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Commonwealth Games day six as it happened

  1. 04:00 Medal alert Australia win gold  

    I mean, these days just start to all blend into one, don't they?

  2. 04:05 Commentary  

    Yeah, you know the score - it's day six of the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, and as well as millions of medals being up for grabs for the all-conquering Australians, there are a few around for everyone else too. Still, it'll all be different when the Ashes bandwagon rolls into town next month ;)

  3. 04:11 Commentary  

    I wasn't only being facetious, though. There is an actual early-morning gold medal to tell you about - Australia's Jared Tallent has won the men's 20 kilometres walk, maintaining his country's rich history in the event (sure I've read that sentence before this week). His team-mate Luke Adams finished second, with India's Harminder Singh third. BUT WAIT! Check this out...

  4. 04:15 Medal alert ENGLAND WIN GOLD MEDAL  

    ENGLAND'S JO JACKSON has won a gold medal in the women's 20k race walk in Delhi in a time of 1:34.22. Her achievement broke a 20-year stranglehold of the event by Australia, whose top walker, Claire Tallent, had to settle for silver. Kenya's Grace Njue took the bronze.

  5. 04:19 Commentary  

    And if that's not one of the greatest starts to a Day Six of the Commonwealth Games in not just recent memory but the long, proud history of the competition, you know I'm not quite sure what it would take to be so.

  6. BBC Radio 5 live's Karen Pickering
    Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Karen Pickering  

    On Twitter: "According to India's Mail Today only 7 people watched the India v Malawi netball match in a stadium that holds 4500!! [Meanwhile at the pool] Jemma, Ellen & Jess Dickons all thru to 200 fly final. Reigning champ Jess Schipper (Aus) is fastest."

  7. 04:28 Alert HOW TO GET IN TOUCH  

    Hit me, hit me, hit me. I don't care where you are - if you're reading this page, you owe me some chat. Think of it as down payment on your TV licence: whack me a Tweet @Stevo_football and bash me a text on 81111 if you're inside the UK and +44 7786200666 if you're anywhere else in the world. Easy when you know how.

  8. Twitter  

    From EpicallyFailing: "Just finished watching yesterday's action on iPlayer, now on to today. 16 hours straight is the plan. Wish me luck."

    God bless you my son. You're an inspiration to us all.

  9. 04:36 Swimming  

    Hey, our lads and lasses did pretty well at the Dr SP Mukherjee Aquatics Complex on Fabulous Friday, didn't they? Thirteen medals in the penultimate pool session in total, with golds for the great Rebecca Adlington (I'm sticking with great, so sue me), Liam Tancock and James Goddard. Today is the last day of the swimming meet, and heats are on-going as I type these very words.

  10. 04:40 England The great Rebecca Adlington:  

    "Some people on the team have been a lot more sick than me so I am not going to complain there. I've come here to do a job and that was to swim and to race and I've come away with two gold medals."

  11. 04:44 Hockey  

    For Fabulous Friday, see Champagne Saturday. It's a cracking start to the day and in the hockey we've got a mini-classic on our hands in the men's Group B contest between New Zealand and England. Right now it's half-time and our brave boys are beating the Black Sticks 3-2. You can watch the second half online and on the red button if you're in the UK. Have some of that.

  12. SMS  

    From Anon: "Loving having swimming on TV (/online, it's pretty much the same!) Glad to see England doing so well, and I love watching my sport on TV. Just in from a night out, can't wait for some epic races and hopefully some amazing English swims!"

  13. 04:52 Alert WHAT'S ON RIGHT NOW  

    If you love live sport and you live in the UK, you've got options. Those options include England's men in the hockey, a plethora of swimming heats, more archery from the compound and some lawn bowls. And in less than 10 minutes, England's women get their hockey Group B tie against Malaysia under way knowing a win could secure their semi-final place.

  14. 04:57 Commentary  

    So much to look forward to today: England duo Chris Tomlinson and Greg Rutherford go in the men's long jump final; Wales' Andrew Selby and Pakistan's Haroon Khan, brother of Amir, will battle for boxing flyweight bronze; there are nine more swimming finals; nine titles will be decided in the athletics too; the tennis finals take place; and England face Singapore in the men's team table-tennis final. Those things, and much, much more. Sunday, Monday, Habib Beye.

  15. 05:01 Commentary  

    In case you're getting involved for the first time today, you might like to know we've had a cheeky splash of Home Nations gold already on Day Six, with Jo Jackson winning the women's 20k road race. Meanwhile in the hockey, England's men have gone 4-2 up against New Zealand, Rob Moore notching.

  16. SMS  

    From Wilko: "With no Premier League football and the Formula One washed out, it looks like CWG all the way this weekend!"

    Attaboy. Rest of you: follow suit and spread the gospel.

  17. 05:11 Hockey  

    You know it might be turning into something of a bona fide classic at the Major Dhyan Chand stadium in Delhi - New Zealand have pulled one back, so they trail England 4-3, we're well into the second half now. As the late, great Brian Moore would have it, 'It's up for grabs now!'

  18. 05:15 Hockey  

    That is one of the greatest saves you will ever see on a hockey pitch, I'm not even joking. New Zealand have a penalty corner and it's smashed towards the corner of the net, about three feet off the floor. It looks in, only for the England keeper to dive away to his right and divert the ball away with his stick. What drama.

  19. 05:19 Hockey  

    What a goal. What a goal. England go 5-3 up on New Zealand thanks to a stunning turn and finish from James Tindall, who completes his hat-trick in the process. He runs an electrician business, and he might have just knocked the Black Sticks out sparko. He's also got 49 goals for England now. He's like a modern day Sir Bobby Charlton.

  20. 05:24 Hockey New Zealand 3-5 England  

    It's full-time in the men's Group B tie, and that was magnificent entertainment. Like hockey's version of Brazil 1-0 England in 1970, it seemed to have a little bit of everything - great saves, great tackles, stunning winner. Treble-scoring James Tindall is the headline-grabber, but in my book they're all heroes.

  21. 05:28 Squash England's squash gold medalist Nick Matthew:  

    "We're not privileged to be an Olympic sport at the moment so for us this is the pinnacle and we've enjoyed every single minute of it out here - and the doubles is still to come. Obviously we're all in it to win medals individually but at the same time we are trying to put our sport out there and showcase its talents. We've got a duty to promote our sport for future generations to get into the Olympic Games."

  22. 05:31 Athletics  

    It's all getting under way in the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium again, and there seems to be more rebuilding work going on as things kick off. It's long jump time in the heptathlon.

  23. 05:35 Hockey  

    What, more hockey? You bet your bottom dollar there's more hockey, so stick around. England's women take the lead just before half-time in their Group B tie with Malaysia, Nicola White getting the goal. Victory would see them into the semis.

  24. 05:37 Alert HOW TO PLEASE GET IN TOUCH  

    Come on. You've forced me to use the alert graphic, haven't you? Would it help if I waved my arms in the air and jumped around like a clown? Imagine I'm doing just that, then get in touch on Twitter @Stevo_football and on text to 81111 (UK) and +44 7786200666 (worldwide).

  25. 05:42 Athletics  

    Despite being stretchered off with a nasty-looking foot injury on his not-so-Fabulous Friday, we can confirm English long jumper Chris Tomlinson will compete in the final later on today. It's expected to get under way at about 1325 BST.

  26. 05:48 Swimming Saturday's swimming qualifiers:  

    So, from this morning's heats, these are the Home Nations qualifiers for the swimming finals later, with more to come:

    Women's 200m butterfly: Ellen Gandy (Eng), Jemma Lowe (Wal), Jessica Dixon (Eng)
    Men's 200m breaststroke: Kris Gilchrist (Sco), Michael Jamieson (Sco), Andrew Willis (Eng), Robert Holderness (Wal)
    Women's 400m individual medley: Keri-Ann Payne (Eng), Hannah Miley (Sco), Aimee Wilmott (Eng), Steph Proud (Eng)
    Men's 100m freestyle S10: Robert Welbourn (Eng), Laurence McGivern (NI)
    Men's 4x100m medley: England, Scotland, Guernsey.

