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India v Australia 2nd Test
Mohali, 17-21 October 2008
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SECOND TEST, Mohali (day five):
India 469 & 314-3 dec bt Australia 268 & 195 by 320 runs


By Mark Mitchener

e-mail (with 'For Mark Mitchener' in the subject), text 81111 (with "CRICKET" as the first word) or use 606 after 0900 BST (Not all contributions can be used).

0658: So, Dhoni is man of the match - he captained and batted well. We're going to wrap things up here and invade the BBC canteen for some much-needed breakfast. But we'll be back for the third Test, which starts in Delhi in eight days' time on Wednesday, 29 October. By then, the clocks will have gone back, so we'll be on GMT - and that means play starting at 0400 UK time. Ouch. Ben Dirs and Pranav Soneji will be in the live text chair - I hope you'll join them then. Until then, enjoy the rest of your day.

"If/when India win the tour, when should the team book their flights to England to pick up their MBEs?"
Melbourne Cricket Fan in the TMS inbox

"Whether batting, bowling or fielding we were up to the mark - we got off to the perfect start, it was a very good track to bat on but Mishra bowled very well. Nothing really went wrong for us - we'd love to be in this position more often, but credit to all the guys as it was the perfect game for us. A lot depended on how quickly we could get the reverse swing going, but it started from the 12th or 13th over so it was one of the best matches for the bowlers as well. The opening pair did well, they ran between the wickets well and hopefully they can continue to get big scores for us"
India captain Mahendra Dhoni - who is also chosen as man of the match

0648: Tendulkar gets a large trophy to celebrate his overtaking Brian Lara as the world's highest Test run-scorer, while Ganguly gets a similar one for playing his last Test in Mohali.

"Right from the first morning, India were nice and aggressive, they took the momentum away from us and totally outplayed us in almost every aspect of the game, so they thoroughly deserved their victory. We'll probably have a couple of days off as back-to-back Test matches are quite tough. It was great to see Michael Clarke back in the runs in the second innings, and Shane Watson did well, but apart from that there weren't a lot of positives. India used the reverse-swinging ball well, and with two quality spinners we were always going to be on the back foot"
Australia captain Ricky Ponting

0644: The man of the match award is going to be an interesting shout, given the great all-round team performance from India.

"I find it very amusing all the doom and gloom coming in that this is the beginning of the end of Australia's dominance of Test cricket. Clearly those either judging this opinion on the back of this Test are misguided or those who underestimate the depth in the ranks in Australian cricket will be proven wrong. The subcontinent is a hard area to travel and respect must be given to the rise of a strong Indian Test team. Consistency is the key here. We are the number one Test team until another team proves otherwise through consistent results. Come on Aussies!"
Matt @ work in Sydney, in the TMS inbox

0636: Some good sportsmanship as the Aussies, led by Ponting, come out to congratulate the Indians, while the presentation platform is set up.


Wicket falls
0633 - WICKET - Clarke c b Mishra 69 - Aus 195 all out(65 overs)
Clarke resumes defensive duties against Mishra, but his long innings is ended when he tries to pull Mishra through mid-wicket and steers it straight into the hands of Virender Sehwag. A thumping - and deserved - win for India, and Sachin Tendulkar is leaping around like an excited teenager. So Siddle avoids a pair, although he's still awaiting his first Test run.

0631 - Aus 195-9 (64 overs)
Last man Peter Siddle is at the non-striker's end as Clarke guides Harbhajan away for a single. Debutant Siddle got a duck in the first innings - can he avoid a "pair" on his Test debut (a fate suffered by no fewer than 36 Test cricketers, most recently Chris Tremlett)? He defends his first ball firmly, and is then beaten outside off stump as Dhoni whips the bails off, but his back foot was safely grounded behind the popping crease.

