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ICC World Twenty20 Day 11 as it happened

ICC World Twenty20 Super Eights, The Oval:

Group E: West Indies 82-5 (8.2 ovs) beat England 161-6 (20 ovs) by five wickets (D/L method)

Group F: Pakistan 159-5 (20 ovs) beat Ireland 120-9 (20 ovs) by 39 runs


By Pranav Soneji


e-mail (with 'For Pranav Soneji' in the subject), text 81111 (with "CRICKET" as the first word) or use 606. (Not all contributions can be used)

2122: Thank you to everyone who contributed today, you know who you are. Unfortunately because of the alacrity and frenetic nature of Twenty20 cricket, it's difficult to read every offering but trust me, it's what keeps us text commentators going with all sorts of rain distractions on the horizon. Lord Dirs of Romford will be in the seat tomorrow. I'm off to figure out whether my blurred vision is because my brain cannot compute typing and D/L mathematics at the same.

Nicola, text 81111: Two weeks ago I didn't even like cricket (nor did i love it, contrary to 10cc's misconceptions), and now I'm sending text commentary to my friend on a poorly timed holiday in Croatia and have sacked off my MA dissertation in favour of practising my spin bowling. Is this fatal?"

Not if you can bowl a flipper, doosra and wrong'un - you've got a career as an international spinner.

Dan, text 81111: "What a farce! Ah well, who cares anyway, it's an Ashes summer..."

2118: Lots of emails and texts from perplexed people miffed at the D/L method, which was invented before the advent of Twenty20 cricket. It may not be perfect, but it has to be better than a three-stump bowl-off.

The usually languid West Indies captain Chris Gayle: "I don't know what to say right now, I'm so emotional about this victory."


2111:8.2 overs - West Indies 82-5
Sidebottom bowls a full toss which Chanderpaul turns down to deep midwicket for a single. Sarwan's eyes light up as another full toss is sent down, thumping the ball over extra cover for four for a five-wicket victory. The Oval has dispersed in record time, you could hear a gnat break wind right now. Another maddeningly inconsistent performance from England, a poor penultimate over from Stuart Broad giving the Windies impetus to sneak over the finishing line. Intelligent batting from the experienced Sarwan and Chanderpaul, who refused to panic and conjure a match-winning 37-run partnership.

2107:8 overs - West Indies 77-5
Poor start from Broad, who opts for a bouncer against Chanderpaul, who paddles the ball fine to fine leg, where Adil Rashid slips fielding the ball and allowing the Windies duo to add three to the total. The floodlights beat down as Sarwan charges down the pitch and fends the ball to third man for a single. Broad sends down a wide half volley for Chanderpaul, who hits a lovely slice behind point, where Owais Shah prevents a certain boundary as the batsmen add two more to the total. The fifth ball - another short delivery - is paddled around to square leg for two more, runs which see the Windies needing eight from eight balls. And woe of woes - a middle stump yorker is turned off Chanderpaul's stumps down to deep square leg and past the despairing dive of Adil Rashid for four. Chanderpaul nicks a single from the last ball of the over to round off the scoring to 13 from the over, leaving them to get three runs from Ryan Sidebottom's final over.

2100:7 overs - West Indies 64-5
James Anderson returns and immediately spears in a yorker, which thumps into the bottom of Ronnie Sarwan's bat as he and his Guyanese compatriot scamper through for a single. Chanderpaul is served another blockhole delivery at 85 mph, all he can do is send it towards long off for a single. But Jimmy loses his momentum with a wide before Sarwan clears his front before smashing the ball over extra cover for four. A second boundary follows when he tucks away a straight delivery off his toes past fine leg, inside the 30m circle, somewhat dampening the enthusiastic cheering from the England faithful in the stands. Chanderpaul wants two from the last ball of the over - a bouncer - but is rightly sent back by his partner. Windies need 16 from 12, Stuart Broad to bowl the penultimate over.

2051:5.4 overs - WICKET Bravo stumped Foster b Swann 18 West Indies 45-5
A fumble from Luke Wright allows Bravo to double up in the deep off Swann, but the next delivery dispatches Bravo back into the pavilion after another superb stumping from Foster, with Bravo caught with his foot in the air when the bails were broken. In comes Ramnaresh Sarwan. The DL par score at the end of this over is 53. Owais Shah somewhat ungraciously collapses as Sarwan collects a couple, but more importantly, no boundaries from the rest of the over. 6 overs - West Indies 51-5

2047:4.4 overs - WICKET Pollard bowled Rashid 9 West Indies 41-4
Brave move from Collingwood, who opts for Adil Rashid. Bravo immediately capitalises from the leg-spinner's first delivery, taking a couple of steps down the pitch and scooping the ball over extra cover for six. Pollard attempts and almighty heave, which he only makes half contact with for two, his left arm flying off the bat as he fails to maintain control on the stroke. But Rashid cleans him up with the next delivery, bowling Pollard through the gap between bat and pad. In comes Shivnarine Chanderpaul. 5 overs -West Indies 43-4

2045:4 overs - West Indies 32-3
On comes Graeme Swann, who sees Bravo displace minute air particles and nothing more with his first two deliveries. Bit of turn for the off-spinner, varying his flight and pace with excellent control, restricting the batsmen to just three before Pollard skips down the track and hoists the final ball of the over high over long-off's head and into the stands for a maximum. Windies need 48 from 30 balls.

Ash, Lincoln, TMS inbox: "Am I the only one wandering why Fletcher opens for the West Indies? I could get three consecutive ducks. Do you think if I emigrated they'd give me the chance I believe I thoroughly deserve?"

Wicket falls

2036:2.1 overs - WICKET Simmons ct Sidebottom b Broad 0 West Indies 16-3

Golden duck for Simmons, who slices a horrible outside edge attempting a leg-side swipe down to Ryan Sidebottom at third man and the seamer takes a comfortable catch, sending the simmering crowd into raptures. New man is Kieron Pollard as Dwayne Bravo collects a boundary with a lovely orthodox flick off his hips, no need for slogging just yet. Good over comes to an end from Broad and that's the end of the powerplays. 3 overs -West Indies 23-3

Wicket falls

2033:1.5 overs - WICKET Gayle bowled Sidebottom 15 West Indies 16-2

Ryan Sidebottom opens up from the Vauxhall Road End and sees Gayle dispatch his first delivery over midwicket for four, superb shot, following that up with another horizontal bat shot over Paul Collingwood's head at cover for his third boundary. Hear that noise? That's the sound of 15,000 bottoms clenching in unison. Exhilarating to watch (Gayle, not the collective butt-clenching). But Sidebottom has his revenge with the perfect yorker, which Gayle plays all over and rattles into the base of his stumps. A huge cheer rings around the ground as Dwayne Bravo joins Lendl Simmons in the middle. 2 overs -West Indies 16-2

Wicket falls

2029:1 over - WICKET Fletcher ct Foster b Anderson 0 West Indies 6-1

James Anderson opens up for England and sees his first delivery called wide, but his second is a belter which beats the fending edge of Chris Gayle's bat. The leviathan which the Jamaican wields between his hands sends a delivery outside off stump hurtling towards the deep point boundary for four. A single gives the strike to Andre Fletcher, who sees an attempted pull go sailing high into the sky and into the gloves of James Foster. That's Fletcher third successive duck too.


