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Bangladesh v New Zealand
Antigua, 2 April 2007

Test Match Special podcast | Blog

New Zealand 178-1 (29.2 overs) bt Bangladesh 174 (48.3 overs) by 9 wickets

Captain Stephen Fleming hit 102 not out as New Zealand retained their unbeaten run at the World Cup with an easy nine-wicket win over Bangladesh.

New Zealand won the toss, forced Bangladesh to score slowly and then took regular wickets as their opponents tried to up the scoring rate in vain.

Scott Styris (4-43) was the chief beneficiary while Jacob Oram took 3-30 with the Tigers all out for 174.

Bangladesh took just one wicket, Syed Rasel having Peter Fulton caught.



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By Mark Mitchener

That's 50
29.2 overs: 178-1 - NZ WIN BY 9 WICKETS
Mohammad Ashraful is brought into the attack for his first over - merely needing to take nine wickets for three runs to win the match. Fleming hits a single, and Marshall then wins the match in style with a huge six over midwicket to bring up his fifty - has he done enough to keep his place when Ross Taylor returns? New Zealand have won by nine wickets. Thanks for your e-mails, and good night.

He's reached 100
29th over: 171-1
Fleming aims another blast towards the leprechauns, but this one is cut off on the boundary and they take two. He then slogs Hasan to deep square leg for four to bring up his hundred - his eighth in ODIs - off just 90 balls. One more hit wins it.

Here's the last few "cricketers as film stars" entries - concentrating on England this time:

  • "Paul Collingwood is John Inman! For months it's been bothering me, and now I've cracked it" (Alan Orpin)
  • "When you listen to the commentary on Freeview with the scorecard, the picture they have of Paul Collingwood looks very like Daniel Craig, the new James Bond" (Ruth, Oxon)
  • "Not a film star but a film reviewer. James Anderson and BBC Radio 1's James King. Separated at birth!" (Alan)
  • "Duncan Fletcher is a slightly older and fatter version of Leslie Nielsen from the Naked Gun and Police Squad" (Andy in Tooting)
  • "Just realised the Fleming/Bond link - perhaps Henry Blofeld can come down and play the villain? Who's M?" (Andrew Robertson)
  • "Not a film star I know but Derek Pringle looks so eerily like the lead singer of the Blue Aeroplanes (a nineties indie group) that it has always troubled me and needed mentioning" (Martin, Orléans)
  • "Cruel perhaps, but is Andrew Strauss preparing for a remake of The Invisible Man?" (Jim Myton, Exeter)
  • "Everyone knows that Plunkett is the junior doctor from Diagnosis Murder" (James Allen)
  • "With his gumshield in, Paul Nixon always reminds me of a Meerkat when he's up to stups and trying to peer over the batsman's helmet" (Tony Coghlan)
  • "What about Paul Nixon as Dr Evil from Austin Powers?" (Simon Marus, ex Warlingham CC)
  • "Don't you think Michael Vaughan could be Herman Munster?" (Tony Dayman, Poole)

    28th over: 160-1
    A slightly more sedate over from Rafique as Marshall and Fleming race through for a quick two. A direct hit would have seen the end of the Kiwi captain, but Rafique oddly decides not to catch the ball and remove the bails. Maybe he's resigned to their fate too.

    27th over: 153-1
    After a minute's silence on TMS (not in memory of anyone - Bryan Waddle pushed the wrong button), Marshall continues his assault on Hasan, while Fleming aims a massive six towards cow corner which nearly decapitates a watching leprechaun. But Fleming clears the leprechauns the next delivery as the NZ skipper lifts another even further back into the crowd. Is there something on the television he wants to see tonight?

    26th over: 137-1
    Rafique fires one down the leg side which is missed by both Marshall and keeper Rahim, and is signalled as five wides. Marshall later swats one down through the vacant slip cordon which also runs for four, so the Kiwis are cruising at this rate.

    Plenty of advice for TMS's Simon Mann [see 17th over] has arrived on his banana/plantain problems. To summarise the highlights:

  • "Plantains have elongated ends whilst bananas tend to have more rounded ends" (Wayne Radix, Grenada)
  • "Plantains' are bigger, harder and greener and generally duller in colour" (Shehu Mamman)
  • "Fried plantains are great!" (John Traynor)
  • "Simon, ask for a 'banana' when you purchase; it may bear fruit" (Cen Evans)

    25th over: 126-1
    Marshall hoists Hasan over the infield for two - and Fleming then goes down on one knee and lifts it over midwicket for six. Hasan looks disappointed that the fielder didn't get near it, but he'd probably have to have been Joel Garner or Curtley Ambrose to catch it. Fleming now has 76 from 84 balls, while Marshall has moved on to 30.

    24th over: 113-1
    Rafique is driven straight down the ground for four by Fleming, to a round of applause by the Beige Brigade who can clearly scent victory here. He and Marshall scamper through for more runs, so another profitable over for New Zealand.

