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Bangladesh v Ireland
Barbados, 15 April 2007

Test Match Special podcast | Blog

WORLD CUP SUPER 8, BARBADOS: Ireland 243-7 bt Bangladesh 169 by 74 runs

Ireland cruised to a 74-run win over Bangladesh in Barbados, their first victory of the Super 8 phase.

William Porterfield top-scored with 85 and Kevin O'Brien struck 48 from 44 balls as Ireland posted 243-7 after winning the toss and batting first.

Mohammad Ashraful scored 35 for Bangladesh and skipper Habibul Bashar managed 32, but they were skittled for 169 from 41.2 overs.

Dave Langford-Smith was the pick of the Ireland bowlers with 2-27.


By Mark Mitchener


Wicket falls
41.2 overs: WICKET - Bashar b Johnston 32 - BAN 169 all out
One wicket needed and Johnston bowling - will we see the chicken dance again? Yes we will, as Bashar's off-stump is knocked back, and the team run to congratulate their captain. Ireland have won by 74 runs, and it's no less than they've deserved.

Thanks for all your e-mails today - especially all the Sarahs. Tom Fordyce is your man in this chair tomorrow for Australia v Sri Lanka - thank you and good night.

Wicket falls
41st over: WICKET - Razzak b McCallan 11 - BAN 169-9
Right - Bangladesh need 75 runs off 10 overs. Even I can work out the run-rate from that one. McCallan returns, which should help the over-rate - Razzak takes an agricultural swipe but completely misses the ball and is lucky not to be stumped by O'Brien. Another similar slog, which would not look out of place in schoolboy cricket (of a very low standard), and he's clean bowled as McCallan collects his second wicket. Last man Shahadat joins Captain 'Hab at the crease. A wicket maiden for McCallan.

40th over: 169-8
Bashar has been watching those Inzamam-ul-Haq coaching videos as he makes another attempt to run out one of his partners. Razzak has to dive for the crease at the bowler's end after being sent back by Captain 'Hab but the throw goes wide. Johnston sends down another couple of wides, so that's up to 18 in the innings now. Captain 'Hab then crashes a four to the point boundary. The TMS team think Ireland might be in trouble for their over-rate. (If you can deduct fines from the match fees of amateurs, that is).

"I'm posting on behalf of my wife who's also a Sarah and from New Zealand. Unfortunately she has no interest whatsoever in the CWC so I'm stuck in the kitchen following the game on our laptop! Still, at least it means I can follow the Black Caps if England blow it against the Saffas"
Michael, UK, in the TMS inbox

39th over: 160-8
The game has got a little dull but keeper Niall O'Brien has obviously inherited the same gene most wicket-keepers have which makes them relentlessly cheerful, chippy and chatty no matter what the match situation is. He's standing up to Botha, and the pair have a loud shout for lbw against Razzak but Billy B can clearly see it pitched outside leg stump.

38th over: 157-8
DLS trots in for his last over and Captain 'Hab edges the first boundary in absolutely ages. Razzak only gets a single when he pulls a loose ball to long leg. DLS bowls a couple of wides. Even TMS are less interested in this game than they are about looking ahead to England's game with South Africa on Tuesday, while CMJ is complaining about the design of the chairs at the Kensington Oval. Keep the faith, ladies and gentlemen, stay with me here. A slightly better over for the Tigers. 87 needed off 12 overs. DLS's figures are 10-1-27-2 - it would have been even better without the wides.

"Come on Ireland finish them off my taxi for the airport is coming soon and I want to dance a little jig before I go to Singapore!"
Karenyo, Seattle, USA in the TMS inbox

37th over: 149-8
World Cup mascot Mello is posing for photos with fans, but the cameraman reluctantly cuts away to cover a cricket match between Bangladesh and Ireland taking place at the same ground as the gregarious orange raccoon's adventures. But both sides are rather going through the motions as Bangladesh seem content to push a few singles every over, and Ireland know that's not enough for them to keep up with the run rate (boundaries are needed) so they're fairly happy to oblige.

36th over: 144-8
Razzak takes a single after DLS drops in a loose full-toss, as the sun goes behind a cloud in Barbados. Captain 'Hab knocks a couple of runs but the fire has gone out for Bangladesh.

"As this game draws to an end, I've realised I still haven't provided an intelligent comment. Oh well, at least I've got Sarahs around the world talking, and enjoyed a great game of cricket. Go Ireland!"
Sarah, Scotland, in the TMS inbox

35th over: 140-8
The bowling rotation continues as McCallan takes a rest, Botha is back. Just a single is taken from the over but the cameraman is clearly far more interested in a female Irish fan brandishing an Ireland shirt with Andrew White's name and number 12 on.

Wicket falls
34th over: WICKET - Rafique c Johnston b Langford-Smith 2 - BAN 139-8
DLS goes round the wicket to Rafique, and umpire Steve Bucknor is not happy with someone moving behind the bowler's arm. But it's another wicket for DLS as Rafique tries to pull a short ball to leg and Johnston takes a good catch at midwicket. It's now 138-8 and Abdur Razzak is in at number 10 - surely not even Captain 'Hab can rescue the Tigers now...

"Bashar is just trying to get his team to win the 'most run-outs in the World Cup' competion...Ireland are giving them a good run for their money!"
Isha, England, in the TMS inbox

33rd over: 138-7
It's all going wrong around Captain 'Hab as McCallan wheels in for his seventh over of off-spin. Just a couple of singles are added as William Porterfield makes a stunning stop at short extra cover.

"It's the T2000 that Sarah Connor needs to worry about, the shapeshifter. He could be any member of the England team as you never know in what form they will turn up in!"
Jack Wilcox, Bath, in the TMS inbox

"When they're good, they're very good - when they're bad, they're dreadful"
TMS commentator Simon Mann's verdict on Bangladesh

Wicket falls
32nd over: WICKET - Mortaza c & b Langford-Smith 0 - 136-7
After just one over of Rankin, DLS returns and he is cut to the cover boundary by Captain 'Hab for a single. Mortaza then plays a low full-toss back to DLS and is caught and bowled, to the delight of some Irish fans dressed as leprechauns in the Party Stand. 134-7, and the new batsman is the left-handed Mohammad Rafique, who is a useful batsman and gets himself off the mark with a single.

