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Australia v Ireland
Barbados, 13 April 2007

Test Match Special podcast | Blog

Australia 92-1 bt Ireland 91 all out by nine wickets

Australia needed less than 13 overs to seal a semi-final place, after bowling out Ireland for 91 in Barbados.

Glenn McGrath struck in the first over and after the rapid Shaun Tait took two wickets in two balls, it was soon 12-4.

At that stage Ireland were in danger of the lowest World Cup total, 36 made by Canada in 2003, but John Mooney's defiant 23 helped bolster their score.

In reply, Adam Gilchrist hit a rapid 34 and Mike Hussey (30) secured a nine-wicket success with a six.


By Tom Fordyce

They get their wish, too - Hussey pulls Rankin casually over midwicket for a big six, and the day is done.

12th over: Aus 86-1
Five minutes to the scheduled lunch break, and Hussey gets the match on with a lofted clout off McCallan for four. "Six! Six! Six!" chant the crowd.

11th over: Aus 81-1
Two wides and a no-ball off Trent, and Symonds is winding up for a big finish here. Or maybe he'll follow the Colly-Nicko blueprint and spend the next eight overs ekeing out a nervy yawnfest of a win.

From Ben McFarland, TMS inbox: "Any good tips for the big one tomorrow at Aintree?"

10th over: Aus 77-1
Disappointingly, Glenn McGrath hasn't got the nod to come in a touch higher up - Symonds gets the nod instead. Batting hero John Mooney comes on, 'tache to the fore, and is battered down the ground for a skimmer of a six.

Some vote chat for you: 5,074 website users got involved - 66% think Aussies will win in 10-15 overs, 20% thought fewer than 10 overs, 13% went for 15-20 overs and 2% went for more than 20 overs. Hang your heads in shame, 2%ers.

9th over: WICKET - Gilchrist b Johnston 34, Aus 62-1
Wicket falls

Hello! Trent spears one right through Gilchrist's extravagant drive. Ireland are rampant, and Australia on the ropes. Ish.

8th over: Aus 60-0
Three more to Hussey as Rankin strays, and Gilchrist then thumps him down the ground for a lovely four. Lunch is still a good 25 minutes away - we'll be done here before the clingfilm comes off the plates of sandwiches.

7th over: Aus 51-0
Trent J brings himself on to stop the rot but only succeeds in giving it a word of encouragement - Hussey belts a full toss through point for four and then tickles a leg-stump over-correcter to fine leg for four more. Run-rate drops under one an over, if that's mathematically possible.

6th over: Aus 40-0
Good areas from Rankin, excepting the token wide - no runs off the bat as he angles it past the lefties' off stump.

5th over: Aus 39-0
Dave L-S continues, and Gillie tucks in with relish, smashing three consecutive fours through the off-side - two creamed through cover and the third slashed through backward point.

From Paul Unseld, TMS inbox: "Re: Michael (18th Over); I'll tell you what conspiracies Fordyce - I spend half my working life emailing endless banter to you and Dirs and my work never gets recognised. Coincidence? I think not."

Paul - you think Ben and I are going to give you mentions after what you did to Ben's... well, I'm not going over it all again, but suffice to say you should be ashamed. The scars are still raw for Ben, and he's spent a fortune on therapists trying to get over it.

4th over: Aus 23-0
Two wides from Rankin, a pair of singles to Hussey and one to Gillie, who's got his squint operating at 100%.

From Gem, USA, TMS inbox: "Ben - polythene takes about 18 seconds to degrade if used as barbecue fuel - no nasty land-fills either. Burgers taste a little strange and you need to buy a few carbon-exchange stocks, but otherwise much more efficient."

3rd over: Aus 18-0
Oohs and aahs from the gallery as Hussey chops an inside-edge just past his castle. Gillie then wafts outside off before Niall O'Brien misses a leg-side thigh-pad clipper to concede four leg byes. A man in a monstrously large Father Christmas outfit slowly makes his way down a row of seats, squashing drinks into faces as he edges along.

2nd over: Aus 12-0
Tighter from Boyd Rankin - just a wide down leg and a cheeky clipped two from Hussey.

1st over: Aus 9-0
Gillie and Hussey open out, and two sensational slices of boundary fielding from McCallan and Bray save boundaries. That's the good news for Ireland. The bad news is that the run-rate required is 1.6 an over. Hmm. New vote for web-users to have a wobble at.


30th over: WICKET - Mooney run out (Tait) 23, Ire 91 all out
Wicket falls

Calamity - Mooners sets off for a single when there isn't half a run available, and Tait smashes the timbers with a direct hit from a close-in mid-off. 92 the target for Australia - rumour is they'll monkey around with the batting order to give a joust to the lesser-used men.

29th over: Ire 90-9
Next target: England's World Cup worst of 93, made at Headingley in 1975. Mooney careers on to 23.