Wicket falls
0625 - WICKET - Johnson c & b Mishra 26 - Aus 194-9 (63 overs)
It's fair to say the game has slowed somewhat, and even the inflatable-kangaroo-wielding Aussie fans in the crowd are mostly reading newspapers and magazines now. Clarke eventually steers Mishra for a single to long-off to bring up the fifty partnership - and the stats show Johnson as the dominant partner, having scored 26 of those 50 runs. But Johnson's defiance is finally ended when he fails to pick Mishra's googly and pops up a simple return catch to the bowler. Well batted, Mitch (a phrase not often heard, particularly if you've ever seen me play cricket).

Bangladesh v New Zealand
Over in Chittagong, New Zealand have lost the wickets of Aaron Redmond and Ross Taylor, though nightwatchman Daniel "Harry Potter" Vettori is still there.
Bangladesh v New Zealand live scorecard

0622 - Aus 193-8 (62 overs)
Various watching Indian dignitaries have a bottle of water placed in front of them by a waiter as Clarke dabs Harbhajan away for a single. "Bhajji" also bowls round the wicket to Johnson, who continues his defiance - giving a batting lesson to number 10s around the world.

0618 - Aus 192-8 (61 overs)
Zaheer finally takes a rest as we get our first sight this morning of debutant leg-spinner Amit Mishra, who took five wickets in the first innings. Dhoni brings in a silly point and a short leg for the left-handed Johnson, and the sightscreen scuttles into place as he bowls round the wicket into the rough outside Johnson's off stump. Johnson picks up the googly well, and that's another maiden.

0614 - Aus 192-8 (60 overs)
Clarke is using his feet well against Harbhajan's off-spin, whether looking to sweep or defend, and he sees off a maiden from the "Turbanator".

"As a neutral observer (a Jock), there's something quite satisfying about stuffing the Australians. It's amazing how a team like do like to 'dish it out', can't take the pain of having it dished back at them. The Indians have certainly dished it backů by the shovel-full. I am thoroughly looking forward to Punter's post-match interviews"
Nick B, Dubai, in the TMS inbox

0611 - Aus 192-8 (59 overs)
With the players suitably refreshed, Zaheer continues, having bowled unchanged all morning. But Johnson is doing a pretty good impression of the proverbial "immovable object" as the ground continues to fill up (it's just past 1035 local time). An on-drive allows the batsmen to run three. Clarke is happy to take a single, showing confidence in his partner. Johnson works a single off his thigh to long leg, and Clarke opens the face well to rotate the strike again.

"Re: Arjun in Chennai [0530]... I think we need to be careful how we use the word 'class' (is permanent)... whilst Ponting is probably the second finest batsman ever, he is devoid of class. Skill yes, class no, and the same is true of Hayden, Clarke and a few others. I am sure this is the beginning of the end of Australia's dominance and Ponting knows it too, hence his expression of abject misery and internal squabbling with his team-mates. Giving the ball the Hussey ahead of Lee yesterday just demonstrates the extent to which this team have very quickly lost the plot"
Canary on a surfboard in the TMS inbox

0604 - Aus 186-8 (58 overs)
After a single from Clarke, another good-looking straight-driven four from Johnson takes him to 17. He then profits from an overthrow which shoots past the stumps to the boundary and earns him a "five". Time for a drinks break.

0559 - Aus 176-8 (57 overs)
Johnson flashes a drive outside off-stump, Zaheer finds the edge but it sails safely to third man for four. There's then a big appeal for a catch behind, all the Indian fielders go up but umpire Rudi is unmoved. The replay shows a clear inside edge, but Dhoni wasn't sure if the ball carried - it looked like he wanted the third umpire consulted, but Rudi (rightly) ruled the ball had bounced just in front of Dhoni's gloves. Good decision, Mr Koerzten. Johnson blasts another boundary, this one a straight-driven four which takes him into double figures.

0554 - Aus 167-8 (56 overs)
Our first change of bowling this morning as off-spinner Harbhajan Singh (still one short of 300 Test wickets) replaces Sharma. He's quickly through his over, which is seen off by Clarke who takes a single off the final delivery to pinch the strike.