"As an Aussie in Oklahoma, come on Ireland - I love it!"
Hayden, USA, in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls
31st over: WICKET - Rahim b McCallan 16 - BAN 133-6
Rahim advances a couple of paces to McCallan and helps himself to four past DLS on the boundary. Another four through the covers prompts some Bangladesh fans in the stand to brandish their toy tiger. But Rahim is then bowled next ball after a wild swing - and walking off, he angrily swings his bat and nearly takes out keeper O'Brien as he runs to congratulate McCallan. Rahim is clearly absolutely, completely, totally hopping mad with himself, letting loose a stream of invective at himself as he stalks off. 131-6. Drinks are taken - and the ground staff take the chance to repaint the lines. Paceman Mortaza is the new batsman, and he takes a couple of leg byes off his first delivery.

30th over: 122-5
Rankin's back for a third spell and Peter Gillespie is the second substitute fielder used by the Irish, even though the TMS team haven't worked out who John Mooney has been sub-fielding for, for all this time. Rahim cuts to the cover boundary and two men on the point boundary look set to collide - but Andrew White slides to complete the fielding and Jeremy Bray just slides out of his way.

"C'mon Johnston, take another, we want to see the the funky chicken again!"
Connor, Ireland, in the TMS inbox

29th over: 119-5
Captain 'Hab dances down the wicket to McCallan but only collects a single. He and Rahim are continuing to push the singles - but can they maintain the run rate (more than a run a ball) for another 21 overs?

"Come on lads, give us some credit for a country not yet rated! Are we not due some credit for at least giving some excitement to the World Cup no matter what happens in the rest of the match for last place!"
Eamonn, Ireland, in the TMS inbox

28th over: 114-5
Rahim takes a single to bring up Nelson. Three more singles are added to the Tigers' total as one or two fans start to leave. Rahim's gloves look like they have been handed down from his elder brother - they look very big on him. TMS commentator John Kenny's phone goes off. At this stage, Ireland were 101-2.

27th over: 110-5
McCallan wheels away, and just a couple of singles are added in a quick over.

26th over: 108-5
Johnston brings himself back into the attack - and the world is denied a repeat of the celebratory chicken dance on his first ball after Captain 'Hab hooks to deep backward square leg where DLS just misjudges the catch, and the chance goes down. 'Hab takes a quick single, and just for once, there is no chance of a run-out.

25th over: 105-5
I may not have Martin "OMIB" Gough's Duckworth-Lewis sheets to hand, but I can take a fairly good guess that Bangladesh would be behind on D/L if it rained now. (It's not going to, there's barely a cloud in the sky, but you know what I mean). McCallan's third over yields just a single. We're at the half-way mark.

Jonathan Agnew
"The fielding's good here, but the batsmen's running's hopeless"
Jonathan Agnew on TMS

24th over: 104-5
Ireland appeal for a catch behind when Captain 'Hab hooks a high one and O'Brien takes it down the leg side. No contact made. Just a single added off the over.

"I heard from very reliable sources that Mr Terminator is retired from terminating. He took up politics and he is running a state somewhere. He has also changed his name to Mr Governator. So he is not looking for Sarah Connor any more, unless she is a registered voter"
Giannoulis, Greece, in the TMS inbox

23rd over: 103-5
With five wickets down, Captain 'Hab is suddenly facing a big white whale. (Metaphorically). McCallan keeps his sunglasses on to bowl to new batsman Rahim, and Captain 'Hab is nearly run out when Rahim sends him back.

"I'm not convinced about Habibul Bashar's running between the wickets - against England he was stuck in the middle of the wicket, not realising his partner had run past him, even though it was his fault"
Angus Fraser on TMS

Wicket falls
22nd over: WICKET - Ashraful c Langford-Smith b Rankin 35 - BAN 102-5
Rankin returns for a second spell and promptly bowls two more wides to take his total of such deliveries to 10. Ashraful is then a bit careless and hooks one up into the air, although it falls short of Bray at long leg and they run through to bring up the Tigers' hundred. Captain 'Hab is off the mark too, with a single. Rankin nearly runs out Ashraful when he follows through and shies at the stumps before collapsing to the turf. He misses and Ashraful, sent back by Captain 'Hab, makes his ground. Then, it's all over for Ashraful as he hooks Rankin to deep backward square leg and a delighted DLS takes the catch. Tigers 102-5. Rock and roll!

"The way Ashraful plays, it's almost worth having two third men"
Christopher Martin-Jenkins on TMS

21st over: 98-4
The field goes back as vice-captain, schoolteacher and off-spinner Kyle McCallan enters the attack. He has a lovely twirly arm action as he bowls, but he's driven through extra cover for four as Ashraful goes down on one knee.

"I'm studying for two exams I have tomorrow while reading your text. Both exams will be worth 100% and exact time Sri Lanka take on mighty Australia. After all, it's Sri Lankan New Year and the ideal meal tommorow would be some tradtional milkrice with a side of Kangaroo Curry
Mahesh Abeyewardene, Toronto, Canada, in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls
20th over: WICKET - Iqbal b Johnston 29 - BAN 93-4
Another Ashraful dab - more like a late cut really - races to third man for a single. Johnston then tries a slower ball, which Iqbal lofts in the air, but safely, and it flies to long-off. But the very next ball, he attempts a crazy cross-batted swish and is clean bowled. To the delight of many of the crowd (and our cricket editor Paul Grunill), the delighted Irish skipper does his celebratory chicken dance. The powerplays are now finished for the day. Captain 'Hab is in.

"Tamim is an exciting player, but you wouldn't put your house on him still being there after 50 overs"
Mike Selvey on TMS [He was right]

"Will Ireland please stop letting this young whipper snapper knock them around!"
Larry, England in the TMS inbox

19th over: 88-3
Ashraful accomplishes "a lovely late dab" (CMJ) to third man for a single. Botha then thinks for a second that he has Iqbal caught behind when he attempts a similar dab to Ashraful - but no contact was made.

"Hey Matt from Calgary, why aren't you watching the Ice Hockey right now?! I see Calgary Flames are currently playing at Detroit Red Wings, and trail by 1 goal to 2. They need you!
Andrew, Ireland, in the TMS inbox

18th over: 85-3
Iqbal straight-drives Johnston with a shot which only just trickles over the boundary for four. Jeremy Bray then makes a great diving stop in front of the rope, and White helps him out to complete the fielding. This stand is now worth 37 off just 32 balls.

17th over: 77-3
Ashraful hoists Botha from outside the off stump for a massive six over midwicket, to the delight of a Syd Little lookalike in the crowd. A classy cover drive - possibly the shot of the day - goes for four off the next ball. This is becoming a crucial stand.