  27. SMS  

    From Richard, Ashridge: "I am currently cramming for my sixth MBA exam in six days - my one eye on the sport is not helping my understanding of Porterian strategy. Come 1pm it will be lager and CWG!"

  28. 05:55 Hockey  

    After a stunning office rendition of Don't Go Breaking My Heart, we're back in Delhi as England's women go 2-0 up in their hockey Group B contest against Malaysia, and they have one foot in the semis. No Home Nations hearts broken there.

  29. 05:58 Hockey  

    England 3-0 Malaysia. See you in the semis, girls.

  30. Twitter  

    From that_twisted_cm: "Following BBC's live blog as CBC won't start live for 6+ hrs. Still waiting for that Canadian medal rush... any time now..."

  31. 06:05 Athletics  

    Getting back on track literally, it's the heats for the men's 200m. Remember, if you're in the UK you can watch this as it happens. England's Leon Baptiste and Marlon Devonish and Wales' Christian Malcolm are among the competitors.

  32. 06:07 Alert  

    Oooh, I like this bit - it's daily briefing time for the journalists in Delhi. Watch this space...

  33. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough  

    "Again no organising committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi at the morning media conference. Disappointing for those who look forward to his daily appearances. Anyway, here's Commonwealth Games Federation president Mike Fennell:

    'Up to yesterday we had conducted just over 500 tests and the results - up to the day before because it takes 24 hours to get results - are all negative.

    'We continue to monitor spectator numbers and there has been an improvement. It's not fully satisfactory but it is better. We continue to keep pressure on the organising committee and will see how that can continue to improve.'"

  34. 06:15 Commentary England's gold medalist Jo Jackson:  

    "That was amazing - I have dreamt of this moment so often for so long. I really put everything into this and I wasn't expecting to win by so much. It started off slow so I picked up the pace as my technique is so much better when I'm going quicker. Towards the end I could just relax and enjoy the race."

  35. 06:18 Medal alert MALAYSIAN GOLD  

    Malaysia's Taibi Nur Suryani Mohammed and Nur Ayuni Halim have won the gold medal in the women's 10m air rifle pairs event.

  36. SMS  

    From Nick, Wigan: "Saw your 'Get in touch' Alert request and thought I'd oblige with an update on the main sporting focus in India today, Ind v Aus 2nd Test (what I'm up for I'm afraid), with Aus disappointingly 60-0. Your invaluable service is keeping me abreast of CWG action. Talking of cricket and CWG, why on earth isn't cricket part of it? I have heard talk of trying to get it into Olympics, but CWG nations are natural cricket lovers mostly. T20 would be ideal."

    Oh I say, what a shout that is. I'm celebrating it with a nice cuppa.

  37. 06:24 Hockey England 3-0 Malaysia  

    Anything the dudes can do... England's women produce the goods when it really matters, sweeping aside Malaysia to qualify for the women's hockey semi-finals. Wonderful stuff.

  38. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough  

    "Organising committee secretary Lalit Bhanot is asked about an incident on Thursday when a South African swimmer likened a member of the crowd to a monkey because of his shouting. Unfortunately the question is lost in translation.

    'We know near the swimming venue there are a lot of monkeys but we are trying to keep them away,' says Dr Bhanot.

    Mr Fennell is asked about a report that an English archery official insulted an Indian coach after shouting by the crowd distracted the England women's team in their compound final.

    'We do not tolerate any sort of racial slurs, abusive behaviour or improper conduct but it happens all over the world. When we are made aware of these incidents we take action on it,' he says."

  39. 06:34 Commentary  

    By the way, in the 20km walk earlier, Australian husband and wife Jared and Claire Tallent had a day to remember, with Mr Tallent winning gold and Mrs Tallent bagging silver. "We try to help each other out. She helps me, I help her. It's great," said Jared. Ah, wedded bliss.

  40. 06:37 Athletics  

    Leon Baptiste, Christian Malcolm and Marlon Devonish have all cruised through the heats for the men's 200m, as has the wonderfully named Steve Slowly of Jamaica. The second round begins at about 1340 BST.

  41. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough  

    "An Australian reporter voices a widespread concern: 'I think we're all getting concerned about Mr Kalmadi. Is he OK?'

    Dr Bhanot forgets to switch his microphone on but says: 'I am the general secretary. I am here.'

    In the absence of Mr Kalmadi, Dr Bhanot is a wonderfully entertaining replacement. This, of course, is the man who a fortnight ago responded to concerns about the Games village by suggesting the western world has different hygiene standards to other countries."

  42. 06:43 England  

    The medal table on the right-hand side of this live page has now updated, meaning England sit in second place behind Australia and just ahead of hosts India. England have 20 golds, 37 silvers and 20 bronze medals.

  43. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough  

    "Mike Fennell: 'We are receiving several reports people are going to ticket offices and being told there are no tickets available when there are empty seats in the venues. There is something not right about ticket sales and the information we have been receiving. We are expecting a full report for tomorrow."

  44. Twitter  

    From crisnate1408: "Hurray For England! Wish those silvers could be converted to gold too."

  45. 06:55 Alert WHAT YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED:  

    Already on Day Six (Champagne Saturday) we have had a brilliant gold medal for England's Jo Jackson in the women's 20k road race, while the England men and women have both won crucial hockey encounters this morning. Elsewhere, it's heat o'clock, both in the competition and meteorologically speaking.

  46. 06:58 Medal alert ENGLAND WIN GOLD  

    England's Nicky Hunt has won individual compound gold and is in tears, reports the BBC's Ben Moore.

  47. SMS  

    From Andy in Ncl: "Steve O. Lying in bed with man flu listening to the dogs howling for a walk. My other half won't take them out as I only have a "cold", although she has slept in the spare room to avoid contamination! Can you confirm I am too poorly to go out, so that I can continue to lie here under the covers and follow your brilliant coverage of the CWG."

    Are you mad? It's a jungle out there pal, especially for a man besieged by ilness. I can indeed confirm you are too poorly.

  48. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough  

    "Tim Glover of Manx Radio has been at ace sprint cyclist Mark Cavendish's press conference this morning, ahead of tomorrow's road race.

    Cav admitted this race is not hugely important for his career but "sentimentally it is hugely important" because he is riding with his mates from the Isle of Man. He said he's here to win, but it will be different because he is not in a team of nine professionals and other countries know what his team will try to do - keep things close for the finish then lead their man out for one of those leg-busting sprint finishes that have provided the highlights in the Tour de France for the last few years."

  49. 07:12 Wales  

    Good news for Wales on the track as Dai Greene and Rhys Williams progress out of the heats of the men's 400m hurdles and into the final. In the last of the heats, England's Richard Yates joins them in Sunday's showpiece event.

  50. 07:15 Commentary  

    It's a dog's life in Delhi as one of the animal kingdom goes for a little stroll around the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, causing much hilarity among the relatively sparse crowd. Our mate Ted comes in through one entrance and exits another, presumably having seen all he wanted to see.

  51. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce  

    On Twitter: "Recovering from last night's tuktuk race against pride of 5 live comm team. Bulk of Dean Macey cost his vehicle dear. My man an Indian Sheene. Beautiful bit of slipstreaming as we hammered past India Gate. Sat tight behind leading tt, popped inside on roundabout as they drifted wide. Reminsicent of chariot race in Ben Hur, albeit with different sort of horse power. And less use of rawhide whip."

  52. 07:24 England  

    So, a day on from archery-gate, as absolutely no-one has dubbed it, there's much better news for England at the Yamuna Sports Complex in Delhi as Nicky Hunt fired a perfect bullseye on her last arrow to beat Canadian Mary Jones 146-145 in the final and claim her second gold of the Games. Get in.

  53. 07:28 Commentary  

    If you are based in the UK, you can watch footage of Jo Jackson walking to 20k gold earlier on today and highlights of England's men's hockey team beating New Zealand 5-3 in a belter. If you're not based in the UK, you could always check out the carousel of photos on the sport homepage, which includes James Fair's magical save in the hockey. Fair dinkum indeed.

