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Commonwealth Games day seven as it happened

  1. 04:03 Alert  

    There might have been a dearth of world-class stars when the Commonwealth Games started in Delhi, but the beauty of sport is that new heroes crop up all the time. Step forward Scotland swimmer Hannah Miley and English heptathlete Louise Hazel, gold medalists the pair of them. Roll on London 2012.

  2. 04:09 Commentary  

    I mean, let's face it - unless Stuart Broad scores 244 not out and takes match figures of 19-64 in the first Ashes Test against Australia, the BBC's Sports Personality of the Year award is very much up for grabs. Talking of which, Mark Cavendish might just be in the mixer for that gong too - the Isle of Man legend is definitely in the shape-up for the men's road race and that takes place this morning at the Commonwealth Games. (What a link that was, by the way)

  3. 04:11 Commentary  

    You want to know my choice of SPOTY? Easy, that - got to be the one and only Graeme McDowell, US Open champion and Ryder Cup hero. LEGEND.

  4. BBC Radio 5 live's Karen Pickering
    Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Karen Pickering  

    On Twitter: "Swimming is over, now time to get my diving head on. @steparry2 and I will be doing our best to cover the action for BBC 5live/extra."

  5. 04:21 Medal alert  

    Just the 30 gold medals available today, on what is destined to be forever known as Day Seven of the 2010 Commonwealth Games. The participating sports are archery, athletics, badminton, boxing, cycling, diving, hockey, lawn bowls, netball, shooting, squash, table-tennis, tennis, weightlifting and wrestling. Surely at least one of those floats your boat?

  6. 04:27 Commentary WHAT'S GOING ON THIS MORNING  

    Involved in the early action today, there's some archery (it's the last day), some badminton singles, the women's 112km road race in the cycling, a bit of diving, the men's triples semis in the lawn bowls, England v Papua New Guinea in the netball, a touch of shooting, some singles table-tennis and a dash of wrestling. Should keep us occupied, then.

  7. 04:33 Cycling  

    They've only gone and kicked off in the women's road race cycling, haven't they? Welsh rider Nicole Cooke is aiming to regain the title she won as a 19-year-old in 2002 and her rivals include England's Emma Pooley, Lizzie Armistead and Sharon Laws. Scotland, Northern Ireland and Guernsey also have representation in the 112km race.

  8. Twitter  

    From EpicallyFailing: "Morning again Stevo. Looking forward to today's viewing, especially Cav vs Renshaw (his pro team-mate) in the road race."

  9. 04:41 Alert GET INVOLVED  

    You'd have to be a cruel mistress to leave me alone at this time of the night, wouldn't you? Alone with my thoughts... anyway, drop me a line, COME ON!! Send us a text (with 'DELHI' before the message) to 81111 (UK) and +44 7786200666 (worldwide), and blast me a Tweet @Stevo_football. Unlike the road racers, I ain't going anywhere fast.

  10. 04:46 Archery  

    So, regrettably it's the last day of the archery competition with two golds up for grabs, in the men's and women's individual recurve events. Don't expect any draws, though. It's very uncommon for two archers to have the same score - everyone knows that bow ties went out of style years ago. Badum tish.

  11. 04:52 Commentary HIGHLIGHTS OF DAY SIX:  

    Let's never forget Champagne Saturday at the 2010 Games. I'm sure Scottish swimmer Hannah Miley, English heptathlete Louise Hazel, English shooter Anita North and English 20k walker Jo Jackson won't in a hurry, that's for sure.

  12. Twitter  

    From EpicallyFailing: "My mistake - just checked start list and Renshaw isn't there. Cav's chances even better. Dunn or Armistead in women's for me."

  13. 05:00 Cycling  

    With half an hour gone in the women's road race, New Zealand's Kaytee Boyd launches a breakaway, but within seconds the chasing pack have reeled her back in. And no, I didn't spell her first name wrong.

  14. 05:04 Wales  

    Calamity in the road race as Wales' Angharad Mason comes off her bike and has a nasty-looking fall. She gets back on and will carry on, but she's picked up a nasty graze on her arm and a couple of marks on her right leg too. Ouch.

  15. 05:07 Netball  

    England are handing out a beating to Papua New Guinea in their final Group B match - and if they see it through, they will reach the semi-finals in Delhi. At half-time, it's England 44-12 PNG.

  16. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce  

    On Twitter: "Roads closed all around New Delhi for cycling road races. Cue confused cabbies and tuktuks swarming beeping round every barrier."

  17. 05:17 Alert WHAT YOU CAN WATCH:  

    On the BBC Sport website right now, you can have a peek at the women's road race, England v Papua New Guinea in the netball, live lawn bowls, the archery women's recurve and in the diving, the men's 1m springboard qualifying. All UK only.

  18. 05:24 Commentary  

    Hmm, the medals table on the right-hand side of this live page doesn't seem to be up to date. We've got people looking into it, so hopefully it'll be put right shortly. Thankfully, there is a medals table on the Delhi 2010 website that can tell you how it stands in the meantime.

  19. 05:28 Commentary  

    Wonder what Denise Lewis makes of Louise Hazel? Wonder no more. "Winning the Commonwealth title counts for a lot. It puts you out there, it is recognisable," said the 1994 and 1998 heptathlon Games champion about the 2010 version.

  20. BBC Sport's Rishi Persad
    Contributor BBC Sport's Rishi Persad  

    "Alison Williamson through to semis. Amy Oliver in trouble but not helped by crowd cheering her below-par efforts. She is up against a tough opponent in Dola Bannerjee. And Amy goes down. The crowd love it."

  21. 05:39 Archery  

    Rishi Persad, who scored a quite brilliant 84 not out in the BBC's annual website v television cricket match in August, is at the archery, incidentally. And Amy Oliver's got previous with the Delhi crowds in case you're confused - she bagged a costly six in the women's team recurve on Friday as India - screamed on by a passionate home crowd - won the final 207-206. Controversially.

  22. 05:43 Cycling  

    There was another split in the women's road race, but once again the chasing pack didn't have to chase for very long. Looked like that could be a proper breakaway for a moment, too. They've been going for about one hour 15 minutes, so almost halfway now in 112km race.

  23. 05:47 Netball England 89-31 Papua New Guinea  

    There it is, all over in the netball and England have cruised into the semi-finals with a bludgeoning win over Papua New Guinea in Delhi. They will probably finish second in Group B, behind New Zealand.

  24. 05:53 Alert  

    If you fancy a quick break from the Commonwealth Games, feel free to find out what's happening 3,461 miles away (as the crow flies) in Suzuka where the Japanese Grand Prix is due to start at 0700 BST. Mark Orlovac is at the helm for that one, you'll be delighted to know.

  25. BBC Sport's Rishi Persad at the archery:
    Contributor BBC Sport's Rishi Persad at the archery:  

    "She's done it! Alison Williamson has beaten Dola Bannerjee. The silence from the crowd is deafening."

  26. 06:02 Archery  

    So, ladies and gentlemen, the final of the women's individual recurve is due to take place pretty soon, with England's Alison Williamson up against another home favourite, Deepika Kumari of India. Let's hope all's fair in love and war at the Yamuna Sports Complex in Delhi, eh?

  27. Twitter  

    From zkgoh: "Watching ENG-SIN badminton mixed doubles. English team playing well, unfortunately for us Singaporeans."

  28. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough  

    "He's back! After a worrying absence of two whole days, CWG organising committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi is back at the daily media briefing! Brace yourselves."

  29. 06:12 Cycling  

    The field is thinning out a bit in the women's road race, we've had a few drops-outs, a few crashes and at the business end the peloton is noticeably smaller. Great news for England's Sharon Laws, though - after a fall, she's made it back to the mixer, where she'll be hoping to help out team-mate Lizzie Armistead.


    I really feel as though I should get involved in archery in a participation sense. I mean, coming from Nottingham I might be a direct descendant of the boy Hood - arrows are probably in my blood. Anyway, I digress. India's Dola Bannerjee has just won the women's individual recurve bronze, so it's Alison Williamson v 16-year-old Deepika Kumari in the final. Right now. Watch it if you're in the UK.

  31. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough  

    "Disappointingly headline-free this morning, although the organisers have responded to pressure from athletes to allow all competitors into all venues. Before now, they had to request tickets if they wanted to watch any other sport."

  32. 06:22 Archery  

    Advantage hosts in the women's individual recurve as the metronomic Deepika Kumari takes the first two sets against England's Alison Williamson. The home crowd are delighted.

  33. 06:25 Medal alert INDIA WIN GOLD MEDAL  

    That was remarkably swift. With a comfortable 3-0 victory, 16-year-old Deepika Kumari wins the women's individual recurve title and the crowd have gone crazy. She finished with a 10-10-10 - and I'm no expert, but I'm not sure you can do much better than that. England's Alison Williamson bags her second silver of the Games.

  34. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough  

    "Hold it! We've got our daily Kalmadi-ism and it comes in response to a question from the BBC's Gordon Farquhar, who asks why TV pictures clearly show not a single spectator watching the cycling road race.

    'There were enough people there. There is no shortage of crowds anywhere,' says Mr Kalmadi.

