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West Indies v England
Barbados, 21 April 2007

Test Match Special podcast | Blog

WORLD CUP, BARBADOS: West Indies 300 all out lost to England 301-9 by one wicket

Kevin Pietersen and Paul Nixon spoiled Brian Lara's farewell to international cricket as England snatched a dramatic one-wicket win over West Indies.

Pietersen (100) and Nixon (38) kept England in the hunt and Stuart Broad hit the winning runs as as they reached 301-9 with one ball to spare.

Skipper Michael Vaughan produced an excellent all-round performance, taking 3-39 and then scoring 79 off 68 balls.

West Indies earlier made 300 all out with Lara run out for 18.



By Tom Fordyce

49.5 overs: Eng 301-9 - ENGLAND WIN BY ONE WICKET
Broad swings, connects, the ball sails over cover, and England have won! Broad finishes five not out, and England are home. What a match - meaningless in many ways, but you'd never have guessed from the scenes at the end. Heartbreak for Brian Lara - he leaves the pitch to another standing ovation, but he can't hide his disappointment.

From Mark Morgan, TMS inbox: "Will you marry me, Tommy? Badger will be my best man!"

From Chris Cottrell in Leicestershire, TMS inbox: "GET IN!"

From Zoe, TMS inbox: "COME ON BADGER!!!!"

49.4 overs: Eng 299-9
Slower one, Broad stabs at it and it's a dot ball... Unbearable tension - two needed off two...

49.3 overs: Eng 299-9
Leg-bye - huge appeal, but not out. Jimmy scrambles down to the other end. Two needed off three, one for the tie.

49.2 overs: WICKET - Nixon b Bravo 38, Eng 298-9
Wicket falls

Lord alive - he's bowled Badger with a slower one! It's all down to Jimmy A and Broad - three runs off four balls, one wicket left. Who said this World Cup's been short of decent finishes? Badger is distraught - but he's been sensational. Anderson yet to score a run in this tournament...

49.1 overs: Eng 298-8
Broad drives for one. Three off five, Badger back on strike, 38 not out.

48.6 overs: Eng 297-8
The ball flies down leg, there's a big appeal for a caught behind, but it's not out. Dot ball. Four needed off the final over, with 20-year-old Broad on strike to Bravo. Nervous?

48.5 overs: Eng 297-8
Full toss, and Broad drives a single. Four needed off seven balls, Badger back on strike.

48.4 overs: Eng 296-8
Badger drives a single to long-on. Five off eight.

48.3 overs: Eng 295-8
Badger tickles round the corner - and it's four! Six needed off nine.

48.2 overs: Eng 291-8
Broad check-pulls - one more, and Badger back on strike. 10 needed off 10 balls.

48.1 overs: Eng 290-8
Single to third man from Badger - Broad ready for his first ball.

48th over: Eng 289-8
Extraordinary scenes - Badger produces the greatest over of his career, battering Collymore for three fours high over mid-on. Colly then tries to bounce him and manages to clear his own keeper too - four byes! It's 12 from 12, and I'll go ball-by-ball from now on.

47th over: WICKET - Plunkett c Bravo b Taylor 2, Eng 271-8
Wicket falls

Make that Badger and Broad now - Plunkers fails to spot the slower one and holes out to long-on. Wild dancing from the Windies fans, mute drinking from the England ones.

From Dazz in Scotland, TMS inbox: "She's away to the bathroom for a bit, I thought I'd pop on for a moment and say that it went down terrifically, my friends. I thank you all. This match seems like it's getting pretty exciting - wonder if she'll mind watching the highlights later on?"

47th over: WICKET - Pietersen b Taylor 100, Eng 269-7
Wicket falls

The very next ball after hitting a huge, huge six to go to his ton, KP is bowled - cleaned up by a celebrating Taylor. It's down to Badger and Plunkett now...

46th over: Eng 263-6
Crazy, crazy over - Badger runs a two after a KP single and makes it by a whisker. He then goes for a single, stops, starts, stops again and then makes it home only because Gayle fumbles his thrwo. Badger looks back at KP and shouts, "What are we doing? Eh? What are we doing?" KP answers by smashing a four high over midwicket. Pietersen to 94, and 38 needed off 24 balls...

45th over: Eng 254-6
Gayle on for a cheeky over of off-spin, and it's suddenly gone reverse-sweep crazy - Badger inevitably goes for one first ball and narrowly avoids being caught at short third man before KP tries the same, misses, and picks up three byes. Badger then goes again and picks up a sweaty single before KP drives straight for one. 47 needed off 30.

44th over: Eng 247-6
Five singles and a two to KP as the tension mounts in Barbados. KP drives the ball into his own foot and plays to the gallery by pantomime-hopping a single while wincing like a washerwoman. 54 needed from 36 balls.

43rd over: Eng 240-6
Bravo goes wide, and KP slashes yet another edge super-fine for four. Badger's got a right sweat on here - his pelt is glistening in the early evening sun - but he pulls to midwicket for two. That's the 50 partnership, off 43 balls. First spot off Mrs KP in the stands, wearing large white sunglasses and an expression of complete relaxation.