  54. 07:32 Alert HOW TO GET IN TOUCH:  

    It's plea o'clock once more: chat me right up on Twitter @Stevo_football and text me your Games banter to 81111 (UK) and +44 7786200666 (worldwide).

  55. 07:34 Hockey  

    The hockey results are pouring in now - Australia have defeated Pakistan 1-0 in a Group A match at the Major Dhyan Chand stadium in Delhi. All starting to take shape.

  56. BBC World Service's Russell Fuller
    Contributor BBC World Service's Russell Fuller  

    On Twitter: "We've the queen of Indian track and field, F1's Karun Chandhok, and a septuagenarian's tips on avoiding Delhi Belly on Sportsworld @1400 GMT."

  57. 07:41 Archery England women's individual compound gold medalist Nicky Hunt:  

    "Amazing, I just can't believe it. I'm on top of the world."

  58. 07:48 Badminton  

    If you're desperate to watch some sport instead of listening to me droning on all day six long, why not watch some badminton? (UK only, you know the score) The team event is done and dusted, so it's time for the individual competitions to start and today the men's singles, women's singles and mixed doubles all get under way.

  59. 07:53 Alert  

    Malaysia striker Faizal Saari has been banned for two matches for an incident involving Scotland goalkeeper Alister McGregor during the Malaysians' 2-0 win on Friday. Saari was charged under a level 2 offence of FIH's code of conduct which deals with physical assault without causing serious injury. The incident led to an angry outburst by McGregor and the match was held up briefly.

  60. 07:59 Hockey England's women's hockey head coach Danny Kerry:  

    "I'm happy with how the girls managed to play in difficult conditions. Rather than coming at us to try and squeeze into the semi-finals, Malaysia were trying to avoid losing by more than two goals so it was a case of seeing if we could break them down without being exposed on the counter attack.

    "We weren't as penetrative as I would have liked and we only had a few penalty corners but when we took a couple of risks going forward in the second half we got the goals."

  61. 08:02 Hockey England women's 19-year-old goalscorer Georgina Twigg:  

    “It's fantastic to get my first international goal here at the Commonwealth Games. It's even better that it has helped us get to the semi-finals. The corner was practised, I just got myself into the right place at the right time.”

  62. BBC Radio 5 live's Kath Merry
    Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Kath Merry  

    On Twitter: "Dressed in my comfy Nike kit, an official just thought I had finished the LJ qualifying and told me where to get bag!! Result!! lol...Must still look half fit! Made my day!! :)"

  63. 08:11 Medal alert INDIA WIN GOLD MEDAL  

    India's Vijay Kumar and Harpreet Singh have claimed victory in the men's 25m centrefire pistol pairs.

  64. Twitter  

    From JoeTheRef: "Any chance of some live sport soon? Woke up early for qualifying - I'm getting desperate!"

  65. 08:21 Boxing  

    Patience, my friend (JoeTheRef) - in time, live sport will seek you out. In about nine of your Commonwealth Indian minutes, in fact, the boxing gets under way on Day Six, with Paddy Barnes of Northern Ireland taking on Australia's Andrew Moloney for a place in the light-flyweight quarter-finals.

  66. 08:25 Commentary  

    By the way, there are either 32 or 33 gold medals up for grabs in Delhi on Day Six - it's not known how many because the date for the mixed doubles tennis final is still to be determined. It'll either be Saturday or Sunday.

  67. Twitter  

    From nmjaufer: "The medals table looks like cricket ratings tables... sad fact that most of the cricket still only in CW countries only."

    Not that sad. I quite like it belonging to only us happy few.

  68. 08:36 Athletics  

    Can't believe I forgot to mention this earlier: English heptathlete Louise Hazel is leading the competition after the fifth event. Hazel leapt for a personal best 6.44 metres in the long jump to sit in pole position on 4585 points, a lead of 74 with two events remaining. Jessica Zelinka, who led overnight, is in second place with 4,511 points.

  69. 08:40 Netball  

    In a Group B netball encounter South Africa did for Barbados 59-43. Later on, there's Trinidad v Malawi, Cook Islands v Papa New Guinea and India v Samoa.

  70. 08:44 Alert  

    IAAF technical director Keith Davies on dog-gate: "It's not an uncommon phenomenon. We've had dogs, we've had cats, foxes. There are no physical barriers at the exit points. There are only moveable barriers. Once they get past the fence..."

  71. 08:49 Commentary WHAT TO WATCH:  

    Live-wise, on the website right now you can watch quarter-finals from the boxing or some of the early action in the individual badminton competitions. There also highlights from the women's 20k and the men's and women's hockey matches from this morning.

  72. 08:56 Alert HIGHLIGHTS OF DAY SIX:  

    Which brings us nicely on to the best moments of Day Six so far: England's Jo Jackson won the women's 20k, becoming the first British woman to win a major race walk title; England's men produced a brilliant display in the hockey to beat New Zealand 5-3; Nicky Hunt from England won archery gold in the women's individual compound; England's women reached the hockey semi-finals by beating Malaysia 3-0; and a dog invaded the athletics track.

  73. Twitter  

    From yemimakinde: "What time is the last event of the hetaphlon on?"

    Good question. There are two events left - the javelin, which gets under way at 1300 BST and the 800m, which is due for 1515 BST. Come on Louise.

  74. 09:06 Alert HOW TO GET IN TOUCH:  

    We've only gone and made it easier to get in touch, haven't we? There's now a 606 page ready and waiting for your innermost thoughts - doesn't have to be just about today, can be anything Commonwealth Games-related whatsoever. I'm still here on text at 81111 (UK) and +44 7786200666 (worldwide) too, not to mention Twitter @Stevo_football. I'd be offended if you didn't.

  75. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce  

    On Twitter: "20km race-walk result has left Outkast stuck in my head: 'I'm sorry Jo Jackson, but this is for real...' Dunno why I'm sorry - she won gold."

  76. 09:14 Commentary BBC TELEVISION:  

    Coverage of Day Six is well and truly under way on BBC One, starting off with a recap of the main events from this morning. At the moment they are showing archer extraordinaire Nicky Hunt and her slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

  77. 09:17 Northern Ireland  

    Great news for Northern Ireland boxer Paddy Barnes as he sees off Australian Andrew Moloney to reach the semi-finals of the light-flyweight competition.

  78. 09:22 Commentary  

    Regulars to our football live pages will be delighted to learn Infostrada Sports have got involved in the morning's proceedings at the Commonwealth Games with this: "England are on 599 gold medals at the moment in all CWG history, this after the archery individual women's compound. Australia are the only ones with more gold, they have won 779 gold medals so far in CWG history (after first five medals events today)."

  79. SMS  

    This is Dan from Sussex: "Just wanted to enrich your day by telling you that I was born on 5/5/55 so tomorrow (10/10/10) I will be 55 yrs 5 mths and 5 days old. Thank you. As you were."

    Consider me enriched. And happy birthday Day Seven birthday.

  80. 09:30 Boxing  

    Pakistan's Haroon Khan, brother of England's Amir, is in the boxing ring soon. Which reminds me...

  81. Twitter  

    From AmirKingKhan to his brother harrykingkhan: "Come on Harry we are all behind you. Be smart, be first to counter and be first to attack. Hit n move yh and get this in your head - to win this fight HIT ADD NOT TO GET HIT BACK. Good luck lad."

  82. 09:36 India  

    In the men's team event in the table-tennis, India have beaten Nigeria 3-0 to claim the bronze medal. Later, at about 1230 BST, England take on favourites Singapore in the gold medal match.

  83. 606  

    From Kay_and_Colin: "Day six. We were up very early to watch our gold in the 20km walk and gold in the archery. After an hour's power nap, we are now watching the boxing, but can't wait for the women's heptathlon... go go go Louise."

    You guys know the score: hardcore. Strong coffee is it?

  84. 09:45 Squash  

    The great Sir Matthew Pinsent got involved with the sport of squash on Friday, watching the all-England men's final that saw Nick Matthew crowned gold medal-winner. "Squash would be a good addition to the Olympics," says Sir Matt. "It is relatively easy to set up, especially in a modern urban environment, and is fast and exciting to watch both on television and live."

