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England v Kenya
St Lucia, 24 March 2007

Test Match Special podcast | Blog

England 176-3 bt Kenya 177 by seven wickets

Ed Joyce and Kevin Pietersen hit half-centuries as England eased past Kenya, winning by seven wickets and qualifying for the Super 8 phase.

England had lost two early wickets after skipper Michael Vaughan and Ian Bell both fell to catches.

Joyce and Pietersen put on 103 before Joyce was bowled by Kenya captain Steve Tikolo for 75, but Pietersen and Collingwood saw England home.

Earlier, Tikolo made 76 in a rearguard action as his side made 177.



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By Tom Fordyce

33rd over: Eng 178-3
There it is - England have won by seven wickets, and they're through to the Super 8s. Solid rather than spectacular today - hats off to KP, who finishes on 56 not out to see his side home. No points to take into the next stage, but at least England have qualified - no repeat of the nightmares of 1999 and 2003.

32nd over: Eng 176-3
Colly cuts again for four. KP then has two balls to get the two needed for victory, and studiously defends them both. He's been that responsible.

31st over: Eng 171-3
Collins O again, and it's four easy singles.

30th over: Eng 167-3
Colly drives Tiko wide of mid-off for four, and then rocks back to cut him for another boundary. Lovely timing, and we're nearly there.

29th over: Eng 157-3
Collins Obuya on with his steepling leggies, and Colly gets off the mark with a push off a full toss.

28th over: WICKET - Joyce b Tikolo 75, Eng 155-3
Wicket falls

A tired push from Joyce and Tikolo's turner goes straight through his gate. Joyce faced 90 balls, his nine fours and one six. Looks a tad disappointed as he trudges off, but he's done his job.

27th over: Eng 154-2
That's 50

Half-century for KP - a relatively-controlled affair, and that's to his credit on this flat ole pitch. 54 balls, five fours and a six.

26th over: Eng 149-2
Steady as she goes.

25th over: Eng 148-2
England cruising - Joyce late-cuts Kamande for a lovely four. He's relaxing now, and England need only 30 more. From 18 overs. Don't want to spoil your fun, but if you decide to pop off for the evening, I'll understand.

24th over: Eng 137-2
Steve Tikolo brings himself on, and Joyce times a lovely back-foot drive through cover for four. Looking increasingly confident now, the Irishman.

23rd over: Eng 131-2
Kamande continues; two singles to Joyce, one to KP. Shadows lengthening across the St Lucia pitch.

22nd over: Eng 128-2
Joyce lofts Varaiya gently back over the bowler's head for a casual four. He's on 60 off 74, Pietersen 39 off 40.

21st over: Eng 120-2
Kamande in with his weird mix of medium-pace wobblers and offies - just the single, with Joyce slicing just short of point.

20th over: Eng 119-2
Good over for England, and the runs are starting to come - Pietersen stoops to heave Varaiya over midwicket for a flat, skimming six and then leans forward to pop a full-toss to fine leg for a good two. Nice batting.

19th over: Eng 105-2
That's 50

A flipped semi-sweep for two brings up Joyce's 50 from 59 balls. A neat enough innings - his second one-day half-century on the bounce.

18th over: Eng 101-2
Just in case you're interested, England's football team have just been held to a 0-0 draw by Israel. I'm told the performance was shocking. I can believe it.

17th over: Eng 99-2
Beauty and the beast from KP - a wonderful short-arm back-foot drive through cover off a ball with zero pace, and then an ugly flay which nicks an inside edge through Ouma's legs for four.

16th over: Eng 90-2
Two singles to Joyce, one to Pietersen. to be fair to England, this is no belter of a track - it's a drying-out strip of bread pudding.

15th over: Eng 87-2
Pietersen drives Suji sweetly for four - the ball wasn't that full, but he timed it delightfully. Still rather dour fayre out there - not quite the fireworks we're hearing about from St Kitts. Still, only three or so an over needed - England very much favourites. Will they get through the Super 8s? I wouldn't pile your savings on it.

14th over: Eng 83-2
Left-arm spinner Hiren Varaiya into the melee, and Pietersen is extremely lucky - dropped by 'keeper Ouma off a tough chance first ball, and then spooning his second between point and cover. He then creams the next along the ground past cover for four. Dicey - very dicey.

13th over: Eng 76-2
Suji into the attack, and just a single apeice for the England pair. Drinks break - it's scorchio out in the middle.

12th over: Eng 74-2
Excellent from Joyce - he leans back to crack Onyango in front of point for four, and then pulls him off his hip for the first six of the innings. That's eased the pressure a touch.