2022: Paul Collingwood jogs out with his England players in full pursuit. So we will have three overs of powerplays as West Indies chase 80 to win from nine overs. If the scores are tied, then we're into Super Over territory.

Kevin, Liverpool, TMS inbox: "Why not play rock, paper, scissors? Easier to understand than Jack Duckworth\Martin Lewis method!"

Talking of which, I only just discovered Nathan Barley on a popular video-sharing website. One episode included a crude interpretation of the said game which caused me to laugh so hard my laptop fell off my stomach. Well Jackson!

Susan Simonsz, TMS inbox: "The buzzing noise is 100s of vuvucelas (see Keith, NI, below), long thin trumpets which are the staple of all South African football supporters. it's an awesome experience to be in a stadium which is packed with them!! hope England doesn't get knocked out, DW is a terrible way to go!"

2014: Daniel in Camden is one of the many who have emailed in about the very annoying skittle which annoyingly accompanies every wicket, four, six or beer sold at the three venues. It's an advert for a very well-known internet search engine, which is a key sponsor for the International Cricket Council. Still doesn't make it any less irritating though.

Steakman, text 81111: "Steakman here again (see 1839). Home safe and thanks to the Steakworth/Lewis method mentioned earlier, I did indeed plump for an 8oz rump. A little more fat than I would like, but still first class. Not unlike our own Darren Gough..."

2005: OK, looks like we're starting at 2025 BST for a nine-over innings with a target of 80, guessed off the top of his head by my esteemed editor.

Frank Duckworth (he of statistics-based, rain-affected mathematical formula fame), TMS inbox: "If WI have just 5 overs the target will be 47 and they can lose as many wickets as they like."

Keith, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, TMS inbox: "Sorry to change the sport at this point - but I'm watching USA v Italy in the Confederations Cup on BBC3. Judging by the sounds in the background there's an extremely large swarm of bees just waiting to descend on the players. No rain at this game by the way!"

1958: Oi! Jon Karen! Stop emailing in with your cocktail-sipping antics in the south of France. In your face! Tony Cozier says we have sun coming out in Vauxhall.

From BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at The Oval: "Streaker alert. A man in a pair of briefs simply could not resist sprinting across the outfield to dive across the rain-slicked covers. My sons have a "belly-slide" at home, which we put up in the garden on hot days, and this chap clearly remembers being five years old. The stewards were onto him in a flash - I think they saw him coming."

1955: According to the Press Association, the latest the match can restart is 2040 BST.

1952: Here's a riveting read for you - it's the Duckworth/Lewis website:

1949: Promising noises from followers living in south London, who, to paraphrase Johnny Nash, can see clearly now the rain has gone. Wonder if Jimmy Cliff is following this match.

Steve, Switzerland, TMS inbox: "I'm listening to TMS while watching the match on Eurosport in Switzerland! How fantastic is it that Twenty20 is being shown in Europe, hopefully this format of the game will take off in such countries, especially when this tournament has been such a success so far!"

From BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at The Oval: "Someone has just presented me with the dreaded Duckworth-Lewis table. If you have never seen one of these things, it's like some ghastly slide-rule thing you had to memorise at school. It has 180 different figures on it, based on what West Indies would need to be at the end of each over to earn a tie, depending on how many wickets they had lost. If the target is revised, I think I get a different table. Possibly."

1938: To reiterate, West Indies need to face five overs to constitute a match. If no play is possible, then the match will be abandoned so each side will earn a point, which would mean West Indies would advance into the semis with a better run rate. Cricinfo tells me that the D/L adjusted target for five overs would be 47.

1932: More covers are being summoned so we're looking at some sort of drama/heartbreak/DL head-scratching. Wonder if John Dyson will be looking at the correct piece of paper this time...

Rain delay


It's raining. Gutted. The covers are back on.

Jamie, TMS inbox: "Re: J 1851. As a Kent supporter and admirer of our glorious captain, I would like to defend the honour of Rob Key's eating habits, having seen him consuming a meal at Nandos in what can only be described as a dignified and controlled manner."

ENGLAND 161-6 (20 OVERS)

Wicket falls

1924: 19.3 overs - WICKET Foster ct Pollard b Benn 13England 150-6

Sulieman Benn is summoned for the last over of the innings and sees his first delivery well stopped by Lendl Simmons, who compensated for some wicked spin as he collected the ball and contain the duo for a single. Foster attempts a maximum, but his ugly swipe is comfortably taken by Kieron Pollard at long on. Out comes new man Stuart Broad, who finally ends the 56-ball boundary famine with a sweep down to deep square leg for four. And the left-hander smashes a six straight back over Benn's head, giving England, the crowd and the clouds (possibly) the lift they needed before the Windies innings. That's 10 from just two balls from the Notts dasher.

1918: 19 overs - England 147-5
Awful fielding from Fletcher, who turns a rudimentary single into a triple running in from deep cover. The camera pans in on Chris Gayle, who could kill a herd of stampeding rhinos with his stare towards his opening partner. Swann thumps a Bravo full toss down the ground for a couple more, but still can't dispatch the boundaries as the off-spinner adds a single from another fine full delivery from Bravo.

1914: 18 overs - England 138-5
Benn trundles in as Foster plays a delicate reverse sweep, but can only glean one for his efforts. Good running sees Foster doubling up, but only making his ground with a full-length dive. Ugh, seriously ugly clouds are loitering above as Denesh Ramdin whips off the bails as James Foster looks to go aerial, but his back foot is safely back inside the crease, so an easy decision for the third umpier. Another tight over from Benn.