    If you're in the UK, you can see for yourself."

  35. SMS  

    From Anon: "Surely England archery can't complain anymore? Sixteen-year-old Kumari convincingly beats Williamson amidst perfect archery crowd etiquette to take gold."

  36. 06:34 Cycling  

    Not great news for Wales' Nicole Cooke in the women's road race - all her team-mates have pulled out, so she's going to have to go it alone. Worth remembering that she had to do the same in 2002, however, when she brilliantly won gold.

  37. 06:37 Alert WHAT YOU CAN WATCH:  

    Right now on the website we're showing the finish to the women's road race (about half an hour left), the women's synchro diving final and some badminton.

  38. 06:40 Breaking news  

    Scotland have announced that wrestling will be a part of the 2014 Commonwealth Games amid fears that the sport was to be dropped for the next edition of the tournament. "It's 100% certain that wrestling will be in the Glasgow 2014 Games," said Michael Cavanagh, chairman of Commonwealth Games Scotland.

  39. 06:44 Cycling  

    Less than two laps left in the women's road race cycling and the New Zealanders keep trying to break away, all to no avail as the Aussies help reel them in. Wales' Nicole Cooke is in about 15th at the moment, settled nicely into the middle of the pack. Should be a cracking finish.

  40. 06:48 Alert GET INVOLVED:  

    Reckon Wales' Nicole Cooke's gonna grab gold again? Tipping England's Lizzie Armistead instead? Tweet me your early Sunday chat @Stevo_footballor send us a text to 81111 (UK) and +44 7786200666 (worldwide).

  41. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough  

    "BBC Sport's Jill Douglas is at the finish of the women's road race, waiting to interview the finishers. She reports there are no spectators anywhere on the course because Delhi police have effectively shut any road that might give access."

  42. BBC Sport's Chris Boardman
    Contributor BBC Sport's Chris Boardman  

    "The motorbikes are really affecting the way the race is being run. It's great for us because they are so close we can see the action, but they are too close and the leaders are struggling to try and get past them. It's good for the chasers and sets up a great finish, but the commissar should have done something about it."

  43. 06:54 Diving  

    The first diving final is under way - the women's synchronised 3m springboard. England's Alicia Blagg and Rebecca Gallantree have a chance of a medal but Australia and Canada are expected to dominate. Blagg, at just 13, is the youngest member of the England team in Delhi. Apparently she only started diving internationally in February. Tom Daley is watching from the sidelines - he competes on Monday.

  44. BBC Radio 5 live's Steve Parry
    Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Steve Parry  

    On Twitter: "Amazing - almost a capacity crowd at the diving heats in Delhi."

  45. 06:59 Cycling  

    The bell goes to signify one lap left in the women's 112km road race. Wales' Nicole Cooke is on her own, but the entire England team are still in the mixer. Only 14kms left.

  46. 07:03 Diving  

    England's Oliver Dingley and Nick Robinson-Baker have both qualified for Sunday's final (about 1130 BST) of the one-metre springboard competition. Dingley, only 17, opened up the competition and then went on to produce a consistent set of dives to finish third in the preliminaries with Robinson-Baker ninth. Dingley admitted he had been anxious, saying: "It was very nerve-wracking, I was shaking. It was very exciting, though, to open up the Commonwealth Games. I loved it. I was steady Eddie and from there it went OK."

  47. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce  

    "Off to watch India's big hero Sushil Kumar in the wrestling. Forget Hogan (Hulk), Rock (The) and Daddy (Big) - when it comes to grappling, there's only one man who sends the Delhites demented. Spent a remarkable morning at a remarkable Indian institution to find out more about him and the locals' love of the grapple game - have a read here."

  48. 07:09 Cycling  

    I'm starting to feel a bit tense for the Home Nations' hopes as the women's road race draws to what will inevitably be a dramatic conclusion. If you're in the UK, I strongly suggest you watch it - there are 37 riders still in contention and there is about half a lap left. It's mayhem time.

  49. 07:15 Hockey  

    England's men's hockey team get under way in their final Group B clash against South Africa in about 15 minutes, needing only a draw to clinch qualification for the semi-finals.

  50. 07:17 Cycling  

    About four kilometres left in the women's road race and it's livening up big time. The Aussies are the latest to lead, but there's an awful lot of jostling happening in the pack. Watch this space.

  51. 07:20 Medal alert GOLD MEDAL FOR AUSTRALIA:  

    Australian Rochelle Gilmore takes the gold medal after a sprint finish which saw 2002 champion Nicole Cooke of Wales squeezed out.

  52. 07:23 England  

    So Rochelle Gilmore takes gold in the women's road race, England's Lizzie Armitstead wins a silver medal and Australia's Chloe Hosking bags bronze. Nicole Cooke of Wales finished fifth in the end.

  53. 07:28 Commentary  

    England's Alicia Blagg, the 13-year-old, and Rebecca Gallantree just miss out by two marks on a bronze medal in the women's synchronised 3m springboard final. Canada win the gold, with Australia taking silver and bronze. Leon Taylor, the BBC expert, believes England's marks were a little bit harsh and says the duo deserved a medal.

  54. 07:33 Hockey  

    Under way in the Group B hockey encounter between England and South Africa, with our boys in the hunt for a semi-final place - remember, a draw will do the job. Also, we know the medals table hasn't updated recently, but it's being looked at, so sorry for that. Meantime, there is one on the official Delhi 2010 website for your perusal.

  55. SMS  

    From Anon: "Been to many events. After a slow start, here is the crowd info: aquatics - full; archery - full; athletics - 10,000-30,000; badminton - full; boxing - full; cycling - unsure; gymnastics - very decent; hockey - full; Lawn bowls - sparse; netball - none (not syrprising as no-one knows the sport); rugby - capacity crowds expected; shooting - full; squash - unsure; table-tennis - full; tennis - full; weightlifting - almost full; wrestling - full. Seems media has branded the games a failure before the start and now are looking to prove themselves right."

    An extraordinary text. Would anyone else like to comment?

  56. 07:39 Hockey  

    Far be it from me to do every goal in the men's hockey, but that's a little beauty from Ashley Jackson to put England's men 1-0 up over South Africa. He plays a one-two on the left and, almost tight to the byeline, he flicks the ball impudently into the far top corner from a near-impossible angle. Think Kanu, Arsenal v Chelsea. Maverick.

  57. BBC World Service's Russell Fuller
    Contributor BBC World Service's Russell Fuller  

    On Twitter: "There was pride in India's effort here in Delhi, but hostility towards an Olympic bid, from Sportsworld's panel of students."

  58. 07:47 Commentary England's archery silver medalist Alison Williamson:  

    "I think I'm satisfied with silver. I shot as well as I could today and Deepika shot brilliantly, especially in the last round with three tens. That is world-class. I was very impressed with the Indian crowd. It's been a steep learning curve for them but they've really improved. They were very respectful out there today and it was nice to compete in that atmosphere."

  59. 07:52 Cycling  

    If you're gagging for more cycling, the men's road race gets under way at about 0830 BST, just over half an hour. The Isle of Man's Mark Cavendish is a big hope there, and all the Home Nations have competing riders. Australia's challenge will be led by defending champion Mathew Hayman.

  60. Twitter  

    From takaspeaksout: "The Manx Missile Mark Cavendish should win the gold but watch out for Allan Davis he's in top form. Go Aussies!!"

  61. 08:00 Alert Isle of Man cyclist Christopher Whorrall:  

    "We're going to kill ourselves so Cav has a chance to win the sprint."

  62. 08:06 Alert DAY SEVEN HIGHLIGHTS:  

    Never too early for a cheeky round-up, is it? So far today England's netball team have reached the semis, 16-year-old Indian Deepika Kumari beat England's Alison Williamson to win the women's individual recurve in the archery and Australia's Rochelle Gilmore won the women's cycling road race ahead of England's Lizzie Armitstead.

  63. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough  

    "Emma Pooley, world time trial champion, has been in bed with stomach cramps and isn't sure if she'll race in the time trial on the 13th. Lizzie Armitstead, who got silver in the women's road race, said: "I struggled with the heat. It was like riding in a hair dryer, but it was the same for everyone."

  64. 08:12 Hockey  

    It's half-time in the hockey at the Major Dhyan Chand stadium and England's men are leading South Africa 1-0 in their Group B fixture. Remember, a draw will be good enough to see the English into the semi-finals.

  65. SMS  

    From Kay and Colin G: "Watching hockey. Sparse crowd. Perhaps only full when India playing. Hardly surprising as we all like to watch our own team."

  66. Contributor BBC Delhi Bureau senior producer Peter Leng:  

    "Scorching temperatures, eagles swirling and swooping - and it's a nail-biter between England and South Africa. England are managing to stay cool as they lead at half-time, but can they sweat it out - it really is blisteringly hot. The giant hoses are on watering the pitch - we'd all love to be out there now!"

  67. 08:22 Alert WHAT YOU CAN WATCH:  

    The BBC's coverage of the men's road race in the cycling is under way now on the website, along with England-South Africa in the men's hockey. The boxing is about to get under way today too, and there are highlights of England's Alison Williamson winning archery silver. All video UK only.