    23rd over: 105-1
    The third left-arm spinner, Saqib Al Hasan is on. Marshall is now wearing a cap that is struggling to contain the frizziness of his curly hair. Fleming, whose hair is slightly tidier but could probably still do with a trim, also dons a cap - and the pair easily add another four runs.

    22nd over: 101-1
    Marshall looks for a quick single to short fine leg, but Fleming rightly sends him back. The atmosphere is slightly flat, with the Kiwis scoring off nearly every ball but with plenty of overs and wickets in hand, they have no need for fireworks.

    "That drinks cart is awesome, like something out of the Wacky Races, with blue and red hubcaps to boot! Which makes me think, did Dick Dastardly ever win a race?"
    Simon Dover in the TMS inbox

    As far as I'm aware, Simon, he failed to win a single race. He and Muttley did once cross the line first, but were disqualified!

    21st over: 98-1
    The fielding restrictions may be over, but the Tigers need a wicket fast if they are to avoid letting the game slip away from them. Bashar tries to rotate the field, but Marshall and Fleming still exchange effortless singles and twos. The fifty partnership comes up off just 67 balls.

    20th over: 91-1
    Mohammad Rafique, whose skipping run-up is in contrast to Razzak's quick steps, comes on as Bashar opts for slow left-arm from both ends. Fleming drives him straight down the ground for four, and the Kiwis take singles at will.

    Sir Viv Richards
    "Fleming just looks to be getting better and better. He's a magnificent player, especially when he's hitting the ball as sweetly as he is at the moment"
    Sir Viv Richards on TMS

    That's 50
    19th over: 83-1
    Razzak goes round the wicket to Marshall, who dabs the ball to short fine leg for a comfortable single. This leaves his captain on strike, and Fleming brings up his 49th ODI fifty with an easy single to mid-off. He raises his bat almost apologetically. Marshall is then dropped at mid-on by Saqib Al Hasan, whose entire face is smothered in sun block - did it get in his eyes?

    18th over: 80-1
    Marshall cover-drives Mortaza for four, and then pushes another quick single into the same area. Fleming pushes another one past the bowler, which just reaches the rope at long-off. He's now on 49, Marshall has 12, and the Kiwis need just 95 to win from 32 overs.

    17th over: 71-1
    Just three runs added from Razzak, and the little truck comes on to give the players a much-needed drinks break.

    "I can't tell the difference between bananas and plantain. I keep buying plantain by mistake and trying to peel it. Any advice?"
    Simon Mann on TMS

    16th over: 68-1
    Aleem Dar signals the third powerplay, Rasel's off after seven overs and Mortaza's back on. He bowls round the wicket, but a loose delivery is nudged down the leg side for four by Fleming, who then adds a single which takes him to 44.

    15th over: 63-1
    Another fluent cover drive from Fleming off Razzak. They take two. Black Caps firmly in the driving seat.

    "It's not just the minnows - we've had some one-sided games and some drab games between the so-called major countries. But it's longer than the football World Cup, and the rugby World Cup"
    Vic Marks on TMS

    14th over: 60-1
    Rasel continues for his seventh over, Marshall pushes for a single but in a repeat of the 12th over, Ahmed fails to pick the ball up cleanly and this time, Fleming comes through for the single. Fleming then takes the pace off the ball and caresses it to mid-on for another single.

    13th over: 58-1
    Razzak still darting them in. He's quite quick for a spinner, but Fleming hoists him to the long-on boundary for four. Another cover drive goes for two, while Marshall also contributes a couple of singles as nine is taken from the over.

    12th over: 49-1
    Marshall nearly runs himself out when he calls Fleming for a quick single and is sent back, curly hair flapping under his helmet, but Aftab Ahmed takes his eye off the ball and fails to pick it up. He then adds another single.

    11th over: 48-1
    Second powerplay taken. Razzak has a huge appeal for lbw against Marshall, but the stony-faced Rudi Koertzen is as unmoved as he was when England had Matthew Hayden plumb, twice, on the first evening at the MCG on Boxing Day - before he went on to get a massive hundred. I know, I was there! Hawkeye suggests Koertzen was right on this occasion. Marshall adds a single but Fleming is content to play out the rest of the over.

    Wicket falls
    10th over: WICKET - Fulton c Iqbal b Rasel 15 - NZ 47-1
    Rasel entices a big heave from Fulton, who mistimes his shot and spoons it straight into the waiting hands of Tamim Iqbal at mid-on. New batsman is Hamish Marshall, and he's off the mark from his first ball.

    "In response to Kev McCrindle's query [38th over of Bangladesh innings], I am the Richard Norman who opens the batting at Farnham CC with Alan Thorpe, brother of Graham. Would have prefered a comment that my batting skills are like Rob Key but I can't lie - he's not far off the mark..."
    Rich Norman in the TMS inbox

    9th over: 44-0
    Bashar turns to spin as Abdur Razzak, one of Bangladesh's three left-arm spinners, floats one down the leg side which brushes Fulton's pad and is dropped by Bashar at leg slip. Fulton has 15, Fleming 26, and neither has really broken sweat yet.