Wicket falls

1909: 17 overs - England 132-5 WICKET Collingwood lbw Bravo 11

Controversial start for Bravo, who is called for a wide from a delivery which looked to have brushed his pad on the way through. Colly picks up two with a leg-side swipe and is promptly given an official warning for run down the middle of the track. And Colly is nailed leg before, although at first glance the decision seems somewhat dubious with the ball sliding down the leg side. Graeme Swann is the new man at the ramp. The last boundary came in the 11th over...

1905: The players are wandering out, although TMS commentator Jonathan Agnew has spied lightning in the distance. It looks awfully dark around SE11... We have 3.2 overs still to go, with Dwayne Bravo to finish off his third over.

1859: Oh dear, the prognosis is not looking good. A huge expanse of morose cloud has enveloped the ground and groundsman Bill Gordon does not want to remove the covers. But someone has seen some blue sky somewhere as the third cover is peeled off the infield.

From BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at The Oval:"The wag who decided it was a good idea to play Rihanna's 'Umbrella' during rain intervals needs to have a long, hard look at themselves. Prospects of play not that bleak at the moment, we are down to light drizzle at the moment."

Gareth, East Sussex, TMS inbox: "I reckon I've worked out the Duckworth/Lewis on this one. 1. Chris Gayle wicket in the first 5 overs = England win or 2. Chris Gayle 50 in the first 5 overs = Windies win..."

J, text 81111: "Standing at a bus stop in Battersea, got some blue sky to report - and a man eating a kebab with the fervour of, I can only imagine, Rob Key."

Anon, text 81111: "Re 1839 - I've just got out the Steakworth/lewis calculator and your on for a 8oz rump at the moment."

1851: Umpires Rudi Koertzen and Aleem Dar are out inspecting the deluge and the good news is the rain has stopped. Even better news - play will hopefully get under way at 1908 (the time, not the year).

1846: I've just eaten the juiciest pear ever grown, squirting streams of liquid all over desk (stop sniggering at the back). You only ever get two types of pears - ones which will break your incisors or disintegrate in your palm just sniffing the thing.

Text in your views on 81111

Soumen, London, text 81111:

"Tavare and Boycott in next? C'mon England, step on it!"

Promising emails from London followers declaring clear skies following a 20-minute lashing in their neck of the woods, but we have the extended covers on, so don't expect play resuming for another 15 minutes at least.

Ranjit from Mumbai, TMS inbox: "I've been following too much cricket, I saw a football score which read 1-1 and started thinking someone's in trouble, they've lost an early wicket."

1840: OK, so we have a 30-minute window for play to be held up before we enter the realms of truncated innings and Duckworth/Lewis.

Rain delay

1839: 16.4 overs - England 129-4

"There's a couple of pigeons courting on the on side," says Jonathan Agnew on TMS. Foster collects a couple of doubles before the rain starts belting down and quick as a flash, the groundstaff are on with the covers.

Anon, text 81111: "On my way home. Promised myself steak if England get over 170. Any chance of a few sixes?"

Wicket falls

1834: 15.4 overs - England 121-4 WICKET Bopara lbw b Gayle 55

More variations from Bopara, who plays a reverse paddle down fine past wicketkeeper Denesh Ramdin for three, with Shivnarine Chanderpaul saving the extra run with a full-length dive. But Bopara's innings is brought to a close as he is trapped leg before attempting to fend a straight Chris Gayle delivery to the leg side. Up goes the crane-propelled left arm of Rudi Koertzen. In comes James Foster, who has three Twenty20 50s in his Essex career.

That's 50

1830: 15 overs - England 116-3

Bopara brings up an excellent 50 with an inside-out drive to long-off before almost knocking his captain's head off with an exocet, which Collingwood does impressively well to dodge. But another good over from Sammy, who concedes just four. Can't help but think this phase of play could come back and haunt England...

Anon, text 81111: "In comes the captain with a clear game plan in his head - Play myself in, leave a few, nurdle it around about and then, when I'm settled.... Oh the 20 overs are up!"

1827: 14 overs - England 112-3
Bopara moves to 49 with a single off Chris Gayle's final ball of the over. Although England are scoring off every delivery, you can't help but think an almighty heave would unclench a buttock of every single England fan across the country.

1824: 13 overs - England 105-3
Darren Sammy is recalled as captain Paul Collingwood brings up the England hundred with a nudge to third man. Good over from the St Lucian, who concedes five singles and a double from his over, not allowing either batsmen to free his arms. Our own Ollie Brett at The Oval tells us "flashes of lightning visible around the ground now..."

A soggy Kat, TMS inbox: "Not sure how they got away with the weather in SE11, I got so wet cycling home through thunder storms in East London my white t-shirt turned see-through, got more wolf whistles than the England team entering the field yesterday..."

Wicket falls

1819: 12 overs - WICKET Shah ct Fletcher b Bravo 18 England 98-3

The TMS servers can't cope with your incessant rain emails as the man who has stolen Chris Gayle's Kanye West sunglasses makes a brief appearance on TV - we know where you are sitting mate... Dwayne Bravo reins (stop it) in the runs and has Owais Shah back in the hutch courtesy of a brilliant catch by Andre Fletcher on the deep square leg boundary. The opener snaffles the ball with both arms outstretched above his head with both feet off the ground, with the power of the stroke knocking him back to within a yard of the boundary rope. Sensational. Out comes Paul Collingwood.

1816: 11 overs - England 94-2
Crackerjack shot from Shah, who pings a slower ball from Taylor over the deep square leg boundary into the stands, complete with a follow through which sees his bat almost perpendicular with his back. Shah scoops a single down to deep midwicket, but Jerome Taylor's problems continue with a leg-side wide from around the wicket, conceding 24 runs from his two overs.

1810: 10 overs - England 82-2
Wonderful subtle late cut from Bopara, who opens his blade and guides the ball right under his nostrils past the vacant first slip for four off Dwayne Bravo's first over.

Waleed, The Oval, text 81111: "At The Oval Vauxhall End - absolutely electric atmosphere. let's just pray the storm doesn't come again."

1806: 9 overs - England 75-2
Shah is off the mark with leg-side single before laying into a short and wide delivery outside off stump from Gayle, sending the ball down to deep point for his first boundary. The rain is absolutely pelting down on our ravaged windows in W12, although I'm slightly concerned about my journey home as I foolishly opted to wear flip-flops today.