  68. 08:24 Medal alert INDIA WIN GOLD MEDAL:  

    India's Harpreet Singh wins the men's 25m centre-fire pistol gold medal in Delhi.

  69. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce  

    On Twitter: "How hot is it for cycling? Imagine hottest summer's day in England, minus any breeze plus extra TVmotorcycle exhaust fumes. Scorchio? Muchos."

  70. 08:30 Badminton  

    England's Rajiv Ouseph is seeded two for the badminton men's singles and he is just getting under way against Nigeria's Joseph Abah in the second round. Ouseph got a bye to this stage, while Abah beat Isle of Man's Joshua Green.

  71. 08:33 Cycling  

    They are under way in the men's road race now, with Isle of Man's Mark Cavendish strongly tipped to feature in the carve-up for medals at the end. They've got 168km to go before any of that nonsense, though.

  72. 08:36 Medal alert SINGAPORE WIN GOLD MEDAL:  

    Singapore's Jasmine Ser Xiang Wei has claimed gold in the women's 10m air rifle event in Delhi, with Malaysians Nur Ayuni Halim and Nur Suryani Mohammed Taibi grabbing a silver and a bronze respectively.

  73. 08:40 Commentary England road race silver medalist Lizzie Armitstead:  

    "I just felt like I let the girls down a little bit. They did a really good job today. It was our first try at a lead out and they had to do a little bit too much too soon and I waited a little bit. I hesitated, because I wanted the job to get done right until the line. I should have made the split decision to get on a wheel instead because they'd just done too much. They did a perfect job, we could have just done with the line being a bit closer. But for our first attempt as a team - we've not even tried it in training - I'm really impressed and I think we can only get better. Come London we should be a forced to be reckoned with."

  74. 08:44 Hockey  

    It's tense in the hockey. South Africa have pegged England back and with about eight minutes left it's 1-1 in Delhi. A draw is good enough for the English to reach the semis, but South Africa need to win to get through.

  75. BBC World Service's Mukesh Sharma
    Contributor BBC World Service's Mukesh Sharma  

    On Twitter: "People in India are anxiously waitng for the evening. Ind-Pak hockey match, world champion Sushil Kumar in wrestling & boxer Vijender in the ring."

  76. 08:49 Hockey  

    MASSIVE. James Tindall, hat-trick hero for England on Saturday, makes it a weekend to remember in Delhi with what could be the winner against South Africa to make it 2-1 and put his country on the brink of a berth in the semis. It's his 50th goal for England, so congrats to him.

  77. 08:50 Hockey  

    With a fraction over two minutes left, South Africa have a goal disallowed. Fabulous drama, but no grandstand finish now.

  78. 08:53 Hockey England 2-1 South Africa  

    Top hockey action at the Major Dhyan Chand stadium as England's men follow the women into the semi-finals at the Commonwealth Games. In brutal conditions, that's a big win, is that.

  79. 08:57 Badminton  

    In the badminton, England's Liz Cann has reached the third round of the women's singles with a 21-13 21-12 win over Thilini Jayasinghe of Sri Lanka, but Isle of Man's Cristen Callow went down 21-12 21-12 to Fu Ming Tian of Singapore. In the men's event, England's Rajiv Ouseph cruises into the third round, beating Nigeria's Joseph Abah without any fuss at all.

  80. BBC Radio 5 live's Bob Ballard
    Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Bob Ballard  

    On Twitter: "First session of diving sessions completed, went reasonably well I think, except the England girls cruelly denied in 3 metre synchro. Shame."

  81. 09:06 Boxing  

    If you want to watch live boxing, get stuck in - right now, we've got coverage of the third bantamweight quarter-final between Northern Ireland's Tyrone McCullagh and Wales' Sean McGoldrick. Itgets no more Home Nations-friendly than that. Also, I've just noticed it's light outside. When did that happen?

  82. 09:10 Alert  

    Bang: the medals table is now up to date. It remains a corking race to finish second behind Australia, too, with India in pole position, England right in the mix and Canada fast coming up on the outside.

  83. 09:14 Alert GET INVOLVED  

    Need I remind you of your live text duties? A 606 page has been set up for all hell to break loose on, I'm still waiting for your Twitter missives @Stevo_football and the text numbers remain 81111 (UK) and +44 7786200666 (worldwide). I've got a little over two hours left of Delhi 2010 live text, so help me see it through.

  84. 09:17 Wales  

    Great news for Wales after a boxing battle of Britain - Sean McGoldrick beats Northern Ireland's Tyrone McCullagh to reach the bantamweight semis and he is now guaranteed at least a bronze medal.

  85. Twitter  

    From stephenfry: "101010 today! 42 In binary, of course. Join the continuum..."

  86. 09:25 Commentary  

    Rwanda rider Adriane Niyonshuti lost six brothers during the genocide of 1994. You can watch Rishi Persad's chat with him and several of the team, who are making their Games debut, on the BBC website. I saw it on the telly on Saturday and thought it was really moving, so fill your boots if you get the chance.

  87. 09:29 Badminton  

    More results from the second round singles events at the badders: in the men's, Scotland's Kieran Merrilees beat Wales' Martyn Lewis; in the women's, Scotland's Susan Egelstaff saw off Cheah Li Ya, Northern Ireland's Sinead Chambers went down to Michelle Li and Guernsey's Gayle Lloyd beat Daisy Nakalyango.

  88. 09:31 Cycling Women's road racer Nicole Cooke, who finished fifth:  

    "I knew I had to be in the front but I was a little behind. I should have used the English riders but I didn't and I came in fifth."

  89. 09:35 Breaking news HAZEL OUT OF GAMES  

    Commonwealth Games heptathlon champion Louise Hazel has decided to call a premature halt to her Delhi participation by withdrawing from Sunday's 100m hurdles.

  90. 606  

    From AnfieldRocks: "Great start to the cat and mouse game between India and England on day seven. It's England's turn to win two golds now. Come on. India is waiting."

  91. 09:42 Commentary England road racer Katie Colclough:  

    "There wasn't much atmosphere. The crowd was very bare apart from the armed guards everywhere. It was a shame to have had this big event and not have many people out there to watch it."

  92. SMS  

    From Sussex Dan again: "Please don't frighten us with headlines like 'Hazel out of Games'. Losing Ms Irvine would be unbearable!"

  93. 09:51 Boxing  

    England's Tom Stalker is in action in the ring now, as he takes on Australia's Luke Jackson in their lightweight quarter-final.

  94. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough  

    On Twitter: "Just back from a quick trip to the road race. Security tight - a few spectator zones but movement restricted. Pretty understandable, though. Lizzie Armitstead with her silver medal - she said the whole team deserved one."


    Huge, huge apologies - apparently there was some problem with the video for the men's individual recurve in the archery, but it's now working if you refresh your page. Bow selector (sorry).

  96. SMS  

    Adam, Edinburgh: "I've been awake nearly all night watching the F1 and a sensible person would now go back to bed, but I'm from the Isle of Man so I'm sat watching the cycling praying for the third ever Manx gold medal at the Commonwealth Games. In Cav we trust!"

  97. 10:05 Boxing  

    Another medal guaranteed for England as boxer Tom Stalker thrashes Australia's Luke Jackson to reach the semis in the lightweight event. He won 7-2 and that was a very, very impressive performance from the 26-year-old.

  98. 10:10 Alert DAY SEVEN HIGHLIGHTS:  

    At 1010 BST on 10/10/10, it's time to give you an update: England's netball team and England's men's hockey team have reached their respective semis, Alison Williamson (archery) and Lizzie Armitstead (road race) have won silvers for England and India have stormed clear in the race for second place. So much still to come.

  99. BBC Sport's Chris Boardman
    Contributor BBC Sport's Chris Boardman  

    On Twitter: "The crowd is loving the men's road race here in Delhi... oh hang on, he's gone for a coffee."

  100. 10:19 Hockey England hockey star James Tindall:  

    "Playing four games in five days in this heat is very tough. Playing a sport in this kind of weather is one of the biggest challenges. The South Africans pressed hard and made scoring difficult for us. But we are among the top five teams in the world and we want to start winning these kind of tournaments. So winning today's game was very important."

  101. Twitter  

    From weRengland: "Aussie shooter Michelangelo Giustiniano fired five times into wrong target in 25m centre fire shoot-off. He's a former CG champion too."

  102. 10:26 Archery  

    England's Larry Godfrey has just been dumped out of the men's individual recurve at the quarter-finals stage at the hands of Canada's Jason Lyon. Up next, England's last hope in the event Simon Terry faces home favourite, India's Jayanta Talukdar.

  103. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough  

    "David McCann, 37, was part of the pursuit team that last week won Northern Ireland's first Commonwealth cycling medal for 20 years - a bronze on the track. His brother won the last one, in 1990, and is now a team coach."

  104. 10:32 Cycling  

    In the men's road race, two of the cyclists have broken away from the pack and are out in front by about three minutes at the moment - one of them is NI's David McCann. Isle of Man's Mark Cavendish is in with the peloton.