    8th over: 43-0
    Fleming powerfully off-drives Rasel and Tamim Iqbal just fails to prevent the boundary after diving headlong into a slightly sandy area just in front of the rope.

    "It's one thing to come out and follow a Test series here in the West Indies, but it's another to come out for a series of one-day games spread around nine countries with so many 'neutral' games"
    Ex-England off-spinner Vic Marks on TMS

    7th over: 39-0
    Some good relay fielding on the boundary saves a four from Fulton after he straight-drives Mortaza. But they pick up three, while three other comfortable singles push the score on before Fulton cover-drives for four and moves on to 14. Fleming has 22.

    More "cricketers as film stars", here are some more on the Kiwis, including the clearly popular Messrs Vettori & Styris...

  • "With his beard, could Daniel Vettori pass for both Benny and Bjorn from Abba?" (Geoff King, Dubai) [What, both at once?]
  • "Daniel Vettori looks like Dr Daniel Jackson from Stargate SG-1. Sad, but true" (James Penfold, Newdigate)
  • "Anyone else agree with my wife how much Vettori looks like a young John Major? Can't see it myself" (Mark Pearson, Kent)
  • "Just thought I would point out the eerie likeness between Trevor Penney, the erstwhile Sri Lankan fielding coach, and 'Wee' Jimmy Krankie, the Dorian Gray of children's TV" (Simon John, Swansea)
  • "Everyone knows that Scott Styris looks like Anthony Worrall Thompson!" (Colin, Edinburgh)
  • "I always thought Scott Styris was a dead ringer for George C Scott in 'Patton'" (Jon Huxtable, Brentwood)

    6th over: 29-0
    Keeper Rahim has donned a green helmet and is standing up to the stumps for Rasel, but Fleming opens the face and eases the ball to point for two. There is also a short cover fielder not far from the bat.

    "I don't know if Peter Fulton is under any instructions to bat aggressively like Lou Vincent would, but he doesn't look in any trouble so far"
    Ian Smith on TMS

    5th over: 26-0
    Fleming confidently square-drives Mortaza for four - and then chances his arm with a lofted drive over the bowler's head, which just loops wide of Bashar at mid-off. They run two. Fleming then continues to live dangerously, as he gets an inside edge past the stumps for four, but he sees the funny side. A much better stroke then sees the Kiwi skipper effortlessly glance it to square leg for four. 14 runs for Fleming from the over - but he could have been out twice...

    4th over: 12-0
    Just a legside wide from Rasel is added to the score, before Fleming pushes the last ball of the over down the ground for three.

    3rd over: 8-0
    Stephen Fleming faces his first ball, and is quickly off the mark with a push into the off side for a single. The rest of the over is nothing much to write about as World Cup mascot Mello (a furry, orange raccoon-like creature) poses in the crowd next to a blonde woman in a bikini, which attracts the lingering gaze of the TV cameraman. For several deliveries.

    "Fulton and Fleming are one of the tallest opening partnerships in world cricket, but not the quickest, so they've been working on those quick singles"
    Ex-NZ wicket-keeper Ian Smith on TMS

    2nd over: 7-0
    The recalled Syed Rasel, fresh from that useful last-wicket stand for the Tigers, comes in and also shoots a wide dpast the outside edge. Fulton then drives well into the off-side but a sprawling stop by Abdur Razzak at short extra cover prevents a single. Umpire Aleem Dar looks like he's wearing a shirt that's a size too big for him, as it billows in the wind when Fulton edges Rasel past the slips for four.

    1st over: 2-0
    Mortaza opens up with two slips against Fulton, who appears to be wearing a black headband under his helmet. Mortaza gets the Kiwis off the mark with a wide, while Fulton dabs a single into the leg-side.

    1844: The Black Caps are out to chase Bangladesh's fairly modest total - Peter Fulton is opening with Stephen Fleming. Here we go.

    Jonathan Agnew
    Continuing the discussion on glovemen and their merits from last night's BBC TV highlights:
    "Wicket-keepers are the smelliest of all cricketers" - Jonathan Agnew
    "Those that work the hardest, sweat the most" - Ian Smith

    1839: The TMS inbox is still struggling under the weight of all the "cricketers as film stars" that you've been sending in, so apologies if yours hasn't made the cut. Here's a few more, featuring your favourite Aussie stars...

