steal the strike.

2nd over - 17-0 Left-arm seamer Parnell, who's been a revelation in this tournament, is on. That's gossamer from Gambhir, moving to 13 with a delightful glide for four, and he then shows his macho side, using his feet and lacing Parnell through the covers for four more. Parnell's got the ache, serving up a short ball outside off, but that's some start from India.

1st over - 9-0 Players are out, it's Gambhir on strike, and he turns his first ball from Steyn off his pads for two. Gambhir cuts uppishly for two more before standing and delivering, carving Steyn through the covers for four. One more for Gambhir with a straight drive, good first over for India.


Wicket falls

20th over - WICKET - Boucher c RP Singh b Zaheer 11, SA 120-5

Zaheer angles one in to Albie Morkel - leg before appeal, but that was sliding down leg, and South Africa pick up one leg-bye. Smashing catch from RP Singh, running round the long-off boundary, and Boucher is out. Decent connection from Boucher, but I think that was a slower ball from Zaheer. Four for Morkel with a gloved pull, and he adds a single. Botha on strike now, and he clubs Zaheer down the ground for four. Nice effort from the sub fielder, but his leg was in contact with the rope. South Africa scramble one from the final delivery, and that wasn't a wholly convincing display from the Proteas - they finish on 130-5.

Bilal, Lancashire, in the TMS inbox "I find myself in the odd position of being a Pakistan fan supporting India. I wouldn't mind them still getting a thrashing, but I think it's in our best interest that we face WI in the semi finals rather than SA."

1847: England's women update for you. Charlotte Edwards's side have beaten Pakistan in their final group match and will face Australia in the semi-finals at The Oval on Friday. There were five run-outs in England's 123 but they then bowled Pakistan out for 60 at Taunton. Terrific stuff.

19th over - 119-4 Harbhajan again, and Boucher moves outside leg and drives into the covers. Morkel prods to third-man, and this is difficult to understand from the South Africans, they appear to be happy enough just plodding along for 20 overs. They may as well give it some humpty, they've still got six wickets left. Boucher at least looks to go over the top, but gets a thick inside edge for one. Dicey single, and Morkel just makes his ground, before Boucher clubs Harhajan to wide long-on for a single.

Wicket falls

18th over - WICKET - De Villiers c&b Jadeja 61, SA 108-4

De Villiers has gone, looking to launch over the top, but only succeeding in steepling one back to the bowler. Good knock that. Boucher on strike, and he nudges Rohit to mid-wicket for one. The big-biffing Albie Morkel is up next, and it's like Eden Gardens out there at the moment, the Indians in the crowd going wild. Morkel pushes to extra-cover for one, Yousuf Pathan hits, but Morkel is in.

17th over - 108-3 Rohit in to De Villiers and that's South Africa's 100 courtesy of an off-drive, and Boucher is off the mark off his seventh ball, chipping to mid-on. Two for De Villiers with a clip off his pads and he picks up one more with a nurdle to leg. Boucher sweeps, but the ball spits up and hits him on the arm, but the South Africa keeper does finally get one away, smiting a Rohit full-bunger for four to backward square-leg.

16th over - 99-3 De Villiers is now the second highest run scorer with 178 in the tournament. Dilshan leads, Kallis is third, KP fourth. Boucher struggling to get off the mark, five dot balls now... make that six, just one from the over.

Wicket falls

15th over - WICKET - Duminy st Dhoni b Raina 10, SA 98-3

De Villiers looks like one of the best batsmen in the world to me - he drops to one knee and times Raina over mid-wicket for four. One more for De Villiers, before Duminy perishes, missing a turning delivery from Raina and getting himself stumped by MS Dhoni. Boucher's next in, and he survives the over.

That's 50

14th over - 90-2

De Villiers breaks the shackles, caressing a high-elbowed cover-drive to the extra-cover boundary. De Villiers then sweeps hard and low for four more before nibbling a single. De Villiers now has fifty, from 41 balls with four fours.