28th over: Ire 88-9
England's record is passed at a canter, although with zero recognition at the Kensington Oval. Mooners to a majestic 22 with a little dapper of a sweep.

27th over: Ire 84-9
Rankin jabs at Clark's bouncer and watches motionless as the ball rolls slowly past his off stump. He then plays and misses in a half-interested way before going for a crazy run against Mike Hussey, only for the zinc-striped fielder to miss the stumps with the batsmen aghast mid-pitch.

26th over: Ire 82-9
Maiden from Hogg. "Bowling, Hogg!" yelps the imaginative Gilchrist.

25th over: Ire 82-9
Mooney to 20 with a single off Symonds. Here's the new target for Ireland - the 86 which England made in the one-dayer against Australia at Old Trafford in 2001. Good tip-off, Fergus in Dublin.

24th over: Ire 81-9
Boyd Rankin into the fray, and there's a huge shout for lbw which Umpire Rudi dismisses with a stentorian, "Not art," and a shake of the head.

24th over: WICKET - Langford-Smith c Ponting b Hogg 2, Ire 80-9
Wicket falls

Bom-bom-bom, another one bites the etc etc. L-S goes, shuffling back and popping the easiest of bad-pads to Ponto at short square leg. Leprechauns head for the bar in large numbers.

23rd over: Ire 80-8
And now he's on 19, top scorer in the entire innings, with an edge of Symonds to third man for four. His strangely-shaped burnished-copper moustache bristles with pride.

22nd over: Ire 74-8
Just what Ireland need - Hogg's now turning it sideways. The indomitable Mooney moves to 15.

21st over: WICKET - McCallan c Tait b Symonds 5, 72-8
Wicket falls

Whoopsie - Kyle pushes hopefully at Symonds and sends the ball arcing gently to Tait at mid-on for a casual pouch.

From Ben, Isle of Man, TMS inbox: "Here's something to ponder on between wickets: why are we told that polythene takes 100 years to biodegrade? If you use it as a barbeque cover it lasts about 18 months."

20th over: 72-7
Brad Hogg on for a twirl, and a run apiece for the plucky pair as Hogg barks at Gilchrist in a Warnie fashion.

From Paul, TMS inbox: "6 fo 6 off 6. Is Big Kev O'Brien the Antichrist?"

19th over: 70-7
McCallan sensibly gets off strike as quickly as he can, and Tait then nearly cuts Mooney in half with a vicious bouncer that sizzles out of Gilchrist's one-handed grasp for three wides. Mooney then brings his mettle to the party with two sumptuous drives through cover - one which Symonds half-stops for two, and another which speeds away for four. The batsmen punch gloves with shaking hands.

18th over: 59-7
John Mooney comes in to face Clark, and he's squinting down the track with abject terror. It's not him you want to be worrying about, John - it's the 90mph pant-soilers coming down from the other end. Maiden over.

From Michael Killingbeck, TMS inbox: "Why do the results of the poll not add up to 100%? 43+6+46+4=99. Another BBC conspiracy?"

Michael - I'm told there's been some rounding-down of percentages done by the computer. Arnie was wrong - the machines will never take over with that sort of slapdash effort. Anyway, what BBC conspiracies?

17th over: WICKET - Johnston b Tait 17, Ire 54-7
Wicket falls

Skipper's gone too, chasing a wide one from Tait and getting a fat inside edge back onto his timbers. He leans forward onto his bat and stays there for a while, an unhappy green tripod of despair.

16th over: Ire 54-6
Clark continues, and the squinting Johnston wafts and misses outside off before bottom-handing an in-drifter through midwicket for three.

From Jim Burfield in Ireland, TMS inbox: "Under normal circumstances Iżd feel sorry for Big Kev, but my mind turns back a few years to when he took 6 for 6 off 6 against my club (Cork Harlequins CC) when we played his (Railway Union CC) in the Irish Senior Cup. We were all out for 36 that day. Hurts, doesn't it Kev?"

15th over: Ire 50-6
Nice sight for new man Kyle McCallan - Shaun Tait's back on, pawing at the ground at the end of his 707-like run-up. Kyle gets gutsy with a big stride down the track and a nice drive through cover for two. Delirium among the Irish supporters.

14th over: WICKET - K O'Brien c Hodge b Clark 16, Ire 42-6
Wicket falls

Big Kev goes, clipping a loose one on leg from Clark straight down Brad Hodge's throat at midwicket. He can't believe it - he middled that one. Big smiles from Clark - that's his first World Cup wicket.

13th over: Ire 42-6
Eye in, Skip takes on his old pal McGrath and belts him delightfully through mid-on for four, before going one-handed on the drive for two through cover. Bang - that's the lowest-ever World Cup score out of the picture.

12th over: Ire 34-5
Smart from Clarkie again - McGrathesque accuracy, and skipper Trent J slashes and misses at two outside off.