1801: 7.5 overs - WICKET Pietersen ct Fletcher b Simmons 31 England 64-2
Bopara brings up the 50 partnership with yet another crunching boundary, this time through point as Lendl Simmons errs short and wide outside off stump with his first delivery of the afternoon. Meanwhile KP plants his right leg outside off stump and paddles a delivery a foot outside off leg past short fine leg for his fifth boundary, taking him to 27. But he perishes after a horrendous wide from Simmons, top-edging an attempted slog-sweep high and into the hands of Andre Fletcher at deep square leg for a simple catch, ending his entertaining 19-ball innings. Bopara moves to 29 with another straight-driven four, abetted by some sloppy fielding from Kieron Pollard, who accidentally kicks the ball over the boundary rope. Comedy, although bowler and captain aren't particularly amused. New man is Owais Shah. 8 overs - England 68-2

1757: 7 overs - England 54-1
A worried Chris Gayle attempts to stem the run haemorrhage, partially succeeding as he restricts England to five from the over, varying the speeds of his darts from 74kph to 95. Lots of you have been emailing in about Ravi Bopara's shirt, which for some reason is missing the first "n", so the front of his shirt reads "Egland". Odd.

Kev, Newcastle, TMS inbox: "Ref Oliver 1725 - Surely a masterstroke from Colly if it rains - John Dyson will drag them off a run or two short leaving us in the semis - ideal."

1755: 6 overs - England 49-1
More nurdles and sweeps off Benn, taking six off the over to ensure the run rate is around the eight-an-over mark. Excellent start.

1752: 5 overs - England 43-1
Jerome Taylor, usually accustomed to spearing in the new ball, is summoned and sees his first ball beautifully dispatched past his follow through by Pietersen, who beats the dive of mid-on for his third boundary. Number four follows as Taylor attempts to take the pace off the ball, only for Pietersen to wallop the ball back over his head with a crisp drive. Kaypee has a steely look in his eye as Bopara plays yet another drive down the ground, holding the follow through for the photographers. A quite brilliant shot which could easily go for millions in a frenetic art auction.

1747: 4 overs - England 28-1
On comes Sulieman "Big" Benn, who shackles Pietersen with his first two deliveries before the ex-England captain works a run off his pads, a stroke replicated by Bopara. Pietersen works two on the leg side as England keep the scoreboard ticking over. No spin for Benn, although his line and length is spot on.

1744: 3 overs - England 23-1
Sammy overpitches as Bopara plays a sumptuous on drive past down the ground for four, complete with a Brian Lara-style flourish. Pietersen steals the strike with a dab behind square for a single.

Wicket falls

1737: 1.3 overs - WICKET Wright ct Ramdin b Pollard 6 England 8-1

The TMS inbox is receiving a deluge of rain-related emails from concerned correspondents staring skywards. But it's Denesh Ramdin who is looking skywards as Luke Wright skies a top-edge a Kieron Pollard delivery high into the air. The wicketkeeper takes a very good catch at short square leg, where he dives at the feet of Andre Fletcher, safely snaffling the ball in his keeping mitts. In comes Kevin Pietersen, who confidently slaps a dismissive four through midwicket from his first delivery of the match before a "flamingo-flick" off his hips for a second successive four down to fine leg. Phew, breathless start. 2 overs - England 17-1

1735: 1 over - England 7-0
Lovely touch from Marc in St John's Wood, who tells us West Indies' anthem is called 'Rally around West Indies'. Ravi Bopara opens England account with a very tight single, while Luke Wright tucks into a short and wide delivery from new man Darren Sammy to the deep point boundary for four before collecting two with a leg-side swipe.

James Muggeridge, Canada, TMS inbox: "I can beat the world's smallest book - 'ICC World Twenty20 '2009 and the games I have played in'" by Graham Napier.

1729: Out wander England openers Luke Wright and Ravi Bopara as Darren Sammy takes the new ball for the Windies.

1725: The teams are out at The Oval for the anthems, although I'm not too sure what anthem they are playing for the West Indians, each island has its own anthem, right? Anyone shed any light on what they are playing? Righty, if it does indeed rain, a match can be truncated to five overs a side, but no less. So let's hope it doesn't come down to that.

Oliver, London, text 81111: "Rain around - win the toss - bat? Has he not heard of Duckworth/Lewis ? Hope we don't regret it."

From BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at The Oval: "The rain clouds appear to be passing by north of the river, sort of drifting from Knightsbridge towards the City, but it could still be a bit dicey. England's batting for this match looks pretty thin on paper, but it's a good, bold move to bring back Adil Rashid on this track. As for the mood out there, you would have to say it much less tense than when England beat Pakistan here two Sundays ago. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?"

Joe Young, Sheffield, TMS inbox: "Re Stuart Broad's shortest book in the world, I would have thought that 'Monty Panesar's "Variations in Spin Bowling' would run it close."

JD, London, TMS inbox: "Re. MJF and the world's smallest book, I can top with a smaller book and it's called 'How to do a successful reverse sweep by Paul Collingwood'."

1720: Whoops! Thanks to those who spotted England actually beat India yesterday, must be my mother using some sort of remote control to make me write that - the poor woman was inconsolable yesterday, although my dad somewhat unfairly thinks every ball - no matter where it pitches - should be smashed for a six, giving poor Ravi Jadeja a Gujarati ear-bashing.

MJF, Liverpool, TMS inbox: "Just bought the world's smallest book - The Complete History of Stuart Broad Run Outs."

Meanwhile, Somerset (the person, not the county) wants to know what time play will start so he/she can work out when to hit the gym. Play will start at 1730 BST.

1711: Breaking news - England win the toss and bat first with just one change from the side that beat India on Sunday, with Adil Rashid coming in for Dimitri Mascarenhas. The Windies will be without Fidel Edwards, who pulls out with a back injury, so Darren Sammy takes his place in the starting XI.

1710: Lots of people still asking about what would happen if the England v West Indies game is rained off tonight. Each team would get a point each, which would mean West Indies would go through because of a superior run rate. The forecast suggests heavy rain showers around 1600ish to clear for sunny intervals at about 1900 BST.

1709: Thanks to everyone who has emailed/texted in about the overhead conditions in their neck of the woods, it's raining in Birmingham, Esher and north Devon, Cambridge and Cornwall (thanks to Harold Bishop's lovechild for that update), but more crucially, not in SE11 - yet.

1700: Ok, it's time to draw breath for a bit - oh, hang on a minute, there's only half an hour to go before England take on West Indies with a place in the semi-finals at stake. England's record so far in this tournament reads LWLW - will they end that sequence and send the Windies back to the Caribbean?