Simon from Acton (the wrong side of the tracks from Chiswick) out of the TMS inbox "Ben is quite correct in his use of 'off of', as any reader of that estimable organ, Viz magazine, will affirm. 'Off of' refers to people from a TV programme. 'Out of' is for people from bands. Thus 'Mick Jagger out of the Rolling Stones'."

13th over - 80-2 One apiece from De Villiers and Duminy before De Villiers clips to square-leg for a couple. De Villiers uses his feet and flicks Harbhajan to leg for one, but that's that for the over, just five from it.

Cen in the TMS inbox "Bet it wound Tim Haveron Jones up no end that his comment was 'in the TMS inbox'".

12th over - 75-2 It's all very slow going now for South Africa, they're being strangled to death by these Indian spinners. Duminy pulls on the kid gloves and dabs Yuvraj to short third-man for two. Almost a leading edge for Duminy, and we now haven't had a boundary from seven overs. Just three from that over, a Brearley-esque knock from Duminy so far.

11th over - 72-2 De Villiers nearly chops on, but he's got soft hands and it drops just short. Duminy is turned by a ball that fizzes away, and the ball just evades the man at slip. Two for the shot, before Duminy is surprised again by a turning delivery and this time edges for one. De Villiers clips to square-leg for one. Just to point out that my "Daphne off of Neighbours" was, clearly, deliberately colloquial, as in: "I had that Ross Kemp in the back of my cab last week, you know, that geezer off of Eastenders."

10th over - 65-2 Duminy is off the mark with a nurdle to leg and De Villiers pushes into the off-side for one. One for Duminy to backward-square, before De Villiers drives, and Raina fields smartly at mid-off. A couple for De Villiers off his pads, and he steals the strike with a single from Yuvraj's final ball.

Tim Haveron Jones, Maidenhead, in the TMS inbox "Since chiding live text commentators seems to be in vogue (see Matthew in Chiswick, 4th over) might I point out that you cannot borrow something 'off' someone but only 'from' them? Also that Daphne was 'from' Neighbours (or possibly 'on' or 'in' Neighbours) but definitely not 'off of' Neighbours? Gosh, that bit of pedantry does make me feel better…"

Wicket falls

9th over - WICKET - Smith c Singh b Harbhajan 26, SA 59-2

Harbhajan now. Smith nurdles for one - both batsmen now on 26. De Villiers sweeps leisurely down to third-man for one, but Smith's gone - he comes down the pitch, Harbhajan holds the ball back a bit, and Singh takes the simple catch at mid-wicket. Duminy is the new batsman. De Villiers on strike, and he's the subject of a vociferous lbw appeal from Harbhajan - but that hit him outside the line.

8th over - 57-1 Two singles off the bowling of Yuvraj, and India have reined the Saffers in in the last couple of overs. Smith clips the last ball to mid-wicket to steal the strike, just four from the over.

Cookie from Cowes in the TMS inbox "I should have known better than to start chanting 'Can we play you every week?' when the Windies went five down last night. My lesson should have been learnt at Fratton Park last year when Pompey were two up against AC Milan and I joined in with 'Are you Bournemouth in disguise?'."

7th over - 53-1 Rohit Sharma now with his off-breaks. Plenty of flight and Smith plays watchfully to mid-off for one. Nicely-placed by De Villiers, flipping Rohit over mid-wicket for one to bring up the South Africa 50. Two more singles, and another courtesy of a gentle nibble off his pads from De Villiers.

6th over - 47-1 The emails have been silenced. Pipe up. Time for some spin, and it's Jadeja coming around the wicket with his left-arm tweak. Smith hoicks rustically to mid-wicket for one, before De Villiers, looking to gub Jadeja over mid-wicket, is beaten by some turn. One for De Villiers and Smith works him to leg to steal the strike. Just three from that over.

5th over - 44-1 iry Ishant Sharma into the attack. What a stroke that is, a doozy of a straight drive for four more - De Villiers in the zone. De Villiers tries to run Sharma down to third-man but is beaten. That's one rascal of a haircut Sharma is sporting, it looks like he borrowed it off Daphne off of Neighbours, circa 1987, and never returned it.