"What were the odds on Ireland v Bangladesh being one of the best-attended matches on the World Cup?"
George, Netherlands, in the TMS inbox

"Don't tell me that Terminator fellow is still looking for her! Sarah Connor, if you are reading this, just go to court and get a restraining order already!"
HNS, India, in the TMS inbox

16th over: 67-3
Third powerplay is taken. Ashraful lifts Johnston to the backward point boundary for four, and CMJ on TMS marvels at Johnston's disguised off-break off the final delivery.

Some of you have e-mailed in asking how powerplays work. Website users can click on the link below but VERY briefly, there are three powerplay periods - the first 10 overs (compulsory), then two more five-over spells (taken whenever the fielding captain chooses). During these spells, only two fielders may be outside the 30-yard fielding circle, and at least two must be in catching positions.

"England v South Africa is now effectively a quarter-final"
Mike Selvey on TMS

15th over: 61-3
Ashraful carefully opens the face and angles Botha past slip for four. He then attempts a similar shot which skies over slip to the boundary, forcing Johnston to change the field and bring in a third man. Drinks. "As an Englishman just arrived in Canada I can tell you that cricket is a lot easier to follow than ice hockey! Although you can't knock a sport with legalised fighting!"
Matt, Calgary, Canada in the TMS inbox

14th over: 53-3
After six overs of DLS, Trent Johnston brings himself into the attack. Iqbal takes his side past 50 with a square drive. The Big Green Monster vote is over - 3,688 of you voted, and a massive 68% favour Ireland to win at this stage. 27% say Bangladesh, 2% favour a tie and 3% are curiously backing the weather to prevent Ireland from bowling another six overs and wash out the game!

"A Mr Terminator says if anyone finds a Ms Sarah Connor he would be very grateful"
Donal Behan, Ireland in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls
13th over: WICKET - Hasan run out (Botha) 3 - BAN 48-3
Botha bowls, Iqbal straight-drives and Botha deflects the ball onto the stumps at the bowler's end. Is Hasan out of his ground? His bat appears to be in the air as the bails fly off, and suddenly the Tigers are 48-3. Mohammad Ashraful is the new man - he's only 22 and his helmet already looks rather battered. Wonder how his finger is feeling after he was injured earlier and spent that long time off the field.

"There's a slow-moving conga around the North Stand, but they've got their backs to the cricket at the moment"
Simon Mann on TMS

12th over: 47-2
DLS is still on for his sixth over, and just one run comes from it as Iqbal gives him the charge - and then thinks better of it.

"Even though it's the brightest day I've seen in Barbados so far, we've just been given a Duckworth-Lewis sheet broken down ball-by-ball. It's like a telephone directory. After 13 overs, with two down, Bangladesh need to be on 61, so looking a little behind"
Martin Gough, Our Man In Barbados (OMIB)

"Although I am still figuring out cricket, and don't fully understand all that is going on, the alternative of writing my take home essay and studying for my exam tomorrow seems much less appealing. If I fail, at least I'll know binary code, and what the Sarahs of Britain are like. Anyone got a home run yet?"
David Micklefield, Canada, in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls
11th over: WICKET - Ahmed c N O'Brien b Botha 12 - BAN 46-2
Billy B signals the second powerplay as Botha replaces Rankin. The shaven-headed medium-pace trundler opens up with a wide loosener which Ahmed leans back and edges it to O'Brien behind the timbers. That would have been a wide if he had left it alone! Tigers 45-2. Saqib Al Hasan walks to the crease - no sign of Captain Habibul yet. (Or should that be Captain 'Hab?). Hasan is off the mark with a slash to fine leg.

"If Ireland get their act together and stop bowling wides they are in with a chance!"
Conor Savage, Ireland

"I am sitting in the Intercontinental in Warsaw going over some work for tomorrow and have just checked with reception that, rather disapointingly, there are no Sarahs staying in the Hotel this evening"
GA McCammon, Ireland, in the TMS inbox

10th over: 45-1
DLS drops one short but is spared a wide by Steve Bucknor as the TMS team spot a helicopter. Another four for Iqbal as he smashes it through the covers. He then charges down the pitch to DLS but misses with a wild swish that could have gone anywhere. DLS also walks down the pitch to give Iqbal a piece of his mind. Next ball is a yorker which Iqbal digs out. DLS wildly throws towards the keeper and is lucky not to give away four overthrows as Andre Botha at slip makes a diving stop.

Jonathan Agnew
"Tamim Iqbal likes playing shots on one leg - he should be an ice-skater. Nice to see a ground more or less full"
Jonathan Agnew on TMS

9th over: 41-1
A defensive push by Iqbal just evades a diving fielder for a single. Ahmed then tries to despatch a half-volley to the midwicket boundary - but although the shot fails, it has much the same effect as it flies to the cover boundary for four. Ahmed then flicks Rankin just over the rope at cow corner for six. It's not a happy over for the tall Rankin as he concedes another wide. Iqbal, with a royal blue bandana visible under his helmet, then gives him the charge and takes a single off one leg.

"Not for the first time at this World Cup, someone has walked in front of the sightscreens behind the bowler's arm"
Angus Fraser on TMS

"If Ireland win, I am going to pass my exam tomorrow. If its a tie, I think I will need to get a recheck and a Bangladesh win is certain failure. Say a prayer!"
Nick, Ireland, in the TMS inbox

8th over: 23-1
Having made the breakthrough, Rankin wipes himself down with a white towel on the boundary as Iqbal moves his score on to five by leg-glancing DLS for a single.

"That'll do. Cheers Boyd"
Ade O'Connor, Sheffield, in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls
7th over: WICKET - Nafees c N O'Brien b Rankin 7 - BAN 19-1
Nafees tries a hook down the leg side to a bouncer by Rankin and is caught behind off a top edge. The score is 18-1. Aftab Ahmed is the new man. A fielding helmet is brought in as that man Mooney moves to short leg. He also dons a box. Ahmed is off the mark after an ungainly swipe allows him a single to fine leg.

"Come on Ireland, I really need a lift. I'm writing an essay and I'm already flagging. Two energy drinks down and I'm still drowsy"
Ade O'Connor, Sheffield, in the TMS inbox

6th over: 18-0
Moustachioed twelfth man John Mooney makes a great stop in the covers. John Kenny tries to work out who he's on the field for, while Iqbal plays out a maiden from DLS.