Simon, stuck in work, text 81111: "What do Ireland need to do to get Test match status? Id personally love to see the green guys taking on the world and cause upsets there too."

Something I wholeheartedly agree with Simon.

Janusz, TMS inbox: "Will there be play in the next match, due to the weather? If so, I have a long bus journey into Tallinn to catch two-thirds of the match."

Tough one Janusz (great name by the way), the clouds are looming, but it might be a short interruption, rather than the match-ending stuff we're so fearful of.

Pakistan captain Younus Khan: "All our boys are very focused - they want to win this tournament."


1637: 20 overs - Ireland 120-9
Mohammad Aamir bowls the final over of the match, although his first delivery is a horrible leg-side wide. A couple of singles are gleaned by McCallan and Boyd as Pakistan stroll to a 39-run win.

Wicket falls

1628: 18.3 overs - WICKET West run out 1 Ireland 111-9

After getting off the mark with a single down to third man, Regan West is caught well short of his ground after Kyle McCallan sends him back after hestitating for a single, allowing Gul plenty of time to regain his composure and send a dead-eye throw right into the stumps at the non-striker's end. A freak gust of wind robs Rudi Koertzen of his hat while the boundary markers are displaced by the strangely potent conditions. Dark clouds are looming over the famous gasometers which flank The Oval as Boyd Rankin tonks a double to long-on. Another impressive spell from Gul, the leading wicket-taker in the competition with 12, while team-mate Saeed Ajmal is level with Lasith Malinga on 11. Gul was also the leading wicket-taker in the 2007 tournament. 19 overs - Ireland 116-9

From Radio 1 Newsbeat's David Garrido at The Oval: "It's gallows' humour from the Irish fans - there's about a dozen here to the right of the commentary booths...the chants have turned to "One six, we only want one six" and "We'd all beat you at rugby"...

Wicket falls

1625: 18.1 overs - WICKET White bowled Gul 5 Ireland 110-8

More "you miss I hit" antics from Gul, who cleans Andrew White up with another brilliant, full, fast delivery.

Wicket falls

1622: 18 overs - WICKET Cusack stumped Akmal b Ajmal 2 Ireland 110-7

A carbon copy of the previous dismissal as Ajmal bamboozles Cusack with a well-flighted off break, allowing Akmal to whip off the bails for his seventh stumping of the tournament. That's Ajmal's fourth wicket.

Wicket falls

1622: 17.3 overs - WICKET Kevin O'Brien stumped Akmal b Ajmal 26 Ireland 108-6

Another smart piece of keeping from Akmal, who whips the bails off as KOB shuffles out of his crease. O'Brien doesn't even wait for the third umpire's decision.

Harry, TMS inbox: "In the hope that the weather is coming from the south-west, I have just conducted my own assessment here in Esher (stuck my head out the window) and it's clouded over but no rain yet, but getting darker......"

Wicket falls

1615: 16.2 overs - WICKET Johnston bowled Gul 0 Ireland 99-5

Gul becomes the leading wicket-taker in the tournament with 11 with yet another castling of the stumps as Johnston attempts to go for a Larry Dooley over long off, giving himself room outside off stump, only forgetting to make contact with the ball. New man Andrew White gets off the mark with two to deep cover, bringing up the Ireland 100 in the process, as the required run rate hits 17 an over. Gul uproots White's off stump as the batsmen attempts an Ashraful flick over short fine leg - but it's a free hit following a front-foot error the ball before and the Irish duo sneak a bye. 17 overs - Ireland 105-5

Wicket falls

1611: 15.4 overs - WICKET Mooney ct Razzaq b Ajmal 2 Ireland 93-4

O'Brien is given a lifeline as Razzaq drops a tough chance running in from long off, but amends his mistake by snaffling a simpler chance as John Mooney mis-hits a Saeed Ajmal doosra. New men is Trent Johnston, who sees partner KOB gives some tap down to the deep midwicket boundary for four, although the burley flame-haired batsman is lucky to survive a close lbw call. 16 overs - Ireland 99-4

1609: 15 overs - Ireland 89-3
Brilliant bowling from Gul, mixing up the short stuff with blockhole yorkers. Five deliveries are dot balls, with his chances of a maiden spoiled by a full-length one-handed diving stop by Kamran Akmal from an inside edge from Mooney, allowing the batsmen to add a solitary single.

Text in your views on 81111

Joe, Northampton, text 81111:

"As an 8-or-so child, i sprinted on to the castle park outfield, thrust my Essex autograph book at Desmond Haynes, breathlessly exclaiming 'my dad says yo ur the best batsman in the world'. Desmond signed with a flourish, handed me my book, and said 'Yeah, I probably am'."

From Radio 1 Newsbeat's David Garrido at the Oval: "Amusing chants from the Irish supporters here in the OCS Stand - the pick of the bunch so far: 'My Nan could hit 160, my Nan could hit 160, la la la la, la la la la'"

Phil from Liverpool, TMS inbox: "Thinking of starting a campaign to exempt the Irish from having to pre-qualifying for next year in the UAE. Not only will it save on the air miles and the inevitable extra leave requests, but I think the men in green have equipped themselves really well in this tournament. They take almost as much time off work as some texters here!"

Wicket falls

1601: 13.1 overs - Ireland 87-3 WICKET Porterfield ct Younus b Ajmal 40

Saeed Ajmal returns and sees his first wicket meekly chipped into the hands of captain Younus Khan, who takes a jump to snaffle a relatively straightforward catch at extra cover, bringing an end to Porterfield's 36-ball knock. New man is John Mooney. Another tidy over from the off-spinner, who spoils his chances of only the second wicket maiden of the tournament with a wide off the last delivery. 14 overs - Ireland 88-3

1600: 13 overs - Ireland 87-2
Afridi bounds in for his final over as Ireland look to counter-attack, but neither man can do anything with Afridi's accurate deliveries, including a wrong'un just about kept out by KOB. Six runs from the over as the required run rate surpasses 10 an over.

1556: 12 overs - Ireland 81-2
No fireworks from Gul this time as he sees his first over go for seven, but nothing too spectacular from Ireland, who need boundaries now. Gul maintains his there or thereabouts yorker line and length.

1552: 11 overs - Ireland 74-2
KOB has the greenest looking pads you will ever see, like the colour of mint sauce. Beautiful googly from Afridi, who bamboozles Porterfield outside off stump. The leggie has been a revelation in this tournament, although as soon as I type that he drops short and wide, allowing Porterfield to free his arms and dispatch a boundary behind point. Ireland are still in this, just. And here comes Umar Gul....