4th over - 38-1 Edge from De Villiers for four, but that was actually nicely played with soft hands. Big shout out to Matthew in Chiswick for pointing out that I should have said 'bisecting' and not 'dissecting' in over one. You'll not see a better player than De Villiers when he's on song - classic cut for four. De Villiers misses out with another chopping cut, just one for it. De Villiers is leading the tournament in terms of strike rate at 188.9. Smith trying to bully this opening pair, coming down the pitch to Singh now and chopping him away for two.

3rd over - 27-1 Smith using his feet to Zaheer, a couple of paces and he creams the left-armer through the covers for four. Not much slogging so far, it's all very MCC. Smith off his hip for two, before De Villiers just makes his ground after another dicey single. De Villiers with an open face to third-man for one before Smith clips to mid-on for a single. Yuvraj with a misfield, make that two, and we've got some boos from the Indians in the crowd. Nope, I've no idea either.

Wicket falls

2nd over - WICKET - Gibbs b Singh 5, SA 13-1

RP Singh from the Radcliffe Road End... high full-toss outside off, Gibbs angles his bat, and his skipper calls him through. Risky, but they run one. One more for Smith before Gibbs plays a classical, Cowdrey-esque cover-drive for four. But he's gone next ball! Gibbs looking for the heave-ho over mid-wicket, and he drags the ball on. The majestic AB de Villiers is in next, and he's beaten outside off. Shot of the day for me - De Villiers playing it late and flashing Singh through backward-point for four.

1st over - 7-0 Here come openers Graeme Smith and Herschelle Gibbs, swinging their bats like a couple of axemen approaching the scaffold. Smith takes strike, it's Zaheer Khan to open the bowling, with a slip in place... Zaheer's first ball is full and Smith drives, for a dot. Sketchy runs for Smith courtesy of a leading edge - Zaheer has had the wood over Smith of late, and that's why, the ball angling in. First four! Bit of width, and Smith flays him through point for four, dissecting the two fielders.

Paul in Lancs in the TMS inbox "Like Julia from Dublin, I'm disconsolate that my emails have hardly ever been published on TMS Live Text. Julia, I share your pain."

1728: England's women have scored 123 off their 20 overs in their final group match against Pakistan at Taunton. Captain Charlotte Edwards, MBE, led the scoring with 43. They've already qualified for the semis - and are on course to face Australia.

1725: Still a pretty good crowd at Trent Bridge, despite India being out, and here come the players. They may be burning effigies back home, but the Indian fans in Nottingham clearly still love them. Here's the anthems...

1716: Aaaah, Julia from Dublin, come on, chin up, I'll use one of your emails one day. In answer to your question, South Africa have probably won their group already, unless they get a hammering from India this evening, in which case West Indies could leapfrog them and the semi-final picture could change. Thanks to everyone who has emailed in to explain the situation (obviously I knew what was happening anyway...)

1712: News from the second match - South Africa have won the toss and will bat first against India. Graeme Smith looks very confident as he announces that bowler Morne Morkel has replaced all-rounder Jacques Kallis in their side. India, who were knocked out by England on Sunday, are unchanged.

1632: Right, I'm told it's "probably" Sri Lanka v West Indies at The Oval on Friday, with South Africa v Pakistan at Trent Bridge on Thursday. Not sure why it's just "probably"... see you shortly.

1630: Right, another thumping win for Sri Lanka, I fancy this mob to win this. Plenty of depth in their batting, and the bowling's got more variety than a bag of Revels. Not sure who's playing who next, I'll have an ask about. What I do know is that we've got South Africa v India in a dead rubber at 1730...


Wicket falls

17th over - WICKET - Mills run out (Dilshan) 5, NZ 110

Wide from Malinga down the leg-side. Mills just makes his ground, Murali's underarm at one stump just misses. That's a decent shot from Mills, making room and shovelling Malinga through the covers for four. Mills is beaten by a couple of slower balls from Malinga, before New Zealand pick up a leg-bye. And that's that - Mills coming back for a second, and Dilshan sends Mills off with a direct hit from long-off.