  • "Nathan Bracken looks exactly like the guy who plays Dr Chase on House" (Helen St. Denis in Ottawa)
  • "Hayden as Buzz Lightyear, Ponting as Ratty's mate Moley in Wind in the Willows, and has anyone else spotted Warney as Phil Daniels' estranged missus in Eastenders? An Aussie behind a London bar? Surely not!" Jon Lee [would that be the Jon Lee from S Club 7?]
  • "I've always thought Ricky Ponting looks like a slightly angry teddy bear" (John C, Southport)
  • "Andrew Symonds wearing sunblock bears an uncanny resemblance to Papa Lazarou from the BBC comedy series The League of Gentlemen!" (Dr Mark Beecroft, Southampton)
  • "Adam Gilchrist = Willem Dafoe as Goblin from Spiderman" (Rich Cook, Earlsfield)
  • "You have to say that Adam Gilchrist looks like the yellow tellytubbie with those big ears!" (Dann, Sydney, Australia)
  • "Ricky Ponting = George W Bush" (Everyone, everywhere)

    1825: We're still waiting for the New Zealand innings, but I can tell you that their required run rate (175 in 50 overs) is exactly 3.5.

    "Whenever I visualise the live text guys, I can't help but recall the CBBC broom cupboard of days gone by. Is Edd the Duck anywhere nearby? Random thought number 2, the footrest I have under my desk is actually a box of sticklebricks"
    Paul Stewart in the TMS inbox

    No sign of Edd the Duck here in the Sport Interactive office, Paul - but anyone who's played cricket with me for the Canford Cygnets will vouch that when I'm batting, ducks are invariably never too far away.


    Wicket falls
    48.3 overs - WICKET - Rasel b Oram 10 - BAN 174 all out
    The Tigers' resistance is finally ended after Rasel swings and misses at a straight one from Oram, who picks up his third wicket (3-30). Rafique finishes with a highly respectable 30 not out from 36 balls, which makes him the top scorer in the innings. That's it from Bangladesh - we'll be back in a little while when New Zealand's innings starts.

    48th over: 173-9
    More singles flow off Vettori's last over. No wickets for the bespectacled tweaker today, he finishes with 0-34 from his 10 overs.

    47th over: 170-9
    Oram returns as Fleming looks for one last breakthrough. Rafique is clearly wasted at number nine, and confidently pulls him to the Cowardly Lion, sorry, McMillan at midwicket but only picks up a single. Rasel supports him well, chipping in with the odd single. Bangladesh coach Dav Whatmore looks as unmoved as ever on the balcony.

    "Surely the most obvious 'cricketer name anagram' has to be Brian Brain, of Worcs and Gloucs, late 1950s - early 1980s"
    Rob Turville, Guernsey in the TMS inbox

    46th over: 164-9
    As a Jamaica Police helicopter hovers near the ground [well, it looked like it said Jamaica Police], Vettori returns to the attack for his ninth over. Rafique mis-cuts him to backward point for a single, while a couple of leg byes also help the score along.

    "Come on Bangladesh give it a good fight, I want to see a close fought match!"
    Omar Iqbal, Nottingham, in the TMS inbox

    "Anyone wanting to take on Simon from Edinburgh's anagram challenge [see 33rd over] should, I would recommend, not start with Sri Lanka - anyone who can find an anagram from Muralitharan or Jayawardene are better people than I"
    Guy Bailey in the TMS inbox

    45th over: 159-9
    The Beige Brigade are on their feet for the last few overs. Styris's last over, can he get a five-for? A thick flailing edge past McCullum gives Rasel a four, and Styris finishes with 4-43.

    44th over: 153-9
    Rasel and Rafique add a couple of singles, before Rafique lifts Bond down to third man for four. He's suddenly on 22 as the Tigers reach the 150 mark. Bond retires with superb figures of 10-4-15-2.

    On the "cricketers as film stars" thread, there are several people who keep turning up time after time. Here's a "Daniel Vettori Special"...

  • "Daniel Vettori looks a bit like Louis Theroux, and often sports a similarly puzzled expression" (Michael Gale)
  • "Daniel Vettori definitely looks like evil Nicholas Cage's brother in Face Off" (Geoff, Chertsey)
  • "Scott Styris is clearly the offspring of Michael Douglas. Daniel Vettori used to be the lead singer from Semisonic, following on from his teen acting as Dawson from the Creek!!" (Tom Mitcham in Skipton)
  • "Daniel Vettori looks like Matthew McConnaghay, the bloke from "A Time To Kill" with Samuel L Jackson, who ironically looks a bit like Steve Bucknor...spooky" (Ian, Bristol)
  • "Sent a friend the 'Vettori as Harry Potter' comments and got torrents of abuse from her. She thinks he looks like Heath Ledger in the Brothers Grimm movie" (Ali in Ireland)

    Wicket falls
    43rd over: WICKET - Razzak c sub (Gillespie) b Styris 0, BAN 147-9
    Razzak takes a ludicrous swipe off his second ball and skies the ball to mid-off. Styris now has four wickets, and may even fancy himself against last man Syed Rasel. However, the batsmen crossed on the catch - and Rafique then sweeps Styris for six over midwicket. Amazing scenes. He then pinches the strike with a bye.