From Rachel in Sweden, TMS inbox: "Think there was a bit of a typo there from Dave - he surely meant to write '30+."

11th over: WICKET - White c Hogg b McGrath 6, Ire 32-5
Wicket falls

Slower one from McGrath, and the dazed White pops it high over the bowler's head into Brad Hogg's waiting palms. Let's look on the bright side - Bangladesh were in all sorts of horror against England on this pitch on Wednesday, and look what happened there. That's right - seven more hours of the most turgid cricket you've ever laid disbelieving eyes on.

10th over: Ire 30-4
Super work from K O'B - a cruching back-foot drive off Clark for four.

From Dave in Scotland, TMS inbox: "Whilst Big Kev O'Brien's out there, I believe there is a realistic chance of Ireland getting a challenging 300+. What do you think?"

9th over: Ire 26-4
Oucherama - Andrew White loses sight of a McGrath bouncer and takes a fearsome clonk on the lid. He's down on his knees - by no means in an Andy Lloyd fashion, but certainly enough for the physio to come racing on. Said physio then takes White's head in his hands and tilts it gently to one side, for all the world as if he's going to lean in for a cheeky smooch.

From SM Oakden, TMS inbox: "I've hear a rumour that chatsman J Miller is obtaining residency with a view to opening the chatting for Ireland - do they need him?"

8th over: Ire 24-4
Stuart Clark in for his first joust of the tournament, and after a wilkommen wide he serves up six dot balls.

Vote results: 4787 had a pop - 46% think McGrath will get most wickets, 43% Tait, 6% Clark, 4% Hogg. And 3% Bruce Reid. Only joking.

7th over: Ire 23-4
More horrible accuracy from McGrath, who's now the leading wicket-taker in this World Cup with 17 scalps. Two very large Australian ladies in the crowd, their faces smeared with green and gold facepaint, shout "Go Aussie!" in slightly half-hearted fashion for the benefit of the TV cameras.

6th over: Ire 22-4
Tait's clearly feeling guilty about his demolition - he produces four wides and a no-ball to inch Ireland a fraction away from the abyss. O'Brien then fences at a steepler, only for Ponting to spill a real toughie diving full-length to his right at second slip. "Ricky - you've just dropped the World Cup!" you hope O'Brien shouts.

I'll get these stats in now, just so Ireland fans can celebrate when the landmarks are passed:
Lowest score in a World Cup match: Canada's 36 v Sri Lanka 2002
Lowest score in a one-day international: Zimbabwe's 35 v Sri Lanka 2004
Shortest innings in one-dayers: Namibia's 45 all out in 14 overs v Australia, 2003

5th over: WICKET - Morgan c Hayden b McGrath 0, Ire 12-4
Out for a duck

Uh-oh - there goes another - extra bounce from Pigeon and Eoin can only prod it straight to second slip. The Glazeralike sits down.

4th over: Ire 12-3
It's Kevin O'Brien to face Tait's hat-trick ball - and he fails to feather it to Gilchrist by the width of a mosquito's moustache. Suitably warmed-up, he leans into two over-pitched ones and clips them both through midwicket for four. A leprechaun with a lot of Malcolm Glazer about him celebrates wildly.

4th over: WICKET - N O'Brien b Tait 0, Ire 2-3
Out for a duck

Wallop - with the very next ball, he cleans up new man Niall. The ball was heading wide off off, but O'Brien poked at it and played on. He did well to poke, to be fair - that one topped 90mph.

4th over: WICKET - Porterfield lbw Tait 1, Ire 2-2
Wicket falls

Big in-boomer smashes into Porter's pads, there's a massive appeal, and Umps Rudi raises his slow Finger of Doom.

3rd over: Ire 2-1
Maiden from McGrath. It's no fun out there against these boys.

2nd over: Ire 2-1
Woof - Tait comes barrelling in and bowls a ball so fast it almost emits a sonic boom. Porterfield's still halfway through his shot when the ball smacks into Gilchrist's pouchers. Another one swings like Cynthia Payne after whistling past the off stump. Scary enough just watching it.

1st over: WICKET - Bray b McGrath 1, Ire 2-1
Wicket falls

Lordy - Bray's been cleaned up already... McGrath shuffles in, lands a yorker on off stump and the wood's wobbling. Glum faces on the men-dressed-as-leprechauns in the stands.

Little heads-up for all emailers - we've using a slightly different system today. All chat should be whacked in the postform on the top right of the webpage. Mobile users - stick to the usual text number.

1420 GMT:
Ireland fans - I'm not saying you don't deserve to be in the Super 8s - you clearly do. Let's lay that bad boy to rest from the off. All I'm saying is that this could be tricky. And possibly over before midnight.

1410 GMT:
How's about this for the first bit of chat - Ricky P's won the toss and told Ireland they can have a bat. That could make it interesting.

Australia v Ireland photos
13 Apr 07 |  Cricket


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