Wicket falls

WICKET - Vettori c Malinga b Muralitharan 3, NZ 102-9

Vettori sweeps uppishly for a couple... before top-edging a short one from Murali straight down the gullet of Malinga at backward square. Butler in last, New Zealand need 14 an over... Mills misses with a reverse sweep...

Wicket falls

16th over - WICKET - N McCullum run out 2, NZ 100-8

Mendis now has 3-9 from three, and the New Zealand boys are sitting slouched in their shelter like men who have been waiting for a bus for two days. Oh dear, horrible mix-up, and McCullum's gone - Murali thinks he's got his man lbw, Vettori goes haring down the pitch, and McCullum is fully six feet short of his ground.

Wicket falls

15th over - WICKET - McGlashan c Mubarak b Mendis 2, NZ 98-7

McGlashan picks up one with a push into the covers, and McCullum follows suit. McGlashan reaches for a wide one, and skews to Mubarak at backward-point. Vettori can bat a bit, but I'll eat my keyboard if the chase this down - they still need 60 from 31. Vettori is off the mark with a single before McCullum takes the Kiwis through to 100 with a cut for one.

Wicket falls

14th over - WICKET - Guptill c Mathews b Jayasuriya 43, NZ 95-6

Wicketkeeper Peter McGlashan is next in, and he's off the duck with a single. But Guptill's a goner! He sweeps uppishly and lobs to Mathews at deep backward square, Jayasuriya the bowler. Surely that's the Black Caps gone! Nathan McCullum is the new man, and my mistake, both men are still on nought.

Wicket falls

13th over - WICKET - Oram b Udana 7, NZ 93-5

Guptill with some heave-ho! That's high! Oh my word, that's high! Silva running across the deep mid-wicket rope... full length dive... and he's shelled it! Manful effort, but it's four - Malinga can't quite mop up. Guptill moves to 39 with a chip to mid-wicket, before Udana, old Slow Arm, deceives Oram with another medium-pacer. Oram does pick up one with a push into the off-side, and Guptill tickles round the corner for one. But Oram's gone from the final delivery! Quicker from Udana, and Oram has his furniture rearranged, and there's nothing feng shui about that from a Kiwi point of view.

12th over - 86-4 Oram nurdles to leg for one, perhaps that should have been two. Guptill very nearly chops Murali onto his stumps, before picking up one more, and Oram clips to square-leg for another single. The Kiwis becalmed, and they could do without being becalmed, they could do with going absolutely mental.

Shane Carroll in the TMS inbox "Speaking of the underarm ball by the Aussies against my NZ, Dennis Lillee was so disgusted with the decision he stood outside the circle, meaning there weren't enough inside so it should have been a no-ball, but the 'impartial' Aussie umpire missed that, like he missed Martin Snedden catching Greg Chappell in the deep."

11th over - 82-4 Oram turns Jayasuriya off his pads for one, as I am given the news that Frank Duckworth will be on TMS after this match - and he will no doubt answer the question: "What the ruddy heck happened in that match last night?" One more single apiece for Guptill and Oram, before Jayasuriya has a very muscular lbw appeal turned down - good decision, that pitched outside leg.

10th over - 77-4 As long as this pair are there, the Kiwis will think they have a chance. Guptill clips to square-leg for one, before Oram gets off the mark with a chip to mid-wicker for one. Back goes Guptill, slicing down to third-man for two, before Dilshan gets one to turn and beat an airy drive from Guptill. Super, teasing off-break. Guptill charges and slathers Dilshan over extra-cover for six - that's the 150th six of the tournament. Good comeback from Dilshan, Guptill missing one that holds its line. New Zealand need 82 from 60 balls...

Wicket falls

WICKET - Styris b Mendis 2, NZ 66-3

Scott Styris is next in and he's beaten by the one that goes straight on from Mendis. Styris is off the mark with a clip to mid-wicket for two... but he's gone! Styris driving, and he appears to just miss a straight one from Mendis. Sri Lanka have got this game, and New Zealand, by the Jacob's. Oram, the tall left-hander, is next up the ramp and he survives.