    Jonathan Agnew
    "Why has Razzak done that? He's the number 10 and done that to his second ball!"
    Jonathan Agnew on TMS

    Wicket falls
    42.1 overs: WICKET - Mortaza b Styris 2 - BAN 140-8
    Styris's seemingly innocuous medium pace strikes again as Mortaza's stumps are splayed. Just two wickets remaining, and number 10 Abdur Razzak joins fellow left-arm spinner Rafique at the crease.

    42nd over: 140-7
    Bond still on for his ninth over, can he help bowl Bangladesh out? If it goes the distance, we'll have to see McMillan again. Rafique gives a repeat performance of his "loft to long-on", although this one only earns two runs.

    41st over: 138-7
    At last the Tigers show their teeth as Rafique hoists Styris over the ropes at long-on for a mighty six. Mortaza re-ties his laces but does not add to his score.

    "In hospitals there is a trend for using animals to treat patients, such as using live maggots to treat burns. Maybe Pravin could try using a pike to remove his aural obstruction? I believe they eat sticklebacks, perhaps they eat sticklebricks too."
    Ian, Little Skivving, London in the TMS inbox

    40th over: 131-7
    Will Bangladesh bat out their overs? Mortaza manages to nudge Bond for a single to third man. His new partner Mohammad Rafique gets an edge to fine leg for one.

    Wicket falls
    39th over: WICKET - Ashraful b Styris 3 - BAN 129-7
    After that brief over of McMillan, Styris is back - and he is soon smiling again as Ashraful, arguably the Tigers' last recognised batsman, attempts to guide the second ball of the over down to third man but only succeeds in chopping on to his stumps. Now Styris has a wicket maiden.

    38th over: 129-6
    Bond's seventh over is a maiden to the nervous-looking Mortaza. His figures now 7-4-5-2.

    "Was that 'bombing or petting' enquiry from the same Richard Norman, Surrey who used to open the batting for Farnham with Graham Thorpe's brother, and bore a remarkable athletic similarity to Rob Key?"
    Kevin McCrindle, Hampshire, in the TMS inbox

    37th over: 129-6
    McMillan is back into the attack, and doesn't even take his sunglasses off to bowl as Fleming - with Mason and Franklin still off the field - looks to make up an over from a non-regular bowler. Just two runs are added, with new batsman Mashrafe Mortaza off the mark with a single.

    Wicket falls
    36th over: WICKET - Rahim b Bond 0 - BAN 127-6
    Well, that didn't last. Two wickets in an over from Bond, who yorks Rahim with his fifth ball as the hapless gloveman tries to play a back-foot defensive shot. A double-wicket maiden from Bond, whose figures are now an extremely impressive 6-3-5-2.

    Wicket falls
    35.1 overs: WICKET - Hasan b Bond 25 - BAN 127-5
    Bond Is Back! Fleming makes a change of bowling and throws the ball to spearhead Shane Bond, who immediately makes an impact as Hasan is clean bowled with the first delivery of his second spell. The new batsman is 18-year-old wicket-keeper Mushfiqur Rahim, who shoulders arms to his first ball.

    35th over: 127-4
    Ashraful slashes past point for a single, while Styris is bowling with six men on the off-side to Hasan, who nevertheless finds the gap as both batsman add some singles which the Kiwis still seem happy to concede.

    Sir Viv Richards
    "Bangladesh may be looking to up the tempo, as they've been consolidating for a long time"
    Sir Viv Richards on TMS

    Wicket falls
    34th over: WICKET - Bashar run out (Oram) 9 - BAN 122-4
    Bashar succumbs when he cuts Vettori to third man, comes back for the second run and is run out as Oram spears in the throw and McCullum gleefully demolishes the stumps. The new man is Mohammad Ashraful, who I think may be a better batsman than his place in the order suggests.

    33rd over: 120-3
    Hasan punches one from Styris to long-off as they take another comfortable single. Bashar then cuts loose with a pull to long leg, although Vettori scampers round to cut off the boundary as they run through for two.

    "This is like a middle-distance race. Somebody's got to make a move here. but you're not going to see a rash of fours on a ground this size"
    Vic Marks on TMS

    "'Omar pulls Oram'. Here's fun: Can anyone think of other pairs of cricketers whose names are anagrams of each other?"
    Simon, Edinburgh in the TMS inbox

    32nd over: 115-3
    Vettori seems happy to concede singles, with four coming from this over, while he boosts the Tigers score himself with a wide.

    31st over: 110-3
    Another tidy over from Styris, with just a single added by Bashar. Fleming will hope to get a full 10 overs from Styris, considering his two injured pace bowlers.

  • "Chanderpaul is the guy from the waiting room in Beetlejuice with the shrunken head" (Louise Pugh)
  • "Daniel Vettori has got to be Harry Potter" (Stuart Smith, Stockholm)
  • "I always thought Matthew Hayden, when batting, looked like Bert from Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie, while Ponting looks like an Elf from a magical, faraway land" (Darren Phillips)
  • "Scott Styris looks like 'The Count' from Sesame Street" (Adam Tyas, Doncaster)
  • "Aggers has a distinct similarity to Nick Park's "Wallace" out of Wallace and Gromit" (Andy, New Farnley CC)

    30th over: 109-3
    Vettori wheels away for his sixth over, and the Tigers are a little becalmed as just two runs are added. NZ will certainly be happy with the run rate at this stage.