A note on the Big Green Monster votes: the percentages may not add up to exactly 100 because of rounding up and down.

"It's amazing what one can discover about oneself on the internet. Apparently, I am also a professional poker player and my dad is cousin to David Cameron"
Ben Reiss, England, in the TMS inbox

5th over: 18-0
A lifter from Rankin strikes Nafees on the hand as he lifts his hand off his bat handle. Three wides are added to the total before Nafees dabs one into the off-side for two. Ireland are also taking a big early lead in the Big Green Monster vote (right-hand side for website users).

"Rankin is bowling from the Joel Garner End, and he has been working on his action with Joel Garner in the last couple of days"
John Kenny on TMS

"My friend got the bends when we were diving in Egypt. She spent 5 hours a day for 2 weeks in a decompression chamber with Simon Jones in a London hospital while he was trying to sort out his ankle. I can confirm he snores and has bad nasal hair"
Rav, UK, in the TMS inbox

4th over: 13-0
A couple of easy singles off DLS, who beats the bat again as Johnston brings in a third slip. The Tigers are happy to play themselves in at this stage.

"Seeing Boyd Rankin bowl it makes you wonder if he could have made the England side(if he'd qualified) ahead of Harmison"
Matt, England, in the TMS inbox

3rd over: 11-0
Nafees gloves one down the leg side for four. Rankin is getting some good bounce.

"Mark, I was very curious in learning more about you... and after a sucessful googling I have narrowed you down to either a professional poker player, or a man who once sued a company who put on the show 'Peter Pan', due to the production frightening his young child..."
Simon Corcoran, Ireland, in the TMS inbox

Actually, I'm neither. I'm not into gambling and I have no children. Do you think those two people who have the same name as me ever get asked if they work for the BBC?

2nd over: 7-0
DLS shares the new ball with Rankin as normal, and beats Iqbal's outside edge by a few centimetres. Just a wide is added off the over. Web users can also look out for a Big Green Monster vote on the right-hand side.

"I predict an Ireland win by between 20 and 30 runs, and - lest this be too serious - 37 inane and non-cricket-related messages from readers"
Matt H, London in the TMS inbox

1st over: 6-0
Bangladesh are off the mark when Rankin digs one in short and it sails over keeper O'Brien's head for five wides. Iqbal adds a single off the fifth ball of the over.

During the interval, the inbox has been invaded by even more Sarahs...

  • "I was sitting on the boundary when poor old Simon Jones hurt his knee if i remember correctly, just thought I'd add that to the long list of Sarahs" (Sarah, Australia)
  • "What about Republic of Ireland - have we now got a Sarah from each country?"(Sarah, ROI)
  • "I know of a Sarah in St Lucia, if that helps, not sure of her Simon Jones feelings though, it hasn't come up in conversation!" (Stuart, England)
  • "A Sarah from Italy and we could have a Six Nations contest" (Tony, Portugal)

    1844: We're back. Bangladesh chasing 244 off 50 overs to win. Tamim Iqbal and Shahriar Nafees are the usual opening pair for them. Let's see what opening bowler Boyd Rankin can do.


    50th over: 243-7
    Andre Botha is the new man, and he's off the mark with a single to get the big-hitting DLS back on strike. Two balls left. DLS attempts an agricultural heave which he doesn't hit cleanly but it bisects the short fine leg and deep square leg fieldsmen for four. He and Botha then scramble a bye off the final ball.

    That's it for the Ireland innings - hopefully all those various Sarahs out there will use the lunch interval to calm down. I'm off in search of that cold lemonade I've been hankering after since I mentioned it in the 10th over.

    "Couldn't resist saying hi once I saw that comment"
    Sarah, N Ireland in the TMS inbox

    "Have the Sarahs got MPD, or is there actually a Sarah from each of the countries talking about Simon Jones? And, for the record, I reckon he should go for the Welsh one"
    Owain, UK, in the TMS inbox

    Wicket falls
    49.3 overs: WICKET - Johnston c Nafees b Mortaza 30 - IRE 237-7
    Mortaza to bowl the last over. DLS gets Johnston on strike with a single, and he takes two off the second ball after some good running from DLS. Cap'n Bashar waves his arms around like an air traffic controller to move the field. Johnston then drives into the off-side where he's comfortably caught at cover.

    "I've been to France three times now and it's rained the every single day I was there each time... but it's got to be said the women were better looking than Simon Jones"
    Dave, England in the TMS inbox

    Wicket falls
    49th over: WICKET - White run out (sub/Rahim) 4 - IRE 233-6
    As 10cc's "Dreadlock Holiday" (aka "I don't like cricket - I love it") blares out around the ground, Johnston chances his arm and hoists Shahadat over cow corner for six. White then pushes the ball into the on-side and calls for two, which was never there - and becomes the fourth run-out victim of the innings, without even any recourse to the third umpire. New batsman is Dave Langford-Smith (hereafter referred to DLS), promoted up the order to give it some tap.

    "That six by Johnston was a rustic spank"
    Mike Selvey on TMS

    "It willl soon be goodbye [surely 'so long'?] and thanks for all the fish by the look of things, Steve"
    OSJ, Turkey in the TMS inbox

    Wicket falls
    48th over: WICKET - K O'Brien run out (sub/Rahim) 48 - IRE 223-5
    Mortaza's back with a full toss which O'Brien clubs back over his head. However, he turns for a second run, and the third umpire adjudges that he fails to make his ground at the striker's end. Another run-out! 48 off 44 balls for O'Brien Junior. Andrew White joins his skipper, who off-drives Mortaza for a handsome four.

    "We only need a Sarah from Northern Ireland to have had 100 Sarahs in one commentary (in binary) - surely a record"
    Graham, England, in the TMS inbox

    47th over: 214-4
    Bangladesh captain Habibul Bashar will have to turn to spin for at least one of the last four overs - and Abdur Razzak returns. It's good running from Johnston as he calls O'Brien for two and comfortably makes his ground at the striker's end just as Rahim demolishes the stumps. Five from the over.

    "Keep him, Sarah of Wales! You'll find better here in sunny France"
    Sarah, France in the TMS inbox

    46th over: 209-4
    Let's not forget - a win today and Ireland will receive an official ICC ODI ranking. O'Brien top-edges Shahadat over the wicket-keeper's head for four - and off the next ball, the Tigers finally hit the stumps when Ireland run a quick single but Johnston makes his ground. Ireland then bring up the 200 off 285 balls - with only eight fours and one six in that total. O'Brien then makes up for lost time by walloping one over long-on into the first few rows of the stand - and pinches the strike with a single off the last ball. Great over for Ireland.