Wicket falls

9th over - WICKET - Taylor st Sangakkara b Mendis 8, NZ 64-3

Mendis on again... and the third umpire is called into action immediately. Huge smite from Taylor, Sangakkara whips off the bails, and it's a close call as to whether Taylor has got his bat back. But he's gone! Cracking piece of glovework from the Sri Lanka skipper, massive scalp for Sri Lanka.

8th over - 64-2 Guptill picks up one more with a poke into the covers, as we discuss in the office whether indeed it is legal to use the 'wrong' side of the bat. Leading edge for Taylor, but he gets away with it and runs one, before Guptill sweeps Murali for one. But that's a better over for Sri Lanka, four from it, the pendulum swinging back their way...

7th over - 60-2 That's a beefy shot from Guptill, smashing Malinga straight over long-off for four. Malinga gets the hump and serves up a short one, Guptill pulls out of the hook, and the umpire calls it a wide. A couple for Guptill to deep extra-cover before the tall right-hander check-drives over long-off for four more. Guptill, all long levers, swings Malinga over extra-cover for three more, and that's a massive over for the Kiwis - favourites now?

6th over - 46-2 Thanks for the emails about the scorecard, we've got our best man on it. He's wearing a Slayer T-shirt and smells of cloves, but he's our best man. Mendis now, the Sri Lankan mystery man. A few easy singles for the Kiwis, another good over for Sri Lanka.

Wicket falls

5th over - WICKET - Redmond c Silva b Malinga 23, NZ 39-2

Here's Malinga, the man who bowls as if he's testing his mantelpiece for dust and who looks a little bit like Chief Chirpa off of Return of The Jedi. A couple of wicked yorkers to start, before Redmond sways out of the way of a bumper. Oh! Redmond's gone for the sucker punch - full-bunger on his pads, a slower ball, and he chips it straight to the man at short mid-wicket. Taylor, a vitally important cog in this New Zealand machine, gets a full-toss first up and dabs Malinga away for four. Still, you'd have to say there are few better bowlers in world Twenty20 than Malinga...

Paul, Llantrisant, in the TMS inbox "Is hitting the ball with the back of the bat a legal shot, it sounds like the sort of thing that would be outlawed buried in a sub-sub-law somewhere? And is it just me or is Twenty20 fast becoming a glorified game of French cricket? Dilshan's scoop, reverse-reverse sweeps and hitting with the wrong side of the bat are all tried and trusted techniques used regularly when the ball is in danger of hitting your bare shin!"

4th over - 38-1 Time for some Murali, and Redmond paddles him away for a couple. One more from Redmond off his hip, and Martin Guptill is off the mark with a clunk through the covers for four. One more for Guptill, who has got some wheels with bat in hand, before Murali beats a tentative dab from Redmond.

Wicket falls

3rd over - WICKET - B McCullum c Mubarak b Udana 10, NZ 30-1

Dealing almost exclusively in slower balls, and McCullum is unable to get the first three away. Udana sending them down at 65mph, and a quicker one pins McCullum on the back foot. But McCullum manages to relieve the pressure, picking up four with an ugly smite down to long-leg. But he's gone! Never really timing it properly, McCullum, and he spoons a steepler down Mubarak's neck in the covers.

2nd over - 26-0 Jayasuriya shares the new pill, as Michael West emails in to ask who the top scorer in the tournament is - Dilshan, Michael, although, no, there haven't been any tons in this event. In fact, Chris Gayle's the only man who's ever scored one in internationals. A couple of quick singles before Redmond swings across the line for four to mid-wicket... and follows up with a sliced inside-out drive for another boundary. FOUR MORE! Jayasuriya being manhandled here, Redmond's clearly no respecter of age, and he's flayed over the covers again for four. A MAXIMUM! Redmond charges and cannons Jayasuriya over long-off - 20 from just six balls, Redmond's having a good tournament.

1st over - 6-0 Scrap those flumps, Karl, we're back on... Udana, the lanky left-armer, to bowl the first ball and Brendon McCullum punishes a leg-side delivery, nibbling him to the fence for the first boundary of the innings. Sangakkara standing up, and he does well to snaffle a lifter. McCullum drives, and some smart fielding by the man at backward-point keeps it to one. Aaron Redmond glides to third-man to nick the strike.