    "It's canny Kiwi professionalism, rather than any devastating bowling, which has taken the wickets. Physically, Bashar reminds me of Keith Fletcher as he's thin, wristy and wiry"
    Vic Marks on TMS

    Wicket falls
    29th over - WICKET, Ahmed c sub (Gillespie) b Styris 27 - BAN 107-3
    Just when he was looking good, Ahmed gives Styris the old heave-ho and it goes straight down the throat of long-on. Captain Habibul Bashar strides to the crease and is soon off the mark with a single. Three singles from the over.

    28th over: 104-2
    Bangladesh bring up the hundred with a single off Vettori. In response to Pravin Gorajala's e-mail (see 23rd over), here is plenty of advice on how to remove a sticklebrick from your ear:

  • "1 - Hold naked flame to sticklebrick causing sticklebrick to melt. 2 - Tip one's head to the side to facilitate pouring" (Nigel Voaden)
  • "This is a more common problem than you might think. The best remedy is to get another long thin sticklebrick, push it in, connecting the two up, and thus retract the first offender - PS, I'm not a real doctor" (Andy Keeler, Tonbridge)
  • "If you go to A&E they have special long tweezers, however if it has gone in too far they will have to put you under a general anaesthetic to protect your ear drum. I discovered this when the end of a cotton bud detached in my ear, but luckily I was allowed to stay conscious whilst it was removed. On a separate occasion, my brother's doctor told him 'nothing smaller than your elbow should be allowed in your ear'. Good luck" (Sion Harris)
  • "I'm not sure on how you get a sticklebrick in your ear, but maybe you should try something less pointy like a single block of Lego and work your way up. One day Duplo in the ear may earn you a mighty living" (James, bored in Newcastle)

    27th over: 99-2
    Ahmed looks to play Styris off his legs, but it goes for two leg-byes as Bond cuts it off on the boundary. Hasan then plays a remarkable, unorthodox, cack-handed scoop down to fine leg for a single, as though he was shovelling earth in his garden.

    26th over: 91-2
    Vettori comes over the wicket to Hasan, but just a couple of singles are added. Ahmed has 24, Hasan has 6.

    25th over: 89-2
    Scott Styris is the seventh bowler used by New Zealand. He replaces Oram, and Ahmed keeps the score ticking over with a two off his first ball. He then carefully guides one to backward square leg and they scamper through for another two. Good running between the wickets between these two.

    24th over: 85-2
    Some ragged NZ fielding allows a couple of singles, while Ian Smith on TMS reveals that the pitchside pool is not in full use today because there's a crack in it. Some fans are sitting by the side, dipping their feet in to keep cool.

    23rd over: 82-2Ahmed is looking well set here already. He drives Oram past long-off for four, and is clearly looking to build on the start the openers gave them. He then nearly holes out to midwicket, where the ball bounces just in front of Peter Fulton, who does an acrobatic roll.

    "Not sure how relevant this is to the game, but has anyone got any tips on how to remove a Sticklebrick from my ear?"
    Pravin Gorajala in the TMS inbox

    22nd over: 77-2
    Ahmed hits against the spin, lofting Vettori into the on-side for four. With the field changed, he then pushes the next ball behind square leg for a single. The inbox is going mad with e-mails, so here's some more "cricketers as film characters and others"...

  • "Brian Lara looks like Geordi La Forge from Star Trek Next Generation - the one with the Alice band across his eyes for the non-trekkie types." (Mike Barrow, Morecambe)
  • "Was a little surprised recently to see Chris Harris as the outback Psycho killer in Wolf Creek. Not really a film star, but Stephen Fleming used to be one of the Banana Splits. Or maybe he was Hong Kong Phooey" (Martin Smith, bored in Chelmsford)
  • "Scott Styris looks like that evil bloke from Lost, the current series has been pretty poor compared to the others" (Hamshany Sivayogarajah) [No spoilers on Lost please, for the benefit of those of us who don't have Sky - the same goes for 24]
  • "Liam Plunkett is substituting for Michael Carrick" (Neil Lever, Preston)

    21st over: 70-2
    Fielding restrictions over, and Oram's still on, and why not? He's got two wickets and two of the other bowlers have gone off injured, after all. McCullum blots his copybook by allowing four byes through, while another single and a leg bye are added.

    20th over: 64-2
    With Franklin still off, Vettori scratches his beard before beginning his spell of slow left-arm spin, and Ahmed takes a quick single off his first ball. Vettori then appeals for a catch behind down the leg side, but Aleem Dar is correctly unmoved as no contact was made.