  105. 10:35 Boxing  

    Joining England's Tom Stalker in the semi-finals in the lightweight boxing tournament is Scotland's Josh Taylor after a win on points against Kautoa Roddy from Kiribati. He's guaranteed at least a bronze medal too now.

  106. 10:39 Archery  

    Miserable few minutes for England's archers - in front of another partisan - but entirely respectful - home crowd, Simon Terry goes down to India's Jayanta Talukdar and there is no Home Nations involvement in the men's recurve now.

  107. SMS  

    UT, a Pakistan fan: "What time is the Haroon Khan semi-final against the Indian boxer? Also, when is the Pakistan against India hockey match? Two grudge matches between the great rivals."

  108. 10:47 Commentary  

    UT, my friend (see below), two pertinent questions indeed. Haroon Khan is not in action on Sunday, so you'll have to wait until Monday to see Amir's little brother again. The India v Pakistan hockey clash is due at about 1430 BST. If it isn't live there will be highlights very soon after, so watch this space.

  109. 10:50 Boxing English boxer Tom Stalker:  

    "I got silver in the European Championship, so to come here and get at least bronze means it's been a good year for me. But I don't want to settle for silver or bronze, I want to go back home as a winner."

  110. 10:51 Boxing Scottish boxer Josh Taylor:  

    "It's great for Scottish boxing and hopefully it will give us all a lift. We want people to start fearing us instead of seeing us as an easy draw. I'm more focused than ever and I'm going for gold now."

  111. 10:52 Boxing  

    More boxing - this time it's the welterweight quarter-finals and England's Callum Smith is in action against Scotland's Aston Brown.

  112. 606  

    From Maddie: "Can somebody please explain the bows used in archery - they look like something out of Star Wars. What are all the pieces for?"

  113. 10:59 Cycling  

    It's starting to break up in the men's road race right now. Isle of Man have lost a couple of team members and that's probably no surprise - it's 42 degrees out on the streets of Delhi right now, and that is going to seriously hurt. From 133 starters we've got less than 70 remaining. About an hour to go for the business end of the 168km event.

  114. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce  

    On Twitter: "Our man Sushil Kumar smashed his Aussie opponent Mehrdad Tarash to pieces - 5-0 in just over nine minutes. Take that and party."

  115. 11:04 Boxing  

    England's Callum Smith punches his way into the semi-finals of the welterweight boxing event with an impressive 4-0 win over Scotland's Aston Brown. In the process, Smith becomes the third member of his family to win a Commonwealth Games medal, following in the footsteps of brothers Paul and Stephen.

  116. Twitter  

    From saadvark: "Can't wait for Ind vs Pak in the hockey! Winner to go through to semis! Must be a full house for that match, surely?"

  117. BBC Sport's Gordon Farquhar
    Contributor BBC Sport's Gordon Farquhar  

    On Twitter: "At the lawn bowls (!) where it's gone pear shaped for the home nats. Eng,/Wales men teams lost their semis, Eng women too. Bronze or nowt."

  118. 11:14 Hockey  

    In the second Group B hockey match of the day, New Zealand and Canada draw 1-1, with the Black Sticks grabbing a late equaliser through Hayden Shaw.

  119. 11:17 Alert Bhubaneswar Kalita, India's chef de mission:  

    "Yes, our good performance and hosting Games like this will definitely step forward [the bid] to host the Olympics in India."

  120. 11:20 Cycling  

    Northern Ireland's David McCann and New Zealand's Gordon McCauley are still ahead of the chasing pack in the men's road race, with three laps left to go in sizzling conditions in Delhi. Those two are about one minute 15 seconds ahead of a group of three who have themselves got away from the peloton - a Canadian and two more New Zealanders, including the brilliantly named Jack Bauer.

  121. 11:22 Boxing  

    Nothern Ireland welterweight Patrick Gallagher guarantees himself at least a bronze medal after his quarter-final victory.

  122. 11:23 Medal alert GOLD MEDAL FOR SAMOA:  

    Samoa's Ele Opeloge wins women's +75kg weightlifting title.

  123. 11:25 Alert HANDOVER  

    With the men's road race starting to hot up, I'm going to step aside and let Ollie Williams talk you through the rest of the action on Day Seven. It's been a privilege to share the Games with you, hope you enjoy the rest of the competition. See you soon.

  124. 11:28 Commentary  

    Hello, everybody - and a big thanks to Jonathan Stevenson. I hope you don't have much else going on this Sunday, because I've got the rest of your day planned. The men's road race is in the balance, the athletics is hoving into view with the 400m hurdles and 200m finals from 1300 BST, and we've got boxing, hockey and tennis on the way too.

  125. 11:33 Commentary  

    A reminder of what's been going on so far: England's men's hockey team beat South Africa 2-1 to reach the semi-finals (India v Pakistan is coming up, with delayed video available if you're in the UK from 1530 BST). Lizzie Armitstead won silver in the women's road race cycling for England, but Nicole Cooke couldn't get a medal for Wales, while England's Alison Williamson has wrapped up archery silver in the individual recurve, too. England's netball team are through to their semis, and heptathlon champion Louise Hazel has pulled out of the hurdles event.

  126. BBC Radio 5 live's Karen Pickering
    Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Karen Pickering  

    On Twitter: The 1m springboard diving final is about to start, with Oliver Dingley and Nick Robinson-Baker going for England.

  127. 11:39 Cycling  

    Australia's Jack Bauer is leading the road race, Mark Cavendish causing trouble a bit further back. I'm sure cycling fans have done all the jokes a million times now. But I'll happily accept all 24-related puns. Text me on 81111 if you're in the UK or +44 7786200666 if you're elsewhere - messages charged at your standard rate. Or, for absolutely nothing other than a few moments of your time, tweet me @BBCSport_Ollie.

  128. 11:43 Medal alert MEN'S TRAP SHOOTING  

    England's Aaron Heading has won gold in the men's trap shooting. He's been misnamed "Aaron Reading" in the newsflash I've just seen but, having covered events at the Madejski Stadium for a few years earlier in my career, I know better than to associate Reading with shooting.

  129. Twitter  

    From England sprinter Joice Maduaka: At the track getting ready to warm up for the 200m semi. Chilling reading my book: "Sister" by Rosamund Lupton.

    Which tells us Joice Maduaka is all about the Richard and Judy 2010 book club. This one promises "a dangerous journey to discover the truth, no matter the cost," apparently. Which just about sums up the next half an hour for Mark Cavendish in the road race.

  130. 11:52 Cycling  

    Serves me right for peering too briefly at the flag next to Jack Bauer's name. Of course he's a Kiwi, isn't he, not an Australian (see errant 11:39 entry). After six days of covering the swimming, consider this a kind of Stockholm syndrome where you start to see Australians leading in every event.

  131. 11:57 Cycling  

    Bauer's biggest problem in the road race right now is the cameramen - more than once, the men with cameras on motorbikes alongside the race have had to be told to get out of the way. And now, Scotland's David Millar looks to be trying to inject some pace in the chasing pack...

  132. 12:00 Cycling  

    Bauer has found himself hauled back as a result of that work led by Millar, but Mark Cavendish is being left behind...

  133. Twitter  

    From Mark Le Huray: Who'd have thought that Jack Bauer would be chased by Alan Davies and Chris Sutton (without Shearer as well)?

  134. 12:04 Medal alert MEN'S RECURVE ARCHERY  

    Rahul Banerjee has won the men's recurve archery final for India, beating Canada's Jason Lyon.

  135. 12:08 Cycling  

    The cycling road race is turning into gripping stuff. Northern Ireland's David McCann is up there, Cavendish - foolish, anyone, to write him off - is back in the mix and Scotland's David Millar is alongside New Zealand's Gordon McCauley. Every 10 seconds, there's a surge from a new name. The finish could be something special.

  136. 12:10 Hockey  

    Just before he left us earlier, Stevo brought you news that New Zealand had drawn 1-1 with Canada in the men's hockey. What he didn't know at the time is that New Zealand actually withdrew their goalkeeper in favour of an extra outfield player - a time-honoured ice hockey tactic, never mind field hockey - with four minutes to go. And it worked! They got the equaliser. Canada, who of all nations ought to be wise to an ice hockey ploy, must be shell-shocked.

  137. 12:17 Cycling  

    Australia's Allan Davis - definitely an Australian this time - makes a move in the road race. It's David Millar of Scotland, now attacking, who looks like the biggest medal threat from the home nations.

  138. 12:18 Cycling  

    And that looks like game over for Mark Cavendish. The Manx rider seems to be tailing off as we enter the very closing stages of the road race. No medal for him. (I feel terrified even writing that, as though he'll still manage to come back...)

  139. 12:21 Medal alert CYCLING - MEN'S ROAD RACE  

    Allan Davis takes men's road race gold for Australia, with New Zealand's Hayden Roulston second and David Millar of Scotland winning bronze. Mark Cavendish, about half a minute back, saunters over the line wearing a miserable expression.

  140. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough  

    One event that is certainly sold out is today's men's hockey match between India and Pakistan, which the BBC will now show live in its entirety from 1430 BST online in the UK, and through the red button on cable and satellite (Freeview will be showing the boxing). The winner of that game plays England in Tuesday's semi-final at 0630 BST.