Carole in Maidenhead "'are you England in disguise?' sounds like some Scandinavian band lyrics nonsense, such as 'Take On Me'. What DID that mean? Who cares?"

1500: Right, 15 minute break... Sri Lanka have to be favourites, and there was plenty of entertainment in that innings, including the first sighting of a new species of cricket shot, which is like finding a brand new mammal in Epping Forest.

20th over - 158-5 Width from Oram and Mathews smears him through third-man for a couple. A spot-on throw there and he would have been struggling. Slower ball from Oram and Mathews prods him down the ground for two more - should have been three there after a ricochet off the stumps. One more for Mathews with a swat into the off-side, before Jayawardene unveils a brand new shot! Reverse sweep, but with the back of the bat! No need for that, although there are four runs from it. Stumping attempt, but Jayawardene had made his ground, and there's a bye from the last ball of the innings. Yes, Karl (see below), but it was big brother Greg that told him to bowl it... now run along to the sweet shop and get me some flumps, there's a good boy...

Karl, Basingstoke, in the TMS inbox "TREVOR Chappell bowled that underarm ball. Are you England in disguise, you're having a shocker Ben - can't see you making it through to the semis."

Wicket falls

19th over - WICKET - Mubarak lbw b Butler 8, SL 147-5

Mubarak dabs for one to hand the strike back to Jayawardene. A single for Jayawardene off a Butler full-toss before Mubarak moves to four with a straight drive. Long levers, Mubarak, and he hoicks Butler to the long-on fence with a willowy heave. Gone next ball! Full from Butler and Umpire Taufel has no doubt about that... you'll have to travel a long way to see a worse umpiring decision than that - that ball hit his glove, and made no contact with his pad whatsoever. Mubarak walks off wringing his thumb. Odd.

Wicket falls

18th over - WICKET - Sangakkara c Styris b Vettori 35, SL 137-4

One for Jayawardene before Sangakkara picks up a brace with a hook. But Sangakkara's gone next ball, heaving Vettori to Styris at deep mid-wicket. Jehan Mubarak is the next man in, and he picks up one off his first ball faced with a poke down the ground. But Mubarak can do more than just poke, he can give it some serious hammer.

17th over - 132-3 As someone has just pointed out, Dilshan won't be playing his Genuflector today, mainly because he's already out... sorry... but who needs Dilshan when Jayawardene's showing off his Swiss Army knife of strokes - this time he backs away and plays inside-out over cover for four. Jayawardene dabs behind square for one, before Sangakkara squeezes through point for one. Jayawardene nicks the strike with one into the covers. Phil emails in to say I was wrong about Malinga being able to bowl underarm - of course, you're right, unless it's agreed before the game. You can blame Greg Chappell for that...

16th over - 124-3 Full-toss from Mills and Sangakkara plays him into the covers for one. That's a peach from Jayawardene, who walks across his furniture and chips Mills over short fine-leg for four. Another boundary, this time Jayawardene square-driving. AND ONE MORE! Again Jayawardene shuffles outside off, and helps the ball on its way to the long-leg fence. One more for the former Lankan skipper, and Sangakkara makes it 15 from the over with an ease to long-off. Huge over that, 160 in sight?

15th over - 109-3 Michael Johnson emails in to call Dilshan's trademark the 'Genuflector'. As a Catholic, I like it a lot. We haven't seen it yet, instead he chops to point for one. Three more singles from that over from Oram, a handy one for the Black Caps. Oram's economy rate is below five an over, which is pretty special in this form of the game.

14th over - 105-3 Jayawardene and Sanga exchange singles, as Sri Lanka's projected total falls to 145ish. No-ball from Vettori - free hit time... JAYAWARDENE HAS PUT MANNERS ON THAT! That's gone straight into the confectionery stall... criminal from Vettori, if I remember rightly, that's exactly where Flintoff hit Brett Lee back in 2005... oh, halcyon days... a couple more singles, big over for Sri Lanka.