11th over: Eng 61-2
KP being tied right down with a well-placed field - men blocking his favourite area between midwicket and mid-on and in the same arc on the off-side. He's getting twitchy - hope he's not had too many cans of his prefered caffeinated beverage.

10th over: Eng 57-2
Lameck Onyango comes on to bowl, wearing a shirt that says Ngoche - which is his third name. It's the KP-Joyce show for England now. On the England balcony, Ian Bell looks like a lost - and sunburned - 10-year-old boy. You wouldn't be surprised if he started crying.

9th over: WICKET Bell ct sub (Bhudia) b Odoyo 16, Eng 52-2
Wicket falls

Lame from Bell - nothing special on the ball, but he drives it gently to mid-off. That was poor - all around me England fans are shaking their heads. England have got to be careful here - it's all looking a bit slap-dash right now.

8th over: Eng 45-1
Bell calls for a quick single into the off-side from Ongondo and makes his ground only with the help of a big dive-slide. Joyce then seizes on two short ones, pulling one over midwicket for four and driving the other off the back foot through point.

7th over: Eng 35-1
No-ball and wide from Odoyo, plus a scampered two to Bell. Very busy-looking, Bell. Badger's been at him.

6th over: Eng 30-1
Whoosh - big let-off for Bell, as he cuts Ongondo's long-hop to Collins O at gully - only for the man of the mo to let the chance sting through his fingers.

5th over: Eng 22-1
Bell, who got busy in the remnants of that last over with a three through cover and four driven straight, takes a single off Odoyo as Joyce does the same. He's batting well out of his crease, the little strawberry blond - that's naked aggression as far as he's concerned.

4th over: WICKET - Vaughan ct Obuya b Ongondo 1, Eng 12-1
Wicket falls

The skipper's gone cheaply again, pushing weakly off the back foot and spooning an outside edge to gully where Collins O takes a brilliant two-handed catch diving full-length to his left. One day Vaughan will get a decent limited overs score - one day...

3rd over: Eng 12-0
Joyce tucks Odoyo off his pads for a sinple four, and then wafts at an in-dipper which misses off by half a fraction. Relax - I know that's not possible.

2nd over: Eng 5-0
Ongondo to Joyce, and the Middlesex man drives beautifully through cover for four. That'll help his confidence. He then leaves one which snakes back at his off-stump but sizzles by.

1st over: Eng 1-0
Thomas Odoyo opens up, and he slides one across left-hander Joyce early on. Joyce then nibbles a single to get off the mark. Stands filling up here.


43rd over: WICKET - Onyango run out (Nixon) 10, Ken 177 all out
That's your lot - Badger does the business with his glove off as Kenya go for a crazy last-over single, and England need 178 to go through to the Super 8s.

42nd over: WICKET - Ongondo run out (Vaughan) 3, Ken 170-9
Wicket falls

Frantic scenes in St Lucia, but Vaughan stays calm to underarm the stumps down as he runs in from point. Umpire Parker signals to the third umpire, but Ongondo can't be bothered waiting - by the time he's finally given out, he's already back in the pavillion.

41st over: WICKET - Tikolo b Flintoff 76, Ken 164-8
Wicket falls

Wonderful yorker from Freddie, and Tikolo's fine knock is over. Fred gives him a slap on the back as he walks off, and Tikolo replies with a big gappy grin.

40th over: Ken 164-7
Mahmood in at the death, and no boundaries, which is saying something. Vaughan misfields at point to gift Tikolo two - and it he could stare at himself in disapproval, he would.

39th over: Ken 158-7
Tikolo pop-sweeps Anderson for one; Lameck Onyango aims for space but has to settle for deep cover for another single.

38th over: Ken 154-7
Monty's eighth over, and he's gone for a total of 28 so far - very useful. Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" floats across the ground. Never a fan of that boy. Or his rubber quiff.

37th over: WICKET - Kamande b Collingwood 17, Ken 151-7
Wicket falls

Good ball from Colly - full and a fraction slower, and Kamande - giving himself enough room to build a bungalow - misses with his almighty mow.

36th over: Ken 148-6
Tikolo sweeps for two from Monty. Run-rate still just above four an over, which would take Kenya to a total of 177 if they bat out their 43 overs.

35th over: Ken 144-6
Kamande sweeps again to the returned Colly, and it rolls away to the vacant fine leg area for four. Decent stand coming together here - Tikolo's up to 65, Kamande 17.

34th over: Ken 138-6
Kamande sweeps Monty so fine he only just avoids playing on. 200 would be a decent total for Kenya here - although England should surely fancy that against their flimso attack.