1549: 10 overs - Ireland 65-2
Porterfield moves to 21 with a fine sweep for behind Kamran Akmal off Saeed Ajmal before skipping down the track and thumping a lovely, fluent drive through extra cover for four, all along the carpet. Good over for the Emerald Isle.

1545: 9 overs - Ireland 55-2
KOB doubles up off Afridi, while Porterfield nurdles a single, but the run rate is getting worryingly towards 10 an over. KOB just about evades his off stump after another missile-like faster ball from the leg-spinner, who concedes a wide.

1541: 8 overs - Ireland 47-2
On comes the thoroughly impressive Saeed Ajmal, possessor of the best doosra in world cricket, in the view of this humble scribe anyway. Nothing too glitzy from the off-spinner, who sees Porterfield and KOB manipulate three singles and a double.

From BBC Sport's Oliver Brett: "I've just watched a couple of overs from a balcony in the Lock & Laker stand, and it was incredibly hot and humid out there, until a threatening cloud spoiled everything. I am on the look-out for thunderstorm-bearing clouds. So far, so good."

1538: 7 overs - WICKET Stirling bowled Afridi 17 Ireland 42-2
Afridi time and the all-rounder mixes up his deliveries like a concussed postman. More deft strokeplay from Stirling, who stands on his tippytoes and punches the ball through cover for two. But Stirling attempts the mooey over cow corner from the next delivery and is cleaned up by a smart quicker ball, which rattles into his stumps. A look of abject horror crosses the batsman's face after hearing the death rattle. In comes Kevin O'Brien.

Could you not print my name, last time my boss read it, TMS inbox: "I was stuck in a lift with Clive Lloyd on Saturday at the Oval, my friend who didn't realise who he was (even though he had a large badge saying Clive Lloyd) asked him to stop pressing the lift buttons with his bottom so we might get going."

1534: 6 overs - Ireland 37-1
A Stirling sweep lands just short of Shahzaib at short fine leg, who unfairly gets an earbashing from bowler Razzaq for not attempting the catch. Think of three runs saved there, Abdul. A slower ball bouncer his picked up by Stirling, making his first Twenty20 appearance for Ireland, between midwicket and mid-off for four off the front foot. Confident shot from a very promising player. Interestingly, Pakistan were 38-1 at the end of the powerplays.

1530: 5 overs - Ireland 30-1
Mohammad Aamir continues with his swift left-arm rockets, posing problems for both batsmen, although Stirling breaks the shackles by walking across his stumps and doing a credible KP-style Flamingo shot over midwicket for three, with Fawad Alam's full-length diving stop preventing the boundary. Porterfield is fortunate to survive as a mis-hit pull lands short of square leg.

1526: 4 overs - Ireland 23-1
Stirling is, what an acquaintance would describe as a "big old unit". He looks assured at the crease, despite his 18 years. However, composure can only get you so far in this Attention Deficit Disorder format of cricket, so he'll have to get a move on after gleaning just three from Razzaq's second over.

Ben, Nottingham, TMS inbox: "When I was 10, I was stuck in a lift with Beefy and Lamby. Lamby look down at me and said "You'll remember this day for the rest of your life sonny Jim, cos your in the presence of one of the world's greatest cricketers and Ian Botham."

Wicket falls

1518: 2.3 overs - Ireland 13-1 WICKET N O'Brien ct and bowled Aamir 7

Aamir, bowling with alacrity, digs in short as O'Brien wanders down the track, forcing the left-hander to duck to spare a helmet rattling. Aamir maintains his hard and fast line, landing another which is meekly top-edged in the air, straight into the hands of the bowler, who takes a very simple catch. Crackjack start from teenager Peter Stirling, who looks like a slightly slimmer Rob Key in appearance and style as he punches his first delivery through the covers for four. 3 overs - Ireland 20-1

1517: 2 overs - Ireland 13-0
O'Brien opens his shoulders and wallops a length ball from Abdul Razzaq straight back over his head for four. The bowler contracts his length as O'Brien drops a single into the leg side. No big shots so far from the openers.

1513: 1 over - Ireland 6-0
Mohammad Aamir takes the new ball and sees his first delivery turned off his pads by Porterfield for two before a single to third man. Aamir twice raps O'Brien's pads in succession, but umpire Rudi Koertzen shakes his head. The second appeal was closer than the first, but replays indicate contact was made outside off stump. O'Brien gets off the mark with a leg-side dab.

1507: Out come the Pakistanis, who circle into a huddle just as William Porterfield and Niall O'Brien bound out with purposeful strides to the middle.

Wrighty, Broxbourne, text 81111: "I was sitting on the table next to half the sri lankan team for breakfast at the regents park marriot. Dilshan's fry-up looked as though it had been specially prepared for a family of hungry bison."

Text in your views on 81111

Tom, TMS inbox:

"As an autograph-seeking 12 year-old at 1989's Richard Hadlee testimonial match in Hamilton, I approached legendary Sri Lankan batsman Aravinda de Silva in his boundary riding fielding position. As he stepped back and reached for my pen, he stepped on the webbing between my big toe and second digit, his spike causing a nasty gash. Like the true gent he is, he kindly pointed towards the medics in the players area, and instructed that I should tell them he sent me. Glorious chap. I wear the scar with pride."

1458: Plenty of you asking about what would happen if the England v West Indies game is rained off tonight. Each team would get a point each, which would mean West Indies would go through because of a superior run rate. The forecast suggests heavy rain showers around 1600ish to clear for sunny intervals at about 1900 BST.

Grant, staring at a field of cows in Uxbridge, TMS inbox: "Just seen Lionel Messi coming out of a sandwich shop near Vauxhall....oh, hang on, wrong live text..."


1453: 20 overs - Pakistan 159-5
"That is a whopper!" says Phil Tuffnell on TMS as Abdul Razzaq launches an enormous six back over Alex Cusack's head into the Pavilion End, which rattles into the old commentary box. Sweeter than a direct hit on a chocolate factory, complete with high flourish too. The pair add six more runs with singles and doubles for a total you would think the Irish will find too much to overhaul. You would think...

1442: 19 overs - Pakistan 146-5
The meagre Boyd Rankin (his figures, not his humungous 6ft 8in frame) returns after conceding just seven runs from three overs. He maintains his excellent economy rate with two dot balls and four singles as neither Malik nor Razzaq can land the big shots as the Warwickshire seamer finishes with 0-11 from four overs. You'd be pleased with those in a Test match, let alone a Twenty20.