13th over - 94-3 Oram to continue, and that's a bizarre stroke from Jayawardene, creeping across his stumps before yanking the bowler round the corner for four. Bit of lift for Oram, Jayawardene is beaten, and keeper McGlashan takes it very well standing up. Full from Oram, and Jayawardene squeezes it into the covers for one. Sangakkara steals the strike with one into the covers.

Wicket falls

12th over - WICKET - Dilshan c B McCullum b Vettori 48, SL 87-3

Vettori's fragile shoulder looks to be OK, and he continues. AND DILSHAN HAS GONE! Vettori tosses one up, Dilshan drives, and Brendon McCullum takes a two-handed catch low in the covers. Big scalp at the perfect time. Jayawardene is the new batsman, and he's off the mark with one to mid-on.

Adam, London, in the TMS inbox "Amazing that people are slating the D/L method and the weather - WE DIDN'T HIT A BOUNDARY FOR 54 BALLS - in a competition where hitting it hard is the point of the game!"

11th over - 85-2 New Zealand staring 160 in the face here, which is just above par for this ground, as McCullum gets one to lift past the crooked bat of Dilshan. McCullum with a lairy lbw appeal, but the umpire is having none of it, before Dilshan drives majestically straight down the ground for two. Dilshan gives himself room and chops to backward-point for one, there are five from the over.

10th over - 80-2 Smashing stroke from Dilshan, clearing his front leg and splattering Styris through extra-cover for four. The Kiwis, who started so brightly in the field, are unravelling like a cable-knit jumper here - another misfield, this time at third-man, and Dilshan picks up two more. This partnership is now 50. Sharp run from Dilshan, cutting to point, before Vettori appears to do himself a mischief fielding at mid-off...

9th over - 71-2 That might not have been a great over from Vettori, but there was plenty of bounce and turn, which is bad news for New Zealand... five singles from Nathan McCullum's over, the Sri Lankans have certainly wrested back the initiative.

8th over - 66-2 Vettori brings himself on, and he's immediately down leg-side and nibbled away for one by Sangakkara. Vettori really struggling with his line to the left-handed Sangakkara - three wides - before he offers Dilshan width and is dabbed away for a couple. Clever batting from Sangakkara, easing Vettori into the off-side for one, before Oram misfields at third-man and gifts Dilshan a couple. Twelve from that over, a pretty poor one from Vettori to be honest.

7th over - 54-2 Nathan McCullum very nearly gets one through Sangakkara's defences before the Sri Lanka captain nicks one. Short from McCullum and Dilshan, who's not exactly the Nureyev of batsmen, heaves him round the corner for one. One more single, just four from the over.

Fergus Helliwell in the TMS inbox "Concurring with outraged Andy, I, furious Fergus, was baffled by last night's selection. Having unfortunately watched every England game it was patently clear we were short of boundary hitters. So what do we do? Drop one for a bowler!! Madness."

6th over - 51-2 Full-bunger from Mills, and Dilshan climbs into it, carting the ball through mid-wicket for four. Dilshan goes for some humpty outside off and misses. But he grabs hold of that - width from Mills and Dilshan whip-cracks him through backward-point for four. Good comeback from Mills, getting one past a windy woosh from Dilshan, but Dilshan moves to 25 from 19 with his fourth four, courtesy of a back-foot drive. Roy in Cambridge asks: "How much lower does Malinga's action have to get before he is no-balled? At present most of my compatriots believe he is throwing." He can bowl underarm if he wants, Roy, the angle his arm comes through has no bearing on whether he's legal or not.

5th over - 39-2 Butler on now, and that's not a clever start - juicy half-volley and he's creamed, frothily, through the covers for four by Sangakkara. Class in a glass from the Sri Lanka skipper, this time twirling right-arm medium-pacer Butler through point for another four. AND ANOTHER! Bit of width from Butler, Sangakkara throws his bat, and the ball races away to the third-man fence. Every time I see those cheerleaders dance, I hear the voice of Fred Trueman saying "you're no son of mine..."