  85. BBC Radio 5 live's Jill Douglas
    Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Jill Douglas  

    On Twitter: "Out filming England 7s squad, can report the PA system works at the rugby ground - you'll be able to hear it all over our interviews!"

  86. 09:55 Alert  

    Nigeria's hopes of repeating their one gold and two bronze table-tennis medal haul from 2006 have been hit after one of their team fell ill with malaria - Ekundayo Nasiru, who was due to partner Monday Merotohun in the men's doubles. "He is very sick. He's not been able to eat for the last two days," said Merotohun.

  87. 09:59 Hockey  

    On what has been a great day for England in the hockey, it's not such good news for Scotland. Their women's team needed a big win over Group A favourites Australia to have any chance of reaching the semis, but are getting a bit of a pasting right now, 4-0 down in the second half. Still 20 minutes left, too.

  88. SMS  

    From Shoaib: "Go on Haroon. The whole of Pakistan wishes you the best."

  89. 10:06 Hockey  

    Hockey is today's winner so far, no doubt about it. After a couple of belters involving the English, now Scotland are mounting a fightback against Australia - they have scored twice in quick succession, and with about 15 minutes left it's now Aus 4-2 Sco.

  90. 10:09 Medal alert INDIA WIN GOLD MEDAL  

    India's Gagan Narang has won the gold medal in the men's 50m rifle 3Positions event. Second place in the medals table is up for grabs in a big old way.

  91. 10:16 Alert WHAT YOU CAN WATCH:  

    Lots of highlights are available from the Day Six action, with Nicky Hunt's gold medal for England in the archery, a round-up of the swimming heats and a review of this morning's athletics all there for your consumption (if you're UK-based).

  92. Twitter  

    From LiamTancock: "I've had a nice chilled morning. Getting ready for the last swimming session of the Commonwealth Games. Racing in the 4x100 Medley Relay :-)"

  93. 10:23 Hockey Australia 5-2 Scotland  

    Scotland's women exit the hockey competition - despite a brave comeback in the second half, they slipped to defeat against one of the favourites Australia at the Major Dhyan Chand stadium.

  94. 10:25 Boxing  

    Under way in the boxing between Pakistan's Haroon Khan, brother of Amir, and Andrew Selby of Wales. Good opening round, 1-1 so far. Lots of interest in this one, so will keep you posted.

  95. BBC World Service's Mukesh Sharma
    Contributor BBC World Service's Mukesh Sharma  

    On Twitter: "Indian boxers Amandeep & Suranjoy reach semi-finals in their groups. Congress Party leader Rahul Gandhi was present during Suranjoy's bout."

  96. 10:30 Boxing  

    They are into the last round and it's 2-2 in the boxing between Pakistan's Haroon Khan and Wales' Andrew Selby.

  97. 10:33 Boxing  

    It finishes 3-3 between Haroon Khan and Andrew Selby, so it goes to countback to find out who did more of the aggressing...

  98. 10:34 Boxing Haroon Khan reaches semi-finals  

    Amir's brother Haroon wins the countback count and he is into the last four in the flyweight competition at the expense of the much-fancied Andrew Selby of Wales. Thoughts?

  99. BBC Sport's James Pearce
    Contributor BBC Sport's James Pearce  

    On Twitter: "Two more cobras were found at Delhi's athletes village last night. Apparently both the cobras were about 3 feet long. They were captured and taken to Delhi's wildlife sanctuary."

  100. Contributor BBC World Service's Matt Kenyon  

    On Twitter: "Scotland's Peter Kirkbride 2nd after 1st half of 94kg weightlifting, 1st is Nigeria's biggest showman Chukwuka Okoli. Clean and jerk to come."

  101. 606  

    From AnfieldRocks: "Arguably man of the CWG 2010 with 4 gold medals, Gagan Narang gets India ahead by the narrowest of the margins in the nail-biting race for the second place."

  102. 10:47 Commentary England's archery gold medalist Nicky Hunt:  

    "I hope I'm not dreaming. I can't put into words how much this means. I fear I'm going to wake up and find it was all a dream. Two gold medals is more than I could ever have hoped for."

  103. 10:51 Alert Haroon Khan latest:  

    The BBC's Ron McIntosh asked Haroon Khan if he felt his victory over Andrew Selby proved the selectors who overlooked him for the British elite squad were wrong:

    ''I was concentrating on what was going on in the ring but yes I came to prove myself. All I wanted was the medal and now I've got that so I'm delighted. I don't have a problem with the England boxers - one of the coaches came to me before the fight and wished me luck so I don't have a problem with the team, it's just the selectors."

  104. 10:54 Shooting  

    (See 10:09) India's Gagan Narang won gold in the men's 50m rifle 3Positions event in the shooting, but great news for the Home Nations as Scotland's Jonathan Hammond came second with a total of 1255.3 and England's James Huckle came third with 1254.9 points.

  105. 10:59 Alert WHAT YOU CAN WATCH:  

    On the BBC Sport website right now, you can view the following: the rest of the boxing quarter-finals; more badminton individual matches; the archery men's compound event; and the weightlifting. Not a bad little selection, I hope you agree. The final day of swimming gets under way at 1130 BST.

  106. 11:06 Alert HIGHLIGHTS OF DAY SIX:  

    This is what we call the calm before the storm, but there's been plenty going on so far on the sixth day of the tournament: England's Jo Jackson won the women's 20k; England's men produced a brilliant display in the hockey to beat New Zealand 5-3; Nicky Hunt from England won archery gold in the women's individual compound; England's women reached the hockey semi-finals by beating Malaysia 3-0; and Pakistan's Haroon Khan is into the semis in the boxing.

  107. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough  

    On Twitter: "Have arrived early for the women's singles final, featuring Sania Mirza. We're not allowed to bring water in and the seats are in the sun."

  108. BBC Radio 5 live's Karen Pickering
    Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Karen Pickering  

    On Twitter: "Last nine finals in the pool tonight to round off an amazing six days of racing! We're on BBC 5 live for the whole session so listen in!"

  109. Twitter  

    From England's Fran Halsall: "Last session! One more 100 free then I think I will spend the next two weeks either sunbathing or in bed!"

  110. 11:20 Alert HANDOVER:  

    And after that flurry of Tweets from the great and the good in Delhi, it is time for me to bid you adieu. You are now in the safe hands of one Chris Bevan, who will guide you through the remainder of Champagne Saturday, as he will almost definitely not call it. I'd pay money to see you back here at 0400 BST on Sunday, though. Thanks for your company.

  111. 11:23 Swimming  

    Hello. It's time to find out who will rule in the pool on the final day of swimming action at these Games. My money is on Australia, but could there be a twist in the tale?

  112. 11:27 Swimming  

    Yep, the first of NINE swimming finals today is the men's 50m freestyle at 11:30 BST. Australia might not win this one actually, because South Africa's Gideon Louw is favourite. England's Adam Brown only has an outside chance of a medal.

  113. 11:30 Swimming  

    The 50m freestyle is known as the 'splash and dash' for good reason... it will be over in the blink of an eye. Here we go.

  114. 11:32 Medal alert GOLD FOR CANADA  

    It was very tight, but Canada's Brent Hayden nicked men's 50m freestyle gold from South Africa's Ronald Schoeman, with Gideon Louw taking bronze. English duo Simon Burnett and Adam Brown were fourth and joint sixth.

  115. 11:34 Swimming  

    Next up is the women's 200m butterfly. Wales' Jemma Lowe is hoping for another medal to go with the bronze she won in the 100m butterfly.

  116. 11:38 Medal alert ANOTHER GOLD FOR AUSTRALIA  

    Jessicah Schipper takes gold for Australia in the 200m butterfly. Canada's Audrey Lacroix won silver and England's Ellen Gandy picked up bronze thanks to a late surge.

  117. 11:44 Medal alert GOLD FOR DU TOIT  

    There is no stopping South Africa's Natalie du Toit in the 100m butterfly para S9. She powers to gold ahead of England's Stephanie Millward. Australia's Ellie Cole got bronze.

  118. Contributor BBC World Service's Matt Kenyon  

    On Twitter: "Faavae Faauliuli of Samoa grabs gold with last lift in men's 94 kg! Scotland's Peter Kirkbride down to silver at the last. Just 1kg in it."