    "It seems that they hit the stumps when it doesn't matter. There's also something of Mike Gatting about Kevin O'Brien, although he's a bit slimmer"
    Christopher Martin-Jenkins on TMS

    "To continue with the 'my dad once told me...' link to Joel Garner, apparently the very same Joel Garner used to play for my local team in the Central Lancashire League i am reliably informed by those much older than myself. There is a rumour they made a gap in the sightscreen to accomodate his huge run-up but i think this is surely the exaggeration of an old man - Cheers dad!"
    Timbo, Lancashire in the TMS inbox

    45th over: 193-4
    Johnston strides down the wicket to the first ball of Rafique's final over but can only take a single. Off the next ball, while Rafique appeals for lbw against O'Brien, there is another run-out chance as Ahmed has a fairly comfortable chance to throw down the stumps at the non-striker's end. He misses - and they eventually take two. Maybe those suggested Paul Collingwood fielding drills (see earlier) might help the Tigers. Shahadat is warming up in the outfield for another bowl.

    44th over: 186-4
    Better running from Ireland as they take a rapid two to deep cover but make their ground comfortably. A no-ball boosts the total, but another decent over from Mortaza. Six overs to go.

    "With regards to the comments about Binary, does that mean the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything is 110110?"
    Steve Cohen, England in the TMS inbox
    [The book 'Life, the Universe and Everything' even features scenes set at Lord's, no less - but Steve probably knew that]

    43rd over: 182-4
    O'Brien tried to cut loose but Rafique ties him down well and rattles through an over which costs only three runs, including a wide.

    "Sarahs of England and Scotland; by birth and residency Simon Jones is mine"
    Sarah, Wales in the TMS inbox

    "My Dad once told me he named me after Joel Garner after watching him anhilate the England top order in the late seventies. Reckon the Tigers could do with a Garner or two here"
    Joel, England, in the TMS inbox

    Wicket falls
    42nd over: WICKET - Porterfield c Rafique b Mortaza 85 - IRE 179-4
    Pace spearhead Mortaza returns to the attack - and makes an important breakthrough as Porterfield attemps a slightly unorthodox paddle to short fine leg where Rafique gives Razzak a lesson and comfortably takes the catch. In comes Cap'n Trent Johnston - there could be some fireworks here.

    "I would just like to make sure everyone realises that was a different Sarah talking about being Simon Jones' maiden (not that I don't fully agree with her!) My intelligent comment is still brewing..."
    Sarah, Scotland in the TMS inbox

    OK, ladies, that was Sarah from Scotland, not to be confused with the other Sarah, who's from England. Not Scotland. Everyone got that?

    41st over: 176-3
    Rafique replaces Razzak after the punishment he took from O'Brien last over. Porterfield advances down the track to drive and Tamim Iqbal makes a good sprawling stop on the boundary to prevent a four. O'Brien then hoists Rafique to Razzak at cow corner - but another catch is put down, and the ball goes for four for good measure. Quite similar to Shahadat's miss in the 26th over - if you're fielding on the boundary, the ball shouldn't bounce through your hands and then only go for four. It means you're standing too far in!

    "I think the World Cup is exactly the right length. I had a back operation on the morning of 16 March (England's first match) and had woken up by the start of play, and I am on sick leave till 30 April!"
    Jane in Camberley, in the TMS inbox

    "In binary, 128-3 is 10000000-11. Doesn't that make the game seem more exciting?"
    Dave, England, in the TMS inbox

    40th over: 166-3
    As Hasan's little scampering run-up takes him into his last over, Porterfield seems happy to take the singles so O'Brien can attack. He wipes the sweat out of his eyes as six runs are taken from the over.

    "Is it me, or are there a highly disproportionate amount of lefties in both of these teams combined? Bangladesh seem to have an endless stream of lefty-spinners, and I remember noticing that Ireland had around 5 or 6 against the Aussies...
    Rich, UK, in the TMS inbox

    39th over: 160-3
    As if to prove my point from the previous over, Bangladesh gift Ireland a couple of extra runs with some overthrows from the first ball of the over. O'Brien goes down the wicket with the first boundary for a while, smashing Razzak back over his head for four. He then cuts into the off-side to bring up the 150. A great over for Ireland is completed as O'Brien hoists the final ball into the Garfield Sobers pavilion for six over long-on.

    38th over: 145-3
    John Kenny on TMS thinks "Bangladesh have fielded well" - but surely if they had really fielded well, they might have had even more run-outs?

    37th over: 140-3
    Razzak's back from the Joel Garner end, and a sharp throw from him back to the striker's end nearly runs Porterfield out. He's unbeaten on 74.

    "Mark, given your comment re the lack of run-outs in over 24, could you please just pop one in about how I'm unlikely ever to meet Simon Jones and become his "maiden"? Worth a try!!"
    Sarah, England, in the TMS inbox

    What do you think this is, Sarah? Jim'll Fix It? Now then, now then...

    36th over: 137-3
    Hasan still spearing them in - and off the final ball, Ahmed's quick throw from backward point is a little wayward and O'Brien just escapes being the third run-out victim of the innings.

    "For the the price of the flight and ticket, you could do it the blue peter way, and invite your mates round, get Sky, a bottle of Havana Club and some pizzas in and create your own party stand"
    Gus, UK, in the TMS inbox

    35th over: 133-3
    Major field changes as the younger O'Brien is the first right-hander of the innings. He wisely keeps a foot in his crease as Ahmed trots in, Kev plays and misses and Rahim whips off the bails. Kev and Porterfield (now on 70) add more singles while Ahmed helps the score along by bowling a wide.

    Jonathan Agnew
    "There must be 100 people in that conga now, although there's not much music being played for it"
    Jonathan Agnew on TMS

    "Bangladesh! Come up with your tiger image. Let the world know about you. Win the matches. Stick on!!
    M Morshed Akhtar, UK, in the TMS inbox

    Wicket falls
    34th over: WICKET - N O'Brien c sub (Reza) b Hasan 10 - IRE 128-3
    O'Brien reverse-sweeps to backward point where sub fielder Reza takes a low, but comfortable catch. O'Brien is furious with himself, and smashes his bat against the banister of the stairs up to the dressing-room as he stalks off. An impromptu drinks break is taken as the little blue drinks cart comes out, accompanied by some ground staff. O'Brien is replaced by his brother Kevin, and he and Porterfield see off the rest of the over safely.