42nd over: Eng 231-6
Taylor stands disbelieving as KP flicks fine for four and then does the same to fine leg. 70 needed off 48 balls - it's in the balance...

From Duncan Smith, TMS inbox: "I sense the game will not last much longer and I want to know how Dazz is getting on. Can someone call around to his house and ask?"

41st over: Eng 221-6
Bravo vs Badger - one of the great sporting contests. Badger gets his paws to a short one and scurries a two, and is hit on his hind legs but escapes because the ball pitched outside leg stump. Joy for England as KP then edges the final ball just past Ramdin for four. Needed that. Three England fans with enormous bellies, bad tattoos and sunburnt faces hoick up their baggy shorts in unison.

40th over: Eng 213-6
Taylor glides in again, and KP drives through cover for two before lofting straighter for one. Badger then plays an extraordinary topspin forehand to a bouncer and takes one to midwicket. No sign of his patented reverse sweep yet - what's he playing at?

From Craig Norman, TMS inbox: "There are only three sure things in life: taxes, death and an England batting collapse."

39th over: Eng 207-6
Crunching straight drive off Powell by KP, and then another two. Badger would have been out by a mile had that throw hit - he was mid-dive when the ball whistled past the stumps. The rate's up to 8.5 an over...

38th over: Eng 200-6
That's 50

Singles offered to KP by Lara after a hurried two - he's keen to get at Badger, but that's KP 50, off 60 balls. Taylor roars in and it's too much for the B-ster - two clatter into his thigh guard and another has him jabbing down late. He scrunches his snout up and plays with his gloves nervously.

37th over: Eng 197-6
Here comes the Badger! He's dreamed of this day all his life - England in trouble, needing almost eight an over, and it's all down to him. And KP, of course. Badger nibbles a single from Powell and then watches Pietersen hammer a brutal drive thorugh cover for four. He's reached maximum chirp levels already - his eyes are lit up like searchlights.

36th over: WICKET - Dalrymple run out (Devon Smith) 1, Eng 189-6
Wicket falls

Here we go again - 'Rympers sets off with Rhodes-like optimism for a single that was never there and is run out by half the pitch by Devon's direct hit. England are in all sorts of nonsense, and Dalrymple looks at the sky in utter dismay. Not been a great World Cup for the lad, has it?

From Tom Flynn, TMS inbox: "Why exactly is Kevin Pietersen slower than my grandad's bowels all of a sudden? Whack it, son."

35th over: WICKET - Flintoff c Powell b Sarwan 15, Eng 185-5
Wicket falls

There will be no fireworks - at least, not from Freddie. His miserable form with the bat continues as he hoists a gentle non-turner from Sarwan straight down long-on's throat. He stands mid-pitch for a while, mouth open in disbelief.

34th over: Eng 184-4
Three singles, and the England pair are getting frustrated here. Where's those fireworks?

33rd over: Eng 181-4
Singles all over but no more, and the rate climbs. Still, Jamie Dalrymple's in next - happy days.

32nd over: Eng 176-4
Fred gets more luck as a sweep against Bravo flies up off his gloves, hits his shoulder and falls just short of the scrambling Ramdin. With his helmet down over his eyes as always, he then thwacks a short one wide of midwicket for four. The run-rate's climbed close to seven an over - it's acceleration time...

31st over: Eng 170-4
Sarwan into Freddie, and the big man scratches around in fearful fashion before getting an inside edge past his own stumps for four. He then drives a full toss gratefully for a single. Hearts in mouths, which is a horrible saying to be fair.

30th over: WICKET - Collingwood b Bravo 6, Eng 162-4
Wicket falls

That just about sums it up - you've just voted him England's man of the tourney, and the next over he plays on. Still - at least Freddie's in next, and he's in sensational for... oh. That's the Colly vs Colly nickname debate shot down in flames too. Where's the justice?

29th over: Eng 162-3
Sarwan takes a twirl, and four singles.

Final result from our England Player of the Tournament poll: 11,197 of you voted and Paul Collingwood came out narrowly on top with 30%, ahead of Kevin Pietersen 28%, Ravi Bopara 25% and Paul Nixon 17%. 17% for Badger? He'll find a lot of positives in that.

28th over: Eng 158-3
Colly off the mark in streaky fashion as sub fielder Dwayne Smith lets his gentle drive bounce through his hands for four.

From Adrea Salvato, TMS inbox: "Reading your match reportfrom a monastery at 7,500 feet on the Swiss/Italian border in the Alps - wanted to wish Dazz all the best for this evening."

27th over: WICKET - Vaughan run out (Bravo) 79, Eng 154-3
Wicket falls

Heartbreak for Vaughan, heartbreak for Dave in Warwick - a little cut towards third man causes KP to call his skipper through for a sharp single, only for a slight hesitation and a brillaint direct hit from Bravo to pull the plug on Vaughan's ton-up dreams.