"I have exams to study for but I'd rather stay up and watch the cricket, can anybody blame me? The first three overs were like watching the highlights, absolutely brilliant! India have made the perfect start, on the road to victory now... surely?"
Vishal Vara in the TMS inbox
[You can always pretend to study while following the game here on the BBC - and don't call me Shirley! MM]
How to get cricket scores on your mobile

0550 - Aus 166-8 (55 overs)
Zaheer, having left the field for an over to have a very quick shoulder massage, returns for his 13th over, searching for the angle to dislodge Johnson, whose defensive technique has impressed me so far. The ground is also starting to fill up more as the locals of Mohali sense an imminent Indian victory. Maiden over, but this is already the third biggest stand of the innings - by a distance.

"Till now, five out of eight wickets have been taken by fast bowlers, this shows that India is not dependent on the spin pitches to win matches but now they have quality bowlers who can take 20 wickets against any opposition in Test"
Rajkumar Lodha in the TMS inbox

Also it is apparent that Ausies cant handle pressure, after a very long time they are bowled below followon limit and now they are crumbling. If they get all out below 200 run mark in this inning, it will be a major set back for them

0546 - Aus 166-8 (54 overs)
I can tell you that not only does Johnson have a Test fifty to his name, but his girlfriend Jessica Bratich is a former national karate champion. Clarke is also not one to be messed with, playing positively and cover-driving Sharma for another four.

0541 - Aus 162-8 (53 overs)
Clarke steers Zaheer for a single to fine leg, while Dhoni as stand-in captain is showing early signs of developing into a Michael Vaughan-style "Tinkerman", as we've already had plenty of tweaks to the field this morning. There's a half-hearted appeal from Zaheer, but umpire Rudi Koertzen is as stony-faced as ever. Johnson shows his mettle by pulling a loose delivery for four through mid-wicket. Zaheer then comes round the wicket for the final ball and hits Johnson's pads again, but it pitched well outside leg stump.

"It seems that Australia has given up the ghost. Where is that fighting spirit for which they were renowned, or are India simply streets above them?"
John E, Australia, in the TMS inbox

0535 - Aus 157-8 (52 overs)
Johnson steers the long-haired Sharma away for a single to get him off the mark, Clarke adds another. Sharma switches to bowling round the wicket to the left-handed Johnson, who's looking quite solid so far.

That's 50
0530 - Aus 155-8 (51 overs)
Clarke reaches his fifty off 108 balls with a two after Harbhajan misfields - rather unsportingly, he's not applauded much by the Mohali crowd, apart from the handful of Aussie fans. Rather a sparse crowd again today I'm afraid, although the camera picks up a large number of soldiers in red turbans in the front row. Clarke plays a beautiful cover drive for four, but India aren't bothered as it will keep Johnson on strike for the next over.

"Did someone say Australia is suspect against spin bowling? Looking at the way they have played Zaheer today, it seems like they have forgotten how to play pace as well. That aside, India thrashing the Aussies in one Test does not mean that England will be able to do the same. By the time the Ashes come around, this Aussie team would have had time to settle down and recover from the loss of all the biggies. Like they say, form is temporary, class is permanent. And one cannot doubt the class of Ponting, Hayden, Lee, Clarke and the others"
Arjun in Chennai, India, in the TMS inbox

0524 - Aus 149-8 (50 overs)
Suddenly, this is looking a bit of a lost cause for Australia as Sharma has the ball wobbling about against Clarke, who has watched three partners depart this morning. An edge bounces awkwardly in front of Rahul Dravid at slip, who gets a hand to it but can't prevent the four. A single brings the left-handed Johnson on strike, leading Dhoni to reinforce the slip cordon.