    Jonathan Agnew
    "If there's a man there, you don't play the reverse sweep as it's easy to chip a catch there"
    Jonathan Agnew on TMS

    "There has to be 11 types of people understanding binary as you have to include those who are not sure or don't care"
    Nigel, Paris in the TMS inbox

    33rd over 127-2:
    A break from the spin triumverate as Aftab Ahmed (the "Lesser-Seen-Bangladesh-Third-Seamer") comes on for some medium-pace trundlers. It makes little difference to proceedings as three more comfortable singles are taken.

    "Why didn't Paul Collingwood go into the Bangladeshi team talk and advise them on fielding? I'm sure the language barrier would've been no object..."
    Gus, UK in the TMS inbox

    Jonathan Agnew
    "Some Indian supporters are doing a conga. They might need to bowl Mortaza to get a breakthrough here"
    Jonathan Agnew on TMS

    32nd over: 124-2
    More singles, and a misfield in the deep allows Porterfield to run two off one delivery - he has 65 off 108 balls, and Ireland's current run rate is 3.88 runs per over. The cameraman repeatedly films a female Irish fan from a very low angle, for reasons best known to himself.

    "The commentator's kiss of death strikes again, 24th over "but no run-outs so far". 26th over = run out, 28th over = run out. Coincidence, I think not!"
    Joss, Scotland in the TMS inbox

    31st over: 118-2
    Still Rafique, and O'Brien forsakes his helmet for a dark blue cap as the spinners continue to rattle through their overs and Ireland take singles at will. No over-rate fines today, methinks.

    "Hasan is bowling over the wicket to the left-handers, trying to tempt them outside off stump"
    Mike Selvey on TMS

    "If you have tickets for the Party Stand, it entitles you to have nine free drinks and two meals during the day - you get your money's worth"
    Simon Mann on TMS

    30th over: 113-2
    Porterfield gets away with a sweep which lofts over the head of Aftab Ahmed at short fine leg - and then takes another quick single to the same fielder where a direct hit would surely have run out O'Brien. What is Porterfield doing, trying to run the rest of the team out? Is he somehow channeling Geoff Boycott? Six runs off the over.

    "I think Ireland are doing extremely well - bear in mind that SA were 67/4 after 20 overs against Bangladesh!"
    Matt H, London in the TMS inbox

    29th over: 107-2
    After two run-outs, Porterfield and wicket-keeper O'Brien take no risks, working it around for singles while more fans pour through the turnstiles.

    "I don't know about Vaughan taking his top off for female office workers, but I wouldn't say no to Kevin Pietersen doing it! (Sorry to all for restarting the discussion about sexy cricket players from yesterday! I'll try to think of an intelligent comment to counteract this one)"
    Sarah, Scotland in the TMS inbox

    Oh, behave, Sarah... Mr Pietersen is a happily engaged man!

    Wicket falls
    28th over: WICKET - Morgan run out (Shahadat/Rahim) 5 - IRE 101-2
    Porterfield takes two off the first ball, while the hundred is brought up with a scampered leg bye. Morgan then calls for two while chasing Shahadat's throw from the bounday - and despite a despairing dive, he is run out. The new man is yet another leftie, Niall O'Brien. The potential is here for more run-outs, considering O'Brien even managed to get involved in a run-out mix-up with his brother the other day. Reza is still on as a substitute fielder for hand injury victim Ashraful - will he (Ashraful) bat?

    "Both of these run-outs have been completely needless"
    Simon Mann on TMS

    "Is this still the same World Cup that was started in March?"
    Phil, England in the TMS inbox

    That's 50
    27th over: 97-1
    Porterfield reaches his fifty with a single off Rafique but is a little sheepish about celebrating it, having just run out his opening partner.

    "There are only 10 different kinds of people - those who understand binary and those who don't"
    Graham, England in the TMS inbox

    Wicket falls
    26th over: WICKET - Bray run out (Hasan) 31 - IRE 96-1
    Porterfield calls for a quick single which would have brought up his fifty. Bray, running to the danger end, fatally hesitates and is run out by bowler Hasan's throw without any reference to the third umpire being necessary. The new man is Middlesex's Eoin Morgan - he's nearly caught as he attempts an ambitious loft to leg from his second ball. The boundary fielder, Shahadat, is a few paces in from the rope - did he misjudge the flight? - but it bounces through his hands and over his head, bouncing once for four.

    25th over: 91-0
    Another rapid over from Rafique. The repeated "Ireland push three or four singles against Bangladesh's left-arm spin" cut'n'paste could be used here.

    "I hope you'll forgive me for asking this, but is 75-0 after 20 overs as bad as the other commentators seem to think?"
    Kim Rees, Portugal in the TMS inbox

    I forgive you, Kim. I think they've made a great start.

    "It's a good total, but it could have been better if Bray had been a bit more pro-active"
    Ramiz Raja on TMS

    24th over: 88-0
    More scampered runs added. Give these two credit, they're not afraid to dive headlong for the crease if there's any chance of them being run out. I really despair when I occasionally see batsmen (for other countries) at this level not even bothering to run their bats in - but no run-outs so far.

    23rd over: 84-0
    Rafique has swapped ends. I fear that if I write a sentence saying "Ireland push three or four singles against Bangladesh's left-arm spin", I may be able to cut'n'paste it several times over the next few overs. Rafique has a big lbw shout against Bray as he comes across in front of his stumps, but Billy B is unmoved.

    "Can imagine Irish team's advice to Ed Joyce would be to drink drink anything bitter, but avoid the sour grapes"
    Ed, Irish in Sydney in the TMS inbox

    22nd over: 81-0
    Saqib Al Hasan (SLA #3) comes on as Rafique is withdrawn after just two overs. Ireland pass their "best ever opening stand" record, as there are already worn footmark patches forming at one end for the three left-arm tweakers to aim at.

    "Mark, it HAS been a long time since Bray's century against Zimbabwe. The length of this World Cup is ridiculous"
    Matt, England in the TMS inbox

    "Steve Bucknor was excellent in The Shawshank Redemption as well"
    Michael, Liverpool in the TMS inbox

    21st over: 77-0
    A strange instance where umpire Bowden sticks his arm out horizontally to stop Razzak as Bray isn't ready. I don't think Bowden is happy with the way they keep moving the field. Just a couple more singles taken.