26th over: Eng 154-2
Three more singles off Bravo. Vaughan waves to the dressing-room and Monty runs on with a selection of towels, gloves and beverages. KP, keen to stay involved, signals himself and Saj runs on with a selection from the KP merchandising range.

From Dave in Warwick, TMS inbox: "I've got a bet on how many runs Vaughan will score. I'm up now so it's a pound per run he scores, but I could settle and reap the rewards. He needs to get over 108 to make carrying on a good idea. Does anyone think he has a hope?"

25th over: Eng 151-2
Halfway point in the innings, and England are halfway to their total. Super symmetry. Cheeky chopped-down swept four from Vaughan, and he's onto 77.

From Chris Greenwood, TMS inbox: "What are you going to do when Colly starts bowling to Colly? I propose a text/email-in to suggest new nicknames for one/both of the offending Collies."

24th over: Eng 144-2
Simple singles plus a flicked two to deep square leg from KP. Feels slightly like the calm before the storm, here - England are ticking along nicely, but KP's chomping at the bit - he wants to go out with maximum plumage.

23rd over: Eng 139-2
Five singles again off Gayle, but Vaughan's beginning to look a touch weary. He's done some slightly worrying shaking and stretching of his leg, and that's never a good sign. 30 more, though, and he'll have his maiden one-day ton - any believers out there?

22nd over: Eng 134-2
Bravo back on, with Ramdin standing up. KP comes down the pitch regardless and swipes one just past midwicket's grasping fingers, before then missing a wider one and only escaping a stumping because Ramdin fails to gather. Bravo leaps in anguish.

21st over: Eng 128-2
Easy singles off Gayle. 173 needed at 5.97 an over. At the same stage, the Windies were 121-0. It could be interesting...

20th over: Eng 122-2
Colly gets chopped away fine by Vaughan for a two and single, before KP tries a spotlight-stealing pull which sends a top edge spiralling over the keeper for a four drenched in fortune.

19th over: Eng 114-2
Two to midwicket from Vaughan and then more easy singles.

From Steve Fiery Fred Beefy Badger White in Braintree, TMS inbox: "I agree with Rachel."

18th over: Eng 109-2
Two singles apiece for the England pair off Colly, and KP nicks the strike. Mexican waves ripple round the stands, and as an English girl dances drunkenly her poorly-anchored tube-bikini comes adrift from its moorings. She reacts with Jonty Rhodes-like pace to scoop up the chance.

From Dazz in Scotland, TMS inbox: "The lady's coming over in half an hour. The lamb's cooked though it's a bit overly crisp - but my special thanks go out to all the people who gave me such wonderful advice."

17th over: Eng 105-2
KP strides in, all whirling arms and determined stares. Powell roars in and Pietersen drives him delightfully back down the ground for an off-the-mark four. Up in the stands, Alan Lamb watches on. The 'tache which once bristled so memorably against Windies bowling has now gone for good - maybe KP should sprout one.

From Rachel in France, TMS inbox: "It's rash statements like that of Nick in Monaco that result in innocent children ending up with names like Ben Dirs."

16th over: WICKET - Bopara run out (Bravo) 26, Eng 101-2
Wicket falls

Alas - it was on the cards, and now it's happened - Rav takes on Bravo and finally loses out, ending up a good yard short as the throw destroys the stumps from point. Good knock though - Rav's had a good tournament, no?

15th over: Eng 100-1
That's 50

In scenes almost as miraculous as the Virgin birth, Vaughan goes to his fifty with a flicked four fine off Powell. Overwhelmed with disbelief, he then drives straight to Samuels at cover but is dropped. That's it, then - he's going to make 150 not out.

From Simon Macmillan, TMS inbox: "Any chance of an update from Dazz in Scotland? Watching England knock off a few runs has only a limited appeal. Not wishing to upset Rhodesie further, but it's only a matter of time before the inevitable collapse arrives."

14th over: 93-1
I'm struggling to believe what my eyes are telling me, and I haven't even been at the BBC herbal tea - Vaughan waltzes down the track to Gayle and boffs him with no effort whatsoever for another six. He's now got 47 of 32 balls. Just four days ago, I watched him take 20 balls to get off the mark. Explain that one...

13th over: 84-1
Ravi flicks off his hip with sweet timing for four, and then creams a back-foot drive straight to point. No suicidal singles, remarkably.

From Nick in Monaco, TMS inbox: "If Vaughan reaches 50, I'll name my first born child after him - boy or girl."

12th over: 80-1
The bonkers running is clearly a deliberate tactic - another dicey one ends up with the ball clattering off the stumps with Ravs just in and racing away for four. Vaughan then stuns all watching by effortlessly pulling Taylor for a monster of a six over square leg. Where was that in the games that actually mattered?

From Max in Stevenage, TMS inbox: "Have just put two quid on a tied game at the rather impressive odds of 85/1, which incidently isn't a million miles away from Plunkett's bowling figures."