  119. 11:48 Swimming  

    The finals are still coming thick and fast in the pool - no time to catch our breath I'm afraid. Next one is the 200m men's breaststroke, where Scotland's Kris Gilchrist will be trying to stop Australia's Brenton Rickard taking gold.

  120. 11:52 Swimming  

    It's worth remembering that England's Stephanie Miller had already got a silver in the para 100m freestyle S9 and bronze in the 50m freestyle S9 before getting another silver in the 100m butterfly S9. Natalie Du Toit is just unstoppable, though, and now has three golds in what is her final Commonwealth Games. "Steph has to take over," the South African legend told BBC Sport. "That is what swimming is about - I have to move on."

  121. BBC Radio 5 live's Karen Pickering
    Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Karen Pickering  

    On Twitter: "Well done Ellen Gandy. Threw up all morning but toughed it out & bagged a bronze in the 200 fly. Gold to Jess Schipper just 7/10 second ahead."

  122. 12:07 Medal alert AGONY FOR SCOTLAND  

    Phew that was close! But Australia's Brenton Rickard just held on to win the men's 200m breaststroke from Scotland's Michael Jamieson, who picks up his country's first medal in this event since David Wilkie in 1974. Another Australian, Christian Sprenger, pipped England's Andrew Willis to bronze.

  123. 12:08 Medal alert BUSBY HITS BULLSEYE FOR ENGLAND  

    England's Duncan Busby has won individual compound archery gold, to go with his first title in the compound team competition. Busby's team-mate Chris White took silver.

  124. 12:13 Medal alert SCOTLAND MUST SETTLE FOR SILVER  

    As Matt Kenyon tweeted earlier, Samoa's Faavae Faauliuli won the 94kg weightlifting title, edging out Scotland's Peter Kirkbride with the final lift of the competition. Benedict Uloko of Nigeria took bronze.

  125. Contributor BBC World Service's Matt Kenyon  

    On Twitter: "No disappointment from Kirkbride though - he's delighted, and so are the vocal Scottish fans in the hall as he receives his silver medal."

  126. 12:20 Medal alert NORTH SHOOTS FOR GOLD  

    What's this? More medals to tell you about? Yep. England's Anita North wins gold in the women's shooting singles trap, ahead of Scotland's Shona Marshall who took silver.

  127. 12:22 Commentary GOLD FOR SCOTLAND  

    What a swim by Scotland's Hannah Miley! She holds off Australia's Samantha Hamill with a really gutsy effort in the last few metres of the women's 400m individual medley, with England's Keri-Anne Payne third.

  128. 12:29 Swimming  

    Scotland's 400m individual medley gold medallist Hannah Miley is quite rightly wearing a huge smile on her face but she isn't completely happy: "That hurt a lot so I was hoping for a better time." It was still a Commonwealth record of 4:38.03, though, and as she says herself "it was certainly a great race". Too right Hannah. England's Keri-Anne Payne, who took third, is also pleased with her day's work: "It's great to finally succeed in medley swimming," she said. "It means this year hasn't been a complete write-off performance wise."

  129. 12:35 Cycling MANX MISSILE BLASTS OFF  

    Here's a story for you with consequences way beyond what happens in Delhi. Isle of Man sprinter Mark Cavendish, who goes for gold in the road race on Sunday, says he has not been offered a new contract by his HTC Columbia team beyond next season. Cav, who is constantly linked with a move to British-based Team Sky, is unhappy with how he has been treated and said: "I'm committed to a contract I signed a few years ago. There's been no goodwill, no bonuses, nothing."

  130. 12:41 Medal alert NO STOPPING HUOT  

    He left it a bit late but Benoit Huot of Canada was eventually a comfortable winner in the men's freestyle 100m S10. Australia's Andrew Pasterfield took silver and England's Rob Welbourn picks up bronze.

  131. 12:45 Swimming  

    There are just three swimming finals left today, and they are the final three swimming events in the 2010 Commonwealth Games... Wales' David Davies will be defending his title in the men's 1500m freestyle, before the men's and women's 4x100m medley relay. Do I have to tell you that Australia are favourites to win both? Nope, thought not.

  132. BBC Radio 5 live's Karen Pickering
    Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Karen Pickering  

    At the swimming and on Twitter: "Great crowd here tonight, they may not be turning up for the other sports but the locals are out in force here."

  133. 12:50 Shooting  

    England shooter Anita North, with a patriotic (I think) streak of red dye in her blonde hair, is just composing herself before she receives her gold medal for winning the women's singles trap. She scored 93 to narrowly beat Scotland's Shona Marshall's score of 91in a closely fought final at the Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range. Namibia's Gay Ahrens took the bronze with a score of 88.

  134. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce  

    On Twitter: "Jo Jackson collects her 20km walk gold. Massive smiles. On row behind me, Daley Thompson sings Jerusalem. Emotional."

  135. 12:58 Swimming  

    Quite a cagey start to the men's 1500m freestyle, which is good news for Wales David Davies. He is still very much in touch with the leader, Australia's Ryan Cochrane at the 500m mark, and lies third. Just the 20 lengths to go...

  136. 13:01 Boxing  

    Welsh boxer Jermaine Asare's dad Alf has just texted in, asking when the light heavyweight boxing quarter-finals start. Alf has been up since 7.30am waiting to see Jermaine in action... the good news for him is that the evening session at the Talkatora Indoor Stadium is about to get going.

  137. 13:05 Swimming  

    With 500m of the 1500m to go, Canada's Ryan Cochrane is still leading the way, followed by Heerden Herman of South Africa. Those two are well ahead of another South African, Mark Randall, who has opened up a bit of a gap on Wales' David Davies... he has got a lot of work to do to get a medal in this one.

  138. 13:08 Swimming  

    With 100m to go, Ryan Cochrane keeps attacking Heerden Herman - I think the gold is his now. David Davies has faded badly in the race for bronze, but England's Daniel Fogg has caught Mark Randall and could still snatch third.

  139. 13:10 Medal alert  

    Yep, Canada's Ryan Cochrane gets his reward for an attacking swim and ends up a few metres clear to take his second gold of these Games... he also won the 400m freestyle title. Heerden Herman of South Africa took silver and Daniel Fogg did come through to sneak bronze ahead of Mark Randall. Wales David Davies had to settle for fifth. That was a great battle for each medal.

  140. 13:14 Swimming SMILEY MILEY GETS HER MEDAL  

    Scotland's Hannah Miley - henceforth known as 'Smiley Miley' is rightly looking delighted as she stands atop the podium with her 400m medley gold medal around her neck. That really was a super swim from the Swindon-born Scot.

  141. 13:16 Swimming  

    Here's England's Daniel Fogg on his bronze in the 1500m freestyle: "I couldn't really see what was going on in the race. I had a slow start so I had to work hard and I was trying to overtake one person after another. I put my head down and kept kicking. I didn't come here with any expectation of a medal so to get a bronze is amazing."

  142. 13:19 Swimming  

    Oops, looks like Ryan Cochrane switched nationalities during that 1500m freestyle final... I can assure you he is still Canadian. Anyways, here's Wales' David Davies on his fifth-place finish in the same race: "I'm nowhere near as fit as I should be. I still came here and gave it my best shot but there is no hiding in that event and I was struggling at the back end of it. One of the saving graces for me is seeing Daniel Fogg, who is one of my best mates, take bronze."

  143. 13:21 Swimming  

    Hannah Miley got a bit tearful when 'Flower of Scotland' was being played but she quickly composed herself and started telling BBC Sport that she is already planning a change in training regime for next year. Onwards and upwards for the 21-year-old.

  144. 13:26 Athletics  

    The athletics is under way in Delhi, and there was a bit of a strange start to the women's 200m heats. Four runners pulled out of Abiodun Oyepitan's heat, meaning the English runner went through to the semi-finals no matter where she finished. She eventually came second.

  145. 13:30 Athletics  

    Some good news for England's Louise Hazell in the heptathlon. She manages a lifetime best of 44.42m in the javelin to extend her lead going into the final event of the night - the 800m. And Scotland's Lee McConnell and England's Laura Turner are safely through to the semi-finals of the 200m, although neither were particularly convincing in their heat.