From BBC Sport's Martin Gough in St Lucia: "England need to bowl all 43 overs before 1828 GMT (love the ICC's precision) to avoid fines. This could be the shortest lunch break on record. At least the rule that used to dock overs from the second innings in these cases has been banished since the last World Cup."

33rd over: Ken 132-6
Another let-off for Kenya - Jimmy Kamande hares down the track for a suicide single, Bell throws at the bowler's end but Anderson fails to gather. Sloppy.

32nd over: Ken 130-6
Tikolo cuts Mont nicely for four backward of point. Up chirps Badger: "Bowling bowling bowling, let's go let's go let's go..."

31st over: Ken 124-6
Anderson replaces Fred, and Tikolo pushes him for one to leg before driving nicely to Pietersen on the cover boundary for two more.

30th over: Ken 119-6
Monty good again - Tikolo wants to get busy, but loop and turn keep him rooted. Good field placing from Vaughan too - a man on the drive and at slip, in case that big joust comes.

29th over: Ken 117-6
Ed Joyce - hang your head in sha...oh, you have. Tikolo spoons a straightforward chance to mid-on, but the Middlesex opener spills a catch my little sister could have taken. Although she's quite good a snagger - even with a hard ball.

28th over: Ken 113-6
That's 50

Skipper Tikolo gets his half-ton with a push for one from Monty. Excellent captain's knock - 58 balls it's taken him, and he's saved his team from humiliation here.

27th over: WICKET - Odoyo lbw Flintoff 4, Ken 112-6
Wicket falls

Massive appeal from The Badger, nothing from Freddie, but Umpire Parker has no doubt. Replays show he was spot on, too - that was mashing middle.

26th over: Ken 109-5
Monty does the bizzo, varying his pace and flight nicely. Just the two singles. Mont's loving all this - Britain's most enthusiastic man.

25th over: Ken 107-5
As the none-camper sounds of Right Said Fred drift across the ground, Flintoff returns. Three singles and a wide to the total, and time for a cheeky drinks break.

24th over: WICKET - Obuya run out 10, Ken 99-5
Wicket falls

Shambles for Kenya - Tikolo stands his ground after an lbw apeal from Monty is turned down, but Obuya has steamed through for a single. Bopara picks up at gully, throws back to Monty and the bails are off. Obuya's furious - he beats the ground with his bat before striding off in a monstrous strop.

23rd over: Ken 99-4
Obuya takes on Colly, whacking him over mid-on for four after a sumptuous straight drive for another boundary. Could be Monty O'Clock here - it's got that feel about it...

22nd over: Ken 90-4
Sajid - come on, son... He bowls the slowest bouncer of his adult life, and Tikolo is gutted to only get a two down to fine leg. A thick edge whistles through second slip for a four, and Mahmood's not doing the case for his inclusion any favours whatsoever.

21st over: Ken 84-4
Collins Obuya gets a leading edge of Colly, but the ball drops safe. Colly's wearing as much sun-block as you'd expect from a man of his burnished copper barnet - there's at least half a tube smeared on his chops alone.

20th over: Ken 77-4
Interesting chat from our vote there - 43% of you think Kenya will score between 100 and 150 today, with 42% going for 150-200. I'm with the 43%, although if the prediction goes wrong I'll go back into this text and change it. Just need the ego-boost a small win like that would provide, if I'm honest.

19th over: WICKET - Mishra b Collingwood 0, Ken 14, 74-4
Wicket falls

Tanmay Mishra has a stinker - he chops Colly onto his stumps without bothering the scorers. Well, he obviously did bother the scorers - they had to ink in his dismissal. But he didn't bother 'em for too long.

18th over: WICKET - Suji ct Vaughan b Mahmood 14, Ken 73-3
Wicket falls

Mahmood, who's looked extremely average, gets lucky as Suji drives him loosely straight to the skipper at cover. Tikolo had just belted his rubbish slower one for four, so Mahmood needed that. Big-time.

17th over: Ken 67-2
More Colly, and Tikolo tickles him fine for a single. Run-rate's just below four an over.

16th over: Ken 64-2
Mahmood drops short again, and against a better batsmen he would have been flayed all over there. He gets away with it, although no-one looks impressed. A healthily-built young lady in a smaller person's vest bounces around to the drumming in the stands.

15th over: Ken 62-2
McColly of the Yard investigates Suji's technique, and finds it stout - until he jabs late at an in-swinger and sees an inside edge flash past his leg stump.