11th over: 67-1
It's powerplay o'clock, and Ravi tucks in with relish - first a clip off his pads for four and then with a pull through midwicket that had Alec Stewart written all over it. He then calls Vaughan for another insane single, is sent back and avoids being run-out only because the throw misses again. Five run-out chances, five misses...

From Brendan Humphreys, Royal Marines, Green Zone, Baghdad, TMS inbox: "Just knocked off duty, found a cafe showing the cricket after an hour's search, sneaked in a hip flask of finest scottish whisky to help me digest this performance."

10th over: 58-1
Vaughan, clearly a cricketer reborn after his derring-do with the ball, lofts Taylor over midwicket for two successive fours. He's rattled onto 33 - don't tell me he could could reach a fift... I've said too much.

From Stu in Rockland, TMS inbox: "A country mile is generally believed to have been walked only by the great Kenny Rogers - during his mobility years of course."

9th over: 46-1
Vaughnie flicks to square for two off Collymore and then steals a single. Apologies for calling him Vaughnie there - way too familiar, and a nicknmae which just doesn't work on any level.

8th over: 43-1
Ravs drives Taylor through cover for two and a dabber of a single from Vaughan. The steady start continues - six needed an over and they're ticking along at just over five.

7th over: 40-1
Fordyce back in here - just in case you're still reading, Mum. Ravs drives nicely down the ground for three just after Vaughan almost runs himself out with the craziest of singles to Samuels, whose throw misses by a country mile. Or just an ordinary mile. What's the difference?

6th over: 36-1
A better over for the Windies, with just a couple of singles added to the score. Some of England's backroom team of assistant coaches appear on a balcony, but there's no sign of David Graveney, who is after all the long-serving chairman of Bo' Selectas.

5th over: 34-1
Vaughan takes three to midwicket, while the Windies are still happy to help the score along with more wides. A classic cover drive then sails away for four. A good over for England. Mike Gatting sits with Chris Broad in the crowd - will they be reminiscing about the good old days of 86-87? Or will Broad, now an ICC match referee, be explaining how he would punish batsmen who smash their stumps or refuse to leave the crease when given out?

"Please can we have clarification on how to pronounce Bopara. Is the emphasis on 'Bo' as in 'Bo' Selecta!' or on 'Pa' as in 'parsimony', appropriate to England's run-scoring in this World Cup?"
William Baker in the TMS inbox

4th over: 21-1
Vaughan and Bopara pick up a couple from some sloppy WI fielding, and then Vaughan swishes at a wide, before restoring his reputation with a good-looking pull to midwicket for four. There is a pro-Bopara flag in the crowd proclaiming "Puppy Power" which appears to feature Ravi B's head on the body of Scrappy-Doo. (Scrappy-Doo, now there was a bad idea that we can't blame Duncan Fletcher for).

Wicket falls
3rd over: WICKET - Strauss c Smith b Collymore 7 - ENG 11-1
Strauss flicks one off his legs for four, but then ends his World Cup early by trying a similar shot which spoons up to Devon Smith at backward square leg. It's 11-1. Mr Bopara, your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to justify your promotion to number three. He plays out the remainder of the over.

"Has anyone else noticed Strauss has a permanent smile on his face? It reminds me of one of those ventriloquist dummies that haunt you in the night"
James Ashley in the TMS inbox

2nd over: 5-0
Daren Powell opens with a loose one on the off side which Strauss tickles down to third man to bring his skipper on strike for the first time. A couple more singles are added to the score, while Vaughan worryingly plays and misses twice outside off-stump. Website users, there's a new Big Green Monster vote for you - who's England's player of the tournament?

"Vaughan - 3-39 off 10 overs despite bowling at the death? If he continues to bowl like that he'll justify his place in the team, we'll need to bring in a batsman though because he obviously can't bat! Thinking about it the same goes for Flintoff"
Mark Schofield in the TMS inbox

1st over: 2-0
Corey Collymore opens the innings with a wide which gives record-breaking Ump Rudi the chance for a nice early arm-stretch. The next one is a fierce bouncer which strikes Strauss on the hand. Strauss then edges the second legal ball, which bounces between keeper Ramdin (who moves late) and slip Gayle (who may be standing too deep). Strauss picks up a leg bye after nudging the final ball away - an eventful first over.

[If you've noticed the absence of the usual Fordyce wisecracks, this is Mark Mitchener sitting in for him for a short spell. Nothing sinister, just think of me as a temporary substitute fielder]

1847: Under way again.

OK, the Windies didn't get as many as looked likely at one stage but this is still going to take something special from England - their best effort batting second to win a game against the Caribbean boys is 276-7 during last year's Champions Trophy.

From David Luther, TMS inbox: "It's always slightly worrying when your batsmen can't bat, but can bowl better than your bowlers..."

From Tom Cullen, TMS inbox: "I've finally worked out why the English batting order wasn't changing. Vaughan has obviously been picked as a bowler to pinch-hit at the top of the innings. Why didn't I realise this earlier?"

50th over: WICKET - Collymore run out (Flintoff) 1, WI 300 all out
Our for a duck

Same again from Fred, except this time the throw's overarm and back at the non-striker's stumps. Good finish from England after that woeful start and dodgy middle - they'll need 301 to win. See you in 20 minutes...