    Wicket falls
    19th over: WICKET - Omar c McCullum b Oram 22 - BAN 62-2
    Vettori is warming up but it's still Oram for his seventh over. He picks up his second wicket when Omar swishes at one, gets a faint edge and it's an easy catch for McCullum. Kiwi commentators Bryan Waddle and Ian Smith have a friendly spat on TMS about whether they can still beat their sons at cricket. The new batsman is Saqib Al Hasan.

    18th over: 61-1
    Ahmed off the mark when he opens the face and dabs another one wide of slip for four. Franklin shakes his head in frustration, and gets a little reassuring pat on his bonce from Fleming. Franklin then leaves the field by 14th man Mark Gillespie, the third substitute fielder used by the Kiwis. Gary Pratt, if you're reading this, get yourself to Antigua as you might get on at this rate.

    "Please can you confirm if any bombing or petting is allowed in the pitchside pool?!"
    Rich Norman in Surrey, in the TMS inbox

    No idea, Rich. Or ducking, running or shouting, come to that. Given Aggers' comments from earlier, it may depends if it's a Caribbean pool or a strict ICC pool?

    Wicket falls
    17th over: WICKET - Iqbal st McCullum b Oram 29 - BAN 55-1
    Omar pulls Oram to square leg, where umpire Aleem Dar leaps out of the way just in time as they take a couple. He then skies one into the same area which falls safe as they add another single. Iqbal then leaves his crease once again, misses a leg-side scoop and is the victim of a smart stumping by McCullum as Asad Rauf adjudges that hs bat was still in the air when the stumps were broken. In comes Aftab Ahmed.

    16th over: 51-0
    Fleming takes the third powerplay as Omar edges Franklin through the vacant slip area for four. The horse having bolted, Fleming slams the stable door closed by moving himself to slip. Omar then brings up 50 for Bangladesh by squirting one just wide of Fleming for a single.

    "It will worry Stephen Fleming that they haven't been able to get anyone out, as Bangladesh are only young but they're playing with youthful exuberance. They've seen Bond off, and now they're cashing in."
    Ex-NZ wicket-keeper Ian Smith on TMS

    15th over: 45-0
    Oram drops one a little short which the left-handed Iqbal clubs through midwicket for four. He then dances down the pitch again, but adjusts his stroke in time to dab one into the off-side. He moves on to 27, while Omar has 13.

    "Have the Bangladesh batsmen taken Dav Whatmore's advice of being more patient too seriously, or are they just modelling their game on Ian Bell?"
    Shahim Ahmed, London, in the TMS inbox

    14th over: 41-0
    Franklin nearly forces an edge from Omar with one that nips through. He then scampers through for a leg-bye, although keeper McCullum hits the stumps with a sharp throw to the striker's end. Iqbal then runs one down to third man. Antigua apparently encompasses just 108 square miles.

    Jonathan Agnew
    "All the best sides seem to have hard-hitting left-handers at the top of the over - the likes of Gilchrist, Hayden, Jayasuriya, and even Gayle. That type of player has really come to the fore in this tournament."
    Jonathan Agnew on TMS

    13th over: 39-0
    Oram goes round the wicket to Iqbal, who is beginning to look comfortable. He then gives Oram the charge and Oram drops one in short, which hits the youngster in the ribs. Just a couple of singles added.

    Here's a batch of "cricketers as film characters" which has begun to swamp the TMS inbox:

  • "The Windies' Chris Gayle is a dead ringer for film star Eddie Murphy" (Michel Wylie, Ottawa, Canada)
  • "Jon Lewis = Edward Scissorhands, Paul Nixon = Robocop when they take his helmet off" (Mike, Sheffield)
  • "Surely Andrew Symonds is The Predator!" (Paul De'Ath, Edinburgh)
  • "Steve Bucknor is a dead ringer for Morgan Freeman" (Dominic Turner, Luxembourg)
  • "How about Flintoff being Tom Hanks' character from the film Cast Away?" (Lee Purnell, Bristol)

    12th over: 37-0
    Bond off, Franklin on from the Northern End. The teenage Iqbal executes an exquisite square cut through point for four, and is then denied another certain boundary by a superb diving stop from Marshall. He then gets an inside edge to the fine leg boundary, evading 13th man Ross Taylor, the second sub fielder used by the Kiwis. Iqbal moves on to 21.

    11th over: 28-0
    Rudi Koertzen signals the second powerplay as Iqbal nudges one off his legs for a single. Omar then fishes outside the off-stump to Oram, who then lets fly with a bouncer which Omar ducks under. Oram bowling to Omar, I must watch my typing!

    10th over: 27-0
    Bond continues his impressive economy as Omar tickles one down to third man for a single. The TMS team have a little trouble with Sir Viv Richards' microphone, but the great man is now loud and clear as the Tigers add a couple more singles.

    9th over: 24-0
    Franklin's off already, and Jacob Oram - the fourth bowler used from that end already - bowls to Iqbal who edges just in front of Scott Styris at second slip and it goes through his hands for four. Just one other single added.