    20th over: 75-0
    Bray and Porterfield add a few more inoffensive singles as Rafique tosses it up for his second over.

    "According to my research, the highest first wicket partnership for Ireland in an ODI is 78 by Porterfield and Kenny Carroll against Bermuda in Nairobi in January. Carroll is the only member of the squad not to have played in the tournament"
    Paul Grunill, BBC Sport Interactive cricket editor [Thanks, gaffer]

    19th over: 71-0
    As there is a brief blip in the TMS radio coverage, another rapid over from Razzak sees just a couple of wides added to the score.

    "Do you think Pietersen's visit was a thankyou for the Irish team/fans coming into England's team meeting at the start of the World Cup and advising them on how to drink? I'd imagine Vaughan wasn't delighted though - seems more of a diet Coke man"
    Gus, UK, in the TMS inbox

    By "a diet Coke man", do you mean Michael Vaughan turns up at 11.30am and takes off his shirt to impress frustrated female office workers with his rippling muscles in well-known soft drinks commercials? Can't see it myself - he'd probably pull a hamstring flexing his pecs...

    18th over: 69-0
    Mohammad Rafique (SLA #2) replaces Shahadat, and Bray clips him for an ill-judged two to deep square leg. Only a wild throw prevents him from being run out at the striker's end. Porterfield then has a life when Rafique then drops a fairly easy caught-and-bowled chance.

    "It was an absolute sitter. What a breakthrough it would have been"
    Ramiz Raja on TMS

    17th over: 65-0
    Porterfield, still fluent off his legs, glances Razzak for two to fine leg. He then gives Razzak the charge and straight-drives for four. Considering Ireland's previous best opening stand in this tournament was only seven, this is a Jayasuriya-esque improvement!

    "That was Bray's first boundary since 23 March. He hasn't looked very comfortable outside off stump but it's all about staying in for him at the moment"
    Martin Gough, OMIB

    "Would that be the same Kevin Pietersen that managed to make 10 off 26 balls against Bangladesh? Hope they didn't listen too intently"
    Bill, UK in the TMS inbox

    16th over: 59-0
    Steve Bucknor smiles as he signals the third powerplay. Shahadat continues for his eighth over, and is still getting bounce as Bray slashes at a couple of rising deliveries which are taken by keeper Rahim. Bray also seems to have a habit of taking one hand off his bat as he completes a stroke (or a play and miss). However, he eventually dinks one over the off-side for his first boundary, and Shahadat responds by giving him some chin music off the final delivery.

    "Kevin Pietersen came into Ireland's team meeting yesterday to advise them on how to face the spinners, and they were delighted"
    John Kenny on TMS

    15th over: 55-0
    Bray and Porterfield add a single apiece as Razzak rattles through his second over. A more substantial drinks break (that one after the 10th over was very rapid).

    "Ireland's run rate is as slow as Bucknor giving a decision so this match is gonna take a while"
    Jason, England in the TMS inbox

    14th over: 53-0
    Fifty up for Ireland off just 86 balls - with Porterfield providing 35 of them. Shahadat is still getting some bounce, and Bray is hit on the hand with a high defensive stroke.

    "EU-rule wise, what about the Dutch bloke that was playing for Essex? Thought he counted as an overseas player?"
    Simon, Nottingham in the TMS inbox

    If you mean Ryan ten Doeschate, he was born in South Africa but with a Dutch father. He's EU-qualified. It's not impossible that he could play for SA in the future - but he would then "become" an overseas player, in the same way UK-born Andrew Symonds did when he started playing for Australia.

    13th over: 49-0
    Mortaza's off - and it's Abdur Razzak, the first of the left-arm spin triumverate, into the attack. Bray finally reaches double figures with a three, and Porterfield looks fairly comfortable (touch wood) with a couple more singles.

    "Pretty ironic that Ed Joyce would have had more games in this World Cup if he had have stuck with Ireland"
    Matthew, Wales, in the TMS inbox

    "In response to Pragya, don't we all?"
    Hannah, England in the TMS inbox

    12th over: 44-0
    Porterfield races on to 30 with a three to midwicket, while Bray is still languishing in single figures after adding just a single to his score.

    Bray's last four innings (0, 0, 1, 1) have been revealed by Tony Cozier as the international dialling code for Barbados...

    "When Bucknor was an international football referee, imagine how long it took him to award penalties..."
    Stephen, Cambridge in the TMS inbox

    11th over: 40-0
    A better over for Ireland as the first powerplay is taken - Bray's still not timing at well but Porterfield cracks the second boundary of the innings when he pulls a long-hop to leg.

    "Bucknor was a maths and games teacher before taking up refereeing. He is the only umpire with golden bails, though"
    Exhortation, England in the TMS inbox

    [These golden bails were awarded to him for standing in 100 Tests. Stop sniggering at the back]

    "I know Brett Lee plays in a band and has recorded a song with Bollywood singer Asha Bhonsale. Wish he'd stick to bowling though"
    Pragya, UK, in the TMS inbox

    10th over: 32-0
    Shahadat's getting some swing here, but another tame decision as drinks are taken. Can anyone get me a cold lemonade?

    "How come the likes of Niall O'Brien, Boyd Rankin and Dougie Brown can play county cricket without being classed as overseas players when the ICC sees them as international players for Ireland and Scotland?
    Chris, Converted Bangladeshi, in the TMS inbox

    I think if you have an EU passport, Chris, "freedom of movement of worker" rules mean you can't be classed as a "foreigner" in county cricket - even if you aren't eligible to play international cricket for England. The first players to exploit this rule in the 1980s were the likes of Derbyshire's gangly Danish pace bowler Ole Mortensen, and Hampshire's Viking-look-alike Dutch seamer P-J Bakker.

    The Kolpak ruling, of course, has meant that not just EU passport holders but those from countries with associate agreements with the EU - such as South Africa - can qualify as non-overseas players. Such as Yorkshire's controversial signing of SA's Jacques Rudolph.

    9th over: 31-0
    Another no-ball from Mortaza, while Porterfield moves on to 20 with another edge past second slip. Bray looks slightly less comfortable.

    "Should I go buy some Guinness in preparation for Ireland's stunning rout, or continue revising for my Economics exam?
    Richard, England, in the TMS inbox

    8th over: 29-0
    Mohammad Ashraful takes a blow on the hand at midwicket after failing to stop a Porterfield drive through midwicket. He goes off for treatment, and TMS summariser Mike Selvey (so remind me, which medical school did he attend?) immediately thinks he's dislocated a finger. Farhad Reza is the sub fielder. A couple more singletons are added.