50th over: WICKET - Powell run out (Flintoff) 0, WI 298-9
Our for a duck

Super yorker from Fred, Powell hares down from the non-striker's end and Fred casually underarms the stumps down.

49th over: WICKET - Taylor c Dalrymple b Vaughan 12, WI 296-8
Wicket falls

Taylor goes big against Deadly, and he too holes out to deep midwicket - Vaughan finishes with 3-39 off his 10 overs. Always good when a World cup throws up some fresh young bowling talent.

48th over: WI 293-7
Jerome Taylor to the crease, and he's after Freddie in a flash - a pair of bottom-hand twos of the first two balls and then a champagne square drive past the diving Vaughan at point for four. Two overs to go...

From Paul Jones, TMS inbox: "In what way does Nixon display badgering techniques behind the timbers? Has he built a set for himself and only come out at night to scavenge for food?"

47th over: WICKET - Bravo c Dalrymple b Vaughan 13, WI 277-7
Wicket falls

Vaughan strikes again! Bravo tries to mash him into next week and holes out unhappily on the deep midwicket boundary. Still no smiles from the skipper. All this, and his boys Sheffield Wednesday recording their fifth win on the bounce to stay in the shout for the Championship play-offs - is there no pleasing the man?

46th over: WICKET - Chanderpaul c Plunkett b Collingwood 34, WI 276-6
Wicket falls

Colly's involved in a third dismissal - this time tempting Chanders into a scooped drive with a slower ball. Plunkers jogs in from the long-on boundary to take an easy catch.

From Steven Hovington, TMS inbox: "Come on Tom, own up - Terry Rhodes is a made-up comedy character, right?"

45th over: WI 274-5
Bravo charges Vaughan, who tries to drag it down leg for a stumping - only for the batsman to stop in his tracks and pull it sneakily for four instead.

44rd over: WI 266-5
Bravo clips Colly gently through midwicket for two and then jogs a single. Chanders waits patiently for the loose one before driving beautifully through cover for four, a mini-miracle of timing and placement.

From Terry Rhodes, TMS inbox: "Unfortunately I didn't count on Liam 'Lunkhead' Plunkett's heroics (my first criticism of an English player all tournament!). I now have lost out on my little £50 flutter with Betfair."

43rd over: WICKET - Samuels c Collingwood b Vaughan 51, WI 256-5
Wicket falls

Vaughan is now a strike bowler too - Marlon tries to slap him long and clouts it straight down Colly's throat at mid-on. Vaughan looks as pleased as a man who's just been told that he's sitting next to Badger on the long-haul flight home.

42nd over: WI 256-4
That's 50

Colly slows things down with a succession of gentle Collywobblers, but Samuels goes to his 50 with a single. 37 balls, it's taken him.

From James Charlick, TMS inbox: "When did Nicko acquire the nickname Badger? I don't really recall, and every time you say it I can't help but thing of that girl from The Apprentice having a go behind the stumps."

James - I believe it refers to the constant badgering he gives from behind the timbers.

41st over: WI 253-4
Vaughan now sitting on figures of 0-18 off his six overs - thus guaranteeing himself a place in England's one-day side as the main brakeman for years to come. I'd call him an all-rounder, except that would assume a contribution from the bat.

40th over: WI 250-4
Samuels squirts Freddie's yorker square for four more, there's a brace of singles and then Samuels steals another two, arcing an edge from a big drive down to third man.

39th over: WI 243-4
"You and me, Vaughnie!" shouts the Badger, clearly overwhelmed again with emotion. Vaughan, badly rattled by the proposal, drags down leg and Chander creams him to deep square leg for four.

From Terry Rhodes, TMS inbox: "Fords - again my faith in our boys has paid off! Wickets finally tumbling and we are right back in this one! I think 250 all out is a very realistic bet."

'Very realistic'? Terry, for your own sake, do not make that bet - I beg you. I know you're trying to prove something, but this is not the way to do it.

38th over: WI 236-4
Freddie's in bits here - Chanderpaul twists the knife with horrible subtley, angling two to third man, squeezing more through the covers and then dabbing late for four to third man. Zero boffery, maximum placement.

37th over: WI 224-4
With a heavy sigh, Vaughan brings himself back on and produces an over of control - a mere single. He resists the temptation to glare at Plunkett. Somehow.

36th over: WI 223-4
Did I say death or glory? I meant glory or glory - with a side-dish of extra glory and a large portion of glory sauce. Samuels goes ballistic against Plunkett, smashing him over long-on for six first ball, watching a wide go by, belting a no-ball through cover for four more and then - absolutely loving it - pulls for four more before finishing with - yup - another four, this one creamed through cover on the rise. Sensational batting - 24 off the over, and Plunkett's currently showing 0-71 off seven overs. Put a spin on that...