"The Australians have lost the ability to handle pressure; both to create it as their world class combo of military medium and devastating spin has been replaced with a far more toothless offering. Their batting too is weaker with no more Gilchrist to the rescue and their batsmen are less able to resist pressure when applied to them. They are just like any team and don't like it up 'em but their great strength was always being the ones applying it. Now they are susceptible and England pounce next year!"
Greg, Sydney, in the TMS inbox

0519 - Aus 144-8 (49 overs)
Left-hander Mitchell Johnson has to defend the hat-trick ball with three slips, a gully, leg slip, leg gully and a couple of short mid-wickets grouped around him. He plays a couple of forward defensive strokes straight out of the MCC coaching manual to see off the over.

Out for a duck
0515 - WICKET - Lee b Zaheer 0 - Aus 144-8 (48.3 overs)
Brett Lee certainly isn't the worst Test number nine in the world, - but as he tries to play inside the line, he has his stumps ripped out by the unplayable Zaheer for a golden duck! Zaheer on a hat-trick!

Wicket falls
0513 - WICKET - White c Dhoni b Zaheer 1 - Aus 144-7 (48.2 overs)
Zaheer has White in all sorts of trouble as he plays and misses at the first ball, then can only edge the second to Mahendra Dhoni behind the stumps!

0511 - Aus 144-6 (48 overs)
New batsman is Cameron White, who will be looking to cement his credentials as a batsman - as from what we've seen of his leg-spin bowling, he isn't really good enough to be mentioned in the same breath as Shane Warne (or, in Warnie's case, should that be "the same text message"?). Clarke, who takes a leg-stump guard against right-arm Ishant Sharma, forces a single off his legs. The tall White fends off his first ball and they run a quick single to cover.

"Here's to another day of Aussie suffering, and entertaining tantrums between Rickety Ponting and Bollywood Brett. C'mon India"
Dave (exiled Pom), Sydney, Australia, in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls
0505 - WICKET - Haddin b Zaheer 37 - Aus 142-6 (47 overs)
Michael Clarke takes guard against left-arm seamer Zaheer Khan, who took a bit of "tap" from Matthew Hayden at the start of the innings. Zaheer has two rather unorthodox slip fielders - a man at one-and-a-halfth slip (as it were), and another at fourth slip. Clarke gets the tourists under way with a single through the covers - but then Zaheer yorks Haddin with an absolute beauty that bowls him all ends up!

0458: And as the players walk out for day five, I can tell you that the umpires in both today's Test matches (and the ODI between Zimbabwe and Ireland later today) will be wearing black armbands in memory of former Test umpire Nigel Plews, who has died at the age of 74. RIP Nigel.
REPORT: Umpire Plews loses cancer battle

0456: Don't forget, we'll need you to get involved on the e-mails and texts (and 606 after 0900 BST). Here's one which arrived after we finished yesterday:

"Australia haven't turned into a bad team, but they have turned into a fragile team who both can't deliver spin and don't play it very well. Never mind the retirees, Australia are playing without Andrew Symonds, without Stuart Clark and without Bryce McGain. I'll tell you what, I don't know what the score will be when the Ashes settle next year, but it'll be close, very close. India have exposed Australia's frailty to a spin attack, and I expect KP will be taking notes"
AR in Syd, in the TMS inbox

0445: Morning, everyone - we're all set for what could be a fascinating final day in Mohali. Australia are 141-5, chasing an unlikely 516 (which would be a new record fourth-innings chase for first-class cricket) to beat India.

A rush of wickets either side of tea yesterday had left the Aussies on the rack at 58-5 after some superb bowling by Ishant Sharma and Harbhajan Singh - but Michael Clarke and Brad Haddin have batted sensibly to add 83 together, and in true Aussie style, will set their stall out for batting through the day to save the Test.

Bangladesh v New Zealand
Elsewhere in the world of cricket, they're also under way in Chittagong, where New Zealand began the day on 145-2 chasing 317 to beat Bangladesh.
Live scorecard: Bangladesh v New Zealand

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