  146. BBC Sport's Gordon Farquhar
    Contributor BBC Sport's Gordon Farquhar  

    On Twitter: "Watching Sania Mirza of India in final of women's tennis singles. Lost a poor first set to Anastasia Rodionova of Australia. Fighting back."

  147. BBC World Service's Mukesh Sharma
    Contributor BBC World Service's Mukesh Sharma  

    On Twitter: "India claims 2 out of 3 gold medals in today's wrestling matches. Total 24 Golds 2 more than Melbourne games."

  148. 13:35 Swimming  

    We are halfway through the women's 4x100m relay and Australia are well ahead of England in the race for gold. There is a real battle on for bronze too, though, with Canada and Wales neck and neck at the moment.


    So near, and yet so far for Wales. Despite a national record of 4:05.89, they have to settle for fourth behind a one-two-three of Australia, England and Canada in the 4x100m women's relay. The Australian men's squad are heavy favourites to do the same in the final race in the pool of this year's Games. Can anyone stop them? I know Guernsey are going to try for a start!

  150. 13:41 Swimming  

    By the way, that win for Australia's women, in a time of 3:56.99, handed Alicia Coutts her fifth gold of the Games and breaststroke star Leisel Jones her 10th in her Commonwealth career. Nice work by all.

  151. 13:45 Athletics  

    England's Joice Maduaka, who I remember watching in 1998 when I started reporting on Essex Ladies for a local paper in east London, is now 37 but still looking very strong. She breezed through her 200m heat to win in 23.76 seconds. Northern Ireland's Amy Foster also progressed to the semi-finals after finishing third in the same race. Maduaka was asked afterwards if she was a medal contender and she replied "Definitely. I'm not here just to see the Taj Mahal."

  152. 13:48 Medal alert INDIA GRAPPLE FOR GOLDS  

    Here's some success for India to tell you about, in the wrestling. As tweeted by BBC World Service's Mukesh Sharma earlier, Yogeshwar Dutt started the party by beating Canada's James Mancini to take gold in the 60kg final, and Narsingh Yadav repeated the trick in the 74kg event soon afterwards, beating South African Richard Addinall. Canada's Evan MacDonald took bronze.

  153. BBC Sport's Gordon Farquhar
    Contributor BBC Sport's Gordon Farquhar  

    At the women's tennis final and on Twitter: "Tide's turning in this match. Second set to Mirza. 6-2. deciding set. Momentum with India. Aussie Rodionova rattled."

  154. 13:54 Swimming  

    Halfway through the men's 4x100m relay and Australia are in pole position, followed by South Africa. England are just edging Canada for bronze at the moment, with Scotland still in the race in fifth. It's going to be very tight...


    You might have seen this one coming. Australia wrap things up in the pool with a win... taking the 4x100m relay by a country mile, ahead of South Africa in second and England, who are just pipped at the line and have to settle for a bronze. That victory means Australia have tied their best ever Commonwealth Games haul of 54 swimming medals. England - with 34 - have done the same. Scotland got six medals and Wales will come home with four.

  156. 14:04 Athletics  

    Elaine O'Neill of Wales is also through to the semi-finals of the 200m after coming third in her heat but Chris Tomlinson is in trouble in the long jump after two fouls in his opening two jumps. He looks like he is still bothered by the heel injury he suffered in Friday's qualifying. Fellow Englishman Greg Rutherford had a foul in the opening round but manages 8.22m to move into second place but there is still a long time to go.

  157. 14:08 Medal alert  

    More medals to tell you about, this time in the shot put. Olympic and world champion Valerie Adams of New Zealand took gold with a Commonwealth record of 20.47m. Adams (formerly Vili) finished ahead of Trinidad and Tobago's Cleopatra Brown (19.03m) and Samoa's Tasele Satupai (16.43m).

  158. 14:11 Athletics  

    I'm just watching the second round of the men's 200m, and Christian Malcolm of Wales and English veteran Marlon Devonish have both progressed with ease, winning their respective races comfortably. I'm not sure if Devonish said he was going for a "nice bath" or an "ice bath" when he was interviewed afterwards but he added that he was going to "relax and chill" before the semi-final on Sunday. Malcolm said "it is all about the final for me, I know what I can do."

  159. 14:15 Athletics  

    England's Leon Baptiste is also through to Sunday's 200m semi-finals. Baptiste won the final heat in an impressive 20.68 seconds and said: "I'm looking forward to doing the same tomorrow."

  160. 14:19 Tennis  

    Stacks of drama in the women's tennis final, where Australia's Anastasia Rodionova is serving for the match at 5-3 in the deciding set but India's Sania Mirza has just saved a match point. Guess who the home crowd are throwing their support behind!?!

  161. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce  

    On Twitter: "Much better crowd in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium tonight. Could be about half full. Ticket giveaway might be starting to kick in."

  162. 14:25 Athletics  

    England's Tina Brown is setting the pace a third of the way into the women's 3,000m steeplechase but is being tracked by three Kenyan runners. Another English runner, Helen Clitheroe, is still up with the leading group.

  163. 14:25 Tennis  

    That women's tennis final could be a long way from finishing yet. Anastasia Rodionova and Sania Mirza are now level at 5-5 in the deciding set. The crowd are still going bonkers too.

  164. 14:27 Athletics  

    Bad news for English duo Tina Brown and Helen Clitheroe. Those three Kenyan runners have stepped up the pace in the women's steeplechase and, with just one lap left, it looks very much like they are going to get a 1-2-3. Clitheroe is well back in fifth.


    Yep, it's a Kenyan 1-2-3 in the women's 3,000m steeplechase. Milcah Cheywah won it, ahead of Mercy Njoroge, with Gladys Kipkemoi looking very tired in third. England's Helen Clitheroe produced a great sprint finish to come home fourth.

  166. BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent
    Contributor BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent  

    "At the boxing and full stands - great atmosphere - feels like you are in a prize fighting ring in a marquee. Scotlands Joseph Ham getting stuck in to a close battle with Namibia's Sakaria Lukas."

  167. 14:39 Tennis  

    India's Sania Mirza has now saved three more match points in what is fast becoming an amazing women's tennis final. Australia's Anastasia Rodionova leads 6-5 in the deciding set, and the umpire is constantly calling for quiet in between points. The crowd are paying him no attention whatsoever.

  168. 14:45 Medal alert MUTTAI STRIKES GOLD  

    Disappointment for England's Conrad Williams, who finishes sixth in the men's 400m final. Gold goes to Mark Muttai of Kenya who edges out Australia's Sean Rowe on the line to win in 45.44 seconds. Ramon Miller of the Bahamas took bronze. Williams seemed philosophical afterwards, telling BBC Sport: "In lane eight you have to hammer it and hope. I gave it a go but it didn't happen. It is one of those things."

  169. BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent
    Contributor BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent  

    "Scotland's Joseph Ham out. Up in a few minutes is Sean McGoldrick for Wales, then Tyrone McCullagh for Northern Ireland... then Iain Weaver for England to complete the UK round up for the bantamweight contenders. Winners through to the last eight."

  170. 14:48 Medal alert  

    The tennis is finally over! India's Sania Mirza saved a couple more match points in the deciding set tie-break but double-faulted after one of her fans shouted out when she was on serve. That means Australia's Anastasia Rodionova becomes the first ever Commonwealth Games tennis gold medallist, clinching a 6-3 2-6 7-6 (7-3) victory. Her win was met by polite applause from the partisan home crowd.

  171. BBC Sport's Gordon Farquhar
    Contributor BBC Sport's Gordon Farquhar  

    On Twitter: "Mirza double faults and that's it. Gold to Australia's Anastasia Rodionova. Great contest, albeit not classic tennis. Sania Mirza silver."

  172. 14:57 Medal alert  

    One more wrestling medal to tell you about. Nigeria's Sinvie Boltic took the 96kg gold with a win over Canada's Korey Jarvis. Boltic won it with just seven seconds left, grabbing Jarvis's leg and shoving him out to win by a decision. I won't get any more technical than that.