35th over: WI 199-4
Samuels, devastated after running out his skipper, has decided it's death or glory time - he goes after Broad like a bull terrier going after a postman's sack, and smashes him for successive fours - one over cover, and the next over mid-off. After a ball breather he then clubs over midwicket for two more, and in the space of six deliveries the crowd is back with him.

34th over: WICKET - Sarwan c Nixon b Plunkett 3, WI 181-4
Wicket falls

Hello - England are sniffing some success - Sarwan dabs nervously at a sharper one from Plunkers and feathers to a bellowing Badger. A window has opened for Vaughan's boys - can they climb through it, or will they trip and bash their noses on the frame?

33rd over: WI 180-3
Broad's back on, and he gets some extra bounce which has Samuels fencing away with his glove for a streaky two over Badger.

From Terry Rhodes, TMS inbox: "Fordy - I was not accusing you of being a racist, merely questioning your heightened dislike of Saj Mahmood, which I feel is not fully justified."

Terry - Rhodesy - I'm glad you've withdrawn that unsavoury remark. I'm still hurt, if I'm honest, but in the spirit of sporting friendship I'm prepared to move on.

32nd over: WI 176-3
It's all gone rather quiet here - the big man's gone, and now we're left with Samuels and Sarwan scratching around.

Final results from the vote: 9,682 participated - 42% reckon Lara's best ever innings was the 400* v England in 2004, 23% go for the 277 v Australia very early in his Test career in 1993, 22% are backing his 501* for Warwickshire against Durham in 1994, and only 13% voted for his 375 against England earlier that year.

31st over: WICKET - Lara run out (Pietersen) 18, WI 173-3
Wicket falls

Calamity for Lara - Samuels half-calls him for a nothing single, Lara trots out of his crease and KP underarms the stumps down before he can even turn back. There's a moment's stunned silence while Lara stands there frozen, and then the great man walks slowly off. The crowd rise to him, and he turns to wave farewell as the England players applaud and his team-mates rush down to form a guard of honour for him on the outfield. BC's stellar batting career is over, and there are tears in the eyes. How must Samuels be feeling now?

30th over: WICKET - Smith c Collingwood b Flintoff 61, WI 168-2
Wicket falls

What a catch! Smith slashes square and Colly goes high to his left to take an unbelievable right-handed snag. Think Peter Shilton against Kenny Dalglish at Wembley, add some extra speed and reach and you're halfway there - sensational.

29th over: WI 166-1
Jimmy wobbles down leg and Lara tickles him fine for a wristy four. Even Smith cast away the shackles and joined the party - he clubs a full one through mid-off for four, and permits himself a small grin. 0-39 off six for Anderson.

28th over: WI 156-1
Unrestrained joy in the ranks - Fred drops short and Lara flays his square for his first four. It was in the air, but so are several hats now.

From Michael Wilton, TMS inbox: "I feel the pain of Mr Fordyce, and object strongly. The reason for any 'anti-Saj' sentiments is because he has the delicate accuracy and panache of a wrecking ball operated by a drunkard."

27th over: WI 147-1
Oohs from the crowd as Jimmy A nips one past Lara's outside edge. Brian takes a single to get away from the heat. Heat! That's officially my worst word-selection of the entire tournament so far.

From Dazz in Scotland, TMS inbox, re Paul in over 23: "Sorry mate - I'm from Uddingston, a town just outside Glasgow. Besides, I can walk to the supermarket from where I am. We should go for a drink sometime though, no?"

26th over: WI 144-1
That's 50

Devon pushes Fred away to go to his half-century off a mere 98 balls. Huge cheers from the crowd, but only because that finally gets BC on strike. Delirium follows as he gets off the mark with a tickle to leg.

From Steve Shooter, TMS inbox: "It would appear as if everyone is getting a bowl. Can I have a go?"

25th over: WI 141-1
Tremendous scenes as Lara comes in for his last ever Windies knock - a standing ovation from all at the Kensington Oval, and a guard of honour by the England team. He takes his helmet off and waves his bat - almost bashfully. Smith then does his best to spoil the party by hogging the strike for the entire over from Plunkett and then pinching a single from the final ball. Liam's still having a 'mare, though - three more wides in that over.

From Terry Rhodes, TMS inbox: "While I'm pleased to see that you have not been so hatefully negative today in that you have been far more gentle with the mis-firing Plunkett than you ever have been with Mahmood, it does also make me think that for some reason (racial prejudice?) that you really don't like Saj Mahmood. Mark my words that boy is going to be one of the stars of England in the years to come."

Terry - I thought we were pals in banter, and then you suddenly go and accuse me of being a racist! I'm hurt and disappointed, and will be contacting my attourney as soon as this innings comes to a conclusion.

24th over: WICKET - Gayle c Broad b Flintoff 79, WI 131-1
Wicket falls

Great pouch from Broad diving forward at third amn to a sliced drive, and Gayle's gone. more to the point, Brian's coming in!

23rd over: WI 127-0
Powerplay time, and Jimmy A to serve it up on a silver tray. Smith drives for two, tickles a single and then watches as Gayle tries to batter Jimmy into the Caribbean Sea. The ball sails high off the outside edge down towards third man, where Plunkett mis-times his dive and spills a 10%er of a catch.