    The pitchside pool, so beloved of the Aussies and their inflatable kangaroos, is empty so far. I can report that the official rules, posted nearby, state "No diving. No food and drink in pool. Nudity not allowed. Maximum capacity 20."

    "My swimming is dreadful"
    Ex-England off-spinner Vic Marks on TMS

    8th over: 19-0
    First run off the bat for three overs as Iqbal nudges a single off Bond. Omar tentatively defends the next one - described by TMS commentator Simon Mann as "a stabbing prod" and summariser Vic Marks as "a prodding stab". A lovely sunny day in Antigua, but no real fireworks yet.

    "Hamish Marshall has to be Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons"
    Ben Richards in the TMS inbox

    7th over: 18-0
    Another tidy over - a maiden from Mason to Omar - to warm the hearts of the watching New Zealand "Beige Brigade" in their retro 1980s brown ODI replica kit. Some even sport wigs and eccentric facial hair. Luckily, the ICC hasn't got round to banning wigs not made by their own approved sponsor yet - while handlebar moustaches are not judged as "ambush marketing"...

    6th over: 18-0
    Bond's first ball goes for four leg-byes, but another quiet over from the Kiwi spearhead. There are no fewer than five supporters in full Irish leprechaun outfits sitting on a little wall in the crowd.

    5th over: 14-0
    McMillan's off after his half-over, and left-arm seamer James Franklin enters the attack, a little earlier that he expected. Iqbal drives into the off-side and takes a single as the curly-haired Hamish Marshall makes a sprawling half-stop. Omar then punches his second boundary of the innings through extra cover.

    "Whenever I read the name 'Shane Bond' it always gives me a mental image of a fat bleached blond bloke in a tuxedo sending text messages to a girl in a white bikini"
    Ian Melding in the TMS inbox

    "Since the growth of his red beard, I think Craig McMillan now looks like the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz"
    Simon Marus, Egham in the TMS inbox

    Well, we did "cricketers as superheroes" the other day but are there any other film characters that come to mind?

    4th over: 9-0
    Iqbal has to defend the first couple against Bond, before flicking another single down to McMillan at fine leg. Bond hits Omar on the thigh pad, he's bowled very tidily so far.

    "Hear hear Aggers! Well said. Get that man a beer and steel drum"
    Naomi Williamson, Coventry, in the TMS inbox

    3rd over: 8-0
    Tigers off the mark as Omar drives the first ball of the over past the bowler, before being hit on the pad with the second. Mason then pulls up with what appears to be a calf injury, and goes off for treatment - so Craig McMillan comes on to bowl the remaining three balls with his military medium. Sub fielder Jeetan Patel is immediately in the action, saving a boundary as Omar takes three to McMillan's first ball.

    2nd over: 0-0
    Bond runs in to the left-handed Iqbal, and he sends down another maiden. Bangladesh not taking too many risks so far, while the TV cameraman is already bored and has alighted on a couple of pretty young ladies in the crowd.

    1st over: 0-0
    Omar leaves the first couple from Mason who gets a bit of early swing, while Vettori hacks a spot in the field with the heel of his boot - presumably so he can remember where he's supposed to stand. Fleming even brings in a third slip for the final delivery. It's a maiden.

    "Shane Bond always takes the second over for New Zealand, and I've never quite discovered why. Allan Donald never used to with the white ball for South Africa, either."
    Bryan Waddle on TMS

    1428: We're nearly under way. Javed Omar and Tamim Iqbal to open for the Tigers, while Michael Mason is taking the new ball for the Kiwis.

    Jonathan Agnew
    "They have to get these prices down, to get the crowds in. We want a Caribbean World Cup, and at the moment we're having an ICC World Cup."
    Jonathan Agnew on TMS

    1415: The Kiwis are unchanged, with batsman Ross Taylor still out injured while seamer Mark Gillespie still has to wait for his first appearance after recovering from a shoulder problem. Meanwhile, Bangladesh bring in Javed Omar for Shahriar Nafees at the top of the order, while paceman Syed Rasel replaces the injured Tapash Baisya. Here are the line-ups.

    Bangladesh: Javed Omar, Tamim Iqbal, Habibul Bashar (capt), Aftab Ahmed, Saqib Al Hasan, Mohammad Ashraful, Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Mohammad Rafique, Mashrafee Mortaza, Abdur Razzak, Syed Rasel.

    New Zealand: Peter Fulton, Stephen Fleming (capt), Hamish Marshall, Scott Styris, Craig McMillan, Jacob Oram, Brendon McCullum (wk), Daniel Vettori, James Franklin, Shane Bond, Michael Mason.

    Umps are Rudi Koertzen and Aleem Dar, with Asad Rauf holding court over TV replays.

    1405: Stephen Fleming, who celebrated his 34th birthday on Sunday, has won the toss and elected to field. The Kiwis have won eight of their last 10 ODIs.


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