  173. 15:01 Tennis  

    More tennis is about to get under way, and England are going for gold. Ross Hutchins and Ken Skupski are up against Australian duo Peter Luczak and Paul Hanley in the final of the men's doubles.

  174. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough  

    On Twitter: "New Commonwealth singles champion Anastasia Rodionova says: "Now I feel finally like I'm Australian." (She's Russian-born, moved to Oz in 2005)."

  175. 15:05 Athletics  

    England's Greg Rutherford is still in the race for long jump gold, and is currently second behind Australia's Fabrice Lapierre with one round left. It's not been a good day for Chris Tomlinson, though, because he had to pull out of the final with a heel injury.

  176. 15:08 Boxing  

    Some worrying news from the boxing. Scotland's Joe Ham collapsed following his bantamweight defeat by Namibia's Sakaria Lukas when he was preparing to face the media. There were reports he had been taken to hospital but the BBC's Matthew Pinsent, who is at the Talkatora Stadium, says: "Joseph apparently NOT taken to hospital. He was feeling faint but now feels fine according to his coach Mike Keane."

  177. 15:10 Athletics  

    Hmmm, bad news for Greg Rutherford now. He has an injury too and may not take his final jump in the long jump. I'll keep you posted.

  178. SMS  

    From BBC Sport's Phil Jones in Delhi: "Expect a wonderful reaction from Louise Hazel in our mixed zone interview area tonight if she clings on to first place in the heptathlon. Well worth a watch."

  179. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough  

    On Twitter: "It would be safe to say that the stadium is somewhat emptier for men's doubles final, Eng v Aus. India v India for bronze on court one."

  180. 15:17 Athletics  

    England's Greg Rutherford IS going to go for long jump gold by taking his final jump, despite a bit of concern over an injury. The good news is that Rutherford is already guaranteed at least a silver.

  181. 15:21 Medal alert  

    Well, that was a decent effort by the British record holder, but not quite good enough. Greg Rutherford needed to beat 8.30m to grab gold but his last leap was 14cm short. Australia's Fabrice Lapierre, the bronze medallist from four years ago takes gold, while Rutherford's best leap of 8.22m came in the second round.

  182. SMS  

    From Ian in Swansea: "PLEASE mention Liam Pitchford who just beat the highest ranked player in the men's table tennis to put the men one up in the team final."

    Liam's cousin, Ben, texted in earlier asking for updates... I think he will be happy with this news, don't you?

  183. 15:29 Athletics HAZEL GOES FOR HEPTATHLON GOLD  

    The final event of the heptathlon is about to start. England's Louise Hazel's lead means she can finish nine seconds behind Canada's Jessica Zelinka and still take gold. Hazel is looking cool, calm and collected on the start line... can she do it?

  184. 15:31 Commentary  

    A lap to go. Louise Hazel is tracking Jessica Zelinka, who is trying to shake her. This might be close.

  185. 15:34 Medal alert HAZEL HITS HEPTATHLON HEIGHTS!  

    It wasn't close. England's Louise Hazel finishes five seconds down on Jessica Zelinka and secures heptathlon gold. Another English athlete, Grace Clement, takes bronze and the pair of them are currently embracing on the track - both of them are in tears too. Massive congrats to the pair of them.

  186. BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent
    Contributor BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent  

    "Best fight of the night between India's Akhil Kumar and England's Iain Weaver. Weaver has got to fight both his opponent and the cheering/chanting of the home supporters packed in. 4-3 to the home hero Kumar after the first three minute round."

  187. Contributor BBC World Service's Matt Kenyon  

    On Twitter: "Announcement of the Games? From weightlifting venue: "Do not use unparliamentary language." None in evidence so far but lots of noise."

  188. 15:39 Tennis  

    Hmmm. Bad news for England's Ross Hutchins and Ken Skupski - they have been broken in the first set of the men's doubles final by Australia's Peter Luczak and Paul Hanley, and trail 4-3. Still, a long way to go in that one.

  189. 15:42 Boxing  

    An update on the bout that Matthew Pinsent has been watching. England bantamweight Iain Weaver was defeated 11-6 by India's defending Commonwealth champion, Akhil Kumar, in front of a noisy crowd, to end his hopes of a medal. Tyrone McCullagh of Northern Ireland overpowered Australia's Ibrahim Balla to reach the last eight with a 7-2 win. And Wales' Sean McGoldrick saw out his bout out against Jessie Lartey with a 5-2 win.

  190. 15:47 Medal alert BAHAMAS CLINCH HIGH JUMP ONE-TWO  

    Donald Thomas wins gold for the Bahamas in the men's high jump after clearing 2.32m. His countryman Trevor Barry took the silver after jumping 2.29m and Botswana's Kabelo Kgosiemang (2.26m) won the bronze. England's Samson Oni and Tom Parsons both missed out on medals.

  191. 15:50 Medal alert JAVELIN GOLD FOR SOUTH AFRICA  

    South Africa's Sunette Viljoen retains her women's javelin title with a best of 62.34m. Australia's Kim Mickle takes silver and another South African, Justine Robbeson, picked up bronze. England's Laura Whittingham was fourth with a best throw of 58.61m.

  192. 15:53 Boxing  

    According to Matthew Pinsent, English bantamweight Iain Weaver was left shaking his head at the verdict that saw him lose his bout to Akhil Kumar. Weaver told BBC Sport: "I thought I won the fight fair and square."

  193. 15:55 Tennis  

    Australia's Peter Luczak and Paul Hanley went on to take the first set of the men's doubles final 6-4 against Ross Hutchins and Ken Skupski of England. By the way, I'm hearing that the police are having trouble keeping fans out of the all-Indian bronze medal match between Rohan Bopanna/Somdev Devvarman and Leander Paes/Mahesh Bhupathi. They' ve put up a flimsy barrier which is NOT working!

  194. 16:00 Athletics  

    English duo Louise Hazel (with 6,156pts) and Grace Clement (5,819) both posted personal bests to get gold and bronze in the heptathlon. Hazel has been enjoying the moment too, telling BBC Sport's Phil Jones: "It was brilliant out there. We really enjoyed our lap of honour and it is fantastic for Grace as well. I said I would bring a medal home and I am over the moon. My dad passed away in 2008 but I pictured him on the finish line of the 800m and it gave me a second wind. I've just seen my mum, who I've not seen all weekend and she gave me a big kiss!"

  195. 16:05 Athletics  

    Here's England's long jump silver medallist Greg Rutherford on his performance in Delhi: "I wasn't going to do the last round because I was cramping up all over my body and felt terrible. I went for it, but wasn't quite good enough. I am gutted I didn't win gold but I am really pleased to pick up another medal." Well done Greg.

  196. BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent
    Contributor BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent  

    "Yet more news of Scottish boxer Joseph Ham. He has now been taken to hospital after checks from the doctors here at Talkatora. It is entirely procedural according to the Team Scotland spokesperson and they expect him back in the village tonight."

  197. 16:11 Medal alert NIGERIA LIFT WEIGHTLIFTING GOLD  

    BBC World Service's Matt Kenyon has just tweeted news of the medals in the Women's 75kg weightlifting. Gold for Nigeria's Hadiza Zakari, silver for Canada's Marie-Eve Beauchemin-Nadeau and bronze for India's Monika Devi. A "great contest" according to Mike.

  198. SMS  

    From Ben, English table-tennis player Liam Pitchford's cousin: "Thanks for the update. Liam is only 17! I live in Singapore so imagine the bragging I will be doing in the office on Monday."

  199. BBC Sport's James Pearce
    Contributor BBC Sport's James Pearce  

    On Twitter: "Mice droppings on my desk in Delhi's International Broadcast Centre today. At least no sign of cobras in here!"

  200. 16:23 Tennis  

    More news on English duo Ross Hutchins and Ken Skupski, who are in the men's doubles final against Peter Luczak and Paul Hanley of Australia. The Aussies took the first set 6-4, if you recall, but 'Hutch-Ski' are fighting back. Skupski has just hit a superb winner and they are a break and 5-3 up in the second set. Game on...