Emails from the USA tell me that your updates are stuck somewhere around the 14th over - I'd tell you that there might be some technical issues, but since you wouldn't be able to read the warning I shan't bother.

From Paul Cavers, TMS inbox: "I don't know whereabouts in Scotland Dazz is, but if he's in Edinburgh can you please ask him if he'll give me a lift to the supermarket? I need to buy in some supplies - there's a few beers in it for him."

22nd over: WI 123-0
Fred's back, and after a single to Gayle it's Smith dragging his anchor across the coral again. Just 39 off 82 balls for Devon, and he's seen off 55 dot-balls.

From Will in Lancaster, TMS inbox: "Quick debate: is Jamie Dalrymple the most pointless player ever to appear in England colours? I can't think of anybody less useful."

21st over: WI 121-0
Vaughan totters delicately in, and Gayle taps him away for a single. Smith then late-cuts for two. Any idea where a wicket might come from here?

20th over: WI 116-0
Colly to Gayle, and the long-armed languid larruper creams him through midwicket with the sweetest timing. A single gets Smith on strike, which brings the run-fun to a temporary halt.

From Dazz in Scotland, TMS inbox: "I'm very grateful for these suggestions - I'll be on my way to the supermarket soon. Dare I say - dessert?"

19th over: WI 110-0
A mere single off Vaughan, which surely makes him England's most parsimonious bowler of the tournament. Doesn't matter whether he's got ball or bat in hand - he's like a magic run-repelling device.

18th over: WI 109-0
Wondrous from Colly - just three singles. Ian Bell's out there fielding now. Not sure if he's come on for someone or whether England have gone for broke and opted for 12 fielders - might explain the drop in the scoring rate.

From Amy in London, TMS inbox: "A word of advice to Daz/Rob re. the lamb dish suggested - a Pinot will get overwhelmed by the Stilton and marinated lamb. May I suggest a good Cabernet from Chile or Western Australia."

17th over: WI 106-0
Vaughan's decided to stick his own finger in the dyke, and his digit fits well - just a single to Smith, which nicks the strike off Gayle.

From Dom Bailey, TMS inbox: "Unless you have the dexterity of a brain surgeon, spaghetti should definitely be avoided when courting. I'd always go for egg and chips followed by ice cream or chocolate biscuit and then sit back and see. I'm 40 and live with my parents. Has she got a sister?"

16th over: WI 105-0
A brief pause in the mayhem, with just three singles off the toiling Colly. Time for a drinks break. Gayle takes off his lid and dabs his forehead delicately with a forearm. Looking very much like Marvin Gaye on the cover of What's Going On, Gayle today. Albeit with no black mac.

15th over: WI 102-0
More 'Rympers, and Smith cuts him to the deep point boundary, where Plunkett slides in and flicks the ball into his own face before it bounces gently over the ropes. Gayle's now laughing openly.

14th over: WI 97-0
Colly again, and Gayle hammers a slower one back past his boot-straps for another four. Leaky singles from then on. Two policemen in the crowd seem to have come dressed as the cop from the Village People. Their mirrored shades are very 1985, but the bushy 'taches are a thing of wonder.

13th over: WI 90-0
Dalrymple, whose run-up is so turgid that it's more of a slow-down, turns a couple into Smith, and actually has semi-decent shouts for lbw turned down by Umps Rudi K.

From Jude Burcombe, TMS inbox: "Women seem to love creamy pasta with something meaty thrown in. Try my lamb smalzade. Toss a pound of cubed best neck fillet of lamb in 2 tbsp flour. Fry 2 medium onions in 3oz butter, then add the lamb ¿til browned. Add 150ml stock, 6 tbsp white wine, seasoning to taste, and simmer for 2 hours. Then bung in loads of cream and serve over egg tagliatelle. She¿ll be like putty in your hands."

12th over: WI 88-0
Fred obviously didn't do enough with his one over - Colly has been summoned. Smith takes a two and a single before Gayle nearly decapitates Umpire Taufel with a howitzer of a return drive for four. Run-rate's topping seven an over. Just to remind you, Vaughan won the toss and put the Windies in. Hmm. Is BC even going to get a sniff of the action?

From Tom Flynn, TMS inbox: "Negative or otherwise, I never thought I'd see the day I'd wish Mahmood had been picked. Terry be damned..."

11th over: WI 80-0
That's 50

It is indeed Jamie D, and his friendly tweak is smashed away by Gayle for another four to bring up 50 off just 29 balls. Gayle strolls a single to give Smith the chance to cut for four more, and then 'Rymples floats down leg to gift Smith two more. 12 off the over.

From Rob in Oslo, TMS inbox: "Daz - how about some marinated lamb cutlets, topped with Stilton, pan-fried green beans and challots, served with steamed baby sweetorn and a red wine sauce. You might want to drop the Tizer, mate, and wash it down with a nice Pinot Noir."