    We've had plenty of you asking if you can watch the India v Pakistan game. I can confirm that, if you're in the UK, our schedule has been altered to provide live coverage as Martin outlines above. Enjoy! Two hours or so till it starts.

  141. Twitter  

    From Ian Hale: The small size of that group killed Mark Cavendish's chances - he needed more help, he was riding with a huge target on his back. Well done David Millar!

  142. Twitter  

    From John Takemura: What a superb victory by Allan Davis, a man at the top of his game. CJ Sutton, brilliant ride by him as well. Go Aussies!

  143. 12:32 Medal alert DIVING - MEN'S 1M SPRINGBOARD  

    Canada's Alexandre Despatie wins 1m springboard diving gold, with Australia's Matthew Mitcham taking silver. (Despatie's still getting an earful from his coach after his medal-winning dive, despite earning gold with it...) England duo Nick Robinson-Baker and Oliver Dingley finished sixth and ninth respectively.

  144. Contributor BBC Sport's Phil Jones  

    The athletics stadium is open for business again and it could be a big night for Wales with Dai Greene, Rhys Williams, Christian Malcolm, Brett Morse, Joe Thomas and Gareth Warburton all chasing medals. The golden duck surely set to be broken.

  145. 12:43 Badminton  

    In the badminton, Scotland's Kirsty Gilmour and Jillie Cooper are trailing 19-14 to Australia's He Tian Tang and Kate Wilson-Smith in the first game of their women's doubles tie. You can watch that live, if you're in the UK, using our video player above.

  146. SMS  

    From Bill Holland in Fulham: I think the results at these Games will give the Aussies a false sense of security in the lead-up to 2012. Despite their dominance in the pool in Delhi, it's already been shown that - based on times, if an Olympics were held right now - the United States would top the swimming medals table, Great Britain second, with the Australians seventh. With most of our top athletes absent from these Commonwealth Games, the real encouragement should go to the British, especially with an Olympiad on home soil to look forward to. The Aussies should be worried, and that pleases me.

    Bill, whatever you're drinking, the glass is half-full. Good attitude.

  147. Twitter  

    From Kirstyn Hamlin: I really hope the Welsh athletics boys do well today, it's about time a WelshMAN got a medal. GO WALES!

  148. 12:51 Athletics  

    The athletics is barely 10 minutes away. A big few hours in prospect. To get you to that point, if you have yet to read Tom Fordyce's blog on his wrestling encounters in India, now is an excellent time - not least because it now has video (for UK users) in it.

  149. 12:58 Cycling  

    My colleague Martin Gough, in Delhi, has just tweeted a photo of BBC cycling commentators Hugh Porter and Chris Boardman "after a marathon eight-and-a-half hours commentating on road races". Hugh looks absolutely fine. Chris, however, has developed a thousand-yard stare.

  150. 13:02 Athletics  

    Getting us under way inside the main stadium are the first-round women's 100m hurdles races - minus Louise Hazel, of England, who pulled out after winning Commonwealth heptathlon gold. Olympic heptathlon champion (and former Commonwealth champion, twice) Denise Lewis has given us her thoughts on how far Hazel can go.

  151. 13:04 Athletics  

    And winning the first heat of the day is Australia's Sally Pearson, who you may remember appearing for interviews in tears after being stripped of her 100m gold the other day.

  152. Athletics Australia's Sally Pearson:  

    "There's no point in being angry - what can you do? I have to focus on this event now, let loose and have some fun."

  153. Contributor BBC World Service's Matt Kenyon  

    A Pakistan gold here greeted really warmly. Azhar Hussein beats Ebikewenimo Welson of Nigeria in the men's 55kg wrestling.

  154. 13:13 Shooting  

    First rule of shooting: always shoot the right thing. Alas for Australia's Michelangelo Giustiniano (good name), all 57 of his years weren't enough to remember that earlier today. He shot five times into rival Lip Meng Poh's target by mistake. Not only that, some of his shots actually counted towards the Singapore marksman's score, and the latter went on to win bronze. Giustiniano, gold medallist in 1994 and 1998, finished fifth. Whoops.

  155. 13:15 England  

    And there's England's Louise Hazel, collecting her heptathlon gold medal, and the ubiquitous snazzy scarf that goes with every appearance on the Commonwealth podium.

  156. 13:18 Commentary  

    Strangely, Bill's text (see below 12:51 entry) has elicited a fair few contradictory replies from Australians displaying varying levels of belligerence. Seems not everyone thinks Australia are out of the running for 2012 medals...

  157. 13:19 Athletics  

    Here we go with the women's 200m semi-finals. No Laura Turner for England, she's taking no further part. But Lee McConnell of Scotland is in action.

  158. 13:22 Athletics  

    Bravery there from the starting officials, who hand a red card to India's Geetha Satti for false-starting. The crowd are now somewhat mute, to say the least. Lee McConnell just - only just - holds off Canada's Adrienne Power to qualify for the women's 200m final.

  159. Contributor BBC World Service's Matt Kenyon  

    Wrestling gold for Olympic bronze medallist and world champ Sushil Kumar of India! Packed house on their feet! South Africa's Heinrich Barnes was up against a force of nature. A huge hero, and massive noise here.

  160. 13:27 Athletics  

    England's Abi Oyepitan comfortably wins her 200m semi-final in a time of 23.33 seconds, a season's best. Laura Turner has a slight quadriceps injury, by the way, in case you're wondering why she didn't take part in her semi-final.

  161. 13:30 Badminton  

    England's Nathan Robertson and Anthony Clark have just started their men's doubles badminton tie against Zambia's Eli Maubwe and Juma Muwowo, which you can watch online if you're in the UK.

  162. 13:35 Athletics  

    Joice Maduaka, whose literary taste we were exploring earlier (see beneath 11:52 entry), makes it through her 200m semi-final for England, but Elaine O'Neill doesn't. "I wanted that final but never mind," says Wales' O'Neill. Northern Ireland's Amy Foster was fifth, behind O'Neill in third.

  163. SMS  

    From JS: Busy day tomorrow for mum Gai Cullen, as daughter Crista is playing hockey for England and son Gray is playing Rugby sevens for Kenya at the same time.

  164. Commentary  

    From Jess in Cardiff: I just sped down the M4 from a horse show in Bridgend, back home to Cardiff in time to see Dai Greene and Rhys Williams run! That's Welsh dedication for you. Come on boys!

    Good news: you made it back in time. Just make sure you didn't forget your horse in all the hurry.

  165. 13:43 Athletics  

    And lo, here are the men's 200m semi-finals. In this first semi you can see England's Leon Baptiste and Wales' Christian Malcolm in action.

  166. 13:45 Athletics  

    Interesting. A yellow card for England's Leon Baptiste and a green card for all other runners. Baptiste warned that he cannot stand up until instructed, despite all the noise and confusion surrounding some of these sports. That time, the noise from the discus was the problem.

  167. 13:46 Athletics  

    Despite the yellow card, Baptiste makes it through his semi-final in first place, ahead of Christian Malcolm. 20.43 is the time, a lifetime best for Baptiste.

  168. BBC Sport's Rishi Persad
    Contributor BBC Sport's Rishi Persad  

    I'm at the national stadium for the hockey game between India and Pakistan. Seats are disappearing fast with under an hour to go.

  169. 13:51 Athletics  

    Marlon Devonish runs an excellent bend in his 200m semi and he takes second place to go through to the final alongside Malcolm and Baptiste.

  170. 13:52 India  

    India's Vikas Gowda is the culprit for all the noise in the athletics arena, by the way. He owns the Indian discus record and he's out for Commonwealth gold, posting a season's best of 63.69m just now. England have three athletes in that one, with Carl Myerscough leading the way, while Scotland have Angus McInroy and Wales have Brett Morse, not forgetting Jersey's Zane Duquemin.

  171. 13:55 Commentary  

    A hive of Twitter activity leads me to conclude that, with seven gold medals to their names, the English swimming team have landed back in the UK.

  172. 13:58 Badminton  

    England's Nathan Robertson and Anthony Clark having snaffled an easy win against Zambia, it's the turn of Scotland's Imogen Bankier and Emma Mason to take on Northern Irish pair Sinead Chambers and Caroline Black in the badminton.

  173. 14:00 Medal alert DIVING - WOMEN'S 10M SYNCHRO  

    Australia's Melissa Wu and Alexandra Croak have won gold in the women's 10m synchro diving. Aussies Briony Cole and Annabelle Smith wrapped up the bronze as well, with Malaysia's Pandelela Rinong and Mun Yee Leong getting between them to win silver.

  174. 14:04 Medal alert ATHLETICS - MEN'S T54 1500M  

    Australia's Kurt Fearnley roars to gold in the men's T54 1500m, ahead of team-mate Richard Colman, in a time of 3:19.86. with Josh Cassidy of Canada taking bronze. Brian Alldis of Wales finished sixth in 3:21.85.

  175. 14:06 Wales  

    Now then. Can a Welshman win gold on the Delhi track? Tune in now, if you're in the UK, to watch it live and find out. But don't hurry yourselves because, this being the 400m hurdles final, we are waiting for some hurdles to appear.