  201. 16:27 Tennis  

    Guernsey's Heather Watson watches on as Ross Hutchins/Ken Skupski level the men's doubles final at a set-all. All to play for in the decider...

  202. 16:32 Table tennis  

    Apart from the progress of Liam Pitchford, I've been overlooking the table tennis somewhat this afternoon - apologies for that. Pitchford got England off to a winning start in their men's team final against Singapore, but England lost the next two matches. That means Paul Drinkhall has to win his match against Gao Ning... and the good news is he took the first game 11-9.

  203. BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent
    Contributor BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent  

    "Plenty more boxing to come tonight. First off in the Light heavies for the home nations is Thomas McCarthy from Northern Ireland against Leoanard Machichi of Tanzania and he's through. 11 - 1. England's Obed Mbwakongo is soon to go against India's Dinesh Kumar. Radio 5 live's Ronald Macintosh tells me no Indian fighter has lost here at the Commonwealths this week. "

  204. 16:37 Table tennis  

    Problems for England's table tennis team. Singapore's number one player Gao Ning took the second game 11-9 against Paul Drinkhall to level their match at 1-1. Singapore lead 2-1 in the final and they get gold if Ning wins this match.

  205. Contributor BBC South Asia's Peter Leng  

    "Electric atmosphere in cauldron of the Major Dayan Chand hockey stadium as India take on Scotland. No worries about empty seats here - must be 95 per cent full. Place is buzzing... "

  206. 16:42 Tennis  

    Blimey, Ross Hutchins and Ken Skupski are in a spot of bother too. They trail Australian duo Peter Luczak and Paul Hanley 3-0 in the deciding set of the men's doubles final.

  207. 16:45 Table tennis  

    Paul Drinkhall mounted a heroic comeback as England overcame India in the semi-finals, saving four match-points before winning his match, and it looks like he will have to do something similar here. Singapore's Gao Ning took the third game 11-9 to lead 2-1.

  208. 16:48 Tennis  

    Hope for Hutchins and Skupski though. Lots actually. They have broken back in the final set, which is back on serve with the Australians leading 3-2. Heather Watson is enjoying herself while watching this one, and is giggling away in the stands.

  209. 16:50 Medal alert  

    A great effort by England's Paul Drinkhall but it is not enough. Gao Ning takes the fourth game 11-7 to clinch a 3-1 win and give Singapore gold with a 3-1 victory overall. The English team have to settle for silver, which is no disgrace in itself.

  210. SMS  

    From Guy in Jersey: "Big shout out to Jersey men's pair Malcolm de Sousa and John Lowery in the bowls. They're through to Monday's semi finals, with two shots at a medal, after topping Group B. This was thanks to fierce rivals Guernsey beating favourites Malaysia in their last match!"

    Has the term 'big shout out' been used in the context of a bowls match before? They will be saying 'Booyakasha' between ends next...

  211. Twitter  

    From WayneAClarke: "Louise Hazel has been the outstanding character of these Games so far. What a fantastic champion. A star is born!"

  212. 17:00 Tennis  

    Ah. A net-cord goes against Ross Hutchins and Ken Skupski, leaving Australian duo Peter Luczak and Paul Hanley to serve for Commonwealth tennis men's doubles gold at 5-3 in the deciding set.

  213. 17:03 Medal alert AUSTRALIA TAKE MEN'S DOUBLES GOLD  

    Well, it was a brave effort by Ross Hutchins and Ken Skupski but the English duo have to settle for silver in the men's doubles. Peter Luczak and Paul Hanley of Australia complete a 6-4 3-6 6-3 victory and are currently jumping around on court in jubliation.

  214. 17:08 Table tennis  

    The English table tennis team look very happy with their silver medals, which they are now wearing round their necks. Young Liam Pitchford looks about 12, never mind 17, so surely he has a bright future - he beat Gao Ning, the highest ranked player in the event, in the first match of the final. Defending champions India took bronze but it was pre-Games favourites Singapore who collected gold.

  215. BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent
    Contributor BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent  

    "And we are off in the light heavyweight boxing clash between India's Dinesh Kumar and Englands Obed Mbwakongo. Obed's got to get some puches in to score, and there are plenty flying... but it's Kumar with the edge 5-3 after the first."

  216. 17:12 Hockey  

    India are well in control of their men's hockey group game against Scotland. They are into the second half at the Major Dayan Chand stadium and the host nation lead 3-0.

  217. 17:13 Hockey  

    Make that India 4-0 Scotland in the men's hockey. Less than 10 minutes left too so it's unlikely that the Scots are going to come back from that.

  218. BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent
    Contributor BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent  

    "Battling second round from England's Obed Mbwakongo to level his bout with Indias Dinesh Kumar at 6 -6. Now he has to step it up. After two early points to Obed in the third, Kumar closes to within one... and squares it at 8-8. Bedlam. Into the last minute and time for some real drama as Obed wins it 9-8 with the very last punch of the fight. Brilliant stuff. Boos ring out but great fighting from the Englishman!"

  219. 17:17 Alert  

    Here's a Commonwealth Games stat-and-a-half for you. That win for England's Obed Mbwakongo means he is the first competitor (from any other nation) to defeat an Indian boxer all tournament long.

  220. 606  

    From matt1815: "Not sure about 'Hutch-ski' as a nickname. I prefer 'Skupski and Hutch'... which brings up images of the two players turning up to the match in a Gran Torino. Anyway good luck to the pair of them."

  221. 17:26 Hockey  

    It's all over in the men's hockey goup game between India and Scotland... and it has ended 4-0 to the hosts. That (more or less) means that India are through to the semi-finals, and Scotland are out, but nothing is decided for definite yet.

  222. 17:31 Wales  

    Just two more bouts to go in the boxing today. Welsh light-heavyweight boxer Jermaine Asare (whose dad Alf texted in earlier) is up next... against Ghana's Ahmed Saraku. Good luck Jermaine...

  223. 17:36 Boxing  

    No points scored at all in the opening round of the Asare-Saraku bout. It looked to me like some punches were landed, especially by the Welshman, but the judges were unimpressed.

  224. 17:43 Alert  

    Right, day six of the Commonwealth Games is nearly done and dusted... but it's possible you missed the action from earlier on today. If you did, these are the highlights of what happened... and you can watch them all on this website if you are in the UK. Louise Hazel grabbed gold in the heptathlon, Hannah Miley won the 400m individual medley in the pool, Jo Jackson was fastest in the 20km walk and England won three archery medals. Bullseye!

  225. BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent
    Contributor BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent  

    "It's kicking out time at the boxing. Just time to tell you Scotlands Callum Johnson won against the Isle of Man's Krystian Borucki. And Wales' Jermaine Asare squeaks past Ghana's Ahmed Saraku on a countback (after a 3-3 tie) to make it a quartet of home nation boxers in the last eight of the light-heavyweight 81kg class."

  226. 17:55 Isle of Man  

    Stacks to look forward to in day seven on Sunday, with eight athletics gold medals up for grabs (including the men's and womens' 200m and women's 400m hurdles). The diving starts and India's Somdev Devvarman will be looking to do what Sania Mirza couldn't by bringing home a gold medal in the tennis. He faces Australia's Greg Jones in the men's singles final. The highlight for me, though, will be watching the 'Manx Missile' Mark Cavendish attempt to win the men's road race.

  227. 18:02 Commentary STALEMATE IN THE BOXING RING...  

    Ha. There was time for one more boxing bout after Matthew Pinsent left the Talkatora Indoor Stadium but he didn't miss much... amazingly, it ended 0-0, the first of the 157 fights so far at this year's Games to finish without a punch being registered. Samoan's Filimaua Hala eventually beat Dominica's Lennon Bannis 3-2 on a countback, and will face Wales' Jermaine Asare next.

  228. 18:07 Commentary GET READY FOR DAY SEVEN  

    And that is a wrap from Delhi. Thanks ever so much for keeping me company, and make sure you do the same for Jonathan Stevenson when he returns to begin describing what's happening on day seven of the 2010 Commonwealth Games. He will be with you from around 0330 BST, so you don't have to wait very long at all. Bye for now.

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