From BBC Sport's Oliver Brett: "The consensus here is that Adil Rashid will come back into England's side today on a ground where two spinners are required. But who should England leave out? The logical step would be to stand down Ryan Sidebottom, but I think he's bowling better than James Anderson in this tournament, and would want the Notts left-armer to stay in."

Wicket falls

1442: 17.4 overs - Pakistan 141-5 WICKET Misbah ct N O'Brien b McCallan 20
"Rock the" Misbah drills a McCallan full toss 98m into the second tier of the Pavilion End, you just knew that was long by the sound of contact between bat and ball. But McCallan avenges his earlier error with a well-flighted, slow delivery outside off stump as Misbah goes through his shot too early, kissing the toe of the bat before wicketkeeper Niall O'Brien takes a catch at full stretch, ending Misbah's breezy knock of 20 from 14 balls. In comes new man Shoaib Malik, who is off the mark with a single. 18 overs - Pakistan 142-5

Wicket falls

1437: 16.5 overs - Pakistan 133-4 WICKET Akmal bowled Johnston 57
Trent Johnston, who had his figures bruised by Shahid Afridi and Kamran Akmal earlier in the innings, returns, this time with more control as he nails a couple of blockhole deliveries, the fifth of which cleans up Akmal as he advances down the track. In comes former ICL outcast Abdul Razzaq, who blocks yet another yorker. 17 overs - Pakistan 133-4

Wicket falls

1434: 16 overs - Pakistan 129-3
Up goes the bat of Kamran Akmal as he sweeps a single off Cusack into the ample gut of Kevin O'Brien at short fine leg for a single. Excellent knock, full of classical strokeplay and intelligent singles. Misbah continues to rotate the strike as Akmal thumps the fifth boundary of his innings with a boundary over extra cover. And Misbah gets in on the boundary-hitting antics dispatching a full toss over extra cover, with the added panache of going down on one knee for extra style points.

1429: 15 overs - Pakistan 116-3
Kamran moves to 48 with a sliced square drive off West, which lands just over the head of point and runs down to backward point for three. He moves to one short of a deserved half century with a sweep to deep square leg for a single. Akmal take on some orange-looking fluid.

1426: 14 overs - Pakistan 109-3
Another skilful over from McCallan, varying his flight and pace, conceding seven from the over. Spot my toilet break over...

1421: 12.5 overs - Pakistan 102-3 WICKET Younus bowled West 10
Akmal moves into the 40s with a lusty drive over mid-off for four off Regan West, who sends Younus Khan back into the hutch with a well-flighted delivery on leg stump. The Pakistan captain attempts an almighty slop sweep but somehow yorks himself and he looks to create room outside leg stump. New man Misbah-ul-Haq registers his first run with a flick off his pads. 13 overs - Pakistan 103-3

Wicket falls

1419: 12 overs - Pakistan 96-2

Good over from McCallan, who does his Graham Dilley-like pause in mid-action to bamboozle the batsmen, who add five as Akmal is fortunate to survive a potential stumping after skipping down the track, only to smash the ball into his boot.

Jimbo, text 81111: "Just seen Luke Wright on Kensington High Street, looks like he might not be playing tonight?"

Text in your views on 81111

1417: 11 overs - Pakistan 91-2

A gimme from the returning Trent Johnston, who bowls a slower bouncer so slow, Akmal could have washed his whites and tucked into a plate of samosas before slapping the ball past square leg for four. The chirpy stumper adds a further boundary with a subtle late cut past the vacant second slip area. The ball absolutely zips away across the glass-like outfield. Problems for Ireland's veteran seamer.

Steve from the Isle of Wight, TMS inbox: "Did anyone spot Ryan Sidebottom's faux pas last night when he said 'me and the lads will maybe have a couple of beers tonight and we'll be rarin' to go against West Indies tomorrow' or words to that effect? Cue questioning expressions bordering on howls of derision from Nasser Hussein and Nick Knight. David Boon would no doubt have howled derision for a different reason. Wasn't it he who famously downed 55 tinnies on a flight from Australia and still managed to batter us Poms, making Ryan's couple of beers' seem decidedly lightweight?"

Come on Steve, be reasonable. It was 52, including the infamous "take-off" beer - letting the angle of the plane do the hard work.

Wicket falls

1410: 9.3 overs - WICKET Afridi ct Mooney b McCallan 24 Pakistan 78-2

Kyle McCallan and his brand of off-spin is dispatched over square leg for four by Afridi, but the all-rounder perishes from the next delivery, chipping a simple catch to John Mooney at long off. In comes Younus Khan. A much-needed breakthrough for the men in green. 10 overs - Pakistan 79-2

1408: 9 overs - Pakistan 73-1
It was only a matter of time... Afridi skips down the track to West and lifts the ball back over the bowler's head for a one-bounce four, which rattles into the sightscreen. Maddeningly inconsistent, but he has more talent than a circus big top. More clever batting sees the pair add a further six runs from the over. Intelligent risk-free cricket, this.

Bob Davies, TMS inbox: "I bumped into Yurav Singh and Zaheer Khan on Wednesday evening after they had played Ireland. I congratulated Khan on bowling well a few hours previous but he failed to take the opportunity to congratulate me on my three 50s this year with the bat. How rude."

1404: 8 overs - Pakistan 63-1
Afridi is given width and scythes a slower ball from Cusack over cover for four before Akmal plays an intelligent paddle over fine leg's head - stood inside the 30m circle - for his second boundary. Afridi opts for risk-free shot-making, collecting a double and a single. The added responsibility has obviously had its desired effect.

1400: 7 overs - Pakistan 49-1
The tweak of Regan West is called upon by captain William Porterfield and the rotund flame-haired left-armer sees his second delivery massacred to the extra cover boundary for four by Akmal. Anyone else think our Regan bears an uncanny resemblance to former Leicester and England hooker Dorian? Just me then... A productive over for the 2007 finalists as both men collect doubles and singles.

Wicket falls

1354: 5.4 overs - WICKET Shahzaib ct McCallan b Cusack 23 Pakistan 38-1

Excellent start from Cusack, who sneaks a very useful yorker to Shahzaib, who holes out to mid-off the following delivery as Kyle McCallan takes a comfortable watch. Interesting move from Pakistan as Shahid Afridi is promoted to three.