  176. 14:08 Athletics  

    There's a poor Jamaican trying to focus on the high jump while all the hurdles are carted into place around her. Meanwhile, at the 400m hurdles start line, Wales' Dai Greene and Rhys Williams are having to keep their focus. Also on that start line are English duo David Hughes and Richard Yates.

  177. 14:14 Medal alert ATHLETICS - MEN'S 400M HURDLES  

    Dai Greene duly delivers a gold medal for Wales, hauling himself over the line as South African Louis Van Zyl's legs fail him at the crucial moment. Be under no illusions, that was an incredibly tight race, but Greene hoists the Welsh flag over his shoulders having won in a time of 48.52.

  178. 14:17 Athletics  

    Rhys Williams made it two Welshmen on the podium, taking bronze. Brushing a grasshopper off his arm, he tells BBC Sport's Phil Jones: "I'm smiling now but dammit! Opportunity lost. Those two guys ran great, what can I say."

  179. 14:20 Athletics  

    Now the action's coming thick and fast - we move immediately to the women's 400m final, starring England's Meghan Beesley and Scotland's Eilidh Child.

  180. 14:21 Athletics  

    Red card for Kenya's Maureen Maiyo, disqualified as the women attempt their first start.

  181. 14:24 Medal alert ATHLETICS - WOMEN'S 400M HURDLES  

    What a run from Scotland's Eilidh Child. She takes silver and doesn't immediately realise the scale of her achievement - then, glancing at the scoreboard, she jumps for joy and grabs herself a Saltire. Nigeria's Muizat Odumosu is the winner.

  182. 14:26 Athletics Dai Greene, 400m hurdles champion:  

    "I knew Louis [Van Zyl, who won silver] was the guy to watch out for but I always felt like I had an extra gear to switch to when I needed to, and that's what I did on the home straight. I'm very pleased, my season couldn't have gone any better. There's nothing else I could possibly have won, it all bodes well for next year."

  183. Twitter  

    From weRengland: 100 up. Men's triples bowlers have made it a century of medals for England in Delhi by beating Wales for bronze.

  184. 14:34 Hockey  

    Goal for India in the men's hockey. What a strike, too, into the roof of the net and India take a 1-0 lead over Pakistan with just three minutes gone. You can watch this live if you're in the UK. Worth doing so just to sample the atmosphere.

  185. 14:35 Medal alert ATHLETICS - MEN'S 800M  

    Meanwhile, at the athletics, Kenya wrap up a one-two-three in the men's 800m final. Not much of a surprise. Boaz Lalang is the winner, while Wales' Gareth Warburton came fourth.

  186. 14:37 Athletics Gareth Warburton, fourth in 800m:  

    "I've only been doing this event for two years and have never done it in a championship before. Fourth place is a bit disappointing but the Kenyans were too good."

  187. 14:38 Athletics  

    The live athletics coverage swings round to the discus, where England's Carl Myerscough sits in bronze-medal position in the final round...

  188. 14:43 Hockey  

    At the hockey, one of the Pakistan players has taken a blow to the leg from an Indian shot on goal. He's laid out on the floor but seems to have decided he doesn't need the stretcher. This is driving up the tension even further... and as soon as the action resumes, India take a 2-0 lead. Pakistan hockey hasn't had the greatest of years, and it looks like it may get worse.

  189. 14:45 Medal alert ATHLETICS - MEN'S DISCUS  

    Confirmation of the discus medals: Australia's Benn Harradine is the Commonwealth champion with a distance of 65.45m, defeating Indian star Vikas Gowda (63.69m), with England's Carl Myerscough taking bronze (60.64m).

  190. SMS  

    From Anon in India: Webster's dictionary should redefine "loud" - it's what one hears at the Dhyan Chand Hockey Stadium right now. I’m a block away (couldn't get tickets, though I readily offered my soul) and the ground is shaking under my feet as India take a 2-0 lead.

  191. 14:48 Athletics Carl Myerscough, discus bronze medallist:  

    "The energy reserves were low, I had to come out and go for it right from the start. I was sweating it towards the end, I had no energy whatsoever. Fortunately, luck was on my side."

  192. 14:52 Hockey  

    India go 3-0 up as Shivendra Singh guides a canny little deflection through the Pakistan goalkeeper's legs. And now they've got another penalty corner... and it's FOUR-nil. Ouch. Nowhere near half-time yet.

  193. 14:54 Athletics  

    Back on the track, Hannah England qualifies through her 800m heat in second place. No such luck for Northern Ireland's Kelly McNeice, who was fourth, or Guernsey's Helen Hadjam in sixth.

  194. 14:57 Athletics  

    England's Emma Jackson comes first in her 800m heat, and tells BBC Sport's Phil Jones: "I enjoyed the crowd, it's a good atmosphere. I had a glance at the big screen and saw I had a good few metres - I couldn't quite believe it."

  195. 14:59 Hockey  

    At the hockey, Pakistan earn a penalty stroke as brave Indian defending on the line fails to stop the ball hitting a foot en route towards the net. Can they earn a goal back? Answer: yes. It's now 4-1 but we've still just over five minutes to play in the first half.

  196. BBC Sport's Rishi Persad
    Contributor BBC Sport's Rishi Persad  

    There's a former Miss India in the VIP seats - Nafisa Ali. She's nearly 60 years old but is jumping up and down like a teenager every time India score. Which is a lot of jumping at the moment.

  197. 15:04 Commentary  

    Indians are in front everywhere right now. The final women's 800m heat is won by the host nation's Tintu Luka, which raises the roof. However, the Pakistan hockey team have got another goal back and it's 4-2 with four first-half minutes remaining.

  198. 15:06 Medal alert ATHLETICS - WOMEN'S HIGH JUMP  

    The high jump result is in and it's a rare India-free zone. Canada's Nicole Forrester takes gold with a leap of 1.91m, ahead of Jamaica's Sheree Francis and St Lucia's Levern Spencer. England's Vikki Hubbard was fourth.

  199. Twitter  

    From Syed Shad Mohsin: Vikas Gowda winning discus silver is great for Indian athletics. It's the first time we have won athletics medals at this level.

    And given Tintu Luka's superb run in her 800m heat, could there yet be a first track medal for India?

  200. 15:10 Athletics  

    Oh, hang on. There's some disqualification talk surrounding the women's200m semi-finals. I'll get to the bottom of that shortly. Don't think anything is definite yet. (Applies to the entire Games.)

  201. SMS  

    From Paul in Southampton: The building work may have been a bit shabby but there is nothing shabby about the atmosphere at the hockey game at the moment - just brilliant. Can't stop watching and I don't even like hockey!

  202. 15:14 Hockey  

    Half time at the hockey and India lead Pakistan 4-2. Don't forget you can watch this live if you're in the UK, using the video player at the top of this page.

  203. 15:24 Alert  

    Today's highlights in a nutshell: Dai Greene wins gold on the track for Wales with team-mate Rhys Williams taking 400m hurdles bronze behind him, Scotland's Eilidh Child wins women's hurdles silver, Carl Myerscough takes discus bronze for England, England's men's hockey team beat South Africa to reach the semi-finals (where they will play the winner of India v Pakistan), England's Alison Williamson takes archery silver while Aaron Heading gets shooting gold for England, Scotland's David Millar wins men's road race cycling bronze, and England's Lizzie Armitstead takes silver in the women's version. What did I miss?

  204. 15:26 Athletics  

    Elena Artymata of Cyprus, the focus of this disqualification debate in the women's 200m, is having her appeal against the decision considered as I type. This may hold up the track events, as a consequence.

  205. 15:30 Hockey  

    India now 5-2 up on Pakistan in the hockey, although Pakistan have just gone close to getting another back. Plenty of time left.

  206. 15:31 Hockey  

    Well, yes, there is plenty of time left but India are now 6-2 up. Time starting to become irrelevant.

  207. 15:33 Hockey  

    "Looks like it could be India," says the England Hockey Twitter feed, in a moment of delicious understatement. England will face the winner of this game - and it is a mite tricky to look past India, at 6-2 up - on Tuesday in the semis.

  208. 15:34 Scotland Eilidh Child, 400m hurdles silver medallst:  

    "I knew I had a chance of getting a medal, but I didn't want to get myself too wound up. I can't even remember the race."

  209. 15:36 Breaking news  

    The women's 200m has been cancelled for today pending the results of that appeal (see 15:26 entry). This mean's the men's 200m, about to take place, will be the final track event of the day.

  210. 15:38 Athletics  

    Right then, well we might as well enjoy this 200m final since it's all we're getting. Leon Baptiste in lane four, Marlon Devonish in five and Christian Malcolm in six. First two are English, Malcolm is Welsh.

  211. 15:42 Medal alert ATHLETICS - MEN'S 200M  

    "England's Leon Baptiste comes of age at the Commonwealth Games," is the cry from Steve Cram as Baptiste wins the men's 200m title in a time of 20.45. Christian Malcolm takes bronze for Wales.