The sun is out

4th over - WICKET - Silva c Oram b Mills 13, SL 25-2

It's the sort of day in Nottingham that will convince you that DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince's Summertime is the greatest song ever made. Dilshan drags Mills from outside off, doesn't quite time it, but still picks up four to wide long-on. Sam, again I agree. But life is too short to be ruminating on the vagaries of Duckworth-Lewis, THE KIWIS HAVE GOT ANOTHER ONE! Leading edge from Silva, and Oram takes another dolly at mid-on. Calm down Dilshan - he goes for the lofted cover-drive, but doesn't quite get it. Two for the shot.

3rd over - 19-1 The Nathan McCullum experiment is over, and on comes the lofty Jacob Oram. Dilshan gives him the charge but Oram gets one to scythe straight through him, but Dilshan does pick up one with an angle to third-man. Silva makes room and glides to third-man, but that's a fine over from Oram, just four from it.

Sam in the TMS inbox "Why was it that the West Indies did not have their wickets reduced last night? England had 20 overs and 10 wickets to get as many runs as they could. The Windies had nine overs and a revised target of 80 with 10 wickets though. Less than half the number of overs and runs but the same number of wickets. They could afford to basically smash their way to the target safe in the knowledge that they had enough wickets to last nine overs!"

2nd over - 15-1 Mills shares the new pill, and his first ball is full on leg-stump, but Dilshan misses out. One for Dilshan with a drive to mid-on. Andy (see below), good point, although I couldn't include the stuff you wrote about someone sleeping with someone else. Lordy, that's savage from Silva - a touch short from Mills and Silva is onto it in a blink of an eye. Whippy hand-speed, this lad looks in good touch. Wide from Mills, but makes amends with a dot.

Wicket falls

1st over - WICKET - Jayasuriya c Taylor b N McCullum 0, SL 3-1

It's Nathan McCullum to kick off for the Kiwis with his right-arm tweak, and Dilshan is off the mark with a threaded cover-drive for a couple. One more for Dilshan and old man Jayasuriya is on strike... AND HE'S GONE FIRST BALL! The left-handed Jayasuriya doesn't bother having a look, drops to one knee, and top edges a dolly to Taylor at backward square-leg. One more for Dilshan, before new batsman Chamara Silva sweeps crisply for four. Nine from that over, and, of course, a wicket. Let's call it a 10-10 round.

Andy, outraged by the ECB, Tooting, in the TMS inbox "Dirsy, why oh why do England pick so called 'specialist' Twenty20 players like Napier, Morgan and Key, and then only use them in the warm up games?!"

1327: The Sri Lankan anthem is done, and here's the Kiwi one, a jaunty, yet understated, little number. Scotty Styris there, cursing the day the kitmakers switched to fitted polyester. He might have made a decent 1950's sweater girl, a touch of the Diana Dors about him. Play in a couple of minutes.

1322: No sulking for Jack, you can have a little pat on the head for that. We'll have the anthems in a couple of minutes, and then some cricket and stuff.

Not wishing to be named due to boss reading live text in Leeds in the TMS inbox "So one of the most entertaining and consistent teams in the tournament could go out for losing one game out of five? Yet the West Indies lost two and got through? Seems a little odd the makeup of this competition. C'MON SRI LANKA!"

Jack, Cambridge, in the TMS inbox "Can anyone answer this question that's been bugging me since the D/L method consigned England to defeat last night? Why use it at all?! Surely with a floodlit ground, the Windies could have batted into the night to see out their 20 overs. Especially as the weather wasn't bad when they finished their nine."

1308: Sri Lanka skipper Kumar Sangakkara has won the toss and his side are going to have a swat first. Team news for the Kiwis is that Brendon McCullum will play, despite a busted finger, and Ross Taylor and skipper Daniel Vettori have also shrugged off injuries. James Franklin is out. Only one change for Sri Lanka, with Nuwan Kulasekara dropped for left-arm seamer Isuru Udana.

1302: Another evening down the pub, another England sporting exit. But let's not sulk, there's no 'me' in England - it's all to play for in the first game of the day, a winner-takes-all clash between Sri Lanka and New Zealand in Nottingham. Pakistan already through in Group F, you've got to fancy the Lankans to go through with them? Yes? YES?!

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