10th over: WI 68-0
The punch-drunk Vaughan turns to Freddie, and he slams the hand-brake on - just two singles to Gayle and one to Smith. Don't want to worry anyone, but it looks like Dalrymple's warming-up - it's come to that already.

From Mark in Mansfield, TMS inbox: "To keep it topical, Dazz could always cook his girlfriend Spaghetti Carbon-Lara. She'll love it, and have no idea why she's having it."

9th over: WI 65-0
Broad, desperate to keep Gayle off strike, continues with his previous line magic. Except for a wide, which we'll forgive the young buck.

From Tim Hills, TMS inbox: "Personally I wouldn't venture further than a stir fry or a safe spag bol, although a good friend of mine has been known to wow a lady friend with Jamie Oliver's 'Black Angel Tagliarini' - a surefire hit."

8th over: WI 62-0
First two balls: two singles. Consider that the warm-up. Gayle, in full thunder-stealing mood, then clouts Plunkers for two successive fours - one belted through cover and the second late-cut over slip. Not content, he then creams the next two for monstrous sixes, way over long-on. 22 off the over, and Gayle's gone to 45 off 25 balls.


7th over: WI 40-0
Nice work from Broad - just short on off, good bounce, and Smith's smash-it-all-over plans are temporarily shelved.

From Joe Robinson, TMS inbox: "Best Brian Lara innings ever? How about the 153 n.o. he got against the Aussies in March 1999 to win the game? West Indies were 150 down on 1st innings, skittled the Aussies for 150, collapsed to 105-5 before Lara played flawless cricket against McGrath, Gillespie, Warne and MacGill to win the game."

6th over: WI 39-0
Liam finds his line at last, and there's just a no-ball off the over. Seven extras already, Terry - a new record for England at this stage of a World Cup match.

5th over: WI 38-0
Here comes the fresh-faced saviour - Broad into the attack for his first over in the World Cup. It's a beauty first up, beating smith outside off stump - a fact soon forgotten as Gayle launches him through midwicket and then high over cover for consecutive rippers of fours.

From Dazz in Scotland, TMS inbox: "Brian Lara was simply marvellous, a true icon of the sport, and I wish him all the best. On another subject, can anyone think of a good meal I could cook my girlfriend tonight?"

4th over: WI 27-0
Wallop - Gayle leans into Liam and belts him high over long-on for a crowd-pleaser of a six.

From Terry Rhodes, TMS inbox: "And so we resume hostilities again today, Mr Fordyce. I am pleased to see a positive team selection for this game and I also hope that it will see a more positive stint at the commentary keyboard from you. Please do not lapse into your 'the end is nigh' bleatings of pessimistic black despondency, bordering on suicidal despair."

Great to hear from you, Terry. If this gets bad for England again, I'll do a special Double-Plus Good-style version for you - how's about that?

3rd over: WI 19-0
Languid magic from Gayle - Jimmy A strays to leg and is popped square for four. The rosy-cheeked Stuart Broad throws himself unsuccessfully at the ball and receives huge applause from Badger, who can probably barely see through the tears.

2nd over: WI 13-0
Forgotten-man Liam Plunkett starts with a tribute to his usurped team-mate Saj - two majestic wides. Smith then goes down on one knee to smash a four through cover.

From Gareth Wheeler, TMS inbox: "Do you have any statistics for how many people follow these commentaries? I am guessing England vs SA was the highest, but think it may be just you and me today, my friend."

Think we had abour four millions views of the chat on that last England game, Gareth - it brings a tear to my eye, I tells ya. As for today - just get your family and friends involved for me, yeah?

1st over: WI 6-0
Anderson opens, and in fitting style he produces three wides. If that's his tribute to Duncan Fletcher I'd hate to see what Saj Mahmood's working on. Gayle clips for two off his legs and almost breaks into a jog.

1425 BST
Hold your horses - Lara's not opening after all. It's Chris Gayle and Devon Smith. Shocking bum steer, and I can only apologise. Even worse, Paul Nixon has just hugged Stuart Broad - owing to the height differential, around his midriff. The occasion's got to Badger big-time.

1410 BST
Emotional scenes in Barbados - we'll have BC coming out in about 20 minutes for his last ever international match, with the folorn-looking Duncan Fletcher watching on morosely from the balcony. Be nice to have your Lara tributes/memories sent in during the Windes innings, and your Fletch ones during England's joust.

1400 BST:
Forget Gayle, the unchanged Windies spring a surprise by deciding to open the batting with Brian Lara and Ramanaresh Sarwan after England win the toss and choose to field first.

1330 BST:
Finally, in the last game of Duncan Fletcher's reign, a bit of aggression from England, who have promoted Ravi Bopara up the order to three and left out Ian Bell. Saj Mahmood and Monty Panesar are also booted to the sidelines as Liam Plunkett, Stuart Broad and Jamie Dalrymple come in. Let's hope for young Broady's sake that Chris Gayle doesn't choose today to wake from his World Cup nightmare.

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20 Apr 07 |  England
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