  212. 15:44 Commentary  

    Marlon Devonish finished back in fifth, by the way. And in boxing news, Bradley Saunders has guaranteed himself and England a bronze medal, I'm hearing.

  213. 15:47 Hockey  

    Just as Pakistan earn themselves a dim chink of light in the hockey, India come back at them. What was 6-2 is now 7-3 to the Indians.

  214. 15:48 Wales Christian Malcolm, 200m bronze medallist:  

    "I'm happy, I'm not going to hide it. Hats off to Leon Baptiste [who won], he didn't get picked for the Europeans. I told him things happen for a reason, he's come back at the end of the season, and he's Commonwealth champion so well done to him."

  215. Commentary  

    From Tharaanup: There are some truly great goals and moments in this hockey match!

    Every time I look at it, there is mayhem in one goalmouth or the other. Eight minutes left. Can India reach double figures?

  216. SMS  

    From Rob in Newbury: India's first track medal came on Friday in the 10,000 metres. Do pay attention...

    See beneath 15:10 entry. I meant gold medal, apologies. To summarise: keep an eye on India's Tintu Luka in the women's 800m. You'll know when she's about to race, because your speakers will blow out.

  217. SMS  

    From Naftali in Nairobi: Isn't Kenya the only country to do a clean podium sweep in athletics? Twice? Feels so good seeing my country up there with the giants on the table!

    I'll give you an athletics medals table run-down in just a sec...

  218. 15:54 England Leon Baptiste, 200m gold medallist:  

    "If you'd said before this year I'd be Commonwealth champion, I'd have doubted myself. All the hard work has paid off, I've had a lot of support from my mum, my coach, and all my family and friends. Everyone contributed to this, not just me."

  219. 15:58 Medal alert ATHLETICS - WOMEN'S LONG JUMP  

    Canada's Alice Falaiye has deprived India's Prajusha Maliakkal of long jump gold. Falaiye jumped 6.50m, Maliakkal could only manage 6.47m and another Canadian, Tabia Charles, took bronze with 6.44m.

  220. 16:00 Athletics  

    The women's 200m final, postponed owing to that disqualification appeal, will now be run at 1320 BST on Monday.

  221. 16:01 Hockey  

    And the final score from the men's hockey is India 7-4 Pakistan. So England will meet India in the semi-final on Tuesday.

  222. Contributor BBC Sport's Ben Moore  

    The England men's triples lawn bowlers say they're pleased to get the bronze medal, but think it should have been a gold or silver. Rob Newman blames an uneven pitch, Graham Shadwell says it was too windy in the semi-final and Mark Bantock says they just didn't play well enough.

  223. 16:04 Boxing  

    England's Anthony Ogogo, Northern Ireland's Eamonn O'Kane and Wales' Keiran Harding have all guaranteed themselves medals in the boxing, reaching the semi-finals of their weight categories in the last hour or so.

  224. 16:08 Alert What you can watch  

    And boxing forms one of your viewing options if you're in the UK right now, alongside weightlifting and tennis, where it's an all-English mixed doubles bronze medal clash between Ross Hutchins/Anna Smith and Ken Skupski/Sarah Borwell. That one has just started. (And explains, tennis viewers, why the video feed has been on the bronze-medal court throughout. I know some of you have been keen to get pictures from the gold-medal games but we haven't had access to them.)

  225. Twitter  

    From England rugby sevens player Chris Cracknell: Well, it's finally here... the night before the Games start for us. Seems like we've been here ages. Roll on tomorrow!

    England start against Sri Lanka at around 0600 BST, then play Uganda at 0930 and Australia at 1320. If you're keen to follow their progress, may I also recommend coach Ben Ryan on Twitter.

  226. BBC World Service's Russell Fuller
    Contributor BBC World Service's Russell Fuller  

    On Twitter: The World Service team of Chris Mitchell, Ed Harry and Matthew Kenyon can be interrogated by you on Sportsworld Have Your Say from 1730 GMT.

  227. BBC Sport's Rishi Persad
    Contributor BBC Sport's Rishi Persad  

    For the first time, because of the huge crowd, it's going to be a nightmare leaving the hockey ground.

  228. Twitter  

    From Pakistan boxer Haroon Khan: Just finished training weights, looking good too. Tough fight tomorrow against the Indian, will be an entertaining fight. Spoke to @AmirKingKhan [his brother, Amir] about my fight tomorrow, got a good game plan, should be another win.

    Khan faces India's Suranjoy Mayengbam in his semi-final on Monday.

  229. 16:23 Boxing  

    Simon Vallily has just easily defeated Cameroon's Arsene Fokou in their boxing heavyweight quarter-final, which means another guaranteed bronze medal for England, at least.

  230. 16:24 Medal alert TENNIS - MEN'S SINGLES  

    Bringing you up to speed on the tennis: Somdev Devvarman of India became the first Commonwealth Games men's singles champion a short while ago, cruising to a 6-4 6-2 win over Greg Jones of Australia.

    I'm aware there are home nations tennis players in action and am doing my best to track down results - not always easy. Borwell and Skupski lead the all-English mixed doubles bronze medal clash, which you can watch if you're in the UK, 4-3, but it's going with serve.

  231. Twitter  

    From English 200m runner Joice Maduaka: Interesting evening. Race postponed until tomorrow, so I'm warming down and ice bathing.

  232. 16:32 Boxing  

    I often hear people complain of sports like gymnastics and figure skating that the judging makes them unwatchable of sports (Not a view I share.) But it's rare that anyone mentions boxing. And yet, a phrase I hear time and again from many different commentators watching amateur boxing, be it at the Olympics, Commonwealths or elsewhere, is "that should've scored". Does boxing, like taekwondo post-Beijing, need to take a hard look at the way its bouts are scored?

  233. 16:33 Tennis  

    Set point for Smith and Hutchins in the all-English mixed doubles bronze medal match - and they duly wrap up the opening set against Borwell and Skupski.

  234. SMS  

    From Spike:I'm at the tennis - Scotland's Rae and Fleming are just about to contest the mixed doubles gold medal match, we're waiting for the men's awards ceremony to finish.

    Not wishing to put any pressure on you, Spike, but you may very well be our only way of getting score updates from that match. Keep in touch. (We're exploring other avenues. One way or the other, I'll keep you all up to date with that match, I promise.)

  235. 16:39 Tennis  

    By the way, if you are watching the bronze medal tennis match... just how empty is that arena? Several colleagues thought we'd lost the sound. Alas, we haven't. Judy Murray, on Twitter, adds: "Sad to be playing off for a Commonwealth tennis bronze medal and there's literally nobody watching. Apart from a few LTA staff and the President."

  236. 16:42 Tennis  

    My spies at the mixed doubles final, which will star Scotland's Jocelyn Rae and Colin Fleming against Australia's Anastasia Rodionova and Paul Hanley, tell me it should begin in 15 minutes' time.

  237. SMS  

    From English badminton player Nathan Robertson: Pretty easy matches today in the first round of both the mixed and men's doubles. Big day tomorrow with the last 16 and quarter-finals on same day. Hopefully four matches - it's gonna be a LONG day but hopefully it'll be a good one at the end.

  238. SMS  

    From Jatin, in Delhi: In response to the comment about low crowds at the tennis bronze match - it's 9pm on a Sunday night and the main gold-medal match is already over. What'd you expect?

    Well, there's low and then there's low...

  239. 16:53 Commentary  

    For those of you in the UK looking for a bit of entertainment as this Commonwealth Sunday nears its end, look no further than Jonathan Edwards failing to notice a cockroach sat on his microphone.

    If you're outside the UK, imagine a man holding a cockroach to his face for half a minute without realising there is anything there. Then imagine his reaction.

  240. 16:55 Boxing  

    Scottish boxer Stephen Simmons has just beaten Canada's Samir El Mais, and is happy enough to cartwheel his way out of the ring having reached the heavyweight semi-finals.

  241. 17:01 Athletics  

    More details about that aborted women's 200m final, which has been postponed until Monday. It's now being reported that Wales made the protest from which the brouhaha over Cypriot Elena Artymata's disqualification arose. If Artymata is disqualified, Wales' Elaine O'Neill will reach the final as the fastest loser. Watch this space.

  242. 17:04 Tennis  

    And look! Here's live coverage of the mixed doubles tennis final between Australia and Scotland. Just when you thought we wouldn't have it - it should now appear in the video player at the top of this page for UK viewers, and is just beginning. Slightly better crowd in this one, as you'd expect. Smattering of hubbub.

  243. 17:05 Tennis  

    Meanwhile, it's a set apiece in the bronze medal mixed doubles match between Borwell/Skupski and Smith/Hutchins.

  244. 17:07 Tennis  

    Colin Fleming and Joss Rae have gone a game down to the Aussies, their serve broken as the mixed doubles final begins.

  245. Commentary  

    From Jack Dowden: Can Haroon Khan switch back to GB for 2012 if he should choose?

    Excellent question. I'm inclined to say, technically, he could switch back (though I may be wrong). However, given the bad blood between Khan and the British selectors - and the latter's opinion that the former simply isn't good enough to be in the team, regardless of results in Delhi - I find it unlikely it'll happen.