14th over: Ken 59-2
Mahmood after the beverage break, and it's the same old Saj - a big no-ball and a short one which Suji slashes through third-ish slip for four.

13th over: Ken 53-2
Ravi Bopara gets his first joust, with Badger standing up to the timbers. Tikolo drives him square for four. As Freddie fields in front of the party stand, a chorus of "Swing Low, Sweet Pedalo" rings out.

12th over: Ken 46-2
Skipper Steve Tikolo in, and after his two flashed fours off Anderson's last over he contents himself with a single from a toiling Fred. Another no-ball though - that's 13 extras, well over a quarter of Kenya's total. Duncan Fletch won't like that one little bit.

11th over: WICKET - Ouma ct Collingwood b Anderson 13, Ken 35-2
Wicket falls

Anderson strikes again, although that was all Ouma's making - he wafts weakly, and Colly jogs round from mid-on to take the easiest of catches.

10th over: Ken 35-1
Three singles off Fred, and then Suji edges low past slip for four. Never a chance. Umpire Parker lifts him arm with difficulty to signal the next powerplay.

9th over: Ken 28-1
As you were from Jimbo - away-dippers for four balls, then a looser one down leg which is nudged away. Bob Marley lilting out of the speakers in the party stand, and four English ladies in over-size sunglasses bob gently in a polite fashion.

8th over: Ken 26-1
That's nice from Freddie - one cuts back in at Ouma of the pitch while another takes off and leaves him grasping.

7th over: Ken 24-1
Jimmy tries his in-swinger but starts it off too straight, and Ouma flips him away through square leg for four. Anderson then strays down leg, there's a brush of the thigh-pad and Badger is beaten behind the stumps - four more.

6th over: Ken 15-1
Michael Vaughan's had enough of Mahmood already, and calls for Fred. But the spirit of Saj lingers - Fred no-balls twice and then concedes a sloppy leg-bye.

5th over: WICKET - Shah b Anderson 4, Ken 10-1
Wicket falls

Jimmy strikes - and the ball barely bothered to bounce there, shooting straight under Shah's uncertain back-foot prod. Doesn't bode well for the rest of the match, that ball. Still, England celebrate.

4th over: Ken 9-0
Mahmood strays short and wide, and then Shah pops him away square for an easy two. Crazy drumming coming from the band in the stand - Paul Nixon's twitching to it like puppet on a hot-plate.

3rd over: Ken 3-0
Nice again from Anderson - he beats Shah all ends up outside off before being flicked away to Monty down at third man. Umpire Peter Parker - the corpulent Aussie, rather than Spiderman - is wearing a mustard shirt that does nothing for his bulky physique.

2nd over: Ken 2-0
Mahmood gets the nod over Fred for the other end, and after one straight one he no-balls with a half-volley on leg stump. Hmmm. Better after that - no runs off the bat, despite a long hop that Ouma fails to put away.

1st over: Ken 1-0
Jimmy's got to like that - lovely away-swing beats Maurice Ouma twice, with the steady breeze working wonders in Anderson's favour.

From BBC Sport's Martin Gough in St Lucia: "There was a real sense of purpose as England broke their huddle and ran to their fielding positions. Monty Panesar and Paul Collingwood both had an extra word for Andrew Flintoff who, by all reports, has practised with a new zeal this week after last weekend's shenanigans."

1525 GMT: Here come the England boys - Freddie looking fired up, the sun shining and Jimmy A loosening up for the first over of the match.

1518 GMT: Here's your full teams, cricket completists:

England: Michael Vaughan (captain), Ed Joyce, Ian Bell, Kevin Pietersen, Paul Collingwood, Andrew Flintoff, Ravi Bopara, Paul Nixon (wicketkeeper), Sajid Mahmood, James Anderson, Monty Panesar.
Kenya: Maurice Ouma (wicketkeeper), Ravi Shah, Tony Suji, Steve Tikolo (captain), Tanmay Mishra, Collins Obuya, Thomas Odoyo, Jimmy Kamande, Lameck Onyango, Peter Ongondo, Hiren Varaiya.

1502 GMT: The news just keeps coming - Kenya have won the toss and decided to bat. Interesting, considering the moisture you'd expect in the St Lucia strip. They've also brought in all-rounder Tony Suji for David Obuya.

1453 GMT: More chat for you - we're definitely starting at 1530 GMT. And it'll be a 43 overs-per-side match. Perfecto.

1443 GMT: G'day all - news from the rapidly-drying middle is that Freddie's in for Boom-Boom Dalrymple (stem those tears) and Saj Mahmood for Liam Plunkett.

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