    "Is it true that Steve Bucknor was a roadie for The Clash during their 1978 tour of the Caribbean?
    Joel, Stafford in the TMS inbox

    I know he was a Fifa football referee, but does anyone else know any obscure cricket/music connections?

    7th over: 24-0
    Mortaza still goes over the wicket to Bray. Just a no-ball is added to the score in another tidy over, and one man in the crowd is wearing a hat with a small fan attached.

    "As much as I'd like to see Bangladesh somehow make the semis, I'd struggle to stomach seeing them leapfrog England in the world rankings"
    George Ankers, Netherlands in the TMS inbox

    6th over: 23-0
    Kyle McCallan cheesily waves to the camera on the Irish balcony. He and the lower order will hope to work on their suntans for a while longer before getting changed, unlkue Shahadat switches to bowling round the wicket, and immediately strikes Porterfield on the pad but it was going down leg. A maiden, and the TMS scorer marks the occasion by putting his jacket on.

    "The Bangladesh keeper and slips are standing as far back as Jones did to Harmison and one just dropped short, I fancy Porterfield to get a 100"
    Darren, UK, in the TMS inbox

    5th over: 23-0
    Porterfield, "confident and positive" according to CMJ on TMS, keeps the score ticking along as the camera picks out a little enclave of India fans in the crowd. No major problems for Ireland - this could be a better game than some people expect. Even the BBC scorecard is now working.

    "Somebody has stolen my bandwidth today so CMJ is even more intermittent than usual. This has to be Ireland's chance to restore some pride after their Aussie bashing"
    Carl G, England, in the TMS inbox

    Apologies for the problem with the scorecard, folks - we're working on it...

    4th over: 20-0
    Shahadat continues his leg-stump line and strays with a wide before Porterfield scampers another quick single. Some sloppy fielding from the Tigers allow an overthrow, which in baseball would be charged as an "error". Porterfield then gets an edge which flies past the diving second slip to the third-man boundary. He is then dropped - albeit off a no-ball - by Abdur Razzak with a low drive to cover. A better stroke then sees Porterfield manage three from a drive to long-on, and he makes his ground despite slipping in mid-pitch.

    "I ran into an English guy in a bar the other day who was given a ticket for this match by a tout as an incentive to buy one for England v Bangladesh at half face value. Just spotted him in a brand new Ireland T-shirt, perhaps bought with the cash he saved!"
    Martin Gough, OMIB

    "Due to the fact England won't or don't deserve to qualify, I am supporting Bangladesh!! If England beat SA and then lose to the WI and Bangladesh beat Ireland and WI (which is quite likely) Bangladesh can still qualify for the semi-finals!"
    Chris JCD, England in the TMS inbox

    3rd over: 9-0
    Porterfield flicks another one off his legs (I have the feeling I may be saying that a lot early doors) for a single, and Bray, now in the heady heights of 2 not out, sees off the rest of the over. Multiple toy tigers in the stand - these have bandanas in Bangladesh colours.

    2nd over: 8-0
    Shahadat Hossain gets his first taste of the World Cup - although the absence of left-armer Rasel means it's right-arm fast-medium from both ends against Ireland's left-handed top order. Bray gets the scoring under way with a flick off his legs for a scrambled single, and Porterfield carefully glances one off his legs for four. Bray then escapes another early shower when he nearly edges Shahadat onto his stumps.

    "Come on Bray ... I've taken stick over your last few at bats in the office recently!
    JP Bray in the TMS inbox

    Sorry, Mr Bray, "at bats" should be strictly a baseball term - please mind your language for us cricket traditionalists...

    1st over: 0-0
    Mortaza takes the new ball, with two slips in, and he opens with a maiden to Porterfield. Doesn't Bray normally take the first ball?

    Jonathan Agnew
    "Technically, this game is a sell-out. Every seat has been sold, although most bought them thinking they would see India v Pakistan. But you can get in free from 1100 [local time]"
    Jonathan Agnew on TMS

    1428: Nearly under way. Bray and Porterfield opening up for Ireland. Lively Bangladesh fans in the stands are brandishing their toy tiger. Umpys are Billy "Inspector Gadget" Bowden and Steve "Was that out? Now, let me think about that - might keep you in suspense for a while" Bucknor.

    "If Bray's scoring in binary, maybe he'll make 100..."
    Rob, England, in the TMS inbox

    1424: Here are the full teams for you:

    Ireland: Jeremy Bray, William Porterfield, Eoin Morgan, Andre Botha, Niall O'Brien (wk), Kevin O'Brien, Andrew White, Trent Johnston (capt), Kyle McCallan, Dave Langford-Smith, Boyd Rankin.

    Bangladesh: Tamim Iqbal, Shahriar Nafees, Habibul Bashar (capt), Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Saqib Al Hasan, Mohammad Ashraful, Aftab Ahmed, Mashrafe Mortaza, Mohammad Rafique, Abdur Razzak, Shahadat Hossain.

    "Come on Ireland! Hopefully Jeremy Bray can put an innings together"
    David Riordan in the TMS inbox

    "Trent has choose to bat first so the Bangladeshi spinners will be less effective, we saw what has happened in the last two games. Up Ireland"
    Gypsytears in the TMS inbox

    1419: Do you think many people there would have bought tickets thinking it would be India v Pakistan?

    "This is proof little fish have their day. For Pakistan read Ireland, for India, Bangladesh. 2007 World Cup is heating up nicely"
    Craig Travers in the TMS inbox

    1417: Ireland opener Jeremy Bray will be hoping for a good knock today - his last four scores have been 0, 0, 1 (but nearly ran himself out for 0), 1. Almost like he's reduced to scoring in binary. Seems a long time since his ton against Zimbabwe.

    1413: Rasel was apparently injured in the warm-up - while I think John Mooney can consider himself unlucky to be left out after a battling late-order knock spared Ireland even more blushes against the Aussies.

    1410: A very good afternoon - and as the phrase goes, "phew, what a scorcher" - and that's just here at TV Centre, let alone the Caribbean. Pitch is apparently quite lively - but Ireland have won the toss and are going to bat.

    "Andre Botha is fit to come back in for John Mooney after a hamstring injury, while Shahadat Hossain is in for Syed Rasel."
    Martin Gough, Our Man In Barbados (OMIB)


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