1351: 5 overs - Pakistan 37-0
Brilliant comeback from Rankin, who nails six on the money as Shahzaib swings like the proverbial saloon door, but fails to find any willow. Just three from a very well controlled over. Thank you to Matthew Burnett for pointing out the error of my ways misspelling Paul Stirling's name.

1347: 4 overs - Pakistan 34-0
Awesome hit from Akmal, who smashes Johnston 81m over the midwicket boundary into the stands. Wonderful pick-up, he just eased the ball from middle stump. Johnston's next ball is a shocker, a head-high beamer which Akmal does well to bat away for a single. An immediate apology from the bowler, who sees his next delivery smeared for a boundary over midwicket by Shahzaib. Someone in the stand is eating leather because Shahzaib has just launched a 94m-six into the second tier at the Pavilion End. Astonishing hitting, just brilliant, 20 runs from the over.

Faheem, TMS inbox: "Celebrity encounters remind me of the time when we 'almost' played a soccer game against the English Cricket Team in Lahore the last time they were there (we had the son of the then cricket chief on our team). The 'game' was called off over security concerns believe it or not! That's about as bizarre as my boss getting a dislocated lung after the rugby game on Saturday."

1342: 3 overs - Pakistan 14-0
Rankin adopts a short and wide policy outside off stump to Akmal, who wafts without success until a straighter delivery is worked off his hips. Good thinking from the bowler, especially as Akmal loves hitting straight back over the bowler's head. Top over, just the single. Interestingly, Ireland will be travelling to the UAE for the World Twenty20 qualifiers for next year's tournament in the West Indies.

1339: 2 overs - Pakistan 13-0
Trent Johnston opens from the Pavilion End and sees Shahzaib smear his first legitimate delivery over extra cover for the first boundary of the day. Nice comeback from the bowler, who is getting the ball is swing away outside off stump, forcing Shahzaib to go aerial once again, but it's not as convincing as his first strike as the ball just lands over the head of the hapless Paul Sterling at mid-off for the second four of the over.

Andy, Notts, TMS inbox: "Re your meeting with Jayasuriya, I encountered Brett Lee and Nathan Bracken in Nottingham last Saturday night before their game with Sri Lanka on the Monday. The conversation was fairly short, although that might have been down to my lager-fuelled enquiry about whether they could get a refund on the second week's hotel booking..."

1334: 1 over - Pakistan 4-0
Akmal is beaten outside off stump with Rankin's first delivery, but neatly tucks a single off his pads to get the Pakistan show on the road. Shahzaib, who my editor described as a "man without a defensive stroke" in his repertoire, is true to his word as he skies a top edge over the head of Paul Sterling at mid-on for two. Nice start from Rankin, bit of early wobble too.

1328: Out stroll the straight-hitting six maestro Kamran Akmal and Shahzaib Hasan stroll out to the middle, with Boyd Rankin to take the new cherr...err, white ball.

Eamon, TMS inbox: "I was in Nottingham for the first three Ireland games, the pub for yesterday's real nail biter and now in working watching on text, looking forward to the usual mix of commentary and usual chatter. Have committed the ultimate schoolboy error in turning in for work today forgetting that my boss is away all day - doh!"

1325: The teams are out for the anthems as a rousing rendition of "Ireland's Call" reverberates around a fast-filling Oval. I'm a big fan of the Pakistan anthem, Qaumi Tarana, plenty of horns and crashing cymbals.

Tim Robinson,text 81111: "I am at a meeting i cant get out of at St Asaph eye hospital in north Wales today and will be sneaking a look at my phone internet live text updates for the first game. Come on Pakistan. Come on England."

As in former England opener Tim Robinson?

Text in your views on 81111

Adam, probably with sunstroke in Fulham, text 81111:

I've rested on Stan Laurel but preferred Oliver Hardy as there was more to lean on."

1322: Michael Poole wants to know about the Group F scenario, which as ever, is about as clear as the EU's regulations on the Common Agricultural Policy. Even if Pakistan win today, which they are expected to, they could still go out if New Zealand beat Sri Lanka with some form of elevated run rate. But a Pakistan victory will heap an anvil-like burden on New Zealand's shoulders in their match on Tuesday.

1318: From BBC Sport's Oliver Brett: "There's some very appetising-looking food being sold just inside the Jack Hobbs Gate - wild boar sausage, halal chicken kebabs... Plenty of Pakistan fans around, some with exuberant wigs, hats and headbands. I have also clocked two six-foot Smurfs and a pair of mediaeval knights."

1313: I almost gave Sanath Jayasuriya a concrete sandwich on Saturday during a runabout in north London. I was sweating like Mr Creosote near a all-you-can-eat buffet following a particularly gruelling uphill leg, desperately trying to clear salty drips from my stinging eyes when I caught the shoulder of the more-diminutive-in-real-life-than-TV missile-launching opener in Swiss Cottage. Being the gracious man he is, he just smiled and raised a hand as I attempted to conjure the right words from my parched lips, instead bellowing out a noise akin sloth who has just had his big toe crushed by an elephant. Anyone else had any curious exercise-based encounters with big-hitting Sri Lankan openers over the weekend? Or any celebrity encounters?

1308:From BBC Sport's Oliver Brett: "Hot and sunny when I arrived here, and there were as many ticket touts outside the tube station as on any day in the 2005 Ashes. A few more clouds now, but no hint of showers... yet... The Irish are warming up with some rugby, which seems appropriate. The Pakistanis, unsurprisingly, aren't."

1303: News just in - Pakistan win the toss and bat first. Younus Khan informs us his side are unchanged, while wicketkeeper Niall O'Brien has been passed fit to play for Ireland, who include teenager Paul Stirling for Andre Botha. These two teams met at the 2007 Cricket World Cup, when Ireland pulled off one of the greatest shocks in history with a three-wicket win in Jamaica. Seven members of that Ireland side will be in action at The Oval today.

1300: Hello, I've just had new nails surgically implanted into my fingers after chewing off my original ones watching England's accomplished victory over India yesterday. This isn't the place for dissecting the minutiae of sending Ravi Jadeja up the order ahead of Yuvraj, or Stuart Broad's propensity for butterfingers at the worst possible moment, but by 'eck, this is what Twenty20 is all about. But no resting on laurels for England (anyone who has ever rested on one please do let me know), who face West Indies at 1730 BST for a shoot-off for a semi-final place. But first we have Pakistan v Ireland at 1330 BST. Let me have your thoughts about this, that and the other via the 606 website (link above), text 81111 or the TMS inbox. You bewts.

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