  246. 17:12 Tennis  

    This mixed doubles final may not last too long if Scotland don't get some points on the board soon. Australia have racked up a 3-0 first-set lead.

  247. 17:17 Tennis  

    English tennis player Katie O'Brien has just tweeted that she's watching Borwell and Skupski battle Smith and Hutchins for bronze. By the end of this match, I would like to be able to identify and tweet the entire crowd. Who else can you spot?

  248. 17:22 Tennis  

    At last, Scotland's Colin Fleming and Joss Rae roll up their sleeves and break back against Australia's Anastasia Rodionova and Paul Hanley. It's now 4-2 in the opening set.

  249. SMS  

    From Ian, abroad: With reference to Haroon Khan, I think it has been quoted he is turning pro after Games.

    I've had a quick scout round the web and some reports do state this. However, at least one report suggests he will now abandon his plans to turn pro. I'll see if we can get our boxing reporter, ringside in Delhi, to find out.

  250. 17:31 Tennis  

    The Scots are storming back. It's now 4-3 in that opening set (having been 4-0), while in the bronze-medal match, Borwell and Skupski lead Smith and Hutchins 4-2 in the third set, at one-set-all.

  251. 17:36 Tennis  

    Rae and Fleming have just held serve, fighting off a couple of set points against the Australians. Australia 5-4 up, first set.

  252. SMS  

    From Anon: You mention the lack of a crowd at the tennis. Good. One of the English team blamed a lot of noise by the crowd for losing a medal, recently. Now these teams can play peacefully.

    Can't argue with that, can you?

  253. 17:40 Tennis  

    Skupski and Borwell have gone 5-2 up in the third (and final) set, chasing bronze.

  254. 17:41 Tennis  

    Australia's Paul Hanley is unimpressed. He thinks he hears a call of "Out!" from a line judge and so appears to abandon a point - but it turns out that the call came from the crowd. The umpire tells him to get on with it.

  255. 17:42 Tennis  

    And now, Anastasia Rodionova has to stop to remove an insect from her eye. The Aussies are certainly facing unusual on-court challenges.

  256. 17:44 Tennis Borwell and Skupski win bronze  

    Scotland should sign that insect up. They have come from 4-0 down to 5-5, having just broken the Australian serve once again. An excellent fightback but that is, of course, only half the job done. Meanwhile, Sarah Borwell and Ken Skupski have completed their comeback, beating fellow English pair Anna Smith and Ross Hutchins to earn the mixed doubles bronze medal. The score: 4-6 6-3 6-2.

  257. Twitter  

    From Scottish road race cyclist James McCallum: Horrible day, horrible Games for me thus far. Had to pop about six different pills just to get myself on my bike today. Delhi belly, ahoy there!

  258. 606  

    From etuoyo, regarding postponement of women's 200m final: Personally I am a bit fed up of this recent development of teams studying things so closely, looking to get other competitors disqualified. The lack of sportsmanship nowadays is disturbing.


  259. 17:51 Tennis  

    Scotland and Australia go to a first-set tie-break in the mixed doubles tennis final.

  260. Twitter  

    From Indian Olympic shooting gold medallist Abhinav Bindra: Let's take a minute to shed a silent tear of joy for Deepika Kumari, the 16-year-old Indian archery gold medallist from a Jharkhand village. Her mother would skip meals to feed her daughter and support her archery. Her father gave all that he had to support Deepika.

  261. 18:00 Tennis Scotland take first set  

    Scotland come from 4-0 down to take the first set 7-6 (9-7) on a tie-break. Colin Fleming and Joss Rae, realising they are the only Commonwealth event left going in Delhi today, decide to turn on the style and eke it out a little longer. Scotland fans (and stray Australians reading this), your thoughts please. Can they win this? Will the Australians come back in the second set?

  262. 18:06 Tennis  

    Rodionova and Hanley make a good start to the second set, on their own serve. They'll need to find some mental strength after squandering that 4-0 first-set advantage.

  263. Twitter  

    From James Turner: I watched Fleming and Rae in the quarter-finals as a neutral Englishman. Tonight I'm rooting for them big time. Great to watch on court.

  264. Twitter  

    From English swimmer Kate Haywood: Home sweet home. Feels so good to have a shower and not worry about getting the water in your mouth.

  265. SMS  

    From Mac and the rest of the Flembos: Come on the Team Scotland! One more set and the gold is coming home.

  266. 18:19 Tennis  

    The Australians have broken serve and take a 3-1 second-set lead. Settle in. Maybe put some soup on.

  267. 18:23 Commentary  

    If you're in the UK, our Commonwealth Games highlights programme, Games Today, is coming up from 1900 BST on BBC Two. On it, you'll be able to see all the road race cycling (Scottish silver, English bronze), all the athletics (Welsh gold for Dai Greene, English gold for Leon Baptiste, Scottish silver for Eilidh Child), plus hockey, boxing and more.

  268. 18:31 Tennis  

    One particularly enthusiastic texter reckons he can "almost sniff the gold" for Scotland. And that was, truth be told, an excellent game for the Scots there, who move the second-set score to 4-4.

  269. Twitter  

    From Scottish swimmer David Carry: Showed Scotland's future sporting stars round the athletes' village today as part of their Achieve 2014 programme, tomorrow off to the Taj Mahal!

  270. 18:34 Tennis  

    Rodionova and Hanley move 5-4 up - again. Can they convert it this time? Scottish duo to serve.

  271. Twitter  

    From Sarah Borwell, English mixed doubles bronze medallist: Thanks for everyone's congrats! Most amazing experience of my life, especially battling hand-sized cockroaches.

  272. 18:38 Tennis  

    Scotland hold serve and bring it to 5-5 in the second set. The Australians have to be getting a little nervy about this now.

  273. 18:44 Tennis  

    Rodionova has an unnecessary barney with the umpire at deuce with the score 5-5. A sign of said nerviness emerging? Rodionova then sends the ball into orbit to hand Scotland a break point... but Fleming sends a return long.

  274. 18:46 Tennis  

    Hanley rescues another break point. Australia have been on the back foot for some time, but Scotland need to convert one of these chances. Joss Rae sets up a third break point, with Rodionova demonstrably losing the plot now. But Hanley's excellent volley steers us back to deuce.

  275. 18:49 Tennis  

    Rae and Fleming net somewhat tamely in succession and, having been given several let-offs, Australia eventually hold their serve. They move ahead, 6-5, in the second set.

  276. 18:51 Tennis  

    A reminder, in case you've just sidled on by to check out what's going on, that the mixed doubles tennis final is Sunday's last action. Scotland's Joss Rae and Colin Fleming lead Australians Anastasia Rodionova and Paul Hanley by a set, but are 6-5 down in the second.

  277. 18:53 Tennis  

    Into a tie-break we go once again.

  278. 18:56 Tennis  

    Joss Rae produced a minor miracle at the net to haul Scotland back to 2-2 in the tie-break, but Australia move ahead again. Attritional, I believe the phrase is. But a gold medal is on the line, and Scotland are so close...

  279. 18:59 Tennis Australia win second set  

    Close, but not close enough. The Australians suddenly engage a higher gear and take the tie-break 7-2 in unlikely style, given their inconsistency up till now. We will need a third set to decide gold.

  280. 19:01 Alert  

    As previously advertised, Games Today is beginning on BBC Two for UK viewers, who can also watch it online using the video player above. See the 18:23 entry below for an idea of what to expect.

  281. 19:07 Tennis  

    Now then. This is big news, Scotland have opened up a 3-0 lead in the deciding set. They, of course, have already proved they can fight back into a set. But can the Australians do the same?

  282. 19:17 Tennis  

    Scotland are now 4-2 up, still with that break in their favour and edging ever-closer to Commonwealth glory.

  283. 19:33 Commentary  

    That's it from me. A hefty last couple of hours on-court - apologies if you suffered a few technical difficulties with the video and text at the end - is rewarded with gold for Scotland. I'll be back just after 1100 BST on Monday, and Pranav Soneji is with you from the early hours for day eight of the Games.

  284. 19:23 Tennis  

    Scotland save a break point but, in scenes reminiscent of the second-set tie-break, keep on missing chances to move further ahead. Hanley gets a chance, against a Joss Rae second serve, to get the Aussies back to 4-3, but he inexplicably skies it into the stands. And, with the next two points, Scotland march on to 5-2.

  285. 19:28 Medal alert TENNIS - MIXED DOUBLES  

    Match point for Scotland - and Joss Rae hammers the return home to earn gold for herself and Colin Fleming in the mixed doubles tennis, beating top seeds Anastasia Rodionova and Paul Hanley 7-6 (9-7) 6-7 (2-7) 6-2. That was a marathon, but what a result for the Scottish duo. Remember, England's Sarah Borwell and Ken Skupski took bronze earlier.

  286. Twitter  

    From Laura Jane Fleming, Colin Fleming's sister: The question now - as we can taste the gold, it's so close - is will@colin_fleming wear his kilt on the podium?

    First we had people smelling the gold (see 18:31 entry), now they can taste it. Ever the optimists, British sports fans. (And families, for that matter.) Back to 3-1 now.

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